Weekly Soap Spoilers – July 16-20, 2018

Weekly Soap Spoilers – July 16-20, 2018

The Young & the Restless
In the latest Deconstructing Y&R, Jill’s return topped the week while Victoria was underplayed in her own storyline.
Young and Restless spoilers for the week of July 16:
Twists and turns are promised by Head Writer Mal Young in JT’s return from the dead to YR in the weeks and months to come.
Young and Restless spoilers for Monday July 16:
In Monday’s Y&R Spoiler Video: Victor taunts a figure in the shadows, Sharon worries what JT could reveal, and Mariah and Tessa share a more than friends moment.
In today’s Y&R recap, Victor’s blindsided at Nick’s reveal and Phyllis confronts Billy. Also, Jack gets the answer he’s been looking for.
Phyllis learns what Billy’s been hiding.
Victor’s confrontation with JT takes a stunning turn.
Jack receives paternity news.
Y&R spoilers for Tuesday July 17:
Victor prepares to fight.
Hilary hides a secret.
Nikki and Victoria are taken completely off guard.
Y&R spoilers for Wednesday July 18:
Hilary and Lily argue heatedly.
Nick begins a new chapter.
Mariah shares a close moment with Tessa.
Upcoming exit… Mishael Morgan is leaving Y&R and shared a goodbye message and photo.
Y&R spoilers for Thursday July 19:
A power move is made by Jack.
Abby must choose sides.
Sharon’s concerned about Nick.
Dayplayer roles… The latest Y&R casting calls for upcoming scenes.
Y&R spoilers for Friday July 20:
Nick’s dark side emerges.
Ashley has her eye on a new alliance.
Devon gets upsetting news.
More Y&R spoilers…
Neil and Ashley make out on the sofa. He stops and she asks, “What?”
Neil tells Ashley he doesn’t want to proceed with anything that might compromise their friendship.
Sharon worries to Phyllis that while they sit there, JT is telling Victor everything about that night.
Victor tells JT, “You’re a coward, hiding in the shadows, now the tables are turned.”
Neil comforts Devon in the hospital.
While on the movie date with Mariah, Tessa takes a mysterious call and asks the person on the other end if they have the money.
Tessa holds back on the date as she’s not sure where she stands with Mariah.
Coming up on The Young and the Restless…
Mariah comes undone.
Devon follows through on a promise.
The Chancellor legacy is defended by Cane.
Departure announcement… Eileen Davidson’s leaving Y&R as Ashley Abbott.

The Bold & the Beautiful
Liam still hasn’t decided between Steffy and Hope, Sally fights back as accusations are made against her, and the Hope for the Future fashion show takes place. Please return to this page daily for new teasers in the spoiler videos.
In the latest Deconstructing B&B, Zoe piqued some fans interest and Liam’s waffling was played out.
Friday July 13:
In today’s B&B recap, Bill learns Hope’s pregnant and visits Steffy, while Zoe sneaks into Forrester Creations.
Bold and Beautiful spoilers for the week of July 16:
Bold and Beautiful spoilers for Monday July 16:
In Monday’s B&B Spoiler Video: Zoe tries to explain herself to Xander, while Sally has no answers.
Sally insists she’s being framed in the face of serious accusations.
B&B spoilers for Tuesday July 17:
Sally attacks Zoe in anger as Wyatt intervenes.
Xander realizes Zoe is the person working at Wyatt’s who has had contact with Emma.
Fan favorite Todd McKee returns to B&B as Jake Maclaine.
Soaps.com wishes her all the best! Karla Mosley’s on a baby break and shared a clip of her last day.
B&B spoilers for Wednesday July 18:
Brooke presses Liam to see that Hope would be a better partner for him than Steffy.
Zoe reveals Xander’s secret identity after he reminds her she’s not his girlfriend.
B&B spoilers for Thursday July 19:
Delighted that Hope’s pregnant, Bill starts pursuing his agenda again.
Everyone prepares for the Hope for the Future relaunch.
B&B spoilers for Friday July 20:
While attending the fashion show at Forrester to see Emma, Justin struggles with Bill’s latest request.
Thorne’s designs and Emma’s dance choreography feature in the Hope for the Future fashion show, which will have a surprise showstopper.
More B&B spoilers…
After Xander tells her about his ex with stalker tendencies, Emma shares the information with her new friend, Zoe, not knowing she’s his former girlfriend.
Bill visits Steffy to needle her about Hope’s pregnancy, but she refuses to show vulnerability and expresses complete faith in Liam.
After his visit with Steffy, Bill works to dig up dirt on Liam to exploit the situation.
Coming up on The Bold and the Beautiful…
Steffy is set up by Bill and makes a stunning discovery.
Emma’s insecurities surface after Zoe steals her thunder.

General Hospital
Port Charles residents are filled with various emotions, as one is torn, another is desperate and someone else can’t help but express their frustration. Plus, while Sonny receives a surprise visitor, Carly’s actions are met with consequences.
General Hospital spoilers for the week of July 16:
In last week’s GH column, Obrecht should have spared everyone more misery and killed Peter, and Nelle and Michael’s Friday the 13th wedding is fitting given Nelle is a monster.
General Hospital spoilers for Monday July 16:
Michael is torn.
Jordan is sympathetic.
Sonny expresses his frustrations.
General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday July 17:
Maxie senses something is wrong.
Valentin puts two and two together.
Obrecht is overcome with emotion.
General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday July 18:
Curtis offers Liz an explanation.
Valentin buys some time.
Julian pays Sonny a surprise visit.
General Hospital spoilers for Thursday July 19:
Sonny gets in over his head.
Carly faces the consequences of her actions.
Nina dodges accusations.
General Hospital spoilers for Friday July 20:
Obrecht encounters an obstacle.
Valentin is desperate.
Diane is the bearer of bad news.
More GH spoilers:
Michael and Nelle’s wedding is interrupted by Carly.
Nelle goes into panic mode.
Lucas seeks advice from Alexis.
Jason’s mission is to protect Michael at all costs.
Chase plays his cards close to his chest.
Ava sets out to do damage control.
Ferncliff’s mystery patient has a familiar face.
Joss tells Michael she witnessed Chase and Nelle kissing.
Michael assures Joss he has control of the situation.
Coming up on General Hospital in July and onward:
Valerie Spencer will be back in Port Charles since Brytni Sarpy is returning to GH.
There’s a new doctor in town with Casey Biggs cast on GH as Ferncliff’s newest staff member.
Monica Quartermaine will look familiar again since Leslie Charleson resumes taping at GH beginning in July.

Days of Our Lives
Kayla is keeping a secret from her husband about the company that could give Steve his eyesight back and Stefan remains a factor during a much anticipated meeting. The fallout from Tate’s custody hearing leaves Brady having to say goodbye and Jenn looking for answers regarding a connection to JJ and some drugs. Plus, Abigail’s secret is exposed…
In Friday’s Days blog, the theme is ‘playing with fire’ which is what Salemites are doing amid the romance and lust!
Days of our Lives spoilers for the week of July 16:
In this week’s Days spoiler video, Gabi switches Abigail’s paternity results then pays one DiMera brother a visit to announce he is the father.
Days of our Lives spoilers for Monday July 16:
Kayla and Steve eagerly anticipate a meeting about Steve’s new eye, but a tense cross with Stefan threatens to derail everything.
Fun! Play Days of our Lives trivia to test your knowledge on how well you know the NBC soap.
Days of our Lives spoilers for Tuesday July 17:
Brady faces having to say good-bye to his son.
Days of our Lives spoilers for Wednesday July 18:
Jennifer is determined to find out how the drugs ended up in JJ’s apartment.
Days of our Lives spoilers for Thursday July 19:
Hope and Rafe press Ben to admit he set the fire.
Days of our Lives spoilers for Friday July 20:
Gabi “accidentally” reveals Abigail’s secret.
Will receives a shocking note.
Days of our Lives spoilers for the week of July 23:
Days spoilers for Monday July 23:
Vengeful Gabi vents to JJ about the losses she suffered while in prison.
Days spoilers for Tuesday July 24:
Abigail confesses to Chad she’s pregnant with Stefan’s child.
Hope and Rafe are stunned by Ciara’s move to help Ben.
Days spoilers for Wednesday July 25:
Will shows Sonny the anonymous letter that implies its author knows that they killed Leo.
Days spoilers for Thursday July 26:
Marlena and John have a special request for Eric and Brady.
Days spoilers for Friday July 27:
Victor warns Eve that Jennifer is getting closer to the truth.
Coming up:
JJ is suspended from his job.
Abby considers an abortion and makes a decision on what to do about her pregnancy.
Theresa hears bad news about her mother, Kimberly.
Marlena and John have a favor for Brady and Eric.
Eve runs into Ben Weston, who murdered her daughter Paige. Eve confides in friend Chloe.
Gabi vents to JJ.
JJ asks Kayla for some help.
Steve gets surgery on his eye.
Rafe and Hope pressure Ben to admit he’s the one to have set the fire in the cabin.
Claire thinks Ciara could be getting involved with Ben, emotionally.
Kate overhears a suspicious conversation between Will and Sonny.
There’s a funeral for baby David Abraham.
Returns coming up on Days in June and onward:
Keep an eye out for appearances in Salem following various Days casting calls, auditions & bit roles.
In case you missed it: Arianne Zucker is taping at Days, which means Nicole Walker will be making her way back to Salem…
Marci Miller has left Days as Abigail DiMera and Kate Mansi will return to resume the role she once played.
Farah Fath returns to Days as Mimi. The actress is currently taping scenes.
Summer drama ahead: Alison Sweeney returns to Days as Sami Brady. We’ll find out if the Days rumor is true, whether Sami’s pregnant with Rafe’s baby!
Sheila turns up soon with Tionne (T-Boz) Watkins still taping at Days.
Brandon Beemer & Martha Madison return to Days as Shawn and Belle for an exciting storyline.


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