Revenge, Betrayal and Soul Lost: A Buffy the Vampire Slayer Fanfiction

It’s a Vamp Buffy prompt also a Buffy/Spike ship, plus Willow/Wesley, and Angel/Faith set after ‘Chosen’ and ‘Not Fade Away.’ Wesley, Angel, and Spike all survived the fight with the Dragon, but not Gunn and Illyria. They are dead and now will head to Cleveland to track down Buffy and she’s living with Faith and Willow in an apartment, but she’s not currently there. Instead, the Council resurrected Kralik, the Vampire Quentin Travers and Giles tried to have her fight on her 18th birthday (See the episode ‘Helpless’). Buffy was captured and had been missing for a year without her powers because a Demon casted a spell over Giles to make him Ripper. He was bent on hurting the Slayer for making him a pancy White Hat. Then, he took away her powers and found a place to hide them. He injected her with H3, the highest level of the drug and now, the deranged demon is back and he got his way in turning and torturing her. Spike doesn’t know that she’s dead, a creature of the night yet. Not until he shows up in Cleveland. The problem is can he ever face Giles without throttling him?

Chapter 1
They are dead and now will head to Cleveland to track down Buffy and she’s living with Faith and Willow in an apartment, but she’s not currently there. Instead, the Council resurrected Kralik, the Vampire Quentin Travers and Giles tried to have her fight on her 18th birthday. “Spike and Angel are weak Vampires, not fit to be demons.”
Buffy was captured and had been missing for a year without her powers because a Demon casted a spell over Giles to make him Ripper. He was bent on hurting the Slayer for making him a pancy White Hat. Then, he took away her powers and found a place to hide them. He injected her with H3, the highest level of the drug and now, the deranged psycho serial killer is back. Spike is on his way, but his expression will soon turn into fear for her life.
Buffy stared at them in hurt and anger as the Vampire dragged the knife down her thighs and her clothes had been torn in all places. Kralik played for a few minutes before ripping it out harshly. She gasped as the blood gushed through. Like water through whine, he sucked it up with his blunt teeth. He snarled and undid his fly.

Chapter 2
20 minutes of relentlessly pounding into her and she was sore from starvation and energy loss that she could barely make out the small touch of Sunlight patching through the roof. She was shackled to the wall, the urge to feed was killing her. She had been like this for days mentally exhausted. The urge to escape was screaming at her.
Ripper sat back casually observing watching. He had them all under his thrall, the entire new Council, his bulge was growing as is his lust.
She was desirable, his young charge and could he really blame her anymore for being obsessed…? Someone say like Angelus…? He chuckled. Rupert was a bitter old man who held a grudge against evil, but the hypocrisy made him laugh? Evil had been in this plane for generations and if you didn’t know how to have fun, why waste their time…? He walked up to her and gave her a cold look. “You were always in the way of things… Things you have no business interfering with! But times pass and yours’ will too!”
“In fact, it has,” he smiled, reminding her of what she had become, in a way enjoying her suffering every way he could.
“You know, you’re better when you fight…?” “Why don’t you test it,” she hissed. The syringe had really stung like a bitch. She frowned at how j-e-l-l-o they felt.
“Bring me back my power and test it!”

Chapter 3
Kralik gazed at the man curiously. Why was he so angry? There was no good in this man. Ripper got up and placed something in his hand, a cross necklace and Holy Water.
“Dip the cross into the paraphernalia…”
“What is that you want from me…? It just seems you are very cruel for a Watcher…?”
“I am definitely not that boring Git!” He placed the pendant in her mouth.
It was sizzling hot and Buffy started screaming.
On the jet, Spike sat with a vacant expression as he stared from the window, the sun- proofed window of Wolfram and Hart’s accommodations. “Look brood boy, I do love Buffy!”
“Then why did you say, ‘no you don’t but thanks for saying it’,” he pointed out.
“I want her to live you idiot, not die in the Hell mouth with a monster that doesn’t deserve her!”
“That wasn’t an excuse Spike…!”
“The point is, it isn’t about what I want…”
“You aren’t a monster Spike, not anymore…”
He shook his head. “Do you know ‘how’ I got the soul…? It wasn’t because I was the Champion, but what I tried to do to her…”
“I was attempting to teach her a lesson…”
“What are you talking about,” he warned. Spike’s blue eyes turned sad.
“I almost raped her…”
Angel was up in a second, grabbing him around the throat. “I knew it, you son- of- a- bitch!”

Chapter 4
Rupert was a fool! Evil was great! It was power. It was fun. It was o*** and brandies and Janus Roman Statues. Years of fighting wasn’t worth a dime saving miserable tools who wanted it as much as he did, just couldn’t let it out.
‘What a bloody sacrifice,’ he thought sarcastically stretching as he watched her sobbing the physical contradiction.
‘I think I’ll give my old buddy a contact,’ a smile lit up as he thought about the chaos that is Ethan Rayne. They used to cause terror everywhere they went as Gay lovers.
“How did it happen,” he asked excitedly. “Well, I woke up an ancient demon from its long nap, and wham, I am all better!”
“I didn’t know an ancient demon can be a cure to your brief mental illness…?” “I know, I must be insane trying to help those bratty insolent kids!”
“That you are, but I’m glad you’re out of the demon fighting business.”
“True and I’ll never get back into it if I have any say about it!”
“I hate being good, it gives me the shivers!”
“Welcome to your revival, RIP!”
Buffy had realized she was body switched with her younger self.
She’s in her 18 yr. old body, the night she first met the Vampire and the Slayer test.
She was cold and isolated and unclean. It was just cruel, leaving her craving but not feeding.
Oh, the Pig’s blood had been almost like candy, but it was only junk food and not hamburger, hamburger with neck sausage.
The depraved animal wanted someone bad.
This wasn’t living at all, but just a state of being.

Chapter 5
Angelus was screaming inside his mind. He had to loosen his grip and dump the blond back into his seat.
“Why Spike!?!” He began detailing last year like it was some gruesome Friday the 13th marathon that popped into their little vcr. Angel sighed. “You always did take things too personal Will, even when you were alive…”
“I know and I am a sodding jerk!”
As Angel lamented in his loneliness, Willow was visiting D’Hoffryn about the spell that went wrong and turned Buffy into a vampire forever.
“Ah, Willow, how is my little protégé?” D’Hoffryn asked slyly.
“You knew it wouldn’t work!” Willow raged at him.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about?” D’Hoffryn said in his innocent voice, knowing she was right. D’Hoffryn gave Willow a fake spell knowing it would keep Buffy a vampire forever in her 18-year-old body so his mission would live on. And he used Willow as the vessel to get it done. Now he would be the most powerful demon in Sunnydale!
“You promised it would bring Buffy back!” Willow continued her rage.
“”Well, did I lie?!”
“But she’s a vampire! The very thing she was trained to kill!”
“Well, you did something wrong, Willow!” D’Hoffryn explained. “You never could do anything right when it came to casting spells!”
“You’re wrong!” Willow said before leaving D’Hoffryn to his ritual.
After Willow left, D’Hoffryn raised the scepter to the sky as thunder and lightning flashed. He rejoiced at being the most powerful demon. He would rule the world thanks to Willow’s greed to bring Buffy back. They would all follow him!

Chapter 6
Willow was sulking in her apartment in Cleveland when Spike and Angelus showed hoping to find Buffy.
“Willow, why are you crying?” Angelus asked with concern.
“It’s nothing.” Willow replied, not wanting to tell them about the spell she cast to bring Buffy back and how D’Hoffryn tricked her into making Buffy a vampire demon that would make him the most powerful in all of Sunnydale.
“Well, is Buffy here?” Spike asked.
“No, Buffy isn’t here.” Willow told them. “She hasn’t been here for the last week.”
“Funny. We got the impression she was here with you?” Angelus asked.
“Well, she was…for like a day…then she split.” Willow told them.
“She just split?” Spike asked disbelievingly.
“Yeah. Looks that way.” Willow said, with uncaring emotion. “No note or anything to say she was going either.”
“It doesn’t sound like Buffy.” Spike told her.
“Yeah, Buffy hasn’t been herself lately.” Willow interjected.
“Well, we need to find her. Sunnydale’s gone to pot since Buffy left.” Angelus said.
“You’re not telling me anything I don’t already know.” Willow replied.
“What? How do you know?” Spike asked.
“Uh, Wesley called me.” Willow lied.
“Wesley, uh? Wesley hasn’t been seen since Buffy left.” Angelus said, not believing her story.
“Yeah. I guess Wesley needed to tell me, since. . .” Willow stopped short before she spilt the beans about Buffy.
“Okay.” Angelus said. “If you do see Buffy, will you tell Spike or me?”
“Yeah. Sure.” Willow agreed.
Spike and Angelus left Willow and went in search of Buffy, unbeknownst to them where or what Buffy was.
Back at the dungeon where the Ripper had Buffy held hostage. Buffy was looking for a way to escape. She wished she had her slayer powers so she could kill this monster that Giles had become.

Chapter 7
As Ripper took pleasure in tormenting Buffy, he started kissing her, making her sick to her stomach.
“Giles!” Buffy cried out.
But Ripper didn’t listen to Buffy’s pleas, as he began to kiss her on the lips and molesting her.
Buffy couldn’t believe it had come to this…Giles, a man she had come to idolize, had turned into a monster. He was now the Ripper, a monster……..
There was nothing Buffy could do, what with her slayers powers gone, thanks to D’Hoffryn…..
She couldn’t let Giles, er, Ripper violate her….
But just as it looked like Ripper was going to rape her, in came in Spike and Angel and pushed Giles off Buffy.
As Buffy and Spike looked on from the side of the room, Angel and Ripper got into a fight. It went on for about 20 minutes, the two men busting each other to pieces. Just when it looked as if Ripper had the goods on Angel, Angel sucker punched Giles/Ripper and knocked him out cold.
Buffy just looked at Ripper. She wanted him dead…and just as she was about to take him out with a stake through his heart, flashes of Giles ran through Buffy’s mind and she knew she couldn’t kill him.
“No, Angel.” Buffy said, when Buffy failed to take Giles’ life. “Let’s take him back to the store and hope we can bring him back?”
As Angel carried an unconscious Ripper/Giles on his back, Spike carried Buffy in his arms back to her and Willow and Faith’s apartment.

Chapter 8
Angel dropped Ripper/Giles on the bed in Spike’s grotto while Spike tended to Buffy. All Spike wanted to do was beat the s*** out of Ripper/Giles. But Angel stopped him dead in his tracks.
“We need to find a way to bring him back.” Angel tried to reason with an irate Spike.
But Spike needed some air. He had to get out of there before he lost it on Ripper/Giles.
Buffy stirred in her sleep and Angel went to her.
“Giles.” Buffy moaned, but didn’t wake up.
Angel was glad as he didn’t know how to tell Buffy about Giles/Ripper.
While Spike was getting some air, Willow happened along.
“How’s Buffy?”
“She’s okay, but…..” Spike began but not able to repeat what Ripper/Giles did to her.
“I mean. . .”
“What are you trying to say, Willow?”
“Buffy’s been turned.” Willow said, but hated to tell him.
“No! That’s impossible!” Spike spat out.
“I’m afraid it is. Kralik tricked me into making a spell, telling me it would help Buffy.”
“Kralik is behind this?”
“Yes. He wanted Buffy as his childe.”
Spike couldn’t take it anymore. First Ripper/Giles tortures Buffy—now Kralik has Willow create a spell that turns Buffy into a vampire?
Someone was going to pay……
Spike took off before Willow could stop him.

Chapter 9
While Angel worked to find a way to bring back Giles, Spike was with Buffy in the grotto. It was best he wasn’t with Angel and Giles/Ripper, as he didn’t know if he could keep his cool around the man who tortured Buffy.
Yes, it was best he was in the grotto with Buffy…
Buffy woke to Spike comforting her, knowing she was a vampire. As he held Buffy in his arms, Buffy’s scent was appealing to him and he impulsively kissed her. Enjoying the moment between them, Buffy didn’t resist.
It felt good to be in Spike’s arms…but it also felt wrong…as if she were betraying someone……
Just then, Ripper/Giles showed up at the grotto wanting revenge on Spike and Buffy. Ripper had escaped Angel’s clutches and made his way to the grotto looking for Spike and Buffy.
Angel, on the other hand, was tied to a chair when Ripper/Giles made his escape. He fervently worked to release himself of the chains used to tie him to the chains. But even his vampire strength wasn’t enough to unbind the chains.
Then Cordy happened along….
“Cordy, I need help.” Angel pleaded with her.
“What? You need my help?” Cordy taunted him.
“Please? Ripper is out for blood and ready to seek revenge on Spike and Buffy.”
“I’m sorry, did you say you needed my help?” Cordy continued her taunting of Angel. She debated helping Angel after the way he left her for Faith.
“Why should I help you?”
“Okay, then untie me so I can save Buffy and Spike from Ripper.”
“Why don’t you call Faith, since she is who you need?” Cordy said before leaving Angel in the lurch to fend for himself.
Just as Cordy left Angel, Faith suddenly appeared to help Angel out of his jam. After he was free, Faith and Angel bolted to find Ripper before he got to Spike and Buffy.

Chapter 10
It was too late for Spike and Buffy when Angel and Faith found them unconscious at the grotto. Ripper had already did his worst to pair of lovers.
But a few minutes later, Buffy stirred as she started coming to from her unconsciousness.
“Wh-what happened?” Buffy asked groggily.
“Ripper got to you…and Spike.” Angel tended to Buffy’s injuries.
“I remember kissing Spike….then…it all went black….” Buffy said, as Spike finally came to.
“We need to find Ripper and get him back to Giles before he does more damage.” Faith told them.
“You’re right.” Angel agreed, but Spike and Buffy were reluctant to help Ripper/Giles.
The four of them headed back to Giles’ store so they could come up with a plan to bring Giles back to his old self and rid him of the Ripper.
But TPB had other plans in store for Ripper/ Giles…..


Pandora Box: A Buffy the Vampire Slayer Fanfiction

It’s about Willow resurrecting Buffy wrong and it’s a younger Buffy from Season 1 that is exchanged from the episode ‘Nightmares.’ She is a Vampire and has no idea how she got into the future, but she knows that she is stuck permanently and stuck as a Vamp forever after future Willow tells her how it happened. Willow tried spells to send her back but she never could. Buffy can’t be changed human either because Willow also tried to repent for her mistakes by causing her to shift out of a demon, only Billy could stop it and since Lucky nineteen took over Sunny Dale in her time and killed her friends, everything changed in the alternate universe even D’Hoffryn’s.
She does fall for Spike but eventually goes a little hungry, losing her soul. Spike/her friends have to follow her to L.A. where she’s trying to take out Angel’s soul. Darla and Angel are shocked as they are dealing with the pregnancy of Connor and the Vampire Hunter. (I will start this one as well then, you can continue before writing the SEQUEL all on your own).
Note the “I thought I was dead” part. Buffy’s Vamp face will be exactly like that at all times.

Chapter 1
It was a universe full of chaos as the left over Urn, dried blood, and smell of burning incents wafted throughout Restfield Cemetery. It’s because the Scoobies had recently performed a ritual. And because of this, a blond now stood up, shaking dirt from her Blue jacket. It was Buffy as her demon self looked up and she was desperately hungry. And not just any hunger.
“I thought I was dead!”

Chapter 2
The small blond was dazed as she walked alone on the roadside. She almost killed a boy. Almost dragged him into a nearby bush and just ambushed him. How she got turned, she didn’t know, but she knew someone had so much power. So much to drag a person into Hell.
It’s about Willow resurrecting Buffy wrong and it’s a younger Buffy from Season 1 that is exchanged from the episode ‘Nightmares.’ She is a Vampire and has no idea how she got into the future, but she knows that she is stuck permanently and stuck as a Vamp forever, everything changed in the alternate universe that day, even D’Hoffryn’s and maybe he should pay the little sneak a visit.
Thank her for using the spell wrong and instead making her friend into a Demon. It’s a good smile…
A very good one…
“Maybe they’re on their way here. I mean this place is norad when we’re at defcon1,” Xander began looking around and literally flaked when a big demon roared through the street.
“We really need Buffy!”
He looked everywhere for a rope to knock the demon off the bike.

Chapter 3
All hell broke loose in Sunnydale. Buffy was gone. Giles went back to England. Willow was bent on revenge against D’Hoffryn for the spell that went wrong that was supposed to bring Buffy back. And Angel and Darla were dealing with the abduction of their son, Connor, at the hands of Billy.
The only bright spot was that Buffy was back and looking for her friends, still unbeknownst to her that she was now a vampire—despite her sudden thirst for human blood. She refused to believe that she was one that she was trained to slay.
Unable to deny the thirst, Buffy grabbed a poor unsuspecting guy and drained him of his blood. Then tossed him to the side when her thirst was satiated.
That’s when Spike found Buffy.
“Buffy?” Spike asked, surprised she was alive.
“Spike!” Buffy exclaimed, who hoped he hadn’t seen what she had just done.
“I’m so glad you didn’t die!” Spike said, as he hugged her.
“Yea. Me too.” Buffy said.
“So, where have you been?”
“Around.” Buffy said, unable to really tell him what she had been through.
“Just around?”
“Well, you won’t believe the changes that have happened since you ‘died’.” Spike told her.
“Do I even want to know?!” Buffy asked, not knowing why she had the insatiable appetite for human blood.
“Well, let’ get you back to Giles’ store.”
While Spike and Buffy headed for Giles’ store to find her friends, D’Hoffryn had sent his minions to work their havoc on Sunnydale.

Chapter 4
When Buffy and Spike arrived at Giles’ store, there was nothing left for D’Hoffryn’s minions had totally demolished the store. That’s when Spike found Xander hidden under a board that had somehow protected him from the blast.
“Oh my god!” Xander cried out as he crawled out from under the board.
“Xander? Are you OK?” Spike said, faking concern, for he didn’t really care for the guy.
“Yeah. Where’s Willow, Tara and Anya?” Xander asked.
“I don’t know.” Buffy said, who still had a thirst for human blood.
That’s when Dawn pushed her way from the rubble to find Spike, Buffy and Xander.
“What the hell just happened?” Dawn asked them.
“I don’t know, but Willow, Tara and Anya are still missing.” Xander said.
“Where’s Giles?” Buffy asked.
“You don’t know?” Spike replied.
“Know what?” Buffy responded back.
“He went back to England.” Spike informed her.
“Damn! I needed to see him.” Buffy said, not telling them of her secret plan of revenge.
“Well, I’m going to look for Willow, Tara and Anya.” Xander told them as he dug into the rubble.
Unbeknownst to them, Willow was seeking out D’Hoffryn to seek revenge for the spell that went wrong.
“You killed her!” Willow spat out at D’Hoffryn.
“Buffy isn’t dead!” D’Hoffryn told her.
“Then where is she?” Willow demanded.
“She’s a vampire and is going to be one forever thanks to your spell!” D”Hoffryn smiled slyly at her.
“You used me to turn Buffy?!”
“Yes! I did!” D’Hoffryn laughed at her, as he disappeared into the air.
Willow had to get back to the others and warn Buffy about her demon self.
And Angel and Darla were frantic as they continued looking for Billy who had their son, Connor. That’s when Angel spotted Billy on the rooftop of what used to be Sunnydale High, holding Connor.

Chapter 5
Buffy continued looking for Angel who was on the rooftop of Sunnydale High trying to convince Billy to hand over Connor.
“Give Connor to me!” Angel desperately pleaded with Billy to hand over his son.
“I can’t!” Billy told Angel.
“Please, Billy!” Angel said, feeling his fangs forming from the rage he felt.
“I need him.” Billy said as he tried to unlock the portal that he was going to toss the newborn infant into that would allow him to leave this dimension.
“You can’t do that!” Angel screamed at him, lunging forward to grab his son from Billy’s grasp.
But just as Billy was about to toss the infant into the portal, Buffy comes out of nowhere swoops in and grabs the baby from Billy, as he fell from the rooftop to his death.
Angel, happy that Billy is dead and thinking Buffy is going to hand over his son, is surprised to learn differently.
“Buffy, where are you going?” Angel yells after her.
Buffy just keeps walking with the infant Connor, hoping Angel will follow her and hence into her trap.
Buffy’s trap worked as Angel did indeed follow her as he was led into the cell Buffy had set up for Angel. When she saw Billy on the high school rooftop holding Connor, Buffy knew she had just the ammunition to lure Angel into her trap and thus get his soul.

Chapter 6
Buffy took Connor to the grotto, knowing Angel would follow her to retrieve his son. But what Angel didn’t know was the trap that was set when he got to the grotto. Buffy laid Connor on the makeshift bed—and waited—for Angel to show up for his son…….
Meanwhile, Angel was on his way to follow Buffy and get Connor back, but he didn’t get far when Darla intercepted him, preventing him from following Buffy.
“Angel, did you get Connor?”
“I was on my way before you stopped me.”
“I can’t believe Buffy would take Connor? What’s wrong with her?”
“I don’t know, but I intend to find out.” Angel promised her. “Now I have to go. I’ve already lost precious time finding Connor.”
Angel left Darla alone but promised her he would find Connor. But he didn’t know what Buffy had in store for him once he found Buffy.
As Buffy waited for Angel, Connor was getting fussy and fed Connor. Finally, after about a half hour, Angel showed up at the grotto…..
…………and into Buffy’s trap………

Chapter 7
Angel followed Buffy to the grotto where he found a crying Connor in a nest of sand. As Angel walked toward Connor, Buffy held him at bay, preventing him from picking up his crying son.
“Buffy, please! Hand Connor to me!”
“No! He’s my baby!” Buffy said, delusional by the thought that Connor was hers and Angel’s.
(It was part of D’Hoffryn’s plan to make Buffy think she gave birth to Connor and payback against Darla for her betrayal to him.)
“No, Buffy, he’s not. He’s mine and Darla’s son.” Angel reminded her.
Just then, Angel felt queasy and passed out on the grotto floor.
“Angel, wake up. Our son needs you!” Buffy (with D’Hoffyn’s memories) said to an unconscious Angel.
Meanwhile, Darla was frantic with worry wondering where Angel was with Connor. She didn’t have to worry for long when one of the Hellmouth’s minions came to her and told her where Angel was.
Darla immediately tore off toward the grotto to retrieve Connor and take him home.
At the grotto, Angel came to and smiled up at Buffy. He couldn’t remember anything thanks to the injection Buffy gave him. (D’Hoffryn instructed Buffy to inject Angel with the syringe when she found him.)
Now, Angel remember an alternate life with Buffy as Connor’s mother to coincide with Buffy’s delusional memories.
As Angel and Buffy played with “their son,” Darla entered the grotto and was shocked at her discovery….

Chapter 8
“Give me my son!” Darla yelled at Buffy who clung to Connor as if he were her son.
“No! He’s my son!” Buffy delusionally told her.
As Darla reached for Connor, Angel stopped her, “Leave him alone!”
“Angel, what’s got into you?” Darla questioned him.
“Leave, Darla! This is our home—mine and Buffy’s!” Angel said, still under the effects of D’Hoffryn’s drug.
“Not without my son!” Darla said.
“I told you to go! Now I’ll have to force you!” Angel said as he bodily picked Darla up and tossed her out of the grotto, while Buffy clung to a crying Connor.
“This isn’t over! I’ll get Connor back!” Darla said to Ange and Buffy.
Darla headed back home, but didn’t get there, because Darla was found dead in the cemetery by Willow who was looking for Willow.
Meanwhile, Angel and Buffy, still under the drug’s effects, played house with Connor.

Love & Mate: A Buffy the Vampire Slayer Fanfiction

Chapter 1- The Demise
Buffy, Spike, and Angel are trapped together hands bound and mouths gagged.
“Tragic how your blood will be spilt!”
After that big fallout in L.A., they were left to pick up the pieces of the broken body parts of Illyria. Then, bury Gunn and Wesley. Sadly, both boys were taken by surprise. “I am Thorne, you see, your Slayer, here greatly offended me by staking my master and I am delivering the blow!”
He had a long line of torture devices, ranging from small knives to large knives. He picked the largest one with Celtic writings. “I am going to make you watch as I torment her,” he grinned.
Angel was testing his chains to see if he could break.
“You bloody pillock,” screamed Spike also thrashing around. “Don’t you fuckin touch my girl!”
“Please William, if I want her, I’ll have her! If I want to, I’ll break her…!”
Angelus was now struggling, I could tell. It won’t be long before she’s completely mine.
Like a dutiful childe, she came to stand by him. “Sire, when are you going to turn the Slayer…?” He smiled at her.
“Come Willow, we have things to do…” She grabbed his hand and allowed him to walk her into the night air.

Chapter 2- Feed
He swallowed a mouthful of her blood, the strongest Slayer drug was still in her system, he had ripped it out of the Council himself, a Cruciamentum drug.
William the Bloody cried out in protest as I fed from her. She was delicious and I beckoned Willow to try some. I backhanded the bitch. Boy she was tougher than she looked!
“Come on little girl, don’t pass out on me!” She gazed at me tiredly, the light gone out of her eyes. Bingo, she was about to give up. With her friend dead, she had no one on her side.
I am destroying her sanity.

Chapter 3- Awake
Buffy let a low growl-rumble through her chest to her head, the pain was growing and it was coming from her stomach. Spike/Angel almost tore through their bonds. She gazed at her sire curiously. “Hungry!”
“You are exquisite,” he said with lust, hungrily gauzing her.
“You turned her vertigo,” said one of his 6 female Vamps.
“What can I say, I practically ripped it off of Angelus- driving his victims insane, torturing them mentally and psychotically, then turning them!” He reached out. “Come here!”
The newborn obediently obliged. “Hungry,” she repeated.
“Willow, get her something to eat!”
She followed through the instructions and returned with a young girl. “Drink from her,” he commanded and her fangs elongated.
Watching Buffy kill had been tremendous torture, an act of violation to her nature, but watching her enjoy it was worse.
She was drinking greedily, taking her time, and actually moaning to the healing effect. It was returning her strengths and cleaning her body of the drug. “We will go hunting later…”

Chapter 4- Party On
‘Hunting and Buffy just did not go,’ thought Spike angrily.
Angel was distressed. She was dressed in a beautiful Red gown and her hair was curled making her Green eyes seem even more innocent, but this creature wasn’t innocent, not by human standards. She was lithe and powerful also evil.
“Who would you like to eat first? Kennedy, Rona, or Vi?” Asked her Vampire best friend.
“Kennedy,” she said with distaste. Even her soul hated her. It was because of her, she was kicked out. She was just a distraction. “I would like to break her, make her beg for mercy before her throat is ripped out!” They giggled, clutching onto their sire.
Chapter 5- Hunting Competition
“Thank you for turning me into a monster. I couldn’t have asked for anything more luxurious than this.”
As the Slayer, they always expected me to do my duty, everything had to be done right, I was handed a stake and just told to slay Vampires. Didn’t even have the proper training before Merrick was killed. I hated being used like a sacrificial lamb. I was only 15!”
Marie: It’s like they needed us at the altar or something. She was another Slayer turned, one of the former SITS.
They headed to the park, Willow and Buffy holding hands, swinging side- by- side. “Oh, the freedom is great, but there are other things about being a Vampire… Like chaos, mayhem, and destruction.”
They saw the human.

Chapter 6 – Destruction
Buffy and Willow preyed on the human in the park, waiting to pounce on him and devour him. . .then make him feed on them. . .turn him. . .
Buffy saw her chance and walked up to the man, began chatting with him, getting a feel for his friendliness. . .then. . .
The man was out cold when Buffy slit her wrist and put it to the man’s mouth to feed upon.
“You do that well.” Willow noticed.
“It’s easy. . .not to mention, a hell of a lot more fun than slaying vampires.” Buffy told her.
“Uh oh!” Willow warned Buffy. “Look who’s coming!”
Buffy turned to spy Cordy with Angel, walking hand in hand. Ever since Angel hooked up with Cordy, Buffy detested Cordy. She couldn’t believe that Cordy would turn to Angel when she knew how Buffy felt about Angel.
“So. Let the two be.” Buffy said. “I have no use for Angel anymore.”
But deep down, it hurt to see Angel with that spiteful girl. Cordy would pay and pay dearly for taking Angel from her. But for now, Buffy turned her attention to the man she had just turned as he got up with a strange hunger for raw meat and blood.
“You’re one of us now.” Buffy told the man. “I am your master for I sired you.”
The man went on his way looking for something to curb his growing hunger. . .until Buffy gave her call.

Chapter 7- Revenge
Now that Buffy had fulfilled her quest to her sire, it was time for revenge—on Cordy for taking Angel from her.
Buffy stalked Cordy and Angel as they walked hand in hand, kissing each other hungrily every few steps. It was sickening to watch, as if they couldn’t get enough.
Buffy waited.
Waited for just the right moment. . . .
Angel left poor Cordy alone. Buffy could now seek her revenge on Cordy. Buffy swooped in on a unsuspecting Cordy and bit her neck. As Cordy went limp in Buffy’s arms, Buffy thought of just letting Cordy die, but she knew it would be more fun if Cordy were a vamp, soulless, like her. So she let Cordy feed from her until Cordy was turned.
“What did you do to me!” Cordy screamed, as she looked into the mirror and saw no reflection. “It can’t be!”
“Yes, dear Cordy! You are my childe!” Buffy laughed.
“Angel?” Cordy cried. “What will he think now that I’m one too?”
But Cordy didn’t have to wait a second longer when Angel showed up looking for Cordy when she failed to meet him at the time they agreed.
“Cordy, I was getting worried?” Angel said, horrified at her new look.
“Angel, you can’t. . .” Cordy began before trailing off, not wanting to tell him she was a vamp, but the hunger was getting worse. She knew she needed some fresh blood soon.
“Cordy, you look sick?” Angel said with concern, as Buffy laughed at the two of them. It was even better than Buffy imagined.
“What did you do to her, Buffy?” Angel demanded.
“Whatever do you mean?” Buffy said innocently.
“You turned Cordy!”
“Yes, Angelus, I did!” Buffy retorted.

Chapter 8 – Angel’s Lament
As Angel tended to Cordy and helped her with her hunger, Spike met with Buffy. Gawd! She was even more desireable as a vamp! He wanted her now!
“See somethin’ you like?” Buffy asked Spike, noticing how he was looking at her.
“What the hell!” Buffy thought to herself. “What could be wrong with giving Spike what he wanted.”
And Buffy went in for the kill as she moved in to give Spike a kiss. He went for it as he kissed her fervently, hungry for whatever she gave him as the two of them made passionate love.
As Buffy and Spike made love to each other, they were unaware of the audience they had as Angel watched the two lovers. Angel was now seeking his revenge on Buffy for turning Cordy, and Spike, for taking his girl.
Back at Giles’ store, Willow was minding the store while Xander was making out with Anya. But Willow wouldn’t be alone for long, as Tara was on her way to see Willow.
“Tara?” Willow said surprised to see her.
“I needed to see you.” Tara said, looking outside.
“Tara, what’s wrong? Why do you keep looking out the window?”
“Someone tried to kill me!”
“What? Who?” Willow said as she pulled Tara from the window just as a gun sounded.
Willow placed her body over Tara’s, but when she got off Tara’s body after the gunfire, it was too late as she saw Tara had been shot.
“Tara!” Willow screamed, shaking Tara’s lifeless body, and sending Xander and Anya inside, the two lovers oblivious to the gunfire.
“What’s all the noise!” Xander yelled coming into the store.
“Tara’s been shot!” Willow yelled.
“What? How?” Anya said confused.
“You didn’t hear the gunshots?”
“No. I guess Xander and I were too busy.”
“We heard someone screaming and came inside.” Xander said.
“She’s not…..” Willow said, almost afraid to say it.
“No, she has a pulse.” Xander said, feeling Tara’s pulse on her inner arm.
As Willow breathed a sigh of relief, Xander covered Tara’s body with a blanket as Anya called an ambulance to take Tara to the hospital.

Chapter 9 – Angel’s Revenge
Tara lay in her hospital bed in a coma as Willow stayed vigil by her lover’s side. Angel waited in the closet of Tara’s hospital room so he wouldn’t be discovered, cursing Willow for coming in and delaying his revenge.
Angel had no choice but to wait for Willow to leave. He got an idea how to get Willow to leave Tara’s hospital room.
“Xander, can you take Willow to dinner?” Angel said quietly so Willow wouldn’t hear him.
“She’s with Tara. I don’t think she’ll want to leave her?”
“Find a reason to get her to come along!” Angel told Xander, quietly losing his patience.
“Okay. I’m on it.”
A few minutes later, Xander came into Tara’s room and sat next to Willow.
“Hey, Willow, you need to eat. How about you join Anya and me for dinner?” Xander said.
“I can’t.” Willow said, trembling under her breath.
“Tara will be okay. Staff is looking in on her.”
“You don’t think she’ll be mad if I leave?”
“You have to keep your strength….”
“Okay.” Willow agreed, as Xander helped her out of Tara’s room, to Angel’s glee.
As soon as Xander and Willow were gone, Angel came out of the closet and pulled the I.V. from his pocket and quickly injected Tara’s I.V. bag.
As Angel quickly left Tara’s hospital room, Tara flatlined as hospital staff came into the room to administer to tend to Tara.

Chapter 10 – Dark Revenge
Willow became frantic when she tried to see Tara as hospital staff forced her out so they could work to revive Tara.
After unsuccessful attempts, Tara was pronounced dead.
Willow went ballistic when the doctor told Willow about Tara’s demise. Thoughts of revenge went to Buffy as Willow morphed into Dark Willow.
Angelus gave a sly smile as he watched everything go down…now was the time to work on Buffy and Spike…soon, Buffy would be his…forever!
While Dark Willow was busy hunting Buffy down, Angelus found her…in bed with Spike. Angelus blood ran cold as rage seethed through his mind.
Spike and Buffy were shocked beyond belief when Angelus came through the bedroom window and grabbed Spike and threw him out the broken window.
Then, grabbing a horrified Buffy, Angelus kissed her hard on the lips. After he was done, Buffy gave Angelus a hard smack in the face.
“Get out of my room, Angel! I never want to see you again!”
Angelus knew he did wrong, but the rage inside him made him do it. Buffy was his…and Buffy would be his! Spike needed to know that! One way or another!

For Eternity: A Buffy the Vampire Slayer Fanfiction

Let’s say that Angelus doesn’t get his soul returned and stays alive, but Drusilla pushes Buffy into Acathla. Soon, Angelus, Dru and Spike will rule Sunnydale while Buffy’s in Hell facing her Vampire double, the one from Season 1’s ‘Nightmares.’ She says something that will make Buffy want to become a Vampire by showing her that she could go to Heaven and leave her Demon on the Earth and will show her all of Giles’ betrayals/what could happen to her. She gets to see her future through a looking glass of Hell.
That leaves her questioning her friends until she decides to become a full Vampire and sadly she doesn’t go anywhere but in this Demonic body forever and she’s even happy. She is glad to get rid of her calling and even though with a soul, becomes bad. The other Vampire disappears, spitting her out of Acathla and into Angel’s apartment which he now abandoned to live at the factory.

Buffy Summers – Sarah Michelle Gellar
Angel – David Boreanaz
Spike – James Marsten
Drusilla – Juliet Landau
Rupert Giles – Anthony Head
Willow – Alyson Hannigan

Chapter 1
Let’s say that Angelus doesn’t get his soul returned and stays alive, but Drusilla pushes Buffy into Acathla. Soon, Angelus Dru and Spike will rule Sunny Dale while Buffy’s in Hell facing her Vampire double, the one from Billy Palmer’s little dream reality.
She says something that will make Buffy want to become a Vampire by showing her that she could go to Heaven and leave her Demon on the Earth and will show her all of Giles’ betrayals/what could happen to her. She gets to see her future through a looking glass of Hell.
That leaves her questioning her friends until she decides to become a full Vampire and sadly she doesn’t go anywhere but in this Demonic body forever and she’s even happy. She is glad to get rid of her calling and even though with a soul, becomes bad. The other Vampire disappears, spitting her out of Acathla and into Angel’s apartment which he abandoned to live at the factory. So now, she reads a book, one of his about romance and passion. She smirks. Angelus was ‘GREAT’ at giving ‘passion.’
‘Yeah, great at losing his soul,’ she got all dark at the memory.
But then, she loves being dark these days, her little escape from the real world.
A get away from duty. Boy, Giles would have a cow! G- man, she corrected with a twist to her lips.
‘Cool it, they’ll all be evil soon,’ she berated herself.
She knew Angelus would turn one of her friends, maybe 2 if she was lucky, but not Xander because he had a hand in Acathla. Well, his plan to send Angel to Hell failed and sent his best friend.
The jacka** was going to be killed, slowly and painfully.

Chapter 2
“Jenny’s dead, what more do I have to live for,” he asked the King and Queen sitting on their throne with Spike growling next to them. The urge to punch the bride and take her was stronger. If you see close up, he was crying. And Dru was laughing with her daddy.
The more he sat around, the more he wanted to down his slosh and bake in the sun.
“Willy my boy, aren’t you having fun…?” No, not what you call ‘fun’, being someone’s reject.
His jaw clenched. ‘Just you wait, Angelus, my boy’ was his wicked grinning thought.
Giles sat perfectly still, he felt emotionless since Angel’s soul went away. He was just fine, emotions dried out, no tears to cry.
He was content to just wallow in his misery.

Chapter 3
Buffy watched as Angel tortured Giles, or G-man. It served Giles right, the way he pushed her too far. Boy would they all be surprised when they saw what she had become, Buffy thought, as she continued to watch Angel torture Giles. But his attention wavered when he saw Xander approaching.
“No!” Buffy said silently to herself. “Don’t touch him! Xander’s mine for the taking!”
Buffy wanted a hand in Xander’s demise for his role in sending her to Acathla and into this soulless body, which she actually loved, but did not want them to know the truth.
As Angel left Giles to his misery, he headed for Xander, but Buffy beat him to it and held Xander in her grasp, baring her fangs.
“Buffy!” Angel exclaimed, smiling at the sight of seeing the fangs. “The look looks great on you!”
“Go!” Buffy ordered. “He’s mine!”
“Okay!” Angel said, and went back to Giles.
“Buffy, what’s got into you?” Giles cried out to her.
“You!” Buffy wailed. “I’m tired of being your protégé!”
“But you were such a promising student.” Giles protested.
“This is the new Buffy! New and improved!” Buffy informed Giles, Angel and Xander. “And you’re all going to be sorry you crossed me!”
As Buffy let Xander go, she ordered Angel not to harm him, and gave dire instructions to her new minions if Angel did try to harm Xander.

Chapter 4
Buffy remembered what was shown to her in Acathla as she reviewed images of past events of Giles’ betrayals, as well as those of the Scooby gang. Now that she was here on earth as a Vampire, she was going to get revenge on everyone who betrayed her.
It was just odd that she found herself in Angelus’ apartment as he was making love to Drusilla. That’s when it came to her. How to get back at Angelus (that’s what Buffy now intended to call Angel from now on due to his betrayal). She would find Spike and let Angelus find her in the same position she found Angelus and Drusilla in. And just her luck, Spike was happening along now.
“Spike!” Buffy called out to him.
Spike turned around to find Buffy waiting for him near some trees.
“You want a piece of me?” Buffy taunted him. “Now’s your chance to have it!”
Being in love with the slayer for as long as he could remember, Spike took Buffy up on her offer.
“Okay.” Spike agreed. “Here I am.”
“Shhh. Just one moment.” Buffy seductively said as she sent Angelus a hypnotizing message that immediately made Angelus leave Drusilla’s side and towards Buffy’s signal.
As soon as Buffy knew Angelus was at the scene, she went full steam on and gave Spike what he wanted as she passionately kissed him full on the lips, giving Angelus a show that made him seethe with anger and jealousy.
Moments later, Spike and Buffy finally came up for air. Buffy smiled slyly knowing that Angelus got what he deserved. Poor Spike. He didn’t know what hit him.

Chapter 5
Buffy was on the prowl for fresh meat when Spike found her. He couldn’t get their kiss off his mind and wanted more. Buffy, hot and bothered, ravaging him. He was hooked.
“Buffy?” Spike said, hoping Buffy wanted him.
“What do you want, Spike?” Buffy said irritated he was ruining the prey she had just found.
Spike couldn’t wait for Buffy’s answer as he kissed her hard on the lips, to which Buffy resisted by pulling away and shoving him away from her.
“What was that for?” Spike said surprised at her reaction to his kiss.
“For kissing me!” Buffy said, irritated.
“But…” Spike said confused. “…you liked it last night?”
“What are you talking about?” Buffy said, not wanting him to know she was a vampire.
“You came on to me and we kissed.”
“What are you on, Spike?” Buffy replied. “We did not!”
“Okay, but whatever it was between us, you liked it, and you had me hot.”
Spike moved in to kiss her hoping for more action, but Buffy just threw across the cemetery and went looking for more prey. But Angelus coming at Spike stopped Buffy as she hid in the bushes and watched the fight that was about to ensue between Spike and Angelus.
The two vampires threw punches as Angel’s aggression came out, to Buffy’s glee. She loved the two vampires fighting over her. Not that either of them was going to win her heart.
No, she had plans for Angelus and Spike, as well as Xander and the rest of the Scoobies. And she couldn’t wait to show them her revenge.

Chapter 6
Buffy summoned Giles—or G-man–Angel, Spike and the Scooby gang to Giles’ store where she would exact her revenge on them for their betrayal.
Buffy showed up and stood outside Giles’ store where she could view everything from an undisclosed location and not be seen by any of them.
Angel and Spike were arguing over Buffy and Giles and the Scoobies were engrossed in heavy conversation about her.
It was perfect! None of them would know what hit them when she exacted her revenge!
As G-man, Spike, Angel, and the Scoobies continued their heated conversations, they were shocked when the roof to the store came crashing down on top of them.
Buffy watched the whole scenario take down all of them. G-man and everyone were pinned under the rubble. Buffy waited for everyone to wake from the rubble———-
Cordy was the first to wake and was shocked to see Buffy standing on the counter. A few minutes later, Angel and Spike came to. G-man and the other Scoobies were the last to wake.
“Buffy!” Cordy said, surprised to see her.
“Welcome to my world!” Buffy announced to them all. “Now you are all prisoners in my world!”
Cordy and the rest of them tried to move but couldn’t. It was as if they were frozen to their spots!
“Buffy, what have you done to us?!” Angel asked.
“I told you…I am your Queen. Your ruler.” Buffy said. “Now, rise before me!”
Angel and everyone miraculously stood before Buffy and bowed before you. Buffy laughed maniacally…….

Chapter 7
Angel, Spike, Dru and the Scooby gang didn’t like the way Buffy was controlling them. They all agreed to revolt against Buffy and her tyranny.
But Buffy would make it hard for them to turn against her. They would all be sorry for turning against her!
Angel finally found a way to gain control and take Buffy down—but it would come at a price! Would Angel be willing to pay that price for control?
Glory was sure Angel would—he just need a little push.
Using a little feminine wiles on the hunky vampire, Glory convinced the vampire to go along with her plan.
It would be too late for Angel, Glory laughed. Angel was a stupid fool. He thought he was taking Buffy down—when in truth…he was allowing her to take over as Queen!

Chapter 8
Angel, Spike and Dru managed to capture Buffy and have her thrown into the cage in the warehouse where Angel was now living. He wanted to keep an eye on the Slayer, unbeknownst to him that Buffy was a vampire.
When he threw some food into the cage, she turned away from it with disgust, unaware that she needed fresh meat.
“What’s wrong? I thought it was your favorite dish?” Angel said, referring to the plate of lasagna lying in her cage.
“I’m not hungry.” Buffy said, unwilling to admit she was a vampire. She knew would be out soon. Spike would help her. But she was unaware that Spike was on Angel’s side, ruling Sunnydale.
Spike and Dru met at Angel’s warehouse in another room. With Buffy keen hearing, she could hear that Angel, Spike and Dru discussing ruling Sunnydale now that they had Buffy out of commission. Buffy had a plan to get out of the cage that Angel put her in.
Angel, Spike and Dru came out of the room where Buffy put her plan in motion.
“Spike, can we talk?” Buffy asked, to Dru’s chagrin.
“Angel, Dru, you two go on ahead. I’ll see what our captive wants.” Spike assured them with a sly grin.
Angel and Dru left Spike with Buffy, confident he was on their side.
“What do you want, Bufs?”
“C’mere!” Buffy said, using her vampire powers to seduce Spike, knowing he would be unable to resist her charms.
Not able to resist the Slayer, Spike did as Buffy commanded. As Buffy rubbed Spike through the bars of the cage, Spike was turned on enough to unlock the cage and let Buffy out.
Buffy continued her seduction of Spike long enough to knock Spike out and get out of Angel’s warehouse.
While Spike lay in Ange’s warehouse, Buffy hunted Angel Dru to let them know who was boss. Boy! Did she love being a vampirel There was no way she was ever going back to being the Chosen One!

Cursed: A Buffy the Vampire Slayer Fanfiction

It is also a Buffy/Spike/Angel prompt set in the 5th season of Angel, the finale ‘Not Fade Away.’ Illyria was the only one that died but the remaining group survived: Gunn, Wesley, Angel, and Spike. Buffy also died by fighting an escaped Ubervamp from Sunnydale. Willow resurrects her again, but when she comes back, she is turned cause the spell messed up and ripped her from Heaven sending her back to where she was fighting Kralik except now, she was too stunned to be there and to be brought back that the Vampire took advantage and turned her in her younger self’s body. It’s future’s Buffy in her ‘Helpless’ body.

Time Line: After Angel’s 5th Season. Illyria died, but not Wesley, Angel, and Spike. Gunn disappeared.

Chapter 1- To Rise and Fall
Buffy is dead, killed by an escaped Ubervamp from the Hell Mouth, however, she isn’t dead for long as Willow is chanting her magic.
“I wish for Buffy Summers! Bring her back from the eternal beyond!” A portal opened directing hitting the Elysian Fields and Buffy’s peace was once again taken.
‘NO! DON’T KICK ME OUT!’ But, the spirits of the other Slayers chanted together and she was suddenly gone.
In the boarding house, Kralik was fighting the Slayer and she was losing the battle until something crashed into them both and he took the distraction he needed, pinned her arms, and bit into her throat. Her eyes widened and she tried to wiggle free, but he grabbed tighter. Older Buffy screamed loudly, but the fangs were in too deep. This had been what she was afraid of all her life, having a demon rip into her throat and drink her blood. This was her worst nightmare.

Chapter 2- The cure is blood
‘The cure is blood, the cure is blood, the cure is blood,’ rang in her mind like a drum. ‘Take it. Want it. Breathe it in… You’ll feel better…’ ‘But, I want to die! I want peace!’ ‘Unfair that it was taken away from you, wasn’t it…?’ ‘I don’t want this!’ ‘Yesss, take it!’ She grabbed the wrist and drank it down.
Something lifted her higher and higher out of the realm. Then, the pain stopped. Everything stopped. Kralik held something to her face, it was irony and coppery, blood. He spilt it into her mouth and she was hit with hunger; deep and knowing and crawling.
Her train of thought was gone and she was drinking. Slowly, but surely, she was gulping it down. She didn’t want it to stop.

Chapter 3- Evil
She stood up, grinning. ‘Wonderful new life…!’ “I feel refreshed!”
Kralik: You are a thing like me now. And we are connected. Do you feel it…?
“I feel so many things…!” ‘I can feel every body in this room, see every crack in the wall, see all of the colors, and my hearing is heightened. So overpowering!’ “It’s different.”
“You’re a Vampire.”
“And I suppose I have to thank my sire…?”
“Naturally.” She looked down at her clothes. “Got to get some leather!”
He took her to the park where she would meet a few teenagers.
She walked out smiling. “Hello boys…!” All of them looked her up and down with lust in their eyes. Soon, she’d be preying on them, making them entrée number 2.

Chapter 4-The Prey
The boys made it easy for Buffy to devour their blood. Then she slit her wrists and let them drink from her, siring them into new creatures of the night. Buffy loved her new self. It felt kinda ironic as she was chosen to slay these creatures, now she was one of them. . . . . . . . .
What would Giles and the Scoobies think of her new self?” Buffy thought to herself as she wiped the blood from her lips and leaving the teen boys to rest. They would need it for the hunt they would be needing when they woke up.
As for Buffy, she needed more. . .more blood. She went on the prowl looking for more prey when she encountered Spike.
“Buffy?” Spike asked confused. “I thought you were dead?”
“Well, I’m alive and well.” Buffy told him.
“You look different?”
“Different? How?”
“I don’t know? There’s just something about you?”
“There’s nothing different about me.” Buffy lied.
“No, there is. I just can’t place it?” Spike told her.
“Well, I’m the same ol’ Buffy Summers.”
“So, are you on your way to meet the gang?” Spike asked, changing the subject.
“The gang?”
“Yeah, Giles and everyone will be so happy you’re alive.”
“Yeah. I bet they will.”
“So, let’s go!”
Back at Giles store, Willow sat waiting to see if her spell to bring back Buffy had worked.

Chapter 5 – The Spell
Willow was surprised but happy when Spike walked into Giles’ store with none other than Buffy. Only neither the two of them realized it was a different Buffy. They knew something was different, just couldn’t place what was so different.
“Buffy!” Willow exclaimed.
“Willow!” Buffy replied back, not letting on that she was not who they thought she was.
“My spell worked?” Willow asked, half surprised.
“Spell?” Buffy asked.
“Yes, I concocted a spell to bring you back.” Willow said, hugging her friend. “I’m so glad it worked.”
“Yeah.” Was all Buffy could say. “It worked all right.”
“So, Bufs, where have you been hiding yourself?” Spike interrupted them.
“Oh, nowhere in particular.” Buffy told them, not wanting them to know her new craving for blood and that she is on the prowl for fresh meat. “Oh, look at the time. I need to go visit my mother and Dawn.”
Buffy runs out on her friends making the excuse to see her mother and Dawn, but she really is on the hunt for fresh meat. She needs blood badly as she feels herself getting weak.
While out on a hunt for blood from some unsuspecting victim, Buffy comes across Angel in what looks to be on the take.
As Buffy moves closer to hear what is going on, she steps on a branch and is caught by Angel, who runs to see who it is. Buffy hides so Angel won’t find her.
“Who’s there?” Angel calls out. But no one answers.
Buffy keeps silent so Angel won’t find her for several minutes until it is safe to leave. Scouting the area, Angel leaves when he can’t find anyone around. Good thing too. He doesn’t want anyone to know about his new job.
“So, Angel, you’re on the take?” Buffy says to herself. “I wonder what you’re really up to?”

Chapter 6 – Willow’s Failure
Buffy followed Angel, hungry for more blood, but it would have to wait. She wanted in on whatever Angel was up to. As Buffy continued to follow Angel, who was heading to the outskirts of Sunnydale, where he met with Gunn.
“Gunn?” Buffy said to herself so Angel wouldn’t hear her. “Everyone back in Sunnydale assumed he was dead, but here he was, meeting Angel?”
“You need to take out the Slayer!” Gunn told Angel.
“Kill Buffy?” Angel asked, confused.
“She’s one of us!” Gunn informed Angel. “And she’s more powerful now that she is!”
“Buffy…a vampire?” Angel laughed at him. “Impossible.”
“Don’t laugh, Angelus!”
“Buffy is dead!”
“No she’s not!”
“But? How?”
“Willow? What’s she got to do with this?” Angel inquired.
“Willow recanted a spell.”Gunn told Angelus. “Only, it went awry.”
“Willow’s spell went awry?” Angel said in disbelief.
“Buffy is a vampire…more powerful than you and Spike and all the demons.”
“I don’t believe you.”
“Kill her! Kill Buffy!” Gunn repeated. “Kill Buffy!”
Angel watched as Gunn walked past in a trance to where Buffy was listening to their conservation. And just as Gunn was about to drive a stake through Buffy’s heart, Angel grabbed Gunn’s hand and shoved it through Gunn’s heart instead.
“What have you done?!” Gunn spat out before he died.

Chapter 7 – Kralik’s Revenge
With Gunn dead, Sunnydale seemed to be at peace…for now.
But Kralik sought to seek revenge on Angelus for the death of Gunn.
As Angel held a distraught Buffy, who was thankful for saving her from Gunn, the two lovers kissed. The heat from their passion consumed them and they were oblivious to the hell that Kralik’s minions were wreaking on Sunnydale.
To Angel and Buffy, time stopped for a moment….
“Angel! Buffy!” Spike hollered to them, which jolted them from their passion.
“Spike!” Angel said, at first irritated with him for ruining his moment of passion with Buffy, then held in his anger when he spied the minions wreaking havoc.
“What the….”
But Buffy, ever the loyal slayer, grabbed a spike from a nearby wood pile and began dusting off the minions, to Kralik’s horror.
“Damn you, Buffy!”
Once the minions were diminished, thanks to Buffy, with the help of Angel and Spike, the three of them headed off to Giles’ store for a little celebratory fun…when Buffy heard a voice and told Angel and Spike to go on ahead of her and she would meet them later.
As Angel and Spike headed toward Giles’ store, Buffy went looking for the voice she heard…..

When someone grabbed her from behind and injected her with a needle that knocked her out….
Chapter 8- The Trap
Angel and Spike wait for Buffy at Giles’ store with the other Scoobies. Buffy never shows. The gang is getting worried about her. Spike heads out to look for her.
Buffy woke to find herself inside Kralik’s dungeon cell. Harmony came in to find how his guest was doing.
“Well, Buffy, how are you doing?” Harmony smirked.
“Just peachy.” Buffy said sarcastically.
“Well, looks like you’re in spot?” Harmony taunted her.
“I’ll do just fine. Without your help.” Buffy repied.
“Yeah. You’re doing a bang up job.”
“Get out!” Buffy yelled at her.
“Okay. Okay.” Harmony said. “Have it your own way.”
Harmony left Buffy’s cell and reported to Kralik.
“How is our little guest?” Kralik asked Harmony.
“In a snit.” Harmony reported.
“Good. I need Buffy amped up. For my mission for her.”
Buffy found a way out of her cell, unbeknownst to her, that Kralik left the way out. He knew where Buffy would go…straight to Spike. And Angel.
And sure enough…as Buffy broke free…she went straight to Spike and Angel…and straight into Kralik’s trap.

Chapter 9 – The Encounter
Buffy walked right into Kralik’s trap and headed for Spike and Angel.
“Spike. Angel.” Buffy said when she got to Giles’ store.
But before she knew what was happening, the ceiling caved in on Spike, Angel and Buffy. Giles and the Scoobies managed to get out safely. But Angel, Spike and Buffy were still inside.
Giles rushed in to see if they were alright. He found Buffy, but Spike and Angel were nowhere to be found.
“Buffy.” Giles said, trying to rousing Buffy.
“Spike.” Buffy whispered.
“Buffy?” Giles shook Buffy awake.
“Spike, Kralik has…” Buffy started to say, but drifted off and fell unconscious.
Giles called paramedics, who arrived within minutes to transport Buffy to Sunnydale Hospital.
Angel and Spike, however, found themselves in Kralik’s lair.

Sam & Dean Winchester Meet Buffy Summers

There’s been a rash of vampire killings in the small town of McCall, Idaho and Sam and Dean are stumped! That is, until Buffy Summers and her two vampire cohorts, Angel and Spike, arrive to save the day. But Dean is skeptical of the threesomes. Will the Winchester boys and Buffy and her crew be able to clean up the town of McCall, Idaho and bring it back to its historic beauty?
Sam Winchester – Jared Padalecki
Dean Winchester – Jensen Ackles
Buffy Summers – Sarah Michelle Gellar
Angelus aka Angel – David Boreanaz
Spike – James Marsters
Chapter 1
“Dean, we are needed in McCall, Idaho.” Sam tells Dean, who has just come out of the bathroom after taking a shower.
“What’s going on there?” Dean asks, munching on some cereal he grabbed from the cereal box. Dean always had a bad habit of reaching inside the box with his hand. He knew it angered Sam.
“Dean, can’t you just pour yourself a bowl like a normal person?” Sam asked a little irked by Dean’s behavior.
“Sorry, bro, too lazy to just get a bowl.” Dean apologized. “So, what’s up in McCall, Idaho?”
“A rash of vampire killings.” Sam reported to his brother.
“In McCall, Idaho?” Dean said skeptical. “Why there?”
“I don’t know? Maybe they like the scenery?” Sam suggested.
“Well, let’s get going.” Dean said, grabbing his jacket and heading out to the Impala.
As Sam and Dean head to McCall, Idaho, they are in for quite a surprise as the Hellmouth has targeted McCall, Idaho as their new hunting ground now that Sunnydale has been destroyed, and Buffy, Angel and Spike are also on their way to take down the eternal demons.
(Coming: a surprising twist that leaves Sam and Dean perplexed and Buffy, Angel and Spike not expecting what they thought all along.)
Chapter 2
Caleb Morley (played by Michael Easton/Port Charles: General Hospital spinoff) laughed at his ingenuity as he managed to make Buffy, Angel and Spike think that the Hellmouth demons were in McCall, Idaho. Caleb had heard of Buffy Summers and her band of Scoobies. He wanted a showdown with her and what better place than a small, out-of-the-way town like McCall, Idaho. It was perfect. Caleb couldn’t wait to sink his fangs in his new scheme to take down Buffy, Angel and Spike. He didn’t expect Sam and Dean Winchester to show up in town.
Meanwhile, Sam and Dean arrived in McCall to inspect the vampire killings that were happening there. They were confronted by a deputy who demanded to know their business in his town.
“Excuse me, you two.” Deputy Samuel Morris asked Sam and Dean. “Who do you two think you are?”
Sam and Dean flashed their fake FBI badges for Deputy Morris.
“We heard about the rash of killings here and we came here on assignment to investigate.” Dean told Deputy Morris.
“Well, we have it handled.” Deputy Morris told Sam and Dean, hoping they would just leave and go back where they came from. “We don’t need you’re help.”
“Okay, we’ll be on our way.” Dean told Deputy Morris.
Deputy Morris, satisfied with their decision to leave went back to the headquarters and told Caleb that the Winchester boys were on their way out.
Caleb was glad to hear that. He didn’t need the Winchester boys stumbling around poking their noses in his business. It was Buffy he wanted he didn’t want Sam and Dean ruining his plan.

Sam and Dean continued their investigation into the vampire killings when they were confronted by a young woman and two guys.
“What the hell are you two doing here?” Buffy asked.
“Who the hell are you?” Dean asked the pretty girl.
“I’m Buffy Summers, vampire slayer.” Buffy introduced herself and her friends. “And these are my partners, Spike and Angel.”
“You’re a vampire slayer?” Sam asked with disbelief.
“Yes, she is.” Angel said, coming to Buffy’s defense. “Haven’t you two heard of The Chosen One?”
“There’s a ‘Chosen One’ who slays vampires?” Dean added.
“Yes, and we know who is behind these killings.” Buffy exclaimed.
“You do?” Sam asked.
“Yes, they’re the Hellmouth demons.” Buffy revealed.
“Hellmouth demons? Who are they?” Dean asked Buffy.
“They’re the eternal demons who have destroyed our city, Sunnydale.” Angel interjected. “They must have come here searching for new territory.”
Just then, Caleb showed up, surprising Buffy, Spike and Angel as well as Sam and Dean.
Chapter 3
“This is a beautiful city.” Buffy mused as she lay in Angel’s arms after a passionate lovemaking.
But Buffy and Angel’s dalliance was short-lived when Sam and Dean knocked on the door to the shack where the duo were hiding out for a spell.
“Buffy! Angel!” Dean hollered through the door.
Buffy and Angel hurriedly put on their clothes and met with Sam and Dean outside the shack.
“Sam? Dean? What’s up?” Angel asked, as Buffy joined them a few minutes later.
“A young girl found with her blood drained.” Dean informed them.
“They’re at it again.” Buffy said, more to herself. “Boys, you go on ahead. I have to go somewhere.”
“Buffy, you shouldn’t be out there by yourself.” Dean told her, unwaware that she was The Slayer and could take care of herself.
“Relax, Dean.” Angel told him. “Buffy’s been trained well. She can handle herself.”
“Trained?” Dean asked.
“You don’t know? Buffy’s the Vampire Slayer.” Angel told Sam and Dean.
“Vampire Slayer?” Dean questioned, half joking. “Then what do you need us for?”
“Apparently we do need you, or you wouldn’t be here.” Angel said.
“Well, then we’ll go on ahead and let Buffy go where she needs to go.” Sam interjected.
Unbeknownst to Angel, Spike, Sam and Dean, Buffy didn’t fair so well as the Hellmouth Demons had Buffy hostage waiting for the four of them to show up.

Buffy & Spike (Spuffy) The Passion Continues


After denying their feelings for years, Buffy and Spike finally give into and have a night of passion. But when Angel returns to help solve a mystery, old feelings resurface between the slayer and her first love. As Buffy works to solve the mystery with Angel, will it drive a wedge between Buffy and Spike, or bring them closer?


Buffy Summers – Sarah Michelle Gellar
Dawn Summers– Michelle Trachtenberg
Spike – James Marsters
Willow Rosenberg– Alyson Hannigan
Xander Harris– Nicholas Brendan
Anthony Head – Rupert Giles
Anya – Emma Caulfield
Angel – David Boreanaz
Cordelia Chase – Charisma Carpenter
Tara Maclay – Amber Benson
Glory – Clare Kramer
Faith – Elisha Dushku
Wesley – Alexis Denisof

Chapter 1

“Buffy, you don’t know how long I’ve longed for this.” Spike confesses to Buffy as he kisses her after the two finally give into passion.

For years, Buffy detested Spike. She believed that Spike was out for himself. When hate turned to friendship, and Spike’s feelings for Buffy grew stronger, Buffy hated to admit that her feelings for Spike were growing stronger too. So instead of admitting these feelings for Spike, Buffy continued her “loathing” for Spike.

Now after their first passionate embrace, entwined in each others bodies, Buffy kissed Spike back, enticing him to enter her again, as Spike gave in and made love to Buffy again.

But the lovemaking was short-lived when Buffy’s cell rang.

“Ignore it, Buf.” Spike said, kissing her more deeply to make Buffy forget her slayer duties.

“I can’t Spike.” Buffy said, as she picked up her cell and answered it.

Spike groaned as he rolled off of Buffy and laid back in bed, while Buffy took the call.

“Hey, Willow, what’s up?”

“Buffy, we have a problem!” Willow cried.

“What’s wrong, Willow?”

“Giles is missing!”

“What?” Buffy exclaims, as she gets up to get dressed. “I’m on my way!”

Buffy ends the call and demands Spike to leave before Dawn got home.

“Hey, Buf.” Spike says, giving her one last kiss before they go their separate ways. “Remember. I love you.”

“Thanks Spike, but I don’t have time right now. Giles is missing and I need to be going.” Buffy says, feeling guilty about her time with Spike.

Buffy leaves her home and is on her way to Giles’ store when Xander meets her along the way.

“Hey, Buffy, where have you been? Enjoying a moment with Spike?” Xander asks, half joking, half serious, sensing the special bond between Buffy and Spike.

“Ha ha! Very funny, Xander!” Buffy exclaims, feeling guilty that she actually was with Spike.

“No, seriously, where you headed to?”

“Willow called me and said Giles is missing!” Buffy informs Xander. “I’m on my way to meet Willow at Giles’ store.”

Xander and Buffy rush to meet Willow at Giles’s store, as Spike does some sleuthing on his own.

Chapter 2

At Giles’ store, Willow and the rest of the gang were waiting for Buffy to arrive. Buffy took charge as soon as she arrived with Xander, who had met her on the way to the store.

Buffy and gang discussed the plan to find Giles’ and then left the room when she got a call from Spike.

“Spike? What’s up?” Buffy asked as soon as she was out of earshot of the others.

“You need to meet me!” Spike ordered.

“I love you too, Spike, but we need to find Giles.” Buffy said, resisting his charms.

“This has to do with Giles.”

“What? You found Giles?”

“No, but I think I may know where he is?”

“I’m on my way. . . “ Buffy said hanging up her cell.

15 minutes later Buffy met Spike in the graveyard where he told Buffy he was waiting.

“Ooh, Spike…..a graveyard. How romantic?!” Buffy said sarcastically.

“I’m not trying to be amorous, Buf.” Spike explained. “I think this is where Giles is buried?”

“Giles is dead?” Buffy questioned in disbelief.

“No, not dead. Buried alive!”

“Buried alive!” Buffy shouted as she started to dig to save Giles.

“Relax, Buf!” Spike tried to calm her down. “There’s a tube coming out of the ground which means he can breathe.”

“Who would play a cruel joke like this?” Buffy said irately.

“Me!” Glory said as she stepped from beyond the shadows.

Buffy turned around to see Glory.


“What’s wrong, Buffy? Cat got your tongue?” Glory said sarcastically.

“Why would you bury Giles alive?!” Buffy demanded from her.

“Because you foiled my plan to unlock the portal that would grant me unlimited access!”

“So, you buried Giles alive as payback!”

“What do they say? Payback’s a bitch!” Glory said as she disappeared, leaving Buffy and Spike to get Giles out of the grave.

“Well, Buffy, start digging.” Spike suggested, as Xander and the gang showed up per Buffy’s call to help.

Chapter 3

Buffy, Spike and Xander managed to dig Giles out of his grave alive but unconscious from lack of air. As Buffy performed CPR on Giles, she got his heart beating again and oxygen to his brain while Xander called the paramedics to have Giles transported to Sunnydale General Health.

Glory had to come up with another way to gain access to the portal that Buffy ruined. She couldn’t believe that Buffy survived after she jumped to her “death” that closed the portal access. And she was even more upset that Giles had survived his prison in the grave. What did she have to do to get what she wanted. She had to get the key to that portal. But now that Dawn was revealed to be the key and the plan was foiled, Dawn couldn’t be used to gain access to the portal. A new key had to be made—and Glory was going to be the one make that key!

Meanwhile, Buffy, Spike and the Scoobies visited Giles at the Sunnydale General Health to make sure Giles was doing alright.

“Giles, we wanted to see how you were doing?” Buffy said as she entered Giles hospital room.
“I’m alright.” Giles told her. “I can’t believe I was buried alive by Glory?”

“Well, Glory said it was payback for ruining access to the portal.” Buffy explained.

“You risked your life and Glory had to seek revenge for that by burying me alive?” Giles wondered more to himself than to Buffy and gang.

“Well, I don’t think Glory is done trying to get through the portal.” Buffy advised.
“Oh?” Giles asked her.

“No. I think Glory is going to look for another way into that portal.”

“Well, we’re going to make sure she doesn’t succeed at it again.” Giles told Buffy and gang.
“Right.” Spike agreed.

“Well, Giles, get some rest so we can get back to work on the Glory issue.” Buffy told him as she and Spike departed Giles hospital room.

Buffy and Spike got back to his cave and celebrated saving Giles’ life by getting passionate. They couldn’t take their hands off each other once they had gotten to Spike’s cave.

After making love amongst the rocks and sea, Buffy and Spike were hard at work trying to figure out a way to diffuse Glory’s plan to gain access to the portal.

Chapter 4

Buffy and Spike were in the midst of getting passionate as the two lovers found renewed hope and had a hard time keeping their hands off each other…that is, until they were interrupted by a surprising visitor.
“Hey, guys!” Angel exclaimed interrupting Buffy and Spike’s lovemaking.
“Angel?” Buffy said, surprised to see him as she grabbed Spike’s shirt to put over her to cover herself up.
“Angel!” Spike said a little irked as he pulled up his pants.
“I didn’t mean to interrupt your… er, night!” Angel apologized. “But I heard about Glory’s plan and thought I would stop by and see if I could help?”
“Yeah, whatever you say.” Spike said jealously.
“Well, let’s go!” Buffy said not wanting to see the fight that would escalate between Spike and Angel over her.

Buffy, Spike and Angel went out looking for Glory and encountered Glory’s minions instead. As Buffy, with the help of Spike and Angel, fought off the minions, Glory was watching via her crystal ball.

“Just wait for our encounter, Buffy.” Glory laughed maniacally. “You’ll wish you were fighting my minions instead!”

Chapter 5

Angel was pleased he stopped Spike from making love to Buffy. He couldn’t allow Spike to be with Buffy. Not when he desired to be with her. He had to find a way to make it up to Buffy. And Spike was not going to ruin that!

As Angel was looking for Spike and Buffy, he happened along the duo in a passionate love play and his jealousy raged deep inside of him, causing Angel to grab Spike and toss him to the ground.
“Hey, what was that for?” Spike asked a heated Angel.
“Buffy is mine!” Angel raged.
“I belong to no one!” Buffy told Angel heatedly.
“C’mon, Buffs!” Angel softened toward her.
“Sorry, Angel, but I don’t like your attitude right now.”
“Buffy, I love you.”
“I think Buffy made her choice.” Spike told Angel.
“Butt out, Spike! This doesn’t concern you!”

But the feud between Angel and Spike would have to wait as the Hellmouth’s minions came out to attack Sunnydale as Buffy whips into slayer mode and vanquishes the demons while Glory looks on astonished.
“Just wait, Slayer! I’ve got plans for your demise!’ Glory says to herself.