Weekly Soap Spoilers – June 18-22, 2018

Weekly Soap Spoilers – June 18-22, 2018

The Young & the Restless

Jack finds out Philip Chancellor could be his father.

Nick pops the question; Victoria faces some questions of her own; Brittany wants answers about JT from Victoria; Nick shocks Sharon; Summer works to get closer to Billy.

Jack works his charm; Phyllis takes things into her own hands; Hilary is comforted by Devon.

Cane is on the receiving end of an unexpected guest; Victor gets surprising news.

Jess Walton returns as Jill this summer.

Billy succumbs to temptation; Abby slows things down with Arturo; Ashley looks into a threat.

JT’s ex-wife (Kelly Kruger) arrives back in Genoa City as MacKenzie visits Victoria.

Later…..Summer says to Billy: “Looks like someone is a naughty boy”; Jack uses the key he found in Dina’s belongings, and finds a photo in a safety deposit box. He then tells Kyle that Philip Chancellor could be his father; Nick asks Sharon to marry him on bended knee; Mariah snarks at Summer and Kyle at the Dive Bar; Victoria receives a computerized threat warning that her secrets are no longer safe, followed by printouts of emails and confidential files from the time JT was with Newman Enterprises that could compromise the company. Victoria worries JT is somehow behind it all.

Guest role: KCBS’ Pat Harvey joins Y&R as a new reporter, and is a big fan of the soap.

Coming up later……Ashley and Victoria team up; a surprising announcement comes from Victor; Nick continues to fight; Billy acts boldly; Summer and Kyle make amends.

Summer Preview……a major twist throws Victoria, Sharon, Phyllis, Nikki and their alliance into a tailspin that has them questioning their bond, motivations, and even reality; Kyle’s love life picks up.

The Bold & the Beautiful

$Bill refuses to let Steffy marry Liam, and things heat up between Wyatt and Sally!

Sally blames $Bill for everything, as Emma confides in Xander; Sally rants about $Bill, leading to her and Wyatt commiserating over their similar circumstances; Hope’s impressed by Emma’s dance choreography of the new dancers—Chapman University dance students appear on B&B; Maya learns Emma is a Barber; Simon turns back up as a Forrester Creations intern—Achileas Andreas of Greece returns to B&B

Justin visits Forrester Creations to intervene with Emma, as Maya fires her, and Hope steps in; Sally decides to stick around at Wyatt’s urging; $Bill’s assistant Alison (Theodora Greece) appears on B&B.

Liam and Steffy plan the next step in their future; Brooke admits to Ridge that it’s difficult for her to feel happy given the way things went for Liam, Hope and Steffy.

New British character, a young woman named Clara, perhaps connected to Xander.

Julius and Vivienne are taken aback by Xander’s intentions regarding Forrester Creations and Emma; $Bill, who still wants Steffy, meddles in her relationship with Liam.

Wyatt encounters Sally getting drunk and learns Thomas returned to Caroline; Sally’s invited back to Wyatt’s place to sleep it off and they kiss.

Coming up next week……Brooke wants answers from $Bill about the harm he’s done to his family; Quinn and Eric catch Wyatt and Sally in a clinch.

Summer preview……Eric and Quinn are teste; a female joins the cast this summer that may raise eyebrows.

General Hospital

Nina mentions the flash drive to Drew!

Mike is cut off before he can reveal what he knows; Sonny’s worries are eased; Carly switches tactics to buy herself time; Carly realizes that everything is irrevocably changed; Curtis and Sam try to regroup when they hit a wall; Nelle’s mind is on her past; Nelle comforts Josslyn.

Oscar feels let down; Chase lands in hot water with Dante then Michael; Liesl takes steps to arouse suspicion; Peter makes an appeal; Nina has an encounter with Drew; Nina wants an explanation; Valentin’s hopes are dashed; Sam supports Alexis’ choices.

Alexis blasts Julian; Kiki fears that she risked everything for nothing; Franco tells Kevin about the wedding plans; Liz makes it clear that she doesn’t want an extravagant wedding; Anna doesn’t want to cast blame.

Sneak peek at next week……..Jason is rattled; Josslyn is deceptive; Ava weighs her options; Scott considers an offer; Lucy is concerned about her ex.

Down the road previews…….Dante’s life takes a surprising turn; Will a blast from the past save the day?

Summer previews…..Ava embraces her dark side; love is in the air as summer kicks into high gear.

Days of Our Lives

Lani and the baby are in danger when she goes into pre-mature labor.

Bryan Dattilo is leaving Days of Our Lives as Lucas Horton.

Will has a flash of memory!

Eric, Jennifer, Lucas and Chloe have a celebratory dinner.

Ben confides to Ciara a disturbing moment from his childhood.

Kayla is caught while snooping around in Kate’s room; Hope is relieved when Ciara calls her, but is upset by her daughter’s news.

Kate makes a huge confession to chad.

Later, next week….Chad is happily surprised when Abigail returns home and shares good news with him; Kayla tells Stefan her theory about Kate, but he wants proof; Ben and Ciara grow closer; Abigail confides in Gabi that she’s pregnant and unsure of the paternity; Hope tells Rafe she believes Ciara is with Ben Weston; tensions arise between Theresa, Eve and Brady as Tate’s custody hearing begins.

Coming up…….Theresa is confronted by Brady and Eve; Kate makes a request of Ted; Sonny’s busted by Leo.

Summer previews…..the possibility for Chad to run Titan arise, which turns Kate’s plan on its ear; Leo has an alternative plan of his own against Kate; Gabi’s going down a darker path of revenge against Abby and Stefan; Lani goes into pre-mature labor as her family rallies around her; Lani is rushed into emergency surgery; a hug from Sonny triggers a memory for Will.

Comings and goings….a possible contract dispute could mean less air time for Steve Johnson in Salem. Sources say Stephen Nichols is no longer taping at Days of Our Lives.

In case you missed it…..Arianne Zucker returns to Days when Nicole Walker makes her way back to Salem….

Other Casting News…..Marci Miller has left Days of Our Lives as Abigail DiMera. The recast was announced that Kate Mansi is returning to Days to resume the role she once played.

Mimi Lockhart will be making her way back to Salem since Farah Fath is returning to Days of Our Lives and is taping scenes for her big daytime return.

Alison Sweeney returns to Days as Sami Brady—tune in to find out if the speculation is true whether she’s pregnant with Rafe’s baby?

And Sheila will turn up in Salem as Tionne (T-Boz) Watkins is back taping at Days.


Weekly Soap Spoilers – June 11-15, 2018 & Beyond

Weekly Soap Spoilers – June 11-15, 2018
The Young & the Restless
Jack receives clues to his paternity.
Nikki has a warning for Victor; Nick blows up during a legal meeting over Christian; Nikki calls Sharon’s bluff; Phyllis clashes with Summer; Hilary surprises Devon; Sharon receives a warning from Nikki; Billy acts as mediator; Devon receives a surprise from Hilary.
Jack turns his focus to finding out his paternity; Nick and Victor refuse to budge; Brittany makes her first appearance as Nick’s lawyer when Lauren returns to Y&R for the custody case; Summer makes nice with Kyle.
Sharon’s character is under the microscope; Abby learns more about Arturo; Neil comes across a clue about Dina’s past; Kelly Kruger is staying at Y&R and her returns revolves around the investigation surrounding J.T.
Nick makes an ominous vow; Charlie’s falling in love with Shauna; Billy wants Phyllis to make a change;
Hilary and Devon revel in their reunion; the Newman family has a tense Father’s day; Jack makes an unexpected discovery; (departure: Mishael Morgan leaving Y&R after contract talks broke down); (Upcoming appearance: Super Bowl XIII Champ Drew Pearson guests on Y&R as Victor Newman’s bodyguard.)
Neil tells Jack, “Somewhere in those papers you just might find the name of your biological father.”
Summer in a sexy nightie, says to Billy, “You’re turned on, aren’t you?” Billy replies, “That’s not at all what’s happening here.” Summer shrugs, “It’s okay. I think you’re hot too.”
Nikki warns Victor he could lose more than Nicholas, he could lose his entire family, including her.
Sharon’s stunned when Nikki informs her she’s standing with Victor, and concerned when she’s a no-show at the custody arbitration.
Sharon makes a last-minute appeal for Nick and Victor to settle Christian’s custody on their own.
Michael provokes Nick into an outburst at the custody arbitration hearing.
Phyllis argues with Summer about her lifestyle, and Billy works to keep the peace.
Coming up:
Victoria feels cornered.
Summer and Billy keep a secret.
Brittany looks for answers regarding J.T.
Nick reaches a decision about the future.
Summer Preview:
A major twist throws Victoria, Sharon, Phyllis, Nikki and their alliance into a tailspin that has them questioning their bond, motivations, and even reality.
When a secret comes out, Victor goes into damage control mode and will mow down anyone who tries to get in the way of what he’s doing.
Billy focuses on his newfound power at Jabot and his ability to shake things up in the business world.
Hilary and Devon will share a fun-filled summer as they figure out their relationship, however, Devon learns the romantic part may not be easy.
Abby gets involved with Arturo, but meets resistance from both Nikki and Victor. Arturo learns dating a Newman is not easy.
Kyle’s love life picks up.
Jack becomes determined to discover the identity of his father.
The Bold & the Beautiful
Head writer Brad Bell teases summer storylines, triangles and returning characters.
Justin protects his niece Emma; Steffy is hopeful, May explains Kelly must come first; tensions rise between Brooke and Ridge as they each must defend the positions of their own daughters: Emma visits a family member in Los Angeles, and they agree to keep their connection hidden from the Forresters; (More airtime…Karla Mosley has indicated her character, Maya Avant, will be featuring more heavily this summer; Zende (Rome Flynn) will be seen more as the actor has been upped to series regular.)
Katie and Wyatt experience a bittersweet moment as they talk about the love they’ve kept hidden; Maya’s cousin arrives at Forrester Creations (Adain Bradley) as Julius’ nephew, Alexander (Xander) Avant. Zane Achor returns as Will Spencer.
Emma meets Xander; Thorne makes time for Katie and Will; B&B casting new British character for short-term role as a young woman named Clara.
Liam tells Brooke about his confrontation with his father and shares his regrets; things turn emotional when Hope visits newborn Kelly.
Liam pops the question to Steffy; Wyatt encounters a familiar face as Courtney Hope returns as Sally Spectra after her time in New York with Thomas; Wyatt and Sally chat with the bartender as America’s Got Talent winner Keith Carlos joins B&B as a Bikini Beach employee.
Sally makes a shocking revelation to Wyatt; Wyatt’s held at gunpoint by Sally; Emma is Justin’s niece.
Coming up…
Emma shows Hope her dance choreography for the Hope for the Future preview; Wyatt and Sally make a connection.
Summer Preview….
$Bill’s fixation on Steffy continues despite her pleas for him to stop; Eric and Quinn are tested; the dynamics of Katie and Wyatt’s relationship are explored and Thorne decides he wants Katie; a female joins the cast this summer that may raise eyebrows; Emma finds love at Forrester Creations with newcomer, Xander; Taylor continues to pop up in Los Angeles (Hunter Tylo shared tweet preparing fans for a big event down the road…what could be coming up for Dr. Taylor Hayes?
General Hospital
Will Jason keep his promise to Carly?
Jason and Sam spend time together; Jason puts a plan in motion; Carly second-guesses herself; Michael keeps close tabs on Nelle; Nelle is caught off-guard; Anna is vulnerable; Chase has empathy; Nina is left shaken; Peter sees a glimmer of hope.
Valentin faces some tough questions; Kim gets ready for a special evening; Julian knows that he has lost ground make up for; Mike shares a secret with his son; Kiki is determined to deal with her fears head-on; Kiki is caught unawares; Franco hopes to surprise Liz; Kevin’s kind words ease a troubled soul; Drew makes an admission to Oscar.
Sneak Peek at Next Week…
Liesl is careful not to arouse suspicion; Nelle’s mind is on her past; Chase lands in hot water; Nina wants an explanation; Valentin’s hopes are dashed.
Down the Road Previews….
Ava embraces her dark side; Nelle’s past catches up with her; love is in the air as summer kicks into high gear.
Days of Our Lives
The missing! The memories! The madmen!
As several Salemites share their concerns about Ciara’s whereabouts, only Ben knows where she truly is.
Ben brings Ciara to the cabin that he once Abigail and Thomas in, which may trigger terrible memories for him.
Already dealing with injuries from the accident, things don’t get easier for Ciara when she realizes where she is and, more so, who she’s with.
Ciara is shaken to the core by Ben’s presence, but he hopes she will trust him and attempts to assure her that he’s not going to harm her.
Still sore from her breakup with Theo and what happened between her and Ciara, Claire find support from Lani.
Tripp and Claire remain remorseful for what they put Ciara through and also remain concerned about her whereabouts.
Ciara’s status also concerns Hope, who begins fervently looking for her missing daughter with Tripp’s help.
While Hope believes she’s found a clue to Ciara’s location, Kayla believes she may have what Stefan wants after hearing Kate’s revealing exchange with Ted.
An impatient Stefan is hopeful for an update from Kayla so that he can destroy Kate once and for all.
Xander hopes to be Titan’s next CEO and urges Victor to hear him out, but, when Xander learns a scandals secret, it may sway his interest.
When things between Xander and Sonny get heated, Adrienne is there to put a quick end to the conflict.
Victor remains on Maggie’s bad side as does Theresa on Brady’s, but she hopes to change that by asking Victor for a favor.
A new career path may help Theresa on her quest to regain the life’s she’s lost, but the battle for Brady will be uphill!
Eve stays on the defense when it comes to Theresa and is ready to rumble with her sister if need be.
Theresa is ready to fight as well and shocks both Brady and Eve when she shares a secret neither of them saw coming.
As Theresa comes onto Brady hoping he will make love to her, Jennifer learns all about J.J.’s new houseguest and isn’t happy at all.
With hopes that they can be happy once again, a hesitant Lani approaches J.J., wondering if he would ever reconcile with her.
Lani comes to terms with the past and buries the hatchet with Valerie, while Rafe and Eli have another candid conversation.
Eric shares with Roman that he’s ready to move on from the bad blood between him and Brady permanently.
Will is all hesitantly hopeful that Dr. Rolf’s mysterious serum will help him regain everything he’s lost, but Paul remains apprehensive.
Will shares with Sonny about the serum, which leads him to wonder what may happen if Will remembers their past together.
Paul is at Will’s side as Marlena injects him with the formula, but only time will tell if Will remembers.
Casting Scoops
Arianne Zucker is set for fall return; Marci Miller wraps up her time as Abigail; Brandon Beemer and Martha Madison are once again Salem-bound; Kyle Lowder (ex-Brady Black) returns to DOOL; after being “on the fence,” Billy Flynn has decided to stay put on DOOL; Farah Fath (ex-Mimi Lockhart); Camila Banus is staying on at DOOL; Alison Sweeney to DOOL for a roller coaster storyline.
Sneak Peek at Next Week…
Will embraces remembering his past via Dr. Rolf’s mysterious serum, and an embrace from Sonny may help him recall everything.
As an anxious Paul ponders his future with (maybe without) Will, Lani’s loved ones wait worriedly for an update on her condition.
Chad believes he’s the man to run Titan, which doesn’t bode well with several in the Kiriakis clan.
As Ciara’s whereabouts remain a mystery, Hope doesn’t hold back when she blasts Tripp.
Down the Road Previews…
One Salemite finds a hot time in the old town when a smoldering new beau comes into play.
While the truth might set one Salemite free, a lingering lie will detonate like a bomb at the worst possible time.
There are new problems for a Salem couple who seemingly has it all, but some “happily ever afters” aren’t meant to last.
A scorned Salemite might find their “happily ever after” when the truth is revealed about their ex’s mysteriously maddening motives.
Later this year, Hurricane Sami blows back into Salem, and it promises to be a wild ride……

Weekly Soap Spoilers – June 4-8, 2018

Weekly Soap Spoilers – June 4-8, 2018

The Young & the Restless
Victor confesses to Nikki; Hilary enlists Farrah Dubose’s (Erika Girardi) help.
Victor fights back; Nick’s world is rocked; Abby lashes out at Arturo.
Phyllis plays hardball; Devon keeps Hilary on her toes; Neil outsmarts an opponent.
Sharon makes a painful decision; Lily worries about Charlie’s decision making.
Nikki is blackmailed; Summer cramps Billy and Phyllis’ style; Hilary takes on a new challenge.

The Bold & the Beautiful
Eric hopes that the birth of the baby may help Liam find the forgiveness he needs; having taken a fall after an argument with $Bill, Steffy goes into immediate and intense labor.
Steffy and Liam fall head over heels in love when they meet their new baby girl; Liam vows to deal with $Bill after learning that his father almost cost him the life of his child.
Quinn pleads Wyatt’s case to Brooke, who blames him for Hope’s current dilemma; Hope puts Liam in an impossible situation when she asks him if he still intends on marrying her.
Brooke remains hopeful that Liam and Hope will overcome every obstacle that they’ve faced; in a poignant moment, Liam is challenged with choosing between marrying Hope and keeping his family together.
Ridge confides in Thorne the difficulty he’s faced with Brooke over their daughters, and the stress it’s put on their marriage; separately, Steffy and Hope come to terms with the status of their relationships with Liam.

General Hospital
Maxie is moved to tears; Finn’s timing is impeccable; Drew makes arrangements; Oscar steps up; Mike gets the attention he needs.
Sam asks for help; Valentin keeps his word; Jason has doubts; Kim hears a different side of the story; Lulu struggles against a difference of opinion.
Finn is supportive; Anna comes clean; Sonny cautions Carly; Julian apologizes; Alexis is stunned.
Ava relays what she saw; Josslyn is on the defense; Griffin is interrupted; Lulu makes a promise; Franco takes matters into his own hands.
Alexis confronts Monica; Jason is put on the spot; Nelle is thrilled; Michael makes a call; Curtis wants to help.

Days of Our Lives
Theresa pulls out all the stops to fight for Brady; Kayla gives Ciara advice about Tripp; passion ignites between Claire and Tripp; Hope tells JJ about Ben’s impending release.
Ciara finds Tripp and Claire in a compromising position; JJ makes a surprising offer to Theresa; Brady laces Victor for encouraging Theresa to keep quiet about Chloe’s whereabouts; Justin and Sonny are presented with damning evidence.
Ben shows up on Will’s doorstep to make amends; Kayla reluctantly agrees to Stefan’s deal; Hope chastises Marlena for not stopping Ben’s release; Ciara’s life hangs in the balance.

No episodes Thursday, June 7 or Friday, June 8, due to the French Open!

Starrleena’s Weekly Soap Spoilers – May 28-June 1, 2018

Weekly Soap Spoilers – May 28 – June 1, 2018

The Young & the Restless
Victor rocks the boat; Jack calls Kyle out on his betrayal; not everyone is happy for Nick and Sharon.
Devon romances Hilary; Ashley comes home to a surprise; Victoria is blindsided at Newman.
Victor and Nick argue about a family secret; Traci gives Jack some tough love; Hilary sends mixed signals.
Jack confides in Sharon; Hilary gives Devon some unexpected news; Arturo comforts Abby.
Billy takes charge; Nikki confronts Abby about Arturo; Kyle makes waves.

The Bold & the Beautiful
Liam and Hope’s wedding guests wait and wonder; Ridge demands the truth from Katie; Hope is blindsided when Liam reveals the secret that Wyatt shared with him mid-wedding.
Feeling guilty, Justin takes a stand and refuses to do $Bill’s bidding; Liam and Hope reflect on the consequences of $Bill’s actions and make a life-changing decision.
Wyatt gives back as good as he gets when $Bill unleashes his anger and takes back everything he’s been offered; Steffy and Hope square off when Steffy states that Hope would never have been with Liam if not for $Bill’s lies and deception.
An angry and intense Liam confronts $Bill about his egregious misdeeds and delusion about Steffy; Steffy trips and falls after slamming the door shut on an uninvited and unwanted $Bill.
Brooke urges Hope to marry Liam as soon as possible, while Ridge pleads with Liam to reunite with Steffy; Steffy becomes frantic when her fall causes her to go into premature labor.

General Hospital
Sonny pushes too hard; Carly grows determined; Mike’s condition worsens; Stella is sympathetic; Jason balks at Anna’s idea.
Carly snaps; Andre is reluctant; Franco isn’t entirely supportive; Alexis runs into Kevin; Kiki gets infuriating information.
Peter has leverage; Jason is non-committal; Alexis wants to get to the root of the problem; Elizabeth offers her support; Julian is disappointed.
Obrecht places blame; Ava discourages Griffin; Valentin tries to defend himself; Sam is terrified; Andre shares his fears.
Carly looks on the bright side; Jason offers words of encouragement; Maxie feels foolish; Nina gets a mysterious text; Anna wants to make up for lost time.

Days of Our Lives
Happy Memorial Day!!!!!!!!!
Brady’s thrown a curveball before he can give an important answer; John and Paul are caught by Mateo; Victor is furious when Sonny tells him about Leo’s lawsuit; Gabi is set to be released from prison, but someone stands in her way.
Stefan offers Kayla a deal to help Steve regain his vision, but it comes with strings attached; Laura arrives to help Abigail integrate her personalities; Gabi is on the hot seat once again; Hope receives stunning news about Ben Weston.
Xander continues to be a thorn in Theresa’s side; Chloe and Eve compare notes about Theresa; Tripp presses Ciara for an explanation when she once again pulls away from him; back from Mexico, Paul and John reunite with Will and Marlena.
Chloe blows Theresa out of the water; Claire and Tripp find comfort with one another; Will and Paul debate whether Will should pursue a cure for his amnesia; Marlena evaluates Ben and tries to determine if he’s telling the truth.

Soap Spoilers – May 21-25, 2018

Weekly Soap Spoilers – May 21-25, 2018

The Young & the Restless
Devon and Hilary reconnect with Shauna; Dina makes a startling revelation; Jack struggles to stay clean.
Nick receives an unexpected offer; the tables are turned on Jack; Sharon pushes Nikki too far.
Sharon’ s plan backfires; Abby takes on a new project with Arturo; Billy is in the driver’s seat.
Ashley reveals a secret agenda; Kyle suffers defeat; Nick turns to Phyllis for advice.
The power struggle between Jack and Billy gets ugly; Abby takes a risk; sparks fly between Hilary and Devon.

The Bold & the Beautiful
Katie feels an overwhelming sense of guilt for the advice she gave Wyatt regarding deception; $Bill manipulates Liam, and then he offers Wyatt the keys to the kingdom in return for his loyalty.
Brooke is forced to intervene when Ridge tells Hope that her upcoming wedding is based on a lie; Steffy shares with Liam the name she has chosen for their unborn daughter.
Wyatt struggles with his dilemma as Katie pushes for him to conceal the truth about Steffy and $Bill; Brooke and Ridge find themselves at an impasse as they both passionately defend their daughters.
The Logan sisters assist Hope as she gets dressed on her wedding day; Steffy faults $Bill for the situation she’s in, while Taylor continues to lay the blame on Brooke for railroading Liam into a quickie wedding with Hope.
Friends and family gather as Carter begins to officiate the wedding between Hope and Liam; Justin reminds an annoyed $Bill that Wyatt has the power to thwart his plans with the truth.

General Hospital
Valentin walks a fine line; Lucy is apologetic; Anna grows anxious, Peter stays by Maxie’s side; Kiki is misunderstood.
Peter feels deceived; Finn seeks answers; Sam tries to help; Nina isn’t interested; Kiki finds comfort in an old friend.
Valentin crosses Lulu; Dante has had enough; Drew pays his respect; Maxie is disheartened; Kiki acts impulsively.
Carly is upset; Nelle gets the support she craves; Alexis quickly regrets her actions; Griffin gets more than he bargained for; Oscar makes a pact with Josslyn.
Sonny is tormented; Nina pays Lulu a visit; Valentin tries his best; Anna is distraught; Peter has an ace up his sleeve.

Days of Our Lives
Stefan threatens Abigail with Chad’s freedom; Brady is shocked to find his past waiting for him at home; Eve shares the news of her engagement with Jennifer; Chloe’s crushed and fearful when Mateo tells her some unsettling news.
Eve is shocked to see her sister Theresa back in Salem and sharing a moment with her fiance; Will finds a new clue in Dr. Rolf’s diary; Ciara and Tripp’s romantic dinner takes an unexpected turn; Lani has a scare concerning her unborn baby.
Chad argues with Melinda to get a plea deal for Abigail; Jennifer supports Abigail, who is ready to accept responsibility for her actions; Kate learns her fate regarding her role in Vivian’s death; Sonny world is turned upside down.
Sonny realizes Leo has been conning him; Abigail faces the music regarding Andre’s murder; Ciara confides in Hope about pushing Tripp away; Xander taunts Jennifer about her relationship with Eric.
Theresa attempts to guilt Eve into leaving Brady; Brady confesses his conflicted feelings to Marlena; in Mexico, John and Paul attempt to rescue Chloe; Gabi learns a judge has overturned her conviction, but a new problem arises.

Jack’s Secret: A Days of Our Lives Fanfiction

When Jack died saving his daughter, Abigail, he took a big secret with him to his grave. But Stefano demands Jennifer pay up for Jack’s misdeeds, she refuses. To get revenge on Jack, Stefano demands that Jennifer hand over her daughter Abigail as EJ’s bride. To Jennifer’s chagrin, EJ and Abigail manage to make the most of this arranged marriage and fall in love. Will EJ and Abigail’s marriage survive Jack’s secret when it all comes out?

Stefano DiMera – Joseph Mascolo
Jennifer Horton Devereaux – Melissa Reeves
EJ DiMera – James Scott
Abigail Devereaux – Kate Mansi
JJ Devereaux – Casey Moss
Chad DiMera – Billy Flynn
Sami Brady – Alison Sweeney

Chapter 1
While Jennifer, Abigail, and JJ mourned Jack’s death after saving Abigail from a fall, Stefano DiMera was livid to learn what Jack had done. He was going to make Jennifer pay for what Jack did as soon as Jack’s memorial service was over.

Meanwhile, friends and family of the late Jack Devereaux where gathering at St. Luke’s Cathedral to mourn their loss.
“Jennifer, how are you holding up?” Maggie asked the grieving Jennifer.
“I thought we lots of time left. Who knew Jack would die saving Abigail?”
“Jack is such a hero. I always knew that he loved his children.”
As Maggie and Jennifer were talking, John and Marlena had just arrived.
“John, I see Maggie and Jennifer. I want to go talk with them before I head in.” Marlena told John.
“Alright, Doc. I’ll go in and pick us a seat.” John said, as he gave her a quick kiss on the cheek before Marlena went over to Jennifer and Marlena.
“Jennifer, Maggie.” Marlena greeted them with a hug. “How are you holding up Jennifer?’
“I’m holding. . .” Jennifer replied, nearly in tears.
Marlena just took Jennifer in her embrace. “I’m here if you need to talk.”
“Thanks, Marlena.” Jennifer said gratefully. “My, look at the time. We better be getting this started.”
As Marlena, Maggie and Jennifer headed into the sanctuary, Eric was standing up front waiting to start the service. Although he was no longer a priest, Eric got special permission to officiate at the proceedings for Jack’s service.
Jennifer sat down next to Abigail and JJ in the front of the sanctuary. Abigail looked across the aisle to notice that EJ DiMera had just sat down. EJ had shown up for Jack’s service against Stefano’s orders.
Abigail smiled at EJ as Ej smiled back at her. Abigail had felt an attraction but denied it ever since her crush on a very married Austin Reed. She had tried to break up Carrie and Austin when she saw that Carrie had developed feelings for Rafe Hernandez and had used it to her advantage to get Austin to notice her. In the end, Abigail lost the battle and Austin went back to Carrie.
Standing outside the sanctuary, Stefano watched as Abigail took the podium and poured out a heart-felt eulogy for her father. Stefano couldn’t wait for this farce of memorial to end so he could meet with Jennifer and make her pay for what Jack had done.

Chapter 2
After Jack’s memorial service ended, Stefano had Jennifer kidnapped by his henchman and brought to his mansion. When Jennifer came to in Stefano’s dungeon, she saw that Stefano was smiling down at her.
“Stefano!” Jennifer said, a bit groggy from having passed out.
“Well, nice of you to wake up, Jennifer.” Stefano continued smiling at her.
“What do you want with me?” Jennifer asked.
“I know what Jack did!” Stefano confessed.
“What do you mean, ‘what Jack did?’ “ Jennifer asked confused.
“Did you think he was going to get away with trying to take my company from me?!” Stefano railed at her.
“What? Why would Jack try to take DiMera from you?” Jennifer lied, pretending not to know what Jack was up to so Stefano wouldn’t come after her.
“Yes. And now that Jack is dead, you’re going to pay!”
“What do you want? I’ll give you anything!” Jennifer pleaded.
“Your daughter!” Stefano demanded.
“What do you want with Abigail?” Jennifer asked surprised.
“I don’t want her, personally.” Stefano said, making himself clear. “I want her to marry EJ!”
“What?” Jennifer asked surprised. “That’s absurd!”
“Abigail will marry EJ or I will turn you and Jack in for fraud!”
“Okay!” Jennifer said, giving into Stefano’s demands.
“Very well, Jennifer. You can go home and prepare your daughter for a marriage to my son.” Stefano demanded.

As Jennifer left the DiMera mansion, she wondered how she was going to convince Abigail to marry EJ. But little did Jennifer know, but Abigail was smitten with EJ and secretly dreamed of a life with him.
“EJ!” Stefano yelled upstairs to EJ’s room.
“Yes, father?” Ej said as he came downstairs to see what Stefano wanted.
“Prepare to be married again.” Stefano told him.
“What do you mean?” EJ asked.
“You’re marrying Abigail Devereaux.” Stefano informed him. “I’ve got it all arranged. Be at St. Luke’s Cathedral tomorrow for the ceremony.”

Chapter 3
Jennifer drove Abigail to St. Luke’s Cathedral without informing her of what was happening. She could bear the thought that Stefano demanded Abigail’s hand in marriage to EJ or he would expose Jack’s secret.
Jennifer walked with Abigail to the bride’s changing room and handed her the wedding dress that Stefano demanded Abigail marry EJ in. It was his mother’s dress and Stefano wanted the woman who married his son to wear it. Jennifer looked in horror as Abigail tried it on.
“Mom, why am I trying this wedding dress on?” a confused Abigail asked her mother.
“I surprised you with a wedding to EJ.” Jennifer lied, not knowing that Abigail was smitten with the dashing Englishman.
“A wedding to EJ?” Abigail mused at the thought of being Mrs. EJ DiMera.

15 minutes later, EJ was standing at the altar when Abigail stood at the entrance to the chapel, as he looked in awe at Abigail’s beauty.
Jennifer cried at the thought of her daughter being married to a DiMera. But Abigail couldn’t wait to start her life as Mrs. EJ Dimera.
“I now pronounce you, husband and wife.” Father Matthews said, as he concluded the ceremony, officially making EJ and Abigail a married couple. “You may kiss the bride.”
As EJ kissed Abigail at the altar, Jennifer cried tears of sadness as Stefano looked on happy at getting his way.

EJ took Abigail’s hand as they took to the dance floor for the first dance as husband and wife. While dancing, EJ and Abigail locked glances as they couldn’t take their eyes off each other. Abigail was in awe. She couldn’t believe she was EJ’s wife.
“Stefano, I hope you’re happy!” Jennifer spat out. “My daughter is now married to your son!”
“You did what I asked and I thank you for that.” Stefano said gratefully.
“I just hope you keep your word as promised!” Jennifer told him.
“As long as Abigail stays married to EJ, Jack’s secret will stay buried.”
Jennifer went over to the wedding cake to announce the bride and groom’s cutting of the cake.
“May I have everyone’s attention!” Jennifer shouted loud enough to get the guests attention as she lightly tapped on a wine glass with a fork.
EJ and Abigail and their guests turned to face Jennifer at the sound of her voice.
“Everybody, it’s time for the cutting of the wedding cake.” Jennifer announced with as much enthusiasm as she could muster.
EJ led Abigail over to the wedding cake where Jennifer handed her daughter the knife to cut the first piece of wedding cake. As Abigail fed EJ the first bite of wedding cake, EJ opened his mouth as Abigail shoved the slice of cake in his mouth. Then she kissed him as she got a mouthful of cake in the process.
EJ took the knife from Abigail and sliced off a piece of cake and did the same to Abigail who gladly took the bite from her husband. As the guests cheered the happy couple, EJ kissed Abigail on the lips, as Jennifer looked on.
“Mom?” JJ crept up behind her. “How could you allow this mockery?”
“What are you talking about, JJ?”
“Abigail marrying EJ?” JJ blasted her. “It’s insulting to dad’s memory!”
Jennifer watched in horror as JJ left the cathedral. She wished with all her heart that Stefano hadn’t made his demands clear and have Abigail as EJ’s wife. But then Jennifer looked at her daughter and realized that Abigial wasn’t regretting Jennifer’s decision. It almost looked as if Abigail loved every minute of being EJ’s wife. “If only Abigail knew the truth behind this wedding?” Jennifer thought to herself. “Well, Jack’s secret would never come out as long as Abigail stayed married to EJ.”

Chapter 4
After EJ and Abigail’s wedding, Chad came up to Jennifer, “Why did you allow my brother to marry Abigail?”
“Can’t you see it, Chad?” Jennifer said to Chad, trying to convince herself, despite Stefano’s demands that Abigail marry EJ.
“I just can’t believe Abigail threw away what we had to marry my brother?” Chad railed.
“Chad, they’re in love.” Jennifer said, hating every word that came out of her mouth.
“I have to leave.” Chad said, running out of the cathedral.
Jennifer met Abigail at The Brady Pub where the Abby and EJ were having their reception. A jealous Nicole looked on trying to find a way to get EJ alone. Then Sami, also jealous, confronted Nicole with a deal.
“Nicole, I can help you break those two apart.” Sami said, nearly startling Nicole.
“Sami, how can you help?”
“I know why EJ married Abigail.” Sami told her.
“You mean EJ isn’t in love with her?”
“No, it was deal made by Jennifer and Stefano.”
“How do you know this?”
“I was listening in on Jennifer and Stefano make the deal.”
“But why would they make such a deal?”
“It has to do with a secret of Jack’s.”
“Jack had a secret?”
“What is the secret?” Nicole demanded.
“I can’t divulge that.” Sami said, because she didn’t yet know the secret.
Nicole waved to EJ and Abigail who had noticed them talking. EJ gave Abigail a kiss and said he had to rush off. He wanted to speak to Nicole about why she was talking to Sami, knowing her history with Sami.
“Nicole, you were awfully chummy with Sami just now?” EJ questioned her.
“Sami and I were catching up, is all?” Nicole told him.
“Catching up on what. . .how to take a man away.” EJ said in fascination.
“Just stuff.” Nicole said, trying to be vague.
“C’mon, Nicole, I know you and Sami. You two are like two pitbulls ready to attack.”
“Well. . .Sami. . .and I have come to an understanding.” Nicole said justifying their friendship.
“Well, I hope it lasts.” EJ says with a smirk as he left her to go find his bride.

Meanwhile, Chad had gotten Abigail alone when EJ left her to go speak to Nicole.
“Abigail, can’t you get an annulment?” Chad pleaded with her.
“Chad, we’re through. I’m EJ’s wife now.”
“But my brother doesn’t really love you.” Chad tried to reason with her.
“Oh, c’,mon, Chad. Who’s jealous now?”
“I’m not jealous.” Chad defended himself.
“Yes, you are.” Abigail pointed out. “You can’t stand it that EJ and I are happily married.”
“Okay. I admit it. I still love you.” Chad confessed.
“Too little. . .too late.” Abigail reminded him. “I’m married to your brother now and I plan to make EJ very happy.”
“Chad, trying to steal my bride away?” EJ said, interrupting his talk with Abigail.
“I was just talking to Abigail.” Chad said in defense.
“Well, Abby, shall we go?” EJ said, escorting her out of The Brady Pub and to their honeymoon suite at the Salem Inn.”

Chapter 5
Chad decided to make a last-ditch effort to strike a deal with Abigail. He knew she loved him and was only in her marriage to EJ for some reason other than love.
“Abigail, please meet me at our place before you leave.” Chad text Abigail.
“Okay.” Abigail text back.
Abigail was waiting for Chad to arrive at their spot to see what he wanted.
“C’mon, Chad, where are you? I’ve got to go.” Abigail said to herself. But Chad arrived shortly.
“Abigail, I’m glad you came.” Chad greeted her with a kiss, hoping to revive their love.
“Chad, I’m a married woman.” Abigail reminded him.
“Only because you were blackmailed into a marriage with EJ.” Chad told her.
“I love him.” Abigail tried to convince him.
“Yeah, sure you are.” Chad doubted her. “Anyway, I have a proposition for you.”
“You’re propositioning your brother’s wife?” Abigail asks him.
“Very funny, Abby.” Chad says. “Promise me you’ll text me with the destination so I can meet you there.”
“Say what?”
“You can go on this mockery of a honeymoon, while you and I have our own secret rendezvous behind my brother’s back?” Chad tempts Abigail.
“That sounds tempting.” Abigail said, knowing she was still very much in love with Chad. Chad knew her so well. “Okay, I will. As soon EJ and I get to our honeymoon destination.”
“I’ll be waiting with the DiMera jet on standby.” Chad told her with a kiss on the lips.
“Hmmmm,” Abigail thought to herself. Chad’s kisses were always so tempting.
Abigail left Chad and went to meet EJ so they could head on their honeymoon. She would play the dutiful wife while having a secret affair with Chad. Who would know. She never really loved EJ. Their one-night stand was a mistake. Chad was who she wanted. She was only married to EJ to protect her dad’s secret. Her heart belonged to Chad. Or was Abigail lying to herself?

Chapter 6
EJ and Abigail arrived in Paris to spend a few days while on their honeymoon. Abigail thought it was going to be romance, but EJ made some excuse to leave their suite. Then Chad’s text came in.
“Abs?” Chad text her.
“Chad? Hello.” Abigail text back.
“I’m waiting in the lounge downstairs.” Chad text.
“Give me 5.” Abigail text Chad, as she gussied herself up to meet Chad.
Meanwhile, EJ was in the same lounge with none other than Sami Brady having drinks. It was part of Sami and Chad’s plan to come between EJ and Abigail.
“So, how you been?” Sami asked EJ as he ordered a martini.
“Great. And you?” EJ replied, neglecting the fact he got married and was on his honeymoon.
“So, what brings you to Paris?” Sami asked, knowing full well he was on his honeymoon.
“Business. For DiMera.” EJ told her.
“Well, Stefano won’t mind you having a little dinner with me.”
“You know father.” EJ told her.
“Yes. He can’t stand me!” Sami said.
“The reason why our marriage failed.” EJ reminded her.
“Yes. Sad because I still love you.” Sami confessed.
“Yes. I love you too. We have 2 kids together.”
“Yes. And adorable kids too.” Sami agreed.
Sami saw Abigail arrive as Chad went to meet her and seat her at his table.
“Thank you Chad.” Abigail said politely.
“I’m just glad you tore yourself away from EJ to meet me.” Chad said, as he winked at Sami, who was watching.
“He had to rush out.” Abigail said.
“Rush out? And on your honeymoon?” Chad said secretly happy.
“Yeah. Business.” Abigail said making excuses for EJ’s departure.
“Well, no reason why you can’t enjoy some dinner with me?” Chad questioned.
“Well, I don’t see why not. I’m sure EJ won’t mind.”
As Chad got Abigail settled, Sami made her move per her and Chad’s agreement.
“EJ, what do you say we go somewhere else?” Sami suggested. “Suddenly, it’s a bit stuffy in this place.”
“Where to Sami?” EJ asked.
“My place.” Sami suggested as she and EJ got up to leave.
Just as they were about to leave, EJ spotted Chad sitting with Abigail.
“So, you’re cheating on me?” EJ accused her. “And on our honeymoon! I step out for a meeting and you cheat on me with my brother?!”
“EJ, it’s just dinner!” Abigail defended herself.
EJ stormed out of the lounge before Abigail could have another word, as Chad secretly smiled. It looked as his and Sami’s plan was working. Soon Abigail would be his!

Chapter 7
Abigail waited for EJ to come back, but he never arrived home after their spat. Instead, Chad came to tell her the sad news—that EJ had been shot and was lying in a coma.
Chad was hoping Abigail would take comfort in his arms, but she didn’t do that. She headed straight for the hospital to be near EJ’s side.
Chad tried to follow Abigail, but Sami stopped him instead.
“Did you tell Abigail the news?” Sami asked him.
“Yes, I did, and she ran straight to the hospital to be with EJ!” Chad said bitterly.
“Damn it!” Sami raged. “You screwed it all up, Chad!”
“Hey, don’t blame me!” Chad defended himself. “What do you think she’s going to do when she gets to the hospital and finds that EJ isn’t even at the hospital?”
“That’s your problem!” Sami said as she stormed off.
Chad couldn’t believe that Sami was pinning this on him. She was going to pay for going back on her promise. If Abigail and EJ got back together, Sami was going to be sorry she didn’t back him up.
Meanwhile, Abigail arrived at the hospital to discover EJ wasn’t even there.
“I was told EJ’d been shot and was here in a coma?” Abigail said, confused.
“Well, there’s been no EJ DiMera admitted here today.” Maxine told her.
“Well, thank you, Maxine.” Abigail said before heading back to the DiMera mansion to confront Chad for lying to her.
But she got the surprise of her life when EJ surprised her with a romantic dinner.
“EJ?” Abigail said surprised to find EJ home.
“Where’ve you been love?”
“I was told you were shot and in a coma, so I went to the hospital to see you.”
“Who told you that?”
“Figures.” EJ said, smirking.
“What’s with the smile?”
“I figured Chad would do something like this. So I made it look like was shot so he would come to you.”
“You tricked him!” Abigail said angrily before walking out of the mansion, leaving EJ baffled.
Abigail found herself on the pier where Chad saw her. He knew he had one chance to make it up to her.

Chapter 8
Chad got his chance to speak to Abigail and get her to divorce EJ, but he didn’t know someone was behind Chad’s meeting with Abigail.
Jack sat in his motel room on the outskirts of Salem, contemplating when and how he should confront his family that he was alive…his only regret…he owed his life to Stefano and Dr. Rolf…
He just didn’t like Abigail married to EJ when her heart belonged to Chad…which is why he had to get Chad to get her to divorce EJ. Chad was her destiny…not EJ. As far as Jack was concerned EJ could go back to Sami Brady.
As Jack contemplated seeing his family…he didn’t know that Jennifer was being wooed by Eric Brady, who had a surprise for Jennifer…
“Eric, you have given me a purpose I haven’t had since Jack’s death.”
“I know the feeling.” Eric told her as he got down on one knee as Jennifer cried tears of joy. “Jennifer Horton Devereaux, will you do me the honor and marry me?”
“Yes, Eric, I will.” Jennifer said happily.
The two sealed their engagement with a kiss that led to passionate love making.
Back at the DiMera mansion, Abigail found herself guiltily making up to EJ after their fight to get Chad out of her mind and heart.
But as she made love to EJ, Chad DiMera was still in her heart….
While Chad took a drive to a seedy motel on the outskirts of Salem, where he thought he saw a familiar face while checking into a room after his talk with Abigail…..
While unlocking his door with his key, Chad pulled the guy around to find himself face to face with…..Jack!

Chapter 9
“Jack?” Chad said shocked to see Abigail’s not-so-dead father.
“Chad. How did you find me?”
“I came to think after a heated discussion with Abigail.” Chad told him, unbeknownst that Jack had set the meeting up.
“And how did it go?”
“Why does it matter to you?”
“Because I set the meeting up for you.” Jack revealed.
“You?” Chad said in disbelief. “You’ve been alive all this time?”
“Yes, and you won’t believe how, but it does involve your father and Dr. Rolf.”
“Yea, how am I not surprised.”
“So, why did you go to bat for me and get me a talk with your daughter? I thought the last thing you would want is your daughter married to a DiMera?”
“To EJ DiMera, I have a problem with. You—on the other hand, I don’t have a problem.” Jack confessed to Chad. “I know Abigail’s heart is with you, not that blasted EJ.”
“And now, thanks to my father, she’s married to EJ!”
“Abigail’s married to EJ because of Stefano?!” Jack raged.
“Yes, Stefano blackmailed Jennifer because of your secret.” Chad revealed. Chad overheard Stefano and Jennifer’s conversation blackmailing her into getting Abigail married to EJ because of Jack’s secret.
“I don’t have a secret!” Jack defended himself, knowing it was true.
“Well, whether you did or not, Abigail is EJ’s wife now.” Chad told Jack.
“Well, I’ll just have to come back and fix that situation, won’t i?”
“Oh, and just an FYI, Jennifer is getting pretty chummy with Eric Brady.” Chad told Jack before leaving Jack’s motel room.
As a stunned Jack was left reeling, he knew what he had to do…get home to Salem and get Abigail out of her marriage to EJ…and stop Jennifer from dating Eric…
Back in Salem, an ecstatic Eric and Jennifer revealed the news of their engagement to friends and family…

Nicole Walker’s New Life

A/N: What if, after leaving Salem with Holly, Nicole Walker (Arianne Zucker) got a job as an investigative reporter in L.A. that led her to Mexico City, Mexico where she encountered Theresa Donovan (Jen Lilley) and Chloe Lane (Nadia Bjorlin)?

Since leaving Salem, Nicole found herself in L.A. in a new job as an investigative reporter at a newspaper in San Diego, California. That’s where she gets the news of Theresa Donovan and Chloe Lane’s trouble in Mexico City. Leaving Holly with her sister, Nicole heads to Mexico City to bust El Fideo and save Theresa Chloe from their imprisonment. Will Nicole save her friends, or end up one of El Fideo’s girls?

Nicole Walker – Arianne Zucker
Chloe Lane – Nadia Bjorn
Theresa Donovan – Jen Lilley
Brady Black – Eric Martsolf
Eve Donovan – Kassie DePaiva
Taylor Walker – Tamara Braun
Brandon Walker – Matt Cedeno
Miguel Moreno – Philip Anthony-Rodriguez
Mateo “El Fideo” –

Chapter 1
Nicole looked at her sleeping daughter in the back seat of her car. She was unhappy without Eric. How she longed to be with him. But Brady forced her hand out of jealousy when she revealed to Brady that Eric was her true love, by breaking Eric’s heart and leaving him like she did him.
Reminded of the heartbreak on Eric’s face has haunted Nicole since she and Holly left Salem. She thought she was finally getting her happily-ever-after and then Brady forced her to leave Salem.
Now, after 2 months, things were finally looking up when she landed a job with a Hollywood newspaper in L.A. as an investigative reporter. Her first assignment was to go to Mexico City, Mexico to interview Mexican drug lord, El Fideo.
“Taylor, I need a favor?” Nicole desperately left a text on Taylor’s cell. Nicole had recently reconnected with her sister since leaving Salem.
“Nic? What is your fave?” Taylor text back as soon as she saw Nicole’s text.
Nicole immediately pushed Taylor’s button to send the call to her sister.
“Taylor, I need you to watch Holly?”
“Sure, Nic, love to watch my sweet little niece. But why do you need to leave her with me?”
“I just got a job as an investigative reporter and they want me to go to Mexico City to interview some drug lord.”
“El Fideo? You’re going to interview El Fideo?”
“Yes. How did you know about him?”
“Everybody knows about El Fideo! He’s the equivalent of The Godfather in the movie.”
“Wow! Didn’t know this would be a pressing job? Will you still watch Holly while I’m gone?”
“I’d love to, Nic. But be careful. Holly already lost her dad! I don’t want her losing her mother too.”
After Nicole dropped Holly and her things off at Taylor’s and kissed her good-bye, a teary-eyed Nicole hopped in her car and headed for Mexico City.

Chapter 2
While Taylor enjoyed time with her niece, Nicole arrived in Mexico City and checked into a hotel. After getting dinner at a local taco restaurant, Nicole headed back to her room to get a restful night’s sleep before meeting with El Fideo. As she was headed back to the hotel, she thought she saw Chloe Lane, but quickly brushed the idea off when the lady disappeared as fast as Nicole saw her.
At the compound where Chloe and Theresa were being held as sex slaves in El Fideo’s compound, they worked (and prayed) that they would find proof that would get them out of their predicament and get back to Salem to their loved ones.
The next morning……
Nicole woke from a restful sleep and picked up the clothes she had set out the night before and went to shower and get ready for her interview.
Then Nicole headed to the hotel restaurant for a quick continental breakfast of waffles with strawberry syrup, coffee with cream, and orange juice before heading to the address Nicole was instructed to meet El Fideo for the interview.
When Nicole got to the restaurant and headed in to meet with El Fideo, she was surprised to find Theresa Donovan as El Fideo’s escort sitting next to him.
“Mr. Fideo?” Nicole inquired, looking confused at Theresa, but not giving away that she knew her. “I was sent to do an interview with you.”
“Well, Ms. Walker, nice to meet you.” Mateo said cordially. “Please, call me Mateo.”
The interview went well, but Nicole wondered why Theresa was there. She vowed to find out.
Nicole made some calls and managed to get the Mateo’s address, thanks to an old friend back in her porn star days who owed her a favor for helping her get out the business.
Nicole went to the Mateo’s house and found a way to sneak in. She came to a room with two women talking, one she recognized as Theresa. Knocking on the door, Theresa answered and seemed grateful to see her.
As Theresa let Nicole in, she was surprised to find Chloe there too.
“Chloe? How did you get here?”
“I was kidnapped when I refused to accept a job offer about being in my own opera.”
“And how are you here, Theresa?”
“Mateo is an ex who demanded I come or he’d threaten Brady and Tate.”
“You were blackmailed into coming?” Nicole asked, seeing the light now. She remembered how hurt and betrayed Brady felt after Theresa “abandoned” him and Tate. “So, you didn’t ‘abandon’ Brady and Tate?”
“It was a setup to make Brady think that. I couldn’t let Mateo harm Brady or Tate. I had no choice but to leave!”
Nicole felt for Theresa. It must have been an impossible choice—to make Brady think she’d fallen back into drugs. What an act of love! She vowed that when they got back to Salem, she would make Brady see the selflessness of Theresa’s actions—but she didn’t know about Eve’s relationship with Brady since she broken up with Brady.
“I’m glad I got this job as an investigative reporter. I would’ve never been led to you two.”
“We are beyond grateful.” Chloe and Theresa said in unison.
“But we need a plan to break free from Mateo’s power.” Nicole told them, to which Chloe and Theresa agreed.
The three old friends put their heads together to come up with a plan to break free from Mateo’s compound.