Lover and Mate: A Buffy the Vampire Slayer Fanfiction

Chapter 1

Buffy, Spike, and Angel are trapped together hands bound and mouths gagged.

“Tragic how your blood will be spilt!”

After that big fallout in L.A., they were left to pick up the pieces of the broken body parts of Illyria. Then, bury Gunn and Wesley. Sadly, both boys were taken by surprise. “I am Thorne, you see, your Slayer, here greatly offended me by staking my master and I am delivering the blow!”

He had a long line of torture devices, ranging from small knives to large knives. He picked the largest one with Celtic writings. “I am going to make you watch as I torment her,” he grinned.

Angel was testing his chains to see if he could break.

“You bloody pillock,” screamed Spike also thrashing around. “Don’t you fuckin touch my girl!”

“Please William, if I want her, I’ll have her! If I want to, I’ll break her…!”

Angelus was now struggling, I could tell. It won’t be long before she’s completely mine.


Like a dutiful childe, she came to stand by him. “Sire, when are you going to turn the Slayer…?” He smiled at her.

“Come Willow, we have things to do…” She grabbed his hand and allowed him to walk her into the night air.


Chapter 2- Feed

He swallowed a mouthful of her blood, the strongest Slayer drug was still in her system, he had ripped it out of the Council himself, a Cruciamentum drug.
William the Bloody cried out in protest as I fed from her. She was delicious and I beckoned Willow to try some. I backhanded the bitch. Boy she was tougher than she looked!

“Come on little girl, don’t pass out on me!” She gazed at me tiredly, the light gone out of her eyes. Bingo, she was about to give up. With her friend dead, she had no one on her side.

I am destroying her sanity.

Chapter 3- Awake

Buffy let a low growl-rumble through her chest to her head, the pain was growing and it was coming from her stomach. Spike/Angel almost tore through their bonds. She gazed at her sire curiously. “Hungry!”

“You are exquisite,” he said with lust, hungrily gauzing her.

“You turned her vertigo,” said one of his 6 female Vamps.

“What can I say, I practically ripped it off of Angelus- driving his victims insane, torturing them mentally and psychotically, then turning them!” He reached out. “Come here!”

The newborn obediently obliged. “Hungry,” she repeated.

“Willow, get her something to eat!”

She followed through the instructions and returned with a young girl. “Drink from her,” he commanded and her fangs elongated.

Watching Buffy kill had been tremendous torture, an act of violation to her nature, but watching her enjoy it was worse.

She was drinking greedily, taking her time, and actually moaning to the healing effect. It was returning her strengths and cleaning her body of the drug. “We will go hunting later…”

Chapter 4- Party On

‘Hunting and Buffy just did not go,’ thought Spike angrily.

Angel was distressed. She was dressed in a beautiful Red gown and her hair was curled making her Green eyes seem even more innocent, but this creature wasn’t innocent, not by human standards. She was lithe and powerful also evil.

“Who would you like to eat first? Kennedy, Rona, or Vi?” Asked her Vampire best friend.

“Kennedy,” she said with distaste. Even her soul hated her. It was because of her, she was kicked out. She was just a distraction. “I would like to break her, make her beg for mercy before her throat is ripped out!” They giggled, clutching onto their sire.

Chapter 5- Hunting Competition

“Thank you for turning me into a monster. I couldn’t have asked for anything more luxurious than this. As the Slayer, they always expected me to do my duty, everything had to be done right, I was handed a stake and just told to slay Vampires. Didn’t even have the proper training before Merrick was killed. I hated being used like a sacrificial lamb. I was only 15!”

Marie: It’s like they needed us at the altar or something. She was another Slayer turned, one of the former SITS.

They headed to the park, Willow and Buffy holding hands, swinging side- by- side.

“Oh, the freedom is great, but there are other things about being a Vampire… Like chaos, mayhem, and destruction.”

They saw the human.

Chapter 6 – Destruction

Buffy and Willow preyed on the human in the park, waiting to pounce on him and devour him. . .then make him feed on them. . .turn him. . .

Buffy saw her chance and walked up to the man, began chatting with him, getting a feel for his friendliness. . .then. . .

The man was out cold when Buffy slit her wrist and put it to the man’s mouth to feed upon.

“You do that well.” Willow noticed.

“It’s easy. . .not to mention, a hell of a lot more fun than slaying vampires.”
Buffy told her.

“Uh oh!” Willow warned Buffy. “Look who’s coming!”

Buffy turned to spy Cordy with Angel, walking hand in hand. Ever since Angel hooked up with Cordy, Buffy detested Cordy. She couldn’t believe that Cordy would turn to Angel when she knew how Buffy felt about Angel.

“So. Let the two be.” Buffy said. “I have no use for Angel anymore.”

But deep down, it hurt to see Angel with that spiteful girl. Cordy would pay and pay dearly for taking Angel from her. But for now, Buffy turned her attention to the man she had just turned as he got up with a strange hunger for raw meat and blood.

“You’re one of us now.” Buffy told the man. “I am your master for I sired you.”
The man went on his way looking for something to curb his growing hunger. . .until Buffy gave her call.

Chapter 7

Now that Buffy had fulfilled her quest to her sire, it was time for revenge—on Cordy for taking Angel from her.

Buffy stalked Cordy and Angel as they walked hand in hand, kissing each other hungrily every few steps. It was sickening to watch, as if they couldn’t get enough.

Buffy waited.

Waited for just the right moment. . . .


Angel left poor Cordy alone. Buffy could now seek her revenge on Cordy. Buffy swooped in on a unsuspecting Cordy and bit her neck. As Cordy went limp in Buffy’s arms, Buffy thought of just letting Cordy die, but she knew it would be more fun if Cordy were a vamp, soulless, like her. So she let Cordy feed from her until Cordy was turned.

“What did you do to me!” Cordy screamed, as she looked into the mirror and saw no reflection. “It can’t be!”

“Yes, dear Cordy! You are my childe!” Buffy laughed.

“Angel?” Cordy cried. “What will he think now that I’m one too?”

But Cordy didn’t have to wait a second longer when Angel showed up looking for Cordy when she failed to meet him at the time they agreed.

“Cordy, I was getting worried?” Angel said, horrified at her new look.

“Angel, you can’t. . .” Cordy began before trailing off, not wanting to tell him she was a vamp, but the hunger was getting worse. She knew she needed some fresh blood soon.

“Cordy, you look sick?” Angel said with concern, as Buffy laughed at the two of them. It was even better than Buffy imagined.

“What did you do to her, Buffy?” Angel demanded.

“Whatever do you mean?” Buffy said innocently.

“You turned Cordy!”

“Yes, Angelus, I did!” Buffy retorted.

Chapter 8

As Angel tended to Cordy and helped her with her hunger, Spike met with Buffy. Gawd! She was even more desireable as a vamp! He wanted her now!

“See somethin’ you like?” Buffy asked Spike, noticing how he was looking at her.

“What the hell!” Buffy thought to herself. “What could be wrong with giving Spike what he wanted.”

And Buffy went in for the kill as she moved in to give Spike a kiss. He went for it as he kissed her fervently, hungry for whatever she gave him as the two of them made passionate love.

As Buffy and Spike made love to each other, they were unaware of the audience they had as Angel watched the two lovers. Angel was now seeking his revenge on Buffy for turning Cordy, and Spike, for taking his girl.

Back at Giles’ store, Willow was minding the store while Xander was making out with Anya. But Willow wouldn’t be alone for long, as Tara was on her way to see Willow.

“Tara?” Willow said surprised to see her.

“I needed to see you.” Tara said, looking outside.

“Tara, what’s wrong? Why do you keep looking out the window?”

“Someone tried to kill me!”

“What? Who?” Willow said as she pulled Tara from the window just as a gun sounded.

Willow placed her body over Tara’s, but when she got off Tara’s body after the gunfire, it was too late as she saw Tara had been shot.

“Tara!” Willow screamed, shaking Tara’s lifeless body, and sending Xander and Anya inside, the two lovers oblivious to the gunfire.

“What’s all the noise!” Xander yelled coming into the store.

“Tara’s been shot!” Willow yelled.

“What? How?” Anya said confused.

“You didn’t hear the gunshots?”

“No. I guess Xander and I were too busy.”

“We heard someone screaming and came inside.” Xander said.

“She’s not…..” Willow said, almost afraid to say it.

“No, she has a pulse.” Xander said, feeling Tara’s pulse on her inner arm.

As Willow breathed a sigh of relief, Xander covered Tara’s body with a blanket as Anya called an ambulance to take Tara to the hospital.


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Starrleena’s Soap Opera Critiques

June 5 – 9, 2017

The Young and the Restless:

Victor, you get away with murder again as Chloe fakes her suicide and goes off with Kevin and Bella and everyone thinks she is dead.

Hilary, what do you think is going to happen when Juliet claims sexual harassment against Cane for their night in Tokyo partying and Cane’s drunken night he doesn’t remember?

Dina, what are you hiding from Jack and Ashley? What don’t you want them to know?

The Bold and the Beautiful

Katie, really, you thought pointing a gun at Quinn would solve your problems?

Nicole, we feel for you not being able to have another child, but you did choose to give Lizzie to Maya and Rick.

And, Sheila Carter is back? What does she have in mind and can Quinn escape her?

General Hospital:

Kiki, so glad you listened to Dillon about Ava. Yes she’s done some horrible things, but she is your mother.

Sonny and Carly, now that you know the truth about Morgan’s meds, will you find closure and heal…maybe reconcile, or move on with your lives.

Julian, you were such a heartbreaker when Alexis let you see Scout. Will you use it to redeem yourself in your children and Alexis’ eyes?

Curtis and Jordan, will the past come back to haunt you?

Ava, you thought you could just give up and die. But you’re still alive. Looks like you’ll have to face your horrible situation!

Valentin, your video to Charlotte was heartbreakingly moving. It’s clear you love your daughter.

Days of Our Lives:

Abigail, you’re about to marry Dario to help him from being deported and you’re worry about Chad being with Gabi.

John, so glad you got your priorities right and your real mission is to save your son.

Chad and Gabi, will you do the deed now that you’re stuck together on the island amongst all the mayhem?

Paul, don’t give in to the sickness. You have strength among friends.

Look for John Grisham’s “Camino Island!”


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For Eternity: A Buffy the Vampire Slayer Fanfiction

Let’s say that Angelus doesn’t get his soul returned and stays alive, but Drusilla pushes Buffy into Acathla. Soon, Angelus, Dru and Spike will rule Sunnydale while Buffy’s in Hell facing her Vampire double, the one from Season 1’s ‘Nightmares.’ She says something that will make Buffy want to become a Vampire by showing her that she could go to Heaven and leave her Demon on the Earth and will show her all of Giles’ betrayals/what could happen to her. She gets to see her future through a looking glass of Hell.
That leaves her questioning her friends until she decides to become a full Vampire and sadly she doesn’t go anywhere but in this Demonic body forever and she’s even happy. She is glad to get rid of her calling and even though with a soul, becomes bad. The other Vampire disappears, spitting her out of Acathla and into Angel’s apartment which he now abandoned to live at the factory.
Buffy Summers – Sarah Michelle Gellar
Angel – David Boreanaz
Spike – James Marsten
Drusilla – Juliet Landau
Rupert Giles – Anthony Head
Willow – Alyson Hannigan

Chapter 1
Let’s say that Angelus doesn’t get his soul returned and stays alive, but Drusilla pushes Buffy into Acathla. Soon, Angelus Dru and Spike will rule Sunny Dale while Buffy’s in Hell facing her Vampire double, the one from Billy Palmer’s little dream reality.
She says something that will make Buffy want to become a Vampire by showing her that she could go to Heaven and leave her Demon on the Earth and will show her all of Giles’ betrayals/what could happen to her. She gets to see her future through a looking glass of Hell.
That leaves her questioning her friends until she decides to become a full Vampire and sadly she doesn’t go anywhere but in this Demonic body forever and she’s even happy. She is glad to get rid of her calling and even though with a soul, becomes bad. The other Vampire disappears, spitting her out of Acathla and into Angel’s apartment which he abandoned to live at the factory. So now, she reads a book, one of his about romance and passion. She smirks. Angelus was ‘GREAT’ at giving ‘passion.’
‘Yeah, great at losing his soul,’ she got all dark at the memory.
But then, she loves being dark these days, her little escape from the real world.
A get away from duty. Boy, Giles would have a cow! G- man, she corrected with a twist to her lips.
‘Cool it, they’ll all be evil soon,’ she berated herself.
She knew Angelus would turn one of her friends, maybe 2 if she was lucky, but not Xander because he had a hand in Acathla. Well, his plan to send Angel to Hell failed and sent his best friend.
The jacka** was going to be killed, slowly and painfully.
Chapter 2
“Jenny’s dead, what more do I have to live for,” he asked the King and Queen sitting on their throne with Spike growling next to them. The urge to punch the bride and take her was stronger. If you see close up, he was crying. And Dru was laughing with her daddy.
The more he sat around, the more he wanted to down his slosh and bake in the sun.
“Willy my boy, aren’t you having fun…?” No, not what you call ‘fun’, being someone’s reject.
His jaw clenched. ‘Just you wait, Angelus, my boy’ was his wicked grinning thought.
Giles sat perfectly still, he felt emotionless since Angel’s soul went away. He was just fine, emotions dried out, no tears to cry.
He was content to just wallow in his misery.
Chapter 3
Buffy watched as Angel tortured Giles, or G-man. It served Giles right, the way he pushed her too far. Boy would they all be surprised when they saw what she had become, Buffy thought, as she continued to watch Angel torture Giles. But his attention wavered when he saw Xander approaching.
“No!” Buffy said silently to herself. “Don’t touch him! Xander’s mine for the taking!”
Buffy wanted a hand in Xander’s demise for his role in sending her to Acathla and into this soulless body, which she actually loved, but did not want them to know the truth.
As Angel left Giles to his misery, he headed for Xander, but Buffy beat him to it and held Xander in her grasp, baring her fangs.
“Buffy!” Angel exclaimed, smiling at the sight of seeing the fangs. “The look looks great on you!”
“Go!” Buffy ordered. “He’s mine!”
“Okay!” Angel said, and went back to Giles.
“Buffy, what’s got into you?” Giles cried out to her.
“You!” Buffy wailed. “I’m tired of being your protégé!”
“But you were such a promising student.” Giles protested.
“This is the new Buffy! New and improved!” Buffy informed Giles, Angel and Xander. “And you’re all going to be sorry you crossed me!”
As Buffy let Xander go, she ordered Angel not to harm him, and gave dire instructions to her new minions if Angel did try to harm Xander.
Chapter 4
Buffy remembered what was shown to her in Acathla as she reviewed images of past events of Giles’ betrayals, as well as those of the Scooby gang. Now that she was here on earth as a Vampire, she was going to get revenge on everyone who betrayed her.
It was just odd that she found herself in Angelus’ apartment as he was making love to Drusilla. That’s when it came to her. How to get back at Angelus (that’s what Buffy now intended to call Angel from now on due to his betrayal). She would find Spike and let Angelus find her in the same position she found Angelus and Drusilla in. And just her luck, Spike was happening along now.
“Spike!” Buffy called out to him.
Spike turned around to find Buffy waiting for him near some trees.
“You want a piece of me?” Buffy taunted him. “Now’s your chance to have it!”
Being in love with the slayer for as long as he could remember, Spike took Buffy up on her offer.
“Okay.” Spike agreed. “Here I am.”
“Shhh. Just one moment.” Buffy seductively said as she sent Angelus a hypnotizing message that immediately made Angelus leave Drusilla’s side and towards Buffy’s signal.
As soon as Buffy knew Angelus was at the scene, she went full steam on and gave Spike what he wanted as she passionately kissed him full on the lips, giving Angelus a show that made him seethe with anger and jealousy.
Moments later, Spike and Buffy finally came up for air. Buffy smiled slyly knowing that Angelus got what he deserved. Poor Spike. He didn’t know what hit him.
Chapter 5
Buffy was on the prowl for fresh meat when Spike found her. He couldn’t get their kiss off his mind and wanted more. Buffy, hot and bothered, ravaging him. He was hooked.
“Buffy?” Spike said, hoping Buffy wanted him.
“What do you want, Spike?” Buffy said irritated he was ruining the prey she had just found.
Spike couldn’t wait for Buffy’s answer as he kissed her hard on the lips, to which Buffy resisted by pulling away and shoving him away from her.
“What was that for?” Spike said surprised at her reaction to his kiss.
“For kissing me!” Buffy said, irritated.
“But…” Spike said confused. “…you liked it last night?”
“What are you talking about?” Buffy said, not wanting him to know she was a vampire.
“You came on to me and we kissed.”
“What are you on, Spike?” Buffy replied. “We did not!”
“Okay, but whatever it was between us, you liked it, and you had me hot.”
Spike moved in to kiss her hoping for more action, but Buffy just threw across the cemetery and went looking for more prey. But Angelus coming at Spike stopped Buffy as she hid in the bushes and watched the fight that was about to ensue between Spike and Angelus.
The two vampires threw punches as Angel’s aggression came out, to Buffy’s glee. She loved the two vampires fighting over her. Not that either of them was going to win her heart.
No, she had plans for Angelus and Spike, as well as Xander and the rest of the Scoobies. And she couldn’t wait to show them her revenge.


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Monte Carlo: Lust & Passion (A Bold and the Beautiful Fanfiction)


As the Spencer Summit begins, several couples have romance in their minds: Quinn desires to be with Eric, but Deacon has other plans in store for her; Wyatt and Steffy embark on a very romantic holiday but Liam plans to make this one of Steffy’s best memories. Who will end up with who? Elsewhere, Ridge and Caroline deny their feelings for each other while getting involved with other people and Katie and Bill work hard at co-parenting now that their marriage is over.


Liam Spencer – Scott Clifton
Wyatt Fuller-Spencer – Darin Brooks
Steffy Forrester-Fuller-Spencer – Jacqueline MacInnes Wood
Quinn Fuller – Rena Sofer
Eric Forrester – John McCook
Deacon Sharpe – Sean Kanan
Ridge Forrester – Thorsten Kaye
Caroline Spencer Forrester – Linsey Godfrey
Brooke Logan – Katherine Kelly Lang
Thomas Forrester – Pierson Fode
Katie Logan Spencer – Heather Tom
Bill Spencer – Don Diamont

Chapter 1

“Steffy, I love you!” Liam told Steffy in between kisses.

“Liam, please.” Steffy protested Liam’s kisses as she pulled away from him. “Please respect my marriage to your brother.”

“C’mon, Steffy!” Liam debated. “You’re not buying my father’s drivel are you?”

“The fact is I’m married to Wyatt.” Steffy reminded him.

“Steffy! Please!” Liam said as Steffy walked out on him.

As hard as it was to turn Liam down, Steffy had to do it. It was the hardest thing she had ever had to do. And she deeply wanted Liam. Well one thing was for sure, while her and Wyatt and Liam were in Monte Carlo for the Spencer Summit, she would just have to avoid Liam at all costs.

Meanwhile, back in L.A…….

“Quinn be logical.” Deacon did his best to persuade her from going to Monte Carlo to be with Eric.

“I’m going to Monte Carlo, Deacon.” Quinn responded. “I need to be with Eric.”

“But what if you run into Steffy?”

“I don’t care! I need Eric right now!”

Deacon pulled Quinn into a kiss to remind her of what they had, but Quinn pulled away.

“Stop that, Deacon!” Quinn fired back as she slapped him. “I belong to Eric now!”

“Oh, please, Quinn! Don’t make me laugh!”

“Eric and I have something magical?” Quinn said dreamy-eyed as if she was still a schoolgirl.

“Magical!” Deacon objected. “The only thing sees you as is a fling!”

“You’re just jealous because Eric has my heart!”

“Oh, trust me Quinn, it’s not your heart Eric wants!” Deacon fired back.

“I’m going to Monte Carlo and you can’t stop me!” Quinn said as she grabbed her luggage and headed for the taxi that was waiting for her to take her to the airport.

“Oh, Quinn, you’re not getting away that easily!” Deacon said to himself.

Elsewhere in L.A…….

“Thomas, your father and I have parted ways.” Caroline came out and admitted it during a discussion with Thomas about Douglas.

“He did!” Thomas said in mock surprise as he hid his glee from her.

“It was a mutual decision.” Caroline said as she tried to hide the tears in her eyes.

“Well, my father didn’t deserve your love.” Thomas said, hoping he had another chance with Caroline and they could be a family.

As Caroline broke down in front of Thomas, he put his arms around her as it ended in a kiss.


“Brooke, it’s over between Caroline and i.” Ridge said when she walked into the Tiki Bar as Ridge was drinking his troubles away.

“No, Ridge, not you and Caroline!” Brooke said, but quietly to herself, “Ridge is mine once again!”

As Ridge poured out his troubles to Brooke, she sat there and listened, as she held his hand.

Chapter 2

Brooke felt sorry for Ridge as he drank his troubles away. As she helped Ridge to her townhouse and helped him upstairs to her bedroom, the bedroom they once shared, Brooke tried to resist temptation not to kiss him. But the temptation was more than she could bare and she leaned in to give Ridge a kiss on the cheek.
“Brooke, lie next to me.” Ridge pleaded.

Unable to resist Ridge, Brooke did as he requested, as Ridge put his arms around her, and the two ex-lovers found themselves in an embrace that led to passionate kissing.

Elsewhere, in L.A……..

“Thomas, please!” Caroline said as she pulled away from Thomas’ embrace. “I’m not over your dad.”

“Caroline, I’m sorry. I don’t want to pressure you.” Thomas says as he begins to leave.

Caroline, feeling sorry for Thomas, doesn’t want him to leave, and grabs his arm before he can. Thomas senses Caroline’s loneliness and seals their fate by kissing her on the lips, to which, Caroline doesn’t resist.

The next thing Caroline remembers, Thomas has swept her up in his arm and carries her upstairs to the bedroom where he lays her on the bed and starts to unbutton her blouse. . .

In Monte Carlo……..
Deacon spies Quinn’s reunion with Eric and waits for his move.

“Quinn?” a surprised Eric says when Quinn shows up at his hotel suite.

“I couldn’t stay away!” Quinn told an ecstatic Eric as the two find themselves in a kiss, which leads the two lovers to a very passionate lovemaking, as Deacon continues to spy on the lovebirds.

“Go ahead and have your fun, Quinn!” Deacon says to himself.

Elsewhere in Monte Carlo……

“This is nice, Wyatt.” Steffy tells her husband, but can’t keep her mind off Liam.

“What’s wrong, Steffy?” Wyatt asks, sensing her distraction.

“Nothing.” Steffy tries to reassure him with a kiss.

“You’re lying.” Wyatt accuses. “You’re thinking about my brother?!”

“No. Wyatt.” Steffy pleads. “You have my full attention!”

“Go!” Wyatt yells bitterly at him. “If you want my brother that badly, just go!”

Wyatt turns to leave, leaving Steffy alone. As much as she wants to go after Wyatt, her heart stops her as thoughts of Liam come flooding back to her, just as Liam shown up at the beach.

“Steffy?” Liam asks.

“Liam? What are you doing here?”

“Come with me.” Liam requests. “I promise, you won’t regret it.”

Liam holds out his hand as Steffy takes hold and follows him.

Chapter 3

Steffy runs into Liam’s arms as the two kiss passionately. It felt good to feel Liam’s kisses again. It was as if it was the way it should have been before Quinn manipulated them all. As Liam and Steffy kissed, thoughts of Steffy lying next to Wyatt in bed came flooding back to Liam, the same memories before he got locked in the airplane lavatory that got him stranded on the flight to Australia.

“I remember.” Liam said, pulling away from her.

“You remember what?” Steffy asked with confusion.

“What made me break it off in the first place.” Liam stated.

“Broke it off?”

“Why I was so mad at you and ended our engagement and resigned from Forrester.”

“So why did you?” Steffy questioned. “I have been waiting to hear about that one too?”

“You slept with my brother.” Liam accused.

“Duh? We’re married.” Steffy reminded him.

“No. before.”

“Before what?”

“Before I got locked in the lavatory on Ivy’s flight to Australia.” Liam explained.
“I saw you in bed with Wyatt.”

It all came back to Steffy now as she remembered the night she just slept in Wyatt’s bed next to him.

“That’s the reason you broke off the engagement and resigned from Forrester?” Steffy asked confused. “You saw Wyatt and me in bed together that night?”

“Yes, Steffy. You were cheating on me before?”

“Liam, we were just sleeping that time.” Steffy tried to explain to Liam, but he refused to listen to her excuses. “All we did was sleep!”

“Yea. And you two sure looked all cozy lying in each other’s arms!”

“Liam, it’s the truth!” Steffy pleaded with him.

“Go back to Wyatt, Steffy!” Liam yelled at her. “You evidently wanted him from the beginning!”

“Liam, come back!” Steffy yelled at him. “I love you!”

But Steffy’s cries of love fell on deaf ears as Liam left her alone in his hotel room.

As Steffy left Liam’s hotel room and went back to her and Wyatt’s suite, Liam found himself at the hotel lounge. As he ordered a martini, Ivy surprised him.

“Guess who?” Ivy said covering his eyes.

“Ivy?” Liam said surprised. “What are you doing in Monte Carlo?”

“I needed a much-needed vacation.” Ivy lied. The truth was, she had read about what was happening thanks to Spencer Publications and decided she could get Liam back now that Steffy was married to Wyatt.

“I’m so glad to see you.” Liam said. “I’ve had a rough time since I got back from my ill-fated trip from Australia.”

“So I read.” Ivy told him.

“You know all about it?”

“Thanks to Spencer Publications.” Ivy told him.

Liam forgot about Spencer publishing the whole ordeal.

“The worst time of my life and I can’t believe I let Quinn get away with what she did to me?” Liam said regretfully. “But even worse is what I remembered tonight.”

“What did you remember?” Ivy quizzed him, remembering what he told her on that flight.

“I remember why I ended the engagement and resigned from Forrester.” Liam told Ivy.
“About Steffy sleeping with Wyatt?” Ivy asked, hoping she now had another chance with him.

“Yes. And of course, Steffy denied it, claiming all she did was sleep next to him.”
Liam told her. “Can you believe that Steffy lied to me?”

“No, I can’t.” Ivy secretly smiled inside.

“So, what brings you to Monte Carlo?” Liam asked, changing the subject.

“I needed a vacation, so a friend of mine invited me to come and stay with them.” Ivy said.

“A friend?”

“Yes, but the funny thing is. . .when I got here, she denied even asking me.” Ivy lied to him. “Now I am here and no place to stay.”

“You couldn’t find a suite?” Liam questioned.

“Funny thing. . .everything’s book due to the Spencer Summit.” Ivy said.

“Gee, that’s too bad.” Liam said. “Hey, why don’t you stay with me?”

“Really?” Ivy said trying to contain her excitement. “You wouldn’t mind?

“I’d love to have you stay with me.” Liam told her. “I need to get my mind off Steffy and Wyatt.”

“Well, thank you Liam.” Ivy said gratefully.

“Well, shall we go then?” Liam said, extending his hand out to her as she accepted and went with him up to his room, as a dejected Steffy watched as she was headed for her suite.

“Damn you, Ivy!” Steffy said to herself. “I won’t let you take Liam from me. I’ll get out of this marriage to Wyatt somehow, and when I do, Liam will forget all about you!”

Chapter 4

“Well, you won’t believe who had the audacity to show up here in Monte Carlo?!”

Steffy raged as she slammed the door to their suite.

“What?!” Wyatt asked. “Don’t tell me my mother showed up?!”

“Even worse than Quinn!”

“Who could be worse than my mother showing up?”

“How about Ivy Forrester!”

“Ivy?” Wyatt asked. “What is she doing here?”

“I don’t know, but I don’t like her hanging around Liam!”

“And why not?” Wyatt asked.

“Because. . .” Steffy started to tell him, then stopped herself. She didn’t want Wyatt to know that she wanted Liam back and it looked impossible after her fight with Liam.

“Because what?”

“Nothing.” Steffy said giving him a kiss as she tried to forget Liam.

Wyatt wanted so desperately to make love to his wife ever since they had landed in Monte Carlo. But Steffy’s preoccupation with Liam had prevented that. So when Steffy planted a kiss on him, Wyatt went with it, forgetting about their problems.

Meanwhile, Quinn is waiting for Eric in the hotel lounge where Eric told her to wait when she feels hands cover her mouth. Thinking it is Eric, she doesn’t resist as a rag is place over her mouth and nose and she faints in Deacon’s arms, as he quietly carries her off.

Quinn wakes up in Deacon’s suite with Deacon hovering over her.

“Deacon?” Quinn asks him surprised.

“Hello love.” Deacon greets her with a kiss.

“Get off me!” Quinn demands as she pushes him off her.

“C’mon Quinn, you know you want me!”Deacon taunts her.

“I’m in love with Eric.” Quinn tells him.

“Yeah, right!” Deacon laughs as he reminds her. “More like you like his money and power!”

“No, Deacon, I really do love him.”

“Yeah, just like you ‘loved’ Liam?”

“Well. . .that was a misguided notion on my part and I realized I was just playing a role in my plot to keep Liam and Steffy apart so she would marry my son.” Quinn told him.

“Well, I realize I still love you and you’re ‘love’ for Eric will not keep us apart.” Deacon told her.

“You won’t keep Eric and I apart!” Quinn told him.

“I won’t have to!” Deacon said, forcing her to face reality. “Eric’s family will!”

But Quinn didn’t care what Eric’s family thought. She would be the next Forrester matriarch and she would not let Eric’s family stop her from achieving that title.

Chapter 5

“Where do you think you’re going?” Deacon said from the bed he and Quinn were sleeping in.

Quinn had laid awake in Deacon’s hotel bed waiting for him to fall asleep so she could make her escape and head back to Eric’s suite.

“I was leaving…” Quinn told Deacon. “…to get you some room service.”

“That’s what a phone is for.” Deacon told Quinn as he pointed toward the phone on the nighttable.

“Yeah…” Quinn said defeated. “…so I noticed.”

She hated being here with Deacon. Eric must be out of his mind with worry wondering where she was.

“Well, love, how about we take a shower.” Deacon suggested.

“You first.” Quinn told him.

“I meant together.” Deacon demanded.

As Quinn started undressing for their shower, she hoped that Eric would find her here with Deacon. The thought of taking a shower with Deacon terrified her.

“C’mere, lover.” Deacon said, kissing her on the lips as he pulled her toward toward the shower and pulled her into it.

As Deacon groped Quinn she was filled with memories of their wedding night as she gave into desire as she took him inside her, any thoughts of Eric out of her mind.
“See, I knew you would like it.” Deacon said as he continued making out with her.
But Eric found Deacon’s suite and went in and was shocked to find Quinn naked and wet with Deacon in the shower.

“Quinn!” Eric said upset, and ran out.

Quinn ran after him calling him to come back.

Then she woke to find it was just a dream, and breathed a sigh of relief as she notice that Deacon was asleep. So she gathered her things and managed to make it out of Deacon’s room and back to Eric’s suite where they reunited with a passionate kiss.

Elsewhere in Monte Carlo, Liam and Ivy were enjoying a picnic on the beach. Liam went out into the surf as Ivy sat on their blanket and watched.

Liam felt invigorated after his swim when he came back to find Ivy had set out some finger sandwiches and champagne.

“I’m famished.” Liam said after his swim.

“I bet…” Ivy said. “So I got out our lunch so we could eat.”

As Liam ate the sandwich and drank the champagne, he couldn’t take his eyes of off Ivy. He wondered what he ever saw in Steffy. Ivy was gorgeous. And all he could think about now was kissing her. Deciding to make a move, he leaned in for a kiss, to which Ivy didn’t resist.

But the passionate kiss was interrupted when Steffy and Wyatt came up to enjoy them.
Back in L.A., Brooke and Ridge woke up in bed after making love to each other. Brooke was regretting it, hoping Bill wouldn’t be hurt.

“Where you going, Logan?” Ridge asked. “Come back to bed.”

“I’m sorry, Ridge, but we must get ready to head to Forrester.” Brooke said making excuses to get out of bed.

“Forrester can wait. But I can’t.” Ridge said as he pulled her back to bed and nuzzled her earlobe.

“Ridge, please.” Brooke said, resisting him.

Brooke pulled herself away from Ridge’s embrace and got herself dressed and headed downstairs to make them breakfast when Brooke noticed a missed call on her cell.

“Dammit, I missed a call from Bill!” Brooke said, feeling guilty as she thought of her night of passion with Ridge.


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Demonisis: A Buffy the Vampire Slayer Fanfiction

Buffy will become Dru as Dru gives her something to body shift. She will transform into the Vampiress and will dust the real Dru as she becomes her. Remember Faith and how she shifted their bodies when Buffy became Faith and Faith became Buffy? This is what happens between Dru and her only Dru dies.
Chapter 1
What the Ptb sees in the future of the Hell Mouth and to the Slayer:
Buffy accidentally kills Drusilla one day when she catches her walking alone, but before she is dust, she gives Buffy a strange 5 star pendant that changes her overnight into Drusilla. She can’t change back to Buffy because the pendant disappears. Buffy now has to pretend to be in love with Spike to not get him suspicious and that means she has to kill and she does a good job impersonating because the kills are real and soon consumes her entire being. She will be pure evil and while not losing her soul.
It’s because she’s falling for Spike as Angel went off with Cordelia during Halloween and she’s pissed at him by using Spike then falling in love with him. Angel is furious when he finds out and tells Spike who she is. He wants to throw her out but couldn’t kill her because for the last few months, he had grown fond of her even as Dru in disguise.
Chapter 2
Angel had been positively an a** to her a week ago and she was not ready to forgive yet.
Instead she focused on other things like school, the Scooby meetings, and arguing about who she is with her mom because Joyce sometimes didn’t get that this is the world they’re living in.
Did she resent her at times for it? Yeah. Was she livid but couldn’t show it to anyone? Yes! She was just mad and tired of this ‘dream job’ and could see her own future: The Scoobies betraying her over and over because Xander already couldn’t stand being a member of the ‘freak club’, Willow would be a naïve witch down the road that didn’t know when or what to control her magic, and Giles would be a deadly father figure. The powers sent her the messages, but she couldn’t really predict them to be from the powers. She didn’t believe her friends would be that stupid and she was wrong.
Drusilla was on her own, looking at the stars for what they were singing.
“I shouldn’t be nice to the mean girl,” she pouted but agreed to the stars.
She clapped her hands. “Come along Miss Edith, we have to tend to a certain girl…”
Buffy stopped when she saw Drusilla and took out her stake kind of shaking to the small amount of fear for the psychotic- ness in the girl’s eyes.
Dru smiled, this was the perfect opportunity but just as she put the pendant on Buffy, her stake went through the fabric. She gasped and growled then crumbled.

‘A perfect opportunity ruined,’ she sighed.
Chapter 3
Spike woke up drowsily trying to reach for Dru, but could only find the mattress empty. He was frantic with panic and almost ripped the room apart. “Princess, where are you…!?!” Dalton came hurrying in and he looked nervous. Spike grabbed him and snarled, “Now tell me where she is…?”
Dalton shivered cause Spike looked about ready to put him on one of the ceiling chains and let him burn in the sun. The blond Vampire smirked at this idea. “You just gave me a great plan…”
Buffy went back home and collapsed in the bed, she just killed Angel’s childe and she knew he would be pissed. She frowned. Why should he be pissed, she should. I mean he had been ignoring her for Cordelia and she was about to lose it with her insecurity.
Pretty soon, she fell asleep and was talking to a dark figure, one she recognized as Dru’s demon but strangely, it was just her demon and she would be in the same form like she couldn’t shift out.
The demon walked up to her and snarled then everything changed as her human form changed. She had long dark hair, was very slender and pale, also wasn’t even breathing.
Just lied still and silent.
Angel was growing tired of Cordelia. She was a mall freak and it was really getting to him about the way she would snap about Buffy or how shallow she was. Maybe, she can join the geek club instead of the popular Queen C b*** club! “Look, I don’t really like you…” She laughed. “Please, why don’t you go to your little Buffy, she’s not that important!”
Angel decided to allow that demon to slip and the hunt was on.
Cordelia ran down the street, she knew it was her mistake that set off Angel.
Angelus was free.
Chapter 4
“God, was it fun to chase that b***! Now, where is Miss Buffy…?” He roared with laughter. On the back of his conscience, Angel was laughing. It wasn’t his evil alter ego, it was him.
Cordelia didn’t know how to approach Giles. She was wringing her hands nervously, playing with the hem of her Voldace purse. Giles came out, rubbing his glasses when he saw her. “Yes…?”
She sighed. It’s now or never. “I sort of pissed off Angel and set lose his you know, bad persona,” she said sheepishly.
“YOU STUPID GIRL,” he exploded causing her to wince. “Gee, can you shout any louder, the neighbors can hear you…?” He gave her a glare and dragged her inside.
He really hated naïve teenaged girls that couldn’t tell between a real life Vampire and a two brick layer of wall in front of her.
He felt Ripper beginning to get giddy happy and collapsed right in front of the screaming Cheerleader.
Pretty soon, all of himself will be lost and it will be a new beginning, Rip opened his eyes, smiling like a chivalrous cat and grinning like the mad man he ever was.
Chapter 5
Everything was spinning in her mind. Fast forward week 1:
Ripper came in wearing all leather and smiling sadistically at her as if she was nude and wearing nothing but a sports brawl. He had been acting creepy and to the extremes. She decided to avoid him.
Faze 2- Xander: He was also acting like a Zombie since he came back with a black eye from being hit by his dad. He had tried to explain why he was up so late, but s***, he hit him. That wasn’t the first time. It was an always thing.
Now, Willow’s going crazy too with all of the school work that she could never really concentrate on and her mother’s own verbal abuse at home. She played with some magic to keep her mind off, but pretty soon, she would lose herself to spells and deeper black magic making her a full blown witch. The winds suddenly hummed with an eerie tune and everything in Sunnydale would no longer be a safe haven for its residents.
Buffy let out a growl and suddenly smelt such a sweet heavenly scent. It was coming from the tantalizing neck of Joyce. She had the urge to smell the neck for herself and closed her eyes lazily imagining, reaching, touching, intoxicating.
And the rage turned into a symphony.
Chapter 6
Buffy had to get out of that house. Before she bit her own mother and turned her into a vampire. As she kept walking around town, there was a vampire-wannabe trying to attack an unsuspecting Willow. . .no wait, she just crushed the wannabe with her newfound powers. . .good thing too, because Buffy didn’t feel the urge to rush in and save Willow. Her thoughts were suddenly turned to Spike. Was it being inside Dru’s body, or something else?
That’s when she suddenly found herself in Spike’s lair, with none other than Angel following her.
“Buffy?” Angel said surprised. Buffy hadn’t morphed into Dru yet.
“I’m sorry, Angel.” Buffy said, still pist at him. “I’m not Buffy.”
“Then who are you?”
“Don’t you recognize your child?”
“It’s me darling.” Buffy said in Dru’s seductive voice. “I’m here for you.”
“In Spike’s lair?”
“I was drawn here?” Buffy said still in Dru’s voice.
“Of course you were. You’re in love with him.” Angel told her.
“Oh, right!” Buffy said. “Now it’s all coming back to me.”
Just then, Spike walked in on Angel and Buffy’s conversation.
“Just what are the two of you doing here!” Spike said enraged.
“Spike, don’t you recognize your own love?” Angel mocked him.
“That’s not Drusilla!” Spike said, seeing into Buffy’s eyes.
“Why Spiky I’m hurt!” Buffy said in Dru’s child-like voice.
“Get out of my lair! Now!” Spike demanded, as he tossed the two of them out.
“Well, it seems that Spike didn’t believe who you were, Dru?” Angel taunted Buffy.
“I am Dru!” Buffy defended herself.
As Angel left her alone, Buffy felt for the necklace Dru gave her that was around her neck and found it was no longer there.
“It’s gone!” Buffy shrieked silently. “I have to find it!”
Chapter 7
Angel smiled slyly as he held Buffy’s necklace in his hand, “Hope you weren’t looking for this, Buffy?!”
Placing the necklace in his pocket, Angel took off on his own. That was when he ran into Xander, who was acting a little crazy, reeling from the abuse he suffered from his father.
“Hey, watch it, man!” Angel said, pissing off Xander, who didn’t see Angel coming down the sidewalk.
“Sorry, man!” Xander said, wanting to go by without so much as a word, until Angel saw the black eye Xander was sporting.
“Dude, what happened?” Angel said, pointing to Xander’s left eye.
“Nothing.” Xander told him, hoping he would just let it go, but Angel was being an a** and decided to pry.
“Who hit you?” Angel prodded Xander until he snapped.
“Spike!” Xander lied, hoping to get Angel off his tail.
“That dirty. . .” Angel started to say, but left it trailing off as he gave Xander what he wanted and went to find Spike, hoping he was dead in the puddle of holy water.
But when Angel arrived at the spot where he had Spike trapped in holy water, he was shocked to find that Spike had managed to get himself out—until Cordy showed up.
“Cordy, what are you doing here?” Angel asked her.
“Looking for you.”
“Well, you found me.”
“You wondering who helped Spike?”
“Yeah, and when I find the culprit they’re going to pay?” Angel said angrily.
“I know who did it!” Cordy confessed.
“Who was it?”
“Buffy did this?” Angel said in disbelief.
“Yes. I saw her do it.”
“Okay. Thanks Cordy.”
“You’re welcome.” Cordy said. Little did Cordy know, that Angel knew Cordy was lying. Cordy would soon know how sorry she would be for lying to Angel.
As Cordy walked on, she was surprised to get a text from Angel asking her to meet him at an undisclosed spot, to which Cordy gladly accepted his proposal.
Angel was waiting at the spot he told Cordy to meet with Buffy, er-Dru.
Chapter 8
As Angel waited for Cordy and Buffy, who knew she was really in Dru’s body, and for the fireworks when they two finally met up.
He wanted revenge on Buffy for taking up with Spike, even if she was really Dru. And he wanted Cordy to pay for using him to make Xander jealous by dating him. Let the fireworks begin!!! Was all Angel thought.
Cordy arrived first as she half expected to see Angel. Cordy wanted to apologize for her actions for setting him off. She didn’t anticipate what came next.
“Cordy?! What are you doing here?!” Buffy as Dru inquired.
“You!” Cordy asked surprised to see Buffy. “I was expecting Angel!”
“You were expecting Angel?!” Buffy exclaimed.
“So, you are dating Angel!”
“Yes. You got a problem with me dating him!”
“First Xander! Now Angel!” Buffy huffed. “Can’t get your own man! You have to have my leftovers!”
“You never dated Xander!” Cordy reminded her.
“I could have, if I wanted to!”
“You were never good enough for Xander!”
“So what is it with Angel?” Buffy asked. “You into vampires now?”
“Jealous, Buffy! Now that’s he’s moved on with me?”
“Hmmmfff! As if!” Buffy said heatedly. “As if you could ever replace me in Angel’s heart!”
Angel was loving the shenanigans between Buffy and Cordy. He loved that the two women were fighting over him. But he didn’t expect was came next.
“Leave Angel alone, Cordy!” Buffy threatened her.
“Or what, Buffy!” Cordy teased. “You going to stake me like all your conquests!”
Buffy, riled up at Cordy’s accusations, grabbed the nearest thing to her and started at Cordy, but neither saw Spike as he intervened and Buffy thrust the spike into the side of Spike’s ribs instead.
“Spiiiiiiiiike!” Buffy screamed, to a horrified Angel who was watching from the distance.


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Maxie’s New Career: A General Hospital Fanfiction

Maxie has always loved being in the limelight and has made a successful career in the fashion world thanks to her mentor Kate, aka Connie Falconeri. But after starring as the lead role in Dillon Quartermaine’s movie, movie producers have been calling Maxie with offers to star in their movies. Will success go to Maxie’s head? And how will it affect her blossoming romance with hunky cop, Nathan West?
Maxie Jones – Kirsten Storms
Nathan West – Ryan Paevey
Dillon Quartermaine – Robert Palmer Watkins
Lulu Spencer Falconeri – Emme Rylan
Dante Falconeri – Dominic Zamprogna
Claudette – Bree Williamson
Chapter 1
Maxie never imagined being an actress, but after the success as the lead heroine in Dillon Quartermaine’s movie, Maxie couldn’t stop thinking about it. She always assumed she would work in fashion, thanks to Kate aka Connie giving her the opportunity to work at her fashion magazine, Couture. Now Maxie had bigger dreams!
“Earth to Maxie.” Lulu said, jolting Maxie from her reverie.
“I’m sorry, Lulu, what were you saying?” Maxie replied back to her friend.
“Wow! You were a million miles away!” Lulu said. “It wouldn’t have to with Dillon’s movie?”
“That’s what I like about you, Lulu?” Maxie said. “You always seem to know where I’m coming from.”
As Maxie and Lulu enjoyed a latte at The Metro Court with their children, Rocco and Georgie, an agent from a production company walked into The Metro Court.
“May I help you?” Valerie greeted the guest.
“Yes, I would like to know where I could find Maxie Jones?” the agent replied back.
“What a coincidence. She’s right over there.” Valerie said, point in Lulu and Maxie’s direction.
“Thank you.” The agent said, as he walked over to Maxie and Lulu’s table.
“Excuse me, Ms. Jones.” The agent said as he arrived at Maxie’s table.
“Yes. I’m Maxie Jones.” Maxie introduced herself to the gentleman.
“My name is Grey Mathison, a talent agent for aspiring actors.
“Yes. How can I help you?” Maxie asked, as Lulu eyes were glued on Maxie and the agent.
“I couldn’t help but see the talent in that movie you were in.” the agent said. “How long have you been an actress?”
“That was my first role.” Maxie told the agent.
“Wow! That’s amazing!” the agent told her. “Such raw talent. It’s amazing you were never snapped up by anyone.”
“What do you mean?” Maxie inquired.
“I mean, you’re a natural. You have amazing talent. Would you consider coming to Hollywood to audition for some roles my company have in mind for you?” the agent asked her.
Maxie was starstruck. She couldn’t believe that they were asking her to be in movies.
“Yes. Yes Mr. Mathison. I can do that!” Maxie said, without thinking, excited at the prospect to star in more movies.
“Great. We’ll see you in Hollywood.” The agent told her, as he handed Maxie a plane ticket to L.A.
“Wow! Maxie, I can’t believe you got an audition in Hollywood!” Lulu said when the agent left their table.
“I can’t believe it either.” Maxie said, excitedly.

Meanwhile, back at Maxie’s apartment, Nathan was setting up a romantic surprise for Maxie.
Chapter 2
“Nathan, you won’t be. . . .” Maxie began to say as she walked in her front door to find Nathan had a romantic dinner planned for the two of them.
“What won’t I believe?” Nathan asked Maxie, giving her a kiss and pulling her into his arms.
“What’s the occasion?” Maxie asked him, kissing him back.
“Can’s a guy just surprise his woman with dinner?” Nathan smiled at her.
“You can.” Maxie said, as Nathan held out a chair for her.
“So what is this news you began to tell me when you came rushing in?”
“You won’t believe it!” Maxie said, barely able to contain her excitement.
“You’re pregnant!” Nathan exclaimed, more as a joke.
“Don’t even go there!” Maxie exclaimed. “Seriously though, there was a movie producer in town, Mr. Mathison. . .”
“Why would a movie producer come to Port Charles?” Nathan inquired.
“He saw my performance in Dillon’s movie.” Maxie announced. “He wants me in Hollywood to audition for a part in a movie.”
“You’re not going to do it, are you?” Nathan said in a serious tone.
“I leave in two days.” Maxie told him.
“So you’re going?!” Nathan said, suddenly not in the mood for romance.
“Nathan, I thought you would be happy for me?” Maxie said hurtfully.
“Maxie, what about our plans for a life together?” Nathan reminded her.
“But, this is Hollywood!” Maxie exclaimed.
“I can’t believe you, Maxie Jones! What about Georgie, your daughter!”
“I only have part-time custody of Georgie and when I’m in between movie parts, I can squeeze in some Georgie time.”
“I just can’t believe you are doing this!” Nathan exclaimed, as he left their apartment, slamming the door behind him.
Maxie couldn’t believe that Nathan was behaving this way! What about her career? This was the chance of a lifetime! She was going to be a star! A celebrity! Hmmmph!! Let him go!
Maxie went to her room to pack her suitcase. She was going to Hollywood, with or without Nathan’s support!
Chapter 3
Nathan felt bad not giving Maxie his support to go to Hollywood to play a part in a movie. The truth was, he didn’t want her to go. Why did she have to do this, now, when they were just finding each other? Nathan thought to himself. Nathan headed to the PCPD to fill the void with work. They were short-staffed due to Dante out supporting Lulu with fertility treatments to have another child.

Meanwhile, Maxie had landed in Los Angeles and just checked into her hotel room at the Bel Air and called her new manager, Mr. Mathison.
“Hey, Mr. Mathison, it’s me, Maxie.” Maxie said when she heard Mr. Mathison’s voice.
“Maxie.” Mr. Mathison replied. “How was your trip?”
“Awesome!” Maxie said ecstatically. “I can’t wait to start on my new role for the movie!”
“That’s great. I’ll need you to show up at the studio promptly at 6 a.m. tomorrow.” Mr. Mathison said. “We need run lines with the lead actor for an audition to see how you will test out.”
“Sounds great, Mr. Mathison.” Maxie told him.
“Get some sleep, Maxie. It’s going to be a long day.”
“Okay. See in the morning.” Maxie said as she hung up.
Maxie went down to the hotel lobby to get some dinner. She felt so good she ordered all her favorites: Porterhouse steak, baked potato with sour cream and butter, broccoli, and a light white wine to celebrate her new career. Things were looking up, for once. She just wished Nathan was here to celebrate. She still couldn’t believe how Nathan acted and refused to support her in new career. All she could think was that he was being totally selfish. Oh, well, the only bright spot was that she was closer to Spinelli so she could see her daughter Georgie more.
As soon as Maxie finished her delectable meal, she headed up to her room to get a good night’s sleep. She couldn’t wait to start her new role in the movie.
Chapter 4
Back in Port Charles, Nathan was missing Maxie. He wished she hadn’t gone to Hollywood. Ever since Dillon’s movie came out, Maxie was starstruck. Maxie was on the next flight to Hollywood before Nathan knew what hit him. He was just about to propose marriage when Maxie made her announcement to head to Hollywood.
“Hey, bro.” Dante said, bringing Nathan out of his reverie. “Whatcha thinkin’ about?”
“Maxie.” Nathan said, depressed.
“Oh, right. Maxie headed for Hollywood.” Dante remembered.
“Yeah.” Nathan said bitterly. “Just as I was about to propose marriage!”
“You were about to pop the question?” Dante said, not surprised at all, since he knew how Nathan knew felt about Maxie. The two had long talks about their relationships with Maxie and Lulu. “So why don’t you fly out to Hollywood and surprise Maxie?”
“You think I should?” Nathan questioned.
“Heck yeah.” Dante encouraged his partner and friend.
“Alright, I’ll do it.” Nathan said, after mulling it over.
“Great.” Dante said.

Meanwhile, Maxie had just arrived at the studio as Mechelle, the casting director met her at the entrance.
“Maxie, you’re early.”
“I was so excited to begin. . .” Maxie said excitedly, not able to finish her thought.
“Well, come with me and we’ll get you started with hair and makeup.” Mechelle explained to Maxie.
Maxie followed Mechelle as she escorted her to Sonja, the hairstylist and makeup artist.
“Sonja, this is Maxie Jones.” Mechelle said to Sonja, introducing Maxie. “She’s the new lead in the movie.”
“Welcome, Maxie.” Sonja greeted Maxie, pointing to her chair. “Have a seat here and we’ll get started.”
As Maxie took a seat in Sonja’s chair, Mechelle told Maxie she would be back when Sonja finished with her and take her to the studio to start working on the script.
Chapter 5
Maxie was studying her script when a gorgeous blonde sat next to her in the other makeup chair.
“Hello.” Claudette said to Maxie. “I’m Claudette.”
“Hello. I’m Maxie.” Maxie greeted her.
“Studying the script?”
“Yeah. It’s a killer.”
“Oh you’ll get the hang of it.”
“You sure?”
“Yeah. I’ve been doing this for a few years.”
“So how did you get into movies?”
“I moved her when my ex-husband left me.”
“Wow! You were married?” Maxie said. “He must have been a real dreamboat.”
“Yea, we were in love once.”
“Yeah. He was great.” Claudette said, remembering her time with Nathan.
“So, what happened?” Maxie inquired.
“He killed someone.” Claudette said.
“Hey, Ms. Beaulieu, you’re supposed to go onset.” The director told Claudette.
“Hey, Maxie, thanks for the talk. It was nice knowing you.” Claudette said before leaving to go onset.
Maxie picked up her cell to retrieve the call coming in, “Nathan?”
“Maxie, how are you?” Nathan said, missing her.
“Awww! Do you miss me?” Maxie said.
“Yeah. It’s not the same without you here.”
“I’d love to come back, but I actually got a part.” Maxie said excitedly.
“You did. That’s great!” Nathan said, bummed, but trying to be happy for her.
“Yeah, and I met a new friend too.” Maxie said about meeting Claudette, unbeknownst that she was Nathan’s ex.
“Well, break a leg, Maxie. I’ve got to go. Duty calls.” Nathan told Maxie when Jordan called him.
“Okay, Nathan. I do miss…” Maxie said but was cut off end the call abruptly ended.
After Nathan got off work from the PCPD, he missed Maxie so much. He decided that he was going to surprise her by visiting L.A. So he called PCPD and put in his notice for a vacation. He was headed for L.A.
Chapter 6
Maxie was at the studio rehearsing her lines before going on set. She was interrupted by Claudette who seemed preoccupied by something. She invited Claudette in her dressing room to talk.
Meanwhile, Nathan had just arrived in L.A., and was just getting out of the cab at the studio to meet Maxie.
“It was terrible, Maxie!” Claudetter sobbed.
“What was, Claudette?” Maxie sympathized.
“My date last night?” Claudette told her.
“Honey, what happened?”
“He tried to rape me?” Claudette sobbed even louder.
That’s when the runner brought Nathan into Maxie’s dressing room.
“Nathan?” Maxie said, looking up from Claudette, who turned around to see Maxie hug her ex.
“Well, I’ll be!” Claudette said to herself. “The little bitch really is dating my ex!”
“Oh, Nathan, I’d like you to meet the friend I just met.” Maxie said excitedly, as she turned around to introduce Nathan to Claudette.
But Maxie was taken aback when Nathan and Claudette came face-to-face for the first time since she left him.
“Claudette?” Nathan said, shocked to see his ex-wife.
“Hello, Nathan.” Claudette replied.
“You two know each other?” Maxie said, surprised.
“Maxie, I came here to surprise you, because I missed you, and I come face to face with my ex-wife.”
“I’m sorry, you were married?”
“Yeah. You just befriended my ex.”
“Well, don’t I feel stupid.” Maxie replied.
As Claudette watched Nathan and Maxie, she thought Nathan’s visit was perfect. Although she didn’t plan on Nathan visiting Maxie, but she did intend to give Maxie a run for her money for dating her ex.
And now that Nathan is here, Claudette was going to do just that! Watch out, Maxie!


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Life Without Sonny Corinthos: A General Hospital Fanfiction


Carly couldn’t believe that Sonny was dead and at the hands of AJ Quartermaine. And to make matters worse, she about to give birth to their triplet daughters, Arianna Angel, Adella Amelia and Andrea Anna. . .not to mention, Michael, Morgan, Kristina and Dante. . .how would they ever survive with their father gone? But with all that Carly has to face with Sonny’s death—Jax comes back with the intent to reclaim her and Josslyn. Will Carly find the strength to carry on? In other pairings, Kiki finds it hard to remain true to Morgan as her feelings for Dillon Quartermaine come to surface; and Kristina finally declares her love for Aaron just as Parker comes back.


Carly Corinthos – Laura Wright
Dante Falconeri – Dominic Zamprogna
Lulu Spencer-Falconeri – Emme Rylan
Michael Corinthos – Chad Duell
Morgan Corinthos – Bryan Craig
Kiki Jerome – Hayley Erin
Kristina Davis-Corinthos – Lexie Ainsworth
Josslyn Jacks –
Aaron –
Parker – Ashley Jones
Dillon Quartermaine – Robert Palmer Watkins
Jasper “Jax” Jacks – Ingo Rademacher

Chapter 1

Port Charles is hit hard at the news that Sonny Corinthos is dead! Carly can barely hold on as she reflects on her many fights with Sonny to leave the mob world. How will she go on as she is about to give birth to triplets, Arianna Angel, Adella Amelia and Andrea Anna (already named per Sonny before his death). Sonny would never know his daughters and poor Avery would never know her father. Not to mention, Michael, Morgan, Kristina and Dante. How would they cope, especially Michael whose biological father is responsible for killing Sonny.

Michael is distraught with the news that AJ as he heads for the PCPD to confront his father about killing Sonny.

“Dad, why did you do it?” Michael inquires when he is finally able to see AJ at the PC jail.

AJ can barely face Michael when he comes to visit him in jail.

“Son, I don’t know what to tell you.” AJ adds, not knowing what to tell you.

“What happened?!” Michael asks, confused.

“We were arguing about what Ava did when she falsely accused me of Connie’s murder.” AJ explains.

“But you shot and killed the man who raised me?!”

“I don’t know how it happened?” AJ continues to explain. “One moment Sonny and I were arguing. . .the next minute. . .he was on the ground, bleeding from a gun shot wound.”

As Michael ranted to AJ, Ava was quietly listening, “No one will ever know that I am the one who killed Sonny, and my plan to get Avery away from Sonny and Carly.”

Morgan is hit hard knowing that his father is dead. He heads over to Franco’s apartment where Kiki has been staying and is rocked hard by what he sees.

“Dillon, I can’t hold my feelings in any longer.” Kiki confesses to Dillon. “It’s you I love. Not Morgan.”

“I feel the same way, Kiki.”

“I just can’t be with you until I can break it to Morgan.” Kiki says sadly. “But now that Sonny is dead, I don’t know how to let Morgan down in his time of need.”

“I know.” Dillon says as Dillon pulls Kiki into an embrace.

Unable to watch, Morgan leaves Franco’s apartment and heads for The Floating Rib to have a drink. He can’t deal with losing Kiki to Dillon.

“Morgan!” Nelles says as she sits down beside him.

“I’m in no mood to talk.” Morgan says to Nelle.

“I’m sorry for all that you’re going through.” Nelle says sympathetically.

“My father is gone and I may have just lost my girlfriend.” Morgan says pitifully.

“What?” Nelle adds. “I thought you and Kiki were doing great?”

“Apparently not!” Morgan whined. “I just heard Kiki confess her love for Dillon when I went to Franco’s to see her.”

“I’m sorry.” was all Nelle could say, as the two commiserated over drinks.

Meanwhile, Jax is in a jovial mood knowing that Sonny is dead. He calls Ava on her cell.

“Good job, Ava.” Jax tells her.

“Just keep your promise, Jax.” Ava demands. “I did what you wanted. Just make sure I get Avery back!”

“Don’t worry, Ava. No will ever know you killed Sonny.” Jax promises. “I made sure to make it look like AJ killed Sonny.”

(Next: Port Charles mourns the loss of Sonny Corinthos as Jax makes his move to take custody of Josslyn.)

Chapter 2

Carly looked into the mirror to notice her bulging belly, pregnant with Sonny’s triplets, about to give birth any day now. She couldn’t believe Sonny would never meet his daughters—daughters he named personally.

Life without Sonny was going to be unbearable. She couldn’t believe that AJ had murdered her husband. Carly always thought that Sonny would have a long life with her and their children……

As she was about to head out of her and Sonny’s mansion to go to the cathedral for Sonny’s memorial service, she was confronted by AJ at the front door.

“AJ, what the hell are you doing here?!” Carly said angrily.

“I need to talk to you.” AJ pleaded.

“I don’t want to talk to you!” Carly told him bitterly.

“Please, Carly, you have to listen to me.”

“You killed Sonny!” Carly wailed on him.

“I need to explain what happned.”

“I don’t want to hear a word from you!” Carly told him angrily. “Now, just go. I have to be somewhere!”

As Carly left AJ standing at the front door, bewildered, Ava showed up to remind AJ of their agreement.

“Ava , what the hell are you doing? Following me?!” AJ demanded to know.”

“Making sure you adhere to our agreement.” Ava warned.

“Yea. Yea. Yea.” AJ said. “I am to admit to killing Sonny!”

“You know what will happen if anyone finds out I killed Sonny!” Ava warned.

“Nobody will find out.” AJ promised. “Everyone knows that I killed Sonny.”
“Good.” Ava said.

“So, when do I get the funds you promised.” AJ demanded.

“You’re a Quartermaine.” Ava said. “Go to Monica.”

“You know they disowned me after what I did to Jason.”

“Well, that’s your problem!”

“If you don’t give the funds you promised, I will tell everyone that it was you who killed Sonny!”

“And who the hell would believe a drunk like you?!” Ava laughed at him.
AJ was sunk. Ava had him where she wanted him. Blamed not only for Connie’s murder, but now he had to let everyone believe he had killed Sonny, too. How did he let things get so out of hand?

At the cathedral where Sonny’s funeral was about to begin, friends and family, as well as a few enemies, gathered to remember Sonny Corinthos.
“Welcome everyone!” Carly said after she managed to compose herself at the front of the church. “It is with sad regret that we are gathered together to remember Sonny Corinthos. . .”

Bobbie stepped in when Carly could go on any longer, “Everyone if we could have a moment of silence to remember Sonny. . .” Bobbie asked as everyone bowed their heads in memory of Sonny.

(Coming: A memorial for Sonny Corinthos.)

Chapter 3

As Sonny’s memorial was in midway, Carly went into labor with the triplets. As she was whisked to General Hospital in labor, friends and family were divided between remembering Sonny and the birth of their triplets that Carly had named, or rather, Sonny had named before his untimely death.

Lucas was waiting for Carly when she was wheeled in the front door. Ava was also waiting to take Avery from her.

“Carly, I’m here to take Avery.” Ava said, as Carly felt another contraction. “Since it looks like you’re otherwise occupied.”
“Fine, Ava, but I’ll be by for her once I’m out of the hospital.” Carly told Ava.
“With three newborns to take care of?” Ava reminded her. “How will you ever find the time for Avery too?

Carly didn’t have time to respond as it appeared the triplets were fast approaching. As Carly was being led into her room by Lucas, Ava smiled as it looked as if things were going according to plan and she would have Avery back in her custody. She was glad she murdered him, and managed to let AJ take the fall. With Sonny dead and AJ in prison for the murder, life would finally be what it should be?

In another part of Port Charles at an undisclosed residence, a young woman was tending to an unconscious man with a gunshot wound.


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