Niktor Forever: A Victor & Nikki Newman Romance

What if Jack is using Gloria to hide the real fling he is having with Nikki Reed-Newman and using Nikki to get revenge on Victor Newman? Just as Nikki has decided to move on with her life and Victor. What will Nikki do when she discovers Jack’s deception? Will she go back to drinking? Will she tell Victor? Will she go back to Victor? Or will she seek revenge on Jack? Or will it be Victor and Nikki who will have the last laugh on Jack Abbott?

Victor Newman – Eric Braden
Nikki Reed-Newman – Melody Thomas Scott
Jack Abbott – Peter Bergman
Ashley Abbott – Eileen Davidson
Billy Abbott – Jason Thompson
Victoria Newman – Amelia Heinle
Phyllis Summers-Newman-Abbott – Gina Tognoni
Michael Baldwin – Christian LeBlanc
Lauren Fenmore-Baldwin – Tracey Bregman
Gloria Fisher-Abbott-Bardwell – Judith Chapman

Chapter 1
Nobody could know the real reason he hired Gloria Fisher-Abbott-Bardwell as a receptionist at Jabot? He tricked Gloria into “sleeping with him” getting her drunk and waking up in bed next to her the next morning. Gloria thinks she pulled one over on him, when it was the other way around. Jack is using Gloria making her think they are having an affair to hide the real affair he is having with Nikki Reed-Newman and using Nikki to get revenge on her husband Victor Newman!
Jack has to make everyone think Gloria has one over on him to get what he wants from Victor Newman. And if everyone believes that he and Gloria are having an affair, so be it! As long as he wins in the end! The Mustache will pay! Pay for all his crimes, one way or another!
Jack’s reverie was interrupted by Nikki who rushed into his office at Jabot.
“Jack, I need you!” Nikki cried out as she kissed him hard on the lips.”
“Nikki, please! Not here!” Jack reminded her of the dire consequences of exposing their affair.
“Then take me somewhere private, I don’t care. I need you now!” Nikki begged.
“Okay. Meet me at this address.” Jack said holding up a piece of paper so no one could hear as Nikki rushed out of Jack’s office.
15 minutes later, Jack and Nikki met secretly at their secret place for a little rendezvous. Passions heightened as Jack and Nikki gave into desire and made love. When the pair were through, Jack got out of bed and got dressed before leaving Nikki alone in bed.
As Jack left their undisclosed location, someone was watching from a distance.

Chapter 2
Jack sat at his and Nikki’s favorite spot waiting for Nikki when Gloria happened by.
“Jack, I thought we had a date?” Gloria asked him.
“Date?” Jack questioned her.
“Sorry, Glo—“ Jack started to apologize but Nikki finally showed up for her dinner with Jack.
“So, you’re having dinner with her?” Gloria said, turning up her nose at Nikki.
“Yes, he is.” Nikki said as Jack pulled out Nikki’s chair for her to sit down.
“Well, I know when three’s a crowd!” Gloria said in a huff before leaving the two of them alone.
As Nikki enjoyed Jack’s company for the first time in…well, she couldn’t count how long it had been since she’d had a good time. Victor, he seemed preoccupied with Newman? But Jack…how could she let him get away and go back to Victor Newman countless times?
A dejected Gloria found herself at GCAC where she found herself a little tipsy when Ashley happened by.
“Drunk again, Gloria?” Ashley smirked.
“What do you want?” Gloria said in pity.
“What’s wrong, Gloria?”
“Your brother, that’s who?”
“What did Jack do this time?”
“Not what?!” Gloria said, taking another drink. “What?!”
“Jack’s seeing someone?” Ashley said mused.
“That blonde socialite, Nikki Reed-Newman!”
“Jack’s seeing Nikki?” Ashley asked, amused. Maybe she could get in good with Victor? Ashley thought to herself.
“Well, don’t drink too much, Gloria.” Ashley told her, as she left her alone, glad Jack finally gave up on Gloria.
Meanwhile, back to Jack and Nikki…………………
Jack and Nikki were enjoying dinner when Nikki got a text on her cell. She went to see who it was when Jack interrupted her.
“Hey, I thought we were going to have a cell phone free night?” Jack asked her, as Nikki picked up her phone.
“I’m sorry, Jack, it’s from Victoria.” Nikki lied, because it was from Victor.
“Meet me at the ranch, pronto!” came Victor’s text.
As Nikki got up to leave their dinner, Jack asked, “Where you going?”
“I’m sorry, but Victoria needs me!” Nikki said quickly as she headed to the ranch to see Victor.

Chapter 3
“Victor, what is the meaning of ruining my night with Jack with a text about our children!” Nikki berated Victor.
“I thought you needed to know what I found out about loverboy.” Victor said nonchalantly.
“Oh, please, Victor, you’re just jealous of me and Jack!” Nikki retorted.
“Believe what you want, Nikki, but I have proof of Jack’s indiscretion.”
“Yeah, sure! You always do!” Nikki railed as Victor held up his cell of Jack in bed with some blonde woman.
Nikki was flabbergasted. She couldn’t believe Jack would do this to her. She ran from the Victor’s ranch. She needed a drink. And no one was going to stop her!
15 minutes later, Nikki found herself back at Victor’s ranch and poured herself a drink. As she about to take a drink, Victor came into the room and grabbed the glass before Nikki could take a drink.
“You don’t want to do that!” Victor said, as he threw the drink across the room.
“You just love to humiliate me, don’t you, Victor!” Nikki yelled at him.
“Nikki, stop it!”
“Why, Victor?!”
“Because I have a plan to get back at Jack, and I want you in on the deal.”
“I wouldn’t help you if you were the last man on earth!” Nikki told him as she flung her fist at him, which Victor blocked.
The tension between them was too much to ignore and it soon turned to lust as the two spouses ended up in a kiss. The smoldering flames between Victor and Nikki was too much to bear as Victor swept Nikki off her feet and took her upstairs to their bedroom.
After their lovemaking session, Nikki asked Victor, “Did you get what you wanted, Victor?!”
“Yes, I did. I got my wife and partner in crime back.” Victor said satisfied.
Nikki had to finally admit. . .Victor did get what he wanted. He knew how to push her buttons. And after Jack’s indiscretion, Nikki was fuming. She wanted revenge!
“So, what’s your plan?”
“I want you to play Jack.”
“Excuse me?”
“I want you to make Jack think you want to continue your ‘romance’”. Victor told her calmly and suavely.
“Okay, Victor, say I go along with your plan?” Nikki warned him. “Don’t you think Jack will catch on?”
“I know how persuasive you can be.” Victor encouraged her.
“Okay, Victor, we have a deal.” Nikki told him as the two co-conspirators sealed their secret reunion with a kiss.

Chapter 4
Nikki hated conspiring with Victor to get the goods on Jack. But she never really loved Jack. Victor would forever be in her heart. They were soulmates…until the end!
As Nikki arrived at Jabot to spy on Jack, she sent Victor a text, “At Jabot. About to enter Jack’s office. Coast is clear.”
After hitting the send button, Nikki made herself comfortable in Jack’s office. Thank goodness she conned her way into getting a key from Jack to his office, Nikki thought, as she prided herself in being so sneaky.
But Nikki got the shock of her life as she opened up Jack’s personal laptop and saw photos of him and Gloria. She couldn’t believe that Jack was having an illicit affair with Gloria—of all people?! What was wrong with him…and what could he possibly see in her?!
A turn of the door knob signaling that someone was coming in gave Nikki enough of an alert to immediately close the laptop before whoever it was came in.
Nikki made herself comfortable on the sofa in Jack’s office when Jack showed up. Nikki hid what she saw on Jack’s laptop and seduced Jack with a kiss.
“What was that for?” Jack quizzed her.
“I missed you.” Nikki said amorously, hiding her contempt from him.
Confused by Nikki’s attitude, Jack gave in to Nikki’s kiss as the two made out on Jack’s desktop.
A few minutes later, Victor received the multimedia text from Nikki showing photos of an in clandestine Jack and Gloria that Nikki had managed to send before her “romp” with Jack.
“Well done, Nikki.” Victor said when he saw the photos. “Jack won’t know what hit him.”
Back at Jabot, a guilty Nikki got herself dressed after Jack made an excuse to leave her side.
As Nikki headed back to Newman Ranch, Victor was waiting at the Abbott mansion to confront Jack about his affair with Gloria Fisher.


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