Starrleena’s Weekly Soap Opera Spoilers for August 7 – 11, 2017

Weekly Soap Opera Spoilers for August 7 – 11, 2017

The Young and the Restless:

Monday: Victoria has a rude awakening; Cane makes a confession to Juliet; Jack conspires with Hilary.

Tuesday: Mariah is torn between Tessa and Devon; Billy questions Victoria’s judgment; Ashley reaches out to Neil for help.

Wednesday: Sharon finds herself in serious danger; Graham keeps a secret from Dina; Cane makes a sacrifice for his family.

Thursday: Jack enlists a new partner in crime; Nick asserts his independence; Victoria turns to Chelsea for advice.

Friday: Victor makes big changes at the Newman Ranch; Tessa turns to Zack for help; Dina clashes with Nikki over her relationship with Jack.

The Bold and the Beautiful:

Monday: Sheila hears the news about Eric and Quinn and vows to be the next Forrester matriarch; Wyatt and Katie discuss the pros and cons of embarking on a romantic relationship together.

Tuesday: Carter reveals the secret Eric’s been keeping about Quinn; Liam learns interesting information about his own family from Sally.

Wednesday: Justin thinks Bill’s latest scheme has gone way too far; Wyatt and Katie come to an agreement about what to do regarding their attraction to one another.

Thursday: Bill warns Liam not to sabotage a reunion plan involving Caroline and Thomas; Steffy gloats to Sally about Spectra Fashion’s current predicament.

Friday: Steffy and Liam disagree on Bill’s deviant lie, as well as how it should be handled; Eric advises Sheila regarding her future plans to live in Los Angeles.

General Hospital:

Monday: Jason questions Griffin; Kiki steps up; Hayden looks to a kindred spirit for advice.

Tuesday: Monica gives Finn her blessing; Carly swallows her pride; Olivia runs afoul.

Wednesday: Kiki makes an impression; Felicia feels like a teenage again; Valerie is happy for Dillon.

Thursday: Finn feels deceived; Scott has his doubts; Ava is a mess.

Friday: Finn suspects he isn’t getting the whole story; Scotty pushes his luck; Dante looks for resolution.

Days of Our Lives:

Monday: Joey puts himself in harm’s way to save Kayla; Brady interrogates Victor, who finally comes clean; Gabi makes a difficult decision regarding Chad; Sonny is stunned by Paul’s news.

Tuesday: “Marlena” breaks up with John; Anjelica lures Adrienne into a trap; Brady’s jealousy threatens to push him over the edge; Nicole makes a risky move to be near Holly.

Wednesday: Steve and Kayla clash over the situation with Tripp and Joey; Brady gets the wrong idea about Nicole and Eric; Justin makes a confession to Sonny; Hattie breaks Bonnie out of Statesville.

Thursday: Chad and Abigail’s reunion takes a surprising turn; Tripp secretly decides to skip town; Anjelica meets with Bonnie for the first time and explains her first order of business; Lani is put in a tough position at work.

Friday: Bonnie breaks Lucas heart; Marlena wakes to find herself trapped; Brady breaks into Eric’s room and makes a shocking discovery; Chad and Sonny compare notes about the night of Deimos’ murder.


Farewell Jane Elliott

We bid you farewell
As we watch your final scenes
As Tracy Quartermaine
On ABC’s General Hospital
We have laughed
And rejoiced
With Tracy
You gave us your best
For over 30 years
But sadly,
Now is the time
For you to go on your way
As much as we will miss you
We wish you all the best
With what life holds for you next
Farewell Jane Elliot
And to Tracy Quartermaine
And Days of Our Lives fans
Will also remember you
as Angelica Devereaux (DOOL),
Cynthia Chandler (AMC),
Carrie Todd (GL),
Judy Trent (KL)