Bffy vs. the Buffybot (A Buffy the Vampire Slayer Fanfiction)

When Spike created the Buffybot, it was meant only for him. The Buffybot has been botnapped by Glory in another attempt to rid the world of Buffy and open the portal to her world. Will Buffy find the Buffybot and destroy it before Glory can use it to open the portal to bring her world back?
Buffy Summers – Sarah Michelle Gellar
Angel – David Boreanaz
Spike – James Marsters
Willow – Alyson Hannigan
Xander – Nicholas Brendan
Rupert Giles – Anthony Head
Wesley – Alexis Denisof
Cordelia Chase – Charisma Carpenter
Anya – Emma Caulfield
Dawn Summers – Michelle Trachtenberg
Glory – Clare Kramer

Chapter 1
“You love me, right, Buffy?” Spike said to his invention the Buffybot.
Spike has been down since Buffy called it quits between them. He can remember the conversation between them:
“I’m in love with Angel.” Spike recalled Buffy’s words breaking off their relationship.
Spike couldn’t believe that Buffy could just let it end because of Angel. Angel for all people, or vampires. He was a helluva lot good looking than that twit? What did she see in him anyway?
Spike went to the refrigerator to pull out a fresh pint of blood to sustain him and found that the refrigerator was empty. “Well, time to go hunting!” Spike said to the Buffybot. “Be back later.”

Spike went to hunt for fresh blood to curb his hunger. Along the way he ran into Buffy.
“So, Buffy, how is Angel?” Spike asked with hurt in his voice.
“Angel is fine, thanks!” Buffy replied.
“Well, you two must have had some laugh at my expense?” Spike continued obviously still hurt that Buffy ended things between them.
“Spike, go back home!” Buffy told him.
“Gee, I’d love to, but I seem to be out of fresh blood.”
“Well, go find some fresh warm body to suck the blood from.” Buffy responded. “I am busy right now.”
Buffy took her dagger and jammed it through the demon that was about to take Spike out.
“What the hell was that?” Spike asked.
“I don’t know but something is happening. I just don’t know what?!”

Meanwhile, Glory’s minions had paid her a visit.
“I have what you asked me to retrieve.”
“It’s about time!” Glory spat out as she grabbed the Buffybot from the minion’s hands.
“What the hell do you want with this thing?” the minion asked Glory.
“You’ll find out all in due time!” Glory replied to her minion with a gleam in her eye. “And soon, so will all of Sunnydale!”
Chapter 2
Spike returned home to find that his Buffybot was missing from his cave. Spike ran out of the cave looking for the Buffybot, thinking she must have gone out scouting about.
After about an hour with no luck, Spike high-tailed it over to Buffy’s house to see if she could help him find the Buffybot.
“Spike, I thought I told you it was over?!” Buffy spat out at him.
“I’m here on another matter.” Spike said to her.
“What could that be?” Buffy said clearly uninterested in what Spike wanted and just wanted him gone.
“Buffy, please?” Spike pleaded with her. “The Buffybot is missing!”
“The Buffybot is missing?” Buffy said, confused. “You still have that thing?”
“It’s a long story. . .one I don’t care to rehash with you right now.” Spike replied back.
“Well, how do you know it’s been botnapped?” Buffy asked Spike.
“I looked everywhere and she’s nowhere to be found.” Spike explained.
“You call it a she. . .as if it’s human?” Buffy quizzed Spike.
“She’s a companion.” Spike told her.
“You want a robot for a companion?”
“She’s the next best thing to the real thing.”
“You can’t have me, so you made a robotic copy?” Buffy said incredulousy. “I knew there was something off with you?”
“Please, Buffy, can you stop with the questions and just find her?” Spike pleaded again.
“Fine. I had nothing planned anyway!” Buffy said, as she grabbed her jacket and locked the front door to her home, as Spike followed along.
“So where or who do you think has this . . . Buffybot?” Buffy asked.
“I don’t know? That’s why I came to you.”
“Well, let’s head over to Giles’ store and check in the him and the others and see if they can figure out some ideas where the Buffybot could be.” Buffy said as they headed over to Giles’ store.
While Buffy, Spike and gang were trying to come up with ideas where Buffybot could be, Glory was reprogramming the Buffybot to turn it against Buffy and Spike and the Scoobies.
Chapter 3
Cordy was walking downtown Sunnydale on her way to meet Xander when she encountered Buffy.
“Buffy, what are you doing here?” Cordy asked her.
The Buffybot, which had been reprogrammed by Glory, played along with Cordy, making her think she was Buffy.
“I was supposed to meet Spike here.” The Buffybot said in Buffy’s voice. “Isn’t Spike sexy?”
“Yeah, sure! If you like that sort of thing!” Cordy said, surprised that Buffy was ogling Spike.
“”Well, have you seen him?” the buffybot asked her.
“No, I thought you were with him?” Cordy asked.
“I’ve been looking for him and Bu- er, Angel.” The buffy said, hoping Cordy didn’t notice her near-slip of the tongue.
“What do you want with both Spike and Angel?”
“It’s private.” The buffybot said.
“Well, Buffy, I hope you find them.” Cordy said heading on her way to find Xander.
“Yeah. Thanks for nothing!” the buffybot said.
The buffybot hid from view when she spotted Spike with Buffy. She had to get Buffy away from Spike so Glory to kidnap Buffy like she was programmed by Glory to do.
The buffybot saw her chance when Spike left Buffy’s side to fight off a demon. When Buffy was busy fighting the demon, the buffybot tossed Spike into the bushes just as Glory came out from behind the bush and knocked Buffy on the head. Then Glory nodded to her minions to take Buffy away, as she motioned to the buffybot to do what she was supposed to do before heading off before Spike woke up.
10 minutes later, Spike woke up to find, unbeknownst to him, his buffybot, disguised as Buffy, nursing him back to health.
Chapter 4
“Buffy?” Spike said. “What happened?”
“Glory kidnapped the buffybot.” The buffybot told Spike in Buffy’s voice so Spike would think she was Buffy.
“What?” Spike said as he quickly got up from the buffybot’s embrace.
“Spike. It’s okay.” The buffybot told Spike. “I have everything under control.”
“Buffy, you don’t understand. The buffybot was for me, not for Glory to do as she pleased.”
“Spike, calm down. I have a plan to get your buffybot back.” The buffybot assured him, unbeknownst to Spike, was doing things according to Glory’s plan.
“I hope so, Buffy.” Spike warned her. “If the buffybot got into the wrong hands…..”
“The wrong hands…..” the buffybot started to quiz Spike but was reluctant to finish as she knew what Spike was talking about.
And the buffybot and Spike didn’t know the danger that Buffy was in now that Glory had the Slayer in her control.
Meanwhile, at Glory’s hideout, Glory was waiting for an unconscious Buffy to wake up so she put her plan in motion.
“Well, it’s about time, Sleeping Beauty!” Glory said, smiling when Buffy finally came to.
“Where am I?” Buffy said groggily.
“Why you’re at my hideout.” Glory told her.
“What do you want with me?”
“Why I am going to use to get that damn portal open that you foiled upon your “death.” Glory said bitterly.
“You mean when I foiled your plan to use Dawn to open the portal?”
“Yes, Buffy.” Glory said ired. “But this time, I tricked Spike into thinking that buffybot was you so I could kidnap you to use to get the portal open.”
“Spike thinks the buffybot is me?”
“You got it, sister!”
“So unless Spike catches on that the buffybot is not me, your plan will go through without a hitch?” Buffy questioned.
“Yep! This time I win!” Glory said proudly.
But Glory underestimated Buffy who had managed to untie the ropes Glory used to restrain Buffy until the time of the portal opening.
Just when Glory went to grab Buffy to take her to what she needed for the portal opening, Buffy hit Glory in the back of the head, sending her to her knees as she went limp to the floor.
Sure that Glory was out cold, Buffy raced off to find Spike and warn him of the buffybot that Glory had reprogrammed for evil.
Chapter 5
As Buffy raced to find Spike and warn him of Glory’s intentions with the Buffybot, Willow was appalled when she saw Buffy torch Giles’ store, unaware it was really the Buffybot Glory had programmed to do her evil deeds.
“Buffy!” Willow yelled out to stop Buffy, but she only scared the Buffybot who ran off instead.
Willow chased the Buffybot when she came face to face with Buffy and Spike.
“Buffy?” Willow said, confused as she thought she had seen Buffy. “ I thought I was chasing you?”
“That was the Buffybot.” Buffy cleared up Willow’s confusion. “Glory is using her to do her evilness.”
“Oh, thank goodness!” Willow said relieved.
“Why is that?” Spike and Buffy said simultaneously.
“Because she was about to torch Giles’ store when I scared her off.” Willow informed them.
“Damn! Glory is at it again!” Buffy said.
“Well, we have to stop her!” Willow told them.
“First, we need to find her…and the Buffybot!” Buffy said.
As Buffy, Spike, and Willow, who was also joined by Xander looked for Glory and the Buffybot, Glory was watching them from afar, “You won’t be able to find me or that Buffybot!”
Chapter 6
Glory couldn’t believe Buffy found her and the Buffybot. She was just about to get what she wanted, and Buffy was trying to ruin it again.
“You can’t win!” Buffy said to Glory. “Release the Buffybot. Or suffer the consequences!”
“I’m sorry Slayer, but it’s you who will suffer if you don’t back away!”
By the time Spike and Angel found Buffy, she was fighting Glory to release the Buffybot. In the chaos of struggling with Glory, no one saw who had taken off with the Buffybot.
“Now what have you done?” Glory raged at Buffy. “The Buffybot is gone and my access to the portal is gone too!”
“Well that’s good news for Sunnydale.” Buffy smiled at Glory.
“You better hope that Buffybot hasn’t come into the wrong hands, Buffy!” Glory teased Buffy, Angel and Spike. “Or you can kiss Sunnydale good-bye!”
“What’s that supposed to mean?” Buffy asked.
“Because if I don’t have it, it means whoever does is going to use the Buffybot to rule Sunnydale!”
Glory left Buffy, Spike and Angel wondering if what she said was true…whoever took the Buffybot…was Sunnydale really in danger????
Chapter 7
Caleb the First checked over his newest possession—the Buffybot. Spike really outdid himself when he created her. She was exactly like the Slayer—in almost every way—at least that matter to get what he wanted.
Now, all he needed was for the Slayer to disappear…so he could put his plan into motion.
Buffy didn’t know what hit her when she was struck over the head by a blunt object from behind. The next thing she knew, she had woke up in a dungeon cell in the Master’s hidden realm.
Spike, Angel and the Scooby gang began a search for Buffy, but it was Willow who found Buffy…with Caleb.
“Buffy, what are you doing with him?” Willow asked her.
“Why wouldn’t I be with my husband?” the Buffybot said, impersonating Buffy so Willow wouldn’t see through the charade.
“You married Caleb?” Willow questioned Buffy’s choice.
“Why not? Caleb’s been good to me.”
“Now, if you don’t mind, Willow, we have a honeymoon to get to.” Caleb said as he kissed the Buffybot.
As Willow witnessed the kiss between Buffy/Buffybot and Caleb, she was confused as to why Buffy would marry Caleb. She needed to tell the others.
Meanwhile, Buffy was working on a plan to escape her dungeon and get back to the others….


Spuffy (Buffy & Spike) – The Passion Continues


After denying their feelings for years, Buffy and Spike finally give into and have a night of passion. But when Angel returns to help solve a mystery, old feelings resurface between the slayer and her first love. As Buffy works to solve the mystery with Angel, will it drive a wedge between Buffy and Spike, or bring them closer?


Buffy Summers – Sarah Michelle Gellar
Dawn Summers– Michelle Trachtenberg
Spike – James Marsters
Willow Rosenberg– Alyson Hannigan
Xander Harris– Nicholas Brendan
Anthony Head – Rupert Giles
Anya – Emma Caulfield
Angel – David Boreanaz
Cordelia Chase – Charisma Carpenter
Tara Maclay – Amber Benson
Glory – Clare Kramer
Faith – Elisha Dushku
Wesley – Alexis Denisof

Chapter 1

“Buffy, you don’t know how long I’ve longed for this.” Spike confesses to Buffy as he kisses her after the two finally give into passion.

For years, Buffy detested Spike. She believed that Spike was out for himself. When hate turned to friendship, and Spike’s feelings for Buffy grew stronger, Buffy hated to admit that her feelings for Spike were growing stronger too. So instead of admitting these feelings for Spike, Buffy continued her “loathing” for Spike.

Now after their first passionate embrace, entwined in each others bodies, Buffy kissed Spike back, enticing him to enter her again, as Spike gave in and made love to Buffy again.

But the lovemaking was short-lived when Buffy’s cell rang.

“Ignore it, Buf.” Spike said, kissing her more deeply to make Buffy forget her slayer duties.

“I can’t Spike.” Buffy said, as she picked up her cell and answered it.

Spike groaned as he rolled off of Buffy and laid back in bed, while Buffy took the call.

“Hey, Willow, what’s up?”

“Buffy, we have a problem!” Willow cried.

“What’s wrong, Willow?”

“Giles is missing!”

“What?” Buffy exclaims, as she gets up to get dressed. “I’m on my way!”

Buffy ends the call and demands Spike to leave before Dawn got home.

“Hey, Buf.” Spike says, giving her one last kiss before they go their separate ways. “Remember. I love you.”

“Thanks Spike, but I don’t have time right now. Giles is missing and I need to be going.” Buffy says, feeling guilty about her time with Spike.

Buffy leaves her home and is on her way to Giles’ store when Xander meets her along the way.

“Hey, Buffy, where have you been? Enjoying a moment with Spike?” Xander asks, half joking, half serious, sensing the special bond between Buffy and Spike.

“Ha ha! Very funny, Xander!” Buffy exclaims, feeling guilty that she actually was with Spike.

“No, seriously, where you headed to?”

“Willow called me and said Giles is missing!” Buffy informs Xander. “I’m on my way to meet Willow at Giles’ store.”

Xander and Buffy rush to meet Willow at Giles’s store, as Spike does some sleuthing on his own.

Chapter 2

At Giles’ store, Willow and the rest of the gang were waiting for Buffy to arrive. Buffy took charge as soon as she arrived with Xander, who had met her on the way to the store.

Buffy and gang discussed the plan to find Giles’ and then left the room when she got a call from Spike.

“Spike? What’s up?” Buffy asked as soon as she was out of earshot of the others.

“You need to meet me!” Spike ordered.

“I love you too, Spike, but we need to find Giles.” Buffy said, resisting his charms.

“This has to do with Giles.”

“What? You found Giles?”

“No, but I think I may know where he is?”

“I’m on my way. . . “ Buffy said hanging up her cell.

15 minutes later Buffy met Spike in the graveyard where he told Buffy he was waiting.

“Ooh, Spike…..a graveyard. How romantic?!” Buffy said sarcastically.

“I’m not trying to be amorous, Buf.” Spike explained. “I think this is where Giles is buried?”

“Giles is dead?” Buffy questioned in disbelief.

“No, not dead. Buried alive!”

“Buried alive!” Buffy shouted as she started to dig to save Giles.

“Relax, Buf!” Spike tried to calm her down. “There’s a tube coming out of the ground which means he can breathe.”

“Who would play a cruel joke like this?” Buffy said irately.

“Me!” Glory said as she stepped from beyond the shadows.

Buffy turned around to see Glory.


“What’s wrong, Buffy? Cat got your tongue?” Glory said sarcastically.

“Why would you bury Giles alive?!” Buffy demanded from her.

“Because you foiled my plan to unlock the portal that would grant me unlimited access!”

“So, you buried Giles alive as payback!”

“What do they say? Payback’s a bitch!” Glory said as she disappeared, leaving Buffy and Spike to get Giles out of the grave.

“Well, Buffy, start digging.” Spike suggested, as Xander and the gang showed up per Buffy’s call to help.

Chapter 3

Buffy, Spike and Xander managed to dig Giles out of his grave alive but unconscious from lack of air. As Buffy performed CPR on Giles, she got his heart beating again and oxygen to his brain while Xander called the paramedics to have Giles transported to Sunnydale General Health.

Glory had to come up with another way to gain access to the portal that Buffy ruined. She couldn’t believe that Buffy survived after she jumped to her “death” that closed the portal access. And she was even more upset that Giles had survived his prison in the grave. What did she have to do to get what she wanted. She had to get the key to that portal. But now that Dawn was revealed to be the key and the plan was foiled, Dawn couldn’t be used to gain access to the portal. A new key had to be made—and Glory was going to be the one make that key!

Meanwhile, Buffy, Spike and the Scoobies visited Giles at the Sunnydale General Health to make sure Giles was doing alright.

“Giles, we wanted to see how you were doing?” Buffy said as she entered Giles hospital room.
“I’m alright.” Giles told her. “I can’t believe I was buried alive by Glory?”

“Well, Glory said it was payback for ruining access to the portal.” Buffy explained.

“You risked your life and Glory had to seek revenge for that by burying me alive?” Giles wondered more to himself than to Buffy and gang.

“Well, I don’t think Glory is done trying to get through the portal.” Buffy advised.
“Oh?” Giles asked her.

“No. I think Glory is going to look for another way into that portal.”

“Well, we’re going to make sure she doesn’t succeed at it again.” Giles told Buffy and gang.
“Right.” Spike agreed.

“Well, Giles, get some rest so we can get back to work on the Glory issue.” Buffy told him as she and Spike departed Giles hospital room.

Buffy and Spike got back to his cave and celebrated saving Giles’ life by getting passionate. They couldn’t take their hands off each other once they had gotten to Spike’s cave.

After making love amongst the rocks and sea, Buffy and Spike were hard at work trying to figure out a way to diffuse Glory’s plan to gain access to the portal.

Chapter 4

Buffy and Spike were in the midst of getting passionate as the two lovers found renewed hope and had a hard time keeping their hands off each other…that is, until they were interrupted by a surprising visitor.
“Hey, guys!” Angel exclaimed interrupting Buffy and Spike’s lovemaking.
“Angel?” Buffy said, surprised to see him as she grabbed Spike’s shirt to put over her to cover herself up.
“Angel!” Spike said a little irked as he pulled up his pants.
“I didn’t mean to interrupt your… er, night!” Angel apologized. “But I heard about Glory’s plan and thought I would stop by and see if I could help?”
“Yeah, whatever you say.” Spike said jealously.
“Well, let’s go!” Buffy said not wanting to see the fight that would escalate between Spike and Angel over her.

Buffy, Spike and Angel went out looking for Glory and encountered Glory’s minions instead. As Buffy, with the help of Spike and Angel, fought off the minions, Glory was watching via her crystal ball.

“Just wait for our encounter, Buffy.” Glory laughed maniacally. “You’ll wish you were fighting my minions instead!”

Chapter 5

Angel was pleased he stopped Spike from making love to Buffy. He couldn’t allow Spike to be with Buffy. Not when he desired to be with her. He had to find a way to make it up to Buffy. And Spike was not going to ruin that!

As Angel was looking for Spike and Buffy, he happened along the duo in a passionate love play and his jealousy raged deep inside of him, causing Angel to grab Spike and toss him to the ground.
“Hey, what was that for?” Spike asked a heated Angel.
“Buffy is mine!” Angel raged.
“I belong to no one!” Buffy told Angel heatedly.
“C’mon, Buffs!” Angel softened toward her.
“Sorry, Angel, but I don’t like your attitude right now.”
“Buffy, I love you.”
“I think Buffy made her choice.” Spike told Angel.
“Butt out, Spike! This doesn’t concern you!”

But the feud between Angel and Spike would have to wait as the Hellmouth’s minions came out to attack Sunnydale as Buffy whips into slayer mode and vanquishes the demons while Glory looks on astonished.
“Just wait, Slayer! I’ve got plans for your demise!’ Glory says to herself.

Chapter 6

Buffy and Spike enjoyed a moment of passion before the nightmare began. But while they were in the throes of passion, Glory was busy making life hell for Sunnydale citizens.

Angel was busy trying to locate Conner, but was unaware that Glory had absconded with the boy in a desperate attempt to locate the key to the portal after Buffy ruined the Glory’s first attempt when Dawn was the key. After the PTB stripped Dawn of her powers to the key, they made Angel’s son, Conner the key in attempt to squash Glory’s plans to relocate the portal. Despite the PTB’s attempt to hide the key/Conner, Glory managed to find the portal and the boy. Now Sunnydale would face the hell unleashed as Glory worked to gain access to the portal and bequeath the benefits inside its world.

Angel, who was beside himself trying to find Conner, interrupted Buffy and Spike in their private spot wrapped in each other’s arms.

“I’m sorry to interrupt your bliss, but I need your help.”

“Geez, Angel, you couldn’t have interrupted at a better time!” Spike said, revealing his dislike for Angel as always.

“I get you two were enjoying a moment, but I can’t find Conner anywhere?”

“Conner’s missing? Why didn’t you tell us sooner?” Buffy said with concern, despite Spike’s dislike for Angel.

“Well, I might have but I thought I could handle it myself.”
“Angel, you know I’m always there for you no matter what.” Buffy told him.

“So, where was the last time you saw Conner?” Spike asked, reading Buffy’s thoughts.

“He was with Buffy’s sister, Dawn at Buffy’s house.” Angel said. “I called an hour ago and Dawn said he was watching TV.”

“So, Conner was at my house watching TV and poof…he suddenly vanished?” Spike asked with disbelief.

“I think Glory has something to do with it, but can’t figure out why?”

After Angel’s theory about Conner, Buffy remembered Glory’s words to her after her “death” and her ruining her plot to gain access to the portal, “You may won this time, but I will find a way into that portal, come hell(mouth) or high water!”

“That’s it!” Buffy exclaimed.

“What love?” Spike asked.

“After I foiled Glory’s attempt to gain access to the portal, the PTB stripped Dawn of her powers.” Buffy revealed.

“So, Dawn no longer has the power of the key?” Angel questioned.

“Yes. That’s when they found someone else…Conner is the key to the portal!!”

“So that’s why Glory has my son?!” Angel said, not knowing if he should relieved or angry.

Brother of the Insane: A Buffy the Vampire Slayer Fanficiton

Time Line
Angel Season 5; after Not Fade Away
Chapter 1
Kralik’s brother Bill Jesse caught the Slayer and is on his way to resurrecting him by using her blood, by pushing the dagger deep into their hands as they both screamed in pain.
He turned to the Watcher. “You’re freed to go Andrew!” The spell ended and he staggered to support himself upright.
“What did you do to me,” he screamed.
“You were easily tricked fool…!”
“You told me to use the crystal as a way of a Watcher exercise!”
He turned to him. “Dumb, dumb, dumb… Never listen to an evil mad Vampire!”
Then, the cave began to tremble to his delight.
Chapter 2
The Dragon had been killed, but the city was destroyed and certain people lost their lives. Wesley barely made it, clutching the wall, Angel held onto a long sword that shimmered at the hilt, and Spike he was barely there coughing up blood and sitting against the wall with the head of a Demon. Angel says flatly, “We have to leave!”
“And where are we going, you bloody poof!?!”
“To find Buffy!”
“You have got to be kidding me,” he stood up.
“No Spike,” he shook his head. “And that’s final!”
Chapter 3
The mouth of the cave opened and out of a crack came Kralik. He pulled himself straight to the top, hunger starting to seep its way to his stomach at the divine smell of fresh blood. The strong odor was coming from Buffy, dripping from her skin.
Bill Jesse: Ah, you are back!
“Thanks to you, brother,” he eyed him suspiciously before going over to Buffy. “And you brought me what I wanted…?”
“She is weak from the Cruciamentum…,” he said slamming the needle back into her arm. He beamed and walked over to the gift wrapped present. “It’s just like I never died,” his Yellow fangs were nasty and his breath stank. “Now, I will have you, Slayer!”
Chapter 4
Buffy spat at him as he began to have his way with her. She tried to resist Kralik, but he was just too strong for her. Just as she thought she was going to have to be with him, out sprung Angel, who knocked Kralik off of Buffy, as Angel picked her up in his arms.
“I never thought I would be so happy to see you?” Buffy said as she clung tight to him.
“I always have your back, Buf-“ Angel told her as he carried her back to her home.
As Angel brought Buffy back home, Dawn and their mother, Joyce (their mother didn’t die after all) ran out to greet them.
“Angel! Buffy!” Dawn exclaimed with Joyce running after her.
“We thought Buffy was gone?” Joyce said, worriedly.
“Giles and Wesley gave me a tip where Buffy would be so I went to find her.” Buffy explained.
“Well, you’re glad you’re back!” Joyce said as she hugged her daughter.
“Thanks Angel.” Dawn said gratefully.
Just then, Willow, Xander, Cordy, Anya, and Oz happened by.
“Buffy, you’re back!” Willow exclaimed with the others nodding in unison.
“Yeah, Angel saved me.” Buffy said gratefully as she nodded in Angel’s direction, who winked at her.
“Well, I owe it all to Giles and Wesley. They gave me the tip.” Angel said, acknowledging his source.
As Buffy and the gang were relishing in her reunion, Spike and Dru were busy making a deal with Kralik to diminish Buffy.
Chapter 5
“Bring me the Slayer and I will make you the leader of us all.” Kralik told Spike.
“I will bring you Buffy.” Spike said in a monotone voice.
Dru followed Spike to Sunnydale, also in the same trance that Kralik had put Spike into.
“Must find Buffy!” Spike said in the monotone voice.
Meanwhile, Buffy, Joyce, Dawn, Angel and the Scoobies, along with Giles, were relishing having Buffy back. They had planned a party to celebrate.
“So, Buffy, just what did Kralik want with you.” Angel asked her.
“I don’t remember.” Buffy said. “It’s all a blank.”
“Hmmm….” Angel murmured. “Kralik is obviously up to something.”
“Well, we need to be one step ahead of him.” Buffy agreed. “But, meanwhile, let’s enjoy the party before we have to start busting some demons again.”
Buffy and Angel danced in each other’s arms as the Willow and Tara did the same, along with Xander and Anya.
Flash to Spike and Dru, who had managed to locate Buffy at Giles’ store enjoying themselves. Spike crashed the party and took Willow hostage, ready to sink his fangs into her neck if Buffy didn’t go with him.
Chapter 6
As Spike held his fangs at Willow’s neck, Tara watched in horror as Buffy tried her best to diffuse the situation as she offered herself to Spike instead of Willow, unaware that he was there for Kralik, who wanted revenge against Buffy and Angel.
“Spike, take me instead. Spare Willow?” Buffy offered.
Spike in a trance from Kralik, agreed to take Buffy so he could bring him to Kralik and be ruler of all as Kralik promised.
“Okay, come with me.” Spike said in his monotone voice.
But just as Spike was about to head out with Buffy, Angel once again stopped him from esconding with Buffy. Spike and Angel got into a brawl. But just as it looked like Angel was about to take Spike out, Dru interceded and pulled Angel off Spike, who managed to escond with Buffy and take her back to Kralik.
“Wh-wh-what do you want with me?” Buffy stammered as he and Buffy were heading to Kralik’s lair.
“Oh luv, it’s not you that I want!” Spike explained. “It’s what Kralik has offered me!”
As Angel and Scoobies search for where Spike has taken Buffy, Spike, Dru and Buffy arrive in the Hellmouth where an overjoyed Kralik is waiting.
“Here is the Slayer!” Spike said, offering Buffy to Kralik. “So when do I reign over Sunnydale?”
“Did you really think I’d let you take over my realm?” Kralik laughed as his minions overtook Spike and Dru and took them away to a dungeon cell.
As Spike and Dru are being led away kicking and screaming, Kralik turns to Buffy, “Awww, once again, you are mine!”
“Stay away from me!” Buffy threatened weakly. “Angel will be here shortly!”
“Angel, Schmangel!” Kralik mocked. “That numbskill vampire won’t be able to find you now!”
Chapter 7
As Buffy sank in her horror of being captured by Kralik, she hoped Angel was coming to her rescue, while Spike and Dru sat in separate cells in Kralik’s dungeon.
“I brought The Slayer to him….”Spike said to himself, but Dru, with her super-sonic ears, could hear Spike’s thoughts.
“It’s your own fault, Spike. I warned you that Kralik would betray you.” Dru said in her “I told you so” voice.
“Shut up, Pet!” Spike raged.
As Spike, Dru and Buffy sat in their cells alone as Kralik’s hostages, Angel found himself in bed with Harmony making love to him.
“What the….” Angel said, as he tore himself out of Harmony’s embrace.
“Hey, no fair. You were promised to me.” Harmony told him.
“Promised to you?” Angel said in disbelief. “Is that they only way you can get laid, Harmony? By making a deal with The Master?”
“Hey, I was desperate.” Harmony said in her defense.
Angel didn’t wait to hear Harmony’s excuse for being in bed with him. He had to get out of there and find Buffy.
Chapter 8
Harmony went back to Kralik’s hellmouth miffed that Angel ran out on her. They were having passionate sex and he just tore out like a bat out of hell.
“Kralik, you promised that Angel was mine!” Harmony raged at Kralik when she got back to the hellmouth.
“Hey, I just put Angel in your direction.” Kralik told her. “It was your job to keep him happy.”
“Well, he ran out on me!” Harmony said in her whiny voice after being rejected by Angel.
“Well, it’s not like Angel liked you anyway. Don’t blame me! I can’t force anyone to be with you!”
“That’s not what you said!”
“Are you delusional, girl? How can I make anyone be with you?”
“You said you had the power to put Angel in my bed.”
“Now you’re putting words in my mouth.”
“Whatever.” Harmony said, as she went down into the dungeon to clean up the place. It was a pig sty. Kralik never knew how to keep anything clean. But she got an idea when she saw that Buffy, Dru and Spike were sitting separately in their cells.
Back in Kralik’s lair, Bill Jesse came to see his brother.
“Kralik, have you seen Buffy?” Bill Jesse inquired.
“Why don’t you pay attention, brother dear. The Slayer has been in the dungeon waiting for you.”
“You had The Slayer the whole time…yet, you made me go out and hunt her?”
“Hey, you had to earn your reward!”
“I’m going to get my reward!” Bill Jesse said, as he headed down to the dungeon, only to be knocked out by Dru, as Spike and Buffy placed Bill Jesse in the cell with an unconscious Harmony.
Chapter 9
Harmony visited Buffy and Spike in their separate cells. She concocted a plan that would get her Spike, her true love’s desire.
“Spike. Buffy.” Harmony spoke to the two.
“Harmony, what do you want?” Spike asked as Buffy listened.
“To make a deal.”
“A deal? What kind of deal?” Spike questioned.
“Well, I’ll get you two out if you do a favor for me?” Harmony told them.
“What kind of favor and how will it help us?” Buffy chimed in.
“Well, you two get out of your prison…and me…well…I’ll get exactly what I want.”
“What is that, Harmony?” Spike asked her.
“Well, get me out of Kralik’s clutches, and I’ll be forever indebted to you.” Harmony smiled seductively at him, to Buffy’s chagrin but she wanted out so she went with it.
“Just tell us what you want us to do to Kralik?” Buffy demanded.
“Make him believe you are loyal to him, Buffy.” Harmony said, knowing exactly what it would mean for Buffy.
“Are you kidding?” Buffy said. “What’s next, Kralik’s bride?”
Harmony just smiled and started walking away….but Spike stopped her, “We’ll do it.”
“Spike?” Buffy hissed.
“Just go along with it.” Spike told her. “I’ll make sure you don’t have to be Kralik’s bride.”
Buffy and Spike agreed to Harmony’s terms, not knowing what was really in store for them. Harmony let the two out to do as the three of them agreed to.
Chapter 10
Bill Jesse went down to the dungeon to see Buffy, but she, nor her two cellmates were there.
Angry, Bill Jesse confronted Kralik about the missing Buffy and her two cellmates, Angel and Spike.
“Damn that Harmony!” Kralik said ired. “She tricked me!”
“What? You made a deal with that woman?!” Bill Jesse replied just as angry.
“We made a deal? I was to help with Angel and she would help me with the Slayer?”
“You know Harmony has always been useless! Why do you even listen to her!” Bill Jesse said with anger.
“Well, we’ll just have to go to Plan B!”
“And what’s that?!”
“I’ll let you know when I figure it out.”
Kralik didn’t want his brother to know his plans. Every time he let Bill Jesse in on his plan, he always fowled up. This time, Kralik was going to get what he wanted by his terms. The Slayer would be his for sure!
Meanwhile, Spike, Buffy and Angel relished in their freedom once they were out of Kralik’s dungeon lair. But Harmony showed up at Giles’ store and ruined their happiness.
“Well, Slayer, it’s time for you to pay up!” Harmony demanded.
“Yea, what do you want?” Buffy feigned ignorance, not really wanting to help Harmony, but knew she would have to.
“I told you…I want Angel!” Harmony said directly.
“Uh, how can I make Angel yours? I’m not in control with who he beds?” Buffy pointed out.
“You’ll do it or I send you right back to Kralik and Bill Jesse!” Harmony threatened, knowing Buffy wouldn’t resist helping her.
But Harmony would have to wait for her dalliance with Angel, because Dawn showed up to warn Buffy and the gang about the disaster in downtown Sunnydale.

Bloodlines: A Buffy the Vampire Slayer Fanfiction

Someone used magic, deep dark magic in order to resurrect Sunnydale and past demons that were defeated such as the Master, the Anointed, Billy Palmer’s Lucky Nineteen, the Order of Taraka Glory, Warren, Caleb, the First, all of Buffy’s worst enemies that she had slain.
Now, everyone’s fighting but Lucky Nineteen brought Billy to make their nightmares come true and Buffy’s back to being a Vampire from the first season of Btvs (Episode: Nightmares Season 1). Only this time, she’s a Vampire forever because Rack will use his powerful spell to keep her a demon.

Buffy just recently found out that Giles betrayed her: Having her think that Spike’s still dead and not helping Angel in L.A. plus lying to Spike about her not wanting to help them with Fred not helping them save Fred from becoming Illyria the God.
Now, Spike and Angel are mad at her thinking that she didn’t want to help but that’s not true. She would have helped if it wasn’t for Giles lying and saying that she didn’t.
It’s too late Sunnydale’s back and all of the Scoobies are fighting. One day, Giles will have to suck up courage and call in reinforcements like Wesley, Angel, Lorne, and Spike. He’ll have to tell Spike and Angel the truth about Buffy. They will be angry at Giles for making them think that she didn’t want to help when she could have. Plus once they get there, they will be shocked to see Buffy as a Vampire.
Also, Buffy will kill some innocent people BEFORE she gets the soul and she’ll feel really horrible about it afterwards. Plus later, something happens with Dawn’s Key powers that will send her, Buffy, Angel, Spike, and Wesley to Buffy’s past in Season 5 right when Glory shows up. Buffy can’t stop the OTHER PAST her from dying and can’t stop the other PAST Willow from resurrecting the PAST HER. Future Spike and future Buffy are going to be together. They are going to date and YES, Wesley will be involved. He’ll show up later in the story. Gunn and Illyria died though in the L.A. battle so they won’t appear in this story.

Quentin Travers used a powerful spell to bring Kralik back the Vampire in Season 3’s episode, ‘Helpless’ from Btvs.
Kralik is the Key.
After they capture Buffy, they rally a group of minions to capture Angel and Spike. They are going to make them watch Buffy’s rape, torture, and turning.
When they find Buffy, the show starts and Kralik rapes her tortures her before turning her into a Vampire.
Buffy doesn’t have a soul when she wakes up a Demon. Spike and Angel will escape with her. They won’t let her kill only drink animal’s blood.
Then, later on, they get her soul back with the Orb of Thesulah.
Chapter 1
The underground lair had to be isolated from everything else.

It was a secret tunnel. A table held torture devices.

Kralik was enjoying the picture he drew.

Last time, he didn’t get to finish what he started.

Quentin took notes and examined the way she struggled even with the venom in her system. She twisted with screams while needles were being pressed forcefully into her chest.

She was covered in blood, sweat, and tears was naked and had burn and scratch marks. She was whipped and flogged repeatedly.

As Buffy hung from the ceiling, she thought about Heaven. How it was so warm compared to the coldness of this room.

Quentin: Well Ms. Summers, are you willing to cooperate?
(Coming: Buffy’s answer.)
Chapter 2
Buffy hung from the ceiling and glared at Quentin with icy stares. She was going to make Quentin pay for this. Sure she was going to agree, but Quentin wouldn’t know what hit him now that he raped, tortured her and turned her into a vampire. And worse, Kralik was watching! Kralik would get his due too! When he least expect it.
After agree to Kralik’s demands, Quentin took Buffy down from her dungeon swing and placed in a rotty, smelly cell, Buffy plotted her escape and Kralik’s demise. Then fell asleep.
While asleep, she had a dream of getting her soul back. An angel came to her and told her she could get her soul back with the Orb of Thesulah. But there was just one catch: she had to forgive those who hurt her.
Then Buffy woke up….
Meanwhile, Angel and Spike were thrown into their own cell in Kralik’s dungeon after they were made to watch Buffy’s rape, torture and turning. Despite their current hatred for the other, they came to agreement: find Buffy and escape from Kralik’s dungeon.
Back at Giles’ store, Giles felt the guilt of his betrayal against Buffy. His heart hung hard knowing what he did. What Buffy didn’t know was that he was forced to lie to her about Spike and Angel being dead by Kralik’s orders.
Unbeknownst to Giles and the Scoobies, Sunnydale was being taken over by the demons of the past: Master, the Anointed, Billy Palmer’s Lucky Nineteen, the Order of Taraka Glory, Warren, and Caleb, the First—demons Buffy defeated.
It seemed someone had put a spell on Sunnydale using a deep, dark spell….
(Coming: Buffy, Spike and Angel escape Kralik’s dungeon.)
Chapter 3
Buffy, Angel and Spike worked to free themselves form Kralik’s dungeon. All three had revenge on their minds for Kralik and Quentin Travers for the rape, torture and turning of Buffy, despite how Buffy liked being a vampire.
By now, the vampires three had managed to escape Kralik’s dungeon, but was angry when he saw they escaped, Kralik vowed revenged and ordered his minions to find them before they ruined his plan.
After their escape, Buffy, Angel and Spike confronted Giles, who was still feeling guilt over his betrayal of Buffy.
A fight ensued between Angel, Spike and Giles which had Giles beaten badly and ending up in the hospital with broken ribs and a concussion. Buffy wanted to kill Giles, but Angel and Spike stopped her.
But that was alright…Buffy had other matters to contend with, a demon from the past—Caleb, the First was back, waiting for Buffy.
(Coming: Caleb and Buffy fight to the death.)
Chapter 4
Buffy and Caleb stared at each other. Their hatred knew no bounds. They were ready to fight. And they probably would have if Willow hadn’t been trying one of her spells.
The next thing Buffy knew, she was transported the Master’s lair. Caleb was angry as he looked for Buffy. She couldn’t have gotten away that fast? Then he ran into Willow, who had cast a spell to bring Buffy back.
Upon learning that her spell failed, she couldn’t believe that Buffy was nowhere to be found.
Buffy was in hands of the Master, thanks to Willow’s spell. Grateful to have the Slayer in his clutches, he bound her and put her in a cell and waited for Kralik.
Meanwhile, Billy Palmer was busy wreaking havoc on Sunnydale with his Lucky Nineteen crew of minions. The Scoobies along with Angel and Spike were doing their best to squash Billy and his minions, but without the help of Buffy, the minions and Billy were getting the slip on them.
Back at the Summers home, Dawn’s key powers were slowly being diminished, thanks to Kralik’s revenge to bring back Buffy.
(Coming: Buffy and Dawn are Kralik’s hostages.)

A Brass Humanity: A Buffy the Vampire Slayer Fanfiction

Buffy wishes that she was an evil soulless Vampire forever with no way to shift human. Then, her mom and the Scoobies shunned her. She got kind of angry at them and makes a wish. It soon comes true and even if they try to restore her soul, she can’t be cursed. She is to stay evil and gets a ton of minions to join her including Spike and Dru from Brazil.
Buffy. Spike. Willow. Angel. Harmony. Lorne. And Wesley: They are the new Scooby Gang and Harmony finally likes Buffy more than Cordelia because Buffy never bossed her around or told her what to do and was never afraid of a few demons.
Plus Wesley enjoys training his new charge and Lorne loves her like a daughter. Angel is jealous of Spike/Buffy being together until Willow shows him how to truly love without losing a soul, but getting it anchored instead. Spike’s soul can’t be lost either.
She killed Giles out of revenge and now all of the Slayers are after her except for Faith. A soulless Buffy snaps Giles’ neck to ensure that she doesn’t swing for their team.

Buffy Summers – Sarah Michelle Gellar
Spike – James Marsters
Willow – Alyson Hannigan
Angel – David Boreanaz
Lorne –
Wesley – Alexis Denisof
Harmony Kendall –
Giles – Anthony Head
Drusilla – Juliet Landau
Faith – Eliza Dushku

Chapter 1
It’s almost comical, watching them mourn her. A stress reliever. A few days ago, they found her dead body. In fact, even she thought she was dead lying on the ground, face down, and hair ruined. But, she didn’t think of this, being a Vampire turned by something illogical, one that didn’t have a rational explanation.
They thought she committed suicide, did they…? Went out and got herself killed by a random Vamp. Well, she’s very much alive and very much evil. The fuckin Cordy was going to die!
Angelus doesn’t get his soul returned and stays alive, but Drusilla pushes Buffy into Acathla. Soon, Angelus Dru and Spike will rule Sunny Dale while Buffy’s in Hell facing her Vampire double, She says something that will make Buffy want to become a Vampire by showing her that she could go to Heaven and leave her Demon on the Earth and will show her all of Giles’ betrayals/what could happen to her. She gets to see her future through a looking glass of Hell.
That leaves her questioning her friends until she decides to become a full Vampire and sadly she doesn’t go anywhere but in this Demonic body forever and she’s even happy. She is glad to get rid of her calling and even though with a soul, becomes bad. The other Vampire disappears, spitting her out of Acathla and into Angel’s apartment which he now abandoned to live at the factory.
Chapter 2

She ran down Cordelia’s car as she saw her drive by. Jumping in, she dragged her out. The Cheerleader screamed as she was pulled carelessly through the cement ground.
“You’re going to pay,” she dug her nails harsher into her scalp. “B- Buffy,” she asked.
The ex Slayer smacked her. “Don’t talk!”

“You’re supposed to be helping people!”
“Helping stingy people like you, I don’t think so sugar!!!”
“In fact, I eat people like you,” she grinned. The prep looked at her, frightened.

Chapter 3
Buffy loved being in her evil body. It felt good to go after the goody goodys. Cordelia was a bitch. Buffy couldn’t stand her—never could. She hated seeing her and Xander together. Cordelia could never measure up to Xander. Xander deserved better than her. Someone like her. But she was torn—torn between Xander and Angel. Geez, Angel was smokin’ hot. Buffy’s thoughts were suddenly interrupted when Angel showed up.
“Huh?” Buffy asked when Angel broke her thoughts.
“I thought you were dead?” Angel asked confused.
“Well, I’m not!” Buffy said harshly.
“So, where you been?”
“In hell, battling my evil twin!” the evil Buffy spat out at him.
“Your evil twin? I don’t understand?”
“There’s an evil Buffy-look-a-like running around Sunnydale wreaking havoc.” The evil Buffy informed Angel.
“Really? Well I’ll keep an eye out for her.”
“Great, Angelus!” evil Buffy said. “You do that!”
As evil Buffy watched Angel leave, she smiled to herself, “Oh, Angel, you’re so gullible. You don’t even realize the real Buffy when you see her.”
If Buffy could fool Angel, she knew she’d have no problem fooling the rest of the gang! This was going to be too easy!
Chapter 4
No one was going to find the other Buffy, the one every thinks is Evil-Buffy, but is really the Good-Buffy. Good-Buffy was safely tucked away…for now! Now! Time to wreak havoc on Sunnydale—Evil-Buffy style!
Evil-Buffy was going to love impersonating Good-Buffy! Sunnydale won’t know what hit them!
Buffy met Lorne and Wesley and the new Scooby gang at Giles’ store. Everyone thought that Giles was dead, but truth was, he was locked away with Good-Buffy.
“Buffy?” Harmony said, happy to see her.
“Yes, Harmony. I’m here.” Buffy acknowledge her.
“I glad you’re finally here!” Harmony said sucking up, to Willow’s chagrin.
“Gee, Harmony, suck up much!” Willow said, jealously.
“Oh, Willow, it’s ok. I love you both!” Buffy told them both.
Geez, how did Buffy manage with these losers? Evil-Buffy thought to herself. As Willow and Harmony vied for Buffy’s friendship, Evil-Buffy was sizing up the Scooby gang. Willow was witch-wannabe; Harmony was a suck-up, but could prove to be an ally; Lorne could be the father-figure that Giles never was; Wesley was smoking hot—what did Buffy see in Angelus? Angelus was a wimp.
Then they came in—Cordy and Xander—ewwww! Gross! What did Xander ever see in that? Cordy was a snob, a goody goody. Poor Xander, Evil-Buffy thought to herself. She could show Xander a thing or two.
Cordy noticed Buffy eyeing Xander and spoke up, “Buffy, are you eyeing my boyfriend?”
“Yeah, Cordy, I was thinking of taking him from you.” Buffy shot back sarcastically.
“Well, he’s mine!” Cordy reminded Buffy. “I know how much you’ve wanted Xander, but he’s mine!”
“Don’t worry. Wouldn’t dream of it!” Buffy reassured Cordy.
Buffy didn’t want Xander anyway. Not when the most gorgeous guy walked into the room. Spike. Spike made Angelus look like chopped liver. That blond hair and six-pack. Buffy had to keep herself in check.
“Remember why you’re here?” Buffy reminded herself. “Leave Spike alone.”
It looked like Spike was off limits too when Drusilla sidled up to Spike and kissed him.
Gross! Did everyone here in Sunnydale think about sex? First Cordy and Xander, now Spike and Drusilla.
Buffy had to get out! Way too much sex in Sunnydale! Maybe she should rename it Sexydale?
Chapter 5
As soon as Buffy left the sex-crazed twits, Faith found her in the cemetery.
“Buffy, what are you doing here?” Faith asked.
“I had to get away. Too much sex in Sexy. . .er-Sunnydale.” Buffy said, wanting to barf.
“You jealous because you’re not getting any from Angel?” Faith taunted, debating whether or not to tell Buffy she was with him.
“Why? You hot for that wimp, Angelus?” Buffy asked.
“No.” Faith lied. “Angel isn’t my type.”
“Liar!” Buffy accused.
“I am not!” Faith defended her lies.”
“I saw you with Angelus!” Buffy shot out, hoping to get a confession out of Faith.
“Okay. Okay. I admit it.” Faith confessed. “Angel and I are together!”
“Well, thank you, Faith. You traitor!” Buffy accused.
“Wait? You didn’t know I was with Angel?” Faith questioned her.
“That’s right, Faith, I tricked you!” Buffy shot out.
“So you are jealous!” Faith accused.
“Oh, please, I’m so over Angelus.” Buffy replied. “I’m on to better things now!”
“Okay. Then you give me your blessing for me, and for Angel?”
“So be it!” Buffy told her, as she went on her way to find Angel.
“Yep! Way to much sex in Sunnydale!” Buffy said to herself.
Chapter 6
Buffy couldn’t believe that Angel would take up with Faith. Did what they have mean nothing to him, Buffy wondered? Why would he get involved with her? Buffy wanted revenge—revenge on Angel and her family and the Scoobies—now that she was a soulless vampire. And she saw her chance when she spied Spike sitting alone under the shady tree across from Giles’ store watching everyone.
Looking as seductive as ever, Buffy strutted on over to where Spike was sitting and came on to him. Being smitten with Buffy, it didn’t much for Buffy to entice him. A-come-hither-look was about all it took and Spike was putty in Buffy’s hands.
Spike was all over Buffy—that is, until they were interrupted by Drusilla, who became possessively jealous at seeing Spike making out with Buffy.
But Buffy loved the jealousy Dru exhibited. She love the rivalry. It was better than being a goody-two-shoes vampire slayer—the chosen one. That was such a boring life—saving the world from vampires and demons. No, the soulless vampire life was exactly what Buffy needed.
“Hey, Dru. Watch this!” Buffy taunted as she kissed Spike passionately in front of her, Dru seething with rage.
A bitch fight ensued between Dru and Buffy. For a few mintues, it seemed as if Dru had the upper hand over Buffy, but strengthened with her slayer skills and now being a vampire, Buffy won out as she knocked Dru to the ground. She had the stake in her hands and was about to stake the vamp, when Spike grabbed her hand, forcing her to stop.
“Buffy, stop!” Spike told her.
“What?”Buffy said, confused.
“Please don’t kill her!” Spike pleaded, for he was still in love with Dru.
Seeing the pain in Spike’s eyes, despite being a vampire, Buffy still couldn’t hurt Spike. So she let Dru go—for Spike.
“Be gone!” Buffy told Dru. “You should thank Spike for you life. I was about to kill you.”
Dru got up and kissed Spike gratefully as Buffy watched.
“Don’t think you won, Dru!” Buffy said to herself. “This ain’t over yet!”
Chapter 7
As if the fight with Dru weren’t enough, Buffy ran into Willow, who was upset that Buffy killed Giles.
“Buffy?” Willow said, trying to hold back the rage so her powers would go full throttle on Buffy.
“Willow?” Buffy said cautiously, not knowing what to expect from Willow.
“So…Giles is dead.” Willow said nonchalantly as if it didn’t matter to the two girls.
“Yeah…so sad.” Buffy said with a sad face, hoping Willow wouldn’t start anything with her, but it didn’t work.
“Yeah! And you killed him!” Willow said letting her rage take over.
Buffy and Willow got into a full-fledged fight that would have turned deadly had it not been for Spike and Angel who happened upon the two girls fighting.
“Hey, now! Break it up!” Angel said as he pulled the two girls apart.
“What’s the meaning of this?” Spike asked the two girls.
“She killed Giles!” Willow said to the two vampires.
“No she didn’t.” Spike said. “I did.”
“What?” Willow said, confused.
“I killed Giles.” Spike confessed, hoping to protect Buffy from the people who wanted her dead.
It worked as Buffy and Willow both hugged each other in forgiveness.
Chapter 8
Spike didn’t want to admit it..mostly because he didn’t want to hurt Dru…but he loved Buffy. Spike thought of Buffy all the time…even when he was making out with Dru. He had happened along just as Buffy snapped Giles’ neck, as Spike remembered:
“Buffy, what did you do?” Spike asked Buffy after she snapped Giles’ neck, as if he were just a twig.
“He had to go!” Buffy said nonchalantly. “He would have turned on us!”
“Giles,..turn on everyone?”
“He was…” Buffy started to confess, but saw her chance to get even with Dru by seducing Spike. “Oh Spikey, c’mere!”
As Buffy did a strip tease for a willing Spike, the two started dancing … then kissing. The kissing led to a make out session … but Dru walked in and ruined it.
“What’s going on here?!”
“Pet, it wasn’t what it looked like!” Spike said as he left Buffy and tried to calm things down with Dru.
As Spike was fighting with a erratic Dru, Buffy happily enjoyed watching it…”Soon, Spikey! You’ll be all mine!”
Buffy’s thoughts were interrupted by Harmony when she came to Buffy with a problem.
Chapter 9
“What do you want, Harmony?!” Buffy said with disgust…Buffy was beginning to see why the good Buffy didn’t like Harmony.
“I need your help!” Harmony pleaded with Buffy.
“Yeah! What do you want from me!”
“I have no friends…mostly because of what I did for the Master…but now I’m lonely and in need of friends.”
“So, you want to be my friend?”
“I tried to befriend Cordelia, but she snubbed me.”
“Well, don’t be too surprised by Cordy. She’s like that with everyone.”
“Well, can you help me?”
Buffy thought about Harmony’s request and the cons of being her friend. In the end, being a “friend” to Harmony could be useful to her.
“Yes, Harmony, I’ll be your friend.” Buffy assured an ecstatic Harmony.
“Great! We should go tell the others!” Harmony said, running off, but Buffy stopped her before she got too far.
“No! Let’s not do that…yet!” Buffy suggested.
“Okay. If you say so.” Harmony agreed, despite sounding hurt.
“I want you to do is come between Angel and Faith.”
“You want me to seduce Angel?”
“Are you afraid to do so?” Buffy quizzed.
“No. It sounds like a challenge.”
“Great! Now run along!” Buffy said as Harmony left to do her bidding.
Buffy found her calling as an evil vampire. First, destroy Angel and Faith, then Xander and Cordy. Buffy was going to love playing with the Scoobies!

1997 Again: A Buffy the Vampire Slayer Fanfiction

Buffy turning into Drusilla during Season 8 (imagine that Buffy the Vampire Slayer never ended at Chosen (TV) and it continued onto the Cleveland Hell Mouth, but Buffy returns to the Crater of Sunnydale to make a wish that she was back with Spike at the beginning. Pretty, soon, she is sitting next to him in the car with a purely evil Vampire (OR SO SHE THINKS, IT’S FUTURE SPIKE TAKING OVER THE PAST’S BODY).
And it’s Sunny Dale 1997 right before he crashed into town with his insane sire. Buffy tries to explain that she’s not evil but begins to enjoy the luxuries and freedom. It’s because of Giles and the Scoobies keeping her from knowing that Spike was alive, but died again as he went up against the Circle of Black Thorns. She resented them for the secrecy and Willow only showed up to help Fred in order to keep her out!
Summary: Future Buffy and Dru trade lives, but the real Dru bursts into Dust at the hole where the town was. (PAST Dru and FUTURE Buffy).

Chapter 1
Buffy the Vampire Slayer never ended at the Hellmouth and it continued onto the Cleveland Hell Mouth, but Buffy returns to the Crater of Sunnydale to make a wish that she was back with Spike at the beginning. Pretty, soon, she is sitting next to him in the car with a purely evil Vampire and it’s Sunny Dale 1997 right before he crashed into town with his insane sire. Buffy tries to explain that she’s not evil but begins to enjoy the luxuries and freedom. What could be better than having what you want at your fingertips? You could call out and dozens of minions would be at your disposal. You could click and they’d do your every need. She sighed in bliss. “We’ll be home soon and you’ll get to have your way with the Slayer.”
“Can I break her,” she asked in her light slightly exotic voice.
He growled. “And dance on her grave!”
“YES, YES,” she giggled.
Oh yeah, being insane was definitely fun!
And plus, she’ll get to see Angel fall on a stake. Nah, just torture him until the little soul is out.
“I can smell it. All of that power in one small boy readied for the preparation.”
“To stuff out the light!”
“Pretty,” she murmured at all of the demons. “Such pretty bright Red colors… I wonder if we’re invited on the guest list…?”
Chapter 2
It was warm. The body was warm. And she was cold. She slid one hand out and a splash of blood dropped against her lip. She swiped it effortlessly. The Ruby Red liquid fell down her chin and stained the White of her dress. She began to whine that it was dirty. Spike told her to remove it so they could get it washed.
‘Jane Doe’ was n*** and forgotten as her dead eyes stared at the ceiling.
Spike stopped a minion. “Hey, care to take care of the body…?”
He knew that his princess loved to play with the dead things as if they were her dolls, but he just couldn’t stand to look at them- their lifeless corpses staring back at him, vacant and blank. He persuaded his Goddess to get new dolls, but sent him away for a few days, ignoring her pleas until he brought her the puppy.
“Treasure Sunshine would you,” he had said.
“M’kay,” she clutched the dog close to her. In fact, it was right on her lap enjoying the petting.
“We’ll be there soon,” he assured.
She wasn’t actually going to kill, just enjoyed being with him again. And neither was he. He had a soul and he wasn’t even from around here, this bizarre time stream he traveled to. He had no idea how he even got to this place or era.
He’s going to have to play along, make Dru think he’s killing when it’s from a dead animal. ‘Oh Spike, I miss you so much, but now, I have my second chance in this bizarre world!’
She grazed her hand along his curls. “Come ere’ pet,” he rumbled. She climbed over him and their lips touched.
Chapter 3
Spike can’t deny it. He missed being evil. He missed Dru’s cold but hot personality. He missed her insane laughter when they mayhemed and slaughtered through towns or her claws digging into his spine when they fucked. He was free here- with no worries, pain, and guilt haunting him. No voices of the past breaking him. No sound, just silence. His blue eyes took in her nudene form, her silken skin gleaming in the light. Hours before, he took out the Anointed’s nest, now resting lazily on his elbow.
Buffy couldn’t control it anymore. When she saw the girl, she moved in slow motion before pouncing and grabbing the neck, her jaws snapping around the bulge of her artery, stopping the tortured girl’s pleas for help. This was the only life she was going to end. It was only because she needed the strengths after what Dru had to endure in Prague. She could feel the physical pain almost as if it was a contradiction.
1997 was the year of her loss of innocence.
Chapter 4
Spike ran his hand down Dru’s body as he kissed her lips. As he made love to Dru, thoughts of his night with Buffy came back to haunt him. He loved Buffy and desired her, but something inside him couldn’t stay away from Dru. He was definitely torn between the two women: Dru’s evil passion and Buffy’s sexy innocence. It was more than Spike could handle.
After fulfilling his desires inside Dru, Spike pulled out and got dressed.
“What’s wrong, love?” Dru asked him.
“I have to go.” Spike told her.
Spike left Dru alone in the grotto outside of Sunnydale.
“Well, if it’s one thing I can’t stand is to be laid and abandoned!” Dru said bitterly to herself.
Spike showed up at Buffy’s to find her with Angel. Seething with jealousy, he watched as Angel kissed Buffy’s breasts. Spike hid when Angel turned his head, but it was too late. Angel had seen him standing outside the window. Kissing Buffy more fervently, Angel gave Spike a show, as the Spike’s fangs began to show.
Spike took a walk around Sunnydale to clear his head. He couldn’t believe that Buffy was with Angel. “Didn’t their night mean anything to her?” Spike thought.
But all that would have to wait when a group of minions from the Hellmouth began wreaking havoc in Sunnydale. . . . . . .
Chapter 5
As Buffy made love to Angel, she had a feeling that came over her as she sensed someone was in danger. As much as she longed to stay in bed with Angel, she just couldn’t…not when someone could be in trouble. So as she got up from Angel’s embrace, and got her clothes on, Buffy made a hasty exit from Angel’s pad and found her way to the center of Sunnydale, only to realize it was Spike who was in trouble.
Something inside Buffy fueled Buffy’s fire as she jumped on the minions and banished them to hell right before Spike’s eyes.
“Buffy!” Spike said surprised to see her.
“Something couldn’t keep me away.” Buffy said as she moved in for a kiss, but a minion that had been hiding from them sprang up from behind Spike and struck him in the heart with a stake, sending Spike straight to hell.
“Spike!” Buffy yelled out. “Noooooooooo!”
Buffy couldn’t believe that Spike was gone. And at the time when she realized it was Spike she loved. Not Angel.
As she walked on through Sunnydale, she ran into Giles who had come out of his store when he saw her out.
“Buffy?” Giles called after her, but Buffy just kept walking, oblivious to the sound of Giles’ voice.
“Buffy?” Giles said when he reached Buffy and grabbed her shoulder.
“Who are you?” Buffy said when she turned around to see who was behind her, not recognizing her trainer.
“Buffy, it’s me…Giles.”
“Go away.” Buffy ranted.
“What’s wrong?”
“He’s gone!” Buffy moaned. “Spike’s gone!”
“Buffy, you know that.” Giles reminded her. “Spike died a year ago.”
“No, he died tonight.” Buffy looked at Giles confused.
“No, Buffy, you’re mistaken.”
“But I saw him…fighting some minions.” Buffy explained. “I fought them all off…except…”
“Buffy, whatever you’re remembering tonight…it didn’t happen because Spike couldn’t have been there.”
“You’re wrong!” Buffy said as she tore herself away from Giles grasp.
“Why were they all lying to her?” Buffy wondered. She saw it…with her own two eyes. Spike…fighting the minions…until she fought them all off and banished them all to hell. Except for one. Who was hiding from them. Snuck up and killed Spike. Spike was gone. Her Spike. Gone.
Chapter 6
Buffy tried to get Spike out of her mind, but thoughts of their night flashed through her mind. Even Angel’s kiss failed to keep Spike out of Buffy’s thoughts.
“Angel, please, not tonight.” Buffy said as she pulled away from his embrace.
“Buf-“ Angel asked. “What’s wrong?”
“Nothing!” Buffy said irately.
“Who is it?” Angel demanded.
“No one!” Buffy continued her ire.
“It’s Spike!” Angel raged. “The bloody bastard has been dead for a year and he’s still got your heart!”
“You too!” Buffy yelled. “Spike was killed last night!”
“What are you saying?!” Angel said in disbelief. “Spike died a year ago!”
“No he didn’t! He died last night! Right in front of me as I tried to kill the minions who were trying to kill him!” Buffy explained.
“Buffy, –“ Angel tried to reason with her, but she ran off.
“Buffy, come back!” Angel called after her.
As Buffy ran off to the center of Sunnydale, suddenly all the surroundings no longer looked familiar to her.
“Where’s Sunnydale High?” Buffy wondered. “Where the hell am I?”
As Buffy looked around some more she said to herself, “I don’t think I am in Sunnydale anymore?”
Back at Giles’ store he had recreated in Cleveland, Angel brought Giles and the Scoobies together to help Buffy.
“Everybody, I asked you hear to discuss what to do about Buffy.” Angel began.
“What’s wrong with Buffy?” Willow asked.
“She’s not herself.” Angel told them.
“What do you mean, ‘not herself?’” Xander inquired.
“Well, she thinks Spike was killed last night, instead of a year ago.” Angel told them.
“Yes, I ran into Buffy to and she seemed confused about that fact too, but when I tried to get her to reason, she ran off.” Giles told Angel.
“It’s as if Buffy’s in her own little world.” Angel said.
“Well, what do we do?” Willow asked with concern.
“We need to find out where Buffy is and get her out of that realm.” Angel explained.
“But what realm is she in?” Xander inquired.
“Somewhere in the past.” Giles said.
“So do we go back in time to find Buffy?” Dawn asked them all.
“Yes. But first we must find Buffy and detain her.” Angel said.
“Detain her? But where?” Xander asked.
The gang headed out to find where Buffy ran off to. Giles was the first to find her lying unconscious under a tree in Cleveland.
As Giles alerted the others that he found Buffy, Giles picked up Buffy and took her off to the store as she called out, “Spike, help me!”
Chapter 7
Just when Giles thought he had Buffy, Spike came out from nowhere and knocked Giles on the head, sending him to the ground. He then picked up Buffy and carried her off to his cave to hide out.
Giles came to and looked around when he discovered Buffy to be nowhere in sight. He then made his way to deliver the news about Buffy.
“Giles, where’s Buffy?” Willow asked him.
“She’s gone?” Giles said.
“Gone? How can that be?” Xander asked him.
“I was hit from behind and when I came to. . .Buffy was nowhere to be seen.” Giles told the Scoobies.
“I did find a clue as to who might have taken her. “ Giles said as he showed them the piece of fabric he found next to him when he came to.
“That looks like a piece of fabric from Spike’s coat?” Xander questions.
“It is.” Willow confirmed it.
“So Spike took Buffy? But why?” Giles said, mystified.
“I don’t know, but we need to find Buffy and bring her back to the present.” Xander reminded everyone.
Meanwhile, Spike and Buffy, who was really Dru, woke after Spike brought Buffy to his cave to hide from Giles and the Scooby gang.
“Spike, thank you for getting me away from my so-called friends.” Buffy said, thanking him with a kiss.
“I knew I had to help you and get you away from them.” Spike lied, knowing what he was about to do.
Spike, that is future Spike, was brought to 1997 to bring back Buffy to the PTB. He knew all along that Buffy was really Dru and he wanted revenge for Dru turning to dust.
“C’mon, Buffy, we need to get going.” Spiked ordered her to get up.
“Where are we going, Spike?” Buffy asked him.
“You’ll know when we get there.” Was all Spike said.
“The PTB had better keep their promise to him now that he was bringing back the Slayer”, Spike thought to himself.
Chapter 8
Spike showed up with Buffy in tow to the PTB, but was shafted when the Master had him thrown in a cell in the dungeon.
He couldn’t believe TPB used him to get him to bring the Slayer to them. Well they would pay too. TPB and the Slayer…
The Master had what he wanted—Buffy in his clutches. With her by his side as his queen, he would rule the Hellmouth as well as Sunnydale.
But the Master didn’t count on Willow Rosenberg to resurrect a spell to try to bring Buffy back.
Well, he would just have to nip that in the bud too….
Back in Sunnydale, Willow sat in her room as she chanted the spell that was supposed to bring Buffy back…..
Instead, she got an amorous Spike sent to her room who had a mad crush on her.
She tried to resist Spike’s advances, but Spike was too strong for her and he managed to win and have his way with her. When he was through, he looked at Willow and ran….
What the hell just happened, Spike thought. One minute, he was locked in the Master’s dungeon…and the next, he was making love to Willow?
The Master laughed maniacally as he planned his wedding to Buffy by announcing it to all of Sunnydale……
Chapter 9
As a dazed Spike realized what he had done, the Master carried an unconscious Buffy to the center of Sunnydale, er-Hellmouth for their wedding. The only guest to show up was Harmony—but that was because the Master blackmailed her into officiating at the wedding.
While the wedding was in full swing, Spike was on the lookout for Buffy, but encountered an envious Dru instead.
“Spikey!” Dru said in her sing-song voice. ‘Where are you going?”
“To find Buffy?” Spike said, still dazed from his encounter with willow.
“I know what you did!” Dru taunted him.
“I did nothing?” Spike said in defense.
“You cheated on me!” Dru accused.
“I didn’t, my pet.”
“But you did! I watched it all!” Dru said hotly. “You had sex with Willow!”
By this time, Angel happened by when he heard Dru shouting.
“Spike had sex with Willow?” Angel said, almost laughing.
“I did not!”
“I didn’t know you had the hots for Willow?” Angel said, unable to contain his laughter.
“It was a trick played on me by the Master.” Spike explained.
“Well, Spikey, I don’t care what your excuse is—you still cheated on me!” Dru said ired and closed the door to Spike’s cell and dropped it down her shirt.
“Dru, baby, give me that key!” Spike yelled.
“Come and get it.” Dru taunted.
“You don’t understand, my pet,” Spike explained. “The Master has something planned for Sunnydale.”
“Ppffft.” Dru said in disbelief.
“He’s going to marry Buffy to rule Sunnydale and the world!” Spike revealed.
“So that’s what the Master had planned all along!” Angel said. “Dru, let Spike out so we can save Buffy and the world!”
“Okay. All you had to do was say the word.” Dru said, unlocking Spike’s cell door as Spike and Angel raced to save Buffy.
But it was too late! The Master had married Buffy and took his place as ruler of Sunnydale!

Welcome to the Hellmouth, Again: A Buffy the Vampire Slayer Fanfiction

Will take place during Season 7’s ‘Empty Places.’ Buffy makes a wish that has disastrous consequences. She wishes that she never changed out of being a Vampire from Billy Palmer’s dream. That it will become real and forever with no spell to end it so that way she can’t feel anything for anyone because they kicked her out and didn’t want her, the real HER.
Well, it comes true and she is sucked into time to Season 1 and after they save Billy (AGAIN), Buffy remains a creature of the night. With a soul, she shuns out the Scoobies by talking to the Master eventually becoming his favorite childe and receiving special treatments more than the Scoobies ever gave her. She enjoys being a Vampire very well and is quite good at it, choosing to be evil rather than the soul forcing her.
She has no curse to stop her unlike Angel.
The Master is left unstaked and takes over Sunny Dale along with Buffy who finds herself interested in Spike. He is to come and help them deal with the new Slayer.
Chapter 1
She is a ruthless demon now, standing in the throne room next to the Master, watching Spike.
“So tell me, why have you come to my humble abroad…?”
“Well, I heard that there was a Hellmouth here and that the infamous Nest and his clan are ruling it,” he kept looking at Buffy. He went to beat up some Demons for information and captured Halfrek, forcing her to grant his wish to be sent back in time to help his already broken love.
Broken by them, by their sorry asses not wanting her kicking her out of her home not appreciating what she’s done for them. She was already dead long before any of this.
She enjoys being a Vampire very well and is quite good at it, choosing to be evil rather than the soul forcing her.
She has no curse to stop her unlike Angel.
The Master is left unstaked and takes over Sunny Dale along with Buffy who finds herself interested in Spike. He is to come and help them deal with the new Slayer. ‘This is my Spike,’ she thought distractedly staring at him with intensity that could smolder a melted rock.
He walked up closer and lifted to touch her face. “So you do recognize me,” he whispered.
She traced his features with her Green orbs as the Master frowned. “Master, he’s right. He can kill the Slayer for us…”
“Do you know my boy, William…?”
She laughed. “Met a few times…”
He tucked a few strands of hair behind her ears. “Her mum tried to take my head off at parents/teacher’s night.”
“It was quite the show,” she agreed.
“Interesting,” said Nest. “Maybe with the 2 of you involved, we can have the Hellmouth controlled.”
“Just let me off Faith Lahane and you got yourself a deal…”
‘The bird dies,’ he thought growling. Buffy’s grin widened. Their faces turned demonic.
Chapter 2
They were shacked in the dark corners of the room, the 2 quivering humans that the minion had brought in. “You two will be punished for your insolence!”
“Leave,” someone ordered dressed in a leather clad. “B- Buffy,” stated a sickened Willow.
“So young and innocent,” she touched her cheek. “Turning into a haughty powerful witch.”
Spike went back into his car and took care of Drusilla so she wouldn’t mess up their plans. Took a screeching scratching Dru, drug her out, and threw her into the Sunlight. Or at least with a flick of his lighter, she went out in smoke and hissing, spitting like a cat.
“Sorry princess,” he said smiling. She snarled and crumbled.
Went stalking back in only to see his love smacking the life out of the amateur witch. “Save some for me…” He took out his smoke and shoved it in his mouth.
“I’m getting cranky, Willow…!”
“Blast it Darla, you are no longer my favorite! Now go find Angelus and stop wasting my time!”
She sniffled and glared at the guests. “What are you all looking at,” she hollered.
She dug her nails into Willow’s hair and drug some of it out, strand- by strand, winking at Spike and getting him hard in the balls, playing with his buckle and leering naughtily causing the high schoolers to blush. Willow was hurt and upset. She kept her soul and yet, she was hurting them. Buffy brightened, “But hey we’re best friends right…? You did pull me out of Heaven with your ‘powerful’ witchcraft. I can see it in your evil little heart…! Such twisted desires, wicked magic, and gleaming darkness. What do we do with this one Spike, she could be around a few more generations trying to work up spells for us…”
The red head trembled and turned away to the wall. Xander also was ashamed. Spike held a wicked pocket knife turning and cojottling. It’s like a light gear had switched on in his head.
Chapter 3
“God, I never asked for a ‘favor’…,” she pouted and silently raged. She hated that William and his whore! She was going to get Angelus out and together, they’ll take out this clan and start one of their own with…! “Darla,” someone snapped her from her vicious daydream.
“Don’t bother me, you idiot!” “The Master requests your presence!” She had no choice but to follow him. The minion looked down nervously. “Do you know why he requested me…?”
“I’m sorry mistress, but I’m not supposed to tell…” She snarled and let herself in. “Yesss…?”
“Come sit down,” he looked at her regretfully.
“You have disappointed me… I thought I created a companion to walk eternity with me, but I was fooled.” He played with a wooden chest. “Inside this, is a stake… I’m afraid, we will have to part ways…”
Her eyes enlarged as she backed into the wall. “Pl- please Master!” Then, stared in shock as she disintegrated.
He stared at the ash. “Unfortunately, you’re mistaken.”
Minion: Master, what do you want us to do…?
“Take it and bury it!” He left and picked up the dust and stored it in an urn before heading for the garden.
Darla always loved her favorite flowers so that’s where they will place her.
“A funny thing happened to me…, I got clarity. I realized what kind of friends I had and what kind of friends I have now. No soul curse to stop all of this power, this wondrous new life…er should I say ‘unlife…!?!”
“I’m not special like Angel. I don’t care for a soul. I won’t go around seeking redemption. And I’m not a slave pulled on a string. By you guys, by Quentin Travers, or by anyone! Expect to scream, cry, bleed but rejoice in the fact that your Slayer is wiped out by your own doing! It’s all your fucking FAULT!” She raised the dagger and slashed a line through her neck. The blood caused the demon to get loose.
Spike smirked. He was getting a hard on and felt it at the bottom.
“Baby wants to play…”
“Oh yeah,” she moaned leaning in that sexual sensual way, giving a few vintage point of her Adam’s apple. He leaned over her, teasing it rubbing smoothly in a pattern. She drew out an intake of breath.
“Show me luv…!” She took the top off.
“Scream for me,” the Master tilted the head of crying girl. Harmony Kendall prayed that this night would end, the night of horror and pain and bloodshed. Darla stood by him to watch Cordelia. She sighed dramatically.
“These 2 are hardly worth feeding from, what have you brought me Darla,” he looked up his Red eyes glowing.
“Master, they were the best thing that was offered and you know I hunt better at night when the Sun isn’t up…”
He growled, “Disobedience! I cannot tolerate this anymore!” He walked up and grabbed her. “All of this time you waste to bring me 2 brats…!?!”
She mumbled, “And Buffy could do better…!?!”
“Why yes,” he smiled. “Mike, do get the Slayer and her companion for me…”
“Master, you shouldn’t be too hard on Darla,” said Penn. Elizabeth hissed,
“Calm down! We’re in front of Nest and if you overrule him, you die!”
Chapter 4
Angel felt the deep pain and hopped up out of bed, stumbling to get out of the room, crashing to the ground. Angelus howled in ferocious rage. Darla was taken from him! He ground his fangs together, knowing that fate’s about to intervene with his destiny. Over and over–the mind blowing pain–until it stopped. Everything stopped. He bent over and faced the sky smiling, wickedly. “I’m back baby…!”

“Time to pay that bastard a visit and my errant childe! Oh, not to mention dear ole’ Buff! How I’ll enjoy toying with her! No one kills my fuckin’ sire…!”
He snarled and walked into the darkness finding a snack out of a girl, one of Cordelia’s egotistic friends who had even cried and begged before he twisted her neck. There was some blood smears that he didn’t even bother to wipe away.
Angelus was in a good mood, whistling.
“Oh Slayer, Slayer, where art thou…?”
Chapter 5
Angel kept calling out for the Slayer as Buffy, along with Spike, kept out of sight. She didn’t want to see him right now. She had things to do. Like kill the whole Scooby gang for their betrayal. Their hate. She couldn’t believe her ‘friends’ could turn on her. Now that she had no soul, all she had was hate…hate for the friends she once had as slayer. Now it was time for revenge. And she Spike to help.
“Say, luv, what do you say we make out right here.” Spike said, kissing Buffy.
As Buffy got into the kiss, which turned her on immensely, Spike was feeling her up and turning her on to the point she couldn’t stop.
“Take me!” Buffy hissed. “Take me now, Spike!”
Spike grabbed Buffy’s ass and licked her lips hard. As they were kissing so immensely they didn’t realize that Angel had found them in the closet.
“Buffy?!” Angel said, a look of shock coming to his face.
The passion drained from Buffy and Spike as Buffy ran out of the building, with Spike and Angel following closely behind her.
“Luv, come back!” Spike yelled out.
“Leave her alone, Spike!” Angel said as he grabbed Spike from behind and tossed him to the ground, and continued his pursuit of Buffy.
But Buffy outsmarted him and managed to hide before Angel could find her. The Master, watching from the Hellmouth, enjoyed the show…Buffy, Angel and Spike. It was the reason he made Buffy think she was vampire. He wanted to toy with the three of them, as well as the Scoobies.
Chapter 6
Angel was in hot pursuit of Buffy with Spike right behind him, as soon as he came to from Angel’s fist hitting him in the eye—he was going to have one helluva shiner! Buffy, on the other hand, was hiding. Hiding from Angel, and Spike. Angel couldn’t find her. Not yet. Not until she got revenge on the Scoobies for their betrayal.
Buffy hid in a garbage can until Angel finally left the scene. As Buffy climbed out of the garbage can, Spike spotted her.
“Hey, luv.” Spike said erotically. “I love how you smell!”
“Spike, I’m gross! I just spent 30 minutes in a trash can.” Buffy said, fending off Spike’s advances. She had no time for making out right now. Her mission was to get revenge on the Scoobies.
Spike tried to kiss Buffy on the neck just how he knew she liked, but Buffy pushed him off her.
“Whoa, babe?” I knew you had strength being a Slayer, but. . .” Spike said to her.
“So, I guess being a Slayer and now vampire. . .maybe I have double the strength?” Buffy wondered, not realizing she was never a vampire.
“C’mere, luv!” Spike said amorously.
“Not now, Spike.” Buffy said, as she rushed off to Giles’ store. She had business with the Scoobies.
At Giles’ store, Buffy found the gang—Xander, Willow, Cordelia, Anya, Tara, and even Dawn—there. The Scooby gang was surprised to see Buffy there.
“Hey, everybody!” Buffy said cheerfully, not wanting them to know of her real plan.
“Buffy?” Willow exclaimed, not sure of her intentions after being held in the Master’s dungeon.
“Just wanted to see my ‘friends.’” Buffy told them.
“Well, we’re doing good.” Xander told her. “We couldn’t wait to see you, Bufs.”
“Well, I’m so glad you missed me so much!” Buffy said sarcastically.
“What are you talking about?” Willow said, confused.
“I hate you all, and I never want to see any of you again!” Buffy raged at them, before turning to leave Giles’ store.
The Scooby gang all looked at each other before the store suddenly blew up.
Chapter 7
Buffy was so angry at the Scoobies that she didn’t even look behind her when she heard the explosion. She wanted far away from them as possible. But she ran into Spike instead.
“Buffy, where you going?”
“Away from this place. . .forever!” Buffy spat out at him, before running away.
Spike ran after her. He couldn’t let her leave Sunnydale. Her family and friends were here. Angel was here. He was here. He loved . . . that’s right . . . he loved her and wanted her.
After finally catching up with Buffy. . .man she was fast. . .no wonder she was chosen to be the Slayer.
“Go away, Spike!” Buffy raged at him.
“Not until you hear me out.” Spike insisted.
“Fine!” Buffy said exasperated. “Spin it!”
Spike couldn’t say the words, “I love you” to Buffy. So instead, he just took her in his arms and planted a steamy kiss on her lips.
After the kiss, Buffy glared at him and slapped him.
“What was that for?!” Spike questioned, as he held his jaw where Buffy’s hand slapped him.
“I said, go away!”
Buffy ran. Ran far from Spike and the Scoobies. she wanted as far from Sunnydale as possible.
Then, she fell into a pit.
Chapter 8
While Spike continued to look for Buffy, the Scoobies and Angel were busy with Billy, who was alive and well, thanks to the Master. They wished for Buffy to come and help them, but unbeknownst to them, she was stuck in the Master’s realm.
Buffy found herself in the Master’s den, wishing like hell that she never left Sunnydale, Spike, Angel, and the Scoobies. she wished with all her heart to be back. But the Master had her now—and he was not going to let her go now.
“Hey, Slayer, come to your Master, now!”
Buffy did as she was told and let the Master have his way with her—grimacing as he did so.
She prayed to whoever to let her out of this hell!
But it seemed as if her prayers weren’t going to be answered….
Back in Sunnydale, Billy Palmer reigned over the Scoobies, Giles, Angel and Spike. He was the new Master—thanks to his deal with the Master.
Billy shocked everyone and took Drusilla as his new bride—as he married the vamp with all of Sunnydale watching the evil nuptials.
It was the first in Billy’s plot to have the Slayer all for himself…
Chapter 9
Sunnydale wasn’t the same since Billy took over. And if that wasn’t the worse thing, he appointed Faith Lehane as the new Chosen One.
When Giles learned of this, he decided it was time to look for Buffy and restore her back as the Chosen One and bring Sunnydale back to its former glory.
But with Billy Palmer now the Master in Sunnydale, and Faith the new Slayer, the minions had free reign to run amuck in Sunnydale.
Now that she was the new Slayer, Faith set her sights on Angel, but he decided he didn’t want anything to do with her. Buffy was the one he wanted.
Having been spurned by Angel, Faith turned her attention to Spike, who wanted Buffy but with her missing, and Dru now Billy’s bride, Faith had a breeze using her wiles to sway him into a romance.
But to Sunnydale citizens…where Buffy was, was still on their minds….
Buffy was in the Master’s lair enduring his will, wishing she hadn’t wished to be a vampire. She longed for her family, friends, and Giles. Little did Buffy know, but Giles was searching for her to bring her back to Sunnydale.
But now that Billy was Master in Sunnydale, and Faith the new Slayer…there wasn’t much done in the way of vanquishing the demons. It was as if the demons were allowed to roam as they wished—for no one was around to destroy them!
Sunnydale was in the Hellmouth, again!
Chapter 10
Despite all the trouble in Sunnydale, it didn’t stop Giles from searching for Buffy. Buffy was what Sunnydale needed to rid it of the demons that roamed there. But where was Buffy?
As Giles pondered the thought in the Sunnydale Cemetery, Spike happened, when he finally got a free moment from a frisky Faith, who seemed to have romance on her mind than vanquishing demons.
“Giles.” Spike spoke up.
“Spike. I thought you were busy with Faith?”
“Yeah. That’s an understatement!”
“What do you mean?”
“She’s a love machine!” Spike protested. “She’s the energizer bunny on speed!”
“Too much sex?” Giles laughed.
“Don’t get me wrong, I love a little sex every now and then. But she’s wants it all day long.”
“Oh, poor Spikey!” Giles lamented.
“It took forever just to get her to go to sleep so I could sneak away for awhile.”
“Well, I’m searching for Buffy. To bring her back and return Sunnydale back to its former glory.”
“No luck?”
“it’s like she vanished from the earth?” Giles said.
“Or the Master has her and wants us to believe she’s vanished?” Spike mused.
“You know, Spike, you may be onto something?”
“Buffy’s with the Master?”
“So how do we get her back?”
“I think I have an idea.” Giles said as he left Spike to fend off an amorous Faith who realized he was missing and came looking for him.