The Young and the Restless One Shots: NYE’s 2018

As Victor and Nikki celebrated their vow renewal, Devon and Hilary were having their own celebration at GCAC. As their kiss turned emotional and passionate, they took it upstairs to Hilary’s room, where the two ex-spouses had a magical night.
After the two made love, Devon felt guilty of taking of cheating on Mariah since they hadn’t officially broken up yet.
“Wait! Devon!” Hilary called out, but it was too late, as Devon ran out of Hilary’s suite.
But Hilary just smiled as she rubbed her belly, hoping she and Devon had made a baby. Despite her claim to Devon that she wasn’t in to having a baby, the sight of Cane’s son, Sam, really got to her. Deep down, she wanted a baby and seeing Sam made Hilary realize that. And she wanted Devon as the baby’s father. That’s why she schemed for her and Devon to get together on New Year’s Eve.
Two months later, Hilary took a pregnancy test after she began experiencing what she hoped was morning sickness.
After waiting the few seconds for pregnancy test to reveal the result, it gave Hilary the result she wanted: she was pregnant!
Hilary just hoped it was what Devon wanted too…….


Billy Saves Brash & Sassy: A Young and the REstless Fanfiction


After years of being seen as an incompetent businessman with a gambling problem, Billy discovers the truth behind Juliet’s sexual harassment suit against Cane. But when Hilary gets wind of Billy’s plan to sabotage the case, she does the unthinkable to keep Billy quiet. Will Billy come out the hero in this war for power?


Billy Abbott – Jason Thompson
Victoria Newman – Amelia Heinle
Cane Ashby – Daniel Goddard
Hilary Curtis-Winters-Hamilton – Mishael Morgan
Mariah Copeland – Camryn Grimes
Devon Hamilton – Bryton James
Juliet Helton – Laur Allen
Michael Baldwin – Christian LeBlance
Lauren Fenmore-Baldwin – Tracey Bregman
Victor Newman – Eric Braden
Nikki Newman – Melody Thomas Scott
Nick Newman – Joshua Morrow
Chelsea Lawson-Newman – Melissa Claire Egan

Chapter 1

Billy found himself at a bar on the outskirts of Genoa City after Phyllis kicked him out of her apartment after she spied him kissing his ex-wife, Victoria. And to top that off, his brother, Jack still had a plan to make Billy pay for ruining his marriage to Phyllis.

While Billy was feeling sorry for himself, Juliet had agreed to meet Hilary, who happened to be at the same bar Billy found himself.

“Juliet, what do you mean you want to recant your testimony?!” Hilary berated her, unbeknownst to them that a drunken Billy was sitting within earshot to the entire conversation.

“I don’t see how I can possible win?” Juliet told Hilary.

“You can’t give up!” Hilary continued berating her. “You’ll ruin everything!”

“What do you mean everything! Juliet quizzed her. “Do you have another motive for encouraging me to sue Brash & Sassy?”

“What are you talking about?” Hilary denied Juliet’s accusation. “There is no ulterior motive. I am simply trying to get you justice.”

“Well, I’m dropping the suit.” Juliet told her.

“Well, if you do, you’ll regret it!” Hilary threatened.

“I’ve made up my mind, Hilary!” Juliet said as she attempted to leave, but Hilary grabbed her wrist and caused Juliet to fall on the floor.

Billy, who witnessed the entire scene, moved further back in his booth to avoid being seen as Hilary bent down to see if Juliet was alright. Upon seeing that Juliet was indeed breathing, Hilary left the scene.

Thanks to Billy calling 9-1-1, EMT’s were on the scene to tend to Juliet and get her to GCMH for medical treatment.

So he decided to follow Hilary and find out what was up with Hilary?

Hilary went home to come up with another plan to ruin Cane and bring out the truth of what happened in Tokyo. But her door bell rang instead.

“Billy?” a surprised Hilary said upon answering the door.

“We need to talk!” an inebriated Billy said.

“You’re drunk, as usual, Billy. What could you possibly have to say to me?” Hilary told him.

“I’ve only had one glass, so I am clearly not drunk.” Billy defended himself.
“Then what do you want? I’m busy!” Hilary demanded.

Billy schemed to get Hilary to confess to her motive for convincing Juliet to sue Brash & Sassy and Cane for sexual harassment.

“I wanted to talk about the lawsuit.” Billy pleaded with Hilary, in hopes of getting a confession from Hilary.

“What’s to tell? Cane used his position to get sex with Juliet. I was just trying to spare Lily the hurt and betrayal of her husband’s actions.” Hilary explained to Billy.

“So, that is the reason for convincing Juliet to sue?” Billy repeated.

“Yes.” Hilary said, being the schemer herself, she sensed something up with Billy.

“Billy, I have to be somewhere. So you need to go.” Hilary said, changing the subject.

Billy, not wanting to risk Hilary being on to him, decided it was best to leave for now.

“So long, Billy! Whatever you’re planning, you won’t win!” Hilary vowed.


Shattered Dreams: A Sharon & Dylan (Shylan) Romance)

Dylan McAvoy is presumed dead. And Paul Williams is on a mission to find him. When he does, Dylan is in grave danger from those that want him dead, as Dylan’s wife, Sharon, grieves for her husband begins to go out of control. Will Paul be able to reach Sharon before it’s too late? In other Genoa City news, the war heats up between Mariah and Hilary when Devon and Mariah become closer after Devon divorces Hilary. Who will win Devon’s heart?
Dylan McAvoy – Steve Burton
Sharon Collins-Newman-McAvoy – Sharon Case
Paul Williams – Doug Davidson
Christine “Cricket” Blair-Williams – Lauralee Bell
Nikki-Reed-Newman – Melody Thomas Scott
Victor Newman – Eric Braden
Nick Newman – Joshua Morrow
Chelsea Lawson-Newman – Melissa Claire Egan
Faith Newman – Alyvia Alyn Lind
Kevin Fisher – Greg Rikaart
Chloe Valentine – Elizabeth Hendrickson
Mariah Copeland – Camryn Grimes
Devon Hamilton – Bryton James
Hilary Curtis-Winters-Hamilton – Mishael Morgan
Chapter 1
Sharon couldn’t help but feel something was wrong when Dylan was a no-show for their date as promised. Sharon waited at the Underground, but Dylan never showed. Not able to show her face in Genoa City, Sharon went back to her and Dylan’s home, stopping off at the store first.
Sharon got home and poured herself a drink and took a drink, downing the glass quickly. Not feeling relief, she poured herself a drink and swallowed it quickly too. Before long, Sharon was drunk and passed out on the living room floor, as Faith came downstairs when she heard a thump from up in her bedroom.
“Mommy!” Faith screamed. But she couldn’t rouse Sharon from unconscious. Scared for her mother’s life, Faith dialed Nick’s cell.
“Daddy! Come quick! It’s mommy!” Faith screamed into the phone when she heard her father’s voice.
“I’m on my way, Faith!” Nick said, as he rushed out of the house, interrupting a private moment between him and Chelsea.
“I hope everything is okay?” Chelsea called out after Nick, who was out the door in a flash to see what was wrong with Sharon.
Meanwhile, Paul was at his wit’s end searching for his son, Dylan. Paul had gotten a tip from Alex that Fisk had taken Dylan to the pier. Paul arrived just as Fisk was about to drop Dylan, who was bound and gagged, into the water. Hiding from Fisk, Paul waited for him to leave and dove into the water to retrieve his son before it was too late.
Paul found Dylan in the water and managed to revive his son. But Dylan was still unconscious. So Paul took Dylan to an undisclosed location to protect Dylan from Fisk, knowing that if Fisk knew Dylan was alive, Dylan could still be in danger.
Paul got Dylan to the undisclosed safe house and laid him on the bed and waited for his son to wake up. That’s when Paul received a threatening message from Fisk: “I know what you did! Dylan’s a dead man when I find the both of you!”
Back in Genoa City, Hilary interrupted a close moment between Mariah and Devon at GC Buzz.
“I’m sorry, Devon, but I need a word with Mariah about the upcoming episode she’s hosting.” Hilary told Devon and Mariah.
“I have to tend to an urgent matter anyway.” Devon told the two women. “Be nice Hilary!”
“Aren’t I always nice?!” Hilary said sarcastically, and with a little jealousy.
“What do you want, Hilary?” Mariah said a little irked, and not wanting to deal with Hilary’s drama.
“I know you and Devon are seeing each other!” Hilary told her.
“Devon and I are just friends.” Mariah told her, denying that there is anything between her and Hilary’s ex-husband.
“I’ve been watching you and I don’t like what you are doing to Devon!” Hilary accused Mariah.
“I’m not doing anything.” Mariah told her.
“Yea, keep telling yourself that. You won’t win Devon’s heart.” Hilary warned. “I’ll make sure of that!”
Hilary left Mariah speechless as she didn’t want to add more fuel to her rivalry with Hilary. Mariah just wanted to be left out of the Hilary-Devon drama.
Chapter 2
Nick arrived at Sharon’s to find that Faith was frantic with worry that Sharon wouldn’t wake up.
“Daddy, mommy won’t wake up!” Faith said when she heard the door open and Nick walk in.
“Is this for real, or are you play. . .” Nick began when he saw Sharon apparently passed out on the couch. “Sharon!”
Nick picked up Sharon and took her to Genoa City Memorial Hospital where he was met with Stitch, with Faith behind him, worried about her mother.
“Nick, what’s wrong?” Stitch said as he took Sharon from Nick and took her into cubicle 2 to examine her while the nurse held Nick and Faith at bay until Stitch returned with news on Sharon’s condition.
“I’m sorry you two, but you’ll have to wait out here while the doctor examines the patient.” The nurse told Nick and Faith.
Nick took Faith by the hand as he led her to a seat while they waited for word on Sharon’s condition.
Meanwhile, Lauren was frantic with worry while waiting for heard on her son, Scotty, when she heard a knock on her door.
“Oh, who could that be?” Lauren said, not wanting to be bothered.
As she answered the front door, she got the surprise of her life.
“Scotty?” Lauren said with tears, not knowing whether to be happy or sad.
“Mom!” Scotty said, as Lauren hugged her son gleefully.
“How did you get here?”
“After Kevin managed to get me freed, I asked Victor not to tell you because I wanted to surprise you.” Scotty told his mother.
“Well, you surprised me alright.” Lauren happily slapped her son on the arm. “But I’m so glad you’re safe.”
As Lauren enjoyed a happy reunion with Scotty, Sheila was plotting her return to Genoa City as she smiled slyfully, at the video surveillance of Scotty and Lauren.
Back at Genoa City Memorial, Stitch came out of the ER with news on Sharon’s condition.
“Stitch, how is Sharon?” Nick said worriedly with Faith at his side.
“She’s okay.” Stitch informed Nick and Faith. “Just a little too much to drink.”
“Thank goodness.” Nick said as Faith breathed a sigh of relief.
“I want to keep her overnight for observation, given the meds she’s on.” Stitch told Nick and Faith.
“Can we go see her?” Faith asked Stitch.
“She’s resting, but I think she said she wanted to see you.” Stitch told Faith, as she happily ran to Sharon’s room.
Nick was about to head for Sharon’s room, when Mariah showed up.
“Nick, you said Sharon was here?” Mariah asked him.
“Yes, I brought in your mother after Faith called me.” Nick informed Mariah. “When I got to Sharon’s, Faith was frantic and I found Sharon passed out on the couch.”
“OMG! Is Sharon alright?” Mariah said worriedly.
“She’s okay. She’s resting in her room. Faith is with her.” Nick told her.
Nick and Mariah arrived at Sharon’s room as Hilary confronted Devon at GC Buzz.
“Devon!” Hilary said as she interrupted him in his office.
“Hilary, what do you want?”
“I want another chance.”
“I’m sorry, Hil—-“ Devon began, before Hilary interrupted him.
“Devon, please. I need you.”
“Please, Hilary, before you make a fool of yourself.”
Devon walked out his GC Buzz office, leaving Hilary alone.
“Over my dead body, Devon, will I let you move on with that skank, Mariah!” Hilary vowed.
Chapter 3
Paul got a lead to where Dylan was and was on a flight immediately to bring home his son. But when he got to the scene where Dylan was supposed to be, Dylan was nowhere to be found.
“Where are you, Dylan?” Paul whispered to himself.
Just then, Paul heard a ruffling nearby and when he turned around to see what it was, Dylan stood in the alley, a smile forming on Paul’s face.
“Dylan, you’re okay?” Paul said nearly in tears to finally see his son.
“Yeah, for now.” Dylan said.
“What do you mean?” Paul asked. “You can come back?”
“No, dad, I can’t!” Dylan sadly informed him.
“What? What about Sharon?”
“We have to part ways. Luther Fisk wants me dead.” Dylan said. “I’d be putting Sharon and her children in danger.”
“What do I tell Sharon?” Paul asked.
“Just tell her that I love her very much and wish her the best.” Dylan sadly told him.
“So are you going on the run?”
“Yes, dad, I am.” Dylan said. “But I am also going to be secretly investigating Fisk too. There’s something about him I need to know.”
“You’re going on the run and continue your investigation with Fisk.”
“Yes, I have to.”
“Dylan, that’s kinda dangerous.” Paul said. “I just found out you’re son and now I’m going to lose you?”
“It’s something I have to do!” Dylan said.
“You’re doing this to avoid being back in Genoa City!” Paul spat out at him. “To avoid Nick and Christian!”
“I’m sorry, dad!” Dylan said. “Tell Sharon I love her but she needs to move on without me.”
Dylan left Paul standing there as he walked out of Paul’s life forever…or did he?
Chapter 5
Dylan moved on. He ended up in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where he managed to find a job, ironically, at a coffee bar, and gave the name, Max Shoemaker. He hit it off instantly with the manager, Stacy.
“So, Max, do you have a family?” Stacy asked him.
“No, I’m single.” Dylan told her, as he reflected on his life back in Genoa City.
“Wow! Hope you don’t mind dating co-workers?” Stacy replied, as she pictured him without a shirt on.
“Are you asking me out?”
“Well. . .uh, yes.” Stacy said.
“Well, then it’s yes. I would love to go out with you.” Dylan (aka Max) agreed.
“Okay, it’s a date.” Stacy said. “How about as soon as the bar closes?”
“That would be fine.” Dylan/Max said.
Meanwhile, Sharon was having a hard time adjusting to Dylan being gone. She thought she would head over to The Underground and do some work, but thoughts of Dylan came flooding back as she saw the coffee maker and remembered how Dylan loved to make her a latte.
Then, she managed to spill coffee on the floor and as she went to grab a towel to wipe it up, she pulled out the apron with Dylan’s name on it. That’s when she lost it and ran smack into Nick.
“Sharon, what’s wrong?” Nick asked, concerned.
“Oh Nick.” Sharon cried as she kissed him without even thinking, and unfortunately Chelsea witnessed.
“What do you think you are doing?” Chelsea berated Sharon.
“Oh, Chel. . .” Sharon began, but Chelsea didn’t let her finish.
“Save it, Sharon!” Chelsea continued her rant. “I know you want Nick back! Especially now that Dylan left you!”
“No. that’s not it at all.” Sharon defended herself.
“What a crock!” Chelsea accused. “Now I know why Faith is stopping our dates! You put her up to it!”
“I never put Faith up to anything!” Sharon said in defense.
“You’re pathetic, Sharon! Using your own daughter to get your ex back!”
“Chelsea, stop!” Nick told her.
“What?! You’re siding with Sharon!” Chelsea accused him.
“No, Chelsea, but you’re out of line!”
“I can’t stand this!” Chelsea said, grabbing her purse and heading out of The Underground.
“Chelsea!” Nick yelled after her.
“Go after her, Nick!” Sharon told Nick.
Nick left to go after Chelsea and settle things, but deep down, Sharon wondered if she and Nick had a second chance. Then she ran into a handsome customer at The Underground.
Chapter 6
“May I take your order?” Sharon asked the handsome stranger who just sat down at a table.
“Yes, what do you suggest?” Scott Grainger asked Sharon.
“Well, I’m partial to the Vanilla Latte.” Sharon suggested to her customer.
“Well, then, I’ll take a Vanilla Latte.” Scott said.
“Very well, coming up.” Sharon said as she headed over to the counter to make the latte.
As Sharon made his latte, Scott couldn’t help but watch her. For some reason, he couldn’t take his eyes of her. There was something about her, he had to get to know.
“So, why don’t you join me?” Scott asked Sharon.
“I’m working.” Sharon told him.
“You don’t take breaks?” Scott asked.
“Yea, when it’s time.” Sharon said, trying to avoid him.
“C’mon. Just one latte?” Scott encouraged.
“Well, okay.” Sharon reluctantly agreed. “If you insist.”
“Well, since I’m having a latte with you, what is your name?” Sharon asked her customer.
“Scott.” Scott introduced himself to Sharon. “Scott Grainger.”
Sharon nearly spit out her latte in disbelief. “I’m sorry, you’re not Lauren’s son?”
She couldn’t believe that Scott Grainger was sitting here, in the flesh, in her coffee shop.
“The one and only.” Scott said.
“I’ve followed your work, like forever.” Sharon said ecstatically.
“Well, it’s nice to be admired.” Scott said humbly.
“So, what brings you back to Genoa City?” Sharon asked him, oblivious to his crisis.
“Well, I’m just glad to be back after my ordeal in Afghanistan.” Scott said.
“Your ordeal?”
“I was a hostage, but thanks to Victor Newman, I’m safe and back home.”
“Victor helped you?” Sharon said in disbelief.
“Yes, at my mother’s urging.”
“Somehow, I’m sure Victor will be making some request of you?” Sharon replied.
“He already has.”
“He asked me to write his autobiography.”
Sharon spit out her latte this time. And all over Scott. “Oh my gosh! I’m so sorry!”
“It’s okay. It isn’t everyday you get a coffee shower.” Scott said humorously.
Just then, Phyllis came into The Underground and spied Sharon with Scott, shaking her head at Sharon’s obvious attempt to woo Scott, made her way over to their table.
“Well, well, well.” Phyllis said. “Moving on fast, huh, Sharon?”
“I’m sorry, Phyllis?” Sharon asked.
“Oh, c’mon, Sharon. It’s so obvious you’re making the moves on Scott!” Phyllis accused.
“Um, I just met the guy. And FYI, I’m working.”
“Yeah, so shouldn’t you be making coffee instead of hitting on the customers?” Phyllis asked.
“I’m on a break, but if you need to order so desperately, I can run and go make it for you right now.” Sharon said.
“Yes. Please. And make it the usual.” Phyllis said as she sat down at Scott’s table.
As Sharon got up to go make Phyllis’ order, she couldn’t believe the gall Phyllis had in making her accusations.
Chapter 7
Sharon watched as Phyllis flirted with Scott, as she went behind the counter to make Phyllis’ latte. Sharon wasn’t making any moves on Scott. She was barely over Dylan. How could she even think about being with another guy right now as sexy as Scott was, she couldn’t think of being with him, or could she?
Then Billy walked in. Sharon knew just the thing to drive Phyllis crazy. She walked over to Billy and began flirting with him.
“Why hello, Billy!” Sharon said flirtaciously loud enough so Phyllis could hear.
“I just want a mocha.” Billy told her. “You didn’t have to come over. I was headed over to the counter.”
“It’s no problem, Billy.” Sharon continued her flirting, seeing how it made Phyllis a little jealous, but continued on with her own flirting with Scott as she saw how jealous Billy was seeing her with Scott.
“So, how long has Phyllis been seeing someone?” Billy asked, trying not to let his jealousy show.
“Oh, for about a week now.” Sharon lied.
“So, Phyllis has moved on?”
“Looks like it.”
“On second thought, forget the mocha. I’m seem to have lost my thirst.” Billy said, heading out of The Underground.
As soon as Billy left, Phyllis left Scott’s table and headed over to the counter to give Sharon a piece of her mind.
“Just what do you think you are doing?!” Phyllis said irately.
“What ever do you mean?” Sharon said innocently.
“Trying to make out with Billy?” Phyllis continued her tirade.
“Who? Me?”
“Yes, you Sharon! You’re trying to make me jealous so I’ll leave Scott for Billy!”
“I don’t know what you are talking about? You’ve lost it, Phyllis!” Sharon exclaimed.
But just then Devon and Mariah had arrived at The Underground to continue their date as their dinner at GCAC was a little crowded when Hilary and Jordan walked in.
“Is this a better spot to finish our date?” Devon said, as he kissed Mariah on the lips.
“Yes, anywhere where your ex-wife isn’t around.” Mariah said bitterly.
“Well, speak of the devil!” Devon said, when Hilary and Jordan walked in.
“Stalking again, Hilary!” Mariah accused Hilary.
“Jordan and I wanted a latte!” Hilary made her claim. “And last I checked, The Underground is a public business.”
“You’re following us, Hilary.” Mariah accused.
“No I’m not!” Hilary defended herself. “I’m on a date!”
“A date that follows Devon and I? C’mon, how does Jordan like it?”
“Jordan and I are cool.” Hilary said, but Jordan was looking bored with Hilary’s games.
“Don’t look now, Hilary, but I think Jordan is getting bored with you.” Mariah told her, then walked back to Devon to finish their date.
“Do you want to come over to my condo?” Devon asked Mariah. “It’s a bit crowded here too.”
“I’d love to.” Mariah agreed, seeing as it was driving Hilary wild with jealousy.