Chosen Rage: A Buffy the Vampire Slayer Fanfic

Summary: Buffy makes an angry wish against the Slayerettes in Season 3’s ‘Dead Man’s Party’ because they didn’t forgive her for running out on them. It takes a drastic turn when she is vamped and finds that she can’t change it. Will her friends ever get her back or is her hate for them real and genuine, not the soul? Who is right and who is wrong in a tug of war fight?

Chapter 1
On the night, that the Scoobies voted her back to L.A., she screamed her heart out.
“God, I wish they were dead so that way I can stop hearing them!” Halfrek’s face changed and she smiled.
The room and scenery whirled into another time line and place, a wish made by the world of D’Hoffryn. She became the Dark Slayer wearing heavy makeup and wanting to be turned. Her wish was from deep down within, a truly evil ‘heart’ so she got it granted, sighed Halfrek gulping Vodkha and speaking to her boss. D’Hoffryn lifted his own glass of Orange Westishae to his mouth. The place was beginning to bug him with a bunch of smart aleck teenagers. He glared at a particular group.

Chapter 2
The Dark Slayer smiled with glee at her black trimmed fingernails like she felt relaxed, like everything was alright now that she’s in this brave new world. Then, when a human passed her by, she suddenly wanted to toss him off a building. The old Slayer would have cared. Would have stopped it. Not Lady Death. Instead, she glared at his retreating back with a cold smirk. “I can get used to this!”
The town looked dead. Everything was turned upside down and people shrieked as monsters killed them. Because she was boss. She had the edge. Even the Vampires/Demons strayed from her. They knew who she was. “Hey you,” she hollered at Vamp Jonathan.
He turned to her shivering. “I want you to sire me, tonight!”

Chapter 3
Blood oozed out of her neck along the twin puncture holes on one side as she lied there silent and dead, pale as the moon. Blood dripped down his chin as he gazed upon his childe, but knew that she would be the more powerful one, first child to dishonor her sire. He knew the power and venom in this demon. As a human, she had been terrifying, liking to inflame her victims. Hanging them upside down on a circular wheel. She never went for a fast kill.
Willow Rosenburg regretted her actions as the police questioned Joyce on Buffy’s disappearance. She watched in dismay as Joyce went with them to the station. She knew the woman was destroyed. In fact, she glared at Xander and her, making them flinch. In fact, she now glared at Xander. “You know, you can make Angelus look like a puppy! You and Cordy hurt people with your words!”
The teen sat there and clutched his head. “All my fault…!” His ex tried to comfort him, but he threw her off. “Get away Cordelia before I hurt you!”

Chapter 4
Buffy, the dark slayer knew she was the powerful one and tossed Jonathon aside as she went hunting for more. She found some poor unsuspecting girl just sitting on a park bench when she went walking through the park.
Buffy would have felt sorry for the poor girl, but dark Buffy went in for the kill as she swooped in and sired the poor girl and drank her blood, then let the girl drink from her. Another victory for the Dark Slayer. . . .
Meanwhile, back at Giles’ store, the Scoobies were thinking of a way to get Buffy back while Spike and Angel each took it upon themselves to find Buffy on their own.
Angel was the first to find Buffy as he watched what looked to be Buffy but with darker makeup sire another victim. As Dark Buffy was about to leave and prowl for more victims, Angel grabbed her arm.
“Who the . . .” Dark Buffy began to say.
“Buffy?” Angel asked.
“Who the hell are you?” Dark Buffy spat at him.
“No! Say they didn’t turn you?” Angel said, but knew what would have been his heart that she was turned.
“I’m Buffy, Dark Buffy.” She told him. “’The new and improved Buffy.”
Angel hated to do it, but he knew what he had to do. . .as he knocked Buffy unconscious just as Spike had managed to find them together.
“Spike, I found Buffy. . .” Angel began.
“And you knocked her out?” Spike questioned him.
“You don’t understand?” Angel told him. “Buffy’s been turned.”
“Buffy’s been turned?” Spike pondered the idea.
“Yes, we need to find a way to turn her back.”
“Ah, Angel, I don’t think that can be done.” Spike said.
“Well, we have to find a way.”
“Okay, but I don’t think the other demons will like it.”
Spike followed Angel and Buffy back to Giles’ store as Giles and the Scoobies Gang looked astonished at Buffy’s new look.

Chapter 5
“She’s not. . .” Willow said disbelievingly.
“I’m afraid she is.” Angel said sadly.
“Angel says we need to find a way to turn her back.” Spike says doubtfully.
“Can that be done?” Willow asks.
“We have to try. We can’t let Dark Buffy reign.”
“Angel is right. We have to get the Slayer back.” Giles says.
Angel lays Dark Buffy in a darkened room while the rest of them think of a way to get Buffy back. As the Scoobies, Giles, and Angel are trying to find a way to bring Buffy back, Spike is caught off guard when he spies on the sleeping Buffy and happens to awaken her.
“Who are you?!” Buffy growls at Spike.
“Spike.” Spike introduces himself to Dark Buffy.
“What do you want with me?”
“I want nothing from you. . .except maybe. . .your love.”
“I love you?” Dark Buffy asks.
“Well, we have had a thing.”
“We had one night.” Spike fills Dark Buffy in.
“Well, I don’t like you so I don’t see how I could love you. You don’t look like my type.”
“And what is your type?”
“Not you, that’s for sure.” Dark Buffy says as she gets up from the bed and knocks Spike across the room and leaving the building before anyone can stop her, leaving Spike unconscious.
“See ya! Wouldn’t want to be ya!” Dark Buffy says
Dark Buffy intended to thwart the Scoobies plan to bring Buffy back. There was no way she was ever going to forgive them for what they did. Dark Buffy was here to stay, whether anybody like it or not.

Chapter 6
Dark Buffy went on the lam through Sunnydale. She was hungry…hungry for blood. She spotted some poor soul sitting on the bridge railing contemplating suicide…probably some poor guy whose girl just dumped him…maybe she should put him out of his misery and just drink his blood…Dark Buffy thought.
But before she could drink the poor guy’s blood, she heard moans from under the bridge. She looked under the bridge to find Cordy and Xander making out.
“Ahem!” Dark Buffy coughed to get their attention.
“Buffy!” Cordy screamed, knocking the guy on the bridge into the water to his death.
“Damn it!” Dark Buffy said under her breath, as she watched her dinner go into the river.
“Buffy!” Xander exclaimed, unaware of Buffy’s turned status.
“I see you two can’t get enough of each other!” Dark Buffy scoffed.
“Well, we thought no one was around!” Cordy told Buffy.
“Well, you thought wrong?” Dark Buffy exclaimed.
“So, where were you?” Xander asked.
“I was with…” Buffy began but never got to finish her thought when Spike happened along looking for Buffy after he came to.
“Buffy? You took off on me?” Spike asked, still confused from the decking Buffy gave him.
“Sorry, Spike! Had things to do!” Dark Buffy said, ired.
“Well, how about it?” Spike asked Dark Buffy.
“About what?” Dark Buffy asked, determined to ditch Spike, but Xander and Cordy were curious as to what Spike meant.
“About being lovers?” Spike inquired.
“Ewwwww!” Cordy said, disgusted. “You and Buffy?!”
“What about it, Cordy?!” Spike said, hurt.
As Spike, Xander and Cordy were arguing, Dark Buffy saw her chance and managed to escape the three of them. All Dark Buffy could think about was getting some blood to curb the hunger she felt.

Chapter 7
Dark Buffy finished slurping on some poor unsuspecting soul as she drained him of his blood. The blood felt good and was warm to the touch as it entered her mouth and down her throat. As Dark Buffy licked her lips, she let the man go limp in her hands as she let him fall to the ground.
“Sorry, dude!” Dark Buffy said as she hid from Spike, Xander and Cordy, who had followed her trail. They couldn’t find her, especially she had left the man lying in the alley.
Xander came upon the man lying slumped in the alley, “Where is Buffy when you need her?”
Dark Buffy stayed hidden so Spike, Xander and Cordy wouldn’t discover who had left the man in the alley. No one could find out who she was! And no one could find out that Buffy was being held hostage so she could roam the streets of Sunnydale in Buffy’s place!
It was time for her to seek revenge on those Scoobies for not standing by Buffy! But now, Dark Buffy was free—free to get revenge for all that was done to her!
As Dark Buffy watched Spike and Xander and Cordy, Spike smelled the scent of Dark Buffy, “Something’s not right here?”
“What do you mean?” Xander asked.
“This was done by a recently turned vampire.”
“How can you tell?” Cordy asked.
“The sloppiness of the victim just left lying here.” Spike reasoned.
“So if you’ve been a vampire for a while, there wouldn’t be any sloppy behavior?” Xander asked.
“Let’s just say, the more you drain the blood from someone, you learn to hide your victims.” Spike explained.
“That’s interesting.” Xander said.
Dark Buffy took note of what Spike was saying and decided that she had to be more careful when feeding upon her victims.

Chapter 8
As Dark Buffy kept an eye on Xander, Cordy and Spike, she took note on what Spike said about hiding your victims so they weren’t left laying around. She couldn’t have the Scoobies knowing her vamp status.
As Xander and Cordy went along their way to Giles’ store, Spike stayed behind the alley looking for clues to the victim. He noticed a blonde hair on the victim’s clothing similar to Buffy’s and hid so as to see if the culprit came back.
Sure enough, as soon as Spike hid from view, Dark Buffy came out to take care of the victim she left behind so no one would find him. After hiding the victim, Dark Buffy was about to leave, Spike confronted her.
“Buffy?” Spike asked, jolting Dark Buffy.
“You left this guy?” Spike asked, but now knowing what Buffy was.
“I just wanted to try some human blood?” Dark Buffy tried to get Spike to believe her.
“Buffy, I know.”
“Know what?”
“You’re a vampire.”
“It’s that obvious?”
“Yeah! I see the fangs you’re trying to suppress.”
Dark Buffy covered her mouth but it was useless. Spike knew the truth.
“I won’t tell anyone what you are, if you’re afraid of that.” Spike reassured her.
“You won’t.”
The passion combusted between the two as Dark Buffy could no longer resist Spike’s charms. Pulling her against his bare chest, Spike laid a kiss on Dark Buffy’s lips, as someone was watching them.
“Ewwwww!” Cordy exclaimed when she came back to look for the charm bracelet that she lost.
“Cordy!” Spike said angry that she interrupted a heated, passionate moment between him and Buffy, one that he feared would not happen again.
“Well, I gotta go anyway.” Dark Buffy said, relieved that Cordy got Spike out of her system.
As Dark Buffy went on her way, Spike lashed out at Cordy for interrupting him and Buffy.
“Geez, Spike, you act like you love her?!”
“Love Buffy? Of course I do!” Spike said angrily.
“Omigosh! I can’t believe you admitted it!” Cordy exclaimed as Dru happened along when she heard arguing.
“Spike loves who?” Dru asked.
“You, my pet!” Spike told her, covering.
“You damn well better!” Dru said as she kissed him on the lips.
“I think I found my bracelet.” Cordy said, lying because she couldn’t stomach vampire sex.
“Now where were we?” Dru asked when Cordy made herself scarce.
“I think we were right here.” Spike reminded her, with a kiss on the lips.
The steam rose between Spike and Dru as Dark Buffy watched from where she was hiding.
“Thank you , Dru, for keeping Spike occupied while I look for the artifact.” Dark Buffy said maniacally. The same artifact that would keep her a vampire and her soul dark.

Chapter 9
D’Hoffryn was waiting or Dark Buffy when she arrived at his cave with the artifact he wanted her to find. However, D’Hoffryn didn’t know it was fake since Dark Buffy managed to replace it with a fake one when she found a similar object.
“Thanks Buffy.” D’Hoffryn said taking the artifact from Buffy.
“I promised the artifact to you.” Dark Buffy reminded him. “Now I expect you to keep your end of the bargain.”
Just as Dark Buffy thought she was about to get her soul back, D’Hoffryn’s minions grabbed her from behind had her tossed in the dungeon.
Meanwhile, as Spike lay in Dru’s arms, he couldn’t help but get a hint that Buffy was in danger. Making his excuse to leave Dru’s bedside, Spike got dressed and went out looking for Buffy.
Dark Buffy lay on the cot that was inside the cell thinking of how she could escape this compound. It amazed her. She was the Slayer. She fought vampires and demons…yet she could not find a way to get out of the mess she was in.
D’Hoffryn came into the dungeon and taunted her.
“So how is my pet.”
“Just peachy.” Dark Buffy replied, not wanting D’Hoffryn to sense her trying to find a way out.
“Good. I want my guest to feel at home.”
“Oh, yeah. I feel right at home here.” Dark Buffy said sarcastically.
Not ever one to give up, Dark Buffy sat down to think when she found it…a loose brick in the wall. Buffy got up and tried to move the brick. The brick loosened and she pulled it out of the wall, but she heard someone coming, she hurriedly put it back in the wall.
The person came in the dungeon…it was Spike…

Chapter 10
Dark Buffy was surprised to see Spike standing in the doorway to the dungeon.
“How did you find me?”
“Just followed the scent of blood.” Spike said, more joking than serious.
“No, seriously, I got worried and I got this weird feeling….”
“Weird feeling?” Buffy asked him.
“More like a sense.”
“Or someone tipped you off?”
“No one tipped me off.”
“Well, are you going to get me out of here?” Buffy said, more as a demand than a request.
Spike managed to get Buffy out of D’Hoffryn’s dungeon just in time before D’Hoffryn hit the red button that caused an explosion. Happy that Buffy was finally dead, D’Hoffryn put his plan in motion to rule Sunnydale as his minions ran amuck.
Dark Buffy and Spike lie motionless outside amongst the rubble from the cave……

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Rumors: A JJ & Paige Romance

JJ Devereaux and Lani Price are set to marry before Lani’s baby is born,when JJ’s not-so-dead girlfriend suddenly pops up in Salem to expose Lani’s secret. Will the secret bring JJ and Paige closer together? And Theo is back in Salem after rehabilitation, only to discover his girlfriend, Claire has moved on with Tripp Dalton-Johnson. Will Theo turn to Ciara?

JJ Devereaux – Casey Moss
Lani Price – Sal Stowers
Eli Grant – Lamon Archey
Dr. Valerie Grant – Vanessa Williams
Mayor Abe Carver – James Reynolds
Jennifer Devereaux – Melissa Reeves
Paige Larson – True O’brien
Theo Carver – Kyler Pettis
Claire Brady – Olivia Rose Keegan
Tripp Dalton-Johnson – Lucas Adams
Eve Donovan – Kassie DePaiva
Steve “Patch” Johnson – Stephen Nichols
Dr. Kayla Brady-Johnson – Mary Beth Evans

Chapter 1
JJ hadn’t been so happy since his suicide attempt after he accidentally shot Theo Carver. But he and Lani Price, who was pregnant, were getting married. JJ, while happy that he was going to be a father, found it to be a total shock. But proposed to Lani, who despite the secret she was withholding, accepted JJ’s proposal—the secret was safe, Lani thought.
Lani and JJ were spending their last night as single people with their prospective families, JJ’s mother, Jennifier, and Lani’s father, Abe.
Eve, on the other hand, was despondent over the death of her daughter, Paige Larson, at the hands of Ben Weston, who turned out to be the Necktie Killer. She was sad wondering why she couldn’t come back after Will Horton, another victim of Ben’s, came back.
But no one could anticipate the next day’s surprise as Paige Larson board a bus bound for Salem. She had been keeping up on Salem news and thought JJ and Lani’s wedding day would be the perfect day to come back to Salem.
Paige knew she’d have to explain her “death” to friends and family, but she decided that would be nothing when she exposed Lani’s secret that JJ wasn’t the father of her baby.
Meanwhile, passion ignited for Tripp and Claire, who could no longer deny each other any longer. As the two made love, Theo was also on a flight back to Salem to surprise his girlfriend, Claire.

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Salem Lovers

Two lovers become embroiled in their affairs, Eric and Jennifer and Brady and Eve, when Frankie Brady arrives in Salem, not too mention, Theresa Donovan and Nicole Walker. And two surprise visitors comes back from the dead! Who will get with who? And Will reflects on his life with Sonny as he embarks on a relationship with Paul. Will Paul and Will survive, or are Sonny and Will destined to be together?

Brady Black – Eric Marsolf
Eve Donovan – Kassie DePaiva
Eric Brady – Greg Vaughan
Jennifer Devereaux – Melissa Reeves
Frankie Brady – Billy Warlock
Theresa Donovan – Jen Lilley
Nicole Walker – Arianne Zucker
Jack Devereaux – Matthew Ashford
Dr. Daniel Jonas – Shawn Christian
Will Horton – Chandler Massey
Paul Narita – Christopher Sean
Sonny Kiriakis – Freddie Smith

Chapter 1
Eric and Jennifer relished in their lovemaking after several months of denying their feelings for each other. Eric could no longer deny his feelings, despite still being in love with Nicole, who had left town suddenly after they were going to recommit to their love.
“I love you, Jennifer.” Eric told her after a long-overdue lovemaking session.
“I’m sorry for getting involved with another man when I knew it was you I wanted.” Jennifer confessed.
The two lovers kissed and continued to make love.
At the Kiriakis mansion, Brady and Eve continued their passionate tryst. Brady was finding it unable to resist stunning Eve more and more. Was Brady falling in love with Eve, despite his plan to get her out of Titan.
Brady and Eve also languished in bed, the duo fighting the temptation, but the passion was undeniable.
“Was it good for you?” Brady asked Eve as he hotly kissed her on the lips.
“I don’t know? Why don’t you make love to me again?” Eve challenged him.
“Seriously? You think I’m into you?” Brady pretended to detest her.
“Welllllllll…you are in my bed?”
“Correction…we’re in Victor’s bed…it’s his mansion, after all.” Brady pointed out.
“O.K…’re in the bed I’m sleeping in at Victor’s.” Eve said, getting technical.
Brady was going to take Eve up on her offer, but Titan business prevented him from doing so as Brady saw the text come in from Sonny, “Sorry, Eve, would love to, but business beckons.”
As Brady gets dressed to head out, Eve heads out to meet with a mystery person.
Meanwhile, at Horton Square, Will and Paul are enjoying a date at The Java Café, but the date is ruined when Will suddenly reflects on his life with Sonny when Will spies Sonny at the counter buying a round of Espressos for Titan employees.
And at an undisclosed location, two men lie in hospital beds hooked up to life-support machines and a mysterious figure writing in their files.

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Starrleena’s Weekly Soap Spoilers – February 5-9, 2018

Weekly Soap Spoilers – February 5-9, 2018

The Young & the Restless
Ashley and Victoria’s power struggle heats up.
Phyllis challenges Chelsea.
Sharon reveals a secret.
Billy encourages Jack and Ashley to make amends.
Noah drowns his sorrows.
Tessa defends Mariah.
Victor shocks Nikki.
Hilary resorts to blackmail.
J.T. and Victoria’s party takes a wrong turn.
Sharon offers Nick sound advice.
J.T. pursues a new opportunity.
Cane romances Lily.
Phyllis corners Nick.
Victor gives a family member some tough love.
Chelsea receives an ominous message.

The Bold & the Beautiful
Thorne makes an entertaining proposition to Katie as they work on Ridge and Brooke’s wedding.
Hope gives Brooke an unexpected answer to her burning question about Liam.
Wyatt voices his concerns to Katie about why she would prefer to attend the wedding solo.
The night before their wedding, Brooke and Ridge reminisce about their love story.
Liam is conflicted as to whether he should accept Steffy’s invitation to join her at the wedding,
Surrounded by family and friends, and with a familiar face above the fireplace, Brooke and Ridge’s wedding begins.
Liam confesses his true feelings about Steffy, and forgiveness, to Wyatt.
After readings and poems by their loved ones, Ridge and Brooke share their heartfelt vows.
Liam offers Wyatt brotherly advice after learning of his clandestine relationship with Katie.
During the wedding reception, Katie and Thorne bond, and Carter shares a moment with Maya.

General Hospital
Sam confesses.
Ava can’t help herself.
Carly warns Jason not to give up.
Michael is grateful.
Franco confides in Kevin.
Curtis and Jordan team up.
Alexis and Finn bond.
Julian is pestered.
Anna continues her investigation.
Robin reads between the lines.
Peter bumps into Lulu.
Alexis turns to Sam for help.
Ned’s words are impactful.
Julian declines an offer.
Jim Harvey continues to make waves.
Anna is in denial.
Drew pushes back.
Sam asks for a favor.
Carly vents her flusterations.
Drew is troubled.
Valentin stays by Nina’s side.
Franco has a moment with Obrecht.
Peter’s curiosity is piqued.
Dante offers his support.
Lulu is stunned.

Days of Our Lives
Anna confesses the truth to Hope.
Eli asks Gabi about the night of Andre’s murder.
Valerie confronts Lani about her secret.
JJ shares his good news with Julie.
Chad and Abigail walk in on a heated moment between Vivian and Stefan.
Rafe and Eli question a new suspect about Andre’s murder.
JJ pursues a new line of work.
Valerie gives Lani an ultimatum.
Gabi is booked on murder charges.
Brady and Eve go on their first real date.
Lani makes a confession to Eli.
Claire is intrigued when she realizes Ciara and Tripp are keeping a secret.
Will and Paul spy on John and discover his unsettling plans.
Steve’s condition worsens as he and Kayla race against time to find out what’s wrong with him.
Eli is faced with a difficult decision.
Claire tries to get the truth out of Tripp.
Will confronts John about his deadly secret.
Paul finds himself in a dangerous situation.
Kayla confides in Marlena her worries about Steve.
Abigail is stunned when she learns about the accusations against Gabi.

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Starrleena’s Weekly Soap Spoilers – January 29-February 2, 2018

Weekly Soap Spoilers – January 29 – February 2, 2018

The Young & the Restless
Monday: Nick opens the door to a secret; Noah catches Devon off guard; Cane catches Lily in a lie.
Tuesday: Ashley plays hardball with Victoria; Tessa seeks forgiveness from Mariah; Chelsea defends Adam’s name.
Wednesday: Victor makes an unlikely truce; Lauren receives unsettling news; Devon and Hilary share a charged moment.
Thursday: Phyllis chases a lead; Devon plays peacemaker between Mariah and Tessa; Cane and Lily make an important decision.
Friday: Nikki makes an unexpected connection; Chelsea is backed into a corner; an alias is exposed.

The Bold & the Beautiful
Monday: Unable to deny his love for her, $Bill pleads with Steffy for them to be together; after punching $Bill, Ridge heads to Liam’s and begs him to not allow $Bill to destroy his family.
Tuesday: Ridge makes a special request of Thorne after announcing his and Brooke’s imminent wedding plans; joyful that they have all come full circle, Quinn makes Ridge and Brooke a generous offer.
Wednesday: Ridge extends an olive branch to Thorne and the two share a rare moment of brotherly love; Rick gives Brooke a stipulation when she asks him for his blessing before marrying Ridge.
Thursday: Never a quitter, Sally visits an unsettled Liam, offering comfort and support; Wyatt is caught off guard seeing Hope at Forrester Creations, and the two share an awkward moment between exes.
Friday: Thorne begrudgingly participates in planning Brooke’s wedding with Katie, Ivy, Pam and Maya; Steffy becomes defensive when her archrival, Hope, confronts her with a harsh fact.

General Hospital
Monday: Anna has questions; Jason is determined; Jordan is deceived; Sonny grows suspicious; Griffin attempts to repay a debt.
Tuesday: Valentin has a tender moment; Anna makes a surprise move; Jason is interrupted; Drew knows more than he thinks; Sam makes a promise.
Wednesday: Valentin reminds Nina of her actions; Peter is unable to help; Sam refuses to help; Curtis has plans for Jordan; Stella is compassionate.
Thursday: Things don’t go according to plan for Jason; Anna gets disappointing news; Sonny gets a disturbing phone call; Monica is put on guard; Kevin interrupts Franco’s time with Scott.
Friday: Drew loses his temper; Sonny confides in Jason; Ava puts Kiki in an uncomfortable position; Carly threatens Nelle; Maxie is relieved.

Days of Our Lives
Monday: Eli and Rafe make a surprising discovery while reviewing security video from the night of Andre’s murder; Stefan assures Vivian he’s covered their tracks; Lani makes a confession to Gabi; John and Steve agree to investigate Anna’s mysterious letter.
Tuesday: Kayla finds Steve struggling with his vision and urges him to see a doctor; Sonny is gut-punched by Will’s news; Paul is disturbed when he overhears John on a private call; Valerie remains suspicious of Lani and decides to take action.
Wednesday: Steve shares with Kayla dire news about his health; Will vows to help Paul get to the bottom of what’s going on with John; Eve tries to give Sonny relationship advice, but he lashes out at her; Victor suggests how Brady can win Eve’s trust.
Thursday: Tensions rise at Andre’s funeral; Carrie returns to Salem to defend her parents; John and Paul get a lead on Anna’s letter; Rafe learns someone else knows his secret.
Friday: Andre’s funeral is interrupted by an unexpected guest; Roman and Anna provide Hope with another suspect for Andre’s murder; Will seeks Hope’s help; Rafe questions Stefan about the DiMera security footage.

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What If Todd Manning Met Franco: A GH/OLTL Crossover


What if Todd Manning met Robert Frank aka Franco? What kind of adventures would they have? Would they get along and create havoc in Llanview or Port Charles? But what happens when the Real Franco (played by James Franco) turns up?

Chapter 1

Todd Manning wasn’t having a good day. He and his girlfriend, Carly Jacks were fighting. His three children weren’t speaking to him because of his relationship with Carly. They didn’t care for Carly at all, especially Jack. Even his sister, Victoria Lord Buchanan, wasn’t speaking to him. And Viki was one person Todd could always count on to be there for him.

Todd just wanted to go home and pass out on his bed. But he was stuck at The Sun, the Llanview magazine he bought when he came into his millions after he learned he was Victor Lord’s son.

Just when Todd thought his day couldn’t get any worse, in walks Todd’s worst nightmare: Robert Frank, or better known as Franco. Todd had never met of Franco, but he has heard of him. And he vowed he never wanted to cross paths with the guy. The guy scared Todd out of his boxers. And Todd didn’t scare to easy, but Franco had some how managed to do that.

“Mr. Manning?” Franco said. “May I come in?”

“Yes, Mr. Franco. What can I do for you?” Todd asks, not really wanting to know.

“I need your help.” Franco said. “And I was told you were the man for the job.”

“Excuse me?” Todd asks, confused. “What can I possibly do for you?”

“Hire me as art director here at The Sun.”

“You want a job as art director here?

“Yes, I do.”

“What can you do for me here?”

“I will boost your sales if you hire me.”

“And just how will you do that?”

“I can’t tell that at the moment. You have to trust me on this. I have big plans for The Sun.”

“Okay. You’re hired.” Todd said, shaking Franco’s hand, not sure if he should have done this.

As Franco leaves Todd’s office, Todd wonders what he has gotten himself into. He knows Franco’s rap history, and wonders if he should have went through with the deal. At least Todd can fire him if Franco doesn’t bring in sales like promised.

Chapter 2

Franco came to The Sun, ready to show Todd his first idea for The Sun. As staff showed up for the meeting, Todd opened the meeting with news of his newest employee.

“Welcome everyone. I’m glad you all were able to get here.” Todd began. “First, I’d like you to meet The Sun’s newest employee, Robert Frank.”

As everyone welcomed the new staff member, Franco said, “Thank you. You all can call me Franco.”

“Okay, now that you all are now familiar with Franco. . .” Todd began, “Franco here, is going to show you idea for The Sun.”

Todd let Franco have the floor as Franco put his laptop on the table to show the slides for his presentation.

After the presentation, the staff was pleased with Franco’s ideas, which greatly surprised Todd. Todd was glad to hear that everyone seemed to approve of Franco after Todd worried over his decision to bring him on.

Todd stopped Franco after everyone else left the conference room. “Franco, I want to apologize to you if I at all offended you yesterday by my untrusting attitude.”

“Don’t worry about it.” Franco reassured him.

“Well, it looks as if you will make a good addition to The Sun.” Todd said, patting Franco on the back.

Franco tried not to show it, but he couldn’t help but back off a little after Todd patted him on the back. Franco didn’t like to be touched. It reminded him of his own father, but Todd didn’t seem to notice, so Franco relaxed a bit.

After Franco saw that Todd was pleased with his presentation, Franco left the conference room and went to his office to work on his real plan as a sly smile came across Franco’s face.

He hung up the plan that was shown in the meeting on the bulletin board and began to work on his real plan.

Chapter 3

Now that the idea was approved for the next issue of The Sun, Franco finished the real idea and successfully managed to get the real idea past Todd’s review and on to submission in the next issue.

Now all Franco had to do was wait for reader’s views when they see the real submission.

A week after the new issue of The Sun had been released, Todd nearly flipped when he reviewed the sales of the recent issue. Sales were nearly doubled from previous issues.

Todd glanced at the latest issue to see what was making all the sales, and he saw Franco’s latest idea and it was not what Franco had pitched at the meeting.

Franco’s idea was graphic depictions of his art was what drove The Sun’s sales up dramatically? Todd couldn’t understand why his readers wanted to see this stuff? He decided to visit Franco and ask what was up?

“Franco, we need to talk.” Todd said, when Franco said to come in.

“Yes, Mr. Manning.” Franco said. “Is there something wrong with the issue?”

“Yes, and no.”

“I’m confused.” Franco said. “I promised huge sales in The Sun? Didn’t I deliver?”

“Yes, you did, Franco.” Todd congratulated him. “But it wasn’t what you pitched in the meeting?”

“Yes, Mr. Manning. I knew you’d probably flip if you saw the real idea, so I pitched a fake idea and after you approved it, I got my real idea submitted instead.”

“But how did you get it past editing?”

Franco flashed a sly smile, “I told you I would increase your sales, did I not?”

“Yes, you did.”

“Well, what’s the problem?”

“Can I see what your working on for the next issue?”

But before Franco could show Todd his idea, Jessica Buchanan came in and interrupted them.

“Uncle Todd, we are needed at Angel Square, A.S.A.P.”

“What for?”

“There’s a press conference being held for my mother and I want to cover it before anyone else does.”

“Great! I’ll have Franco go with you to help.”

“Sure, Todd, I’m on my way.” Franco said, as he grabbed his notepad.

After Franco left with Jessica, Todd peaked at Franco’s latest idea and was a little confused by what Franco saw. He wondered if he should just let Franco go and give up these sales?

Chapter 4

“Franco, I’m afraid I must let you go.” Todd told Franco sadly.

“You’re firing me?” Franco asked.

“I don’t like your work.”

“But I’ve brought in sales?”

“It’s your material.” Todd said, bluntly. “They’re too gruesome!”

“What’s wrong with it?”

“Images of murder?” Todd questioned him. “The Sun isn’t about murder.”

“That’s not murder. It’s called art!” Franco defended himself.

“Murder is not art!” Todd said. “Now, if you’ll please clean out your desk. . .”

“Okay, Mr. Manning, but you’re gonna be sorry!” Franco said, before he left Todd alone in his office.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Todd yells out after him.

Franco quickly cleaned out his office desk with a gleeful smile. His planned worked. Now he could proceed with the next phase of his plan: oust Todd Manning as CEO of The Sun. Franco rightfully owned the rights to The Sun and he had the proof from Victor Lord himself right before Victor died at his hands. Sure, they all think the man died of a heart attack, but that’s what Franco wanted them all to believe. No knew that Franco was there right before Victor died. Franco managed to sneak out just before the chambermaid came in and found Victor lying there dead in his study.

The two weeks that Franco was there at the Sun, Franco had managed to make friends with staff at The Sun, friends that detested Todd as CEO. Todd didn’t know what hit him when he hired Franco. And Franco was going to enjoy every minute of having Todd Manning tossed out on his butt!

Chapter 5

Todd and Franco were on the case trying to solve the murder of Todd’s father, Victor Lord. But it seemed Victor Lord would have the last laugh on his son when a man claiming to be the real Franco (played by James Franco) arrived at The Sun.

“I’m sorry, sir, may I help you?” Todd asked as he was working on some edits at The Sun, while Franco was busy pursuing clues to the murder of Todd’s father.

“Yes, the man you have working with you is not Franco.” The man told Todd.

“I’m sorry, but who are you?” Todd inquired.

“I’m the real Franco.” The man said.

“Come again?” Todd asked in disbelief.

“I said, ‘I’m the real Franco,’ and the man claiming to be Franco is a fake.” The man repeated again.

“Yeah, and how can you prove you’re the real Franco?”

“I have all the documents here to prove it.” The man said, producing said documents and laid them on the desk for Todd to look at.

The documents that the man laid before Todd all claimed to be true, but Todd called his V.P. to come to his office.

“Mr. Manning.” Todd’s niece, Natalie Buchanan said when she arrived at Todd’s office.

“I need you to verify these documents to be true.” Todd said to Natalie as he handed the man claiming to be the real Franco to her.

“Yes, Uncle Todd. I’ll get right on it.” Natalie said, as she left to head for her own office.

“While we wait, Mr. er, Franco, why don’t you fill me in on what you intend to do if you are this Franco?”

“When it’s proven that I’m really Franco, I intend to take my life back!”

Just as Todd was getting to know the man claiming to be Franco, Franco had knocked on the door to reveal what he had found out about Victor Lord’s murder.

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Tabitha’s Spell: A DOOL/Passions Crossover

Brady Black, Arianna Hernandez, Rafe Hernandez find themselves in L.A. via a new spell by Tabitha the witch along with Ethan, Gwen, Whitney, Fox, and Chad. When Tabitha attempts to correct the spell, the spell goes awry and they all end up in Harmony. Rafe falls for Sheridan after seeing her heartbreak because Luis is with Beth, while Brady and Arianna show Ethan what would have been had Gwen not lied about the tabloid. Still blind about her lies and schemes, Brady tries to set him straight, but falls for Theresa instead and another triangle results between Ethan, Gwen and Arianna. When Tabitha reveals to Brady, Arianna and Rafe that she can get them back to Salem, will they want to go or stay?
Brady Black – Eric Martsolf
Arianna Hernandez – Lindsay Hartley
Rafe Hernandez – Galen Gering
Ethan Winthrop – Eric Martsolf
Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald Crane – Lindsay Hartley
Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald – Galen Gering
Gwen Hotchkiss Winthrop – Liza Huber
Whitney Russell – Brooke Kerr
Fox Crane – Justin Hartley
Chad Harris-Crane – Charles Divins
Rebecca Hotchkiss – Andrea Evans
Tabitha Lennox – Juliet Mills
Chapter 1
“What the hell just happened?” Brady asked when he woke up to find that he, Arianna, and Rafe weren’t partying at Victor’s Club.
Just then, Rafe was coming to.
“Brady, where are we?” Rafe asked, dazed and confused.
“I don’t know.” Brady asked, when he saw Arianna coming to also.
“Oh geez, I think I had too much to drink.” Arianna said, groggily.
The three visitors were even more confused when they were confronted with Ethan Winthrop, Gwen Hotchkiss, Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald, Whitney Russell and Chad Harris-Crane. Brady and Arianna were even more alarmed when they noticed that they bore a striking resemblance to Ethan and Theresa.
“Who the hell are you?” Ethan said, when he noticed Brady.
“We’d like to know the same thing.” Brady asked the five newcomers.
“All I know is we were having a party at Luis’, then suddenly the five of us were here.” Ethan explained.
“Well, the three of us were doing the same at Victor’s Club when we found ourselves here as well.” Brady explained to Ethan and the others.
As Brady, Arianna, Rafe, Ethan Gwen, Theresa, Whitney and Chad tried to figured out what was going on, Tabitha was back home in Harmony busily trying to bring Ethan, Gwen, Theresa, Whitney and Chad back to Harmony as well as Brady, Arianna and Rafe home to Salem. She couldn’t understand what went wrong with her spell.
Conjuring up another spell to right the one that went wrong and sent them all to Los Angeles, Tabitha hoped she could fix the spell, but instead, they all ended back in Harmony.

Meanwhile, Hecuba maniacally laughed at her handiwork to ruin Tabitha’s spell to get even with Tabitha for ruining her chances at having Julian Crane all to herself.
Chapter 2
“So Tabitha, work any spells lately?!” Hecuba laughed through her cell.
“What did you do, Hecuba?!” Tabitha asked her.
“You’ll find out soon enough.” Hecuba warned her before hanging up.

Ethan, Gwen, Theresa, Whitney and Chad were glad to be back in Harmony, but Brady, Arianna and Rafe were confused when they found themselves not in Salem, but in Harmony as well.
“What the hell is going on?” Rafe inquired, as Brady and Arianna wondered along with him.
“I don’t know but this sure isn’t Salem.” Brady exclaimed.
“No it certainly isn’t.” Arianna agreed.
“So where the hell are we?” Rafe asked.
Just then, the Harmony 5 spotted the Salem 3.
“We can help you with your answer.” Luis replied to the Salem 3.
“So where are we?” Rafe asked.
“Well, you’re definitely not in Kansas.” Luis joked. “You’re on our turf—Harmony, New England.”
“Why are we here and not in Salem?” Brady asked them.
Just as Luis was about to answer them, Tabitha came walking onto the beach.
“I can give you the answer to your prayers.” Tabitha replied.
“Tabitha.” Whitney asked. “What do you mean by that?”
“I mean that I placed a spell that would send the five of you to LA.” Tabitha said, pointing to the Harmony 5.
“Are you telling us that we ended up in LA because of your spell?” Theresa exclaimed.
“And I sent you three there as well?” Tabitha said to the Salem 3.
“So they got back to their home; why aren’t we back in Salem?” Rafe demanded from Tabitha.
“Well, I was working on that when my spell was foiled.” Tabitha explained to the Salem 3.
“What do you mean ‘your spell was foiled?’ “ Rafe and Brady demanded.
“Hecuba foiled the spell that caused you three to land here in Harmony.” Tabitha told them.
“So Brady, Rafe and I are here because you’re spell was foiled by another witch?” Arianna asked.
“I’m sorry.” Tabitha apologized. “I’m working on getting you three back to Salem.”
“And just what do we do now?” Brady asked.
“The Crane’s have plenty of room at the mansion.” Luis offered. “I’m sure Sheridan wouldn’t mind putting you three up.”
As Luis escorts Brady, Arianna and Rafe to the Crane’s, Tabitha heads back home to try to fix the spell that will send Brady, Arianna and Rafe back home in Salem.
Chapter 3
Tabitha wasn’t having any luck fixing the spell that would send Brady, Rafe and Arianna back home to Salem. She couldn’t understand what was going wrong. But Hecuba was laughing knowing she was the one messing with Tabitha’s spell. She wanted the 3 Salemites to stay in Harmony as part of her plot to mess with Sheridan, Antonio, Fancy, Luis, Ethan, Gwen, and Theresa. She wanted to ruin romance in Harmony and keeping Rafe, Brady and Arianna, who looked just like Ethan, Luis and Theresa, was the perfect way to do it.
Tabitha visited Brady, Rafe and Arianna to give them the bad news.
“I’m sorry guys. But I can’t seem to fix the spell that would send you back to Salem.” Tabitha said sadly. “I’m afraid, for the moment, you’re all stuck here in Harmony.”
Rafe, Brady and Arianna all looked depressed as they wondered about their families back home in Salem. They all looked at each other, wondering how long they would have to remain here in Harmony.
As they headed back to their suite at the hotel, Ethan caught the Salemite trio and invited them to dinner at the Crane mansion. And without a thought, the 3 decided to accept Ethan’s offer.
Things got hectic as Rafe got chummy with Sheridan, to Antonio’s chagrin, Brady got chummy with Theresa, which caused jealousy in Ethan, and Gwen learned the reason behind Tabitha’s failed spell to get Rafe, Brady and Arianna back to Salem from an unlikely source.
“Timmy, what are you doing here?” Gwen asked him as she caught him snooping around the Crane mansion.
“Looking for my madam.” Timmy told her.
“Tabitha’s here?”
“Yes. I know why those people are still here?”
“What? You have to tell me?”
“Why should I, Gwen?” Timmy retorted.
“I’ll make it worth your while.” Gwen lied.
“What will you do for me if I do?”
“I won’t tell anyone you’re here looking for Tabitha.” Gwen said.
“Nope. Sorry.” Timmy refused to accept Gwen’s lame offer.
“Well, what do you suggest?”
“If I tell you, you have to confess to Ethan, your part in Little Ethan’s and Jane’s paternity switch.” Timmy said.
“Okay.” Gwen agreed, knowing she’d find a way out of Timmy’s deal.
“Okay, I know that Hecuba messed with Tabitha’s spell.”
“She did?”
“Yeah, she wants Rafe, Brady and Arianna to stay in Harmony as part of her plot to ruin the your romances.”
“Really.” Gwen reasoned, as she ran to the dining room to reveal Hecuba’s plan.
“What about our deal?!” Timmy yelled after her, knowing he’d been duped.

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