The Bold and the Beautiful One Shots: $Bill & Hope’s Secret Meeting

A/N: What if $Bill & Hope really were in cahoots to break up Liam & Steffy…..

$Bill waited at the Bikini Bar for Hope to meet there for their secret meeting.
“Hope, where are you?” $Bill left a message on Hope’s voicemail. “I need to know how you’re doing on the Liam Project.”
$Bill was getting ansy wondering where Hope was. He needed to know that she was holding up her end of the bargain to get Liam to fall back in love with her again so he could have Steffy to himself.
It was the perfect plan: make everyone think it was Ridge’s idea to bring Hope and Taylor back to L.A. when in fact, it his bright idea. That ditz Taylor actually thinks she’s the one who shot him! Truth is $Bill had hired someone to shoot him: Sheila Carter! It was fun playing the victim when he was still in charge the whole time!
Back at Liam’s hotel room, Hope getting physical with Liam when she heard her phone ‘s notification bell.
“Liam, I really need to check my messages.” Hope said to a grateful Liam as he kissed her neck in just the right spot, while Hope listened to her voicemail from $Bill.
“Ah, Liam, I really need to go. My mother needs to see me.” Hope lied as she headed out of Liam’s hotel room to meet with $Bill.
10 minutes later, Hope arrived at the Bikini Bar to find a furious $Bill.
“You better have some news to make up for your late arrival!” $Bill seethed.
“Sorry, I was with Liam.” Hope apologized.
“I hope you got somewhere with my son?!”
“Yes. Liam is definitely falling back in love with me.”
“Well, good, Hope. I’m so glad you kept your end of this deal.”
“So, have you got anywhere with Steffy and Taylor?”
“Taylor believes that she shot me and Steffy is about to give Liam the annulment papers.”
“Cheers.” Hope said holding up a glass. “Looks like we got everything we wanted.”
For once, $Bill agreed with Hope as he clinked his glass to Hope’s.


The Bold & the Beautiful One Shots: $Bill’s Karma

As $Bill picked up the papers that Justin had sent over to signed, he picked the pen to sign…but he never got the chance to signed when a stray bullet caught him by surprise as he fell to the floor.

Now, several hours later, $Bill languishes in a coma after he is rushed into surgery as he is forced to listen to everyone’s rage against him.
In comes Quinn, who is angry that he disinherited him and kicked out of the company, “I hate you! How does it feel to be so helpless now, the might $Bill Spencer, lying in a hospital bed!”

As Quinn continued her rant to a comatose $Bill, Eric came into $Bill’s hospital room and tried to calm her down. But the damage was already done. Lt. Baker saw her as a suspect in $Bill’s shooting and made a note to talk with her.

The next was Liam. He was the only one who didn’t lay into the rage that consumed him. Instead, he pleaded with $Bill to come to…promising him that if he did, he would go back to Steffy and be a happy family with Steffy and their unborn daughter, unbeknownst to Liam, Steffy was listening through the crack in $Bill’s door.

The next was Ridge, who laid his rage on $Bill about sleeping with his daughter, ruining her marriage to Liam. But what really pissed Ridge off was $Bill’s proposal of marriage to Steffy. That made him see red.

“I’m glad you’re lying here in this bed!” Ridge blasted $Bill. “I wish I was the one who did it!”

Brooke heard Ridge’s words to $Bill and feared for Ridge, hoping he would not be heard by law enforcement.

Then Wyatt came in to rip into $Bill, as did Sally and finally Thomas, who had returned to town to give $Bill a piece of his mind for the lie he told about Caroline dying so he would leave Sally and be a family with Caroline and Douglas.

The last was Justin Barber, who seemed upset to learn the $Bill had yet to sign the papers he had sent over that would oust Wyatt and Liam from Spencer Publications and in turn, make him in charge in $Bill’s absence.
As everyone was giving $Bill a piece of their mind, Lt. Baker was taking note of their rage…so many suspects…how would they get to the bottom of who shot $Bill Spencer?

The Bold & the Beautiful One Shots: $Bill Gets Even

$Bill Gets Even

$Bill was not having a good day. Ever since Liam ousted him from his life after the revelation that he slept with Steffy, $Bill’s life went from bad to worse.

Sally Spectra stormed into my office and nearly took his head off firing a shot that narrowly missed him and hit his precious Sky (the skyscraper he has been trying to get built).

Now, my son, Wyatt, boldly walks into my office and announces he’s happily engaged—to my ex-wife, Katie, who apparently have been seeing each other since the Spencer Summit in Monte Carlo.

There is no way I will put up with Wyatt marrying my ex-wife, the mother of my son, Will.

And if they don’t heed my warning—I will take my son from Katie.

As for Sally Spectra, she will never get her company off the ground! I will make sure of that!!

The Young and Restless One Shots: Nick Learns the Truth about Christian

Nick Learns the Truth about Christian

After reading Chelsea’s letter explaining why she left, he is left with a mystery about his son, Christian. Wondering what Chelsea meant, he seeks Phyllis for answers, but Phyllis decides it’s best not to tell Nick what she knows.

So Nick goes to the one person he can count on—Sharon—who decides that Nick deserves to know the truth about Christian, and tells him that she found out Christian is Adam’s son, not his.

Not wanting to believe Sharon, Nick inevitably orders a paternity test and the results confirm what Sharon told him—Christian is indeed Adam’s son!
After Nick tells Victor and Nikki that he knows Christian is Adam’s son, Victor reveals to his son that he knew all along and so did Phyllis.

Feeling betrayed by family and friends, Nick does a search for his brother, Dylan McAvoy. Despite Dylan being in the witness protection program, he never thought he’d actually find him.

Knowing finding Dylan could pose a risk, Nick needed to see his brother.
So Nick booked a flight for the middle east to see Dylan.

After Nick arrived in the middle east, and found Dylan’s hotel, Dylan was shocked to see his brother.

“Dylan, I know how you feel.” Nick sobbed in his brothers arms.

After Nick relayed the whole Christian paternity issue, the two bonded over the fact that they were both victims of a twisted paternity scheme.

Days of Our Lives One Shots: Abigail/Gabi (Gabigail)


What is wrong with me? I’ve been having some dreams about Gabi murdering Andre. Then I get these piercing headaches and I black out. I have moments I can’t remember before waking up in my bed next to my loving husband, Chad.

Poor Abby! She doesn’t know what’s hit her, but it’s fun to come out and play. Messing with Stefan is pure joy. He thinks I’m Abigail. That honorable twit. She’s fun and all, it’s time for Salem to experience Gabby.

General Hospital One Shots: Who Did Laura Really Marry?

Franco continues counseling with Dr. Kevin Collins, unbeknownst to Franco and everyone else in Port Charles, including Laura, Kevin’s wife, that he’s really Kevin’s twin brother, Ryan Collins.

Turns out, Ryan didn’t die after all. He has been masquerading as his brother, Kevin for years. Ryan has kept the real Kevin imprisoned on Cassadine Island in Greece.

Laura never made it to Spencer’s school. Ryan intercepted Laura before she made it to her flight and kidnapped her. After revealing who he really is, Ryan then flew Laura to Cassadine Island where she is now in the same cell with the real Kevin.

What is Ryan hiding and why has he been living Kevin’s life with the real Kevin being imprisoned for so many years? And will Laura and the real Kevin fall in love, make their escape and confront Ryan in Port Charles?

The Young and the Restless One Shots – Chelsea’s Secret

Chelsea knew she was lying to Nick and everyone about the hack at Chelsea 2.0. Her own company! No one would believe the real story. That Adam was alive! That was why she put the scheme in place. She was going to slip away from Genoa City with Connor and Christian (Adam’s son, not Nick’s). it was Adam’s plan to spirit Chelsea and his son’s way from the Newman family. Chelsea knew from the beginning, Chloe never killed Adam. The whole thing was staged so they could get out of Genoa City.

The only reason Chelsea stayed behind and “romanced” Nick—Victor!

Victor Newman ruined their plot! And Chelsea intended to make Victor pay by taking Connor and Christian away from Victor and Genoa City and back to Adam!

The only problem now is that pesky Phyllis and her vendetta to prove she was behind the hack!