Complicated Love: More General Hospital Romances

Dr. Hamilton Finn aka Finn, embarks on a heated romance with Alexis Davis. But Anna DeVane wants Finn and Julian wants Alexis. Julian has been seeing Dr. Kim Nero, who is secretly pining for her old flame, Drew Cain—who’s marriage to Sam McCall-Morgan-Cain is on the rocks since Jason Morgan came back to town. Who will end up with who and be happy? And Elizabeth Webber and Franco Baldwin struggle in their relationship after his childhood revelation comes out. And Later, things become even more complicated when Finn gets an unexpected surprise?
Dr. Hamilton “Finn” Finn – Michael Easton
Alexis Davis – Nancy Lee Grahn
Anna DeVane – Finola Hughes
Julian Jerome – William DeVry
Dr. Kim Nero – Tamara Braun
Drew Cain – Billy Miller
Sam McCall-Morgan-Cain – Kelly Monaco
Jason Morgan – Steve Burton
Elizabeth “Liz” Webber – Rebecca Herbst
Franco Baldwin – Roger Howarth
Hayden Barnes – Rebecca Budig
Det. Harrison Chase – Josh Swickward
Chapter 1
“Oh what the hell. Why not?” Alexis kissed Finn passionately, who didn’t resist the gorgeous attorney.
Wanting to prove that she was over Julian and get her daughters off her back, Alexis kissed Finn. It felt good to kiss his lips.
And Finn wanted to get Anna out of his mind. Finn was falling in love with Anna, the first since Hayden. And losing Anna was hard, especially the way Hayden just up and left claiming their baby died.
Alexis and Finn relished in their “fake” love affair to make Julian and Anna think they were over them.
“Was it good for you?” Alexis asked Finn after they had just made love.
“Hell yeah!” Finn replied to Alexis when he got his breath back. Being in the sack was doing wonders for his psyche. He almost forgot about Anna……that is, until there was a knock on Finn’s door.
As Alexis covered herself with Finn’s sheet, Finn put on some pants and rushed down the stairs, shocked to find Anna standing on his doorstep.
“Anna?” Finn said, surprised and zipping up his pants.
“I’m sorry, I’m interrupting something?” Anna turned to leave, but Finn grabbed her arm.
“What do you want, Finn?!”
“Uh, you’re the one on my doorstep?” Finn counter-replied.
“I wanted to know if you got anywhere with Cesar’s son?” Anna lied, not wanting to tell Finn that she wanted him back.
“No, I’ve been busy.”
“Okay. Thanks.”
Anna turned to leave, leaving Finn baffled as to why she was really on his doorstep. Finn closed the door and headed back upstairs to rejoin Alexis. But Alexis was dressed and headed down stairs.
“I had a wonderful time, Finn, but I got a text from Molly about some emergency on Charles St.” Alexis said to Finn.
“Okay. Another time then?” Finn said politely.
“Yes.” Alexis said before leaving Finn’s condo.
Chapter 2
Alexis waited for Molly at Charlie’s Pub where Molly’s text said to wait. But she was surprised to find Julian there instead.
“Julian how is business?” Alexis inquired.
“Great!” Julian replied.
“I’m just waiting for Molly. She text me saying she needed to see me.”
“Oh, how is Molly?” Julian asked, knowing Molly wasn’t going to show.
“Well, that’s why I’m here. To see what’s going on with her.”
It had been 15 minutes and Molly was a no-show.
“Gee, I wonder where Molly is? It isn’t like Molly to stand me up?” Alexis wondered, but also getting worried.
“Alexis, I….” Julian started to say.
“I’m sorry, did you say something, Julian?”
“Yes. It wasn’t Molly who text you.”
“If it wasn’t Molly…then who?”
“Me.” Julian confessed.
“You? But how?”
“Molly left her phone here and that’s when I sent the text from her phone?”
“Well, if that isn’t just despicable, Julian?! Letting me think my daughter needed me?!” Alexis said, flabbergasted.
“I wanted to get you alone?”
“Alone? For what?” Alexis said in disbelief. “A rendezvous?”
“I want you. I love you, Alexis?”
“Julian, get this straight! I don’t want you that way anymore!” Alexis said firmly as Kim was coming to Charlie’s Place.
“Hey, Julian.” Kim said as she planted a kiss on his lips.
“Really, Julian?!” Alexis said, appalled. “You confess your love for me, then kiss Dr. Nero?”
Alexis grabbed her handbag and left Julian alone with Kim, who was glad to be alone with Julian.
Meanwhile, Franco and Liz were discussing their botched wedding plans after a romantic night of love making.
“So, Liz, will you marry me?” Franco proposed.
“Yes. Yes, Franco, I will marry you.”
“So when do you want to do the deed?”
“Shouldn’t we wait until you’re healed from your traumatic childhood discovery?”
“But we’ve waited so long….”
There was a knock on Liz’s bedroom door. Liz dressed herself as did Franco, opened the door to Cameron, Jake and Ayden, who were excited to Franco and Liz’s wedding plans.
“When you getting married?” little Ayden asked his mother, with Cam and Jake nodding their approval.
“Where did you hear that?” Liz asked her boys.
“We were listening outside your door.” Ayden innocently confessed.
“Ayden, it isn’t nice to eavesdrop on people’s conversations.” Liz playfully tousled Ayden’s hair.
“We’re sorry, mother.” Jake said, with Cam agreeing to the apology.
“It’s okay.” Liz told her sons. “Franco are just in the discussion mode, but we will let you boys know when we do.”
Cam, Jake and Ayden ran out of the bedroom screaming happily to the news that someday, Franco would wed their mother.
It seemed Franco and Liz were finally getting a happy moment….
Chapter 3
Anna and Finn enjoyed a day in the woods as they took a romantic boat ride in the park. The couple had been separated when Anna worked tirelessly to find her son, Heinrich, by the dastardly Cesar Faison, and had completely cut ties with Finn in order to keep him from harm.
But after a lovely day spent together, Anna and Finn were coming back to his suite at the Metro Court, only to find a surprise for Finn waiting in his suite as he was about to give Anna a kiss.
“Hayden?” Finn asked surprised to find his ex-fiancee with some little girl.
“Finn. I’m back.” Hayden said, but was shocked to find Finn had moved on with Anna.
“I’ll let you two be.” Anna said, bowing out gracefully as she quickly left Finn’s suite.
“So, who’s the little girl?” Finn questioned her, as the little girl played cheerfully with her doll.
“Don’t you recognize your own daughter?” Hayden revealed.
“My daughter?” Finn asked. “Your note? You said you miscarried?”
“I was conflicted. I told you that so you wouldn’t come after me.” Hayden explained.
“Well, it worked! After your sudden departure, I didn’t give a damn anymore…that is, until I fell in love with Anna.”
“I’m sorry, Finn, but when my past came back to bite me…I felt it was the only thing to do.”
“Walk out on me?” Finn started to yell, but when the little girl began to cry, he quieted down. “You led me to believe our child was dead?”
“That’s why I needed to come back. So you could get to know your daughter, Elizabeth Sarah Hamilton.”
“You named our daughter after Liz and her sister?”
“You don’t like it?”
“It’s a lovely name.”
“Well, would you like to meet your daughter?”
“I would indeed.”
“Elizabeth, I’d like you to meet your daddy.” Hayden said to the 2-year-old girl.
“Daddy!” Elizabeth screamed and hugged him. “Mommy said we would see you.”
Finn felt his heart get warm as he hugged his daughter for the first time. Hayden only hoped it would bring them closer again, but now that Anna was in the picture, she wasn’t so sure.
Meanwhile, at General Hospital, Kiki was trying to get her mind of Dillon and his new girlfriend by working hard at her studies to become a doctor.
But she found it impossible with the lawsuit she filed against Dr. Bensch for sexual harassment. Taking a break on the hospital terrace just outside the employee lounge, she was shocked to find Chase out there.
“I was here to see my brother, Finn, but I must have got his days mixed up?”
“In the employee lounge?”
“His note said to meet him here?”
“That’s weird, he was off on a romantic getaway with Anna today.”
“Yeah, I find it weird that he would hook up with her?”
“You don’t approve of Finn and Anna?”
“She seems too old for my half-brother?”
“Well, Finn’s had it rough since he moved to Port Charles.”
“How so?”
“Well, he got his heart ripped apart when his fiancée left him a couple years ago.”
“Finn was engaged?”
“To Hayden Barnes. She was pregnant and they were going to marry, but she suddenly took off.”
“Wow! I never knew?”

“Finn never told you?”
“We were never close.”
“I can’t imagine that. I adore my sister, even if she is just 2 years old.”
“So, what about you, Kiki?”
“What about me?”
“Any guys you into?”
“No. just studying hard to get through medical school.”
“A pretty girl like you…unattached?”
“My last boyfriend ended it when he couldn’t handle a long-distance romance.”
“I’m sorry.”
“Don’t be. I really don’t have time for dating…what with medical school and the lawsuit.”
“Yeah. I filed a lawsuit against Dr. Bensch for sexual harassment.”
“I’m sorry you’re going through that.” Chase said. “If you’re off duty, would you like to go for coffee?”
As luck would have it, Liz came by and told Kiki her shift was over.
“Well, looks like I can go for that coffee after all.” Kiki said, smiling for the first time in a long time.
Liz watched Kiki and Chase go off together. She was glad she told Kiki her shift was over even if it wasn’t. She decided she would finish Kiki’s shift so Kiki could have some fun. She deserved it after all. Kiki had been working hard for weeks and thought she needed a break.


From the Ghetto to Stardom: An Elvis Presley Fanfiction


Tammy Sue Porter has always had a crush on Elvis Presley and been a fan of his music. She has followed his career from the beginning. When Elvis’ manager runs a contest for a background singer after one of his singers is hurt, Tammy Sue enters the contest just for fun and is shocked when she actually wins. After doing a few shows with Elvis, fans love the two of them together. Will Tammy Sue remain the same person after her recent success singing with Elvis, or will success go to her head?

Chapter 1

Tammy Sue rolled over and hit the snooze button on her alarm. Another boring day at The Happy Tomato, an Italian Restaurant where Tammy works as a waitress. Tammy is sick of her boring life with her boring boyfriend, Tom, whom she has been dating practically since birth. Okay, it’s only been since high school. Tammy Sue has known Tom since they were babies playing in the sandbox. Their families have been friends since before Tammy Sue and Tom were born.

The only real joy Tammy Sue gets is when she listens to her all-time favorite, Elvis Presley. She just melts when she hears his voice. Her favorite songs are “Can’t Help Falling In Love”, “In the Ghetto”, and “Kentucky Rain.”

Tammy Sue switched on the radio and the DJ has just announced an Elvis-Free-For-All. Tammy Sue is delighted that the station will play only Elvis songs for the day. The DJ puts on “Kentucky Rain” and Tammy Sue sings along as she knows the words by heart.

After the song is over, the DJ comes on with a shocking announcement: “I know there are many of you Elvis Presley fans out there. So I have great news from Elvis’ manager. He has just informed the radio station that there will be a contest for a backup singer to sing in Elvis band. Come down to the station today if you wish to enter the contest. The winner will get an all-expense paid trip to Graceland.” Don’t miss this one chance to sing with your biggest heartthrob.”

Tammy Sue can’t believe it. She calls in to work to say she won’t make it. She has decided to enter the contest just for fun. She knows she can’t sing, despite what everyone tells her. She just wants to do this for fun.

After calling her manager to tell them she won’t be in, Tammy Sue hops in her ’57 Cadillac, a gift from her uncle, because of her love for Elvis, and drives down to the radio station.

Chapter 2

When Tammy Sue arrives at the radio station to enter the Elvis contest, she wasn’t surprised there would be a long line to wait. . .she just didn’t expect it to be over three blocks long. “Oh well, better get in line and wait.” Tammy Sue said to her self.

As she waited patiently in line, she couldn’t believe the nerve of some people. Some of the people were yelling and demanding the line speed up. They were even calling the radio station staff names. But Tammy Sue toughed it out and stood there patiently for her turn to audition.

She only had to wait a half an a hour to audition. That’s when a gentleman in a dark blue suit came up to her and asked her to step to the front of the line. Tammy Sue could hear the crowd yelling and screaming as she was escorted to the front of the line.

Then the worst happened. . .the angry crowd started throwing anything they could get their hands on at Tammy Sue and the gentleman. That’s when the gentleman pulled Tammy Sue quickly inside the radio station and get away from the angry crowd.

When Tammy Sue was safely inside the radio station, the gentleman introduced himself as Colonel Tom Parker, Elvis Presley’s manager.

“Colonel Tom Parker?” Tammy Sue said, feeling as if she faint.”

“Yes, I am. And Elvis is right inside with the station.” Colonel Parker tells her.

“What? I didn’t know Elvis would be here?” Tammy Sue said, about ready to pass out.”

“Yes, ma’am. He is. That was the surprise for his fans.” Colonel Parker said. “It was a surprise for his fans. Can I get your name?”

“What? Oh, I’m sorry. It’s T-T-Tammy Sue.” a nervous Tammy Sue said.

“Great, Tammy Sue. The other surprise is there was never going to be an audition. You see, we were looking a certain type to sing backup with Mr. Presley, and you fit the bill especially. I knew it when I saw you standing patiently in line.”

“What? I’m the one you picked. But you don’t even know if I can sing?” Tammy Sue said.

“I’m sure Mr. Presley will be pleased by my choice. Now c’mon before we make him upset. He doesn’t like to be held waiting.”

Colonel Tom Parker led Tammy Sue down a long corridor that seemed to take a long time to reach. Tammy Sue couldn’t believe she was about to meet Elvis Presley in person.

Chapter 2

Tammy Sue nearly fainted when Col. Parker opened the door to the recording booth to find Elvis crooning Tammy Sue’s favorite song, “Can’t Help Falling in Love.” Before she could fall to the floor, Elvis jumped up and scooped Tammy Sue up in his arms and gently laid her on the sofa until she came to.

A few minutes later, Tammy Sue opened her eyes and thought she must have died and went to heaven.

“Is this heaven?” Tammy Sue asked, groggily. “Am I dead?”

“No, beautiful.” Elvis said, gently rubbing her head with the moist cloth. “You fainted and I laid you on the sofa before you could fall.”

“Oh my gosh!” Tammy Sue said, embarrassed. “I feel like such a fool, fainting in front of Elvis Presley!”

Elvis just smiled and looked down at Tammy Sue, lovingly, gently caressing her shoulders.

“Well, we should get started.” Elvis said, trying to deny his sudden attraction to Tammy Sue.

“Yeah, sure. What do you want me to do, Mr. Presley?”

“Please, call me Elvis.”

“Yes, Mr. -er Elvis.”

“I’m going to sing “That’s All Right” first and I want you to just listen. Then you and I will sing it together. And after that, I want to hear you sing it alone.” Elvis instructed.

“Yes, Elvis.” Tammy Sue agreed.

“That’s all right, Mamma. . .” Elvis crooned, while Tammy Sue listened to the words.

When Elvis finished the song, Elvis and Tammy Sue sang the song together, as Tammy Sue got a feel for the lyrics.

Elvis was getting ready to sit down and let Tammy Sue sing the song solo, when the angry mob outside the radio station began throwing rocks at the window to the room that someone had saw Elvis and Tammy Sue sitting in.

Before Elvis to get Tammy Sue out of harm’s way, a rock had hit Tammy Sue in the head and knocked her unconscious. As Elvis tried to frantically revive Tammy Sue, he called the paramedics to have Tammy Sue looked at since she wasn’t responding.

Feeling responsible for Tammy Sue’s injuries, Elvis rode with Tammy Sue in the ambulance to the hospital and waited there for doctors to find out Tammy Sue’s prognosis.

Chapter 3

When Tammy Sue woke up, Elvis’ face looking at her with adoration was the first thing she saw.

“Where am I?” Tammy Sue said, groggily.

“Sh-h-h!” Elvis told her, holding her hand to keep her calm. “Just relax. Don’t talk.”

“But—-”, Tammy Sue tried to speak, but Elvis gently placed his finger on her lips.

“It’s okay, sweetie. You’re in the hospital after suffering a concussion from the mob outside the radio station.” Elvis told her.

“I was about to sing a solo.” Tammy Sue said, regretfully. “Now I’ve lost any chance of winning the contest!”

“You can sing the solo when you get out of here.” Elvis promised.

The phone rang in Tammy Sue’s room and Elvis answered it.


“Elvis, I’m glad you picked up.” Tom Parker said. “You need to get to the station right away.”

“What’s wrong?”

“The radio station would like you here to do a press conference on what happened here at the radio station.” Tom Parker told him.

“Okay, Tom, I’ll be right there.” Elvis said, as he hung up and placed the phone back in the cradle.

“Sweetheart, I gotta go for now. I have to clear up some business at the station.” Elvis told Tammy Sue. “I’ll be back later to see how you are doing. You get some rest while I’m gone.”

Elvis gave Tammy Sue a kiss on her cheek that sent butterflies to her stomach as Elvis left her side to head to the radio station.

While Elvis was gone, Tammy pulled out her journal from her backpack that she carries around with her everywhere and began jotting down her thoughts.

“Dear Diary,

I had the most amazing day today! I got selected by Elvis Presley to sing a song for him. It was amazing! The worst part was when I got ready to sing a solo for him, the angry mob outside the radio station began throwing rocks at the window and one hit me in the head, sending me to the hospital. Elvis is such a great guy, he said that I could sing the solo for him when I get out of this hospital. Life couldn’t be any better! Thanks for listening!

Then Tammy Sue put her journal away in her backpack and settled down in bed and fell asleep dreaming of Elvis.

Chapter 4

Tammy Sue woke the next morning to find Elvis asleep in a chair next to her hospital bed. “Why would a star like Elvis stay by her side all night in her hospital room.?” Tammy Sue thought.

Tammy gently roused Elvis from his slumber, “Mr. Presley.”

“What?” Elvis said, startled.

“It’s me, Tammy Sue, Mr. Presley.” Tammy Sue gently reminded him.

“Oh, gosh, I’m so sorry, Tammy Sue.” Elvis apologized.

“Hey, I’m just surprised you spent the night in my hospital room?”

“I was worried about you and just wanted to make sure you were okay?”

Tammy Sue touched his hand and smiled, and it was then that Elvis realized that he was falling love with her.

While the doctors were getting ready to discharge Tammy Sue, Col. Parker had just arrived at the recording studio to find the same angry mob that had thrown rocks at the radio station and hit Tammy Sue Porter and delayed her solo.

Before he managed to get inside the studio, he was hit with a newspaper. He picked it up only to discover the headline: “ELVIS PRESLEY SPENDS NIGHT IN HOSPITAL WITH CONTEST WINNER! WAS THE CONTEST RIGGED?”

Col. Parker calls Elvis at the hospital when he gets to his office.

“Hey, Boss! What’s up?” Elvis says, as he answers the phone in Tammy Sue’s room.

“We have a huge problem, Elvis?”

“What kinda problem?”

“There was a article written about you in the paper.” Col. Parker explains. “It’s accusing you of rigging the contest so your “lover” can win.”

“What?” Elvis rages. “That’s a lie!”

“I know it is, but the angry mob doesn’t think so.”

“Well, Tammy Sue is about to be discharged from the hospital any time. I’ll be there to do some damage control.”

Elvis hung up just as the doctor had come to discharge Tammy Sue. Elvis took Tammy Sue out the back way away from the angry mob so she wouldn’t see or find out what the angry mob was saying.

Chapter 5

Elvis managed to get Tammy Sue out of the hospital and to Sun Records before the angry mob got wind of Tammy Sue’s release from the hospital.

“Elvis, I’m so glad you two got here alright.” Col. Parker said, gratefully.

“Lucky no one spotted us leaving.” Elvis said.

“What are you two talking about?” Tammy Sue said confused.

“Nothing for you to worry about, sweetheart.” Elvis told her. “Now, let’s hear that solo you were going to do.”

Tammy Sue sang her favorite song, “Can’t Help Falling In Love” as Elvis sat back and listened. He liked what he heard and loved Tammy Sue’s voice.

“Bravo, Tammy Sue.” Elvis said, clapping his hands as she finished her solo. “You will make a fine addition to the group.”

“I got in the band!” an ecstatic Tammy Sue exclaimed.

“Yes, dear. You’re in.” Elvis said, hugging her and holding her tightly in his arms. The closeness made Tammy Sue feel awkward and she backed away, shyly.

“What’s wrong, Tammy Sue?” Elvis asked. “Did I offend you?”

“Nothing.” Tammy Sue said, timidly. “I think I need to go home now.”

“I’ll drive you home.” Elvis said, not wanting one of the angry mob crowds to hurt Tammy Sue.

Elvis escorted Tammy Sue out the front door of Sun Records and to his Cadillac where he opened the passenger door and helped Tammy Sue in. Then he went around to the driver’s side, got in, and started the ignition. Elvis didn’t like chauffeurs and preferred to drive his own car.

The two of them drove in silence as neither knew what to say. Finally, Elvis pulled up in front of Tammy Sue’s apartment building, a run-down slum her single mother worked three jobs just to pay the rent. Tammy Sue got out of Elvis’s Cadillac before he got offended at the sight.

But Elvis spoke before she could get out, “I’ll pick you up in the morning at 6:00 a.m. Sharp so we can be on the road for the tour.”

“Okay, Mr. Presley, I mean, Elvis.” Tammy Sue said, as she got out.

Elvis watched Tammy Sue go inside before he pulled away from the drive.

When Tammy Sue got inside, she was asked a barrage of questions by her mother and her baby sister, Kathy Sue.

“Tammy Sue, you’re late.” Tammy Sue declared.

“I’m sorry mother.” Elvis took me home from the hospital, where I sang my solo.” Tammy Sue explained.

“What happened, Tammy Sue?” Kathy Sue asked.

“I won the contest and I am one of Elvis band members.” Tammy Sue said, ecstatically.

“Oh, Tammy Sue, I’m so proud of you, darling.” Tammy Sue’s mother said proudly.

“I leave in the morning with Elvis and his band.” Tammy Sue said, sadly.

“Oh, Tammy Sue. That soon?”

“Yes, mother, I’m afraid so.”

“Well, let’s all have dinner and then we can retire for a good night’s sleep.”

“Thank you mother.” Tammy Sue said, hugging her mother.

“I’m going to miss you while you’re gone.”

“I know. And I’ll miss you too.”

Tammy Sue and her mother and sister, Kathy Sue sat down for her last meal before she had to leave with Elvis and his band in the morning. Tammy Sue hoped this was the start of a better life for the three of them.

Chapter 6

Tammy Sue was up 2 hours before her alarm was set to go off. She couldn’t sleep a wink. She didn’t know if it was the excitement of going on the tour with Elvis and his band, or the strange feeling she got after Elvis hugged her. But she just shrugged it off, thinking it was just a friendly gesture by Elvis. He probably hugged all his fans that way.

Tammy Sue packed her beat-up suitcase with the best clothes she had―her 3 best dresses: 2 flower-print (1 blue and 1 yellow) and a blue pleated skirt and light blue blouse with matching tie that she kept from her years at the Academy (it was just a public school, but they called it the Academy to make it appear like a private school).

As soon as Tammy Sue packed her suitcase, she headed out to the living room where her mother was making breakfast.

“Mother dear, your up awful early?” Tammy Sue greeted her mother.

“I wanted my baby girl to have a nice breakfast before she headed off on her big adventure.”

“Thanks mother.” Tammy Sue said, giving her mother a kiss.

Tammy Sue sat down at the broken 3-legged table that her mother temporarily fixed with duct tape to make the 4th leg sturdy, but the table still shook whenever they sat down for a meal.

The doorbell rang and Tammy Sue hoped it wasn’t Elvis as she didn’t want him to see the way she and her family lived. Before Tammy Sue could get up to get the door, Tammy Sue’s mother had left to answer the door. A few minutes later, she came into the kitchen with Elvis as Tammy Sue looked embarrassed, polishing off the last of her mother’s delicious pancakes.

Tammy Sue got up to grab her suitcase, embarrassed to have to bring along the beat-up suitcase in front of an important man like Elvis. Tammy Sue just wanted to leave, but Elvis wanted Tammy Sue to say a proper good-bye to her family before he whisked her off on the road tour.

“Mrs. Porter, I just want to let you know, that I will watch over Tammy Sue while she is on tour with me and my band.” Elvis said, reassuring Tammy Sue’s mother.

“That’s nice to know, Mr. Presley.” Tammy Sue’s mother said, thanking him.

As Tammy Sue’s mother watched Elvis take her daughter away, she cried tears of joy for Tammy Sue’s happiness. She was glad Tammy Sue was getting this chance of a lifetime. She wished Tammy Sue all the best on her journey.

Chapter 7

Tammy Sue was getting dressed in her best outfit, her school uniform, when Elvis knocked on the door to her private dressing room. Tammy Sue wrapped her robe around her before answering the door.

“How’s my little star doing?’ Elvis asked gleefully.

“Just getting dressed.” Tammy Sue replied, getting the school uniform out of her closet.

“You’re not going to wear that, are you?” Elvis asked her.

“It’s the best dress I have.” Tammy Sue announced, shamelessly.

“Well, it’s a good thing I happened by with this.” Elvis adds, pulling out a glamorous, rhinestone-shimmering, white gown from his dress bag.

“Oh, Elvis, I just couldn’t.” Tammy Sue politely refuses.

“Nonsense!” Elvis tells her. “It’s a gift for you.”

“Thank you, Elvis.” Tammy Sue tells him gratefully.

“Now go try it on for me so I can see how it fits.” Elvis said, giving Tammy Sue a kiss on her cheek.

Excited, Tammy Sue did just that and went and put it on. When Tammy Sue came out of the bathroom, Elvis was taken aback by how beautiful Tammy Sue looked in the gown. He couldn’t take his eyes off her.

“Shall we go meet the fans!” Elvis said to her, offering her is arm as Tammy Sue gladly took it.

Elvis waited with a nervous-Tammy Sue as the announcer announced Elvis and his band, even announcing Tammy Sue’s first performance with the band, which made Tammy Sue even more nervous. Holding Tammy Sue’s hand, Elvis walked onstage with Tammy Sue as they sung their first duo song “Can’t Help Falling in Love” together for fans.

As Elvis and Tammy Sue sang for the crowd, fans were envious of the looks Elvis gave Tammy Sue while they were singing. They ooed and aahed over the performance. Fans couldn’t get enough of Elvis and Tammy Sue.

After the first song, Elvis let Tammy Sue off the hook and sang something a little less intimate with the song, “Jailhouse Rock.”

After the concert was over, Elvis led Tammy Sue offstage as the crowds pushed and shoved to be the first to see Elvis and Tammy Sue walk out of the building. As Elvis shielded Tammy Sue from the barrage of fans pushing and shoving just to get whatever souvenir they could get their hands on of the concert, Elvis got Tammy Sue inside the bus as someone pulled on the hem of Tammy Sue’s gown and ripped it right down the middle, getting one of the rhinestones from the gown.

Tammy Sue covered herself and ran to the bathroom so Elvis wouldn’t see her crying.

“Tammy Sue!” Elvis spoke loudly through the door. “Don’t cry!”

“I’m not!” Tammy Sue replied in between sobs.

“Please open the door, honey. I have a surprise for you.”

Tammy Sue wrapped the ripped gown around her and opened the door. She cried tears of joy as Elvis had managed to have a candlelight dinner set out for the two of them.

“I had dinner ordered for us after the concert because I’m always famished after singing.” Elvis said. “I thought you might want to join me too.”

Tammy Sue sat down at the table and enjoyed a lovely meal with Elvis. Tammy Sue had to admit it was a pretty eventful night. She was surprised that fans took so well to her first performance with Elvis and his band.

Chapter 8

Tammy Sue was in awe during her candlelight dinner with Elvis. She was more in love with him than ever, but kept it to herself, as she didn’t want to shock Elvis. But Tammy Sue was in shock when Elvis moved in for a kiss. Not wanting to upset Elvis and desperately wanting to kiss him at the same time, Tammy Sue gave in to Elvis’ kiss.

It seemed like hours before Elvis and Tammy came up for air after their first kiss. Tammy Sue didn’t want it to end. But a knock on Elvis’ tour bus ended the kiss as paparazzi began taking photos of the two when Elvis opened the door to the bus.

Elvis gave the paparazzi a quick press conference to satisfy their needs before heading back into the bus to enjoy the rest of the night with Tammy Sue.

As Elvis kissed Tammy Sue again, two made love for the first time, as the two of them celebrated Tammy Sue’s first performance with Elvis band.

The next morning, Tammy Sue woke up in Elvis’ arms thinking it was only a dream, then realizing it was for real.

That’s when Tammy Sue jumped up out of Elvis bed, wrapped a sheet around her, and ran into Elvis’ bathroom, startling Elvis awake in the process.

“Tammy Sue.” Elvis said, knocking on the bathroom door. “What’s wrong, sweetheart?”

“Go away, Elvis!” Tammy Sue cried.

“Honey, what’s wrong?”

“Please, Elvis, just go away!”

“Baby, did I do something wrong?”

“No, Elvis, you perfect!” Tammy Sue assured him. “It’s me.”

“Please let me in, sweetie, and let’s talk about it.”

Tammy Sue relented and unlocked the door. Elvis saw tears stream down Tammy Sue’s face.

“Sweetie, don’t cry.” Elvis said, as he dried her tears with his kisses.

“Elvis, I’m afraid I took advantage of you last night.” Tammy Sue cried.

“Honey, if anyone took advantage, I am afraid it was me.” Elvis apologized. “But to my defense, I just couldn’t help myself. You just looked so sexy in that dress I gave you.”

“You’re not angry at me?”

“Angry?” Elvis asked. “Honey, I’m in love with you.”

Tammy looked relieved as she let Elvis kiss her again. As the two them kissed passionately, they made love again on the bathroom floor, then again in the shower as they jumped into the shower together.

After Elvis and Tammy Sue had gotten the sexual tension out, they got dressed and went to meet with the rest of the band before they set out for the next city for the next performance.

Chapter 9

Blissfully happy and in love, Tammy Sue sang her out at the next concert, which happened to be in Houston, the very city her aunt lived in.

Tammy Sue had went to stay with her aunt when her aunt became too ill and Tammy Sue agreed to stay a few weeks so her aunt could recover and get back on her feet. It was during that visit that Tammy Sue met her first crush, Tommy Jones, who she experienced her first kiss with. But Tammy Sue dumped Tommy shortly after because she didn’t want to continue on with a long-distance romance when she went back home to her family in the ghetto of New York.

Tammy Sue was in shock when Tommy noticed her out on a date with Elvis in between performances. They were performing a series of five concerts before they left Houston.

“Tammy Sue!” Tommy called out after her.

“Tommy?” Tammy Sue said, when she turned around to see who it was.

Tommy went up to give Tammy Sue a kiss on her cheek before Tammy Sue introduced him to Elvis.

“So, I hear you’re a big-time singer now!” Tommy said, congratulating her.

“Yes. I won the chance when I entered a contest Elvis put on.”

“Well, I’m happy for you.”

“Thank you.” Tammy said, not knowing what to say. “Oh, I’m sorry, Tommy, this is Elvis Presley. But I’m sure he needs no introduction from me.”

“It’s nice to meet you, Mr. Presley.” Tommy said in awe. “I’ve been a big fan of your music for years.”

“Well, thank you, Tommy.” Elvis said, politely. “Any friend of Tammy Sue’s is a friend of mine.”

“Well, it’s was nice chatting with you, Tommy, but as you see, Elvis and I are extremely busy.” Tammy Sue said, wanting to get Elvis away from Tommy.

Tammy Sue didn’t want Tommy to know her secret that long ago. That she turned up pregnant and gave the baby up for adoption because an abortion was definitely out of the question. Only Tammy Sue’s mother knew the truth.

Chapter 10

“You’ve been awfully quiet ever since you left your friend, Tommy? Is anything wrong hun?” Elvis asked with concern.

“It’s nothing. . .” Tammy Sue started to say. “I have a confession, Elvis.”

“What is it, baby?”

“Tommy was the first guy I made love with.” Tammy Sue began.

“I’m not worried, dear.”

“There’s more.”

“You’re married?” Elvis said, jokingly.

“No. But after my first time, I turned up pregnant.” Tammy Sue admitted.

“I never saw you with a child?” Elvis asked, confused.

“I knew abortion was out of the question, so I gave the baby up for adoption after it was born.” Tammy Sue continued.

“I’m sorry you had to go through that, dear.” Elvis gave Tammy Sue a kiss to show his love and support.

“Tommy never knew about the baby.” Tammy Sue admitted.

“I thought you grew up with him?”

“No, I met him when I stayed one summer with my aunt while she was recuperating from an accident.”

“Oh, I see.”

“I found out after I went back home to the ghetto. My mother is the only one who knew about the baby I gave up.”

Elvis didn’t say a word. He just kissed Tammy Sue tenderly, giving her more love. The two ended up making love all night long.

Two months later. . .
“Is something wrong, Tammy Sue?” one of the band members asks.

“I’m just feeling a little sick is all.” Tammy Sue says, as she runs to the bathroom on the bus to vomit.

Chapter 11

Tammy Sue planned a romantic dinner for Elvis on the bus and Elvis’ band members were so sweet to make other arrangements so she and Elvis could have a romantic dinner on the bus alone. Tammy Sue couldn’t wait to tell Elvis her news. She just hoped he would be as excited as she was.

But when Elvis came back to the bus, things didn’t go as Tammy Sue had expected. For one thing, Elvis didn’t notice the romantic candlelight dinner Tammy Sue had cooked for the two of them.

“Where’s my bandmembers?” Elvis asked Tammy Sue. “We need to practice for our next gig.”

“They made other arrangements so we could have dinner alone.” Tammy Sue told him.

“They can’t do that?” Elvis said angrily. “Not tonight of all nights?!”

“Why? What’s wrong with tonight?” Tammy Sue asked him.

“Tonight we have to rehearse for tomorrow night’s gig.” Elvis said irritated.

“Elvis I made dinner for us. I needed time alone with you. I have news to tell you.” Tammy Sue explained.

“Well, you’re news will have to wait. I need to find my bandmembers and get them back here for rehearsal.” Elvis said as he picked up the telephone to try to find where his bandmembers were and get them back to bus for rehearsal, leaving Tammy Sue feeling rejected.

Tammy Sue couldn’t believe that Elvis was acting the way he was. Now, she couldn’t even tell him the news about the baby she was carrying. Well, if that was the way Elvis wanted it, she wouldn’t bother to tell him. In fact, she would just go back home. Obviously Elvis didn’t care about her and he wouldn’t care about this baby. She would quit the band and go back home and raise the child alone, without Elvis.

Tammy Sue packed a bag and then went to bed to get a good night’s sleep before heading back home.

Chapter 12

Tammy Sue boarded the bus for her journey back home. She bid one last good bye to the life she thought she would have.

The bus took off back to Pigeon Hollow, West Virginia. Tammy Sue wiped her tears and put her and on her stomach.

“Well, little one, I may not be rich and famous, but we’ll make it just fine back in Pigeon Hollow.” Tammy Sue said to her unborn baby…Elvis’ baby. “It may be a poor life, but we’ll get by.”

6 hours later, Tammy Sue’s bus arrived in Pigeon Hollow, where her mother was waiting for her at the bus station. Her mother hugged her just as she getting off the bus.

Tammy Sue waited for the bus driver to hand her her bag and she and her mother walked to her mother’s car.

The drive home was a quiet one, mostly because Tammy Sue didn’t know how to brooch the subject of her pregnancy. How could she tell her family that she would be an unwed mother. Being an unwed mother in Pigeon Hollow was the kiss of death. Everyone kept their distance. Tammy Sue remember the story of one girl, Bobby Sue, who became an unwed mother at the tender age of 15. She ended up homeless and her and her little girl were starving because no one would give an unwed mother a job.

Is that what Tammy Sue’s fate would be? Homeless and starving because she wouldn’t be able to get a job?

The family was greeting her when her mother pulled into the family driveway happy to see their sister back home.

Rumors flew around Pigeon Hollow that Elvis had beat Tammy Sue and that’s why she came back home. Tammy Sue didn’t want Elvis’ name tarnished by the rumors, but she didn’t have the heart to tell her family the truth of why she was back home.

Later that night after Tammy Sue retired to bed after the family had a welcome-home party, Tammy Sue laid in bed and thought about what her life would be now that she would be an unwed mother.

Back on the tour bus, Elvis was in a bad mood after learning that Tammy Sue left the band. He demanded his driver turn the bus around and head to Pigeon Hollow and get Tammy Sue, despite the heavy touring schedule he already had.

Chapter 13

Elvis went onstage and sang, but his heart wasn’t in it…and his fans could tell. His performance was dull and uninteresting…not like the Elvis they knew and loved. After finishing his act for the night, Elvis slumped off the stage depressed and moody, even lashing out at his drummer, who was just giving him some much needed advice.

“I don’t want to hear it!” Elvis slammed his loyal drummer.
“I’m sorry, Mr. Presley, but I was ju…” his drummer began but got cut off mid-sentence.

Elvis went to his room in the bus and shut himself up. He couldn’t take Tammy Sue abandoning him. Elvis flipped on the tiny television—with all Elvis’ money, you’d think he could afford a better television set, but Elvis loved his tiny television…it reminded him of where he came from—and got an earful from the news about the rumor that was going around about Tammy Sue.

The media made it seem like Tammy Sue was a gold digger out to claim Elvis’ money by getting him to marry him. The news even showed private photos of a private dinner he and Tammy Sue had that appeared to be a proposal.

“No wonder Tammy Sue left.” Elvis reasoned. “Tammy Sue must have heard the rumors and made the decision to leave the band.

Well, one thing was for certain…Elvis had to go to Pigeon Hollow and get Tammy Sue to come back…come hell or high water. He needed her in his life.

Chapter 14

Elvis told his band and roadies that they were heading for Pigeon Hollow to bring back Tammy Sue. A few of the band members were happy, but some were unhappy…due to the rumors that Tammy Sue was a gold digger out to get Elvis’ money.

“Can’t we just forget about that gold digger!” one roadie questioned Elvis’ frame of mind.
“Tammy Sue is not a gold digger.” Elvis blasted the roadie. “Tammy Sue is a sweet girl with a great voice. We need her. The band needs her.”
“Well, if Tammy Sue comes back, I’m outta here!” the roadie said.
“Well, good riddance. Don’t let the door hit you in the behind on your way out!” Elvis said, showing the roadie the door.

“Well,” Elvis asked the rest of his band and roadies. “Are the rest of us on board?”
“Hell yes!” the band members yelled in unison. “Bring back Tammy Sue!”

And that’s what Elvis did. He got behind the steering wheel to the bus and drove the whole way to Pigeon Hollow to bring back Tammy Sue.

Driving through the night, Elvis finally entered the tiny town of Pigeon Hollow…you know the kind of town that if you blink you miss it…

Pigeon Hollow was the kind of town that was small and quaint. The perfect place for a superstar like him to hide out. Elvis knew someday that when he retired, he wanted to come to a small town like Pigeon Hollow to hide out from the public eye. Fame was took a toll on him emotionally and sometimes, it was tiring.

Elvis pulled up in front of Tammy Sue’s house and got out to head toward to the front door, but Tammy Sue’s sister came out to meet him before he got to the front door when she saw a strange tour bus park outside their home.

“Elvis!” Tammy Sue’s little sister cried out.
“Well, hello young lady.” Elvis greeted the young girl.
“I can’t believe it’s really you.” Tammy Sue’s little sister hugged him.
“Miss, I’m here for Tammy Sue.” Elvis said, but Tammy Sue’s little sister didn’t get to answer as Tammy Sue came out to see what the commotion was.
“Elvis, what are you doing mauling my sister?” Tammy Sue scolded him.
“I came to see you, but your sister intercepted before I got to your front door.”

A shocked Tammy Sue could not speak. She just stood there looking at Elvis’ beautiful face.

Chapter 15

Tammy Sue’s mother escorted her youngest daughter from the front yard so Tammy Sue and Elvis could be alone.

Tammy Sue and Elvis sat down on the swing on the front porch to talk.

“Tammy Sue, I know why you left?” Elvis came out and confessed.
“You do?” Tammy Sue gulped, not wanting to tell him about his roadie who accosted her.
“I heard on the news the rumor that everyone thinks you’re a gold digger.”
“You think I left because of some rumor?”
“Elvis, I have to tell you something.” Tammy Sue said, not wanting to tell him about the roadie who accosted her.
“I know. You didn’t want people to…” Elvis began, but Tammy Sue didn’t let him finish.
“I left because of that roadie.”
“My roadie?”
“Yes, he accosted me. He tried to rape me. But I stopped him. Then he said that he was going to tell you.” Tammy Sue finally confessed.
“My roadie tried to attack you!” Elvis said angrily, as he figured out that the roadie who walked out was the one who accosted Tammy Sue.
“Well, you don’t have to worry about him. He left the band.”
“He did?”
“Yes. He didn’t like it that I was coming back to get you and walked out.”

Tammy Sue hugged Elvis.

“You can come back.” Elvis said, hoping she would.
“I’d love to.” Tammy Sue said. “But I have some news to tell you.”
“What is it?”
“I’m pregnant.” Tammy Sue told a flabbergasted but happy Elvis.


Elvis and Tammy Sue were married in a lavish ceremony in Pigeon Hollow in Tammy Sue’s back yard with Tammy Sue’s family and a few close friends of Elvis.

(It turned out, Tammy Sue had dreamed Elvis’ reaction to her pregnancy. In fact, she had not even told him. Confused, she thought it was real and left Elvis and his band.)

As Elvis and Tammy Sue awaited the birth of their child, Tammy Sue performed with the band. It was a happy time for the couple.

Tammy Sue did double duty as a mother and singing with the band when little Tommy Aeryn was born. Elvis wouldn’t hear of Tammy Sue giving up her singing career. He decided he wanted to be a father and let Tammy Sue sing. He retired full time from the band…the chagrin of his fans. But hey, fatherhood was important to him. His choice to choose fame instead of fatherhood to Lisa Marie was what ruined his marriage to Priscilla…this time…he was going to do it right!

The Young and the Restless One Shots – Chelsea’s Secret

Chelsea knew she was lying to Nick and everyone about the hack at Chelsea 2.0. Her own company! No one would believe the real story. That Adam was alive! That was why she put the scheme in place. She was going to slip away from Genoa City with Connor and Christian (Adam’s son, not Nick’s). it was Adam’s plan to spirit Chelsea and his son’s way from the Newman family. Chelsea knew from the beginning, Chloe never killed Adam. The whole thing was staged so they could get out of Genoa City.

The only reason Chelsea stayed behind and “romanced” Nick—Victor!

Victor Newman ruined their plot! And Chelsea intended to make Victor pay by taking Connor and Christian away from Victor and Genoa City and back to Adam!

The only problem now is that pesky Phyllis and her vendetta to prove she was behind the hack!

Rumors: A JJ & Paige Romance

JJ Devereaux and Lani Price are set to marry before Lani’s baby is born,when JJ’s not-so-dead girlfriend suddenly pops up in Salem to expose Lani’s secret. Will the secret bring JJ and Paige closer together? And Theo is back in Salem after rehabilitation, only to discover his girlfriend, Claire has moved on with Tripp Dalton-Johnson. Will Theo turn to Ciara?

JJ Devereaux – Casey Moss
Lani Price – Sal Stowers
Eli Grant – Lamon Archey
Dr. Valerie Grant – Vanessa Williams
Mayor Abe Carver – James Reynolds
Jennifer Devereaux – Melissa Reeves
Paige Larson – True O’brien
Theo Carver – Kyler Pettis
Claire Brady – Olivia Rose Keegan
Tripp Dalton-Johnson – Lucas Adams
Eve Donovan – Kassie DePaiva
Steve “Patch” Johnson – Stephen Nichols
Dr. Kayla Brady-Johnson – Mary Beth Evans

Chapter 1
JJ hadn’t been so happy since his suicide attempt after he accidentally shot Theo Carver. But he and Lani Price, who was pregnant, were getting married. JJ, while happy that he was going to be a father, found it to be a total shock. But proposed to Lani, who despite the secret she was withholding, accepted JJ’s proposal—the secret was safe, Lani thought.
Lani and JJ were spending their last night as single people with their prospective families, JJ’s mother, Jennifier, and Lani’s father, Abe.
Eve, on the other hand, was despondent over the death of her daughter, Paige Larson, at the hands of Ben Weston, who turned out to be the Necktie Killer. She was sad wondering why she couldn’t come back after Will Horton, another victim of Ben’s, came back.
But no one could anticipate the next day’s surprise as Paige Larson board a bus bound for Salem. She had been keeping up on Salem news and thought JJ and Lani’s wedding day would be the perfect day to come back to Salem.
Paige knew she’d have to explain her “death” to friends and family, but she decided that would be nothing when she exposed Lani’s secret that JJ wasn’t the father of her baby.
Meanwhile, passion ignited for Tripp and Claire, who could no longer deny each other any longer. As the two made love, Theo was also on a flight back to Salem to surprise his girlfriend, Claire.

Salem Lovers

Two lovers become embroiled in their affairs, Eric and Jennifer and Brady and Eve, when Frankie Brady arrives in Salem, not too mention, Theresa Donovan and Nicole Walker. And two surprise visitors comes back from the dead! Who will get with who? And Will reflects on his life with Sonny as he embarks on a relationship with Paul. Will Paul and Will survive, or are Sonny and Will destined to be together?

Brady Black – Eric Marsolf
Eve Donovan – Kassie DePaiva
Eric Brady – Greg Vaughan
Jennifer Devereaux – Melissa Reeves
Frankie Brady – Billy Warlock
Theresa Donovan – Jen Lilley
Nicole Walker – Arianne Zucker
Jack Devereaux – Matthew Ashford
Dr. Daniel Jonas – Shawn Christian
Will Horton – Chandler Massey
Paul Narita – Christopher Sean
Sonny Kiriakis – Freddie Smith

Chapter 1
Eric and Jennifer relished in their lovemaking after several months of denying their feelings for each other. Eric could no longer deny his feelings, despite still being in love with Nicole, who had left town suddenly after they were going to recommit to their love.
“I love you, Jennifer.” Eric told her after a long-overdue lovemaking session.
“I’m sorry for getting involved with another man when I knew it was you I wanted.” Jennifer confessed.
The two lovers kissed and continued to make love.
At the Kiriakis mansion, Brady and Eve continued their passionate tryst. Brady was finding it unable to resist stunning Eve more and more. Was Brady falling in love with Eve, despite his plan to get her out of Titan.
Brady and Eve also languished in bed, the duo fighting the temptation, but the passion was undeniable.
“Was it good for you?” Brady asked Eve as he hotly kissed her on the lips.
“I don’t know? Why don’t you make love to me again?” Eve challenged him.
“Seriously? You think I’m into you?” Brady pretended to detest her.
“Welllllllll…you are in my bed?”
“Correction…we’re in Victor’s bed…it’s his mansion, after all.” Brady pointed out.
“O.K…’re in the bed I’m sleeping in at Victor’s.” Eve said, getting technical.
Brady was going to take Eve up on her offer, but Titan business prevented him from doing so as Brady saw the text come in from Sonny, “Sorry, Eve, would love to, but business beckons.”
As Brady gets dressed to head out, Eve heads out to meet with a mystery person.
Meanwhile, at Horton Square, Will and Paul are enjoying a date at The Java Café, but the date is ruined when Will suddenly reflects on his life with Sonny when Will spies Sonny at the counter buying a round of Espressos for Titan employees.
And at an undisclosed location, two men lie in hospital beds hooked up to life-support machines and a mysterious figure writing in their files.

Complications: A Y&R/B&B Crossover

On the heels from her divorce from Ben “Stitch” Rayburn, Abby Newman boards a flight for Los Angeles where she gets a job at Spencer Communications in marketing and public relations working alongside Wyatt Fuller-Spencer. It doesn’t take long for sparks to fly between the two. But just as it looks as if Abby has finally found happiness, she becomes embroiled in a complicated triangle when she meets Carter Walton, the attorney who works for Forrester Creations. Who will win Abby’s heart?
Abby Newman – Melissa Ordway
Wyatt Fuller-Spencer – Darin Brooks
Carter Walton – Lawrence Saint Victor
Steffy Forrester – Jacqueline MacInnes Wood
Liam Spencer – Scott Clifton
Bill Spencer – Don Diamont
Brooke Logan – Katherine Kelly Lang
Ridge Forrester – Thorsten Kaye
Rick Forrester – Jacob Young
Maya Avant-Forrester – Karla Mosley
Nicole Avant-Forrester – Reign Edwards
Zende Forrester – Rome Flynn
Sasha Thompson-Avant – Felisha Cooper
Eric Forrester – John McCook
Quinn Fuller-Forrester – Rena Sofer
Chapter 1
A month after her divorce from Stitch, Abby still couldn’t get her mind off her ex-husband. Despite still being in love with him, she knew they would never get back together. The tension between them after Max caused her miscarriage was to much to bear.
Abby knew that Max had issues after the death of his own mother, but she still couldn’t find it in her heart to forgive Max for the death of her unborn daughter. And she especially had a hard time how Stitch was dealing with Max’s part in the tragic occurrence.
That is why Abby was taking the job offer at Spencer Communications in Los Angeles. She had to leave Genoa City. At least for now. She couldn’t bear to see Stitch at this time in her life. She need to make a clean break from him.
After Abby packed her belongings, Abby said a sad farewell to her sister, Victoria, and her brother, Nick, as well as her mother, Ashley,and uncle Jack before heading off to the airport to catch her flight to L.A. She took one last look at her family before getting into the cab that would take her out of Genoa City.

A couple hours later, Abby’s flight landed at LAX, where she got her baggage and checked into a nearby hotel near Spencer Communications. After getting settled into her hotel suite, Abby called Bill Spencer about her first day on the job.
“Bill Spencer, Spencer Communications. How may I help you?” Bill said when he heard the phone ring in his office.
“Yes, Mr. Spencer, this is Abby Newman. I was calling about the job. “ Abby explained. “I just arrived in L.A.”
“Yes, Abby, so glad you made it.” Bill said. “You can come in first thing in the morning and I’ll have my son, Wyatt, get you all settled in.”
“Thank you.” Abby said gratefully. “I’ll see you in the morning.”
Abby hung up and decided to have dinner in the lounge. A nice man sitting across from her smiled at her and asked her if he could join her.
“Are you new here?” Carter asked.
“Yes. “ Abby replied. “I came to L.A. for a job. I start in the morning.”
“Well, congratulations. I’m sure you will like it here in L.A.”
“Thank you. I’m sure I will.”
“Oh gee, looks like I need to leave. I have an important meeting to get back to.” Carter apologized, before hurrying off, without introducing himself.
Abby enjoyed her dinner then headed back up to her suite to get some zzzz’s before her first day at Spencer.
Chapter 2
Abby woke to the sound of her cell ringing on the table next to the bed. As she picked it up, she saw the call was from her father, Victor Newman.
“Hello, dad.” Abby said groggily.
“Abby, why did you leave Genoa City?” her father asked her. “Your mother and I are worried about you.”
“I’m sorry dad, but I needed time away.” Abby told her father. “Tell mom I love her and not to worry about me. I’m fine.”
“Well, where are you?”
“I’m in L.A.”
“L.A.? What are you doing there?”
“I got a job with Spencer Communications.” Abby told her father.
“So you abandon Newman for Spencer Communications?” Abby could hear the anger in her father’s voice. “Doesn’t family mean anything to you?!”
“I’m sorry, dad, to leave in a pinch the way I did, but I had to go.” Abby tried to apologize.
“Fine!” Victor said, hanging up.
As sorry as Abby was for leaving Newman the way she did, she knew she was doing the right thing in leaving Genoa City. She felt she was going to like it at Spencer, and she and Wyatt were forming a strong bond just after working 1 day.
The next morning, Abby overslept due to the call she received from her father in Genoa City. She got up and quickly dressed and grabbed some continental breakfast from the hotel she was staying at and got to Spencer as soon as she could.
She arrived at Spencer with Bill hot under the collar, but it was Wyatt who seemed to calm him down.
“Dad, let me handle this.”
“Okay, you do that.” Bill told his son as he went back to his office.
“Your late?” Wyatt said, more jokingly than his father. “It wasn’t because of our dinner?”
“No, I got a call from my father after I came home.” Abby explained.
“Yeah. He’s not happy I’m in L.A. And especially not happy I’m working here.”
“So, dad’s not happy with your decision?” Wyatt said sympathetically.
“Don’t worry. He’ll come around. I hope.”
Bill came back to see how Wyatt handled things.
“So, Wyatt, what did you find out?’
“Dad, can you lay off Abby? She had a disturbing call from her father last night.” Wyatt tried to get his father to be sympathetic to Abby.
“Is that why you were late?” Bill questioned her.
“Yes. But I promise it won’t be a problem.”
“Okay. But just don’t let happen again.”
“Thank you, Mr. Spencer.” Abby said gratefully.
“And call me Bill. Everyone does.”
As Bill went back to his office, Wyatt brought Abby up to speed with the Spencer agenda.
Meanwhile, back in Genoa City, Victor was boarding the Newman jet to bring Abby back home.
Chapter 3

Abby liked being in L.A. and working for Spencer Publications. Wyatt was great to work with and she was meeting new friends like Carter Walton who was the attorney for Forrester Creations. The only problem was that for once in her life, two men were vying for her affections.
Abby was enjoying dinner at Il Giardino’s with Wyatt when her father, Victor Newman, arrived in L.A. His intentions was to bring his daughter back home to Genoa City. His first stop—Spencer Publications.
“Bill, a Victor Newman is here to see you?” Bill’s receptionist, Candie told him.
“Why would Mr. Newman want to see me?” Bill questioned.
“He says it’s about his daughter?”
As Bill approve for Victor to meet with him, he wondered who his daughter was, and more importantly, was it someone he’d been with?
“Mr. Newman, what can I do for you?” Bill cordially greeted him.
“You need to let my daughter go so she can come back home with me?” Victor demanded.
“Just who is your daughter I supposedly hired?”
“Abby Newman.”
“Well, I don’t have an Abby Newman working here?
“Well, maybe she went by her married name—Rayburn?”
“Abby Rayburn is your daughter?”
“Yes, and you need to let her go so I can take her home with me?”
“Mr. Newman, don’t you think Abby is a grown woman who can make decisions for herself?”
“My daughter has been through a terrible divorce and needs her family.” Victor told him.
But before Bill could respond to Victor, Abby and Wyatt came back from their lunch.
“Father, what are you doing here?” Abby said more angry than surprised.
“Abby darling, would you kindly tell your employer here that you resign and are coming back home?”
“Is that why you’re here?” Abby said heatedly.
“You need to be back in Genoa City. Newman Enterprises needs you.” Victor said, more as a command than as concern.
“Well, I happen to like it here, father.” Abby said standing her ground, a trait that Bill liked in Abby.
“Abby, you’ve been through a terrible divorce not to mention the loss of your unborn child. You need to get help.” Victor told his daughter.
“Dad, I love you, but I need some time alone. And I like it here.” Abby said. “Trust me, dad. I know what I’m doing.”
“Mr. Newman, if you’re worried about how Abby will be treated here at Spencer, you can relax. Abby is a great addition here.” Bill told Victor.
“Fine. I’ll give you 2 weeks. Then I’m coming back.”
Victor gave in for now. He decided to give Abby a short reprieve to deal with her issues. But he was coming back.
(Coming: Abby is romanced by Carter and Wyatt.)

A Brand New Life: Love, Lust & Lies in Pine Valley


After the death of her husband, Patrick Thornhart, Marty Saybrooke bids Llanview farewell with her 15-year-old son, Cole Patrick and 3-year-old daughter, Brianna Brooklyn for a new life in Pine Valley. She forms a friendship with Greenlee Smythe Lavery, who just married Ryan Lavery and becomes romantically tangled with Zack Slater, who’s divorced from his wife Kendall Hart Slater after discovering her affair with Aidan DeVane. Will Marty find happiness with Zack or will Kendall and Aidan come between the newly happy couple?


Marty Saybrooke – Susan Haskell
Zack Slater – Thorsten Kaye
Greenlee Smythe Lavery – Rebecca Budig
Ryan Lavery – Cameron Mathison
Kendall Hart Slater – Alicia Minshew
Aidan DeVane – Aiden Turner

Chapter 1

Marty Saybrooke needed a brand new start after the love of her life, Patrick Thornhart died and left her with 15-year-old Cole Patrick and 3-year-old Brianna Brooklyn. Marty could no longer stay in Llanview, Pennsylvania where she had too many memories of her life with Patrick and the kids. The only regret was Cole, who was forced to give up his girlfriend, Starr Manning, whom he had known since they were infants.

“Cole, I don’t want you to leave.” a heartbroken Starr sobbed, as Cole held her tight.

“I don’t want to leave you either.” Cole said, just as heartbroken. “But what can I do?”

“We can Skype when we can’t visit each other.” Cole tried to be reassuring.

“It’s not the same as having you near.” Starr cried. “I’m going to miss you so much.”

Marty packed the last bit of their belongings in the car and went inside to get Brianna. Then after locking the door a final time, Marty stood back and bid the house that was their home for the last 16 years.

“Say good-bye to Starr, Cole.” Marty said. “We need to get on the road to Pine Valley.”

“I love your Starr.” Cole said, as he kissed her good-bye.

“I love you too, Cole.” Starr said, sadly.

As Marty drove off, Starr watched her boyfriend wave from the back seat window.

“I’m sorry you have to leave Starr behind, Cole.” Marty apologized to her son. “I know how much Starr means to you.”

Cole didn’t say anything, but just sat there sullen, looking out the passenger window.

“I promise, when we get settled in Pine Valley, we’ll ask Todd and Blair if Starr can visit.”

Cole still remained silent, looking out the back window.

A few hours on the road, and Marty saw the sign that told them they were in Pine Valley, Pennsylvania. As soon as they got to their new home, their neighbors, Ryan and Greenlee Lavery came out to greet them and and welcome them to Pine Valley and help them move in.

“Hello. I’m Greenlee.” Greenlee warmly greeted Marty. “And this is my husband, Ryan.”

Ryan reached out to shake Marty’s hand.

“I’m Marty Saybrooke, and this is my son, Cole, and my daughter, Brianna.” Marty said, introducing her family to Ryan and Greenlee.

“What brings you to Pine Valley, if you don’t mind me prying?” Greenlee asked, as she helped Marty bring in her belongings.

“A new start.” Marty explained. “My husband just died and I could no longer remain in Llanview as there were just too many memories.”

“I’m so sorry for your loss.” Greenlee sympathized with Marty. “I’m sure you will like it here. Pine Valley is a nice community. And I’ll introduce you to my friend, Kendall, as soon as get settled.”

“That would be nice.” Marty said.

“Well, Ryan and I will let you finish getting settled.”

Ryan and Greenlee left Marty to unpack what little they had until the truck arrived with the rest of their belongings. Marty hoped she liked it here. Pine Valley sounded like a nice place to live.

Chapter 2

The truck arrived with their belongings as Marty unpacked and arranged their new home. Marty logged onto the Internet to look for a job. After scanning over hundreds of possible jobs, she came across an administration assistant at a casino in Pine Valley. Submitting her resume to the casino’s website, Marty was surprised to receive a call for an interview just minutes after her submitting her resume.

“Hello?” Marty answered her cell.

“Yes, this is Zack Slater.” Zack said, when Marty answered. “I’m the CEO of Cambias Industries, who runs the Casino where you applied. Can you come in for an interview in one hour?”

“Yes, I can.” Marty said, nearly jumping at her first offer.

“Great.” Zack said. “I’ll see you in one hour.”

Marty thank Zack for the interview and hung up her call. She had to get ready for her interview.

“Cole, can you watch Brianna?” Marty asked him, who was Skyping with Starr. “I just got an interview for a job.”

“Yes, mom.” Cole said, who quickly went back to Skyping with Starr.

As soon as Marty got ready for her interview, she said good-bye to Cole and Brianna and left the house.

Marty arrived at the casino and easily found a parking spot near the entrance. As soon as she parked the car, Marty headed inside the casino.

“Hello, may I assist you in any way.” Lily Montgomery asked Marty as soon as she walked in.

“Yes, my name is Marty Saybrooke and I have an interview with a Zack Slater?” Marty told Lily.

“Ah, yes, Marty Saybrooke.” Lily said, remembering what Zack told her. “Zack said to send you on up to his office as soon as you arrived.”

Lily gave Marty directions to Zack’s office, and after thanking Lily for her help, walked up the stairs to Zack’s office.

Zack was just coming back to his office when Marty arrived at his office.

“Marty?” Zack said, when he got to his door.

“Yes, I am.” Marty said.

“You’re a little early.” Zack said. “But come in and we will get started with the interview.”

Zack was instantly taken with Marty and was pleased with her efficiency during the interview. Zack hired her on the spot and told Marty her first day was tomorrow.

As Marty was about to leave the casino, happy that she found a job so quickly, Lily yelled after her.

“Ms. Saybrooke!”

“Yes.” Marty said, turning at the sound of her voice.

“Mr. Slater wanted me to give you these.” Lily said, giving her a complimentary ticket for dinner at the casino for her and her children, who Zack managed to pry out of Marty during the interview.

Marty thanked Lily and went home to get Cole and Brianna so they could have dinner at the Casino.

As soon as Marty left, Zack came down the stairs, and thanked Lily for a job well done.

Zack had plans for Marty that night.

Chapter 3

Marty, Cole and Brianna arrived at the casino and as soon as the maitre’ d saw Marty and her children, she escorted them to the private room Zack had prepared for them.

“I appreciate the tickets for dinner for me and my children, but I never expected this?” Marty told the maitre’ d.

“Well, Mr. Slater wanted to make sure you were well taken care of.” the maitre’ d said, not letting on the real reason for the private dining.

As Marty, Cole and Brianna sat down at the table, the head chef came out with a buffet of all Marty and her children’s favorite that Zack had miraculously pried out of Marty during her interview.

Cole and Brianna began to eat the delicious dinner as Zack arrived to join them.

“Well, it looks as if you are enjoying your dinner.” Zack said, pleased.

“Mr. Slater?” Marty said, surprised. “I didn’t expect to see you tonight?”

“I just wanted you to have a pleasant dinner with your children on your first night in Pine Valley and celebrate your first day tomorrow.” Zack exclaimed.

“Mom, you got a job here at the casino?” Cole inquired.

“Yes, honey!” Marty told him. “I got the job here.”

“I’m happy for you.”

“Mommy, this mac-n-cheese is good!” Brianna exclaimed.

“I’m glad you like it, Brianna!” Zack said. “My chef made it especially for you!”

Brianna just smiled and continued eating her mac-n-cheese.

“Zack, thank you for this delicious dinner.” Marty told Zack, gratefully.

“I have a confession to make.” Zack began. “I really just wanted a night with you and your lovely children.”

“I’m touched.” was all Marty could say.

As Zack is enjoying his dinner with Marty and her children, Kendall walks into the casino looking for Zack.

“Lily, have you seen Zack?”

“Yes, Ms. Slater.” Lily informs her. “He’s having dinner in the main private dining room.”

“Thank you, Lily.” Kendall says, as she heads upstairs to the main private dining room.

When she gets there, she sees Zack enjoying himself with Marty and her children and doesn’t like it one bit. She slams open the door to the private dining room, startling little Brianna, as well as leaving Marty, Zack and Cole surprised.

Chapter 4

“Well, well, well!” Kendall exclaimed. “What do we have here?!”

“Kendall, this is a private party.” Zack said. “And I don’t believe you were invited.”

“I’m sorry, Zack.” Kendall taunts him. “I guess you forgot to send me an invite.”

“No, I’m pretty sure you weren’t invited.” Zack reaffirms.

“So, you’ve moved on, huh?” Kendall questions Zack. “My, my, my, Zack, that was fast! From our bed to. . .” Marty looks at Marty. “I’m sorry, I’m afraid I never caught your name?”

“It’s Marty. Marty Saybrooke.”

“So, Marty, where are you from?” Kendall interrogates her.

“I’ve lived most my life in Llanview, Pennsylvania.” Marty replies back.

“Kendall, I believe I told you to go.” Zack warned.

“Yes, Zack, I’ll go.” Kendall threatened. “But let me forewarn you! I’m suing you for full custody of Ian!”

“I’ll see you in court, Kendall.” Zack said.

Kendall left the private dining room, mad as hell. There was no way that “whore” was going to raise Ian. If Zack wanted to carry on with a “whore”, that was his prerogative, but she was going to make sure he didn’t involve Ian in that life.

“I’m sorry, Marty.” Zack apologized. “Kendall can be such a bitch sometimes.”

“Don’t be sorry, Zack.” Marty told him.

Zack leaned in for kiss, a kiss that Marty didn’t resist.

Meanwhile. . .

“Aiden, I need your help.” Kendall said, rushing into his arms.

“What’s wrong, love?” Aiden asked, holding her tight in his arms.

“It’s Zack. He’s gotten involved with someone new.”

“So, why does that matter?” Aiden asked confused.

“With a ‘whore’ from Llanview, Pennsylvania.” Kendall told him. “I want to sue Zack for full custody of Ian. I don’t want him around Zack’s women.”

“I’m sure this new woman in Zack’s life is not so bad.” Aiden tried to reassure her.

“Who the hell’s side are you on?!” Kendall asked, disbelievingly.

“I’m sorry, Love.” Aiden apologized. “Of course I’ll help you.”

“That’s better.” Kendall told him with a kiss, as the two begin to make love.

Chapter 5

After dinner, Cole had taken Brianna home after insisting that he needed to skype with Starr, Marty and Zack found themselves in Zack’s suite in his casino. After Ian had finally gotten to sleep, Zack joined Marty on his loveseat where the two found themselves in a liplock that turned passionate. The longer they kissed, the harder it was for the two of them to deny their feelings any longer as Zack led Marty to his room and kissed her some more.

Despite being a little nervous, Marty gave in to the passion as Zack unbuttoned her blouse and massaged her breasts, kissing her over and over. The sensations Marty felt were undeniable as she gave into the desire she had missed since she Patrick had passed.

As Zack and Marty reveled in their new-found passion, Kendall had managed to get Jack Montgomery’s assistance with a new custody order who promised that Zack would be served in the morning.

The next morning, Zack woke up to the sound of his doorbell ringing. As he looked at Marty sleeping peacefully, Zack got up out of bed and went to answer the door.

“Zack Slater, you’ve been served!” the process server said as he handed him the papers before leaving.

As Zack scanned the papers, his blood began to boil when he realized the new terms for Kendall gaining custody of their son, Ian.

“What is the meaning of this?!” Zack screamed at Kendall as soon as she answered her cell.

“I’m taking Ian away from you!” Kendall yelled back.

“What about our agreement!”

“Well, that went out the window when you became involved with that floozy!” Kendall wailed at him.

“FYI, Marty is no floozy and you’re going to regret this Kendall!” Zack said before he ended the call.

Marty woke up to Zack’s yelling and got up to see what was going on.

“Zack, what’s wrong?” Marty asked, as she tried to calm him down.

“Kendall is suing me for custody of Ian.” Zack told her.

“Well, let’s have a nice breakfast together.” Marty told him, heading into his kitchen to start breakfast.

“I enjoyed our night last night.” Zack said, grabbing her from behind to kiss her, preventing her from making breakfast.

“Zack.” Marty said in between his kisses. “I’m trying to make us some breakfast.”

“Forget about breakfast.” Zack said as he continued to kiss her. “All I want is you.”

As their passion started to heat up again, Zack pushed Marty up on the counter as they nearly made love again, but they were interrupted by Marty’s cell ringing. Spying on the screen that it was Cole, Marty ended their passion to answer it.

“I’m sorry, Zack.” Marty apologized. “It might be important.”

“Cole, what’s wrong?’ Marty answered her cell.

“It’s Brianna.” Cole said with concern. “She has spiked a fever.”

“I’m on my way!” Marty said before hanging up.

As Zack helped Marty to her car, he kissed her one last time before she got into the car. As he watched her drive away, he dialed his attorney.

Chapter 6

As Marty frantically tended to Brianna who was lethargic with fever, she wasn’t getting any better. Cole picked his little sister up in his arms as Marty and Cole rushed her to PVUH (Pine Valley University Hospital) where Marty and Cole met Dr. David Hayward.

“What seems to be the problem?” David asked when he saw Marty and Cole with little Brianna.

“My daughter is sick. She has a high fever.” Marty said frantically.

“Let me take her.” David said as he scooped Brianna in his arms and placed her on the gurney and wheeled it into the ER room for an examination.

Several minutes later, Marty and Cole were still waiting.

“Hello, Starr?” Cole said after he had reached Starr on her cell.

“Cole, I’m so glad you called. I missed you.” Starr said happily.

“I have bad news.” Cole told her.

“What is it?”

“Brianna is sick. Mom and I are at the hospital waiting for word on her.”

“Oh, Cole, I’m so sorry. I hope Brianna will be okay.” Starr said with concern.

“So, how are you doing?” Cole asked her.

“Okay. The usual Llanview drama.”


“Yep. But on a lighter note. I have good news.” Starr told him.

“Really? What?”

“After graduation, I applied to the university there in Pine Valley and got accepted.” Starr said enthusiastically.

“Really. That’s great. And funny too.” Cole said.

“Why’s that?”

“I also applied and got accepted too.”

“So we will be heading to school together?”

“Looks like it.”

“I can’t wait to see you.” Starr said. “I’ve really missed you.”

“Me too.”

“Well, Starr, the doctor has just came out. Talk later.”

“Okay. Bye. Love you.”

“Love you too.” Cole said.

Cole hung up with Starr as David was about to give Marty and Cole word on Brianna.

“I’m afraid that I have bad news.” David told Marty and Cole.
“What is it, Dr.?” Marty said worriedly.

“I’m still running tests, but I’m afraid Brianna may have leukemia.” David informed Marty and Cole. “I’ll know more when I get the test results back.”

“I’m here, David.” Cara said. “What seems to be the matter?”

“Oh, Cara, good.” David said. “This is Marty. I am running tests on her daughter, Brianna. I’m afraid she may have leukemia.”

“I will get on it.” Cara told David.

“Great.” David said, as Cara left to go check on the test results.

“Dr. Castillo is an expert in oncology. She will be on your daughter’s case from now on.” David told Marty.

“Thanks, Dr. Hayward.”

“Please, call me David.”

“Can I go see my daughter now?” Marty said, distraught.

“Yes, I will show you to her room.”

As David escorted Marty and Cole to Brianna’s room, he couldn’t help but be taken by the lovely Ms. Saybrooke. But as soon as David showed Marty to Brianna’s room, Zack was waiting for Marty, who had received word from Cole who told Zack when Marty didn’t pick her calls.

(Next: David comes between Marty and Zack, to Kendall’s glee.)

Chapter 7

“Marty, I waited for you at my casino.” Zack said, when David walked into Marty’s suite with Marty and Brianna. “I thought we had a date?”

“Oh, Zack, I’m sorry. I had to take Brianna to the hospital.” Marty apologized.

“That’s okay.” Zack said as he took Brianna from Marty’s arms and laid the tot in her crib. “I’ll take it from here, David.”

“Dr. Hayward, when the test results come in for Brianna?” a worried Marty asked him before he slipped away.

“I’ll get back to you when they come in.” David told Marty.

“Thank you, Dr. Hayward.”

“Please, call me David.” David told her.

As David left, he called Cara at the hospital to find out about the test results on Marty’s daughter, Brianna.

“I’m sorry, David, I’m still working on them.” Cara told him.

“Well, when you get them, let me be the first to know.” David demanded from Cara.

“Yes, David, you are the attending doctor. Of course you’ll be the first to know.” Cara told him.

“Thank you.” David said, as he plotted to come between Zack and Marty for Marty’s affections.

Back at Marty’s suite at Zack’s casino, Zack and Marty were alone together as Brianna finally soothed herself to sleep and Cole was in class at Pine Valley Unversity.

“This is a lovely lunch.” Marty told Zack.

“Thank you. I prepared it myself.” Zack said, hoping to impress Marty with his culinary abilities.

“You made this chicken salad?” Marty said, as she scooped more into her mouth. “I absolutely love it.”

Zack got out his phone and put some soft romantic music on as he asked Marty for a dance.

“May I have this dance?” Zack asked her, extending his hand out for her to accept.

“Yes you may.” Marty said, as she gladly accepted his hand as Zack whisked her out of her chair for an impromptu dance to “Lady in Red” by Chris DeBurgh.

Back at the hospital, David was just getting the results back from Cara about Brianna’s tests and gave Marty a call.

“I’m sorry, Zack, I have to get that.” Marty said as she stopped the dance to retrieve her phone lying on the table that showed it was from PVUH. “David?”

“Yes. Marty, I have the test results back for Brianna.” David told Marty.

“Is it good news?” Marty said worried.

“Meet me at the diner in Zack’s casino in 20 minutes.” David said hanging up and not giving Marty a chance to respond.

“Dr. Hayward….” Marty said before the line went dead.

“I’m sorry, I have to go.” Marty said to Zack as she grabbed her purse and headed out leaving Zack alone to watch Brianna.

(Coming: Marty finds out the results of Brianna’s tests at a price.)

Chapter 8

Zack drove Marty to the PVUH to see David Hayward and find out the results of Brianna’s test.

“Dr. Hayward, have you found out what’s wrong with my daughter?” a distraught Marty asked.

“I’m afraid isn’t good.” David said solemnly.

“What is it?”

“Brianna has aplastic anemia.” David informed Marty.

“What can we do for her?” Zack asked David the question as Marty was too distraught to ask.

“Well, we can use try medication, blood transfusions or a stem cell transplant which also known as a bone marrow transplant.” David informed Marty.

“So, we need to either go on the donor registry and try to find someone who can donate bone marrow for Brianna.” David began to explain to Marty. “But we can also go one step further and check family and friends for any matches first.”

“Well, I’ll get Cole and I’ll have myself tested as well.” Marty told David.

“And I will too.” Zack told her.

“Can I go see her?” Marty asked David.

“As a matter of fact, Brianna was just wondering about her mommy.” Cara came out to see David, Marty and Zack.

As Zack and Marty went into see Brianna, Cole was receiving the surprise of his life back home while waiting to hear word on Brianna.

“Forget your key, mom!” Cole said as he opened to the front door to find Starr Manning.

“Starr!” Cole said happily. “I can’t believe you’re here.”

The two lovers kissed passionately, as if they had been separated for months.

Greenlee was planning a surprise dinner for Ryan to celebrate the news she was about to share when he got home.

“What’s this? A romantic dinner?” Ryan asked as he kissed Greenlee.
“Just a little dinner.” Greenlee said

“What’s the occasion?” Ryan said as Greenlee directed him to his seat, hoping he spied the clue sitting on his plate.

Ryan sat down at the table in front of his plate and spied a rattle laying on his plate.

“What’s this? Are we—“ Ryan asked as an ecstatic Greenlee smiled.

“Yes, Ryan, we are having a baby.”

Ryan was overjoyed as he kissed Greenlee.

“I can’t believe we are finally going to have a family of our own.”

(Coming: Starr confesses the truth about her visit; and a surprising person becomes Brianna’s donor; and trouble comes with Greenlee’s pregnancy.)