Sam & Dean Winchester Meet Buffy Summers

There’s been a rash of vampire killings in the small town of McCall, Idaho and Sam and Dean are stumped! That is, until Buffy Summers and her two vampire cohorts, Angel and Spike, arrive to save the day. But Dean is skeptical of the threesomes. Will the Winchester boys and Buffy and her crew be able to clean up the town of McCall, Idaho and bring it back to its historic beauty?
Sam Winchester – Jared Padalecki
Dean Winchester – Jensen Ackles
Buffy Summers – Sarah Michelle Gellar
Angelus aka Angel – David Boreanaz
Spike – James Marsters
Chapter 1
“Dean, we are needed in McCall, Idaho.” Sam tells Dean, who has just come out of the bathroom after taking a shower.
“What’s going on there?” Dean asks, munching on some cereal he grabbed from the cereal box. Dean always had a bad habit of reaching inside the box with his hand. He knew it angered Sam.
“Dean, can’t you just pour yourself a bowl like a normal person?” Sam asked a little irked by Dean’s behavior.
“Sorry, bro, too lazy to just get a bowl.” Dean apologized. “So, what’s up in McCall, Idaho?”
“A rash of vampire killings.” Sam reported to his brother.
“In McCall, Idaho?” Dean said skeptical. “Why there?”
“I don’t know? Maybe they like the scenery?” Sam suggested.
“Well, let’s get going.” Dean said, grabbing his jacket and heading out to the Impala.
As Sam and Dean head to McCall, Idaho, they are in for quite a surprise as the Hellmouth has targeted McCall, Idaho as their new hunting ground now that Sunnydale has been destroyed, and Buffy, Angel and Spike are also on their way to take down the eternal demons.
(Coming: a surprising twist that leaves Sam and Dean perplexed and Buffy, Angel and Spike not expecting what they thought all along.)
Chapter 2
Caleb Morley (played by Michael Easton/Port Charles: General Hospital spinoff) laughed at his ingenuity as he managed to make Buffy, Angel and Spike think that the Hellmouth demons were in McCall, Idaho. Caleb had heard of Buffy Summers and her band of Scoobies. He wanted a showdown with her and what better place than a small, out-of-the-way town like McCall, Idaho. It was perfect. Caleb couldn’t wait to sink his fangs in his new scheme to take down Buffy, Angel and Spike. He didn’t expect Sam and Dean Winchester to show up in town.
Meanwhile, Sam and Dean arrived in McCall to inspect the vampire killings that were happening there. They were confronted by a deputy who demanded to know their business in his town.
“Excuse me, you two.” Deputy Samuel Morris asked Sam and Dean. “Who do you two think you are?”
Sam and Dean flashed their fake FBI badges for Deputy Morris.
“We heard about the rash of killings here and we came here on assignment to investigate.” Dean told Deputy Morris.
“Well, we have it handled.” Deputy Morris told Sam and Dean, hoping they would just leave and go back where they came from. “We don’t need you’re help.”
“Okay, we’ll be on our way.” Dean told Deputy Morris.
Deputy Morris, satisfied with their decision to leave went back to the headquarters and told Caleb that the Winchester boys were on their way out.
Caleb was glad to hear that. He didn’t need the Winchester boys stumbling around poking their noses in his business. It was Buffy he wanted he didn’t want Sam and Dean ruining his plan.

Sam and Dean continued their investigation into the vampire killings when they were confronted by a young woman and two guys.
“What the hell are you two doing here?” Buffy asked.
“Who the hell are you?” Dean asked the pretty girl.
“I’m Buffy Summers, vampire slayer.” Buffy introduced herself and her friends. “And these are my partners, Spike and Angel.”
“You’re a vampire slayer?” Sam asked with disbelief.
“Yes, she is.” Angel said, coming to Buffy’s defense. “Haven’t you two heard of The Chosen One?”
“There’s a ‘Chosen One’ who slays vampires?” Dean added.
“Yes, and we know who is behind these killings.” Buffy exclaimed.
“You do?” Sam asked.
“Yes, they’re the Hellmouth demons.” Buffy revealed.
“Hellmouth demons? Who are they?” Dean asked Buffy.
“They’re the eternal demons who have destroyed our city, Sunnydale.” Angel interjected. “They must have come here searching for new territory.”
Just then, Caleb showed up, surprising Buffy, Spike and Angel as well as Sam and Dean.
Chapter 3
“This is a beautiful city.” Buffy mused as she lay in Angel’s arms after a passionate lovemaking.
But Buffy and Angel’s dalliance was short-lived when Sam and Dean knocked on the door to the shack where the duo were hiding out for a spell.
“Buffy! Angel!” Dean hollered through the door.
Buffy and Angel hurriedly put on their clothes and met with Sam and Dean outside the shack.
“Sam? Dean? What’s up?” Angel asked, as Buffy joined them a few minutes later.
“A young girl found with her blood drained.” Dean informed them.
“They’re at it again.” Buffy said, more to herself. “Boys, you go on ahead. I have to go somewhere.”
“Buffy, you shouldn’t be out there by yourself.” Dean told her, unwaware that she was The Slayer and could take care of herself.
“Relax, Dean.” Angel told him. “Buffy’s been trained well. She can handle herself.”
“Trained?” Dean asked.
“You don’t know? Buffy’s the Vampire Slayer.” Angel told Sam and Dean.
“Vampire Slayer?” Dean questioned, half joking. “Then what do you need us for?”
“Apparently we do need you, or you wouldn’t be here.” Angel said.
“Well, then we’ll go on ahead and let Buffy go where she needs to go.” Sam interjected.
Unbeknownst to Angel, Spike, Sam and Dean, Buffy didn’t fair so well as the Hellmouth Demons had Buffy hostage waiting for the four of them to show up.


A Brand New Life: Love, Lust & Lies in Pine Valley


After the death of her husband, Patrick Thornhart, Marty Saybrooke bids Llanview farewell with her 15-year-old son, Cole Patrick and 3-year-old daughter, Brianna Brooklyn for a new life in Pine Valley. She forms a friendship with Greenlee Smythe Lavery, who just married Ryan Lavery and becomes romantically tangled with Zack Slater, who’s divorced from his wife Kendall Hart Slater after discovering her affair with Aidan DeVane. Will Marty find happiness with Zack or will Kendall and Aidan come between the newly happy couple?


Marty Saybrooke – Susan Haskell
Zack Slater – Thorsten Kaye
Greenlee Smythe Lavery – Rebecca Budig
Ryan Lavery – Cameron Mathison
Kendall Hart Slater – Alicia Minshew
Aidan DeVane – Aiden Turner

Chapter 1

Marty Saybrooke needed a brand new start after the love of her life, Patrick Thornhart died and left her with 15-year-old Cole Patrick and 3-year-old Brianna Brooklyn. Marty could no longer stay in Llanview, Pennsylvania where she had too many memories of her life with Patrick and the kids. The only regret was Cole, who was forced to give up his girlfriend, Starr Manning, whom he had known since they were infants.

“Cole, I don’t want you to leave.” a heartbroken Starr sobbed, as Cole held her tight.

“I don’t want to leave you either.” Cole said, just as heartbroken. “But what can I do?”

“We can Skype when we can’t visit each other.” Cole tried to be reassuring.

“It’s not the same as having you near.” Starr cried. “I’m going to miss you so much.”

Marty packed the last bit of their belongings in the car and went inside to get Brianna. Then after locking the door a final time, Marty stood back and bid the house that was their home for the last 16 years.

“Say good-bye to Starr, Cole.” Marty said. “We need to get on the road to Pine Valley.”

“I love your Starr.” Cole said, as he kissed her good-bye.

“I love you too, Cole.” Starr said, sadly.

As Marty drove off, Starr watched her boyfriend wave from the back seat window.

“I’m sorry you have to leave Starr behind, Cole.” Marty apologized to her son. “I know how much Starr means to you.”

Cole didn’t say anything, but just sat there sullen, looking out the passenger window.

“I promise, when we get settled in Pine Valley, we’ll ask Todd and Blair if Starr can visit.”

Cole still remained silent, looking out the back window.

A few hours on the road, and Marty saw the sign that told them they were in Pine Valley, Pennsylvania. As soon as they got to their new home, their neighbors, Ryan and Greenlee Lavery came out to greet them and and welcome them to Pine Valley and help them move in.

“Hello. I’m Greenlee.” Greenlee warmly greeted Marty. “And this is my husband, Ryan.”

Ryan reached out to shake Marty’s hand.

“I’m Marty Saybrooke, and this is my son, Cole, and my daughter, Brianna.” Marty said, introducing her family to Ryan and Greenlee.

“What brings you to Pine Valley, if you don’t mind me prying?” Greenlee asked, as she helped Marty bring in her belongings.

“A new start.” Marty explained. “My husband just died and I could no longer remain in Llanview as there were just too many memories.”

“I’m so sorry for your loss.” Greenlee sympathized with Marty. “I’m sure you will like it here. Pine Valley is a nice community. And I’ll introduce you to my friend, Kendall, as soon as get settled.”

“That would be nice.” Marty said.

“Well, Ryan and I will let you finish getting settled.”

Ryan and Greenlee left Marty to unpack what little they had until the truck arrived with the rest of their belongings. Marty hoped she liked it here. Pine Valley sounded like a nice place to live.

Chapter 2

The truck arrived with their belongings as Marty unpacked and arranged their new home. Marty logged onto the Internet to look for a job. After scanning over hundreds of possible jobs, she came across an administration assistant at a casino in Pine Valley. Submitting her resume to the casino’s website, Marty was surprised to receive a call for an interview just minutes after her submitting her resume.

“Hello?” Marty answered her cell.

“Yes, this is Zack Slater.” Zack said, when Marty answered. “I’m the CEO of Cambias Industries, who runs the Casino where you applied. Can you come in for an interview in one hour?”

“Yes, I can.” Marty said, nearly jumping at her first offer.

“Great.” Zack said. “I’ll see you in one hour.”

Marty thank Zack for the interview and hung up her call. She had to get ready for her interview.

“Cole, can you watch Brianna?” Marty asked him, who was Skyping with Starr. “I just got an interview for a job.”

“Yes, mom.” Cole said, who quickly went back to Skyping with Starr.

As soon as Marty got ready for her interview, she said good-bye to Cole and Brianna and left the house.

Marty arrived at the casino and easily found a parking spot near the entrance. As soon as she parked the car, Marty headed inside the casino.

“Hello, may I assist you in any way.” Lily Montgomery asked Marty as soon as she walked in.

“Yes, my name is Marty Saybrooke and I have an interview with a Zack Slater?” Marty told Lily.

“Ah, yes, Marty Saybrooke.” Lily said, remembering what Zack told her. “Zack said to send you on up to his office as soon as you arrived.”

Lily gave Marty directions to Zack’s office, and after thanking Lily for her help, walked up the stairs to Zack’s office.

Zack was just coming back to his office when Marty arrived at his office.

“Marty?” Zack said, when he got to his door.

“Yes, I am.” Marty said.

“You’re a little early.” Zack said. “But come in and we will get started with the interview.”

Zack was instantly taken with Marty and was pleased with her efficiency during the interview. Zack hired her on the spot and told Marty her first day was tomorrow.

As Marty was about to leave the casino, happy that she found a job so quickly, Lily yelled after her.

“Ms. Saybrooke!”

“Yes.” Marty said, turning at the sound of her voice.

“Mr. Slater wanted me to give you these.” Lily said, giving her a complimentary ticket for dinner at the casino for her and her children, who Zack managed to pry out of Marty during the interview.

Marty thanked Lily and went home to get Cole and Brianna so they could have dinner at the Casino.

As soon as Marty left, Zack came down the stairs, and thanked Lily for a job well done.

Zack had plans for Marty that night.

Chapter 3

Marty, Cole and Brianna arrived at the casino and as soon as the maitre’ d saw Marty and her children, she escorted them to the private room Zack had prepared for them.

“I appreciate the tickets for dinner for me and my children, but I never expected this?” Marty told the maitre’ d.

“Well, Mr. Slater wanted to make sure you were well taken care of.” the maitre’ d said, not letting on the real reason for the private dining.

As Marty, Cole and Brianna sat down at the table, the head chef came out with a buffet of all Marty and her children’s favorite that Zack had miraculously pried out of Marty during her interview.

Cole and Brianna began to eat the delicious dinner as Zack arrived to join them.

“Well, it looks as if you are enjoying your dinner.” Zack said, pleased.

“Mr. Slater?” Marty said, surprised. “I didn’t expect to see you tonight?”

“I just wanted you to have a pleasant dinner with your children on your first night in Pine Valley and celebrate your first day tomorrow.” Zack exclaimed.

“Mom, you got a job here at the casino?” Cole inquired.

“Yes, honey!” Marty told him. “I got the job here.”

“I’m happy for you.”

“Mommy, this mac-n-cheese is good!” Brianna exclaimed.

“I’m glad you like it, Brianna!” Zack said. “My chef made it especially for you!”

Brianna just smiled and continued eating her mac-n-cheese.

“Zack, thank you for this delicious dinner.” Marty told Zack, gratefully.

“I have a confession to make.” Zack began. “I really just wanted a night with you and your lovely children.”

“I’m touched.” was all Marty could say.

As Zack is enjoying his dinner with Marty and her children, Kendall walks into the casino looking for Zack.

“Lily, have you seen Zack?”

“Yes, Ms. Slater.” Lily informs her. “He’s having dinner in the main private dining room.”

“Thank you, Lily.” Kendall says, as she heads upstairs to the main private dining room.

When she gets there, she sees Zack enjoying himself with Marty and her children and doesn’t like it one bit. She slams open the door to the private dining room, startling little Brianna, as well as leaving Marty, Zack and Cole surprised.

Chapter 4

“Well, well, well!” Kendall exclaimed. “What do we have here?!”

“Kendall, this is a private party.” Zack said. “And I don’t believe you were invited.”

“I’m sorry, Zack.” Kendall taunts him. “I guess you forgot to send me an invite.”

“No, I’m pretty sure you weren’t invited.” Zack reaffirms.

“So, you’ve moved on, huh?” Kendall questions Zack. “My, my, my, Zack, that was fast! From our bed to. . .” Marty looks at Marty. “I’m sorry, I’m afraid I never caught your name?”

“It’s Marty. Marty Saybrooke.”

“So, Marty, where are you from?” Kendall interrogates her.

“I’ve lived most my life in Llanview, Pennsylvania.” Marty replies back.

“Kendall, I believe I told you to go.” Zack warned.

“Yes, Zack, I’ll go.” Kendall threatened. “But let me forewarn you! I’m suing you for full custody of Ian!”

“I’ll see you in court, Kendall.” Zack said.

Kendall left the private dining room, mad as hell. There was no way that “whore” was going to raise Ian. If Zack wanted to carry on with a “whore”, that was his prerogative, but she was going to make sure he didn’t involve Ian in that life.

“I’m sorry, Marty.” Zack apologized. “Kendall can be such a bitch sometimes.”

“Don’t be sorry, Zack.” Marty told him.

Zack leaned in for kiss, a kiss that Marty didn’t resist.

Meanwhile. . .

“Aiden, I need your help.” Kendall said, rushing into his arms.

“What’s wrong, love?” Aiden asked, holding her tight in his arms.

“It’s Zack. He’s gotten involved with someone new.”

“So, why does that matter?” Aiden asked confused.

“With a ‘whore’ from Llanview, Pennsylvania.” Kendall told him. “I want to sue Zack for full custody of Ian. I don’t want him around Zack’s women.”

“I’m sure this new woman in Zack’s life is not so bad.” Aiden tried to reassure her.

“Who the hell’s side are you on?!” Kendall asked, disbelievingly.

“I’m sorry, Love.” Aiden apologized. “Of course I’ll help you.”

“That’s better.” Kendall told him with a kiss, as the two begin to make love.

Chapter 5

After dinner, Cole had taken Brianna home after insisting that he needed to skype with Starr, Marty and Zack found themselves in Zack’s suite in his casino. After Ian had finally gotten to sleep, Zack joined Marty on his loveseat where the two found themselves in a liplock that turned passionate. The longer they kissed, the harder it was for the two of them to deny their feelings any longer as Zack led Marty to his room and kissed her some more.

Despite being a little nervous, Marty gave in to the passion as Zack unbuttoned her blouse and massaged her breasts, kissing her over and over. The sensations Marty felt were undeniable as she gave into the desire she had missed since she Patrick had passed.

As Zack and Marty reveled in their new-found passion, Kendall had managed to get Jack Montgomery’s assistance with a new custody order who promised that Zack would be served in the morning.

The next morning, Zack woke up to the sound of his doorbell ringing. As he looked at Marty sleeping peacefully, Zack got up out of bed and went to answer the door.

“Zack Slater, you’ve been served!” the process server said as he handed him the papers before leaving.

As Zack scanned the papers, his blood began to boil when he realized the new terms for Kendall gaining custody of their son, Ian.

“What is the meaning of this?!” Zack screamed at Kendall as soon as she answered her cell.

“I’m taking Ian away from you!” Kendall yelled back.

“What about our agreement!”

“Well, that went out the window when you became involved with that floozy!” Kendall wailed at him.

“FYI, Marty is no floozy and you’re going to regret this Kendall!” Zack said before he ended the call.

Marty woke up to Zack’s yelling and got up to see what was going on.

“Zack, what’s wrong?” Marty asked, as she tried to calm him down.

“Kendall is suing me for custody of Ian.” Zack told her.

“Well, let’s have a nice breakfast together.” Marty told him, heading into his kitchen to start breakfast.

“I enjoyed our night last night.” Zack said, grabbing her from behind to kiss her, preventing her from making breakfast.

“Zack.” Marty said in between his kisses. “I’m trying to make us some breakfast.”

“Forget about breakfast.” Zack said as he continued to kiss her. “All I want is you.”

As their passion started to heat up again, Zack pushed Marty up on the counter as they nearly made love again, but they were interrupted by Marty’s cell ringing. Spying on the screen that it was Cole, Marty ended their passion to answer it.

“I’m sorry, Zack.” Marty apologized. “It might be important.”

“Cole, what’s wrong?’ Marty answered her cell.

“It’s Brianna.” Cole said with concern. “She has spiked a fever.”

“I’m on my way!” Marty said before hanging up.

As Zack helped Marty to her car, he kissed her one last time before she got into the car. As he watched her drive away, he dialed his attorney.

Chapter 6

As Marty frantically tended to Brianna who was lethargic with fever, she wasn’t getting any better. Cole picked his little sister up in his arms as Marty and Cole rushed her to PVUH (Pine Valley University Hospital) where Marty and Cole met Dr. David Hayward.

“What seems to be the problem?” David asked when he saw Marty and Cole with little Brianna.

“My daughter is sick. She has a high fever.” Marty said frantically.

“Let me take her.” David said as he scooped Brianna in his arms and placed her on the gurney and wheeled it into the ER room for an examination.

Several minutes later, Marty and Cole were still waiting.

“Hello, Starr?” Cole said after he had reached Starr on her cell.

“Cole, I’m so glad you called. I missed you.” Starr said happily.

“I have bad news.” Cole told her.

“What is it?”

“Brianna is sick. Mom and I are at the hospital waiting for word on her.”

“Oh, Cole, I’m so sorry. I hope Brianna will be okay.” Starr said with concern.

“So, how are you doing?” Cole asked her.

“Okay. The usual Llanview drama.”


“Yep. But on a lighter note. I have good news.” Starr told him.

“Really? What?”

“After graduation, I applied to the university there in Pine Valley and got accepted.” Starr said enthusiastically.

“Really. That’s great. And funny too.” Cole said.

“Why’s that?”

“I also applied and got accepted too.”

“So we will be heading to school together?”

“Looks like it.”

“I can’t wait to see you.” Starr said. “I’ve really missed you.”

“Me too.”

“Well, Starr, the doctor has just came out. Talk later.”

“Okay. Bye. Love you.”

“Love you too.” Cole said.

Cole hung up with Starr as David was about to give Marty and Cole word on Brianna.

“I’m afraid that I have bad news.” David told Marty and Cole.
“What is it, Dr.?” Marty said worriedly.

“I’m still running tests, but I’m afraid Brianna may have leukemia.” David informed Marty and Cole. “I’ll know more when I get the test results back.”

“I’m here, David.” Cara said. “What seems to be the matter?”

“Oh, Cara, good.” David said. “This is Marty. I am running tests on her daughter, Brianna. I’m afraid she may have leukemia.”

“I will get on it.” Cara told David.

“Great.” David said, as Cara left to go check on the test results.

“Dr. Castillo is an expert in oncology. She will be on your daughter’s case from now on.” David told Marty.

“Thanks, Dr. Hayward.”

“Please, call me David.”

“Can I go see my daughter now?” Marty said, distraught.

“Yes, I will show you to her room.”

As David escorted Marty and Cole to Brianna’s room, he couldn’t help but be taken by the lovely Ms. Saybrooke. But as soon as David showed Marty to Brianna’s room, Zack was waiting for Marty, who had received word from Cole who told Zack when Marty didn’t pick her calls.

(Next: David comes between Marty and Zack, to Kendall’s glee.)

Chapter 7

“Marty, I waited for you at my casino.” Zack said, when David walked into Marty’s suite with Marty and Brianna. “I thought we had a date?”

“Oh, Zack, I’m sorry. I had to take Brianna to the hospital.” Marty apologized.

“That’s okay.” Zack said as he took Brianna from Marty’s arms and laid the tot in her crib. “I’ll take it from here, David.”

“Dr. Hayward, when the test results come in for Brianna?” a worried Marty asked him before he slipped away.

“I’ll get back to you when they come in.” David told Marty.

“Thank you, Dr. Hayward.”

“Please, call me David.” David told her.

As David left, he called Cara at the hospital to find out about the test results on Marty’s daughter, Brianna.

“I’m sorry, David, I’m still working on them.” Cara told him.

“Well, when you get them, let me be the first to know.” David demanded from Cara.

“Yes, David, you are the attending doctor. Of course you’ll be the first to know.” Cara told him.

“Thank you.” David said, as he plotted to come between Zack and Marty for Marty’s affections.

Back at Marty’s suite at Zack’s casino, Zack and Marty were alone together as Brianna finally soothed herself to sleep and Cole was in class at Pine Valley Unversity.

“This is a lovely lunch.” Marty told Zack.

“Thank you. I prepared it myself.” Zack said, hoping to impress Marty with his culinary abilities.

“You made this chicken salad?” Marty said, as she scooped more into her mouth. “I absolutely love it.”

Zack got out his phone and put some soft romantic music on as he asked Marty for a dance.

“May I have this dance?” Zack asked her, extending his hand out for her to accept.

“Yes you may.” Marty said, as she gladly accepted his hand as Zack whisked her out of her chair for an impromptu dance to “Lady in Red” by Chris DeBurgh.

Back at the hospital, David was just getting the results back from Cara about Brianna’s tests and gave Marty a call.

“I’m sorry, Zack, I have to get that.” Marty said as she stopped the dance to retrieve her phone lying on the table that showed it was from PVUH. “David?”

“Yes. Marty, I have the test results back for Brianna.” David told Marty.

“Is it good news?” Marty said worried.

“Meet me at the diner in Zack’s casino in 20 minutes.” David said hanging up and not giving Marty a chance to respond.

“Dr. Hayward….” Marty said before the line went dead.

“I’m sorry, I have to go.” Marty said to Zack as she grabbed her purse and headed out leaving Zack alone to watch Brianna.

(Coming: Marty finds out the results of Brianna’s tests at a price.)

Chapter 8

Zack drove Marty to the PVUH to see David Hayward and find out the results of Brianna’s test.

“Dr. Hayward, have you found out what’s wrong with my daughter?” a distraught Marty asked.

“I’m afraid isn’t good.” David said solemnly.

“What is it?”

“Brianna has aplastic anemia.” David informed Marty.

“What can we do for her?” Zack asked David the question as Marty was too distraught to ask.

“Well, we can use try medication, blood transfusions or a stem cell transplant which also known as a bone marrow transplant.” David informed Marty.

“So, we need to either go on the donor registry and try to find someone who can donate bone marrow for Brianna.” David began to explain to Marty. “But we can also go one step further and check family and friends for any matches first.”

“Well, I’ll get Cole and I’ll have myself tested as well.” Marty told David.

“And I will too.” Zack told her.

“Can I go see her?” Marty asked David.

“As a matter of fact, Brianna was just wondering about her mommy.” Cara came out to see David, Marty and Zack.

As Zack and Marty went into see Brianna, Cole was receiving the surprise of his life back home while waiting to hear word on Brianna.

“Forget your key, mom!” Cole said as he opened to the front door to find Starr Manning.

“Starr!” Cole said happily. “I can’t believe you’re here.”

The two lovers kissed passionately, as if they had been separated for months.

Greenlee was planning a surprise dinner for Ryan to celebrate the news she was about to share when he got home.

“What’s this? A romantic dinner?” Ryan asked as he kissed Greenlee.
“Just a little dinner.” Greenlee said

“What’s the occasion?” Ryan said as Greenlee directed him to his seat, hoping he spied the clue sitting on his plate.

Ryan sat down at the table in front of his plate and spied a rattle laying on his plate.

“What’s this? Are we—“ Ryan asked as an ecstatic Greenlee smiled.

“Yes, Ryan, we are having a baby.”

Ryan was overjoyed as he kissed Greenlee.

“I can’t believe we are finally going to have a family of our own.”

(Coming: Starr confesses the truth about her visit; and a surprising person becomes Brianna’s donor; and trouble comes with Greenlee’s pregnancy.)

Valentine’s Surprise: A Patrick & Marty (Party) Romance


Marty Saybrooke, sad and not looking forward to Valentine’s Day, decided to just hang at home alone since the love of her life, Patrick, had been dead for several years and her son, Cole and granddaughter, Hope, were killed in an auto accident, and her son’s girlfriend, Starr, had just started a new romance. Just when Marty had given up hope, a mysterious Valentine’s Day card appeared on her doorstep. As Marty investigates the sender of the card, she gets the shock of her life.

Chapter 1

“Hey, Starr, do you want to spend Valentine’s Day together, just having a girls’ night out?” a lonely Marty asks via cell.

“Oh, gee, Marty, I’d love to, but I already made plans with my new boyfriend, Chad.” Starr sadly tells her.

“Oh, ok. I’m sorry to bother you.” Marty said, sounding a little hurt. “Have a nice time.”

“Thank you, Marty.” Starr says. “Say, why don’t you and I plan a girls’ night out this next weekend? Just the two of us?’

“Sounds great.” Marty perks up. “See you later, Starr.”

As Marty ends the call with Starr, she can’t help but wonder if this new guy is right for Starr. Starr has been making some rash decisions since the death of her son, Cole, and their daughter, Hope. She just hoped this guy was good for her.

As for Marty, she decided to just hide out in her one-bedroom flat and eat munchies and watch sad romance stories for Valentine’s Day.

She had just gotten home from her shopping spree after buying her Valentine’s Day treats and was unlocking her door, when she spotted a red envelope someone had slipped under her door. As soon as Marty set her purchases on her kitchen counter, she bent down to pick it up.

As she opened it up to read it, tears fell from her face. It was her favorite poem that her beloved husband had read to her after the first time they made love. As memories of Patrick flooded her mind, she couldn’t help but wonder who could have sent this card and how much the poem met to her.

The next day, curious as to who could have sent the card, she went to Det. John McBain, who was now a P.I. After resigning from the Llanview PD.

“John, I need your help!” Marty exclaimed, as she entered his P.I. Office.

“How can I be of assistance, Marty?” John asked her.

“I need to know who sent this?” Marty replied, showing her the Valentine’s Day card she received the night before.

“What is this?” John asked, piqued with curiosity.

“I don’t know? I found it slipped under my door last night when I came home.” Marty said.

John read the card to see if he could spot any clues.

“Isn’t this the poem Patrick Thornhart read to you?” John asked, remembering that she had told him during one of their dates.

“Yes, it is.” Marty replied. “I don’t know if it is a cruel joke or a romantic gesture?”

“Well, Marty, I will get to the bottom of it.” John told her.

“Thank you, John.” Marty said. “I couldn’t sleep at all last night. All I could think about was that card.”

Marty left John’s office and went back to her apartment. She set out her munchies for her lone night of sad romance movies for Valentine’s Day. But her heart just wasn’t in it. The Valentine’s Day card she had received was still bothering her and she couldn’t concentrate on the movies she had rented or even eat her favorite munchies.

All Marty could think of was that Valentine’s Day card.

Chapter 2

The next day, Marty called Starr to see how her Valentine’s date went, but she didn’t pick up her cell. She shrugged it off, assuming that Starr must have had some night and didn’t wish to be bothered.

A few minutes later, there was a knock on her door. As Marty went to answer the door, Starr’s date, Chad, was standing outside her door.

“Chad?” Marty asked confused. “What are you doing here? I thought you were with Starr?”

“No.” Chad said. “I waited for her all night, but she never showed up. That’s when I decided to come to your place and see if she decided to hang with you last night?”

“No, Starr hasn’t been here.” Marty said.

“Oh! I thought maybe she may have changed her mind. She sounded so concerned that she turned you down last night.” Chad said.

“Well, that sounds like Starr. Always worried about others before herself.” Marty said.

“Yes.” Chad agreed. “I just wonder what happened to her and where she is?”

“Me too. It’s not like Starr to just up and leave.” Marty questioned also.

“If you hear from her, will you let me know?”

“Yes, Chad, if I see or hear from her, I will let you know.” Marty agreed.

As Marty closed the door, she was more curious and concerned now than ever. First, the Valentine’s Day card, now Starr was missing. Things were getting more weird and mysterious than ever.

She put in a call to John to let him know of Starr’s disappearance.

Meanwhile, in a remote cabin on the outskirts of Llanview. . .

Starr Manning woke up to find herself in a tiny cold bedroom. She tried to get up, but felt woozy and fell back down on the bed. Everything was blurry and she could barely see the mysterious figure who had come in the bedroom to leave her a meal, then leave the room.

Chapter 3

Starr had just finished the breakfast that was left for her. It sure was good―French Toast, bacon, wheat toast with butter and strawberry jam, and milk and orange juice.

Starr had to use the rest room and went to the door, thinking it would be locked, but it wasn’t. She slipped out and just as she went to find a bathroom, saw a guy in the nursery playing with a little girl about 2 years of age, just the same age as . . . Hope.

As Starr peered closer, she realized it was Hope. . .and the guy was Cole. Cole and Hope were alive after all.

“Well, hello, Starr.” Cole said. “Come say hello to our daughter.”

Starr walked into the nursery, tears in her eyes, as Cole reunited her with her daughter.

“I thought I had lost you forever.” Starr said, hugging Hope tight, Hope gasped for air.

“Cole, what is going on here?” Starr asked him, confused.

But Cole didn’t get the chance to explain when Patrick walked in on them.

“Well, hello, Starr, I’m glad to see you found Cole and Hope.” Patrick said, cheerfully.

“Patrick, I thought you were dead?” Starr asked, even more confused.

“It’s a very long story.” Patrick said. “One that I am working to fix.”

“What do you mean?” Starr asked.

“Well, I’m slowly working to reunite my family. Soon Marty will be here and we will all be family the way it should be.” Patrick informed her.

Starr was just glad to have Hope in her arms again. And Cole and Patrick back. It was nice to know that Cole had his father in his life again.

Meanwhile, back in Llanview. . .

Marty never made it home when John came to report that the card that was sent to her came from a “Patrick Thornhart.” He left a note to call him soon and slid it under her door.

Marty woke up in the back seat of a strange car with a strange man driving. She screamed and caused the man to run off the road.

Chapter 4

Marty woke in the back seat of the car to find that the strange man behind the wheel dead upon impact from the crash.

Just then, the man’s cell rang, flashing the name “Patrick Thornhart”. Marty looked confused, as she wondered if she should answer it. It couldn’t be Patrick? Patrick was dead?

Marty picked up the cell and dialed John’s number.

“Hello?” John asked, answering his cell.

“John, I’m glad I got a hold of you.” Marty said.

“Marty, where are you?”

“I’ve been in a car crash.”

“Are you okay?”

“Yes, I am, but the driver is dead.”

“Tell me where you are and I’ll come get you.”

Marty gave John directions so he could come get her. As Marty waited for John, she couldn’t help but wonder why that number came up with Patrick’s name. Assuming it was a joke, Marty tossed the phone into the river just as John pulled up to pick her up.

Marty got into John’s car as soon as he stopped the car.

“What was that you tossed into the river?” John asked Marty.

“A cell phone.” Marty said. “It rang and came up Patrick’s name, so I tossed it into the river.”

“Ah, Marty. You shouldn’t have done that.”

“Why not?”

“Because Patrick is alive.”

“And how can that be?”

“Those flowers and poem you received came from Patrick himself.” John told her. “I ran an Internet search and Patrick is indeed very much alive.”

“Patrick is alive, and I just tossed the only way to get a hold of him into that river.”

“Don’t worry, Marty, I’ll find Patrick.”

Meanwhile. . .

Patrick called Simon’s cell, but got no answer.

“Damn it, Simon!” Patrick raged. “Where the hell are you?”

Unaware that Simon is dead from the car crash and that Marty tossed the phone into the river, Patrick called his other body guard to find Marty.

Chapter 5

Patrick got a hold of Max, his trusty body guard that Patrick could truly trust, to find Marty. As Max was enroute to Simon’s last known location, he saw a man and woman in a wrecked car on the side of the road.

Pulling over, Max realized it was Marty, but didn’t let on who he was.

“Can I be of some assistance?” Max asked, getting out of his car.

“Yes, sir.” John said. “We seem to have had an accident.”

Looking at the dead driver in the driver’s seat, Max realized it was Simon.

“Yes, you do seem to have a problem.” Max said, as he sent a quick text to Patrick, “I found her!” before getting back to John and Marty.

“Well, can I give you a ride to where you were going?” Max asked, but secretly he would be taking Marty to Patrick.

“That would be great!” John said, with a grateful Marty nodding her head.

“Well, then, hop in!” Max tells them.

“What about him?” John says, pointing to the dead driver. “We can’t just leave him here?”

“I’ll make a call on my cell and have someone come pick him up after we get going.” Max informed Marty and John.

While Max was enroute, John and Marty were so tired, they instantly fell asleep as soon as they got into Max’s car, which pleased Max.

“Yes, boss.” Max said as soon as Patrick picked up his cell.

“What’s up, Max?”

“I have them and we’re on our way.”

“That’s good!” Patrick praised Max. “How soon will you be here?”

“In about 2 hours.” Max said. “Simon is dead. Can you send someone to come get him?”

“Dead?” Patrick asked. “How?”

“There was a car crash.” Max explained.

“Is Marty all right?” Patrick asked, worried.

“They’re both fine. They both fell asleep as soon as he pulled off.”

“They’re? Who else is with Marty?”

“Some guy named John?”

“Marty wasn’t alone?”

“Well, let me know when you get near, Max, and thank you for finding Marty.” Patrick said, gratefully. “You’re awesome!”

As Patrick waited for Max to arrive with Marty and some guy named John, he wondered what he would do with him.

Chapter 6

Max was on the cell talking to Patrick when John woke up and heard him talking to someone.

“Who the hell are you talking to?” John demanded from Max.

“Excuse me boss.” Max said to Patrick, so as not to reveal who he was talking to in front of John or a sleeping Marty.

“I got lost and was calling for directions.” Max lied to John.

John didn’t believe Max and grabbed Max’s cell from him, causing Max to run off the road and into a ditch. Marty slept through the crash and Max was out for about 5 minutes when he came to find Marty still asleep and John thrown from the car, lying in the ditch.

Quick on his feet, Max managed to get the car out of the ditch and back onto the road, leaving John behind.

As soon as Max was well on his way, Max’s cell rang. It was Patrick.

“Yes, boss?” Max said, answering his cell.

“What the hell is taking so long?” Patrick said, getting irate.

“That John dude woke up and demanded I tell him who I was talking to.” Max began. “When I refused, he grabbed my cell, knocking it to the floor and causing us to run into a ditch.”

“Oh my god!” Patrick said, worried. “Marty? Is she alright?”

“She good. Slept right through it all.” Max said, relieving Patrick’s worry. “We’re back on the road. John however, was thrown from the car.”

“So, it’ll just be you and Marty who show up?” Patrick asked.

“Correct, boss.” Max reaffirmed.

“How soon will you here?”

“I say about 30 minutes.”

“Alright. See you when you arrive.”

“Okay boss.” Max said as he ended his call.

Meanwhile, back at the ditch where Max left an unconscious John, John woke up to find that Max’s car had left him there and Marty was no where in sight.

Chapter 7

John found tracks were heading north and as luck would have it, saw a car abandoned ahead on the road. He got in the car, started the engine and drove off to find Marty.

Meanwhile, Max had arrived at Patrick’s hideout with an unconscious Marty. As he was bringing her inside Patrick’s hideout, Patrick, Cole, Starr and Hope looked on.

“How is she?” Patrick asked, when Max brought in Marty and laid her on the sofa.

“I can’t believe I have both my mom and dad with me.” Cole said, with tears in his eyes.

Starr just hugged Cole as Hope ran up to her parents, “Mommy. Daddy.”

Starr reached down and picked up her daughter as Cole and Starr gave Hope a family hug.

“Daddy, who’s that lady lying over there?” Hope asked.

“That’s your gramma.” Cole said, crying.

“Why are you crying, daddy?”

“I’m just happy that we’re all finally here.” Cole said, giving Hope and Starr a big hug.

Just then, Marty was stirring as Patrick was at her side, holding her hand.

“Where am I?” Marty said, groggily.

“Sh-h-h!” Patrick said lovingly.

“Who are you?” Marty asked Patrick as he gazed into her eyes.

“It’s me, Marty. It’s me, Patrick.”

“Patrick? No, it can’t be? You’re dead?”

“Yes. It is me.” Patrick reassured her. “It’s a long story, but it is me.”

Then Marty looked around the room and noticed that she was surrounded by Cole, Starr and Hope.


“Yes, mother.” Cole said, squeezing her hand.

“And Starr and Hope, too?”

“Yes, Marty. We’re here.”

Max left the happy family to celebrate when he got a call on cell, “So how is the happy family?”

“What do you want?” Max said to the caller.

“You’ve done your job.” The caller said. “It’s my turn now.”

“What are you going to do, Zinnia?” Max said.

“Never mind. Don’t warn Patrick. If you do, you’re dead!” Zinnia warned him.

Zinnia Michaels had a surprise for Patrick. One that he would not like. You don’t leave Zinnia Michaels and get away with it.

Chapter 8

Zinnia was well on her way to Patrick’s so surprise him. She was the one who had found Patrick and nursed him back to health. Patrick had amnesia and didn’t remember who he was. When Patrick finally remembered who he was, he managed to flee Zinnia’s compound and embarked on a plan to get back to Marty and Cole. It was heaven when Patrick figured out he had a granddaughter.

But Zinnia had other plans in store for Patrick. She had given her life to rescue Patrick and they had a bond as she felt her stomach.

“Don’t worry, baby. Daddy will back in our lives soon!” Zinna said to herself.

Meanwhile, Patrick and Marty were enjoying life now that they were all together as a family: He, Marty, Cole, Starr, and Hope. They all had a big family feast before Patrick whisked Marty off to the private island for a little fun and adventure.

“Marty, I’m so happy to have finally found you.” Patrick exclaimed as he kissed her after making love for the first time since he had brought Marty to the hideout.

“I can’t believe you’re alive.” Marty said as she hugged him tightly. “It all still feels like a dream.”

“It’s not a dream.” Patrick said, holding her in his arms. “It’s not a dream.”

Back at the hideout cabin, Cole and Starr were enjoying some time with Hope when there was a knock at the door.

“John?” Cole said surprised.

“I followed the tracks of the car that ran Marty and I down.” John explained.

“Come in, John.” Cole offered.

“So, where is Marty?”

“She’s with my dad.”

“Patrick?” John asked confused. “I thought he was dead?”

“Well, we thought so, but it turns out he’s alive.”

“Yes, John.” Starr chimed in. “We all had a feast before Patrick whisked Marty off to a special retreat.”

“So they’re alone together.” John said.

“Yes, they were so happy to be back in each other’s lives, dad had a surprise for mom.”

“So, all those flowers and gifts—they were from Patrick?”

“Yes. Dad was the one sending them.” Cole explained. “Dad was reaching out to Marty so he could reunite with her.”

“Well, I guess I will head back to Llanview. Looks like I’m not needed here.”

“John, thanks for looking out for my mother.”

“Yea. I thought we had something special, but now that Patrick’s back. . . “ John stopped short before leaving the cabin.

“I feel for John, but I’m so happy for your parents.” Starr said as she gave Cole a kiss.

“Yea. Me too.” Cole said, kissing her back.

Cole and Starr starr getting in the mood for passion, but were interrupted when Hope said her first words: “Mommy and Daddy!”

“OMG! Cole Hope just said her first words!” Starr cried happy tears of joy.

Chapter 9

John was happy for Marty now that Patrick was back in her life. He really was. But he didn’t see what was coming next when he was suddenly hit over the head. As he fell to the ground, Victor, Jr. stood above him.

“You stupid idiot!” Victor Jr. said to an unconscious John. “You let the bitch get away!”

John woke to find himself tied up in a tiny cabin and Victor Jr. holding a gun at him.

“Well, look who decided to wake up!”

“Todd?” John said, groggily.

“No, you stupid idiot, I’m his twin brother, Victor, Jr!”

“What do you want?”

“You! To finish the job I hired you for!”

“That was you!” John said confused.

“Yes! You were supposed to bring Marty Saybrooke to me!”

“I tried. But Patrick Thornhart outsmarted me.”

“Patrick Thornhart outsmarted John McBain?” Victor Jr. taunted him. “A man who always gets his man, or woman?”

“What do you want with Marty Saybrooke?”

But Victor didn’t get the chance to tell John when Irene Manning walked into the cabin. Irene took a syringe from her purse and injected John. John started to feel himself lose consciousness as he tried to make out what Irene and Victor were saying. But he lost complete consciousness as the drug took effect.

“Okay, Victor, let’s get it done!” Irene said.

John woke several hours later with no memory of what happened before he lost consciousness or who he was.

“Did it work, mother?”

“John!” Irene spoke to John.

“My name isn’t John.” John told Irene.

“It’s worked perfectly.” Irene said, smiling at her geniousness. “What is your name?”

“Todd Manning.” John told her.

On the private island Patrick took Marty to, the newly reunited couple were having the time of their lives, unaware of what was coming next.

Buffy & Spike (Spuffy): The Passion Continues


After denying their feelings for years, Buffy and Spike finally give into and have a night of passion. But when Angel returns to help solve a mystery, old feelings resurface between the slayer and her first love. As Buffy works to solve the mystery with Angel, will it drive a wedge between Buffy and Spike, or bring them closer?


Buffy Summers – Sarah Michelle Gellar
Dawn Summers– Michelle Trachtenberg
Spike – James Marsters
Willow Rosenberg– Alyson Hannigan
Xander Harris– Nicholas Brendan
Anthony Head – Rupert Giles
Anya – Emma Caulfield
Angel – David Boreanaz
Cordelia Chase – Charisma Carpenter
Tara Maclay – Amber Benson
Glory – Clare Kramer
Faith – Elisha Dushku
Wesley – Alexis Denisof

Chapter 1

“Buffy, you don’t know how long I’ve longed for this.” Spike confesses to Buffy as he kisses her after the two finally give into passion.

For years, Buffy detested Spike. She believed that Spike was out for himself. When hate turned to friendship, and Spike’s feelings for Buffy grew stronger, Buffy hated to admit that her feelings for Spike were growing stronger too. So instead of admitting these feelings for Spike, Buffy continued her “loathing” for Spike.

Now after their first passionate embrace, entwined in each others bodies, Buffy kissed Spike back, enticing him to enter her again, as Spike gave in and made love to Buffy again.

But the lovemaking was short-lived when Buffy’s cell rang.

“Ignore it, Buf.” Spike said, kissing her more deeply to make Buffy forget her slayer duties.

“I can’t Spike.” Buffy said, as she picked up her cell and answered it.

Spike groaned as he rolled off of Buffy and laid back in bed, while Buffy took the call.

“Hey, Willow, what’s up?”

“Buffy, we have a problem!” Willow cried.

“What’s wrong, Willow?”

“Giles is missing!”

“What?” Buffy exclaims, as she gets up to get dressed. “I’m on my way!”

Buffy ends the call and demands Spike to leave before Dawn got home.

“Hey, Buf.” Spike says, giving her one last kiss before they go their separate ways. “Remember. I love you.”

“Thanks Spike, but I don’t have time right now. Giles is missing and I need to be going.” Buffy says, feeling guilty about her time with Spike.

Buffy leaves her home and is on her way to Giles’ store when Xander meets her along the way.

“Hey, Buffy, where have you been? Enjoying a moment with Spike?” Xander asks, half joking, half serious, sensing the special bond between Buffy and Spike.

“Ha ha! Very funny, Xander!” Buffy exclaims, feeling guilty that she actually was with Spike.

“No, seriously, where you headed to?”

“Willow called me and said Giles is missing!” Buffy informs Xander. “I’m on my way to meet Willow at Giles’ store.”

Xander and Buffy rush to meet Willow at Giles’s store, as Spike does some sleuthing on his own.

Chapter 2

At Giles’ store, Willow and the rest of the gang were waiting for Buffy to arrive. Buffy took charge as soon as she arrived with Xander, who had met her on the way to the store.

Buffy and gang discussed the plan to find Giles’ and then left the room when she got a call from Spike.

“Spike? What’s up?” Buffy asked as soon as she was out of earshot of the others.

“You need to meet me!” Spike ordered.

“I love you too, Spike, but we need to find Giles.” Buffy said, resisting his charms.

“This has to do with Giles.”

“What? You found Giles?”

“No, but I think I may know where he is?”

“I’m on my way. . . “ Buffy said hanging up her cell.

15 minutes later Buffy met Spike in the graveyard where he told Buffy he was waiting.

“Ooh, Spike…..a graveyard. How romantic?!” Buffy said sarcastically.

“I’m not trying to be amorous, Buf.” Spike explained. “I think this is where Giles is buried?”

“Giles is dead?” Buffy questioned in disbelief.

“No, not dead. Buried alive!”

“Buried alive!” Buffy shouted as she started to dig to save Giles.

“Relax, Buf!” Spike tried to calm her down. “There’s a tube coming out of the ground which means he can breathe.”

“Who would play a cruel joke like this?” Buffy said irately.

“Me!” Glory said as she stepped from beyond the shadows.

Buffy turned around to see Glory.


“What’s wrong, Buffy? Cat got your tongue?” Glory said sarcastically.

“Why would you bury Giles alive?!” Buffy demanded from her.

“Because you foiled my plan to unlock the portal that would grant me unlimited access!”

“So, you buried Giles alive as payback!”

“What do they say? Payback’s a bitch!” Glory said as she disappeared, leaving Buffy and Spike to get Giles out of the grave.

“Well, Buffy, start digging.” Spike suggested, as Xander and the gang showed up per Buffy’s call to help.

Chapter 3

Buffy, Spike and Xander managed to dig Giles out of his grave alive but unconscious from lack of air. As Buffy performed CPR on Giles, she got his heart beating again and oxygen to his brain while Xander called the paramedics to have Giles transported to Sunnydale General Health.

Glory had to come up with another way to gain access to the portal that Buffy ruined. She couldn’t believe that Buffy survived after she jumped to her “death” that closed the portal access. And she was even more upset that Giles had survived his prison in the grave. What did she have to do to get what she wanted. She had to get the key to that portal. But now that Dawn was revealed to be the key and the plan was foiled, Dawn couldn’t be used to gain access to the portal. A new key had to be made—and Glory was going to be the one make that key!

Meanwhile, Buffy, Spike and the Scoobies visited Giles at the Sunnydale General Health to make sure Giles was doing alright.

“Giles, we wanted to see how you were doing?” Buffy said as she entered Giles hospital room.
“I’m alright.” Giles told her. “I can’t believe I was buried alive by Glory?”

“Well, Glory said it was payback for ruining access to the portal.” Buffy explained.

“You risked your life and Glory had to seek revenge for that by burying me alive?” Giles wondered more to himself than to Buffy and gang.

“Well, I don’t think Glory is done trying to get through the portal.” Buffy advised.
“Oh?” Giles asked her.

“No. I think Glory is going to look for another way into that portal.”

“Well, we’re going to make sure she doesn’t succeed at it again.” Giles told Buffy and gang.
“Right.” Spike agreed.

“Well, Giles, get some rest so we can get back to work on the Glory issue.” Buffy told him as she and Spike departed Giles hospital room.

Buffy and Spike got back to his cave and celebrated saving Giles’ life by getting passionate. They couldn’t take their hands off each other once they had gotten to Spike’s cave.

After making love amongst the rocks and sea, Buffy and Spike were hard at work trying to figure out a way to diffuse Glory’s plan to gain access to the portal.

Chapter 4

Buffy and Spike were in the midst of getting passionate as the two lovers found renewed hope and had a hard time keeping their hands off each other…that is, until they were interrupted by a surprising visitor.

“Hey, guys!” Angel exclaimed interrupting Buffy and Spike’s lovemaking.

“Angel?” Buffy said, surprised to see him as she grabbed Spike’s shirt to put over her to cover herself up.

“Angel!” Spike said a little irked as he pulled up his pants.

“I didn’t mean to interrupt your… er, night!” Angel apologized. “But I heard about Glory’s plan and thought I would stop by and see if I could help?”

“Yeah, whatever you say.” Spike said jealously.

“Well, let’s go!” Buffy said not wanting to see the fight that would escalate between Spike and Angel over her.

Buffy, Spike and Angel went out looking for Glory and encountered Glory’s minions instead. As Buffy, with the help of Spike and Angel, fought off the minions, Glory was watching via her crystal ball.

“Just wait for our encounter, Buffy.” Glory laughed maniacally. “You’ll wish you were fighting my minions instead!”

Chapter 5

“Buffy, what has gotten into you?” Giles berated her.
“Whatever do you mean, Giles?” Buffy asked nonchalantly.
“Glory is wreaking havoc upon Sunnydale and you’re out gallivanting with Spike!”
“Giles, listen up!” Buffy said straight into his face. “I’ve got everything under control. Glory won’t know what hit her!”
“By hanging out with Spike while the rest of us bust our heads trying to figure out how to bring Glory down!”
“I can’t deal with you!” Buffy retorted before walking out of Giles’ store, leaving Giles mystified by Buffy’s erratic behavior.

Buffy was out walking trying to get a grip after Giles’ attack on her. Yeah it was an attack. He didn’t understand what she was doing. She had this Glory thing handled. So she was a little busy getting it on with Spike and let things get a little out of hand. It was all part of her plan—to make Glory think she wasn’t paying attention. So Glory is wreaking a little havoc. Buffy needed to let Glory thing she had the upper hand so she could spring her surprise on her. But as usual, Giles’ and that stupid Scooby gang (Scooby—where did they get that name, certainly not from that crime-solving gang with the pooch?)
Well, one thing was for certain—Buffy would show Giles, the Scoobies, and Glory—who meant business!
But for now, she needed to be in Spike’s arms!!!!

Reba: 15 Years Later


15 years later, Reba Hart looks back on her life since her husband, Brock Hart, left her and their 3 children after impregnating his dental hygienist, Barbra Jean Booker, and married her. With 4 grandchildren and about to remarry the hunky therapist, Dr. Jack Morgan, who has come back into her life after finally divorcing his wife; a sudden realization makes Reba wonder about the direction her life has took.


Reba Hart: Reba McEntire
Dr. Brock Hart: Christopher Rich
Barbra Jean Booker-Hart: Melissa Peterman
Dr. Jack Morgan: James Denton
Cheyenne Hart-Montgomery: JoAnn Garcia-Swisher
Van Montgomery: Steve Howie
Kyra Hart-Thompson: Scarlett Pomers
Kevin Thompson: Ryan Paevey
Jake Hart: Mitch Holleman
Misha Richmond: Hilary Duff
Henry Hart: (dual role) Cole & Dylan Sprouse
Elizabeth Montgomery: Scarlett Fernandez
Tyler Thompson: Nicholas Betchtel
Taylor Thompson: Brooklyn Rae Silzer

Chapter 1

“I can’t believe that you finally divorced that wife of yours, Jack.” Reba says, after finally agreeing to have dinner with him.

“I realized that you’re the woman I want, Reba.” Jack confesses. “I just regret not coming to that decision sooner.”

“Jack, I’m touched.” Reba says, with a tear in her eye.

“I love you Reba.” Jack finally confesses. “I’m not afraid to say it.”

“Jack, please. Don’t make me cry.”

“Reba Hart.” Jack begins, as he gets down on one knee, pulling out a ring. “Will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?”

Reba’s mouth drops as she sheds tears of joy.

“Of course, Jack!” Reba says, in between tears. “I’d be honored to be your wife!”

Jack places the ring on her finger as they kiss in front of diners and wait staff. The celebration is interrupted by Barbara Jean and Brock, who happen upon the now-happily-engaged couple.

“What’s all the commotion?” Barbara Jean adds.

Reba turns around to see Barbara Jean and Brock.

“Reba just agreed to be my wife.” Jack announces to a surprised and shocked Brock, as Reba shows them the ring.

“That’s wonderful Reba.” Barbara Jean congratulates her. “Even though I’m just a little jealous.”

“I can’t believe that you’re doing this!” Brock adds, stunned by Reba’s decision.

“What’s that supposed to mean, Brock?” Barbara Jean says, feeling betrayed.

“Reba can’t marry Jack!” Brock continues.

“And why not, Brock!” Barbara angrily tells him, as they get into a heated confrontation.

Brock and Barbara Jean continue their spat right there in the restaurant as Reba and Jack leave the two fighting and head for Reba’s home. She can’t believe the nerve Brock had telling her she couldn’t marry Jack after the way he betrayed her with Barbara Jean and got her pregnant and marrying her.

Now that she has finally found happiness after all these years, he has the gall to say that. But Reba didn’t let Brock’s harsh words get to her when they arrived home to share a romantic night with Jack. But their plans were ruined when they walked in on an upset Kyra who had let herself in after coming back home.

“Kyra, what are you doing here?” Reba says, shocked to see her daughter home.

“I left Kevin!” Kyra announced to Reba.

“Kyra dear, what happened?”

“I caught Kevin cheating with a co-worker.”

“What? I’m so sorry, Kyra.” hugging her daughter, but they were interrupted by Kyra’s 3-year-old son, Damen, who had just discovered Gramma home.

“Gramma!” Damen said, running into Reba’s arms.

“Why, hello, Damen!” Reba says, smothering him with kisses. “I’m so glad to see you.”

Kyra felt bad when she spied the diamond ring on her mother’s third left finger, “Oh mom, I’m so sorry to have ruined your evening.”

“What do you mean, Kyra?”

“You and Jack obviously had plans tonight.”

“Oh, it’s nothing, dear.” Reba said, trying to hide her news over Kyra’s troubles.

“C’mon, mom! I see the engagement ring.” Kyra adds. “I know you didn’t expect to find me here.”

“Well, Kyra, you’re always welcome home. Jack and I can always celebrate later, right Jack.”

“That’s right, Kyra.” Jack agrees. “This is your home too.”

“Thanks you two for understanding.” Kyra welcomes their supportiveness. “It’s late and I’m bushed. I think I will take Damen and put him to bed and let you two have some peace.”

“See you two in the morning, Kyra.” Reba tells her. “Get a good night’s sleep. Things will look up in the morning.”

As Jack and Reba watch Kyra take her son upstairs to bed, Jack kisses her. “Have I told you lately how much I love you?”

“Yes, but you can always tell me over and over.” Reba kisses him back.

Chapter 2

Reba woke up the next morning in Jack’s arms to the sound of someone pounding on her front door. She tried to ignore it and go back to sleep snuggled next to Jack, but the pounding at the front door wouldn’t stop.

Finally, Reba wriggled out of Jack’s embrace to answer the front door. She was shocked to find Brock standing on her front door with his clothes in his arms.

“Reba!” Brock pleaded. “Barbara Jean threw me out and I have no where to go!”

“Well, you can’t stay here!” Reba said, surprised.

“Please, Reba?”

“No, Brock!” Reba said, firmly. “My fiance wouldn’t approve!”

Reba was about to close the door in Brock’s face when Jack came down the stairs wondering where Reba was.

“Reba, where did you go?”

“I heard pounding at the front door and came down to see who it was.” Reba explained. “Imagined my surprise when it turned out to be my ex-husband?”

“Brock’s here?” Jack said, turning to come face to face with Brock.

“Hello, Jack!” Brock said.

“What do you want, Brock?”

“Will you reason with your fiancee, Jack?” Brock asked. “Barbara Jean threw me out and I need a place to go.”

“You want to stay here?” Jack asked, confused.

“I’ve been trying to throw him out, but he won’t budge!” Reba said, irritated.

“Why would you do that?” Jack asked. “Why don’t we let him stay here?”

“What are you talking about?”

“Just until he can find a more suitable arrangement or Brock gets back with Barbara Jean.”

“Jack, you don’t know what you are saying?”

“C’mon, Reba, how long can it be? A few days, tops.”

“Fine, Brock, you can stay until you find a suitable arrangement.” Reba agreed. “You better find something quick. . .or make up with Barbara Jean.”

“I’ll find something.” Brock assured her. “Barbara Jean and I are over,however.”

“What do you mean you and Barbara Jean are over?”

“She thinks I’m still love with you.”

“Boy, is she off her rocker.”

“Yeah, I know.” Brock agreed, secretly knowing that Barbara Jean was right.

“Well, Brock, you can sleep here on the sofa until you find a place of your own.” Reba said, pointing to the sofa.

Then she went into the kitchen to make breakfast for Jack as Brock tempted with idea of how to tell Reba about his true feelings for her now that she was engaged to Jack.

Chapter 3

The next morning, Kyra came down stairs with Damen to find that her father was asleep on the couch.

“Damen, go give grampa a kiss.” Kyra said to her son.

Damen did exactly that as Brock awoke shocked but glad to see his daughter.

“Kyra, what are doing home?” he said, giving her a hug.

“I came home after I caught Kevin having an affair with a co-worker.” Kyra announced to her father.

“I’m sorry, darling.” wanting to kick some sense into his son-in-law, but feeling like a hypocrite if he did so.

A knock on Reba’s door caught Kyra off-guard as she went to answer it.

“Kevin?!” Kyra asked, bitterly. “What are you doing here?”

“Daddy, you came!” Damen yelled, running into his arms.

“Damen, did you call your father?” Kyra asked him.

“Yes, mommy!” Damen weeped.

“Kyra, we need to talk.” Kevin pleaded with her.

“I have nothing to say to you.” Kyra told him matter-of-factly.

“Ah, Kyra darling, I think you should hear your husband out.” Brock told his daughter.

“Daddy, who’s side are you on?”

“I’m on the side of working things out if it’s possible.”

“Well, it’s not possible.” Kyra said. “I’m sure you know from experience, daddy.”

“Kyra, please, just listen to your husband before you make any snap judgments.” Brock pleaded with his daughter.

“Please, Kyra?” Kevin asked, winking at Brock, thanking him.

Just then, Reba came down stairs when she heard voices in the living room.

“What’s going on here?”

“Sorry, mother, Kevin arrived and wanted to talk, but I tried to tell him to go away, but daddy said that I should at least talk to him.”

“Really, Brock!” Reba asked, incredulously. “Why should Kyra talk with her husband after learning he cheated on her?”

“I just think Kyra should talk with Kevin before making any rash decisions.” Brock said.

“Brock, Kevin cheated on our daughter! Why should she forgive him?”

“I’m not saying she should. She should examine her options first.”

“Gee, thanks, everyone for making up my mind.” Kyra said, hotly. “C’mon, Damen! Mommy and I are leaving!”

“But mommy!” Damen cried.

“See what you have done to her!” Reba said, chastising Brock and Kevin.

As Kyra got into the car and started driving, she wondered if maybe she should talk with Kevin. How much she loved him. And Damen adored his father.

Backing up into Reba’s driveway, Kyra turned off the car and walked back into the house.

“Okay, Kevin, you win! Kyra said. “Where do you want to go for a talk?”

Kevin thank his wife as he tried to give her a kiss.

“I agreed to a talk, Kevin, not a kiss.”

Brock smiled as Reba looked at her ex-husband incredulously, as Kevin and Kyra went to Starbucks for a talk.

Chapter 4

“Kyra, you need to know the truth.” Kevin began.

“I know the truth.” Kyra said, hurtfully.

“I didn’t cheat on you.” Kevin confessed.

“Yeah, sure.” Kyra said, disbelievingly.

“Honest, Kyra.” Kevin said. “I admit I was tempted. But I thought of you and all I would lose and I stopped it.”

“But what about the note I got from your assistant?” Kyra asked confused.

“She was texting me about a surprise for you and accidentally sent it you by mistake.”

“You had a surprise for me?” Kyra asked, confused.

“I was planning a surprise party for your birthday, and my assistant was doing all the preparations for it.” Kevin explained. “Imagine my surprise when you never showed?”

“Oh, Kevin. I’m so sorry.” Kyra said, hugging him.

Kevin escorted Kyra out to their car and they drove back to Reba’s to inform everyone that all was fine. But when they got back, they saw emergency vehicles out in front of Reba’s house.

“What’s going on?” Kyra asked concerned.

“Daddy just had a heart attack.” Cheyenne informed Kyra and Kevin.

“Oh, no!” Kyra said, worriedly, as Kevin just held her tight in his arms.

The paramedics were putting an unconscious Brock into the ambulance as everyone piled in their cars to follow Brock to the hospital.

“Oh, when are we going to hear anything about Brock?” Barbra Jean complained.

“Barbra Jean, please! Will you stop pacing the floor and sit down!” Reba said.

“I just can’t!” Barbra Jean complained more. “Oh, what’s taking so long?”

After waiting several hours and listening to Barbra Jean complain, the doctor finally comes out to report on Brock’s condition.

“Well, doctor?” Barbra Jean asks.

“Brock is doing okay.” the doctor explains. “He’s stable, but. . .”

“But what, doctor?” Barbra Jean asks, with everyone listening.

“I’m afraid Brock’s slipped into a coma.” the doctor sadly announces.

“A coma?” Reba says, disbelievingly. “Will he pull out of it?”

“Yes, doctor, Brock will be okay?” Barbra Jean asks, worriedly.

“Only time will tell.” the doctor says. “But with such a great family for support, I don’t see why Brock won’t make a full recovery.”

“Can I go see him, doctor?” Barbra Jean asks.

“You can all go see him . . . but one at a time.” the doctor informs them.

Barbra Jean heads into Brock’s room while everyone sits vigil worried about Brock.

Chapter 5

Brock dreaming:

“Reba, after all these years, I know where my heart lies.” Brock confesses.

“What do you mean, where you’re heart lies?” Reba asks.

“Don’t marry him!” Brock pleads with her.

“What?” Reba said, confused. “Brock, we’ve been divorced for 15 years!”

“Reba, I’m still in love with you.” Brock confessed.

“Brock, let me tell you something.” Reba confessed. “I’ve been over you for a very long time.”

“Well, I lied when I said I was happy with Barbra Jean all these years.”

“Well, I’m sorry, Brock, buy I’m marrying Jack.” Reba says, firmly. “I’m in love with him.”


“So Brock, please wake up soon!” Barbra Jean pleads to a comatose Brock. “I miss you. And I need you.”

As Barbra Jean leaves Brock’s side, his finger twitches. Just before Reba comes in.

“Brock, so help me, if you leave me stuck with Barbra Jean, I swear, I will never forgive you.” Reba says, jokingly. “I don’t want to to start a new married life with Barbra Jean in my face.”

Brock’s finger twitches again.

“Brock, your finger moved.” Reba praises.

She runs out to give everyone the good news.

“He moved!” Reba yells in the hospital corridor. “Brock moved his finger!”

“Mom! What’s all the commotion?!” Cheyenne asks.

“Brock, moved his finger!” Reba announces.

“Oh, he’s waking up!” Barbra Jean, excitedly.

The doctor comes after a nurse calls him.

“What’s this I hear about Brock waking up?” the doctor asks them.

“Doctor, Brock moved his finger!” Reba informs him. “Doesn’t that mean good news?”

“Well, I will go examine Brock and get back to you all.”

The doctor heads into Brock’s room to examine Reba’s claim that Brock’s finger moved. The doctor came back with even more good news.

“Well, everyone, Brock is indeed waking up.” the doctor informs them.

“Oh, doctor, that’s great news.” Barbra Jean says, happily. “Can I go see him?”

“Actually, he asked to speak with Reba.”

“Reba?” Barbra Jean asks. “Why would Brock want to see Reba?”

“Ah, doctor, I think Barbra Jean should see him first.” Reba says.

“Brock specifically insisted on seeing you, Reba.” the doctor said.

“Fine, I’ll humor him and go see him.

When Reba entered Brock’s room, she was surprised to see Brock looking so frail.

“Brock, the doctor said you wanted to see me?” Reba asks.

“Reba, there’s something I need to confess to you.”

“What about Brock?” Reba jokes. “Did you see God while you were in a coma?”

“I’m serious, Reba.”

“What is it, Brock?”

“While I was asleep, I had a dream.”

“And what was this dream about?”

“I told you that I was still in love with you and not to marry Jack.” Brock confesses.

“What?” Reba nearly coughs.

“I’ve been unhappy with Barbra Jean all these years.” Brock confesses. “I want you back.”

“I’m sorry, Brock, but I can’t talk to you right now.” Reba says, before leaving Brock’s room.

“Jack, I need to leave.” Reba tells him.

“Whats wrong, Reba?” Jack asks concerned.

“Not now, Jack.” Reba said. “I need to be alone.”

And Reba ran out of the hospital and got into her car and drove away.

Not knowing where to go, Reba found herself at a bar, and ordered a drink.

“What’ll it be?” the bartender asks her.

“Just give me a double.” Reba says.

A handsome gentleman sits down next to Reba.

“I can’t help but see you in a frazzled mind.”

“It’s nothing.” Reba says, trying to tell the kind gentleman to buzz off kindly.

“Are you sure you don’t wanna talk your trouble to a complete stranger?”

“You’d think I’d be happy being engaged after being divorce for 15 years?” Reba blurts out.

“So what’s the problem?” the stranger asks.

“My ex-husband just informed me that he’s still in love with me, and thinks we should get back together.”

“And you’re in love with your fiance?’

“You got it!” Reba said, downing her drink.

“I don’t know it it’s true.”

“What do you mean?’

“My ex-husband just woke up from a coma after having had a heart attack.”

“Oh, I see. You have a dilemma.”

“Yeah, I didn’t say a word to Brock.”

“So, are you?”

“Am I what?”

“Still in love with your ex?”

“What? I’ve had 15 years to get over him.” Reba says. “Why would I still be in love with my ex?”

“Then why does it bother you?”

“It doesn’t bother me.”

“You left your fiance at the hospital with your family?”

“Well, I was stunned by Brock’s confession.”

As Reba sat there, she wondered if maybe the stranger was right. Was she still in love with Brock? She wasn’t so sure after Brock’s confession.

Chapter 6

The next day, Jack surprised Reba with a weekend trip to his family’s farm in San Antonio. As they were having dinner that Jack had called up to their room, Reba couldn’t take her mind of Brock’s confession and her therapist’s suggestion that she was still in love with Brock.

“Cat got your tongue?” Jack asked, when Reba failed to reply to his question.

“What?” Reba asked embarrassed by her thoughts. “I’m sorry, Jack. My mind was a million miles away.”

“What were you thinking about, hun?”

“I was worried about the kids.” Reba covered.

“Don’t worry about them, hun. I’m sure Brock and Barbra Jean can look after them.” Jack said, trying to reassure her.

“I’m so sorry. You went to all this trouble to make this a wonderful weekend and I ruin it with my worrying.” Reba apologized.

“C’mon, eat up. We need to get some rest. I told my parents to expected us early in the morning.”

After Reba and Jack finished their dinner, Jack walked over to Reba and kissed her, which led to some passion and nearly making love. But thoughts of Brock came flooding into Reba’s mind and she pushed Jack away.

“I’m sorry, Jack, but I’m not in the mood for romance tonight.”

“That’s okay. How about we just cuddle and fall asleep in each other’s arms?”

“That sounds nice.” Reba said, and relaxed a little before they fell asleep.

The next morning, Jack and Reba got up and ate a continental breakfast before checking out and heading out to his parents’ farm.

Chapter 7

Jack and Reba arrived at Jack’s parents’ farm, where Jack’s parents had a delectable meal already made for them. Sitting down to a dinner of fried chicken, corn on the cob, coleslaw, mashed potatoes—all of Jack’s favorites.

“That was a delicious meal, Mrs. Morgan.” Reba thanked her.

“It was nothing, really.” Ella said. “I’m really outta place when I’m not in the kitchen. Cooking is my life.”

“That’s true.” Jack told Reba. “Mom was always had some delicious snack made up when my brother and I came home from school.”

“Well, I just wanted my family well-fed.”

Jack got up from the table and helped Reba get up from her chair as he pulled it out from the table.

“Mom, dad, Reba and I have some business to do in town.” Jack informed his parents. “We’ll be by later tonight.”

“Okay son.” Ella told her son.

“Jack, what are we going to do?” Reba asked with surprise.

“That’s a secret.” Jack said with a gleam in his eye.

As Jack helped Reba put her sweater on, Reba picked up her purse and Jack and Reba were out the door. Jack showed Reba to his ‘Stang, and opened the door for Reba as she got inside the car. Getting inside the driver’s door, Jack started the ignition and they were off downtown.

When Jack got into town, Reba did a double take and thought she saw Brock and Barbra Jean in town.

“No, it couldn’t possible be?” Reba thought to herself.

But sure enough, when Jack pulled into the church parking lot, there was Brock, Barbra Jean, Cheyenne, Van, Elizabeth, Kyra, Jake, and Henry waiting for them to arrive. Jack had planned a secret wedding for Reba and her family was in on it.

Chapter 8

“Jack, tell me I’m imagining, but I thought I just saw Brock and Barbra Jean here?” Reba asked him as they pulled into his parents driveway.

“No, love, you didn’t imagine it.” Jack told her. “I invited them here.”

“What?” Reba asked. “Why would you do that?”

“I can’t tell you, hun. You’ll just have to trust me.” Jack said, as he leaned over to kiss her.

“What’s so secret?”

“That’s for me to know and you to find out.” Jack said smiling.

“Oh, I will find out, that’s for sure.” Reba said as they got out of the car and walked up the steps to Jack’s parents’ house.

Jack knocked on his parents door and his mother came to the door.

“Jack!” Mary Morgan said, as she gave him and Reba a hug to welcome them. “Reba?”

“Mrs. Morgan.” Reba said cordially.

“Please, call me Mary.” Mary told her. “Can I get you a drink?

“Just a glass of water.” Reba said gratefully.

“Very well. I’ll be back in a few.

Mary Morgan went into her kitchen to bring out some refreshments as Jack took Reba’s jacket while Reba sat down on the couch. Jack was taken aback when they heard an argument in the kitchen from his parents.

“Jack, you son is here.” Mary told her husband.

“Go away!” Jack, Sr. told her.

“Honey, they travelled all this way to see us.” Mary pleaded.

“I don’t want to see them.” Jack exclaimed harshly. “Tell them I’m resting!”

“Okay.” Mary told her husband.
Mary picked up the tray from the counter of drinks and cookies and crackers and cheese and brought them into the living room where Jack and Reba were waiting. She hated lying to Jack about his father, but his father was adamant they not tell their son. So Mary went out and hoped for the best.

“Here we go, some refreshments for you all.” Mary said, hoping she sounded pleasant despite everything that she was going through.

“Thanks mom.” Jack said, as he looked over at Reba to stay quiet about the argument they heard. He wanted to respect his parents’ privacy out of courtesy for Reba, but he did intend to confront his mother later about it.

“So, what’s new with you, Jack?” Mary asked her son, hoping to deflect from what happened in the kitchen and that somehow they didn’t hear a word.

“Oh, just thought I’d bring Reba, my fiancée, to see the parents.” Jack said, not letting on that he had planned a wedding for her here on the family farm.

As Jack, Reba and his mother were getting reacquainted, Brock and the rest of Reba’s family had arrived at Jack’s family’s home.

“Knock, knock!” Barbra Jean said, as she came up to the door.

Mary came to the door to let them all in.

“What are you all doing here?” Reba asked her family, wondering why would they would even be here.

“Well, we decided we needed to keep an eye on you, Reba?” Barbra Jean told her.

“Why? Am I child who needs looking after?” Reba asked sarcastically.

“Well, you did marry my husband first?” Barbra Jean retorted, just to be just as sarcastic as Reba, and not give away Jack’s surprise.

“Ladies!” Brock exclaimed, trying to calm them down. “Can we all just be civil.”

“Civil?!” Reba exclaimed. “You barge in on my vacation with Jack and you want me to be civil!”

Reba couldn’t take it. She need to get away. Just be by herself for a while. She just couldn’t believe that Brock and her family had followed her to Jack’s family farm. It was like they didn’t trust her at all. But she had no idea the real reason they were here.

Chapter 9

Reba thought she would be alone when she wandered to the pond where she found three of her four children—Elizabeth, Tyler, Taylor and Henry (Brock’s son with Barbra Jean) all swimming at the pond.

“Gramma!” Elizabeth yelled when she noticed Reba coming to the pond.

“Elizabeth, how did you and the other kids get out here?” Reba asked her oldest grandchild.

“We walked out here.” Elizabeth told her innocently. “Daddy said it was okay.”

“Yeah, Mrs. Hart.” Henry defended his cousin.

“Okay. Let’s just enjoy ourselves.” Reba told them.

Reba sat back on the blanket the children brought out and laid on the ground as she watched her grandchildren enjoying themselves in the water. She couldn’t believe that Elizabeth as 13 years old. And Henry, despite being Barbra Jean’s son, was growing into quite a young man, at 13 years too. Even Taylor and Tyler, Kyra’s 9-year-old twins, were growing up way too fast.

Reba fished out her cell that was in her bag when she heard it ring and noticed it was her youngest son, Jake, who surprisingly, was not there, “Jake, how are you?”

“Mom, I’m sorry, I can’t get there.” Jake apologized.

“Jake, what’s wrong?” Reba asked concerned.

“Nothing serious, Mom.” Jake explained. “It’s my girlfriend, Mischa. She’s gone into labor.”

“Jake, I’m so happy for you and Mischa.” Reba said. “I can’t wait to see my fifth grandchild.”

“Well, Mischa and I will be out next month with the new baby.” Jake said. “Mom, I gotta go. The nurse is waving at me telling me it’s time.”

“Ok, Jake. Good bye for now.” Reba said as the line went dead. She couldn’t believe that her fifth grandchild was about to enter the world—Jake’s first child.

After about a half-hour at the pond, Reba announced to the children it was time to head back. She couldn’t wait to inform everyone that Jake’s first child was about to be born.

Chapter 10

“Can I get everyone’s attention!” Reba said when she and the grandchildren arrived back at Jack’s parents’ farmhouse.

“What’s so important, Reba?” Brock asked her.

“Well, I got a call from Jake while I was out at the pond with the grandchildren.”

“It’s just like Jake not to show up!” Cheyenne said bitterly of her younger brother.

“Well, Cheyenne, Jake has a very good reason for not being here.” Reba told her as well as the rest of them.

“Yeah, I’ll bet!” Cheyenne continued berating her younger brother’s absence.

“Jake called to tell me how sorry he was that he couldn’t be here.” Reba began.

“Don’t hold us in suspense, Reba.” Barbra Jean exclaimed.

“Okay. Jake and his girlfriend, Mischa, are about to become parents at this moment.” Reba announced.

“Jake is giving us our fifth grandchild!” Brock said ecstatically, as Barbra Jean looked on jealously.

“Yes, Brock, our fifth grandchild is about to enter the world.”

“Congratulations, Reba.” Jack said, as he kissed her on the cheek.

“Jack if you don’t mind, can we go somewhere and talk?” Reba asked him.

“Sure, love.”

Jack and Reba excused themselves from the party as they took a long walk to the same pond where Reba came to her realization.

Starrleena’s Weekly Soap Opera Spoilers for August 28 – September 1, 2017

Soap Opera Spoilers for the Week of August 28 – September 1, 2017

The Young & the Restless

Monday: Jack encourages Phyllis to play dirty; Lauren takes a stand; Victoria faces a moral dilemma.

Tuesday: Nikki urges Victor to make amends with Nick; Mattie witnesses a close moment between Lily and Jordan; Tessa comes clean about her past.

Wednesday: Victor quizzes Abby about her relationship with Zack; Chelsea issues Hilary a warning; Sharon makes a startling connection.

Thursday: Ashley works to repair her family; Nick tries to bridge the gap between Chelsea and Faith; Billy crosses the line.

Friday: Nikki questions Jack’s loyalty; Hilary meddles in Devon and Mariah’s relationship; Victoria loses patience with Phyllis.

The Bold & the Beautiful

Monday: $Bill basks in his success and envisions his beloved skyscraper with his evil scheme ablaze; and Quinn and Sheila go for round two when Quinn discovers the secret Sheila has been keeping.

Tuesday: A heartbroken Sally finds herself in a hospital room, devastated that her future has gone up in flames; and Eric plays referee between Quinn and Sheila before announcing one of them as victorious.

Wednesday: Liam and $Bill have a blow-out argument when Liam realizes the full extent of his father’s merciless ways; and Ridge becomes a voice of reason between Eric and Quinn, who disagree about Sheila’s motives.

Thursday: Thomas makes a surprise visit back to Los Angeles and to Sally’s hospital bedside; and Steffy and Liam have difficulty keeping the information they have on $Bill from the rest of the family.

Friday: Sally and the Spectra gang attempt to convince Thomas to stay and help rebuild the company; and Liam struggles between losing his relationship with his father or living with the guilt of knowing what $Bill has done.

General Hospital

Monday: Valerie helps Kristina with her love life; Alexis confronts Sonny and Carly; and Ava fantasizes about Griffin.

Tuesday: Sam opens up to Jason; Ned makes a bold move; and Felicia learns a secret about Nelle’s past.

Wednesday: Sam and Sonny try to help Jason; Maxie is confused about Nathan and Amy; and Valentin surprises Nina.

Thursday: Ava helps Griffin with a difficult task; Dante questions Sonny; and Nelle falls under suspicion.

Friday: Michael reassures Nelle; Alexis admits her true feelings; and Anna and Finn seek answers from Raymond.

Days of Our Lives

Monday: Hattie and Bonnie panic over their sticky situation; Hope and Rafe conspire with Abe; Eli tries to stop Lani and JJ from blowing up his plan; and Maggie isn’t thrilled when she learns Adrienne is moving into the mansion.

Tuesday: Chad, Abigail Sonny and Paul decide to have a double wedding; John and Marlean try to find a way out of their predicament; Andre asks for “Marlena’s” help, not knowing she’s actually a vengeful Hattie; and Lucas gets a horrible shock and turns to Chloe.

Wednesday: John and Marlena develop an escape plan; Paul grills Hattie; Nicole gets alarming news at her custody hearing for Holly; and Rafe and Hope put pressure on Myron.

Thursday: Brady plays dirty on Nicole’s behalf; Kayla opens up to Valerie about her issues with Steve; JJ and Lani take time out for a little romance; and Claire helps Theo deal with his frustration towards Abe while they work on mending their relationship.

Friday: Gabi finds herself in a dangerous situation; Rafe learns evidence is on its way from Dario; Maggie and Bonnie clash; and Hattie, posing as Marlena has a therapy session with Andre.

Betrayed: A Marty Saybrooke Story


After finding out about John latest betrayal with he ex, Natalie Buchanan, Marty leaves Llanview with her kids,2 years old twins, Cheyenne Margaret and Patrick Michael McBain to Los Angeles, California where she has accepted a job offer working at Forrester Creations. When Ridge meets Marty, he is instantly attracted to her. What starts as a dangerous attraction soon spirals into something more between Marty and Ridge. What happens when John McBain and his new wife Natalie Buchanan comes looking to get custody of Cheyenne and Patrick.

Chapter 1

“I’m going to miss you mom.” Cole Thornhart says, giving Marty Saybrooke a hug as he and his wife, Starr Manning Thornhart see her and his siblings off for her new job in Los Angeles at Forrester Creations.

“You take care of Cheyenne and Patrick as well as yourself.” Starr says giving her a hug, as Cole is entertaining his brother and sister.

Marty hated to leave Cole and Starr and their daughter Hope now that Cole was exonerated for Eli Clarke’s murder. But she couldn’t stay in Llanview after John McBain cheated on her with his ex, Natalie Buchanan.

When Forrester Creations creator, Eric Forrester called about her submitted designs, and hired her on the spot, Marty decided to accept with a little nudging from Cole and Starr.

Marty took Cheyenne and Patrick’s hands as the final boarding call for Los Angeles announced its departure. After saying a tearful goodbye to Starr, Cole and Hope, Marty boarded the plane with the twins, bidding Llanview goodbye.


“I need to seek sole custody of my twins, Cheyenne Margaret and Patrick Michael?” John McBain asked his attorney.

“What do you want the grounds to be, Mr. McBain?” John’s attorney asked him.

“On the grounds that Marty Saybrooke is mentally unstable to provide for my children.” John said, firmly. “I am newly married to Natalie Buchanan and believe the two of us could provide better home for them.”

“I will get started on the custody proceedings.” John’s attorney tells him. “Just don’t do anything that could jeopardize your chances.”

“Thanks for the advice.” John says.

“I will let you know what you need to do next.” John’s attorney says.

Leaving his attorney’s office, John puts in a call to Natalie, “It’s done! Custody for Patrick and Cheyenne is started. Marty won’t know what hit her!”

Chapter 2

Marty and the twins arrived in Los Angeles and were greeted by Ridge Forrester to take Marty and the twins to her new home as Marty was a neighbor to the Forrester, as Eric Forrester agreed to pay the down payment for Marty as a condition to her employment. Ridge was instantly smitten with Ms. Saybrooke, but had conflicted feelings due to his relationship with Caroline Spencer.

When Marty saw her new home, she was in awe of her new home and wanted to thank Eric for all of his help.

“Thank you, Ridge for picking me and the twins up from the airport.” Marty said, gratefully.

“It’s an honor to have done it.” Ridge said. “I can’t wait to see your work and what you can do for Forrester.”

“Well, as soon as I get Patrick and Cheyenne fed, I’d like to thank your father for all his help.”

“Well, let’s go on over to the mansion now. There is lunch and you can feed Patrick and Cheyenne and talk to my father.” Ridge suggested.

“I don’t want to impose on you.”

“It’s no imposition. We’d love to have you.”

“Well, okay.”

Ridge picked up Patrick while Marty picked up Cheyenne, as they all headed over to the Forrester mansion.

Meanwhile in Llanview. . .

“Mr. McBain, I’m afraid I have some bad news!” the detective said, when John answered his door.

“What is it?”

“I’m afraid Ms. Saybrooke has left Llanview.”

“Thank you for letting me know.” John said, as the detective left.

“Damn her!” John said, under his breath, as Natalie was coming downstairs, after putting Liam asleep.

“What’s wrong, dear?”

“Marty fled Llanview with the twins!” John raged, as he hit the number for Cole’s cell.

“Yes, Cole. It’s John.” after Cole picked up his cell.

“Yes, John, is there a problem?”

“Yes, I need to know where your mother ran off to?” John said, ired.

“She’s in Los Angeles. She got a job offer at Forrester Creations.” Cole informed her.

“Thank you, Cole.” John apologized. “I’m sorry for my behavior.”

After John hung up with Cole, he grabbed his suitcase and packed some essentials.

“What are you doing?” Natalie asked.

“Pack some things for you and Liam.” John said. “We’re going to Los Angeles. Marty just moved there for a job.”

Natalie went upstairs to pack. She couldn’t believe that Marty would just take the twins without letting John know.

Chapter 3

Ridge arrived at the Forrester mansion with Marty and the twins as Eric greeted her and welcomed her to the Forrester fold. Caroline, who had fell in love with Marty’s twins, Patrick and Cheyenne, took their hands and led them to the kitchen to get them something to eat.

Ridge led Marty over to the duvet as a jealous Brooke watched. She was sickened by Ridge fawning over Marty and Marty obviously enjoying it. Who did this woman think she was? Ridge was hers. She had managed to come between Ridge and Caroline and cause conflict in their relationship, now this Marty Saybrooke is here. Well, Ms. Saybrooke would not take Ridge from her when she was so close to having him back.

“Everyone!” Ridge announces, tapping a fork to his wine glass. “I’d like to welcome our newest member to the Forrester family―Marty Saybrooke, who has come all the way from Llanview, Pennsylvania looking for a fresh start.”

Marty just looked at Ridge, blushing, as Brooke gagged. She couldn’t believe the gall this Marty had. She knew Marty’s type. She looked like the innocent sweet woman, but deep down, this Marty Saybrooke was hiding something, and Brooke Logan vowed to find out what it was.

“Thank you everyone.” Marty said, accepting Ridge’s welcome. “You don’t know how much it means to be accepted by all of you.”

Caroline had come into the living room with Patrick and Cheyenne just as Brooke was introducing herself to Marty.

“I’m Brooke.”

“Hello.” Marty said, cheerfully.

“I just wanted to welcome you to Forrester.” Brooke said, trying to hide her dislike of her.

“So, what do you do here?” Marty said, trying to break the ice.

“Oh, I’m Eric’s ex-wife and mother of the CEO, Rick Forrester, as well as Ridge’s ex-wife, and mother to his son, RJ.” Brooke gloated.

“Well, it’s nice to meet you.” Marty said, but thinking, “You obviously get around, don’t you.”

“Well, just for your FYI, stay away from Ridge.” Brooke warned.

“If you think I have designs on Ridge, you don’t have to worry.” Marty told her. “I just got out of a relationship, and I don’t wish to start something at the moment.”

“Well, if you do, just make sure you don’t set your sights on Ridge. Ridge is mine and we are about to reconcile after a year apart.”

“Okay.” Marty said. “Thanks for the advice.”

Marty could tell she was going to have some issues with this Brooke Logan. What was her problem? And was she seriously about to reconcile with Ridge when he was apparently in a relationship with Caroline? Something was amiss and Marty didn’t want no part of it. She was here to do a job and she had no intention on getting involved with anyone, let alone with Ridge Forrester.

Brooke, on the other hand, decided to do a background check on Marty Saybrooke and googled her name. She couldn’t believe her eyes when she found the rape online. “So, Ms. Saybrooke, you’re the victim of a gang rape back in college!” Brooke said to herself. “I wonder what else you’re hiding!”

Meanwhile, John and Natalie and little Liam had just landed in Los Angeles with a summons to bring back Patrick and Cheyenne to Llanview.

Chapter 4

It didn’t surprise Marty in the slightest when she walked into her design studio at Forrester that Ridge had designed especially for her, to find Brooke sitting at her desk. In fact, she half expected her to be waiting.

“Why good morning, Brooke.” Marty said, cheerfully, not letting Brooke dampen her spirits.

“Well, you certainly sound chipper this morning.” Brooke said, jealously. “But I bet I can wipe that smile off your face.”

“Go ahead, Brooke.” Marty dared her. “Nothing can ruin my first day at Forrester.”

“Well, how about you stay away from Ridge or I’ll spill your secret past as a rape victim.” Brooke warned.

“Go ahead, Brooke!” Marty said, as she whipped out a clipped article from Brooke’s past.

“What is that?” Brooke asked in disbelief.

“I knew you would be a thorn in my side, so I did my own Internet search on you.” Marty said. “Somehow, I don’t think any of the Forrester’s know about this tidbit of news on you, do they Brooke?”

“You wouldn’t!”

“Just a little leverage to make you keep your mouth shut!”

Brooke was stunned. She had Marty Saybrooke pegged all wrong. She wasn’t like all the other women in Ridge’s life. Clearly, Brooke was going to have a challenge keeping Marty out of Ridge’s life.

As if finding Brooke in her office wasn’t enough, Pam called her from outside her office to inform Marty that she had some visitors. Before Pam could tell Marty who they were, she told Pam to let them in.

“Well, hello, Marty.” her ex, John said, as he walked into her office.

“John, how did you find me?”

“That doesn’t matter.” John said, angrily. “Did you think you could skip town with my children without informing me?!”

“I was going to tell you.” Marty told him. “I’ve just been busy getting the new home ready and starting my new job.”

“That’s not the point.” John stated. “You took Cheyenne and Patrick out of the state of Pennsylvania and Natalie and I are here to take them back.”

“Sorry, John, but I got permission from the court before I left.”

“I wasn’t informed you were leaving.”

“Well, the judge said he sent out documents.”

“I don’t know what to tell you, John. I did everything by the book.”

“Well, I am taking the twins back to Llanview.”

“No your not.” Marty says, as she pulled a restraining order from her desk.

“What’s this?” John asks.

“It’s a restraining order forbidding you or Natalie from coming 100 feet within me or Cheyenne or Patrick.”

“You can’t do this to us!” Natalie spit at her.

“I can and I have.”

“This isn’t over, Marty.” John warned as Ridge, who had just walked in on the end of the conversation, happily escorted an angry John and Natalie from Marty’s office and Forrester.

Marty just smiled knowing that she was one-step ahead of John and Natalie. The was going pretty smoothly. She had Brooke Logan and John and Natalie right where she wanted them.

Chapter 5

“John, I’m so sorry what Marty did to you?” Natalie apologized.

“Don’t worry, Natalie.” John assured her. “I’ll get the twins. Marty won’t win. Soon Patrick and Cheyenne will be back in our home, playing with Liam.”

Natalie kissed John. “I know they will be. Liam is just love having his brother and sister around.”

Meanwhile in Los Angeles. . . .

“Marty, I want to praise you for your cool collective behavior when your ex came and threatened to take your children away.”

“Thank you Ridge.” Marty said, gratefully. “I don’t want to seem unstable. I know John will try to prove that I am.”

“Well, you’re a remarkable woman to risk coming out to Los Angeles for a new job in the middle of a custody battle.” Ridge praised.

“Well, I have to provide for my children.” Marty reasoned. “Any court should be able to see that.”

“Well, I won’t argue with that one.” Ridge agreed. “By the way, do you have your sketches?”

Marty pulled out her sketchpad full of her drawings.

“These are really good.” Ridge said, flipping through Marty’s sketchpad. “Can I show these to my father?”

“Yes you can.” Marty said. “I was a little unsure what you would think.”

“Don’t be.” Ridge assured her. “These are excellent.”

Marty dropped her pencil and as she stooped down to pick it up, Ridge did to. As they came back up, they ended up in a kiss, but Marty felt guilty about it and quickly backed off.

“I think you better go, Ridge.” Marty said, feeling guilty.

“Ah, yes.” Ridge agreed, but still wanted more. “I’ll just go show these sketches to dad.”

After Ridge left, Marty couldn’t help but enjoy the kiss between them. But logic told her not to get involved with him. Ridge was with Caroline and John would for sure use that to gain custody of the twins. A relationship with Ridge wasn’t the best move. Marty had to keep her distance from Ridge.

Chapter 6

Ridge couldn’t concentrate on his designs. Ever since the kiss between him and Marty.

“C’mon Ridge. Concentrate.” Ridge told himself.

But it was useless. Every time he tried to pick up the pencil and sketch a design, flashes of the kiss between him and Marty came back to him.

Finally, Ridge couldn’t take it. He left his office and found himself in Marty’s.

“Marty, we need to talk.” Ridge said, when she let him in.

“Okay, what is it?” Marty asked. “Is it my designs?”

Ridge just looked at Marty and pulled her into a kiss. Marty attempted to resist and pull away, but Ridge wouldn’t let her. So Marty succumbed to Ridge’s kiss.

“That was great.” Ridge said, when they finally came up for air.

“Yes. Yes it was.” Marty agreed. “But it can’t happen again.”

“Why not?”

“Because your with Caroline.” Marty lied, not wanting to tell him about Brooke’s threat to stay away from Ridge.

“I feel something between us, Marty.” Ridge explained. “I think you feel it too.”

“Well, it can’t ever happen again.” Marty told him, as much as she wanted to kiss him again.

“Well, I’m going to tell Caroline the truth.” Ridge told her. “I hope you will give us a chance.”

Marty wanted to explore what was happening between them so bad, but Brooke’s threat stopped her.

A knock on her door interrupted her thoughts, as she went to answer it, thinking it was Ridge.

“Ridge, I told you that. . .” Marty said when she opened the door to Brooke.

“Ridge was here?” Brooke inquired.

“He wanted to see my designs.” Marty lied.

“I hope that was all he wanted.” Brooke warned her.

“It was.” Marty assured her.

“I mean what I say, Marty. Stay away from Ridge!” Brooke threatened.

“Really, Brooke! What about what I have on you.” Marty reminded her.

“Well, go ahead. Nobody here at Forrester will believe you story. I’m respected her at Forrester.” Brooke bluffed.

“Yeah, we’ll see.” Marty retaliated.

“Just stay away from Ridge!” Brooke said before she left Marty’s office.

How was she supposed to stay away from Ridge. Her feelings for Ridge were growing more and more each day.

Chapter 7

Marty woke up and got dressed and woke up Patrick and Cheyenne to get them ready for daycare while she was at Forrester. When she got to the daycare, she saw that it was closed.

“Oh, no!” Marty said, under her breath so the twins wouldn’t hear. “Now what am I going to do? I’m already late for work!”

Marty did the next best thing. She drove straight to Forrester hoping the twins could spend the day in her office. They were good kids. What could be the problem?

When Marty drove away, Brooke came out from behind the bushes and took away the “closed” sign from off the front door of Marty’s daycare, smiling a sly smile.

“That will serve you right, Marty, for going after Ridge.” Brooke said to herself.

Marty showed up at Forrester and went straight to her office.

“Now, Patrick and Cheyenne, mommy wants you two to color in your coloring books so mommy can work.” Marty says to them as she hands them some coloring books.

“Mommy, can I have some blank paper instead?” Cheyenne asks, innocently.

“Sure, honey.” Marty says, handing Cheyenne some blank drawing paper.

Marty went to work on her designs so she could deliver them to Ridge happy that her twins were being good little children.

Meanwhile, Brooke arrived at Ridge’s office to inform him of Marty’s dilemma.

“Ridge, do you know that Marty brought her children to work with her this morning?” Brooke gleefully told him.

“No I didn’t.” Ridge said. “But she must have had a good reason for doing so.”

“I know Ridge, but isn’t it company policy to keep children out of Forrester?” Brooke reminded him.

“Well, obviously, it’s a policy that Forrester should change.” Ridge said. “Or at least have a daycare for Forrester employees.”

“You approve of Marty bringing her children to work?”

“I will certainly get to the bottom of it, Brooke.”

Ridge left Brooke alone in his office as he went to talk with Marty.

“Marty, I see you had a little problem with your daycare.” Ridge said, noticing how well-behaved Patrick and Cheyenne were.

“I’m sorry, Ridge if it’s a problem.” Marty apologized. “But when I saw that my daycare was closed, I saw no other option.”

“Don’t worry about it.” Ridge assured her. “In fact, I think it’s about time Forrester started a daycare for its employees.”

“Look what I drew, Mommy!” 3-year-old Cheyenne showed Marty her version of the dress Marty was designing.

“That’s lovely, dear.” Marty told Cheyenne.

“I think you have a fashion genius!” Ridge said. “That is really good for a three-year-old!”

“Speaking of designs, I have mine finished.” Marty told Ridge.

“These are great!” Ridge tells Marty. “I will get them to the seamstress to get them made for our models to try on.”

“I’m glad you like them.” Marty said.

“Well, why do you and the twins join me for lunch to celebrate your first designs with Forrester and Cheyenne’s creativity.” Ridge said.

As Ridge escorted Marty and her twins to his favorite eatery, Brooke was livid that her plan to ruin Marty’s first day made Marty look so good in Ridge’s eyes. Marty was going to pay for making her look like a fool!

Chapter 8

Brooke sat at a table that was well hidden from being seen as she watched Ridge with Marty and her twins. It made her sick to watch Marty pushing herself onto Ridge. It was obvious Marty was a fake. Why couldn’t Ridge see that? After all they’ve been through. . .she had to get Ridge back and way from that tramp!

On the other side of the restaurant. . .

“Thank you for coming into my life.” Ridge told Marty as he held her hand on the table.

Marty didn’t like the direction Ridge was taking during this lunch. They couldn’t be together. So much was going on in her life. John trying to take the twins away. It was all too much for Marty to bear. She had to keep Ridge at bay. She wished he’d go back to Caroline, or Brooke. Anyone. . .but her.

“Ridge. . .” Marty started to say, but Ridge interrupted her instead.

“Marty, I want you to accompany me to Paris.”

“What? In the middle of a fashion show?”

“I’m sorry, it’s strictly business.” Ridge explained. “I am need at Forrester International and I want you there to see Forrester’s international line.”

“Oh, I see.”

“Mommy, look I what I drew!” Cheyenne said excitedly as she held up her drawing of a dress.

“Wow, that’s an amazing dress, Cheyenne!” Ridge exclaimed. “You should be a dress designer.”

Marty smiled at how well Ridge got along with the twins.

“That’s what I want to be!” Cheyenne told Ridge. “I watch mommy all the time while she’s working.”

“I can see. You learn quite fast for a three-year-old.” Ridge encouraged Cheyenne.

“Marty what do you think?”

“It’s lovely dear.”

Patrick just listened as he ate his hamburger, fries and coke.

“So Marty, will you go to Forrester International with me?” Ridge asked her again.

“Yes, as long as it’s business.”

Ridge and Marty ate their lunch with Patrick and Cheyenne as a jealous Brooke shook her head.

“I can’t believe Ridge asked Marty to go to Paris with him” Brooke said to herself. “That was always their special time together.”

Chapter 9

“Brooke, we need to talk.” Natalie pleaded with her over the cell.

“And what do you want with me?”

“Can we meet somewhere private?” Natalie asked.

“Okay, I’ll bite. Meet me at the Bikini Club for lunch.”

“I’ll be there.” Natalie told her.

Natalie needed to find way to take Cheyenne and Patrick from Marty. It was unfair how Marty just took them out of Llanview without so much as a word to John. Marty would pay for taking the children out of John’s life.

“Hey, Natalie, I have to go see Marty at Forrester about the twins.” John said, as he kissed her good-bye.

“Okay.” Natalie said, neglecting to inform him of her plan to make Marty pay for taking the twins.

Guiltily, she dialed Jessica to ask about her own son, “Jessica, how is Liam?”

“Natalie, he’s doing good. He and Ryder have been playing happily together.”

“That’s great!” Natalie cried that she was missing those moments.

“OMG, Natalie! The boys came up with the cutest game ever!”


“They have created a whole story out of their cars we got for them?”

“Oh, that is so cute!” Natalie said, as she noticed the time. “Ah, sis, I’m sorry to have to cut this short, but I have a lunch date right now. Talk later?”

“Yeah, sure. Get home fast. You’re missing so much!” Jessica told her.

As much as Natalie regretted being away from her own son, she had to get John’s twins back from Marty.

Natalie was waiting for Brooke when Brooke arrived for their lunch date.

“What do you want, Natalie?” Brooke asked as she ordered a martini from the server.

“Your help in snagging Cheyenne and Patrick from Marty.”

“And what do you think I can do?”

I want you to help me kidnap the twins.”

“That’s a federal crime.”

“And Marty committed one by taking the twins out of Llanview without so much as a word to John.” Natalie said angrily. “Besides, I know how much you want Ridge back.”

“What? How do know that?”

“I did my research.”

“And if I don’t?”

“Then I will call you out on your hatred for Marty.” Natalie accused. “I know how much you despise Marty.”

“You wouldn’t?!”

“Yes, I would. And I will expose more of your dirty secrets too!”

“I have no secrets!” Brooke defended herself.

“Yeah, right, Brooke, keep telling yourself that, and Forrester Creations will know about the real Brooke Logan!”

“Okay! I will help you.” Brooke reluctantly agreed.

“I knew you would see things my way.” Natalie said. “I’ll let you know the details soon!”

As she watched Natalie walk off, Brooke thought to herself, “no one can find out about my past. Not ever!”

(Coming: Natalie puts her plan to in place, as things heat up for Ridge and Marty.)

Chapter 10

Ridge and Marty were working on designs for the next Forrester fashion show. But they didn’t get much done as the heat began to rise…and not from the scorching Southern California heat.

Ridge couldn’t take his eyes off the lovely Marty as she was seemingly engrossed in one of her designs.
But Marty wasn’t working on a design…but a portrait of Ridge instead as Marty was also smitten with Ridge’s rugged good looks.

“Whatcha sketching?” Ridge inquired jokingly. “I bet it’s going to make Forrester millions.”

“Yeah. Millions!” Marty smiled to herself as she looked at the finished portrait of Ridge.

“All done?” Ridge asked. “May I see it?”

“No. I’m not sure of it?” Marty lied about “the design”, but Ridge had come over to her desk to see it.

“C’mon, I’ve seen your designs. They’re phenomenal.” Ridge said as he tried to grab Marty’s sketchpad from her hands, as Marty did her best to keep the sketch from him.

But Ridge’s strong grasp overpowered and he was able to retrieve it from Marty’s hand and was shocked to see a sketch of himself.
“This isn’t a design?” Ridge said surprised.

“I’m sorry. I was blocked from making designs and was just doodling when I started doodling your likeness.” Marty confessed.

“It’s good.” Ridge said, not sure of what to say.

“Thank you.” Marty said as she took her sketchpad from him, their hands meeting each other and creating an intense heat between them.

Unable to deny their feelings, Ridge pulled Marty in his arms and the two kissed. As Ridge unbuttoned Marty’s blouse, the two began making out, ultimately leading to Ridge tossing everything off Marty’s desk as he laid her on the desk. Marty got caught up in the moment as she allowed Ridge to make love to her.

Meanwhile . . .

Brooke was not feeling the least guilty after her meeting with John and Natalie as she promised them she would help them get Patrick and Cheyenne away from Marty. She detested Marty…and wanted her out of L.A. and away from Ridge for good.