Brooke in Barcelona: A Bold & the Beautiful Fanfiction

Brooke leaves L.A. after Ridge goes back to Taylor, but someone from Taylor’s past threatens to destroy her happiness with Ridge—that Thomas, Steffy and Phoebe (yes, Phoebe is alive!) are really Thorne’s after she slept with Thorne during Ridge’s back-and-forth between her and Brooke. At a Forrester Christmas party, secrets come out and lives are destroyed. Will Ridge forgive Taylor or will he discover his true feelings for Brooke before it’s too late?
Brooke Logan – Katherine Kelly Lang
Dr. Taylor Hayes Forrester – Hunter Tylo
Ridge Forrester – Ronn Moss
Thomas Forrester – Pierson Fode
Steffy Forrester – Jacqueline MacInnes Wood
Phoebe Forrester – MacKenzie Mauzy
Rick Forrester – Jacob Young
Caroline Spencer – Linsey Godfrey
Eric Forrester – John McCook
Stephanie Douglas Forrester – Susan Flannery
Garcia/Det. Dave Reed – Stephen Shortridge
Chapter 1
Brooke sat on the plane, taking her away to Spain and away from the Forresters. She closed her eyes and could see Ridge pinning her down against the mattress. No, she won’t go through this again. Pining after a man that’s married. She won’t jeopardize her life and those around her again. She thought of the pain she caused.
First, there was Bridget and Rick. When Rick had been with Amber, she had purposely tried to sabotage it, claiming that Amber was a dirty whore that’s using Rick to get Forrester’s money.
When Ridge found out that the kids were Eric’s. How devastated they were especially Eric knowing that he sired them. Not Ridge.
Then, she slept with Bridget’s husband getting pregnant with Hope. She also slept with Hope’s lover and her own beloved sister’s. She had a tumulus past. Brooke sighed.
It was time to make a life of her own. And Stephanie was proud of her. She had seen the remarkable change, the willingness to let go of Ridge.
There’s a Forrester Creations in Barcelona where she was heading.
*** Back in his office***
“Mother, you can’t be serious!” Ridge asked his mother.
Stephanie smiled. “You know, once, I thought Brooke’s obsession with you, but it’s the other way around.”
He rubbed his tired forehead and glossed over at the stack of unfinished files. “What about the kids, the business? Is she just going to take off without them!?!”
“ Don’t worry about the business. There’s a Forrester’s in Spain. And as for the kids, me and Eric will handle them.” Stephanie reassured Ridge. “You worry too much…go and spend time with YOUR family!”
As Ridge went home to Taylor, Thomas, Steffy and Phoebe…
Taylor listened on the other side. She had tears running down her cheek, burning with vile bitterness.
‘Oh God Brooke, why can’t you stay away…!?!”
Chapter 2
Brooke made up her mind that once she arrived in Barcelona, she would get in better shape. She used to exercise when she was younger, but she had been slacking off—not that it she really needed the exercise—Brooke was still as gorgeous as ever when she was younger and with Ridge and before Eric and in college majoring in fashion.
Brooke would do her best to get her younger body back.
But Ridge was still the same—riding his bike and jogging early in the mornings—damn him and his gorgeous body!
“Ms. Logan, would you like some refreshment?” the flight attendant asked her.
Brooke smiled and shook her head. “No thanks!”
She just wanted the plane to land.
A few hours later, the pilot announced its arrival in Barcelona, Spain. Brooke was more than a little relieved, but feeling a little jet-lagged. As she got off the plane and retrieved her luggage, she headed for the hotel that Stephanie had made a reservation for her, Brooke climbed into bed and slept all night long, not even waking for dinner.
The next morning, Brooke woke feeling refreshed and ready to start her new job at Forrester-Barcelona. She met with the CEO, who turned out to be Ivy, Eric’s niece from Australia.
“Ivy, I thought you were in Sydney?” Brooke greeted her.
“I was, but Uncle Eric gave me this promotion here in Barcelona and I hopped a flight to take the job.” Ivy explained.
“Well, it’ll be nice to work with you.” Brooke told her.
“Yes, I think it will.” Ivy said, glad she was not in L.A. with Steffy’s drama.
“So how have you been doing?”
“I’m doing great.”
“We should hang out after work.” Brooke offered. “You need to show me some great spots here in Barcelona.”
“Yes, I can do that.” Ivy agreed. “When do you want to do that?”
“How about tonight?” Brooke suggested. “I need a night out on the town.”
“Okay, it’s a date!”
Brooke settled down at her desk and went through the designs Ivy had given her to review. She was glad she came her to Barcelona. Brooke felt like she was going to like it here.
Chapter 3
Brooke showed up early at the café where Ivy told her to meet her for their dinner date. Worried that she was the one late, she was surprised to find Ivy hadn’t made it yet, despite Ivy always making a priority to be early.
Brooke felt her cell vibrate in her pocket and took it out to find that Ivy had left a text: “Sorry! Sumthing came up! Won’t B able 2 make R dinner date! Njoy dinner on me! Just talk to Felix! Everything taken care of!”
Just as Ivy had said, Felix came out when he saw Brooke just as Ivy had described her.
“Aw, Ms. Brooke Logan!” Felix greeted her.
“Felix?” Brooke asked with confusion. “How did you know me?”
“Ms. Forrester described you to a T.” Felix explained. “She did not do you justice though. You’re even more beautiful than she described.”
“Aw thank you Felix.” Brooke said gratefully.
“Just let me know when you’ve decided on you’re order and it will be ready for you.” Felix encouraged her.
“Thanks, but for now, could you just bring me a martini dry?” Brooke asked him.
“Will do.” Felix said as he went to get Brooke her drink as she sat down at table for two and took out some more designs to review.
After Felix brought her her martini, Brooke was so wrapped up in the designs she didn’t notice the handsome stranger who spoke to her.
“This seat taken, ma’am?” the handsome gentleman asked Brooke.
“Uh, no sir.” Brooke said after glancing up from the designs at the gorgeous body of the stranger.
“Thank you.” the handsome stranger said when he took the seat across from Brooke. “The name’s Garcia.”
“Nice to meet you, Mr. Garcia.”
“It’s just Garcia.” Garcia corrected.
“Oh, I’m sorry.” Brooke apologized.
“That’s alright.” Garcia told her. “So, you’re new here in Barcelona?”
“Yes.” Brooke began. “I moved here from L.A.”
“Oh? What brought you to Barcelona?”
“My job.”
“Really? What do you do?”
“I’m a fashion designer for Forrester Creations in L.A. I accepted the job here when I offered the position here at Forrester-Barcelona.”
As Brooke and Garcia got to know each other, she did not know that Ivy had set her up with the Forrester model, Garcia Jimenez.
Chapter 4
Brooke had been dating Garcia for a week, even calling off work at Forrester-Barcelona to spend her days at the beach to be with him. Finally, Brooke told Garcia that she had neglected her duties at Forrester long enough. Although Garcia gave a pained look, he seemed to understand, although Brooke didn’t know why? Not until she arrived at Forrester, after feeling well rested after her week-long vacation, only to be surprised to find Garcia also at Forrester.
“Garcia, I know you must miss me, but you didn’t have to come see me here where I work?” Brooke said thanking him.
“Sorry to burst your bubble, Brooke, but I’m not here to see you.”
“Huh? I don’t understand?”
“I also work here.”
“You do?
“Yes, as a model.” Garcia explained.
“You’re a model? I’ve been hanging out with a Forrester model?” Brooke asked confused just as Ivy entered the foyer.
“Yes, Brooke.” Ivy said upon entrance. “I thought you need a break from Forrester, so I asked Garcia to accompany you to dinner.”
“You arranged this?”
“Nothing came up.” Ivy confessed. “I arranged to have Garcia have dinner in my place.”
“I see.” Brooke asked. “Well, thank you.”
“Yes. Thank you Ivy.” Garcia nodded. “Ms. Logan and I had a very interesting week.”
“Well, it’s been nice spending time with you Garcia, but I really must get back to work.” Brooke apologized. “I’m sure I’m way behind as it is.”
“Dinner. After?” Garcia asked before Brooke could rush off.
“Yes. Dinner. After.” Brooke agreed before jetting off to her office to get some work done.
Meanwhile, back in L.A., word about Brooke’s week-long dalliance with the Forrester model Garcia had reached L.A. and Ridge (remember, this Ridge is being played by the original Ronn Moss) was not happy about it. He knew he should be happy with Taylor and the kids, but Brooke’s romance in Barcelona was bothering him. He didn’t love Taylor. . .not the way he loved Brooke. As much as his children (Thomas, Steffy, and Phoebe) met the world to him, his heart still belong with Brooke.
After dialing the airport and arranging for the Forrester jet to take him to Barcelona, Ridge left the office with no explanation to Taylor or his children.
Chapter 5
Brooke answered the door when she heard the doorbell ring, “Gar— er, Ridge? I didn’t expect to see you?”
“I don’t like it, Logan!” Ridge said bitterly, as he made his way into her hotel suite.
“I’m sorry, Ridge!” Brooke said, appalled by his behavior. “What is it exactly you don’t like?!”
“You dating. . .this. . .Garcia!” Ridge raged.
“I’m sorry, but I don’t see where you have any say in who I date, let alone see?!” Brooke reminded him.
“Logan, please.” Ridge pleaded. “I need you. It’s you I want. Not Taylor.”
“Ridge, go back to L.A.!” Brooke demanded, irately.
“Come back with me.” Ridge protested. “We can start fresh again.”
“Sorry, Ridge, I like it here in Barcelona.” Brooke said.
“I absolutely forbid you to date this Garcia. Really Brooke, a Forrester model?” Ridge demanded. “Remember our policy about dating the models?”
“Since when does company policy bother you?” Brooke complained, as she reminded her about all the romances within Forrester.
“Please stop seeing Garcia!” Ridge demanded.
“Sorry, Ridge, but I—“ Brooke started to say, but was interrupted when Garcia showed up at her front door for their date.
“Am I interrupting something?” Garcia asked, bothered by another man’s presence in Brooke’s suite.
“Garcia, I’m so glad to see you!” Brooke greeted him with a kiss on the lips in front of Ridge, who was seething with envy.
“Who is this guy?” Garcia asked.
“Garcia, this is Ridge Forrester, our CEO, Eric’s, oldest son, from the L.A. office.” Brooke said, introducing Garcia to Ridge. “Ridge was just leaving. Weren’t you, Ridge?”
“This isn’t over, Logan!” Ridge said, as he left Brooke’s suite.
“Now, where were we?” Brooke said, after Ridge left. “Right, we had a date, didn’t we, Garcia.”
“Did you two have something?” Garcia asked.
“Yes, but it’s clearly over!” Brooke reassured him.
“Then, shall we?” Garcia said, as he and Brooke went out for a night on the town.
Chapter 6
Ridge was adamant that he would get Brooke back. This Garcia guy would soon be history. Ridge was sure of that. Brooke would never be able to forget everything they had together. They were destined to be together.
“Jackson Law Office.” Sally the paralegal answered the office phone.
“This is Ridge Forrester.” Ridge told the paralegal. “I need to have Mr. Jackson start proceedings for a dissolution of marriage from Taylor Hayes.”
“Okay, Mr. Forrester, I will have the attorney get started on that.” Sally told Ridge.
“Thank you.” Ridge said then hung up so he could get back to his plan to get Garcia out of Brooke’s life.
And he knew just the way to do it.
Meanwhile, Brooke and Garcia were enjoying dinner at an exclusive restaurant in Barcelona that Garcia had taken Brooke to. When he heard his cell ringing.
“Darn!” Garcia said irritated. “I’m sorry, Brooke, but I must take of this.”
Brooke took a sip of her champagne while she waited for Garcia to come back. When he did he had bad news for her.
“Brooke, I’m sorry, but I must end our date.” Garcia said sadly.
“Why? I thought we were having a great time?” Brooke said with surprise.
“I need to get a flight to the States.” Garcia told her.
“Tonight?” Brooke inquired.
“It is the opportunity I’ve been waiting for.” Garcia told her. “I got a modeling gig in L.A.”
“You’re leaving Barcelona? Forrester-Barcelona?” Brooke asked, sadly as she was just starting to like him. “I thought you loved being a model for us?”
“I’m sorry.” was all Garcia could say, before he walked out on Brooke and boarded his flight.
Ridge smiled when he saw his plan worked. Spying Brooke, Ridge waited for the right time before he made his move.
“Brooke?” Ridge said, to a depressed Brooke, who had drank a little too much champagne.
“He left?” Brooke said sadly. “Why did he do that?”
“I don’t know.” Ridge said.
“I was starting to like Garcia.” Brooke said in wonder. “I thought we had something and he bails for L.A. for some modeling gig?”
“Forget him.” Ridge told her as he sat down at the table and held her hand.
Ridge helped a slightly inebrieated Brooke to the car and helped her get inside. He drove her to her suite where he helped her into bed. As Ridge was about to leave, he heard Brooke call out.
“Don’t leave!”
Back in L.A., Taylor went to answer the door to find a courier hand her an envelope and repeat to her: “You’ve been served!” and left.
As Taylor opened up the envelope, she was in shock to find that Ridge was suing her for divorce.
“Damn you, Brooke!” Taylor said loudly.
Chapter 7
Sheila Carter arrived in Barcelona with news for Ridge that she knew he would want to hear. But it would come at a price—and Sheila knew that Ridge would do anything to get his precious Logan back!
After getting off the plane and grabbing her baggage at the baggage claim, Sheila hailed a cab and headed for Ridge’s hotel suite. She couldn’t wait to tell him her news!
Meanwhile, Brooke was having the time of her life with Garcia on the beaches of Barcelona frolicking in the sand and surf.
Garcia planned a romantic picnic on the beach with all of Brooke’s favorites: shrimp, crabcakes, wine and the tastiest cheesecake ever.
Brooke loved every minute of it. Garcia certainly knew how to treat a lady!
Back at Ridge’s hotel suite, Sheila had arrived and knocked on Ridge’s door.
“Sheila?” Ridge said, surprised to see her.
“I have some news I know you won’t be able to resist.”
“Save it, Sheila! I doubt you can deliver anything good!”
“Why don’t you just hear me out first before you decide?”
“Fine! You have 5 minutes to spin your web of lies!” Ridge said, raising his arm to show her that her precious minutes were ticking away.
After Sheila shared proof that his girls, Steffy and Phoebe, were not his children, but his own brother’s, Thorne, Ridge was livid. He couldn’t believe that Taylor would lied about the paternity of their daughters, let alone sleep with his brother.
Ridge intended to make Taylor pay and she would! At the Forrester Christmas party next week. It would be perfect because Eric announced that he was flying Forrester employees to Barcelona, Spain for the company Christmas party! Taylor wouldn’t know what hit her, besides the divorce Ridge had her served her with.
Thanks to Sheila Carter, Ridge had even more grounds to sue Taylor for divorce!
Chapter 8
As Ridge waited for Brooke to come back from frolicking in the surf with whoever that guy was, he dialed his attorney back in L.A. to have divorce papers drawn up for Taylor. He couldn’t believe Taylor would cheat on him with his own brother, Thorne.
At a phone booth on a corner in Barcelona…”Garcia?’
“Who is this?” Garcia asks, when he is alone after Brooke goes for some drinks and food.
“Have you told Brooke who you really are?” Sheila asks.
“No, I haven’t.” Garcia told her.
“Well, please hurry. I can’t hold off Ridge any longer.” Shelia said.
“I will. As soon as Brooke comes back.”
“Back? Back from where?” Sheila demanded.
“She left to get refreshments.”
“You let her go off alone?! You numbskull!” Sheila reprimanded him. “What if Ridge finds her!”
“He won’t!” Garcia said, sounding sure of himself.
“You better hope he doesn’t find Brooke!” Sheila warned him before hanging up.
Garcia closed the phone and waited for Brooke to come back. But she never showed up. Garcia knew he needed to tell her who he really was…that he was Det. Dave Reed…the guy she was engaged to and turned down because of Ridge Forrester, who at the time was set to marry Caroline Spencer.
Meanwhile, Brooke had the drinks and snacks and was set to head back to Garcia, when Ridge pulled up and offered her a ride.
“Going somewhere, lovely lady?” Ridge said from his car.
Brooke nearly dropped her drinks and snacks when she noticed who was calling out to her, “Ridge!”
“Brooke, get in.”
“What are doing here in Barcelona?”
“I came to find you.”
“Well, as you can see, I was doing just fine without you.” Brooke said, wanting to get back to Garcia.
“Brooke, I want you.” Ridge came out and said it. “I’m divorcing Taylor.”
“Divorcing her? Why?”
“I found out some ugly information about her and my brother, Thorne.”
“And just what is this info, Ridge?”
“Thomas, Steffy and Phoebe aren’t mine…they’re Thorne’s!” Ridge told her.
Brooke’s jaw dropped at Ridge’s news! Taylor cheated on Ridge? No way! Not perfect Dr. Taylor Hayes!
“You’re telling me Taylor cheating on you with your own brother, not once, but twice, making him the father of Thomas, Steffy and Phoebe?”
“That’s right!” Ridge said. “I called my attorney and had divorce papers drawn up.”
“So, I’m supposed to run back into your arms?” Brooke said in disbelief.
“You love me. I know you do.”
“You’re unbelievable.” Brooke said as she opened the car door and ran off to find Garcia.
Ridge didn’t have time to go after Brooke as Sheila jumped in instead.
“If you’re waiting for Brooke to come back, that won’t happen any time soon?” Sheila taunted him.
“And how do you know?”
But Sheila just laughed as Ridge wondered what she meant.
Chapter 9
Brooke was about to get the shock of her life when she met up with Garcia where he was worried and waiting for her to come back.
“What took you so long?” Garcia asked her.
“I ran into an old friend from L.A.” Brooke lied, not wanting to bring him into her troubles back home.
“Look, Brooke, I have to confess something to you.” Garcia began.
“You’re a serial killer?” Brooke joked.
“No, but you do know me from your past.”
Brooke at him again and there was something strangely familiar about him, but she couldn’t place what he meant.
“I’m really Det. Dave Reed.” Garcia revealed to a surprised Brooke.
It all came back to Brooke when Garcia revealed who he really was.
“Dave, the guy who proposed marriage years ago?” Brooke said, surprised. “I never thought I would ever see you again?”
“Yeah, that was the plan.”
“I’m sorry…the plan?”
“I didn’t want to get involved with you again…until the lady with long brown hair persuaded me to play a game on you.”
“Lady with long brown hair?” Brooke said.
“Yeah, I think she said her name was Sheila.”
“Sheila Carter?” Brooke said in disbelief. “You hooked up with Sheila Carter?”
Before Garcia/Dave could say another word, Brooke had run off back to her hotel room. She was packing and heading back to L.A. She couldn’t believe it? First, Ridge? Now Garcia, er—Dave?
Her life was unraveling before her eyes….
Meanwhile, Garcia/Dave called Sheila, “Well, I did it?!”
“And? What did Brooke say?”
“Say?! She walked out on me!” Garcia/Dave said. “I think she’s headed back home!”
“You better hope she didn’t!” Sheila warned him. Then hung up.
That’s all Sheila needed was for Brooke and Ridge to find each other at the airport and head back to L.A. ……….


A New Beginning: A Finn & Hayden (Fayden) Romance

Dr. Hamilton Finn has finally found a cure for the disease he (and subsequently Hayden) contracted. Newly cured of the disease, Finn and Hayden now have a fresh start to begin a romance that has been sparking between them for months. Will Finn and Hayden get the life they want or is there more trouble brewing?
In other news, Elizabeth stands by Franco as he goes to trial for the murder of Tom Baker. Will the real murderer be revealed or will Franco be headed for Pentonville again?
Also, Maxie and Nathan head for the aisle, but a tragedy looms for the bride and groom. Will they make it down the aisle?
Not to mention, Lulu wins custody from Valentin and brings Charlotte home to Dante and Rocco. Will it take a toll on her marriage and on Rocco?

Dr. Hamilton Finn – Michael Easton
Hayden Barnes aka Rachel Berlin – Rebecca Budig
Franco Baldwin – Roger Howarth
Elizabeth “Liz” Webber – Rebecca Herbst
Nathan West – Ryan Paevey
Maximilla Mariah “Maxie” Jones – Kirsten Storms
Dante Falconeri – Dominic Zamprogna
Lesley Lu “Lulu” Spencer-Falconeri – Emme Rylan

Chapter 1
Finn and Hayden are celebrating Finn’s success with finding a cure that loomed dark in their future. Finn made a toast to their future as the star-crossed lovers kissed. But a mystery figure sitting over on the other side of the restaurant wasn’t too happy to see the two lovebirds kissing.
“I can’t believe I’m here to see this day.” Hayden exclaimed to Finn after their kiss.
“I’m just grateful we found a cure.” Finn said as he kissed her again.
The kiss led to more passion as the two lovers couldn’t seem to take their hands off each other and decided they’d better take it elsewhere before anyone noticed.
So Finn took Hayden by the hand as they walked happily out of the Haunted Star hand in hand and back to Finn’s room at The MetroCourt. It didn’t take them long to wrangle out of their clothes before they had their hands all over each other as Finn laid Hayden on the bed, kissing every inch of her body.
But that was as far as it got when a mysterious text came in on Finn’s cell: I’m back!
“Do you have to check that?” Hayden asked, doing her best to keep him in bed.
Finn grabbed his cell as he looked at the text, perplexed by the message.
“What is it, hon?” Hayden asked worriedly.
“Nothing.” Finn said, trying not to worry her.
“C’mon, don’t say that. I saw the look on your face.”
“It’s nothing. Really.” Finn said as he tried to take Hayden’s mind off the message and back to their romance, but the mood was ruined.
“I’m sorry, Finn, but I just remembered I have a deadline at the hospital.” Hayden told him. “And you know how Liesl gets when I’m not there.”
“Yes, you better go.” Fin said. “Raincheck?”
“Yes. We’ll continue this later, when I get back.” Hayden said with a kiss before heading out of his room door.
As soon as Hayden left, Finn text back, “Who is this?”
“C’mon, Hamilton, it’s Rebecca!”
“How can that be?”
“Meet me and I’ll tell you.”
“I’m at Jake’s.”
Finn headed out to head to Jake’s just as Elizabeth went to the PCPD to visit Franco who was in jail awaiting trial for Tom Baker’s murder.
“I hate you being in here.” Liz said to Franco through the glass.
“I know, but I’m innocent. We just need to get the proof on Alexis for this murder to clear me.” Franco said to Liz.
“I’m working on it.” Liz said. “But Sam is deadlocked on the fact that Alexis had no reason for killing Tom Baker, even after I told her of our theory.”
“Well, something will come up.” Franco said hopefully. “Scott is working on a lead to get me acquitted of this trial.”
“Well, I hope it’s soon. I miss you.” Liz said as she held her hand up to Franco’s against the glass, as the two would-be lovers looked longingly at each other.

At the courthouse, Lulu is happy when the judge delivers his verdict in her custody battle over Charlotte with Valentin.
“After having reviewed the case, I have made my decision regarding the minor, Charlotte Cassadine.”
Lulu and Valentin sat vigil waiting for the judge’s verdict, “I order custody of minor Charlotte Cassadine to her birth mother, Lulu Spencer-Falconeri.”
Valentin stood up, “No, you can’t do this!”
“Silence in my court, Mr. Cassadine.” The judge ordered. “Before I place you in contempt of court.”
“Dante, did you hear that.” Lulu exclaimed, barely able to contain her excitement. “We can take Charlotte home!”
“I knew we would win.” Dante said as he hugged his wife, wondering what it meant for the four of them—Rocco, Charlotte, Lulu and him.
Lulu reached out to grab Charlotte’s hand but the little girl pulled away. “I want my daddy!”
Lulu did her best not to look hurt as she tried to comfort Charlotte.
“Go away!” Charlotte spit back at Lulu. “I want my daddy! Now!”
“Charlotte, the judge said you had to come live with me.” Lulu said, trying to be comforting. “You have a brother, Rocco.”
Charlotte gave in, remembering how she told Claudette that she wanted a brother or sister. “Fine, I’ll go, but I won’t like it!”
“It’s a start.” Lulu said encouragingly, as she held out her hand for Charlotte.

Chapter 2
Finn left before she give him the news that she was pregnant, Hayden thought to herself as she put her hand to her stomach. She wondered just what kind of mother she’d be? She was sure that Finn would be a great father.
But Hayden didn’t realize that she was being watched by Dr. Liesl Obrecht. And as Dr. Obrecht watched, she knew that Hayden was pregnant. And a scheme to get back at Finn and Hayden for getting her fired from General Hospital was hatched in her mind.
As Dr. Obrecht went along to work on her scheme, Hayden text Finn:
“I miss U. Can’t wait 2 C U!”
Finn saw his messages and text back: “Miss U 2!” “Kisses!”
Hayden went back to work at General Hospital, but her mind was preoccupied on the baby and not being able to tell Finn.
“Oh, screw it!” Hayden said to herself. “I’ll never get anything done today.”
Hayden gathered her things and headed out of the hospital just as she ran into Dr. Obrecht.
“Liesl, I’m so sorry!” Hayden apologized. “I was about to go home.”
“Leaving so soon, Miss Barnes?” Dr. Obrecht questioned her work ethic.
“I have to plan something special for Finn. I have big news to tell him.”
“Okay. I’ll let you go.” Dr. Obrecht told her.
“Thanks.” Hayden said rushing out of the hospital and to her car. And sped out of the hospital parking garage so she could start on her plans for Finn.
Meanwhile, Lulu, Dante, Charlotte, and Rocco were in the park having family time when Valentin happened along.
“Papa!” Charlotte said happily, as she ran to his side, to Lulu’s chagrin.
It took Dante to hold her back to fight the temptation to go after her daughter.
“Let them see each other.” Dante told her.
“You’re right, Dante, as always.” Lulu agreed.
“Oh, Papa!” Charlotte shouted. “I’m so glad you’re here!” Can Papa join us, Lulu?”
It hurt Lulu for Charlotte to call her by her name, but she agreed to let Valentin stay and join them.
“Yes, darling, Valentin can stay.” Lulu said, forcing a smile on her face for Charlotte’s benefit.
As the Falconeri family and Valentin enjoyed a day in the park, Hayden was almost home when she tried to put on her brakes and didn’t slow down. Panicked, she stepped on the brakes, and realizing they were out, ran the car off the side into a ravine.

Chapter 3
Finn had arrived home to find that Hayden still hadn’t arrived home. Worried, he text her, “Hey, where are you?”
10 minutes later, Hayden hadn’t responded by text or by call. So Finn headed out to his car to see if he could find her.
He pulled out of the driveway and started down the road where he saw an accident about a mile down from their residence. Being a doctor, Finn did the responsible thing and pulled his car over and got out to see if he could assist at the accident scene. What he saw rocked him to his core.
Hayden was being put into an ambulance.
He ran up to the stretcher before paramedics could place Hayden into the ambulance.
“Sir, we must really get going.” The paramedic told Finn.
“I’m sorry, but I’m coming along.” Finn said as he climbed into the ambulance with the paramedic after Hayden was inside.
“Hayden, what happened?” Finn questioned her.
“I was on my way home when the brakes went out.” Hayden told Finn.
Suddenly, Hayden felt a cramp and screamed out in pain, “Owwwww!”
“Miss, are you pregnant?” the paramedic asked her.
“Yes.” Hayden told the paramedic between spasms, as a shocked Finn looked on.
“Can you save my baby?” Hayden asked the paramedic.
“We’ll do all we can.”
The paramedics arrived at General Hospital and took Hayden inside where she was greeted by Liz.
“Hayden, what happened?” Liz asked worried when she saw her half-sister come in by ambulance.
As Hayden was rushed into the ER cubicle, an unseen Dr. Obrecht was waiting to put her plan in motion.
Finn was forced to wait in the waiting room while Liz and Lucas examined Hayden.
“Can you save the baby?” Hayden asked Lucas, as Liz looked surprised to learn of Hayden’s pregnancy.
“Well, let’s have a look at what’s going on?” Lucas said, as he placed his stethoscope on Hayden’s stomach.
Not hearing a heartbeat from the embryo, Lucas ordered tests done.
As Hayden was being admitted, Liz came out to see Finn.
“How is she?” Finn asked, when he saw Liz come out of the ER.
“Hayden is being admitted.” Liz told him.
“Can I go see her?”
“Yes, she wanted to see you immediately.” Liz told him.
Finn found Hayden resting and sat by her side, “Why didn’t you tell me about the baby?”
“I was on my way home to plan a special dinner.” Hayden explained. “I was going to tell you then.”
Finn kissed Hayden just as Lucas arrived with her test results, “I’m sorry, Hayden, but you were never pregnant.”
“What? But…..” Hayden was too stupefied to say anything more.
She just lay back on her bed and cried. She was so sure she was pregnant?
But on her way out of the hospital was Dr. Obrecht carrying a suspicious package.

Chapter 4
When Dr. Obrecht got back to her secret laboratory, she was happy to see that Nina was prepped and ready for surgery.
Back at General Hospital, Hayden was restless after Lucas spoke with her and told her she was never pregnant.
“Finn, I’m sure I was pregnant?” Hayden said.
“Shhh! Try to get some rest.” Finn said, trying to be supportive. “You’ve been in a terrible car accident.”
“No, Finn!” Hayden said, getting up. But just as she got up, she grew dizzy and passed out in Finn’s arms, as he gently laid her back in her hospital bed.
Finn was glad Hayden had passed out. The stress from the car accident and the news that she was never pregnant had taken a toll on Hayden. He didn’t know how he was going to tell her his news he received earlier tonight when he got the text about Rebecca telling him to meet her. He was so sure it was just a hoax. Now how was he going to tell Hayden that his not-so-dead wife was back from the dead.
After everything Hayden’s been through, Finn didn’t think she could handle this news very well.
At the PCPD county jail, Franco was restless. He was innocent of Tom Baker’s murder. He needed to get out of this cell so he could find Tom’s killer. He couldn’t wait for Alexis to arrive. He was getting out of this cell now.
“Alexis? Here to see Franco?” Dante said, when he saw Alexis arrive at the PCPD.
“Yes, I need to counsel my client.” Alexis told Dante.
“Well, go on in.” Dante said, as Alexis headed for Franco’s cell, but 5 minutes later, she returned only to the front desk where Dante was working on his reports for the day.
“Dante, has Franco been taken in for interrogation without me being notified?” Alexis quizzed Dante, who looked just as surprised at Franco’s disappearance.
“No, he was there 15 minutes ago?”
“Well, he’s not there now!” Alexis said, ired.
As Dante went to check on Franco in his cell, Franco had made it out without being seen and headed for Liz’s house.
Back at Dr. Obrecht’s laboratory, Nina was just coming to in a hospital bed just as Liesl was coming into her room to check on her.
“Well, how is my patient today?” Dr. Obrecht asked.
“How did I get here?” Nina asked her aunt.
“Well, you passed out at General Hospital and I brought you here to examine you.” Dr. Obrecht told her.
“So what’s wrong with me?” Nina asked.
“Why Nina, you’ll be so happy?” Dr. Obrecht said, smiling. “You’re pregnant?”
Nina’s jaw dropped. How could that be? Nina wondered.

Chapter 5
Dr. Obrecht wanted revenge against Finn and Hayden and what better way than to let Hayden believe she was never pregnant before she could tell Finn the news. She wanted them to pay for outing her at General Hospital as the one who falsified his drug tests. And her niece, Nina was perfect to accept the embryo. She would let Nina be a mother to Finn and Hayden’s daughter. That way, she could keep an eye on the little girl without anyone suspecting anything. And everyone would think Hayden was crazy and be angry at her for pretending to be pregnant. It was the perfect scam!
Dr. Obrecht’s thoughts were interrupted by Nina who was waking from her sleep.
“Dr. Obrecht, what happened?” Nina said, groggy from sleep.
“What do you remember?” Dr. Obrecht asked her.
“I remember you telling me I was pregnant?” Nina asked her aunt, confused.
“Yes, Nina, you are.” Dr. Obrecht told her niece. “I ran some tests here at my home and it came back positive. You are indeed pregnant.”
“But how is that possible?” Nina asked. “It’s been a while since I’ve been with Valentin?”
“Well, you are.” Dr. Obrecht said, not wanting to get into how her niece was pregnant. “Just enjoy it.”
“I still don’t see how?” Nina said, still confused. She remembered how Dr. Westbourne told her how she would never have children. “Your own daughter said I would never have children?”
“Well, my daughter has been known to be wrong?” Dr. Obrecht said.
“When can I go home?” Nina asked. “I have work at Crimson to get done.”
“As soon as I know the pregnancy took.” Dr. Obrecht told her. “Now get some rest.”
Nina felt drowsy and fell asleep to Dr. Obrecht’s delight.
Meanwhile, at Liz’s home, Franco knocked on the front door.
“Franco?” Liz asked, shocked to see him on her doorstep.
“I escaped.” Franco said as he came in and locked the door.
“What? How?” Liz asked him.
“I couldn’t sit in that cell.” Franco explained. “I needed to get out so I could solve Tom Baker’s murder.”
“But you’re going to make problems for you when they find you here.” Liz told him.
“Don’t worry. I made sure no one followed me here.” Franco told her, but the sound of sirens arriving in Liz’s driveway made Franco hide upstairs in her room while Liz was forced to lie to Dante.
“Dante, what are you doing here?” Liz said, trying to sound surprised to see him.
“Has Franco been here?” Dante asked her.
“No. No he hasn’t been here.” Liz lied to him. “I haven’t even been to the PCPD to see him.”
“Liz, you were there just this afternoon.”
“Oh, silly me. I do remember seeing Franco this afternoon.”
“Well, do you mind if I have a look around?”
“Go ahead.” Liz told him, hoping Franco wouldn’t get caught.
Dante looked upstairs in Liz’s bedroom first while Valerie looked in the living room and kitchen. After about 15 minutes of searching Liz’s home, and satisfied that Franco was not there, Dante and Valerie walked out of Liz’s home, to Liz’s glee.
“So, we didn’t find Franco at Liz’s.” Valerie said, so sure he’d be there.
“No, we didn’t.” Dante replied. But he did happen to see Franco in Jake’s closet. But, overlooking the closet, Dante let Franco stay in there and left. He knew why Franco escaped. He wished Franco luck in finding Tom Baker’s killer.

Chapter 6
Dr. Obrecht smiled at the revenge she was going to get on Finn and Hayden for outing her at General Hospital as the one who sabotaged Finn’s test results. She imagined Hayden going crazy knowing she was pregnant one minute and suddenly not pregnant the next.
She went back to Nina’s room to check on how her niece was doing.
“Well, Nina, how are feeling?” Dr. Obrecht asked her.
“Suddenly ravenous.” Nina replied.
“Well, lucky for me I brought you a little lunch.”
“Please, get that away from me.” Nina said, as she threw up.
“Hmmmmm…” Dr. Obrecht said, hoping it was morning sickness from the pregnancy from when she implanted Hayden’s embryo into Nina.
“Let me do a little check up, Nina darling.”
After placing the fetal stethoscope over Nina’s belly, she successfully heard the fetal heartbeat.
“Well, Nina, I have good news.” Dr.Obrecht said. “I just heard the heartbeat of your baby.”
“It’s not a dream?” Nina inquired from her aunt.
“Nina, you are indeed pregnant. And you must take precautions with this pregnancy.”
“Okay, Aunt Liesl.” Nina said as she went back to sleep, still wondering how she was pregnant in the first place.
Meanwhile, Finn had Hayden blindfolded to surprise her with their new home that he had purchased to start their new life. He was hoping it would take her mind off the miscarriage.
“Ta da!” Finn exclaimed when he removed the blindfold over Hayden’s eyes to reveal the new apartment.
“What’s this?” Hayden said depressed.
“Our new home?” Finn said, trying to cheer Hayden up.
“What good is it now?! There’s no baby!” Hayden said, melancholy.
“We can have another baby?” Finn said.
“What’s the point? It won’t replace the one we lost!” Hayden said as she ran out of the apartment crying.
As Finn went after Hayden, Dr. Obrecht was watching, smiling at the thought of her revenge on Finn and Hayden. She couldn’t wait for Nina’s baby to be born to lord it over the two them.
“This is what you get Finn, for outing me at General Hospital!” Dr. Obrecht said to herself.

Chapter 7
Nina was awake when Dr. Obrecht came to check on Nina.
“How are my favorite niece and grand nephew/niece?” Liesl Obrecht asked Nina cheerily.
“Great.” Nina said happily. “When can I go home to Valentin?”
“Oh, dear, you can’t go home anytime soon.” Dr. Obrecht told her niece.
“I don’t understand?”
“Nina, it’s a high-risk pregnancy. I need to monitor you and the baby.” Dr. Obrecht covered.
“But how am I pregnant?” Nina asked confused. “I haven’t been with anyone in a long while?”
“Don’t you worry about it, Nina. All will come out when the baby is born.” Dr. Obrecht assured her. “Now get some rest. You’re going to need it.”
Meanwhile, at PCPD, Franco was having a restless night sleeping. It was the night of his trial for the murder of Tom Baker. The PCPD had enough evidence to send Franco away for life. It looked as if Franco might be headed for Pentonville again?
“Franco, I’ll be in court standing by you during this trial.” Liz said when Dante let her in to see Franco.
Franco held Liz’s hand as she stuck her hand inside the bars of Franco’s cell. They only got a couple minutes together when the guard on duty saw the embrace and separated the duo.
“No hanky panky in the cell!” The guard told Liz and Franco.
“Sorry.” Liz told the guard, looking at Franco to let him know how much she loved him.
“Okay, enough with the eye contact!” the guard warned them.
But Liz and Franco couldn’t keep their eyes off each other and Liz was thrown out of the jail.
“Hey, you can’t do this!” Liz yelled at the guard as he was tossing her out of Franco’s cell.
Franco sat in his cot inside his cell. He couldn’t sleep. So he stayed up all night waiting his trial. He hoped his father could get him off of this ridiculous charge?
Finn was having no luck trying to cheer Hayden up. She was depressed after learning of the miscarriage. Hayden refused to get out of bed and called into General Hospital sick and unable to go into work. Finn was out of his wits’ end as to how to help Hayden.

Chapter 8
Nina snuck out of bed when Liesl was away to make a call to Valentin, who was going out of his mind wondering where Nina was.
“Nina, where have you been?” a frantic Valentin said, relieved to hear Nina’s voice.
“I’m here with Dr. Obrecht.” Nina told him.
“Here? Where’s here?” Valentin asked.
“I don’t know.” Nina said.
“What do you mean, you don’t know.”
“Dr. Obrecht didn’t exactly tell me where we were going, but I have news for you.” Nina said ecstatically.
“What is your news?” Valentin asked, wondering what it could be.
“I’m pregnant!” Nina told a shocked Valentin, since Nina’s been told she can’t get pregnant. “But I—“
“I can’t believe it. I was told by every doctor I couldn’t possibly get pregnant and Dr. Obrecht tells me I am.”
“Well, when are you coming home?”
“Dr. Obrecht says I can’t come home now. It’s a high-risk pregnancy and she must monitor me and the baby.” Nina told a sad Valentin.
“So, we’ll be apart for the pregnancy?”
“Only until I deliver.”
“That long?”
“I know, but it will be worth in the long run.” Nina said. “You do want a healthy child?”
“Yes.” Valentin agreed.
“I love you.”
“Love you too.” Valentin replied back as he blew a kiss threw the phone.
“I got to go!” Nina told him when Liesl caught her on the phone and berated her.
“What are you doing out of bed!”
“I just wanted to call Valentin!” Nina apologized.
“Get back to bed! You need your rest.”
Nina didn’t know how long she could take this bed rest for the length of her pregnancy. She was still wondering how she managed to get pregnant?
“Don’t worry, Nina.” Liesl reassured her. “Everyhthing will be fine.”
Liesl smiled gleefully as she silently patted herself on the back for getting the ultimate revenge on Finn and Hayden!

Chapter 9
Hayden was in major depression mode. Her “miscarriage” hit her hard and Finn didn’t know what to do. Hayden wasn’t eating or sleeping. Hayden was up late and slept late in the mornings. She neglected work duties at the hospital and their intimacy was lacking.
Finn decided to surprise Hayden with a romantic day in Port Charles, but when he got home to surprise her, Hayden was nowhere to be found.
“Liz, have you seen Hayden?” Finn asked when Liz answered her cell.
“No, I thought she was with you?”
“No. I had a romantic surprise planned for her. I thought it would cheer her up. But she’s nowhere to be found?” Finn told her.
“I’m sorry that Hayden is having a difficult time with her miscarriage.”
“Yeah. She isn’t sleeping well or eating right.” Finn told her.
“Well, I’ll keep watch for my sister.’ Liz told him before they hung up.
Finn sat in a chair wondering Hayden was.
Meanwhile, Hayden was at the airport booking a ticket for an undisclosed flight. She wanted out of Port Charles and Finn’s life. There was nothing her for her since she “lost” their baby.
As Hayden board her flight, a gleeful Liesl Obrecht watched her leave Port Charles and her life with Finn. She had won! Finn and Hayden were over. Nina would be a mother their baby that she had removed Hayden’s womb and had implanted in Nina. And no one was the wiser! Her revenge had worked!

Bedroom Secrets: A B&B Fanfiction

Schemes? Revenge? Lies? Coverups? Will relationships last in L.A.? Who will sleep with who?

Liam Spencer – Scott Clifton
Steffy Forrester-Spencer – Jacqueline MacInnes Wood
Sally Spectra – Courtney Hope
Wyatt Spencer – Darin Brooks
Katie Logan-Spencer – Heather Tom
$Bill Spencer – Don Diamont
Brooke Logan-Spencer – Katherine Kelly Lang
Ridge Forrester – Thorsten Kaye
Thomas Forrester – Pierson Fode
Caroline Spencer-Forrester – Linsey Godfrey
Maya Avant-Forrester – Karla Mosley
Eric “Rick” Forrester – Jacob Young
Zende Forrester – Rome Flynn
Nicole Avant-Forrester – Reign Edwards
Sasha Thompson-Avant – Felisha Cooper
Dr. Taylor Hayes – Hunter Tylo
Thorne Forrester – Winsor Harmon
Dominick “Nick” Marone – Jack Wagner

Chapter 1
“Brooke, I can’t lose you.” $Bill pleaded for another chance.
“I’m sorry, $Bill, but I can’t stand to be in your presence!” Brooke raged at him. “You disgust me with your heartlessness!”
Ridge was taking pleasure as he eavesdropped on Brooke’s conversation with $Bill. It gave him hope that he and Brooke would be a family with RJ again.
“Brooke, please! Don’t remove your wedding ring!” $Bill demanded.
“Get out, $Bill! Now!” Brooke said, as she did the unthinkable and tossed her wedding ring at him.
Ridge smiled as he watched a dejected Bill leave Brooke’s office at Forrester. But before $Bill left, he left a warning for Ridge.
“It’s not over, dressmaker!” $Bill threatened, convinced in time, Brooke would back. “Don’t think Brooke is yours! She will be back with me!”
Ridge just laughed as he shut Brooke’s door on him.
“Brooke, are you alright?” Ridge asked concerned.
“Just hold me, Ridge!” Brooke cried, as Ridge took her in her arms.
Elsewhere, at Spencer Publications, Liam was feeling like a hero after the changes he made at Spencer. Until Wyatt barged into his office.
“What is the meaning of this!” Wyatt demanded as he waved the new company policy in Liam’s face.
“I updated the policy so staff could have better benefits.” Liam said confidently.
“Dad is going to be pissed!” Wyatt exploded.
“Why? Don’t our employees deserve better benefits for their hard work?” Liam reasoned.
“I didn’t see anyone complaining!” Wyatt rebuked.
“Maybe they never did because they felt their jobs would be on the line if they did?”
“First, the $50 million gift to Spectra Fashions, now this!” Wyatt raged. “Dad is going to be so pissed!”
‘Well, Dad will have to deal! I’m in charge now!”
“I can’t deal with your leadership!” Wyatt said, leaving Liam’s office.
Wyatt pulled out his cell to call his father, but it went straight to voicemail. $Bill was feeling sorry for all he’s lost. He found himself at Bikini Bar, drowning his sorrows in some drinks, until he found a friend and supporter in Steffy, who showed up at the Bikini Bar.
“$Bill, what are you doing?” Steffy asked with concern.
“Go back to Liam, Steffy!” $Bill said depressed, as he took another sip of his drink.
“Stop it, $Bill!” Steffy said, as she tried to take his drink from him. “You’re better than this!”
“Leave me alone!” $Bill yelled, as he tried to get the drink from Steffy, but he was a little too drunk to do so.
“So, your drunk?” Steffy said. “You’re coming with me.”
Steffy helped an inebriated $Bill to his pad and laid him on the bed, undressed him and tucked into his bed.
As Steffy was about to leave, $Bill called out for her, “Don’t leave me?”
Steffy, feeling sorry for $Bill, decided it couldn’t hurt to just stay and comfort him. As she held $Bill’s hand until he fell asleep, $Bill pulled Steffy in for a kiss. Steffy tried to resist, but $Bill wouldn’t let her go.
As $Bill continued kissing Steffy, $Bill began to remove her blouse as he rubbed her down. Despite feeling guilty, Steffy couldn’t stop what was happening between her and $Bill.

Chapter 2
Steffy managed to get herself dressed after $Bill passed out mid-kiss. She was relieved that $Bill passed out before anything happened between them. $Bill had some strength despite being drunk. She couldn’t break free of $Bill’s embrace even though it did felt good to be in $Bill’s arms.
She headed home to Liam but found that Liam wasn’t home.
“He must still be at Spencer?” Steffy mused, as she readied their bedroom for a night of romance. She was happily relieved that she didn’t do anything with $Bill.
At Spectra Fashions, Liam was meeting with Sally to give her another gift, who overcome with emotion.
“Liam, I can’t begin to thank you enough for the help you have given me.” Sally said gratefully.
“I just want to give you an honest chance.” Liam told her.
“Well, I will repay your generosity.” Sally promised, as she touched his hand.
Liam felt some vibes when their hands touched, “Yeah! Just doing the right thing!”
“Well, thank you, Liam! You truly are my savior.” Sally told him.
“Yeah. I gotta go!” Liam said.
As he left Spectra, Liam wondered if his brother wasn’t right. Was he falling for Sally? But he tossed the thought away. No, I can’t be? I’m in love with my wife?
So Liam went home to his wife, who was lying in their bed in barely nothing.
Meanwhile, Wyatt needed some loving and went to Katie’s mansion.
“Wyatt, what’s wrong?” Katie said surprised to see him.
“Don’t ask! Just kiss me!” Wyatt told her as they kissed.
Wyatt threw Katie on the sofa and unbuttoned her blouse, feeling her up as he kissed her some more. As the two were getting into it, Will came downstairs crying.
“Mommy, I can’t sleep!” Will cried.
Katie and Wyatt composed themselves, but it was too late. While Katie tended to her son, the doorbell rang. Wyatt went to answer it, and found his father standing outside Katie’s doorstep.
Bill saw Katie and Wyatt’s disheveled appearance and fumed at the two of them.
“You’re screwing my ex-wife!” Bill raged. “And in front of my impressionable young son!”
Bill angrily grabbed Will from Katie’s arms, “You two make me sick! I’m taking my son out of here before the two of you corrupt him!”
Katie screamed at Bill, “Please bring my son back!”
“Never!” Bill yelled back, as he put his crying son into his car seat in his car. “After I found you screwing my son! I’m seeking full custody!”
“Noooooo!” Katie wailed, as Wyatt tried to console her.
“Get away from me, Wyatt!” Katie screamed at him. “This is all your fault! I should have never got involved with you!”
As bad as Wyatt felt for Katie, he couldn’t console her. So he left Katie’s mansion.
Wyatt found revenge on Liam and called some mysterious person on his cell to help in his plan to take the CEO position away from his brother.

Chapter 3
Hope was glad to come home to L.A. She had been keeping tabs on everyone and her plan was to get Liam back. Now that Wyatt had called her back, she found the perfect opportunity to hatch her plot.
Meanwhile, a guilt-ridden Liam decided to go back to Spencer and get some work done. But he got the shock of his life when he discovered Hope and Wyatt sitting in his office waiting for him.
“Wyatt? Hope? What are you two doing here?”
“I’m taking control of Spencer!” Wyatt told his brother.
“Excuse me?!”
“I didn’t care for the way you ran the business, so I called in reinforcements to have you run out!”
“You can’t do that!” Liam objected.
“I have a signed affidavit from the Board of Directors that says I can!” Wyatt said, holding up the document. “You’re out!”
“You’re in on this, Hope!” Liam accused.
“Unfortunately, yes. But—–“ Hope began, but an angry Liam cut her off.
“If the CEO position is what you want, Wyatt, it’s yours!” Liam said hotly as he grabbed his briefcase and walked out of Spencer.
Wyatt nodded and said, “Go after him!”
Hope ran after Liam before he got far, “Liam!”
Liam was just about to get into his car by the time Hope reached him.
“What do you want, Hope?!”
“You!” Hope confessed.
“I’m sorry? what?!” Liam asked surprised.
“I came back for you! I want you back!”
“I’m sorry but I’m with Steffy.” Liam said guiltily after his kiss with Sally.
“Hey, what’s wrong?” Hope said, concerned when she saw the look of disdain in Liam’s eyes.
“It’s nothing.” Liam lied.
“Liam, I know something’s wrong. Please tell me.”
Meanwhile, at the hospital, $Bill was speaking to the lab technician: “Do you have the results of Steffy’s paternity test?”
“Yes. A copy for you confirming you the father of Steffy’s baby, and a fake copy for Steffy confirming Liam is the father.”
“Good work. You will find a handsome chunk of money in your check the next payday.” $Bill told the lab technician.
$Bill drove home smiling slyly…waiting to spring the truth on Steffy…
Back at the cliff house, Steffy opened the envelope containing the paternity results, hoping it would reveal Liam as the father.
And to her glee, it did show that Liam was indeed the father.
Back at the Spencer parking lot, Liam got a call on his cell from $Bill: “Yeah dad! What do you want?”
“Steffy needs you at the cliff house.” $Bill told Liam, putting his plan into action.
“Ok dad I’m on my way.” Liam said.
Without any word to Hope, Liam sped out of the Spencer parking lot and sped all the way to the cliff house. But when he got there, Steffy wasn’t inside. Instead, he found the envelope in Steffy’s purse right where $Bill had planted there after Steffy read them when Steffy went out on the balcony to get some air.
As Liam opened the envelope, he saw the paternity test naming him as the father of Steffy’s baby, but what concerned him was why Steffy would need one in the first place?”
With $Bill watching the whole scene, Liam walked out onto the balcony when he saw Steffy out there.
“Why did you need a paternity test?” Liam accused.
“I’m so sorry, Liam.” Steffy sputtered.
“Why are you sorry?” Liam said confused.
“I was with someone else.”
“You were? Who was it?”
“It was $Bill!” Steffy cried out, not wanting to admit her indiscretion to a flabbergasted Liam, who ran out of the cliff house in shock leaving Steffy alone.
$Bill’s plan was working. Time to put the rest of the scheme into play.
$Bill found Steffy alone and in tears. Consoling her, he began to plot to break up Liam and Steffy’s marriage.
“Steffy, I’m here.” $Bill said tenderly, getting her to trust him.
“$Bill, it was awful. Liam found out about our one night.” Steffy cried in $Bill’s arms.
“Sh-h-h-h!” $Bill held Steffy in his arms. Her touch mesmerized him. He needed her in his life. He was sure his scheme would work and Steffy would be his.
“Forget about Liam. He’s an idiot. He doesn’t deserve you.” $Bill told her.
“But I love him.” Steffy told $Bill.
“Just forget about him.”
“No, $Bill, I’m going to make Liam understand how much I want this baby and our family.” Steffy said attempting to leave, but $Bill stopped him and pulled out an envelope of his own.
“I said, forget about Liam!” $Bill threatened. “I have the real paternity results and it’s not what you think it is!”
“What are you talking about?” Steffy asked worried.
“These, Steffy dear, are the real paternity results, and they do not say that Liam is the father!” $Bill revealed.
“Noooooooooo, you can’t be the father!!!!” Steffy wailed.
$Bill smiled. He had Steffy right he wanted her……

A Test Of Faith: Bold & the Beautiful Romances

Bold and the Beautiful romances on the rocks: will they persevere or fizzle out
Eric and Quinn are back together after the scandal with Quinn and Ridge’s flirtatious advances, but Sheila vows to be the next Forrester matriarch as Quinn and Sheila battle for Eric’s heart.
Katie and Wyatt are a hot new item, but someone from Wyatt’s past arrives in Los Angeles. Who will Wyatt choose?
Steffy and Liam are at odds over Bill’s deviant lie: will they recover or is it splitsville for couple?
Bill and Brooke seem to be only one who has a happy marriage. . .or do they?
Thomas and Sally see each other via the cyber world while Thomas is in New York, but is it enough for the lovers or does Thomas’ heart belong to Caroline?
Maya and Rick and Zende and Nicole: when Zende refuses to tell Nicole his secret involving her sister, Nicole assumes he’s having an affair with Maya. Will the secret ruin two marriages?
Ridge vows celibacy: but when someone from his past comes back into his life, will he keep the vow?
RJ and Coco relish in their young love, but will it last as RJ and Coco face important decisions in their young lives?

Eric Forrester – John McCook
Quinn Fuller Forrester – Rena Sofer
Sheila Carter – Kimberlin Brown
Katie Logan-Spencer – Heather Tom
Wyatt Fuller-Spencer – Darin Brooks
Steffy Forrester-Spencer – Jacqueline MacInnes Wood
Liam Spencer – Scott Clifton
$Bill Spencer – Don Diamont
Brooke Logan-Spencer – Katherine Kelly Lang
Thomas Forrester – Pierson Fode
Sally Spectra – Courtney Hope
Caroline Spencer-Forrester-Forrester – Linsey Godfrey
Rick Forrester – Jacob Young
Maya Avant-Forrester – Karla Mosley
Zende Forrester – Rome Flynn
Nicole Avant-Forrester – Reign Edwards
RJ Forrester – Anthony Turpel
Coco Spectra – Courtney Grosbeck
Sasha Thompson-Avant – Felisha Cooper
Ivy Forrester – Ashleigh Brewer
Dr. Taylor Hayes – Hunter Tylo

Chapter 1-Quinn and Sheila Battle for Eric’s Heart
“Eric, I am so happy you forgave me?” Quinn whispered in Eric’s ear after the two made love.
“I love you Quinn, despite the hurt you caused me.” Eric said as he kissed her some more.
Quinn smiled happily as she and Eric made love again. It felt so good to be back in Eric’s embrace. Quinn vowed to be the wife Eric deserved, no matter what. But she oblivious to the plot Sheila was devising to become the next Forrester matriarch.
Quinn was grateful that Eric forgave her and gave her another chance after her and Ridge’s flirtations. She knew it hurt Eric and she honestly felt bad for her behavior.
Outside Eric and Quinn’s door, Sheila looked angry as she watched Eric and Quinn make love.
“Enjoy it while you can, Quinn!” Shelia vowed. “Before long, you’ll be out of this mansion and Forrester…and I’ll be in that bed with Eric!”
And Sheila knew just how to do it!
“Charlie!” Sheila said when Charlie answered his cell.
“Yes Sheila.”
“I need to see you, now!” Sheila ordered.
“I’m sorry, Sheila, I’m busy having dinner with Pam.” Charlie told her.
“Well, then make an excuse to leave and meet me at the Bikini Bar.” Sheila continued her demands.
“Fine. I’ll be there. Give me 10 minutes.”
“Thank you, Charlie.” Sheila said.
Sheila waited at the Bikini Bar for Charlie. It was way past 10 minutes.
“Damn it, Charlie, where are you?” Sheila said impatiently to herself.
A half an hour later, Charlie showed up looking disheveled as he fixed himself, tucking in his shirt, when Pam refused to let him leave before heading to meet Sheila.
“I’m so glad you decided to grace yourself with your presence!” Sheila said sarcastically when Charlie finally showed up at the Bikini Bar.
“Sorry.” Charlie tried apologizing, but fell on Sheila’s deaf ears. “Pam wanted something from me.”
“Well, I told you to call off your dinner with Pam!” Sheila rebuked him. “You were needed here!”
“I said I was sorry.”
“Well, it doesn’t matter, you’re here now.”
“So what did you want?”
“I need you to be my eyes and ears at Forrester.” Sheila told him.
“You want me to spy on Quinn?” Charlie asked in disbelief.
“No. I want you to watch while I sneak into Quinn’s office at Forrester.”
“And if I don’t?”
“Then I go to Pammy and tell her everything you’ve been doing for me!” Sheila threatened.
“Fine. You win.” Charlie gave in, for he didn’t want Pam to know about his schemes Sheila made him do.
Sheila smiled as Charlie headed back to home but she didn’t expect the visitor back at the Forrester mansion.

Chapter 2 – Wyatt’s Past Comes Back to Haunt Him
“I love you, Katie!” Wyatt said after a make-out session alone in Katie’s home. They decided to hook up but keep their affair private from scandalous eyes that would question their relationship.
“You’re just saying that because you want sex.” Katie said, jokingly as she kissed him back.
“Yeah, but you do to.” Wyatt said, as he accepted her kiss and squeezed a breast.
“Well, c’mon!” Katie taunted. “If you’re going to do it, then do it!”
Already turned on, Wyatt took Katie up on her temptation and made love to her. It felt good to be with someone who didn’t judge him. He didn’t even feel guilty getting involved with his father’s ex-wife. It just felt nice.
A call came in on Wyatt’s cell from $Bill, to which Wyatt didn’t get in time and had to stop what he and Katie were doing to call back.
“I better get that.” Wyatt said, excusing himself from Katie’s embrace.
“Yeah, dad, what did you want?” Wyatt said apologetically.
“Where the hell are you!” Bill said irked.
“Omigosh! I totally forgot!” Wyatt said, as he jumped up from bed and got dressed.
“Yeah, Wyatt, I had a board meeting planned today.” $Bill said, still irked Wyatt was late.
“I’m on my way.” Wyatt said hanging up and shoving his cell into his pants pocket. “I’m sorry Katie, but obviously I gotta go!”
“No, problem.” Katie told him. “Our affair is supposed to be private.”
As Katie lie back in bed relishing the lovemaking she just had with Wyatt, she would not expect what came next for Wyatt.
Meanwhile, Wyatt arrived at Spencer Publications and went straight to $Bill’s office where he had a surprise for him.
“Dad, I’m here.” Wyatt said, but $Bill wasn’t in his office, but was surprised to find his high school sweetheart waiting for him in $Bill’s office.
“Charity?” Wyatt said, surprised to see her.
“Wyatt!” Charity said, getting up to kiss him immediately.
“Whoa!” Wyatt said, rejecting Charity’s kiss. “We haven’t seen each other since high school and you think you can just kiss me like that!”
“But Pooky, I’ve missed you terribly.” Charity said, pouting.
“Enough with the sugary names!” Wyatt told her. “How did you find me?”
“Well, you can imagine my surprise when a man named Bill Spencer said he was your father and invited to accept a position here at Spencer Publications.” Charity told her.
“My father hired you to work here?!”
“Yes, and I accepted immediately. Then Bill flew me here so I could start immediately.”
Just then, $Bill came back into his office to find Wyatt with Charity, “I see you’ve seen the surprise I had for you.”
“Yeah, dad, how did you find Charity?” Wyatt demanded an explanation.
“Oh, your mother mentioned her.” Bill explained.
“Well, I refuse to work with her!” Wyatt exclaimed.
“You will and like it. I am the boss and I’ve hired Charity specifically to work with you.”
“Fine! But don’t expect it to be more than a professional relationship!” Wyatt said, making himself clear to both $Bill and Charity. “I have my own private life!”
“Hey, I just hired Charity to work at Spencer. What the two of you do outside of work is your business.” $Bill said innocently, unbeknownst to Wyatt, but knew about his and Katie’s private affair—the reason he brought Charity to L.A.

Chapter 3 – Liam & Steffy at Odds
Liam felt alone. Yeah, he was CEO of Spencer after he forced his father to step down. But Steffy wasn’t by his side. She was supporting his father. $Bill Spencer commits arson just to get his skyscraper off the ground and Steffy sides with him—not her husband.
Liam found himself at Spectra to see Sally—Liam tells himself. But Sally sees it as a romantic interlude between them.
When Liam steps into Sally’s office, Sally has it set up for romance.
As Liam tries to make Sally understand that he isn’t interested in her that way, she kisses him.
Feeling lonely, Liam gives into her kiss……
At Spencer, $Bill leads Steffy to his secret room where he romances her. Steffy surprises herself as she too gives into his advances.
$Bill’s advances are nice—especially since things between her and Liam have been a bit icy since he forced $Bill to step down.
“Steffy, my son doesn’t deserve a woman like you.” $Bill says as he kisses her.
“Bill, I can’t.” Steffy says, as she does her best to resist his charms.
But $Bill won’t let Steffy ruin his plan. He takes her in his arms and carries her to the bed in his secret room at Spencer, where he manages to have Steffy.
After $Bill has made love to Steffy, she gets herself dressed and leaves Spencer feeling guilty that she just betrayed Liam, the man she’s loves.
But $Bill smiles, knowing he’s just ruined Liam’s life the way he has ruined his.
Back at Spectra, Liam and Sally have just had sex, Sally is happy, but Liam is feeling self-conscious of his betrayal.
“I’m sorry, Sally, but I need to go.” Liam says, as he gets dressed and heads back to Steffy to face his wife and his betrayal.

Chapter 4 – Happily Ever After?
Brooke and Bill were enjoying their vacation in Abu Dhabi, despite his secret that he slept with Steffy, their second honeymoon since being married. Bill hoped the secret wouldn’t come out. He couldn’t lose Brooke.
“I’m so glad we came here.” Brooke told an amorous Bill, who still couldn’t keep his hands off of Brooke’s luscious body.
“Bill, I thought we discussed seeing the sights?” Brooke said, but Bill was only interested in exploring Brooke.
“I changed my mind.” Bill said as he slid his hands down Brooke’s curvaceous body.
“Well, I think we need to go see the sights.” Brooke to persuade him, and not let him in on her surprise.
“Okay. You win.” Bill said, giving in, despite wanting to be alone with her.
Brooke led Bill to the car they were renting and Bill got into the driver’s seat after helping Brooke into the passenger’s seat. They drove for what seemed like hours just seeing the sights—very boring to Bill.
They finally arrived at the club in Abu Dhabi as Brooke subtly mentioned a party happening there. But Brooke was the one surprised when they walked into Bill’s birthday surprise party to find that Thorne Forrester (Ingo Rademacher) was among the guests.
“Thorne?” Brooke said, as Thorne was coming over to them.
“Brooke and Bill.” Thorne said, giving Brooke a kiss on the cheek, to Bill’s chagrin.
Back in L.A., Steffy was feeling guilty after sleeping with Bill, unaware that he just left with Brooke on vacation. Liam had entered the living room and was happy to see his wife back home.
“Steffy?” Liam said happily. “You came back!”
“Yes.” Steffy told him, feeling guilty about her own actions.
Steffy hugged Liam, glad to be back home, despite her guilt over what she did with her father-in-law.
Elsewhere in L.A., Wyatt was dealing with Charity being hired to work at Spencer and her constant advances toward him.
“Wyatt, I’m so glad you’re working here.” Charity said, giving him a peck on the cheek just as Katie came into his office.
“What’s going on here?” Katie asked as she handed Wyatt a file.
“Nothing.” Wyatt explained as soon as he noticed Katie.
“It looks like you were kissing the new girl?”
“No, she kissed me.” Wyatt corrected her.
“Oh, so it was just an innocent kiss?”
“Yes.” Wyatt reassured Katie with a kiss in front of Charity to show her he was unavailable.
Charity got the hint—for now. But she vowed to win Wyatt’s heart, no matter what.

Chapter 5 – Thomas & Sally’s Cyber Relationship
Thomas and Sally decided to have an online relationship using Skype but after several months of skyping, Sally was losing interest in Thomas. But the kicker that shook Sally to her core was when she witnessed a-not-so-innocent kiss between Thomas and Caroline when Caroline came up behind Thomas and kissed him passionately while he was talking to Sally.
Thomas swore there was nothing romantic between him and Caroline, but the kiss that she assumed she wasn’t supposed to see proved otherwise. Making an excuse to go offline, Sally signed off with a bewildered Thomas.
It had been days since Sally had signed onto her skype account….and Thomas was getting a little worried?
But, Sally was working at Spectra Fashions new building after $Bill had her building demolished to make room for his stupid skyscraper. The one that nearly cost her and Liam’s lives. And resulted in the kiss she couldn’t deny with Liam.
But Liam assured her that his heart was with Steffy and their unborn child.
But she was pleasantly surprised to see Liam had come to Spectra, but she didn’t like the mood he was in.
“Liam, what’s got you in such a mood?” Sally inquired.
“Steffy!” Liam spoke heatedly about his adulterous wife.
“What’s she done now?” Sally said with sympathy.
“She cheated on me!”
Sally was taken aback by Liam’s confession.
“And get this—she did it with my father!”
Now, Sally was freaked out. She couldn’t believe Saint Steffy would cheat on Liam, but to do it with her father-in-law? That just creeped her out!
“I’m sorry, Liam, did I hear you right?” Sally asked for confirmation. “Did you say Steffy slept with your father?”
But Liam didn’t reply after that, and feeling bad for Liam, Sally just held him in her arms. She didn’t know what to do or say.
The embrace led to a kiss, that started to become more passionate, but Liam pulled away and ran out of Spectra, leaving Sally confused, but feeling badly for what Liam was going through.
Sally turned on her laptop and noticed she had several messages from Thomas on Skype. Should she reveal all to Thomas? Or leave it be?
Meanwhile, Brooke was having a luncheon with Thorne at Il Gardino when $Bill showed up alone. Despite his growing romantic feelings for Steffy, seeing Brooke with Thorne still made $Bill’s blood curdle.

Chapter 6 – Two Marriages on the Rocks
“Maya you have to tell Rick.” Zende pleaded with her. Their secret was taking a toll on his marriage to Nicole, who beginning to suspect something.
“I can’t. Rick wouldn’t understand.”
“How do you know that? He understood about your change when the truth came out?”
“I just can’t tell Rick. Please keep our secret?” Maya pleaded.
Nicole came into Forrester at the tail end of Maya’s chat with Zende and assumed the worst. Maya was hugging Zende, which led Nicole to think that they were having an affair.
“Well, Maya, two can play your game.” Nicole said to herself and ran off to talk to Rick.
Nicole slammed Rick’s door, as Rick became worried for his sister-in-law.
“What’s wrong, Nicole?”
“Your wife and my husband! That’s who!”
“I don’t follow you?”
“Zende and Maya are having an affair!” Nicole said hotly.
“Come again?”
“They’re cheating on us!”
“You have to be mistaken. Maya and Zende wouldn’t do that to us?”
“And how do you know?”
“Maya loves me and Zende loves you.” Rick tried to reason with Nicole.
“I can’t take this!”
Nicole angrily left Rick’s office. She knew he would defend his precious Maya. Well, she was taking it. She went to the Forrester nursery to see her niece, Lizzie. As she was playing with Lizzie, she got an idea. Picking up Lizzie’s things, she grabbed the little girl and took off with her.
Maya needed to see Lizzie as was shocked to find that Lizzie wasn’t in the Forrester nursery.
“Rick, Lizzie is gone!” Maya desperately cried when she found Rick in his office.
Meanwhile, $Bill continued to manipulate to get the object of his desire as Steffy continued to fight for her marriage to Liam. But he was conflicted between Hope and his obligation to be a father to his little girl.
“Hope, you get anywhere with Liam?” $Bill demanded from her
“Liam and I are getting along great. Liam will be mine in no time. Now why don’t you go make Steffy yours and leave me alone!” Hope said irritated with $Bill’s demands.
Satisfied that Hope was keeping her end of their deal, $Bill moved on to his plan to seduce Steffy and make her his.

Chapter 7 – Ridge Vows to be Celibate
Ridge was tired of pleasing the women in his life and getting nowhere. Taylor, the mother of his three children, Phoebe, Steffy and Thomas; Brooke, the mother of his son, RJ, Caroline and her mother, Caroline. He was done.
The only problem: he made a promise to Brooke to reconnect their family.
That’s when Ridge made the decision to leave L.A. He would move to Paris and run the Forrester International. Let Rick and Steffy run Forrester Creations. They wanted the job. They could have it.
He didn’t want to but he knew he would have to tell everyone at Forrester his plans. So he called a family meeting to have everyone meet him in his office in 5 minutes.
Rick, Steffy, Maya, Eric and Quinn arrived punctual and were wondering why Ridge called a meeting.
“Dad, why the last-minute meeting?” Steffy asked.
“I’m glad you asked that, Steffy, and I’m sure you’re all wondering what’s going on?” Ridge began to tell everyone his plans. “I have decided to leave Forrester here in L.A. and move to run Forrester International.”
Steffy as well as everyone else in the room were shocked to hear of Ridge’s plans to leave Forrester.
“Dad, are you sure it’s what you want?” Steffy asked her father.
“I need a new lease on life and going to Paris will do that.”
“What about Brooke?” Rick asked his half-brother.
“Brooke is one of the reasons I’m leaving.”
“What? I thought you two were good?” Rick asked.
“I can’t answer your questions right now. I have a flight to catch.”
Ridge left everyone at Forrester confused as to what he was thinking. They were shocked that he would leave Forrester when he fought so hard to be CEO.
Ridge arrived at LAX just in time to board the plane that would take him to Paris—and his new life.
Meanwhile, at Spencer, Wyatt fought hard to forget Charity sitting outside $Bill’s office. She always looked gorgeous. But she looked exceptionally gorgeous today.
No! He wasn’t going there! He was committed to Katie. He just had to get Charity out of his mind! But working at Spencer was going to make it hard.
Charity came into Wyatt’s office looking sexy as ever. As she showed Wyatt the papers he was to go through, he lost it. Her scent was turning him on. And the low-cut blouse Charity was wearing wasn’t helping either.
When Charity bent down to retrieve the pen she purposely dropped, Wyatt instinctively knelt down to pick it up. Upon coming up the two grazed lips, which led to a longer kiss until the two were making out on top of Wyatt’s desk.
Wyatt threw caution to the wind and made love to Charity….

Chapter 8: Young Love—RJ & Coco Find Love at Forrester
“RJ, I need you to help out with the photo shoot!” Steffy said as she barged into the Forrester work room.
“Steffy, I’m kinda busy working on a design for dad.” RJ told his older sister.
“The new photo guy is losing it in the photo shoot. We need you there now.” Steffy ordered.
“Yes, master!” RJ said exaxperated as he threw his hands in the air.
“Please!” Steffy begged.
“I said I was going.” RJ said.
“Thank you.” Steffy said to herself. “Why did Zende have to leave?”
With Ridge gone, things were chaotic. She need to find a better photographer. But she was about to get some good news when Oliver Jones waltzed into her office.
“Oliver, what are you doing here?” Steffy asked surprised.
“Things didn’t go as planned in New York. I’m back to take my job. I hope it’s still available?”
“As a matter of fact, the job just became open.” Steffy said relieved now that she had a decent photographer back at Forrester.
As Oliver was signing the Forrester agreement, Steffy thought that Oliver might help with her little problem involving Hope and Liam. She would get Oliver and Hope to work together on the Hope for the Future line, hoping it might turn Hope’s head away from Liam.
Then, Liam would be hers…again!!!
Meanwhile, RJ was upset that Steffy had ordered him to help out with the photo shoot, but when he saw Coco helping the Neil, the photographer, he was glad Steffy asked him to do it.
“Coco, my sister asked me to come help out.” RJ asked.
“Oh, RJ, so glad you’re here.” Coco said.
“So, you called Ms. Forrester to have me replaced with a Forrester!” Neil accused Coco.
“I didn’t.” Coco defended herself.
“Coco’s right. My sister asked me to help.” RJ said, defending Coco.
“Well, Mr. Forrester! You want to help! Here! Take the camera! It’s yours!” Neil said as she stormed out of Forrester.
“Gee! What flew up his @$$!!” RJ shot out.
“Oh RJ, the man’s horrible!” Coco replied.
“Which is why Steffy asked me to help?”
“And I’m so glad you did.”
“Yea, me too.” RJ said as he smooched Coco, that led to a passionate kiss.
RJ and Coco were still kissing when Steffy entered the photo shoot with Oliver Jones.
“What’s going on here!” Steffy said irately, as an embarrassed RJ and Coco stopped what they were doing.
“Sorry, Steffy, but you have a problem.” RJ said.
“Yeah, it appears Neil walked off the job.” Coco told Steffy.
“Never fear. The job’s been filled…RJ, Coco, meet your new photographer—Oliver Jones!” Steffy announced.

Chapter 9: Ridge Settles in at Forrester International
A week in Paris and Ridge was adjusting well to being CEO at Forrester International. He felt a sense of relief being back in Paris. It felt good not to be around Brooke or the rest of the family. Yep it was going to be good being celibate. Yep, he was definitely taking a sabbatical when it came to his love life.
That is until Taylor walked into his office…
“Taylor, what a surprise?” Ridge said with a hug. A hug that brought back old feelings.
“I was in Paris and thought I’d say hi.” Taylor said, welcoming the hug. She hoped she would have another chance with Ridge now that he was in Paris and away from that Britch.
“How did you know I was here?”
“I called Steffy and she told me you were here in Paris.”
“Well, I’m glad to see you.”
“Yea. Me too.” Taylor said, playing with the strap on her purse.
“Hey, do you want to have some lunch?” Ridge asked, sensing Taylor’s distress as he laid a hand on hers.
To Taylor’s glee, she accepted and the two walked out of Ridge’s office and to a little sidewalk café he had found the yesterday.
Meanwhile, back in L.A., Wyatt felt guilty as he headed home to Katie. How could he tell her what just happened between him and Charity?
But he felt even more guilty when he walked into the apartment and Katie was clad in just a sheet as she waited for him to get home.
“Hey, lover!” Katie said seductively as she nibbled on his ear.
A guilt-ridden Wyatt kissed Katie and the two make love.

Jack’s Secret: A Days of Our Lives Fanfiction

When Jack died saving his daughter, Abigail, he took a big secret with him to his grave. But Stefano demands Jennifer pay up for Jack’s misdeeds, she refuses. To get revenge on Jack, Stefano demands that Jennifer hand over her daughter Abigail as EJ’s bride. To Jennifer’s chagrin, EJ and Abigail manage to make the most of this arranged marriage and fall in love. Will EJ and Abigail’s marriage survive Jack’s secret when it all comes out?

Stefano DiMera – Joseph Mascolo
Jennifer Horton Devereaux – Melissa Reeves
EJ DiMera – James Scott
Abigail Devereaux – Kate Mansi
JJ Devereaux – Casey Moss
Chad DiMera – Billy Flynn
Sami Brady – Alison Sweeney

Chapter 1
While Jennifer, Abigail, and JJ mourned Jack’s death after saving Abigail from a fall, Stefano DiMera was livid to learn what Jack had done. He was going to make Jennifer pay for what Jack did as soon as Jack’s memorial service was over.

Meanwhile, friends and family of the late Jack Devereaux where gathering at St. Luke’s Cathedral to mourn their loss.
“Jennifer, how are you holding up?” Maggie asked the grieving Jennifer.
“I thought we lots of time left. Who knew Jack would die saving Abigail?”
“Jack is such a hero. I always knew that he loved his children.”
As Maggie and Jennifer were talking, John and Marlena had just arrived.
“John, I see Maggie and Jennifer. I want to go talk with them before I head in.” Marlena told John.
“Alright, Doc. I’ll go in and pick us a seat.” John said, as he gave her a quick kiss on the cheek before Marlena went over to Jennifer and Marlena.
“Jennifer, Maggie.” Marlena greeted them with a hug. “How are you holding up Jennifer?’
“I’m holding. . .” Jennifer replied, nearly in tears.
Marlena just took Jennifer in her embrace. “I’m here if you need to talk.”
“Thanks, Marlena.” Jennifer said gratefully. “My, look at the time. We better be getting this started.”
As Marlena, Maggie and Jennifer headed into the sanctuary, Eric was standing up front waiting to start the service. Although he was no longer a priest, Eric got special permission to officiate at the proceedings for Jack’s service.
Jennifer sat down next to Abigail and JJ in the front of the sanctuary. Abigail looked across the aisle to notice that EJ DiMera had just sat down. EJ had shown up for Jack’s service against Stefano’s orders.
Abigail smiled at EJ as Ej smiled back at her. Abigail had felt an attraction but denied it ever since her crush on a very married Austin Reed. She had tried to break up Carrie and Austin when she saw that Carrie had developed feelings for Rafe Hernandez and had used it to her advantage to get Austin to notice her. In the end, Abigail lost the battle and Austin went back to Carrie.
Standing outside the sanctuary, Stefano watched as Abigail took the podium and poured out a heart-felt eulogy for her father. Stefano couldn’t wait for this farce of memorial to end so he could meet with Jennifer and make her pay for what Jack had done.

Chapter 2
After Jack’s memorial service ended, Stefano had Jennifer kidnapped by his henchman and brought to his mansion. When Jennifer came to in Stefano’s dungeon, she saw that Stefano was smiling down at her.
“Stefano!” Jennifer said, a bit groggy from having passed out.
“Well, nice of you to wake up, Jennifer.” Stefano continued smiling at her.
“What do you want with me?” Jennifer asked.
“I know what Jack did!” Stefano confessed.
“What do you mean, ‘what Jack did?’ “ Jennifer asked confused.
“Did you think he was going to get away with trying to take my company from me?!” Stefano railed at her.
“What? Why would Jack try to take DiMera from you?” Jennifer lied, pretending not to know what Jack was up to so Stefano wouldn’t come after her.
“Yes. And now that Jack is dead, you’re going to pay!”
“What do you want? I’ll give you anything!” Jennifer pleaded.
“Your daughter!” Stefano demanded.
“What do you want with Abigail?” Jennifer asked surprised.
“I don’t want her, personally.” Stefano said, making himself clear. “I want her to marry EJ!”
“What?” Jennifer asked surprised. “That’s absurd!”
“Abigail will marry EJ or I will turn you and Jack in for fraud!”
“Okay!” Jennifer said, giving into Stefano’s demands.
“Very well, Jennifer. You can go home and prepare your daughter for a marriage to my son.” Stefano demanded.

As Jennifer left the DiMera mansion, she wondered how she was going to convince Abigail to marry EJ. But little did Jennifer know, but Abigail was smitten with EJ and secretly dreamed of a life with him.
“EJ!” Stefano yelled upstairs to EJ’s room.
“Yes, father?” Ej said as he came downstairs to see what Stefano wanted.
“Prepare to be married again.” Stefano told him.
“What do you mean?” EJ asked.
“You’re marrying Abigail Devereaux.” Stefano informed him. “I’ve got it all arranged. Be at St. Luke’s Cathedral tomorrow for the ceremony.”

Chapter 3
Jennifer drove Abigail to St. Luke’s Cathedral without informing her of what was happening. She could bear the thought that Stefano demanded Abigail’s hand in marriage to EJ or he would expose Jack’s secret.
Jennifer walked with Abigail to the bride’s changing room and handed her the wedding dress that Stefano demanded Abigail marry EJ in. It was his mother’s dress and Stefano wanted the woman who married his son to wear it. Jennifer looked in horror as Abigail tried it on.
“Mom, why am I trying this wedding dress on?” a confused Abigail asked her mother.
“I surprised you with a wedding to EJ.” Jennifer lied, not knowing that Abigail was smitten with the dashing Englishman.
“A wedding to EJ?” Abigail mused at the thought of being Mrs. EJ DiMera.

15 minutes later, EJ was standing at the altar when Abigail stood at the entrance to the chapel, as he looked in awe at Abigail’s beauty.
Jennifer cried at the thought of her daughter being married to a DiMera. But Abigail couldn’t wait to start her life as Mrs. EJ Dimera.
“I now pronounce you, husband and wife.” Father Matthews said, as he concluded the ceremony, officially making EJ and Abigail a married couple. “You may kiss the bride.”
As EJ kissed Abigail at the altar, Jennifer cried tears of sadness as Stefano looked on happy at getting his way.

EJ took Abigail’s hand as they took to the dance floor for the first dance as husband and wife. While dancing, EJ and Abigail locked glances as they couldn’t take their eyes off each other. Abigail was in awe. She couldn’t believe she was EJ’s wife.
“Stefano, I hope you’re happy!” Jennifer spat out. “My daughter is now married to your son!”
“You did what I asked and I thank you for that.” Stefano said gratefully.
“I just hope you keep your word as promised!” Jennifer told him.
“As long as Abigail stays married to EJ, Jack’s secret will stay buried.”
Jennifer went over to the wedding cake to announce the bride and groom’s cutting of the cake.
“May I have everyone’s attention!” Jennifer shouted loud enough to get the guests attention as she lightly tapped on a wine glass with a fork.
EJ and Abigail and their guests turned to face Jennifer at the sound of her voice.
“Everybody, it’s time for the cutting of the wedding cake.” Jennifer announced with as much enthusiasm as she could muster.
EJ led Abigail over to the wedding cake where Jennifer handed her daughter the knife to cut the first piece of wedding cake. As Abigail fed EJ the first bite of wedding cake, EJ opened his mouth as Abigail shoved the slice of cake in his mouth. Then she kissed him as she got a mouthful of cake in the process.
EJ took the knife from Abigail and sliced off a piece of cake and did the same to Abigail who gladly took the bite from her husband. As the guests cheered the happy couple, EJ kissed Abigail on the lips, as Jennifer looked on.
“Mom?” JJ crept up behind her. “How could you allow this mockery?”
“What are you talking about, JJ?”
“Abigail marrying EJ?” JJ blasted her. “It’s insulting to dad’s memory!”
Jennifer watched in horror as JJ left the cathedral. She wished with all her heart that Stefano hadn’t made his demands clear and have Abigail as EJ’s wife. But then Jennifer looked at her daughter and realized that Abigial wasn’t regretting Jennifer’s decision. It almost looked as if Abigail loved every minute of being EJ’s wife. “If only Abigail knew the truth behind this wedding?” Jennifer thought to herself. “Well, Jack’s secret would never come out as long as Abigail stayed married to EJ.”

Chapter 4
After EJ and Abigail’s wedding, Chad came up to Jennifer, “Why did you allow my brother to marry Abigail?”
“Can’t you see it, Chad?” Jennifer said to Chad, trying to convince herself, despite Stefano’s demands that Abigail marry EJ.
“I just can’t believe Abigail threw away what we had to marry my brother?” Chad railed.
“Chad, they’re in love.” Jennifer said, hating every word that came out of her mouth.
“I have to leave.” Chad said, running out of the cathedral.
Jennifer met Abigail at The Brady Pub where the Abby and EJ were having their reception. A jealous Nicole looked on trying to find a way to get EJ alone. Then Sami, also jealous, confronted Nicole with a deal.
“Nicole, I can help you break those two apart.” Sami said, nearly startling Nicole.
“Sami, how can you help?”
“I know why EJ married Abigail.” Sami told her.
“You mean EJ isn’t in love with her?”
“No, it was deal made by Jennifer and Stefano.”
“How do you know this?”
“I was listening in on Jennifer and Stefano make the deal.”
“But why would they make such a deal?”
“It has to do with a secret of Jack’s.”
“Jack had a secret?”
“What is the secret?” Nicole demanded.
“I can’t divulge that.” Sami said, because she didn’t yet know the secret.
Nicole waved to EJ and Abigail who had noticed them talking. EJ gave Abigail a kiss and said he had to rush off. He wanted to speak to Nicole about why she was talking to Sami, knowing her history with Sami.
“Nicole, you were awfully chummy with Sami just now?” EJ questioned her.
“Sami and I were catching up, is all?” Nicole told him.
“Catching up on what. . .how to take a man away.” EJ said in fascination.
“Just stuff.” Nicole said, trying to be vague.
“C’mon, Nicole, I know you and Sami. You two are like two pitbulls ready to attack.”
“Well. . .Sami. . .and I have come to an understanding.” Nicole said justifying their friendship.
“Well, I hope it lasts.” EJ says with a smirk as he left her to go find his bride.

Meanwhile, Chad had gotten Abigail alone when EJ left her to go speak to Nicole.
“Abigail, can’t you get an annulment?” Chad pleaded with her.
“Chad, we’re through. I’m EJ’s wife now.”
“But my brother doesn’t really love you.” Chad tried to reason with her.
“Oh, c’,mon, Chad. Who’s jealous now?”
“I’m not jealous.” Chad defended himself.
“Yes, you are.” Abigail pointed out. “You can’t stand it that EJ and I are happily married.”
“Okay. I admit it. I still love you.” Chad confessed.
“Too little. . .too late.” Abigail reminded him. “I’m married to your brother now and I plan to make EJ very happy.”
“Chad, trying to steal my bride away?” EJ said, interrupting his talk with Abigail.
“I was just talking to Abigail.” Chad said in defense.
“Well, Abby, shall we go?” EJ said, escorting her out of The Brady Pub and to their honeymoon suite at the Salem Inn.”

Chapter 5
Chad decided to make a last-ditch effort to strike a deal with Abigail. He knew she loved him and was only in her marriage to EJ for some reason other than love.
“Abigail, please meet me at our place before you leave.” Chad text Abigail.
“Okay.” Abigail text back.
Abigail was waiting for Chad to arrive at their spot to see what he wanted.
“C’mon, Chad, where are you? I’ve got to go.” Abigail said to herself. But Chad arrived shortly.
“Abigail, I’m glad you came.” Chad greeted her with a kiss, hoping to revive their love.
“Chad, I’m a married woman.” Abigail reminded him.
“Only because you were blackmailed into a marriage with EJ.” Chad told her.
“I love him.” Abigail tried to convince him.
“Yeah, sure you are.” Chad doubted her. “Anyway, I have a proposition for you.”
“You’re propositioning your brother’s wife?” Abigail asks him.
“Very funny, Abby.” Chad says. “Promise me you’ll text me with the destination so I can meet you there.”
“Say what?”
“You can go on this mockery of a honeymoon, while you and I have our own secret rendezvous behind my brother’s back?” Chad tempts Abigail.
“That sounds tempting.” Abigail said, knowing she was still very much in love with Chad. Chad knew her so well. “Okay, I will. As soon EJ and I get to our honeymoon destination.”
“I’ll be waiting with the DiMera jet on standby.” Chad told her with a kiss on the lips.
“Hmmmm,” Abigail thought to herself. Chad’s kisses were always so tempting.
Abigail left Chad and went to meet EJ so they could head on their honeymoon. She would play the dutiful wife while having a secret affair with Chad. Who would know. She never really loved EJ. Their one-night stand was a mistake. Chad was who she wanted. She was only married to EJ to protect her dad’s secret. Her heart belonged to Chad. Or was Abigail lying to herself?

Chapter 6
EJ and Abigail arrived in Paris to spend a few days while on their honeymoon. Abigail thought it was going to be romance, but EJ made some excuse to leave their suite. Then Chad’s text came in.
“Abs?” Chad text her.
“Chad? Hello.” Abigail text back.
“I’m waiting in the lounge downstairs.” Chad text.
“Give me 5.” Abigail text Chad, as she gussied herself up to meet Chad.
Meanwhile, EJ was in the same lounge with none other than Sami Brady having drinks. It was part of Sami and Chad’s plan to come between EJ and Abigail.
“So, how you been?” Sami asked EJ as he ordered a martini.
“Great. And you?” EJ replied, neglecting the fact he got married and was on his honeymoon.
“So, what brings you to Paris?” Sami asked, knowing full well he was on his honeymoon.
“Business. For DiMera.” EJ told her.
“Well, Stefano won’t mind you having a little dinner with me.”
“You know father.” EJ told her.
“Yes. He can’t stand me!” Sami said.
“The reason why our marriage failed.” EJ reminded her.
“Yes. Sad because I still love you.” Sami confessed.
“Yes. I love you too. We have 2 kids together.”
“Yes. And adorable kids too.” Sami agreed.
Sami saw Abigail arrive as Chad went to meet her and seat her at his table.
“Thank you Chad.” Abigail said politely.
“I’m just glad you tore yourself away from EJ to meet me.” Chad said, as he winked at Sami, who was watching.
“He had to rush out.” Abigail said.
“Rush out? And on your honeymoon?” Chad said secretly happy.
“Yeah. Business.” Abigail said making excuses for EJ’s departure.
“Well, no reason why you can’t enjoy some dinner with me?” Chad questioned.
“Well, I don’t see why not. I’m sure EJ won’t mind.”
As Chad got Abigail settled, Sami made her move per her and Chad’s agreement.
“EJ, what do you say we go somewhere else?” Sami suggested. “Suddenly, it’s a bit stuffy in this place.”
“Where to Sami?” EJ asked.
“My place.” Sami suggested as she and EJ got up to leave.
Just as they were about to leave, EJ spotted Chad sitting with Abigail.
“So, you’re cheating on me?” EJ accused her. “And on our honeymoon! I step out for a meeting and you cheat on me with my brother?!”
“EJ, it’s just dinner!” Abigail defended herself.
EJ stormed out of the lounge before Abigail could have another word, as Chad secretly smiled. It looked as his and Sami’s plan was working. Soon Abigail would be his!

Chapter 7
Abigail waited for EJ to come back, but he never arrived home after their spat. Instead, Chad came to tell her the sad news—that EJ had been shot and was lying in a coma.
Chad was hoping Abigail would take comfort in his arms, but she didn’t do that. She headed straight for the hospital to be near EJ’s side.
Chad tried to follow Abigail, but Sami stopped him instead.
“Did you tell Abigail the news?” Sami asked him.
“Yes, I did, and she ran straight to the hospital to be with EJ!” Chad said bitterly.
“Damn it!” Sami raged. “You screwed it all up, Chad!”
“Hey, don’t blame me!” Chad defended himself. “What do you think she’s going to do when she gets to the hospital and finds that EJ isn’t even at the hospital?”
“That’s your problem!” Sami said as she stormed off.
Chad couldn’t believe that Sami was pinning this on him. She was going to pay for going back on her promise. If Abigail and EJ got back together, Sami was going to be sorry she didn’t back him up.
Meanwhile, Abigail arrived at the hospital to discover EJ wasn’t even there.
“I was told EJ’d been shot and was here in a coma?” Abigail said, confused.
“Well, there’s been no EJ DiMera admitted here today.” Maxine told her.
“Well, thank you, Maxine.” Abigail said before heading back to the DiMera mansion to confront Chad for lying to her.
But she got the surprise of her life when EJ surprised her with a romantic dinner.
“EJ?” Abigail said surprised to find EJ home.
“Where’ve you been love?”
“I was told you were shot and in a coma, so I went to the hospital to see you.”
“Who told you that?”
“Figures.” EJ said, smirking.
“What’s with the smile?”
“I figured Chad would do something like this. So I made it look like was shot so he would come to you.”
“You tricked him!” Abigail said angrily before walking out of the mansion, leaving EJ baffled.
Abigail found herself on the pier where Chad saw her. He knew he had one chance to make it up to her.

Chapter 8
Chad got his chance to speak to Abigail and get her to divorce EJ, but he didn’t know someone was behind Chad’s meeting with Abigail.
Jack sat in his motel room on the outskirts of Salem, contemplating when and how he should confront his family that he was alive…his only regret…he owed his life to Stefano and Dr. Rolf…
He just didn’t like Abigail married to EJ when her heart belonged to Chad…which is why he had to get Chad to get her to divorce EJ. Chad was her destiny…not EJ. As far as Jack was concerned EJ could go back to Sami Brady.
As Jack contemplated seeing his family…he didn’t know that Jennifer was being wooed by Eric Brady, who had a surprise for Jennifer…
“Eric, you have given me a purpose I haven’t had since Jack’s death.”
“I know the feeling.” Eric told her as he got down on one knee as Jennifer cried tears of joy. “Jennifer Horton Devereaux, will you do me the honor and marry me?”
“Yes, Eric, I will.” Jennifer said happily.
The two sealed their engagement with a kiss that led to passionate love making.
Back at the DiMera mansion, Abigail found herself guiltily making up to EJ after their fight to get Chad out of her mind and heart.
But as she made love to EJ, Chad DiMera was still in her heart….
While Chad took a drive to a seedy motel on the outskirts of Salem, where he thought he saw a familiar face while checking into a room after his talk with Abigail…..
While unlocking his door with his key, Chad pulled the guy around to find himself face to face with…..Jack!

Chapter 9
“Jack?” Chad said shocked to see Abigail’s not-so-dead father.
“Chad. How did you find me?”
“I came to think after a heated discussion with Abigail.” Chad told him, unbeknownst that Jack had set the meeting up.
“And how did it go?”
“Why does it matter to you?”
“Because I set the meeting up for you.” Jack revealed.
“You?” Chad said in disbelief. “You’ve been alive all this time?”
“Yes, and you won’t believe how, but it does involve your father and Dr. Rolf.”
“Yea, how am I not surprised.”
“So, why did you go to bat for me and get me a talk with your daughter? I thought the last thing you would want is your daughter married to a DiMera?”
“To EJ DiMera, I have a problem with. You—on the other hand, I don’t have a problem.” Jack confessed to Chad. “I know Abigail’s heart is with you, not that blasted EJ.”
“And now, thanks to my father, she’s married to EJ!”
“Abigail’s married to EJ because of Stefano?!” Jack raged.
“Yes, Stefano blackmailed Jennifer because of your secret.” Chad revealed. Chad overheard Stefano and Jennifer’s conversation blackmailing her into getting Abigail married to EJ because of Jack’s secret.
“I don’t have a secret!” Jack defended himself, knowing it was true.
“Well, whether you did or not, Abigail is EJ’s wife now.” Chad told Jack.
“Well, I’ll just have to come back and fix that situation, won’t i?”
“Oh, and just an FYI, Jennifer is getting pretty chummy with Eric Brady.” Chad told Jack before leaving Jack’s motel room.
As a stunned Jack was left reeling, he knew what he had to do…get home to Salem and get Abigail out of her marriage to EJ…and stop Jennifer from dating Eric…
Back in Salem, an ecstatic Eric and Jennifer revealed the news of their engagement to friends and family…

Nicole Walker’s New Life

A/N: What if, after leaving Salem with Holly, Nicole Walker (Arianne Zucker) got a job as an investigative reporter in L.A. that led her to Mexico City, Mexico where she encountered Theresa Donovan (Jen Lilley) and Chloe Lane (Nadia Bjorlin)?

Since leaving Salem, Nicole found herself in L.A. in a new job as an investigative reporter at a newspaper in San Diego, California. That’s where she gets the news of Theresa Donovan and Chloe Lane’s trouble in Mexico City. Leaving Holly with her sister, Nicole heads to Mexico City to bust El Fideo and save Theresa Chloe from their imprisonment. Will Nicole save her friends, or end up one of El Fideo’s girls?

Nicole Walker – Arianne Zucker
Chloe Lane – Nadia Bjorn
Theresa Donovan – Jen Lilley
Brady Black – Eric Martsolf
Eve Donovan – Kassie DePaiva
Taylor Walker – Tamara Braun
Brandon Walker – Matt Cedeno
Miguel Moreno – Philip Anthony-Rodriguez
Mateo “El Fideo” –

Chapter 1
Nicole looked at her sleeping daughter in the back seat of her car. She was unhappy without Eric. How she longed to be with him. But Brady forced her hand out of jealousy when she revealed to Brady that Eric was her true love, by breaking Eric’s heart and leaving him like she did him.
Reminded of the heartbreak on Eric’s face has haunted Nicole since she and Holly left Salem. She thought she was finally getting her happily-ever-after and then Brady forced her to leave Salem.
Now, after 2 months, things were finally looking up when she landed a job with a Hollywood newspaper in L.A. as an investigative reporter. Her first assignment was to go to Mexico City, Mexico to interview Mexican drug lord, El Fideo.
“Taylor, I need a favor?” Nicole desperately left a text on Taylor’s cell. Nicole had recently reconnected with her sister since leaving Salem.
“Nic? What is your fave?” Taylor text back as soon as she saw Nicole’s text.
Nicole immediately pushed Taylor’s button to send the call to her sister.
“Taylor, I need you to watch Holly?”
“Sure, Nic, love to watch my sweet little niece. But why do you need to leave her with me?”
“I just got a job as an investigative reporter and they want me to go to Mexico City to interview some drug lord.”
“El Fideo? You’re going to interview El Fideo?”
“Yes. How did you know about him?”
“Everybody knows about El Fideo! He’s the equivalent of The Godfather in the movie.”
“Wow! Didn’t know this would be a pressing job? Will you still watch Holly while I’m gone?”
“I’d love to, Nic. But be careful. Holly already lost her dad! I don’t want her losing her mother too.”
After Nicole dropped Holly and her things off at Taylor’s and kissed her good-bye, a teary-eyed Nicole hopped in her car and headed for Mexico City.

Chapter 2
While Taylor enjoyed time with her niece, Nicole arrived in Mexico City and checked into a hotel. After getting dinner at a local taco restaurant, Nicole headed back to her room to get a restful night’s sleep before meeting with El Fideo. As she was headed back to the hotel, she thought she saw Chloe Lane, but quickly brushed the idea off when the lady disappeared as fast as Nicole saw her.
At the compound where Chloe and Theresa were being held as sex slaves in El Fideo’s compound, they worked (and prayed) that they would find proof that would get them out of their predicament and get back to Salem to their loved ones.
The next morning……
Nicole woke from a restful sleep and picked up the clothes she had set out the night before and went to shower and get ready for her interview.
Then Nicole headed to the hotel restaurant for a quick continental breakfast of waffles with strawberry syrup, coffee with cream, and orange juice before heading to the address Nicole was instructed to meet El Fideo for the interview.
When Nicole got to the restaurant and headed in to meet with El Fideo, she was surprised to find Theresa Donovan as El Fideo’s escort sitting next to him.
“Mr. Fideo?” Nicole inquired, looking confused at Theresa, but not giving away that she knew her. “I was sent to do an interview with you.”
“Well, Ms. Walker, nice to meet you.” Mateo said cordially. “Please, call me Mateo.”
The interview went well, but Nicole wondered why Theresa was there. She vowed to find out.
Nicole made some calls and managed to get the Mateo’s address, thanks to an old friend back in her porn star days who owed her a favor for helping her get out the business.
Nicole went to the Mateo’s house and found a way to sneak in. She came to a room with two women talking, one she recognized as Theresa. Knocking on the door, Theresa answered and seemed grateful to see her.
As Theresa let Nicole in, she was surprised to find Chloe there too.
“Chloe? How did you get here?”
“I was kidnapped when I refused to accept a job offer about being in my own opera.”
“And how are you here, Theresa?”
“Mateo is an ex who demanded I come or he’d threaten Brady and Tate.”
“You were blackmailed into coming?” Nicole asked, seeing the light now. She remembered how hurt and betrayed Brady felt after Theresa “abandoned” him and Tate. “So, you didn’t ‘abandon’ Brady and Tate?”
“It was a setup to make Brady think that. I couldn’t let Mateo harm Brady or Tate. I had no choice but to leave!”
Nicole felt for Theresa. It must have been an impossible choice—to make Brady think she’d fallen back into drugs. What an act of love! She vowed that when they got back to Salem, she would make Brady see the selflessness of Theresa’s actions—but she didn’t know about Eve’s relationship with Brady since she broken up with Brady.
“I’m glad I got this job as an investigative reporter. I would’ve never been led to you two.”
“We are beyond grateful.” Chloe and Theresa said in unison.
“But we need a plan to break free from Mateo’s power.” Nicole told them, to which Chloe and Theresa agreed.
The three old friends put their heads together to come up with a plan to break free from Mateo’s compound.

Complicated Love: More General Hospital Romances

Dr. Hamilton Finn aka Finn, embarks on a heated romance with Alexis Davis. But Anna DeVane wants Finn and Julian wants Alexis. Julian has been seeing Dr. Kim Nero, who is secretly pining for her old flame, Drew Cain—who’s marriage to Sam McCall-Morgan-Cain is on the rocks since Jason Morgan came back to town. Who will end up with who and be happy? And Elizabeth Webber and Franco Baldwin struggle in their relationship after his childhood revelation comes out. And Later, things become even more complicated when Finn gets an unexpected surprise?

Dr. Hamilton “Finn” Finn – Michael Easton
Alexis Davis – Nancy Lee Grahn
Anna DeVane – Finola Hughes
Julian Jerome – William DeVry
Dr. Kim Nero – Tamara Braun
Drew Cain – Billy Miller
Sam McCall-Morgan-Cain – Kelly Monaco
Jason Morgan – Steve Burton
Elizabeth “Liz” Webber – Rebecca Herbst
Franco Baldwin – Roger Howarth
Hayden Barnes – Rebecca Budig

Chapter 1
“Oh what the hell. Why not?” Alexis kissed Finn passionately, who didn’t resist the gorgeous attorney.
Wanting to prove that she was over Julian and get her daughters off her back, Alexis kissed Finn. It felt good to kiss his lips.
And Finn wanted to get Anna out of his mind. Finn was falling in love with Anna, the first since Hayden. And losing Anna was hard, especially the way Hayden just up and left claiming their baby died.
Alexis and Finn relished in their “fake” love affair to make Julian and Anna think they were over them.
“Was it good for you?” Alexis asked Finn after they had just made love.
“Hell yeah!” Finn replied to Alexis when he got his breath back. Being in the sack was doing wonders for his psyche. He almost forgot about Anna……that is, until there was a knock on Finn’s door.
As Alexis covered herself with Finn’s sheet, Finn put on some pants and rushed down the stairs, shocked to find Anna standing on his doorstep.
“Anna?” Finn said, surprised and zipping up his pants.
“I’m sorry, I’m interrupting something?” Anna turned to leave, but Finn grabbed her arm.
“What do you want, Finn?!”
“Uh, you’re the one on my doorstep?” Finn counter-replied.
“I wanted to know if you got anywhere with Cesar’s son?” Anna lied, not wanting to tell Finn that she wanted him back.
“No, I’ve been busy.”
“Okay. Thanks.”
Anna turned to leave, leaving Finn baffled as to why she was really on his doorstep. Finn closed the door and headed back upstairs to rejoin Alexis. But Alexis was dressed and headed down stairs.
“I had a wonderful time, Finn, but I got a text from Molly about some emergency on Charles St.” Alexis said to Finn.
“Okay. Another time then?” Finn said politely.
“Yes.” Alexis said before leaving Finn’s condo.

Chapter 2
Alexis waited for Molly at Charlie’s Pub where Molly’s text said to wait. But she was surprised to find Julian there instead.
“Julian how is business?” Alexis inquired.
“Great!” Julian replied.
“I’m just waiting for Molly. She text me saying she needed to see me.”
“Oh, how is Molly?” Julian asked, knowing Molly wasn’t going to show.
“Well, that’s why I’m here. To see what’s going on with her.”
It had been 15 minutes and Molly was a no-show.
“Gee, I wonder where Molly is? It isn’t like Molly to stand me up?” Alexis wondered, but also getting worried.
“Alexis, I….” Julian started to say.
“I’m sorry, did you say something, Julian?”
“Yes. It wasn’t Molly who text you.”
“If it wasn’t Molly…then who?”
“Me.” Julian confessed.
“You? But how?”
“Molly left her phone here and that’s when I sent the text from her phone?”
“Well, if that isn’t just despicable, Julian?! Letting me think my daughter needed me?!” Alexis said, flabbergasted.
“I wanted to get you alone?”
“Alone? For what?” Alexis said in disbelief. “A rendezvous?”
“I want you. I love you, Alexis?”
“Julian, get this straight! I don’t want you that way anymore!” Alexis said firmly as Kim was coming to Charlie’s Place.
“Hey, Julian.” Kim said as she planted a kiss on his lips.
“Really, Julian?!” Alexis said, appalled. “You confess your love for me, then kiss Dr. Nero?”
Alexis grabbed her handbag and left Julian alone with Kim, who was glad to be alone with Julian.
Meanwhile, Franco and Liz were discussing their botched wedding plans after a romantic night of love making.
“So, Liz, will you marry me?” Franco proposed.
“Yes. Yes, Franco, I will marry you.”
“So when do you want to do the deed?”
“Shouldn’t we wait until you’re healed from your traumatic childhood discovery?”
“But we’ve waited so long….”
There was a knock on Liz’s bedroom door. Liz dressed herself as did Franco, opened the door to Cameron, Jake and Ayden, who were excited to Franco and Liz’s wedding plans.
“When you getting married?” little Ayden asked his mother, with Cam and Jake nodding their approval.
“Where did you hear that?” Liz asked her boys.
“We were listening outside your door.” Ayden innocently confessed.
“Ayden, it isn’t nice to eavesdrop on people’s conversations.” Liz playfully tousled Ayden’s hair.
“We’re sorry, mother.” Jake said, with Cam agreeing to the apology.
“It’s okay.” Liz told her sons. “Franco are just in the discussion mode, but we will let you boys know when we do.”
Cam, Jake and Ayden ran out of the bedroom screaming happily to the news that someday, Franco would wed their mother.
It seemed Franco and Liz were finally getting a happy moment….