The Soul Series – Soul Revival (Book I): A Buffy the Vampire Slayer Fanfiction Series

In Season 8, Ethan Rayne plots against Buffy. He has a time travel machine and will retrieve Kralik and Blair from Season 3’s Helpless, bringing them to turn Buffy. He will also steal the Cruciamentum drug from Giles. He found out about the Watcher’s test by looking into Quentin Travers’s archives and the files of the Council. He also secretly overhears a conversation between Willow and the victim about Spike being her lover and that she found out he was alive, but never told her and she was heartbroken that he didn’t tell her or come to her. He gets an idea by seeking a resurrection spell. He only resurrects Spike and Angel, but not the L.A. crew (Gunn, Illyria, and Wesley) because he didn’t want them interfering or helping the Vampires. He’ll capture the 2 Champions and will torture Buffy, r*** her, and then turn her in front of them. A soulless Slayer Demon is on the loose and they have to stop her. Willow does the curse but how will her best friend handle being turned?

Chapter 1
Ethan Rayne sat the machine on the floor before unbounding the unconscious Slayer. He really worked too hard just to fight her until he slammed the needle into her arm. The girl had been tied up and brought to this cabin in the woods. It was a single house there- no neighbors, no dogs, or pets. Not even cars honking. There was not a single person that lived there, but him, Ethan Rayne. This way, no one would know he was alive.
It felt like a train wreck had happened and she was the center of it all. She was tied to a strong rope, leather cauls, and straps. Ethan was standing over her, examining someone. She turned and there he was smiling that vulture like grin.
The devil was on the top of her, licking up her neck. Ethan Rayne took some photos. “To save for later,” he shrugged snapping the camera.
The pain was evading, but the anger was ever still present.

Chapter 2
“This is wrong on many levels!” He stared at her like he didn’t care.
“Wasn’t it wrong when you and Ripper ruined Band Candy…? Oh, Janus could have been so fun…!”
“But like true White Hats, you destroyed it!”
Kralik: You ruined many Apocalypses and killed many of our kind…
The restoration had been ruined because of you! His glory…!
“You’re going to torture me aren’t you?”
“You’re a clever girl then!”
They took pleasure in watching her discomfort. Ethan came back with a brief case. “Here is what you wanted, Kralik!”
He pulled out a wicked knife. “Irish dagger,” he sighed dreamily. “In the medieval days, they would carve symbols on their preys…”
“This is the most delicious gift!”

Chapter 3
After Ethan Rayne was done with her, Buffy got up and looked into the mirror. She was shocked to find her reflection was not there.
“I’m one of them—a soulless demon I’ve been trained to slay?”
Buffy couldn’t believe that Ethan had turned her. What would her friends think? Giles? She had to hide. Hide until she make them believe that she wasn’t one of them?
Meanwhile, back in Sunnydale, Willow, Xander, and the rest of the Scoobies kept doing Buffy’s work until she could be found—hopefully alive.
Spike was at a loss not knowing where Buffy was or what happened to her. He had to find her and he would…alone…without anyone’s help—especially the Scoobies.
Then he ran into Angel…..
“Spike. Do you want to find Buffy together?” Angel asked him.
“Hell, no! It’s your fault Buffy’s missing!” Spike spat out at him.
“I’m sorry, Spike. I’m sorry I got there late.”
“Yeah, where were you that you could help Buffy in her time of need from Rayne?”
“I was dealing with Connor.”
“Rubbish!” Spike said as he took off to find Buffy on his own.

Chapter 4
Spike was on the hunt to find Buffy as well as Angel. Angel wished Spike would agree to work together, but Spike was to mad to do that. Spike hit pay dirt when he spotted Ethan Rayne out and about and made the decision to follow him.
When Ethan arrived at the secluded cabin in the woods, Spike hid until Ethan left an hour later. Then he climbed in through an open window and was surprised to find Buffy tied up.
“Buffy?” Spike said relieved.
“Go away, Spike!” Buffy spat out at him not wanting him to realize she had been turned.
“Buffy, what happened?”
“Don’t ask!” Buffy cried, but not wanting to tell Spike that she had been raped and turned by Ethan Rayne.
“I’m here to free you.”
“Don’t bother. It’s over!” Buffy spat out.
“What’s over? You’re free. You can come back and do what you’re destined to be.”
“No I can’t!” Buffy screamed at him causing her fangs to appear, which shocked Spike.
“Buffy? Rayne turned you?”
“Yes. I’m a soulless demon. Just like you.”
“Come back! I’ll keep your secret!” Spike promised her.
“You won’t tell the others?” Buffy asked unconvinced.
“I swear.” Spike reassured her.
As Spike reached over to free Buffy from her chains, Ethan arrived to find Spike trying to free Buffy. That’s when he hit Spike over the head with a lamp to Buffy’s horror.
“I won’t let you destroy my plan!” Ethan told Buffy as he dragged Spike off to an unknown location.
Meanwhile, Angel, having no luck finding Buffy, headed back to Giles’ store to see if the Scoobies had any luck.
“Any luck finding Buffy?” Angel asked Giles and the Scoobies.
“No, Buffy is still at large.” Xander replied.
“Hmmm, I wonder if Spike had any luck?” Angel mused, more to himself than to the others.
“I don’t know but he took off in a hurry and he hasn’t come back either?” Willow said growing concerned that Spike and Buffy were now missing.
Back at the cabin, Spike woke to find he had been shackled to a wall in another room separate from Buffy. As he struggled to free himself and get back to Buffy, Ethan Rayne was well on his way to steal the Cruciamentum drug that Giles managed to get his hands on.

Chapter 5
Angel found an unconscious Giles lying on the floor of his store. As he shook him to rouse him from unconsciousness, Willow happened upon them to see if her spell worked.
“Angel? Is he okay?” Willow said concerned.
“It looks like he was beaten up?” Angel told her.
Giles was waking up when he heard Angel and Willow’s voices.
“Giles!” Angel shouted at him. “Can you hear me?”
“What happened?” Giles said, trying to regain his memory of what hit him.
“You were knocked out.” Angel told him.
“Is it gone?” Giles asked.
“What? Is something missing?” Willow asked.
“Check behind the counter.” Giles instructed.
Willow went to look behind the counter as Giles told her, “There’s nothing here?”
“Oh no! It’s gone!” Giles said worrying.
“What’s gone?” Angel asked him.
“The Cruciamentum drug!”
“So Ethan Rayne was here?” Angel said.
“So, that’s who hit me?” Giles asked, as he went unconscious again.
Not able to bring Giles back to consciousness, Willow called for the paramedics as Angel covered Giles up.
As Giles was being transferred to the Sunnydale Hospital, Spike was trying to break free of the chains Ethan Rayne had him tied up with.
He had to break free and help Buffy, who was with Rayne. . .who knows what he was doing to her. . .or making her do.
Buffy managed to get away from Rayne and found herself in downtown Sunnydale preying upon some young girl. . .ravenous with hunger for human blood.
As Buffy drained the poor girl of her blood, she felt sorry for her and let her suck from her wrist. . .turning the girl into a vampire.
Meanwhile, Rayne, who figured out that Buffy got away from him was now on the lookout for Buffy. She couldn’t get back to her friends. He needed her for his scheme on Sunnydale. He didn’t turn her for nothing!

Chapter 6
Willow had come upon Buffy, unbeknownst to her, that Buffy was one of them. Willow tried to get Buffy to come back with her, Buffy, worried what her friends would think about her being a vampire, fled before Willow could get to her.
Buffy continued running and ran straight into Ethan Rayne.
“Well, well, well! You thought you could get away from me.” Ethan said, as he tied Buffy up and took her back to his home dungeon.
Meanwhile, Willow ran back to Giles’ store to inform everyone that she had found Buffy.
“I don’t believe you.” Xander told Willow.
“I did.”
“Why did she run? It’s not like Buffy to run?”
“I don’t know, but Buffy didn’t look well?”
“Well? What does that mean? Is she sick?”
“No, it was almost like…”
“Like what? Like she was a vampire?”
“Yeah…” Willow sadly admitted.
“No way. There’s no way Buffy’s one of them?” Xander said in disbelief.
As the Scooby gang continued arguing about whether Willow saw Buffy and her mental state, Ethan Rayne threw Buffy into a cell next to Spike’s.
Buffy just laid on the tattered bed. She couldn’t look Spike in the eye in her condition.
“What did you do to her?!” Spike lashed out at Ethan from behind bars.
“Wouldn’t you like to know!” Ethan laughed maniacally at him before leaving the two of them alone.

Chapter 7
Buffy was a mess! She was in a mess dealing with her rape and torture, not to mention learning that Ethan had the Cruciamentum drug. She failed at being a slayer. It was better that no one know that she was a vampire. No one needed to know that she was one of them.
When Spike came in to see Buffy, hoping to give her some support after her ordeal.
“What do you want?” Buffy said cruelly, hoping Spike would just leave her be.
“Just wanted to see how you were?”
“Well, as you can see, I’m just peachy!” Buffy said sarcastically, but hoped it would send Spike running.
“Buffy….” Spike began, but Buffy cut him short.
“Get out!” Buffy lashed out. “Just get out, now!”
Taking Buffy’s hint, Spike left her alone. But for some reason, it didn’t make her any happier. But she was hungry…hungry for blood. How was she going to get it without letting on what she was.
Meanwhile, Spike went on a hunt on his own—a hunt for Ethan Rayne. He vowed to find Ethan and get the Cruciamentum drug and beat the living shit out of him for what he did to Buffy.

Chapter 8
Angel and the Scoobies were wondering where Spike was when he didn’t come to Giles’ store when Angel summoned them all for a meeting to find the Cruciamentum drug that would Sunnydale to it’s original order.
Spike went in search of Ethan by himself. He didn’t need Buffy! He didn’t need his friends! He didn’t need anyone! Spike was better on his own. And he would be the one to bring Ethan down!
Spike hid behind a tree when he saw Angel. Angel was the last person he wanted to see. But Angel saw Spike’s blond hair and confronted him.
“Spike, we missed you at the store.” Angel said.
“Yeah. I bet you did!” Spike said bitterly.
“Hey, what’s got your craw?” Angel said, surprised.
But Spike just wanted to run. He didn’t want to tell Angel his issues. Not when he was the rival for the one woman he was falling for.
“Just leave me alone! I don’t need you!” Spike said, warning Angel, baring his fangs.
Angel didn’t heed Spike’s warning and the two vampires got into a heated fight that resulted in each throwing punches. The fight would have ended in Spike taking down Angel, had it not been broken by Willow, who happened by.
Meanwhile, Buffy had managed to break free from the hospital and was out looking for some fresh meat. That is, until she happened upon Willow, Spike and Angel.


The Little Birdie That Sings: A Buffy the Vampire Slayer Fanfiction

Buffy and Spike travel back in time in a pretend Season 8 of the tv series, but how far will they go and whose body is Buffy inhabiting? Drusilla’s.
Spike looked over at Dru. He has no idea that it’s Buffy. A few hours ago, he died eliminating the Circle of Black Thorns. Buffy died closing the Hellmouth in Cleveland. Well, they didn’t die. They time traveled. The PTB decided to play a game called ‘freak the Spike.’
Buffy looked like Morticia Addams as she dreamt. All gothic and powerful in a sheer white off- the- shoulder gown with the moon bouncing off her face. She looked peaceful and dead.
Joyce: They have no idea who each other are, do they?
PTB: It’s a second chance at life…

Chapter 1
Well, she was as Morticia as she could get for someone who lived over a century or in the case of this body and she wasn’t the owner. She had dried blood on her lips from dinner and was sleeping dreaming of the last time she had seen Spike.
Spike was getting dizzy with information. This was Prague. They were in Prague.
Right before Drusilla got hurt.

Chapter 2
She suddenly felt the vision. Of her actually enjoying the hunt and was glorious, always wearing the same White gown or another sheer nightgown with her hair sometimes let down like when several years go, Spike had just rampaged into town with his dark Queen by his side and when he had Willy capture Angel and then, Dru tortured him, but at times, her hair would be like this with a little curl to the side like during the time Billy Ford arrived to Sunnydale.
She would never wear anything else, leaving the hair as it is or the straight one in the other dress as they crashed into bed. She was sometimes in the past with Spike, but not the right one. No, he had a soul. So did she. So why did they fight about hunting and thank god Spike was there to kill and bring her back a dead treat half fed already. She would never forgive herself if she killed.
She was just desperately hungry. Spike grabbed the wheel tersely wanting to throw her out of the car. He sighed. He could never really hurt her as not in a loving romantic way but a sire/childe bond. He f*** and growled behind smoke and yellow eyes.

Chapter 3
“The little bird that sings,” she hummed still eyes glazed and eyes shut.
“Huh,” asked the driver.
Then, Buffy told the soul to shut up and woke up.
She gazed at her surrounding and gasped, but it wasn’t her voice as it was decisively English. She stared at the other body as if it was fire that was going to burn her. This couldn’t be right. She was Drusilla stuck in the past.
“Nothing,” she snapped. “Just keep driving!”
William the Bloody had nothing to say as he focused on the road while she stared at buildings that flew past, heard the ravens howl, and the blowing but her mind was never there.
‘I don’t care if I kill as long as I’m with him!’
Buffy smiled weakly. “Get me a sweet dessert…” He almost snarled, but decided against it and pulled to a stop.
Getting out was harder than he expected and his soul was warning against it. ‘Don’t you be stupid you prat!’ She stared at him fascinated as he hunted, but pouted when he dragged back the runaway thief.
“His blood is tarred and wreaks,” she snapped Dru’s voice high pitched and shrilly. She was in her body and knew by memory what she had to say to not be a giveaway that she wasn’t the mad vampires.
“Just shut up and enjoy the bloody meal,” he imitated himself perfectly remembering every little detail about this era.
“Seriously baby, don’t complain every time I go out of my way to bring you a criminal!”
“Spike,” she whined.
“Not this time kit,” he roared the engine and they were off on the highway.

Chapter 4
Buffy hated these live criminals that he fed her every night until she couldn’t take it anymore and went out to cool off in a dark damp alley, a passage for humans. She found a young boy about 25 to feed on and she was deliriously salivating.
Her eyes rolled back and she let her head fall and then tilt.
“What’s this, a lost little child…?” She giggled amusingly. She had him trapped. “Look and be in me!” He suddenly obeyed her every command and began to give his neck as a chalice.
Angel was also sent back, looking confused. It was Sunnydale evening and he just kicked off the bed.
He looked up at the sky. “What did you do…?”
Joyce laughed. “Blame me!” Then, pulled on a coat and hurried to the school!
“You finished with your feeding,” demanded him lounging on the sofa holding a cigarette.
Buffy rolled her eyes and walked up kissing his soft lips roughly. “All done puppy,” she patted his head before climbing onto the bed, just fixated with his Blue eyes.
‘Don’t ever tell me that I don’t love you, you prick!’
He sighed. “Come ere’ pet!” She went and sat right on his lap.
“Still my ripe wicked plum, always will be…” Her body sang to life.
She licked his face. “My prince is so good to princess… Can I bring you a treat, my prince…?”
“How’s about we get to bed and you can show me…?”

Chapter 5
She loved that Spike was grinding against her and his blood called to her as her fangs attached to his neck suckling up warm foginating blood.
“It opens and devours,” she whispered into his ear. “The Hellmouth is full of demonic activity…”
Spike sighed and nuzzled her. “You’ll like Prague much better. Lots of chaos for you to play with…” He was trying to distract her from Sunny Dale as much as he could. Buy them some time. Dru threw him off.
“No, I want to go!”
She bit his neck hard.
He snarled and sunk his own into her shoulder.
“The key is there Spike…”
‘I can’t cause I’m swimming in her…’ He would never again hurt his Summers’ women.
“There are a lot of good meats here…”
He blew off some steam by fighting a group of Demons.
“Yeah, I’ll rip your tongues out of your mouths, you bloody wankers!”
She clapped and did a little dance.
“Pretty little monsters, daddy’s going to foil all of your games!”
That’s when it happened in slow motion. The mob grabbed each of her arms and Spike ran at them in game face while she was hysterically crying.
“Here’s your little b***!”
Time stopped for Buffy.
It hurt all over, the acidic smell of burn marks and fire pokers hung from her body like a wrap. Spike was washing her of the blood.
“You okay kitten…?” She wanted to say no, but nothing would come as she stared blankly like a zombie.
“Not alright, it won’t leave!”
She shook her head and covered her ears. The soul was mocking as it was the loudest tonight.
“Are the stars saying something to you…?”
“Take me home…”

Chapter 6
Drusilla was a Vampire who possessed innate psychic powers and now, so did Buffy.
She just couldn’t tolerate the insanity and having to act possessive and playing with the creepy dolls.
What’s worse, she didn’t have a lot of time to run and hunt. Surprisingly, Spike would bring her back a dead meal. The boy had tasted so good and she wanted them alive.
“Pet, just stick to the plan and let me take care of hunting…”
“No fun to not hear them scream, beg for mercy when none would be given, and to wrap their blood up like a warm lover…”
“I want a fresh kill!”
A vision gave her a jolt. Like a bolt of electricity she landed on the floor. Swords flashing. Fists and hitting. Someone being shoved into a portal. Going one on one with herself.
“NO,” she cried out. Spike shook and rattled her.
“Come on sweetling, tell daddy what you see!” She opened the brown eyes sparkling with Gold.
“What is it pet, the suspense is killing me!”
“You were going to jump!”
Young Buffy glared through the textbook in boredom. She knew that parents’/teachers’ night was coming up but she didn’t really feel like dealing with it. Maybe, she could pinch herself and she’d wake up. She began to tap her pencil.
Cordelia sneered, “Are you purposely trying to be a dolt or could you do me this one favor and move out of Sunny Dale!?!
Harmony giggled and she rolled her eyes, snapping the pencil on the desk. It broke and the teacher glared.
“Miss Summers, would you read page 65 out loud…?” Everyone chuckled as she threw a heated look at the Cheer Squad.
‘I’m having such a horrible day already, why can’t it be over!?!’

Chapter 7
Buffy jolted from her reverie to find Spike had brought her another kill to feed on.
“Spiiike! Can’t I have a real kill?” Buffy as Drusilla pouted. She knew Spike couldn’t resist whenever she did so.
“Just eat, pet.” Spike was beginning to become irritated with her.
Hurt by Spike’s lack of interest, Buffy did as she was told. Then, as soon as Spike fell fast asleep, Buffy slipped out to find her a fresh kill.
When Buffy found her prey, a sad 20-year-old boy who had just broken up with his girlfriend, and drained him of his blood—then tossed him aside like garbage—and headed back before Spike woke up and became suspicious of her being gone.
When Buffy got back, Spike was still sleeping as she crawled into bed next to him and held him. Spike, sensing her presence, rolled over and pulled her close to him.
“Where did you go, pet?” Spike asked her.
“Just out for a walk.” Buffy lied.
“Well, I’m glad you’re back, my pet.” Spike said kissing her full on the lips as he grinded against her willing body. Spike’s touch was more than Buffy could take. His touch—she soon became addicted—and wanted more. She loved possessing Drusilla’s body. And it seemed, Spike was none the wiser. She was going to enjoy playing with Spike’s head as his pet, Drusilla…….

Chapter 8
Buffy was glad Spike only saw her as Drusilla, because she couldn’t stand to be near Spike. Being in Dru’s body was better than Buffy imagined. She was playing a role. She should have been an actor because she apparently was good at it. Spike was fooled into thinking she was Drusilla. Now if only Spike got the hint and brought her a fresh kill instead of a dead one…she wouldn’t have to sneak out late at night after Spike slept and hunt for some fresh meat?
By this time, Spike had woken up and was amorous as he grabbed Buffy and kissed her, grinding his body against hers. As Buffy, Spike’s caressing her body made her sick. But as Drusilla, she loved Spike inside her, grinding hard against her walls.
Several minutes later of passionate sex and Buffy/Dru was getting hungry for a fresh kill.
“Spiiikey!” Buffy in Dru’s childlike voice whined, “Go get me another treat!”
“OK, pet. You know I can never refuse you.” Spike said as he kissed her before heading out.
Waiting for Spike to return, and knowing he would bring her a dead animal, Buffy/Dru sneaked out to hunt for her own fresh meat before Spike got back.
Angel was busy fending off demons that Kralik had made surface in Sunnydale to menace the citizens.
“Angel, what do we do?” Dawn asked, terrified.
“Relax, Dawn, I’m on this!” Angel tried reassuring her.
But secretly Angel was asking, “Where are you, Buffy?”
Kralik looked up from his throne in the Hellmouth laughing manically at everyone as they tried to slay the demons, “That’s why I sent Spike and Buffy back in time!”

Chapter 9
Buffy had to get away from Spike. He was getting a little too amorous. She knew she looked like Drusilla, but geez, did she have to play the part too?
Buffy stepped outside into the night air in Sunnydale. But it looked different. Somehow, it wasn’t the same…but she couldn’t put her finger on it.
As Buffy walked along the roadside, she caught a glimpse of her her reflection in a window and gasped, “My gosh! I do look like her!” Buffy said to herself, as she remembered Spike’s love, Drusilla.
Then all of a sudden she got the urge for the taste of blood. The final transformation was taking place as the PTB had planned: Buffy was turning into Drusilla.
With the transformation finished, Buffy, now Drusilla, and no longer herself, like she had been playing to fool Spike, went in search of human blood. After finding a victim, and gorging herself with the warm blood, Buffy, er, Drusilla went back to the place where Spike was sleeping peacefully…well, as peacefully as vampires do.
Suddenly, Buffy/Drusilla got the urge to sing a soft ballad. As soon as she began singing, Spike woke up to the sound of her soft voice.
“Hey, Pet?” Spike asked.
“Yes, love?” Buffy/Drusilla replied.
Spike didn’t say anything, but reached out for her hand and pulled her towards him.

Chapter 10
Dru’s spirit came to Buffy, who fell asleep against a tombstone in the cemetery.
“Buffy, you need to be with him?” Dru’s voice said to Buffy.
“With who?” Buffy said to the spirit of Dru.
“He needs you.”
“Spike!” Buffy sing-songed as Spike, who had been looking for her, heard her say.
Spike’s voice jolted Buffy/Dru awake and she followed him to Spike’s favorite place—the grotto, where they could be alone.
Buffy/Dru felt at home when she saw the dead bird in the cage that Spike had brought to the grotto. Buffy/Dru picked up the poor little dead bird and sang to it, as if it were actually alive.
Spike couldn’t take his eyes off Buffy/Dru as he held her in his arms. Gawd, she was gorgeous! As Spike kissed Buffy/Dru’s neck, Buffy suddenly felt it hard to resist Spike’s advances and kissed him back.
The two wanton lovers began making love…until they were interrupted…
“Spike, Dru!” Angel said. “We need to find Buffy!”
Little did Angel know…but Buffy was there with Spike…as Dru…
“It’s getting crazy out there. Demons and hellions running amuck!” Angel reported. “Where is Buffy when you need her?”
Buffy/Dru loved it…everyone acting like they gave a damn….
…when they obviously didn’t…let the hellions overtake Sunnydale…who cares…she was having too much fun pretending to be Dru to save Sunnydale!!!

Chapter 11
Angel couldn’t believe Spike and Dru, unbeknownst to him, that Buffy was Dru, actually kicked him out of the grotto. What was more important? Saving Sunnydale from those minions? Or Spike and Dru getting it on? The selfish bastards? Always thinking of #1?! Angel fumed at their selfishness!
Oh, well, guess he’d have to find Buffy on his own! Where the hell was she? It was like Buffy fell off the face of the earth!
Meanwhile, Buffy/Dru and Spike were getting on back at the grotto.
“Dru, don’t you think…” Spike began to speak, but an amorous Buffy/Dru stopped him with a passionate kiss.
Oh, did it feel good to be with Spike. She was going to like this Buffy/Dru switcharoo. She could get it on with Spike and no one would be the wiser. So long Buffy! Dru was here to stay!
Buffy/Dru nibbled on Spike’s ear, turning him on as he rubbed Buffy/Dru’s upper thigh. Buffy/Dru moved his hand closer to her private spot as Spike rubbed farther upward.
Turned on by each other, Spike entered Buffy/Dru as the two gave into each other in a mind-blowing lovemaking session.
To hell with Sunnydale! This was much more fun than vanquishing demons!
Suddenly, during their lovemaking, Buffy/Dru got a splitting headache that put an end to their fun.
“Owwwww!” Buffy/Dru squealed as she pulled away from Spike.
“What’s wrong, Pet?” Spike said concerned.
“Nothing.” Buffy/Dru said ashamed of what she was doing. In Buffy’s head right now, she remembered what Angel had said about the hellions taking over Sunnydale and grabbed her clothing scattered over the floor and ran out.
What the hell was wrong with her! Making out with Spike when Sunnydale was in trouble?!

Chapter 12
As Buffy ran out to help Angel fight off the hellions, she suddenly felt nauseous, but brushed it off thinking it was just something she ate.
Meeting up with Angel, he was glad he finally found her.
“Buffy, where’ve you been?”
“I don’t know.” Buffy lied, knowing she was apparently with Spike, but didn’t know why.
“Well, it doesn’t matter except that you are here now.” Angel told her.
As Buffy and Angel vanquished the last of the hellions, Buffy passed out in Angel’s arms. Worried about Buffy’s health, Angel carried her to the hospital to have her checked out.
Spike finally caught up to them and followed them to the hospital. After Buffy was taken into the ER, Angel and Spike had an all-out fight in the waiting room at the hospital.
Later, the two vampires were interrupted by the doctor coming out to the waiting room.
“Doc, is Buffy alright?” Angel asked.
“Buffy is fine.”
“Will she be able to go today?”
“I’m having her admitted for observation.”
“Observation?” Spike asked.
“Buffy is pregnant.” The doctor announced to a shocked Spike and Angel. “Just one thing, if the two of you can’t control your tempers, I’m going to have to ask you two to leave.”
“We’ll behave.” Angel assured the doctor, as Angel and Spike glared at each other.
“Can I see her?” Spike asked the doctor.
“Yeah, but one at a time. I don’t want Buffy dealing with unwanted stress.” The doctor warned them.
Spike went into Buffy’s hospital room and was taken aback when she yelled at him to leave. Buffy wanted to be alone. She couldn’t deal with a pregnancy…let alone it being some vampire’s kid! And how would she be a slayer with a kid in tow?
Suddenly, Dru’s voice interrupted Buffy’s thoughts, as Dru berated her for messing up the plan, “Buffy, how could you get yourself pregnant? That wasn’t the plan!”
“Just shut up!” Buffy screamed as Dawn entered Buffy’s hospital room.
“I’m sorry? I’ll come back later.” Dawn said, as she started to exit Buffy’s room.
“No, wait, Dawn, come back!” Buffy yelled out at her sister.
But Dawn had already left the room.

The Hush Chronicles: Buffy the Vampire Slayer Fanfic

“The Gentlemen” are back to wreak more havoc on Sunnydale. But they want one thing—Buffy Summers. When Buffy turns up missing, the Scooby gang must find her—but there’s one catch: they must do it without voices as “The Gentlemen” have once again taken away their voices.

Buffy Summers – Sarah Michelle Gellar
Xander – Nicholas Brendan
Anya – Emma Caulfield
Riley – Marc Blucas
Willow Rosenberg – Alyson Hannigan
Dawn Summers – Michelle Trachtenberg
Spike – James Marsters
Angel/Angelus – David Boreanaz
Drusilla – Juliet Landau
Harmony – Mercedes McNabb

Chapter 1 – All’s Quiet in Sunnydale
Angel woke after a night of love making with Buffy to find that Buffy was missing. Assuming she got up to make some breakfast, he put on his pants and went to find her. He tried to call out, but he had no voice. Assuming it was laryngitis, he dismissed it.
But one thing was for certain…Buffy was nowhere to be found.
Anya and Xander also woke to a night of lovemaking and were shocked to learn they too had no voices…as they tried to speak of the wonderful night they had.
Unable to speak, they went at it again, but flusterated they couldn’t speak.
The other members of the Scooby gang, as well as Anya, Xander and Angel, also came to the realization that they had no voices too, as they headed over to Giles’ store.
Each had pen and paper in hand as they wrote notes to communicate with each other…but one thing was on each of their minds—where the hell was Buffy???????
Buffy woke in a dungeon, only to find she couldn’t speak. Assuming that Angel or Spike or even Kralik was behind her imprisonment, Buffy looked for a way out. But the technology used to imprison her was far too advanced.
After hours inside her cell, Buffy’s warden finally revealed themselves—it was The Gentlemen—and they wanted one thing: Buffy!

Chapter 2
Flusterated by her inability to speak to The Gentlemen, Buffy was given some paper and a pencil, she wrote a message to them:
“What do you want with me?”
But The Gentlemen only laughed and walked away, facing Buffy to be alone with just her thoughts, as she could not speak.
What did they want? She conquered them once but now they had her trapped in this cell. She did with the help of the Scoobies.
Before, they all came together to defeat The Gentlemen. But now, they were separated.
She needed to find a way out of this cell she was in. And get back to her friends.
But The Gentlemen would make it impossible for Buffy to get out. She was here to stay…at least, that’s the way The Gentlemen wanted it to be.
In Sunnydale, Anya and Xander were fighting with notepad and pencil as they had no way to speak their mind.
Giles’ was fighting with Willow over how this could happen and Spike and Angel were fighting over who was going to find.
It was a real power struggle over who would be Buffy’s hero.
Then, Dru came in and enticed Spike with her sexiness…and was instantly smitten with her…
…while Angel was left to find a way to Buffy…which was how he liked it…thanks to him sicking Dru on Spike….mindless twit! He knew Spike wouldn’t be able to resist Dru’s charms.
Angel was free to find Buffy….

The Chosen: Buffy the Vampire Slayer Fanfic

Chapter 1
Somehow, Kralik was resurrected. Kralik was a bastard in life and even worse in his death. He was angrier. It was because of that Slayer bitch that got away from him before he could dish out his plan. He wanted a follower, someone with the same passion for torture like him, but she ruined it, stomped it out with Holy Water and then, getting her strength back before he could fully put his plan in place. “That disgusting little…!”
“Myron, I have you to thank for this!” His younger cousin gave him a box. “What’s your next step..?”
“We’re going to destroy the Slayer!”
Buffy Summers threw her coat on the couch and sat down to read. She picked up the Vampire Diaries and engrossed herself. Dawn entered from the foyer.
“Oh hey, how was the movie…?”
“Great Dawn!” She put her key on the counter and also dropped onto the couch. “You know, it’s so great having a normal life.”
“All thanks to Spike,” she added quietly. “Everyone treated him like I should use him,” Buffy hated using him that year and then beating him up when she needed to hide.
Now, she regretted every action she did.
“Was I a bitch?” Buffy wondered silently to herself.

Chapter 2
Spike was sulking, licking his wounds after Buffy beat him up. What did she have to prove by doing that to him?
But Spike didn’t know what hit him when fell unconscious as someone had hit him over the head with a boulder.
The next thing Spike knew, he was waking up in Kralik’s den to find Harmony all over him.
“Harmony? What the hell?!” Spike said, as he jumped up from her arms.
“You were promised to me!” Harmony explained trying to coax him back to bed.
“Promised?” Spike asked. “By who?”
“Why, Kralik, of course?” Harmony told him. “You’re mine now, baby.”
“I don’t want you, Harmony!” Spike spat out, just as Kralik sauntered into Harmony’s tiny quarters.
“I suggest you do as you’re told!” Kralik demanded.
“Like hell I will!” Spike spat back at him.
“If you do, I will make it worth your while!”
“And just what is that, pray tell!”
“The Slayer’s head on a stick!” Kralik said. “I know you want revenge on the Slayer!”
“Okay, I’ll bite!” Spike gave in. “What do I have to do!”
“Well, first, you have to make love to me.” Harmony chimed in.
“And then we’ll talk.” Kralik said.
“So, I give Harmony romance, and then . . .” Spike began.
“Take him away, Harmony.” Kralik said, as Harmony closed the door to her quarters on Kralik.
“C’mon, honey!” Harmony said, as she drug Spike long with her, to Spike’s dismay.
As Harmony kissed and caressed Spike, all he could think about was revenge on Buffy for her humiliating betrayal. It was the only thing that got him through Harmony’s disgusting kisses and touches…

Chapter 3
After he endured the disgusting torture of making love to Harmony, Spike couldn’t wait to get away from Harmony’s clutches and onto his plan to seek revenge on Buffy for her humiliating beating. Buffy wouldn’t know what hit her, and he owed it all to Kralik. Spike just hoped he wouldn’t have to endure more lovemaking with Harmony.
Buffy was walking in the Sunnydale cemetery looking for demons to vanquish when she was hit over the head with a sharp object.
“Well, Slayer bitch!” Spike said as he picked up an unconscious Buffy in his arms and carried her off.
As Spike left with Buffy, Cordy was watching him. When he was out of sight, Cordy went back to Giles’ store, contemplating whether or not she should tell the Scooby gang about Spike carrying off Buffy.
“Cordy, have you seen Buffy?” Xander asked her when he saw her come into the store.
After some hesitation, Cordy replied, “No, I haven’t seen her.”
“Well, when you do, will you tell her we need her.”
“Okay.” Cordy said, feeling guilty for lying.
“So, what brings you here?” Xander asked, put off by Cordy’s kiss.
Cordy grabbed Xander and kissed him on the lips, a kiss that lasted several seconds.
“Whoa! Where did that come from?” a shocked Xander asked, just as Anya came into the front of the store.
“What is going on?!” Anya raged, mostly at Cordy.
“Xander, I made a mistake.” Cordy began.
“What do you mean, you made a mistake?”
“I still love you.” Cordy confessed just so she wouldn’t have to tell him where Spike took Buffy.
“You still love me?” Xander said incredulously.
“Yes.” Cordy continued.
“Well, that’s tough, Cordy. You’re out of luck because Xander is with me!” Anya said, as she kissed Xander in front of Cordy to tell her to back off.
“Well, I’m sorry.” Cordy said. “I have to go, so I’ll leave you two lovebirds alone.”
Cordy left Giles’ store and walked home alone, but Harmony, bent of revenge because Spike shamed her after leaving her after making love to her, bit Cordy in the neck and let her feed from her blood.
Back at Spike’s cave, Buffy woke to find herself tied up in shackles as Spike glared at her.
“What do you want with me?” Buffy said, looking Spike in the eye.

Chapter 4
“Well, Slayer, are you scared?!” Spike asked her, a gleam of maliciousness in his eye.
As much as Buffy wanted to pulverize Spike, she couldn’t help but be attracted to him right now. There was something about him that turned her on. She couldn’t place her finger on it, but she wanted him now, she fought the urge to kiss him, but lost that battle as she found herself in a liplock with Spike’s lips.
As Spike let Buffy kiss him, he couldn’t help but be grateful. Kralik would be happy he was able to win over the Slayer. But he debated whether he should bring her to Kralik as the kiss had turned something on in him as well.
After one kiss, Spike was connected to Buffy. Then he got an idea? He would hide the real Buffy and bring the Buffybot he had made (for his pleasure) to Kralik. Kralik is stupid? He’ll never know the difference? Right? Spike hoped so?
“Hey, Bufs, come with me?” Spike told her in between kisses.
“Go with you where?” Buffy asked in between kissing him.
“To a secret hideout.”
“You want to be alone with me? That’s kinda kinky, don’t cha think?”
“Well, what can I say? I want cha all to myself!”
“Okay!” Buffy agreed, as he took her to a secret cave off the outskirt of town so Kralik wouldn’t find her.
“Stay here, Buffy. I’ll be back soon.” Spike said before Buffy could say anything.
Spike went back to his abode and retrieved the Buffybot and made sure she was in working order. Satisfied that the Buffybot was working, he brought her to Kralik.
“Spike, it’s about time you got here.” Kralik said,intrigued, when he noticed he had Buffy with him. “So how did you manage to get the Slayer here?”
“Oh, a few kisses and the Slayer was putty in my hands.” Spike replied, winking at the Buffybot, hoping Kralik wouldn’t notice the difference.
“Well, thank you Spike. I’ll take her for now.” Kralik said as he handed the Buffybot to his minions to hold in his cell, unbeknownst to him that the “Slayer” was just a robot.
Satisfied that Kralik fell for his scheme, Spike returned to the cave to find an amorous Buffy waiting for him.
“Spikey, I missed you!” Buffy said, as she pulled him next to her.

Chapter 5
Buffy felt weird in his arms…almost like plastic. He reached around, feeling Buffy’s back and found it—the door that hid the Buffybot’s battery…he’d been tricked somehow. But by who? Now the real Buffy was with Kralik and the Buffybot was here in his bed…he made love to…a robot? Whoever switched Buffy with the Buffybot…they were going to pay…and pay dearly for tricking him!
Cordy felt bad as she headed back to Giles’ store. She knew she shouldn’t have played with Spike’s head and switched a sleeping Buffy lying in Spike’s bed with the Buffybot. But she couldn’t help it. She wanted Spike. It was weird, but for some reason she wanted Spike? She couldn’t place her hand it—but she was somehow attracted to Spike.
It was all Kralik’s master plan…as he reveled in his trickery to get Spike to bring him The Slayer. He knew after Buffy beat up Spike, that he could get Spike to turn on The Slayer. And what an ingenious move to get Cordy to switch Buffy with the Buffybot…not to mention how he managed to get Willow to curse Sunnydale with a love spell that would make Sunnydale citizens fall for the wrong ones
….and Cordy wanting Spike was a delicious thought…..

Chapter 6
Kralik’s plan to torture Buffy was still in the works, but first he had other things to tend to…like check in with Dawn, Buffy’s loyal sister.
“Dawn, how are things in Sunnydale?” Kralik asked her.
“Your plan is going according to plan.” Dawn reported back to him. “Cordy is falling for Spike. And Spike can’t figure out how the Buffybot got in his bed when he was sure it was Buffy.”
“Good. You’ve done a great job, Dawn.” Kralik praised her. “You will be rewarded for your efforts.”
Meanwhile, Spike was looking for Buffy when he realized he was in bed with his Buffybot. But his efforts to find Buffy were thwarted when he saw an amorous Cordy.
“Spike, I found you.” Cordy told him, attempting to kiss him, but he pushed her away.
“What’s wrong, Spikey? Don’t you want me?” Cordy said crushed by Spike’s resistance.
“What do you take me for?” Spike told her.
“I want you! I want you now!”
“Get away from me woman!”
Spike managed to get away from a crazed Cordy when he accidentally knocked her out.
“What is wrong with people? Why is Cordy so hung up on me? I’ve never had an iota of interest in the snobby girl?”
While Cordy lay unconscious in the graveyard, Spike went on to find Buffy. Xander came along and found an unconscious Cordy, and revived her.
“What happened, Cordy?”
“I don’t know, but I don’t feel so good.” Cordy said as she rubbed her throbbing head.
“Why don’t we go to my place and I can help take care of you.”
“I wouldn’t go with you if you were the last guy on earth?” Cordy rejected Xander’s advances, even though they were involved.
“Cordy, what’s wrong?” Xander asked confused, by Cordy’s behavior.
“I need my Spikey.” Cordy said in a trance as she attempted to get up but her concussion prevented her from doing so.
Later, back at Kralik’s den, happy that all was going according to his wishes, Kralik brought some company for Buffy…as he placed Dawn in a cell next to her.

Revenge, Betrayal and Soul Lost: A Buffy the Vampire Slayer Fanfiction

It’s a Vamp Buffy prompt also a Buffy/Spike ship, plus Willow/Wesley, and Angel/Faith set after ‘Chosen’ and ‘Not Fade Away.’ Wesley, Angel, and Spike all survived the fight with the Dragon, but not Gunn and Illyria. They are dead and now will head to Cleveland to track down Buffy and she’s living with Faith and Willow in an apartment, but she’s not currently there. Instead, the Council resurrected Kralik, the Vampire Quentin Travers and Giles tried to have her fight on her 18th birthday (See the episode ‘Helpless’). Buffy was captured and had been missing for a year without her powers because a Demon casted a spell over Giles to make him Ripper. He was bent on hurting the Slayer for making him a pancy White Hat. Then, he took away her powers and found a place to hide them. He injected her with H3, the highest level of the drug and now, the deranged demon is back and he got his way in turning and torturing her. Spike doesn’t know that she’s dead, a creature of the night yet. Not until he shows up in Cleveland. The problem is can he ever face Giles without throttling him?

Chapter 1
They are dead and now will head to Cleveland to track down Buffy and she’s living with Faith and Willow in an apartment, but she’s not currently there. Instead, the Council resurrected Kralik, the Vampire Quentin Travers and Giles tried to have her fight on her 18th birthday. “Spike and Angel are weak Vampires, not fit to be demons.”
Buffy was captured and had been missing for a year without her powers because a Demon casted a spell over Giles to make him Ripper. He was bent on hurting the Slayer for making him a pancy White Hat. Then, he took away her powers and found a place to hide them. He injected her with H3, the highest level of the drug and now, the deranged psycho serial killer is back. Spike is on his way, but his expression will soon turn into fear for her life.
Buffy stared at them in hurt and anger as the Vampire dragged the knife down her thighs and her clothes had been torn in all places. Kralik played for a few minutes before ripping it out harshly. She gasped as the blood gushed through. Like water through whine, he sucked it up with his blunt teeth. He snarled and undid his fly.

Chapter 2
20 minutes of relentlessly pounding into her and she was sore from starvation and energy loss that she could barely make out the small touch of Sunlight patching through the roof. She was shackled to the wall, the urge to feed was killing her. She had been like this for days mentally exhausted. The urge to escape was screaming at her.
Ripper sat back casually observing watching. He had them all under his thrall, the entire new Council, his bulge was growing as is his lust.
She was desirable, his young charge and could he really blame her anymore for being obsessed…? Someone say like Angelus…? He chuckled. Rupert was a bitter old man who held a grudge against evil, but the hypocrisy made him laugh? Evil had been in this plane for generations and if you didn’t know how to have fun, why waste their time…? He walked up to her and gave her a cold look. “You were always in the way of things… Things you have no business interfering with! But times pass and yours’ will too!”
“In fact, it has,” he smiled, reminding her of what she had become, in a way enjoying her suffering every way he could.
“You know, you’re better when you fight…?” “Why don’t you test it,” she hissed. The syringe had really stung like a bitch. She frowned at how j-e-l-l-o they felt.
“Bring me back my power and test it!”

Chapter 3
Kralik gazed at the man curiously. Why was he so angry? There was no good in this man. Ripper got up and placed something in his hand, a cross necklace and Holy Water.
“Dip the cross into the paraphernalia…”
“What is that you want from me…? It just seems you are very cruel for a Watcher…?”
“I am definitely not that boring Git!” He placed the pendant in her mouth.
It was sizzling hot and Buffy started screaming.
On the jet, Spike sat with a vacant expression as he stared from the window, the sun- proofed window of Wolfram and Hart’s accommodations. “Look brood boy, I do love Buffy!”
“Then why did you say, ‘no you don’t but thanks for saying it’,” he pointed out.
“I want her to live you idiot, not die in the Hell mouth with a monster that doesn’t deserve her!”
“That wasn’t an excuse Spike…!”
“The point is, it isn’t about what I want…”
“You aren’t a monster Spike, not anymore…”
He shook his head. “Do you know ‘how’ I got the soul…? It wasn’t because I was the Champion, but what I tried to do to her…”
“I was attempting to teach her a lesson…”
“What are you talking about,” he warned. Spike’s blue eyes turned sad.
“I almost raped her…”
Angel was up in a second, grabbing him around the throat. “I knew it, you son- of- a- bitch!”

Chapter 4
Rupert was a fool! Evil was great! It was power. It was fun. It was o*** and brandies and Janus Roman Statues. Years of fighting wasn’t worth a dime saving miserable tools who wanted it as much as he did, just couldn’t let it out.
‘What a bloody sacrifice,’ he thought sarcastically stretching as he watched her sobbing the physical contradiction.
‘I think I’ll give my old buddy a contact,’ a smile lit up as he thought about the chaos that is Ethan Rayne. They used to cause terror everywhere they went as Gay lovers.
“How did it happen,” he asked excitedly. “Well, I woke up an ancient demon from its long nap, and wham, I am all better!”
“I didn’t know an ancient demon can be a cure to your brief mental illness…?” “I know, I must be insane trying to help those bratty insolent kids!”
“That you are, but I’m glad you’re out of the demon fighting business.”
“True and I’ll never get back into it if I have any say about it!”
“I hate being good, it gives me the shivers!”
“Welcome to your revival, RIP!”
Buffy had realized she was body switched with her younger self.
She’s in her 18 yr. old body, the night she first met the Vampire and the Slayer test.
She was cold and isolated and unclean. It was just cruel, leaving her craving but not feeding.
Oh, the Pig’s blood had been almost like candy, but it was only junk food and not hamburger, hamburger with neck sausage.
The depraved animal wanted someone bad.
This wasn’t living at all, but just a state of being.

Chapter 5
Angelus was screaming inside his mind. He had to loosen his grip and dump the blond back into his seat.
“Why Spike!?!” He began detailing last year like it was some gruesome Friday the 13th marathon that popped into their little vcr. Angel sighed. “You always did take things too personal Will, even when you were alive…”
“I know and I am a sodding jerk!”
As Angel lamented in his loneliness, Willow was visiting D’Hoffryn about the spell that went wrong and turned Buffy into a vampire forever.
“Ah, Willow, how is my little protégé?” D’Hoffryn asked slyly.
“You knew it wouldn’t work!” Willow raged at him.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about?” D’Hoffryn said in his innocent voice, knowing she was right. D’Hoffryn gave Willow a fake spell knowing it would keep Buffy a vampire forever in her 18-year-old body so his mission would live on. And he used Willow as the vessel to get it done. Now he would be the most powerful demon in Sunnydale!
“You promised it would bring Buffy back!” Willow continued her rage.
“”Well, did I lie?!”
“But she’s a vampire! The very thing she was trained to kill!”
“Well, you did something wrong, Willow!” D’Hoffryn explained. “You never could do anything right when it came to casting spells!”
“You’re wrong!” Willow said before leaving D’Hoffryn to his ritual.
After Willow left, D’Hoffryn raised the scepter to the sky as thunder and lightning flashed. He rejoiced at being the most powerful demon. He would rule the world thanks to Willow’s greed to bring Buffy back. They would all follow him!

Chapter 6
Willow was sulking in her apartment in Cleveland when Spike and Angelus showed hoping to find Buffy.
“Willow, why are you crying?” Angelus asked with concern.
“It’s nothing.” Willow replied, not wanting to tell them about the spell she cast to bring Buffy back and how D’Hoffryn tricked her into making Buffy a vampire demon that would make him the most powerful in all of Sunnydale.
“Well, is Buffy here?” Spike asked.
“No, Buffy isn’t here.” Willow told them. “She hasn’t been here for the last week.”
“Funny. We got the impression she was here with you?” Angelus asked.
“Well, she was…for like a day…then she split.” Willow told them.
“She just split?” Spike asked disbelievingly.
“Yeah. Looks that way.” Willow said, with uncaring emotion. “No note or anything to say she was going either.”
“It doesn’t sound like Buffy.” Spike told her.
“Yeah, Buffy hasn’t been herself lately.” Willow interjected.
“Well, we need to find her. Sunnydale’s gone to pot since Buffy left.” Angelus said.
“You’re not telling me anything I don’t already know.” Willow replied.
“What? How do you know?” Spike asked.
“Uh, Wesley called me.” Willow lied.
“Wesley, uh? Wesley hasn’t been seen since Buffy left.” Angelus said, not believing her story.
“Yeah. I guess Wesley needed to tell me, since. . .” Willow stopped short before she spilt the beans about Buffy.
“Okay.” Angelus said. “If you do see Buffy, will you tell Spike or me?”
“Yeah. Sure.” Willow agreed.
Spike and Angelus left Willow and went in search of Buffy, unbeknownst to them where or what Buffy was.
Back at the dungeon where the Ripper had Buffy held hostage. Buffy was looking for a way to escape. She wished she had her slayer powers so she could kill this monster that Giles had become.

Chapter 7
As Ripper took pleasure in tormenting Buffy, he started kissing her, making her sick to her stomach.
“Giles!” Buffy cried out.
But Ripper didn’t listen to Buffy’s pleas, as he began to kiss her on the lips and molesting her.
Buffy couldn’t believe it had come to this…Giles, a man she had come to idolize, had turned into a monster. He was now the Ripper, a monster……..
There was nothing Buffy could do, what with her slayers powers gone, thanks to D’Hoffryn…..
She couldn’t let Giles, er, Ripper violate her….
But just as it looked like Ripper was going to rape her, in came in Spike and Angel and pushed Giles off Buffy.
As Buffy and Spike looked on from the side of the room, Angel and Ripper got into a fight. It went on for about 20 minutes, the two men busting each other to pieces. Just when it looked as if Ripper had the goods on Angel, Angel sucker punched Giles/Ripper and knocked him out cold.
Buffy just looked at Ripper. She wanted him dead…and just as she was about to take him out with a stake through his heart, flashes of Giles ran through Buffy’s mind and she knew she couldn’t kill him.
“No, Angel.” Buffy said, when Buffy failed to take Giles’ life. “Let’s take him back to the store and hope we can bring him back?”
As Angel carried an unconscious Ripper/Giles on his back, Spike carried Buffy in his arms back to her and Willow and Faith’s apartment.

Chapter 8
Angel dropped Ripper/Giles on the bed in Spike’s grotto while Spike tended to Buffy. All Spike wanted to do was beat the s*** out of Ripper/Giles. But Angel stopped him dead in his tracks.
“We need to find a way to bring him back.” Angel tried to reason with an irate Spike.
But Spike needed some air. He had to get out of there before he lost it on Ripper/Giles.
Buffy stirred in her sleep and Angel went to her.
“Giles.” Buffy moaned, but didn’t wake up.
Angel was glad as he didn’t know how to tell Buffy about Giles/Ripper.
While Spike was getting some air, Willow happened along.
“How’s Buffy?”
“She’s okay, but…..” Spike began but not able to repeat what Ripper/Giles did to her.
“I mean. . .”
“What are you trying to say, Willow?”
“Buffy’s been turned.” Willow said, but hated to tell him.
“No! That’s impossible!” Spike spat out.
“I’m afraid it is. Kralik tricked me into making a spell, telling me it would help Buffy.”
“Kralik is behind this?”
“Yes. He wanted Buffy as his childe.”
Spike couldn’t take it anymore. First Ripper/Giles tortures Buffy—now Kralik has Willow create a spell that turns Buffy into a vampire?
Someone was going to pay……
Spike took off before Willow could stop him.

Chapter 9
While Angel worked to find a way to bring back Giles, Spike was with Buffy in the grotto. It was best he wasn’t with Angel and Giles/Ripper, as he didn’t know if he could keep his cool around the man who tortured Buffy.
Yes, it was best he was in the grotto with Buffy…
Buffy woke to Spike comforting her, knowing she was a vampire. As he held Buffy in his arms, Buffy’s scent was appealing to him and he impulsively kissed her. Enjoying the moment between them, Buffy didn’t resist.
It felt good to be in Spike’s arms…but it also felt wrong…as if she were betraying someone……
Just then, Ripper/Giles showed up at the grotto wanting revenge on Spike and Buffy. Ripper had escaped Angel’s clutches and made his way to the grotto looking for Spike and Buffy.
Angel, on the other hand, was tied to a chair when Ripper/Giles made his escape. He fervently worked to release himself of the chains used to tie him to the chains. But even his vampire strength wasn’t enough to unbind the chains.
Then Cordy happened along….
“Cordy, I need help.” Angel pleaded with her.
“What? You need my help?” Cordy taunted him.
“Please? Ripper is out for blood and ready to seek revenge on Spike and Buffy.”
“I’m sorry, did you say you needed my help?” Cordy continued her taunting of Angel. She debated helping Angel after the way he left her for Faith.
“Why should I help you?”
“Okay, then untie me so I can save Buffy and Spike from Ripper.”
“Why don’t you call Faith, since she is who you need?” Cordy said before leaving Angel in the lurch to fend for himself.
Just as Cordy left Angel, Faith suddenly appeared to help Angel out of his jam. After he was free, Faith and Angel bolted to find Ripper before he got to Spike and Buffy.

Chapter 10
It was too late for Spike and Buffy when Angel and Faith found them unconscious at the grotto. Ripper had already did his worst to pair of lovers.
But a few minutes later, Buffy stirred as she started coming to from her unconsciousness.
“Wh-what happened?” Buffy asked groggily.
“Ripper got to you…and Spike.” Angel tended to Buffy’s injuries.
“I remember kissing Spike….then…it all went black….” Buffy said, as Spike finally came to.
“We need to find Ripper and get him back to Giles before he does more damage.” Faith told them.
“You’re right.” Angel agreed, but Spike and Buffy were reluctant to help Ripper/Giles.
The four of them headed back to Giles’ store so they could come up with a plan to bring Giles back to his old self and rid him of the Ripper.
But TPB had other plans in store for Ripper/ Giles…..

Pandora Box: A Buffy the Vampire Slayer Fanfiction

It’s about Willow resurrecting Buffy wrong and it’s a younger Buffy from Season 1 that is exchanged from the episode ‘Nightmares.’ She is a Vampire and has no idea how she got into the future, but she knows that she is stuck permanently and stuck as a Vamp forever after future Willow tells her how it happened. Willow tried spells to send her back but she never could. Buffy can’t be changed human either because Willow also tried to repent for her mistakes by causing her to shift out of a demon, only Billy could stop it and since Lucky nineteen took over Sunny Dale in her time and killed her friends, everything changed in the alternate universe even D’Hoffryn’s.
She does fall for Spike but eventually goes a little hungry, losing her soul. Spike/her friends have to follow her to L.A. where she’s trying to take out Angel’s soul. Darla and Angel are shocked as they are dealing with the pregnancy of Connor and the Vampire Hunter. (I will start this one as well then, you can continue before writing the SEQUEL all on your own).
Note the “I thought I was dead” part. Buffy’s Vamp face will be exactly like that at all times.

Chapter 1
It was a universe full of chaos as the left over Urn, dried blood, and smell of burning incents wafted throughout Restfield Cemetery. It’s because the Scoobies had recently performed a ritual. And because of this, a blond now stood up, shaking dirt from her Blue jacket. It was Buffy as her demon self looked up and she was desperately hungry. And not just any hunger.
“I thought I was dead!”

Chapter 2
The small blond was dazed as she walked alone on the roadside. She almost killed a boy. Almost dragged him into a nearby bush and just ambushed him. How she got turned, she didn’t know, but she knew someone had so much power. So much to drag a person into Hell.
It’s about Willow resurrecting Buffy wrong and it’s a younger Buffy from Season 1 that is exchanged from the episode ‘Nightmares.’ She is a Vampire and has no idea how she got into the future, but she knows that she is stuck permanently and stuck as a Vamp forever, everything changed in the alternate universe that day, even D’Hoffryn’s and maybe he should pay the little sneak a visit.
Thank her for using the spell wrong and instead making her friend into a Demon. It’s a good smile…
A very good one…
“Maybe they’re on their way here. I mean this place is norad when we’re at defcon1,” Xander began looking around and literally flaked when a big demon roared through the street.
“We really need Buffy!”
He looked everywhere for a rope to knock the demon off the bike.

Chapter 3
All hell broke loose in Sunnydale. Buffy was gone. Giles went back to England. Willow was bent on revenge against D’Hoffryn for the spell that went wrong that was supposed to bring Buffy back. And Angel and Darla were dealing with the abduction of their son, Connor, at the hands of Billy.
The only bright spot was that Buffy was back and looking for her friends, still unbeknownst to her that she was now a vampire—despite her sudden thirst for human blood. She refused to believe that she was one that she was trained to slay.
Unable to deny the thirst, Buffy grabbed a poor unsuspecting guy and drained him of his blood. Then tossed him to the side when her thirst was satiated.
That’s when Spike found Buffy.
“Buffy?” Spike asked, surprised she was alive.
“Spike!” Buffy exclaimed, who hoped he hadn’t seen what she had just done.
“I’m so glad you didn’t die!” Spike said, as he hugged her.
“Yea. Me too.” Buffy said.
“So, where have you been?”
“Around.” Buffy said, unable to really tell him what she had been through.
“Just around?”
“Well, you won’t believe the changes that have happened since you ‘died’.” Spike told her.
“Do I even want to know?!” Buffy asked, not knowing why she had the insatiable appetite for human blood.
“Well, let’ get you back to Giles’ store.”
While Spike and Buffy headed for Giles’ store to find her friends, D’Hoffryn had sent his minions to work their havoc on Sunnydale.

Chapter 4
When Buffy and Spike arrived at Giles’ store, there was nothing left for D’Hoffryn’s minions had totally demolished the store. That’s when Spike found Xander hidden under a board that had somehow protected him from the blast.
“Oh my god!” Xander cried out as he crawled out from under the board.
“Xander? Are you OK?” Spike said, faking concern, for he didn’t really care for the guy.
“Yeah. Where’s Willow, Tara and Anya?” Xander asked.
“I don’t know.” Buffy said, who still had a thirst for human blood.
That’s when Dawn pushed her way from the rubble to find Spike, Buffy and Xander.
“What the hell just happened?” Dawn asked them.
“I don’t know, but Willow, Tara and Anya are still missing.” Xander said.
“Where’s Giles?” Buffy asked.
“You don’t know?” Spike replied.
“Know what?” Buffy responded back.
“He went back to England.” Spike informed her.
“Damn! I needed to see him.” Buffy said, not telling them of her secret plan of revenge.
“Well, I’m going to look for Willow, Tara and Anya.” Xander told them as he dug into the rubble.
Unbeknownst to them, Willow was seeking out D’Hoffryn to seek revenge for the spell that went wrong.
“You killed her!” Willow spat out at D’Hoffryn.
“Buffy isn’t dead!” D’Hoffryn told her.
“Then where is she?” Willow demanded.
“She’s a vampire and is going to be one forever thanks to your spell!” D”Hoffryn smiled slyly at her.
“You used me to turn Buffy?!”
“Yes! I did!” D’Hoffryn laughed at her, as he disappeared into the air.
Willow had to get back to the others and warn Buffy about her demon self.
And Angel and Darla were frantic as they continued looking for Billy who had their son, Connor. That’s when Angel spotted Billy on the rooftop of what used to be Sunnydale High, holding Connor.

Chapter 5
Buffy continued looking for Angel who was on the rooftop of Sunnydale High trying to convince Billy to hand over Connor.
“Give Connor to me!” Angel desperately pleaded with Billy to hand over his son.
“I can’t!” Billy told Angel.
“Please, Billy!” Angel said, feeling his fangs forming from the rage he felt.
“I need him.” Billy said as he tried to unlock the portal that he was going to toss the newborn infant into that would allow him to leave this dimension.
“You can’t do that!” Angel screamed at him, lunging forward to grab his son from Billy’s grasp.
But just as Billy was about to toss the infant into the portal, Buffy comes out of nowhere swoops in and grabs the baby from Billy, as he fell from the rooftop to his death.
Angel, happy that Billy is dead and thinking Buffy is going to hand over his son, is surprised to learn differently.
“Buffy, where are you going?” Angel yells after her.
Buffy just keeps walking with the infant Connor, hoping Angel will follow her and hence into her trap.
Buffy’s trap worked as Angel did indeed follow her as he was led into the cell Buffy had set up for Angel. When she saw Billy on the high school rooftop holding Connor, Buffy knew she had just the ammunition to lure Angel into her trap and thus get his soul.

Chapter 6
Buffy took Connor to the grotto, knowing Angel would follow her to retrieve his son. But what Angel didn’t know was the trap that was set when he got to the grotto. Buffy laid Connor on the makeshift bed—and waited—for Angel to show up for his son…….
Meanwhile, Angel was on his way to follow Buffy and get Connor back, but he didn’t get far when Darla intercepted him, preventing him from following Buffy.
“Angel, did you get Connor?”
“I was on my way before you stopped me.”
“I can’t believe Buffy would take Connor? What’s wrong with her?”
“I don’t know, but I intend to find out.” Angel promised her. “Now I have to go. I’ve already lost precious time finding Connor.”
Angel left Darla alone but promised her he would find Connor. But he didn’t know what Buffy had in store for him once he found Buffy.
As Buffy waited for Angel, Connor was getting fussy and fed Connor. Finally, after about a half hour, Angel showed up at the grotto…..
…………and into Buffy’s trap………

Chapter 7
Angel followed Buffy to the grotto where he found a crying Connor in a nest of sand. As Angel walked toward Connor, Buffy held him at bay, preventing him from picking up his crying son.
“Buffy, please! Hand Connor to me!”
“No! He’s my baby!” Buffy said, delusional by the thought that Connor was hers and Angel’s.
(It was part of D’Hoffryn’s plan to make Buffy think she gave birth to Connor and payback against Darla for her betrayal to him.)
“No, Buffy, he’s not. He’s mine and Darla’s son.” Angel reminded her.
Just then, Angel felt queasy and passed out on the grotto floor.
“Angel, wake up. Our son needs you!” Buffy (with D’Hoffyn’s memories) said to an unconscious Angel.
Meanwhile, Darla was frantic with worry wondering where Angel was with Connor. She didn’t have to worry for long when one of the Hellmouth’s minions came to her and told her where Angel was.
Darla immediately tore off toward the grotto to retrieve Connor and take him home.
At the grotto, Angel came to and smiled up at Buffy. He couldn’t remember anything thanks to the injection Buffy gave him. (D’Hoffryn instructed Buffy to inject Angel with the syringe when she found him.)
Now, Angel remember an alternate life with Buffy as Connor’s mother to coincide with Buffy’s delusional memories.
As Angel and Buffy played with “their son,” Darla entered the grotto and was shocked at her discovery….

Chapter 8
“Give me my son!” Darla yelled at Buffy who clung to Connor as if he were her son.
“No! He’s my son!” Buffy delusionally told her.
As Darla reached for Connor, Angel stopped her, “Leave him alone!”
“Angel, what’s got into you?” Darla questioned him.
“Leave, Darla! This is our home—mine and Buffy’s!” Angel said, still under the effects of D’Hoffryn’s drug.
“Not without my son!” Darla said.
“I told you to go! Now I’ll have to force you!” Angel said as he bodily picked Darla up and tossed her out of the grotto, while Buffy clung to a crying Connor.
“This isn’t over! I’ll get Connor back!” Darla said to Ange and Buffy.
Darla headed back home, but didn’t get there, because Darla was found dead in the cemetery by Willow who was looking for Willow.
Meanwhile, Angel and Buffy, still under the drug’s effects, played house with Connor.

Never Fade Away: A Buffy the Vampire Slayer Fanfiction

In Cleveland, the Powers ask Buffy to time travel and to return to Sunny Dale in her younger body again, the oracles tell her that she needs to keep this form without ever returning to her future body and she’ll need to because she has to stay a Vampire forever as in this time she is to kill Billy Palmer in order for his blood to make her turning PERMANENT because the Master will be returned from death through a demonic ritual and it’ll take a fully Vamped Slayer to defeat him. Meanwhile in L.A., the Powers change the events and stops the Dragon from killing Angel and Spike from being decapitated by sending them to Season 1 to help Buffy without letting them know ‘who’ they are helping and why they’re in the past Sunny Dale. They are sent to Buffy’s grave as time had been frozen by the oracles so that the past Scoobies will not get there to interfere and stop Buffy from draining the kid. Buffy has a soul so she’ll naturally feel horrible about murdering someone, but she has to do this and her Demon face will always look like this:
Angel, Spike, and their crew died in L.A. taking the Circle of Black Thorns down while Buffy is in Cleveland talking to the PTB where she is to drain Billy and remain stuck in her younger body and as a Vampire forever with no way to turn her back to her older self and no way to have humanity because the Master in her time line will be resurrected by a Vampire chant from a group of Demon worshippers. She is to stop them and in order to do this, she must become a creature of the night. She has to have the strengths of both a Vampire and Slayer. Well, the PTB will shock Angel, Spike, Wesley, Lorne, and Harmony by sending them as well without telling them or letting them in on who will also be there. Spike will be surprised to see Buffy in game face. The ptb will cast a spell over the past Scooby gang, causing them to forget who they are for the moment until Buffy stops Lucky Nineteen and ends Billy’s life. Spike refuses to let Buffy kill, but she finishes the boy off and they are sent to Buffy’s home in Cleveland. There the last of the Fang Gang will remain with her instead of going back to L.A. She is to fight the Master while asking Wesley to become her new Watcher. Her and Giles grew apart after Sunnydale closed because he didn’t like her decision making.
Anyways, they will fight the Master, but he will pull Buffy’s demon to him and then, using a crystal to lose her soul. They will have to deal with an evil Buffy while Angel contacts Willow to get the curse ready.
Buffy killed a lot of people and will feel like a burden, but Spike is there for her and at her beck and call.
Illyria dies and so will Gunn along with Wesley. But Lorne and Harmony are alive and will run Angel Investigations while Angel and Spike stay with Buffy behind in Cleveland. They reunite the Scooby Gang. Since they both love her, they will share her like they will both be her lovers.
Chapter 1
Angel, Spike and the Scooby Gang lie dead after the bloodshed taking down the Circle of Black Thorns, while Buffy found herself in Cleveland talking with the Powers That Be (PTB).
“You summoned, Master?” Buffy said sarcastically when she found herself with the Master.
“Yes, Buffy, I have a job for you.” the Master demanded of her.
“Excuse me, but I’m a slayer. What could I possibly do for you?”
“I need you to go back in time to stop Billy and drain him of his blood.”
“What, you expect me to kill a human being?”
“If you don’t you will turn into a vampire demon forever with no way to get back to yourself.”
While Buffy was talking to TPB, Angel and Spike woke up and before they knew it was transported back in time to where Buffy was.
“Hey, Spike, where are we?” Angel asked still dazed from being knocked out from the fight in present day Sunnydale.
“I think we’re in the past?” Spike replied but unsure of even that.
“This looks like Sunnydale High . . . before the fire?” Angel replied.
“Yeah, we definitely are back in the past.” Spike agreed.
“I wonder why we are here?” Angel wondered.
“I don’t know but I think we’re dead?” Spike said.
“Excuse me, Spike, but technically we are.” Angel said, baring his fangs to remind him they were 200-year-old vampires.

Suddenly someone in the school yard caught Spike’s eye as he ran over to see who it was, leading a confused Angel to follow behind.
“Hey, miss. . .” Spike yelled out when he got to the lady only to discover it was Buffy passed out.
“OMG! It’s Buffy!” Spike said, trying to rouse her awake. “Buffy! Buffy!”
Buffy woke up still groggy and dazed a bit suddenly remembering her talk with TPB and her mission.
“Spike. Angel. What are you doing here?” Buffy asked them confused. “I thought you were dead?”
“Hey, silly, you forget, you can’t kill a vampire.” Angel said. “We’re already dead.”
“How did you get here?”
“I don’t know?” Angel replied.
“Maybe you’re sent here to help me?”
“Help you?” Spike asked.
“I need to find a Billy and drain him of his blood.” Buffy informed them. “Or I turn into a vampire demon.”

Suddenly Buffy bared her fangs to a surprised Spike and Angel.
“I hate to tell you this Buff, but it looks like you are . . . one of us?”
“Huh?” Buffy questioned. “Damn them. They lied to me?!”
Chapter 2
Buffy, still in denial, suddenly felt a growing hunger for the taste of blood, and became sick at the thought of it.
“Hey, you OK?” Angel asked her.
“Oh, I just have this sudden craving for blood.” Buffy told him.
“Here.” Angel said, holding out his hand.
“Huh?” Buffy asked, bewildered.
“I don’t want you to have to eat a human being.” Angel explained, knowing Buffy’s nature. But little did Angel know, that Buffy would grow to love her new soulless self.
As Buffy sucked from Angel’s arm, the taste of his blood was surprisingly sweet to her. After she fed, Buffy wanted more, but hid the feeling from Angel as Angel covered up the marks Buffy left.
“C’mon.” Angel told her. “We need to find the rest of the gang.”
“You do that.” Buffy told him. “I need to find Billy and kill him and drain his blood.” Buffy couldn’t wait to find Billy. The thought of draining his blood suddenly appealed to her. . .

While Buffy hunted Billy with Spike, Angel went on his own to warn the Scoobies of Buffy.
“Hey, Xander.”
“Angel, did you find Buffy.”
“Yes, but she’s not herself.” Angel said, trying to warn them about Buffy.
“What do you mean?” Willow asked worried.
“She’s one. . .” Angel started to say, but was interrupted.
On the roof of Sunnydale High, stood Billy, about to kill himself by jumping from the roof. As Billy was about to jump, Buffy grabbed him from behind and sunk her fangs into his neck, draining him of his blood, while Xander and the rest of the Scoobies watched in utter horror.
After Buffy finished draining Billy of his blood, she licked her lips and tossed Billy’s lifeless body aside.
“I am the new Buffy!” Buffy yelled out to her astonished friends.
Chapter 3
Buffy was enjoying her new soulless self, as well as Spike, but Angel was sick at the thought of Buffy’s new nature.
Angel headed over to Giles’ store to talk with the Scoobies, but he was surprised to find the store closed and the Scoobies and Giles lying lifeless inside.
Angel busted the door down to get to Giles and the Scooby gang. Giles and Xander came to rather immediately, but Willow and Anya were still unconscious, as Xander struggled to revive Anya.
“C’mon, Anya, don’t die on me.” Xander pleaded with an unconscious Anya, as Angel roused Willow from her unconscious slumber.
But Xander didn’t have any luck reviving Anya as he cried on her shoulder, “Anya, why did you have to die?”
Willow laid a hand on Xander’s shoulder, as did Tara, in comfort.
“Guys, I need your help!” Angel pleaded with them.
“Yeah, what is so damn important!” Xander berated Angel. “Can’t you see I’m grieving!”
“I’m sorry, but we need to bring Buffy back!” Angel informed them.
“Bring Buffy back?” Willow asked with confusion.
“Buffy is a vampire.” Angel said.
“What?” Willow said. “No way!”
“I’m afraid so.” Angel told them.
“What can we do?” willow asked, while Xander listened, still cradling Anya’s body in his arms.
“Willow, I was hoping you and Tara could come up with a spell that would break the curse on Buffy.”
“A spell?” Willow asked, remembering the last curse she cast.
“Yes. We need to help Buffy.”
“Okay. I’ll try.” Willow agreed.
“Thank you.” Angel said, as he left them to discuss how Willow was going to come up with a curse.
Meanwhile, Buffy was meeting with the PTB to inform them that she had indeed killed Billy and drained him of his blood.
“Master, I have done what you asked.” Buffy said. “So why am I still a vampire?”
“Because you still have more work to do.” The Master told Buffy.
“And what would that be?” Buffy asked him.
“To kill Angelus.”
“Kill Angelus?” Buffy asked. Even in her vamp form, she detested the thought of killing Angel.
“Yes. Kill Angelus and you shall return to your original body.”
“Yes, Master. I am on it.” Buffy said.
As Buffy left the Master’s lair, the Master laughed slyly at how masterly he connived Buffy into agreeing to kill his nemesis, Angelus. It was going to be great when Angelus was dead.
Chapter 4
Buffy skulked out Sunnydale in her pursuit of Angel.
“I must kill Angelus! I must kill Angelus!” Buffy said in her sing-song voice, continuing to search for Angelus to kill him per orders from the Master.
While Buffy was looking for Angelus, Drusilla was looking for Buffy to exact her own brand of revenge for turning Spike against her.
While she was looking for Buffy, Spike spotted Dru and tried to reason with her and prove his love for her.
“Dru, come back!” Spike pleaded.
“Go back to Buffy!” Dru ranted. “If she’s what you want!”
“Babe, it’s you I want.”
“Just go away!” Dru continued to vent.
Unable to convince Dru of his love for her, Spike walked away and was met by Buffy, who was still looking for Angel.
“Buffy!” Spike said.
“Spikey?” Buffy said seductively in her sing-song voice. She thought she could draw Angel out by seducing Spike, but unbeknownst to her, Dru was following Spike as Dru watched Buffy’s seduction of Spike.
“Oh, Spikey, come to me!” Buffy said seductively as Spike fell for the scheme and kissed Buffy.
As Buffy kissed Spike, hoping to draw Angel out so she could kill him, Dru had her own plan worked out.
Buffy’s plan worked, as Angel happened along shocked to discover a lifeless Buffy lying on the ground.
Chapter 5
The Scooby gang found themselves in another realm and in their younger bodies, yet didn’t know who each other was.
They looked a each other, clueless they knew each other.
“Where am I?” Cordy asked, looking at the red-haired girl lying next to her.
“I don’t know, but I don’t know who I am.” Willow replied.
“Well, I know who I am!” Cordy exclaimed proudly.
“Yeah. Who are you?” Xander asked the brunette, whom for some reason, thought she was hot.
“A princess!”
“You? A princess?” Willow laughed.
“We have a problem?” Xander told the two girls who were arguing.
“What’s that?” Willow and Cordy said in unison.
“Who the hell are we and how did we get here?” Xander asked.
TPB watched the Scooby gang’s shenanigans. They couldn’t wait to spring their big surprise on Sunnydale.
Elsewhere, Angel, who happened along to find a passed-out Buffy lying on the ground. He picked her up and took her to Giles’ store. Dru popped out from behind a tree watching Angel.
Then Spike happened along…..
“Dru, what are you doing?”
“It’s Buffy! She’s collapsed! And Angel has taken her to Giles’ store to revive her!” Dru told Spike, feigning shock.
“C’mon!” Spike said as he grabbed her hand and ran to Giles’ store to see if he could help Angel save Buffy.
But when Spike and Dru got to Giles’ store, Angel took a swing at Spike.
“What’s that for?” Spike asked him as he rubbed his jaw where Angel punched him.
“That’s for killing Buffy!”
“Buffy’s dead!” Spike said, surprised.
Angel, Buffy and Dru held a silent vigil over Buffy’s lifeless body. Dru watched out of the corner of her eye, the Scooby gang come into Giles’ store, as they were somehow summoned to the store, but had no clue why.
Chapter 6
As The Scoobies and Angel Giles and Spike hid Buffy’s body and waited for the spell that would bring back Buffy. They had a plan to make The Master think Buffy was dead so they could get Buffy back to her old self.
But when Willow went to check on the “sleeping Buffy,” she reported back that Buffy was missing. The friends got into an argument and accused each other of going behind each other backs.
But the real culprit was laughing slyly as The Master got one over on the Angel, Spike and the Scoobies….
“Nobody will destroy my plan…” The Master said to a comatose Buffy, as he waited for his “cure” to bring Buffy back and ruin the effects of the drug that Angel and his friends gave Buffy.
Meanwhile, Angel, Spike, Giles and the Scoobies all made up and forgave each other as Angel realized they had been one-upped. They worked together to find Buffy and bring her back.
Back at The Master’s lair, Buffy was awake and ready to do The Master’s bidding as she was still vampire.
As The Master sent Buffy out to destroy Sunnydale, her friends continued to look for Buffy unaware of the destruction that was about to befall them.
Chapter 7
After failed attempts to find Buffy, Angel, Spike, Giles and the Scoobies all met back at Giles’ store to hide out from all that was happening in Sunnydale.
Sunnydale was literally self-destructing at the hands of Buffy, thanks to The Master. It was up to Angel and the rest of the gang to stop Buffy and bring her back.
But how………..
With Buffy now on the side of evil, she was a force to be reckoned with. Her powers, meant for good, were now being used for evil.
If they didn’t think of something fast, Sunnydale was going to crumble…there would be nothing left of their city.
It was like they were fighting Armageddon….
As they fought Buffy and The Master’s minions, Buffy diminished their small army in no time. The Master was ecstatic. Sunnydale was gone! Sunnydale had been reduced to rubble at the hands of Buffy Summers, thanks to The Master!
Chapter 8
Back at The Master’s lair, a comatose Buffy lie in her coffin lifeless until The Master was ready to resurrect her to do his bidding.
At what used to be Giles’ store, Angel and the gang met to discuss how to rebuild Sunnydale…and get Buffy back.
Buffy was having too much fun being a vampire. She couldn’t let ‘her friends’ bring her back. Being a vampire was better than being a slayer.
While Buffy was on the hunt for human blood, Willow spotted her drinking from some poor victim who didn’t know what hit them.
Keeping an eye on Buffy, Willow texted Angel and the others to let them know she had located Buffy. Angel texted back that they were on their way and to keep watch.
But Willow didn’t know what hit her when Buffy saw her and knocked her out cold before she slithered off to find more food….
By the time Angel and the others found their way to Willow, Buffy was long gone……….