Love & Betrayal: The Young & the Restless Romances

Romance is alive in Genoa City: but will they last?
Billy has moved on with Phyllis, but he is torn between Phyllis and Victoria. Who will win Billy’s heart?
Nick has moved on with Chelsea, but Nick’s feud with Victor puts a damper in his romance with Chelsea when Victor pulls out his latest maneuver yet. Will Nick and Chelsea survive?
As Sharon and Scott’s romance heats up, Abby realizes it’s Scott she wants, and Victor is more than willing to help Abby win.
If Nikki thought Victor would be a problem concerning her new romance with Jack, she has more than she bargained for when Dina comes between the two lovers. Will Nikki stay with Jack, go back to Victor, or fall off the wagon?
Reed and Mattie are torn by family loyalties and their blossoming new romance. Can the two young lovers stay true to family and stay away from each other?
Lily and Hilary are at it again as Hilary realizes it’s Lily he wants. Will Lily and Jordan give into temptation?
Mariah and Tessa devotes themselves to their men, Devon and Noah, respectively, as they try to squash their feelings for one another?
And Ashley and Ravi can no longer deny their feeling for each other?
Juliet’s secret is out: Cane is not the father of her baby, but who is?

Billy Abbott – Jason Thompson
Phyllis Summers-Newman-Abbott – Gina Tognoni
Victoria Newman – Amelia Heinle
Nick Newman – Joshua Morrow
Chelsea Lawson-Newman – Melissa Claire Egan
Victor Newman – Eric Braden
Nikki Reed Newman – Melody Thomas Scott
Jack Abbott – Peter Bergman
Dina Mergeron – Marla Adams
Reed Hellstrom – Tristan Lake Leabu
Matilda “Mattie” Ashby – Lexie Stevenson
Charles “Charlie” Ethan Ashby – Noah Alexander Gerry
Lily Winters-Ashby – Christel Khalil
Hilary Curtis-Winters-Hamilton – Mishael Morgan
Jordan Wilde – Darnell Kirkwood
Mariah Copeland – Camryn Grimes
Tessa Porter – Cait Fairbanks
Devon Hamilton – Bryton McClure
Noah Newman – Robert Adamson
Ashley Abbott – Eileen Davidson
Ravi Shapur – Abhi Sinha
Ethan “Cane” Ashby – Daniel Goddard
Juliet Helton – Laur Allen

Chapter 1-Phyllis Schemes to Keep Billy Away from Victoria
Phyllis couldn’t believe that her plot to bring Benjamin Hockman in to sweep Victoria off her feet backfired in a major way. Now Billy was working day and night closely with Victoria at Brash & Sassy, now that Neil Winters saved Brash & Sassy. She and Billy rarely had time together anymore because he was too busy working late with Victoria. She had to find a way to keep Billy away from Victoria? But how?
Phyllis opened up her laptop and to view “The Hilary Hour” and was impressed with Hilary to dig the dirt on Victoria. She had a plan to use Hilary to her advantage.
“Mariah, GC Buzz?” Mariah answered the phone at GC Buzz. “How can I help you?”
“Mariah, this is Phyllis. Can I speak with Hilary?”
“Just one moment.” Mariah said as she handed the phone to Hilary, who was just passing by. “Hilary, the phone is for you.”
“Thank you, Mariah,” Hilary said as she took the phone from her. “Yes. This is Hilary.”
“Hilary, this is Phyllis.”
“Phyllis, what do you want?”Hilary said. “You want a piece of me too?”
“On the contrary…I have a proposition for you.”
“Really?” Hilary said surprised.
“Yes. Can we meet at GCAC for cocktails?”
“Yes. I’ll be there. What time?” Hilary asked her.
“1:00 pm?”
“I’ll be there.”
Meanwhile, Billy and Victoria were having an argument over the company she’s been keeping.
“I can’t believe you slept with Benjamin Hockman?!” Billy said irately.
“Why does it matter, Billy? You’re with Phyllis, so who does it matter who I’m with?!” Victoria said hotly in her defense.
“The guy’s bad news!” Billy pointed out, not wanting to admit he was jealous and that he wanted her back.
“You sound jealous!”
“Well…well, I’m not!”
“Fine. Then can we get back to work?” Victoria said, as she logged onto her laptop to view the days tasks.
“Fine with me!” Billy said to her as he logged onto his laptop.
Billy watched Victoria as she worked. He couldn’t believe she slept with Benjamin Hockman! She should be with him!
“Billy, would you quit looking at me?” Victoria told him. “It’s very distracting!”
“I can’t help it.” Billy said quietly.
“Why not?”
Billy got up from his seat and pulled Victoria into his arms and kissed her. Victoria, wanting Billy to kiss her for so long, gave into his kiss and kissed him back.
At GCAC, Hilary arrived to find Phyllis waiting for her.
“Phyllis, I have to admit, your phone call caught me off guard.”
“Well, I have a job for you to do.”
“Oh, and what would that be?” Hilary asked her, her curiosity piqued.
“I need you to help me keep Billy and Victoria away from each other.”
“You don’t like Billy working with his ex?”
“No I don’t.” Phyllis confessed.
“What do you want me to do?”
“Find Travis Crawford and have him brought to Genoa City.”
“You think I can convince Victoria’s ex to come back to Genoa City?” Hilary asked her.
“Tell Travis that Victoria is ill for all I care. Just get Travis back here!” Phyllis threatened. “Or I will reveal your secret!”
“I have nothing to hide!” Hilary told her confidently.
Phyllis opened up her phone and showed her the video of hiding at GCAC to get the footage of Victoria and Benjamin Hockman.
“Where did you get that?” Hilary accused.
“It doesn’t matter where or how I got it! Do what I say or this will be posted online!”
“Fine. I will get Travis here.” Hilary told her.
“Thank you.” Phyllis said. “I knew you would see things my way.”
Phyllis picked up her things and walked away, confident that Victoria’s Billy would be all hers soon.
Hilary checked her phone and found a number for Travis, and dialed the number.
“Travis, you need to come to Genoa City. Victoria is real sick and needs you.” Hilary said to Travis as soon as she heard his voice.
Chapter 2 – Victor and Nick’s Feud Reaches New Heights
Victor couldn’t believe that Nick was turning his granddaughter Faith against him. That sweet little girl and he was taking her away from him. Well Nick was going to pay for his actions.
“Yes, I need you to come to town pronto!” Victor said via his cell to a mystery person.
“Yes, I will be there.” The mystery person said. “Does tomorrow sound too early?”
“That’ll be perfect.” Victor said before hanging up.
Victor sat at his chair at Newman Enterprises. He poured himself a drink from his wetbar in his office.
“Soon, Nick. Soon. All will fall into place.” Victor said as he took a swig of his drink.
At Chelsea’s condo, Nick and Chelsea were having a romantic night. Their love was falling into place for the first time since Adam’s death. It really seemed right between the two of them.
“I love you Nick.” Chelsea said after making love to him.
“I love you too, Chelsea.” Nick replied. “It seems right. The five of us as a family: you, me, Connor, Christian and Faith.”
Nick and Chelsea clung to each other, unaware of the intruder that was coming to wreck their future.
Meanwhile, at Brash & Sassy, Phyllis decided to surprise Billy with a lunch and hopefully some romance, but Victoria’s presence as she hung all over Billy while working together of B & S business was a little too unnerving for Phyllis. The thought made her sick to see Victoria play games with Billy. Why couldn’t Billy see Victoria for the tramp she was? Phyllis thought.
“Gawd, you at it again, Victoria!” Phyllis said outraged when she opened the door to Brash & Sassy.
“What are you talking about, Phyllis? Billy and I are working on business.” Victoria defended herself.
“You always hang all over your co-workers?” Phyllis questioned her. “Or is Billy the lucky one?”
“What do you want, Phyllis?” Victoria said irritated with Phyllis’ presence in her company.
“Well, I thought ‘my boyfriend’ could use some lunch.” Phyllis said, emphasizing Billy’s role in her life, hoping it unnerved Victoria.
“Well, Billy, if you need to eat something, don’t let me stop you.” Victoria said, to Phyllis’ glee.
“Thanks, Victoria, I am a little famished.”
“Well, don’t let me stop you.” Victoria said. “I need to go and do some unfinished business for Brash & Sassy.”
Victoria walked out of Brash & Sassy leaving Phyllis and Billy to their lunch. Little did Phyllis know, she was playing right into Victoria’s hands.
Chapter 3 – Abby Schemes to Take Scott from Sharon
The dating app to lure Scott away from Sharon was working. Scott was jealous of Zack. Abby knew she wanted Scott and was sickened by Sharon as she made her advances to lure him into her bed…the nasty slut…Abby detested Sharon and couldn’t stand the fact that Scott was with her. That’s when she came up with the dating app idea. And Victor was all too happy to help her win the war over Scott.
She wanted Scott but couldn’t come out and tell him so. Sharon had already squirmed her way into Scott’s heart. But the success of the dating app was doing wonders. She was successful and soon, Scott would be all hers…and Sharon would be a nasty history. But she didn’t know the regret she would have letting Zack go after she and Scott declared their love for each other.
Meanwhile, Zack was working on the finishing touches as he plotted to make Abby his bride. He couldn’t wait to show her his surprise soon. Once he was married to Abby Newman, Victor would have to help him out of the sex-scandal mess he got himself in. Abby was his ticket to a better life…and no one was going to get in his way!!
Abby put her plan in motion as she text Scott to meet her at Crimson Lights…the perfect spot as Sharon now owned the coffee bar after Dylan’s absence. It worked like a charm…maybe too much.
Not only Sharon witnessed the kiss between Abby and Scott. Zack became more than jealous as he too witnessed the kiss.
Chaos erupted at Crimson Lights as Zack took out his gun and held Sharon at gunpoint. Scott was forced to bargain with Zack to get Sharon out of harm’s way, but he didn’t see Zack’s next move as he kidnapped Abby and forced her into his car. By the time Scott got to Zack’s car, Zack was long gun. And Scott had no idea where Zack took Abby.
Meanwhile, Nick’s life was in shambles as the intruder revealed himself as Adam Newman.
“Chelsea, I’m alive!” Adam said to a shocked Chelsea, who was in bed with his brother.
“Screwing my brother!” Adam chastised her and Nick. “Guess the next surprise is the perfect payback for my brother and his whore!”
“What payback!” Nick demanded.
“Christian isn’t your son!” Adam revealed. “And your whore of a girlfriend, my loving wife, knew all about it!”
Adam left Nick and Chelsea and went to pick up his son, Christian, who was crying in his crib.
“Just what do you mean, Christian is your son?!” Nick demanded, with Chelsea right behind him.
“Yes, brother dear. Christian is mine. And our father knew all along. Not to mention your new girlfriend.”
Nick was crushed. Christian was Adam’s. And Victor and Chelsea knew all along. Nick couldn’t take it. He ran out of Chelsea’s and got into his car. He ended up at Crimson Lights where he spied a sobbing Sharon.
“Sharon, why are you crying?”
“Scott ran after Zack who took Abby?”
“Well, I got news of my own.”
“What can be so bad as Scott being in love with your sister?”
“Try Adam being back and being the father of Christian?”
“What the…..”
“Yeah, the son you raised as Sully with my brother, Dylan, is Adam’s son.”
Nick and Sharon commiserated their loss in each other’s arms as the two made love at Crimson Lights.
Chapter 4 – Jack & Nikki Heat Up Their Romance
Passion was in the air for Jack and Nikki as they took their romance to the next level. As they finished their fiery lovemaking, a knock on the door interrupted their fireworks. It was Dina.
“Jacky?” Dina said, before barging through Jack’s bedroom door, shocked to see Nikki in Jack’s bed.
Nikki covered herself as Jack grabbed his pants and escorted Dina out of his bedroom.
“Mother, what did you want?”
Dina took a few moments to come up with a reason because she didn’t have one. She hated Nikki being with Jack. She wanted Nikki out of her son’s life.
“Mother, what did you want?” Jack repeated again, becoming irate.
“You’re needed at Jabot.” Dina lied. “There’s trouble brewing.”
“Alright. Thanks for telling me.” Jack said as he left her alone and went to get ready and tell Nikki.
“I’m sorry for mother barging in, but I need to head to the office.” Jack said as Nikki’s heart was secretly crushed.
“It’s okay. I’ll just wait here for you until you get back.” She told him with a kiss, which Dina spied.
As Nikki laid back in Jack’s bed, Dina waited for Jack to leave the mansion before confronting Nikki, who was still in Jack’s bed.
“What do you want?’ Nikki said annoyed.
“You out of my son’s life!” Dina demanded.
“Don’t you think Jack should have a say who he’s with?” Nikki pointed out to a disagreeable Dina.
“You’re just a gold-digging tramp!” Dina shot out at her.
“I love Jack!” Nikki defended herself.
“I want you out of Jack’s life or I will tell him your secret!”
“What secret?! I have no secrets?!” Nikki said, knowing she did.
“I know you’re working with Victor to destroy Jabot.” Dina accused.
“You wouldn’t!”
“Watch me!”
Nikki got up out of Jack’s bed, got dressed and grabbed her things and left the Abbott mansion. No one could know why she was romancing Jack. She had to silence Dina before she blabbed everything to Jack.
Meanwhile, Nick and Sharon woke up to find them in bed after Adam found Nick with Chelsea. He couldn’t believe that Christian was Adam’s and he couldn’t believe that Chelsea kept that secret along with his own father.
“Nick, I’m sorry about Christian.” Sharon told him after their tryst.
“I can’t believe I was lied to by my own father and Chelsea.”
“I know I lied to you about Christian being Sully, but it’s funny how you weren’t even Christian’s father—Adam was. And Sage knew the truth?” Sharon tried to reason.
“I know how Dylan felt when I found out Christian was my son.” Nick said, trying to make sense of it. “He couldn’t handle Sully being Christian and not his son. Now I learn that Christian isn’t mine either.”
Nick and Sharon just held each other at Crimson Lights unaware that Dylan had made his way back to Genoa City after he received word from a mysterious source about Christian.
Chapter 5 – Reed & Mattie: Torn Between Family and Love & A Niktor Reunion
Mattie was miserable at Walnut Grove as she walked the hallways. She was barely able to concentrate on her studies. She just couldn’t get Reed out of her head.
Reed also was torn at the public school where he was separated from Mattie. Their families were making it difficult to see each other. Reed couldn’t take it anymore. So he sent Mattie at text at school:
“Meet me later?”
Mattie took out her cell during English class despite the teacher’s objections to having cell phones on during class and was pleasantly surprised to see it was from Reed. Without hesitation, Mattie sent a quick “Yes!” before the teacher saw her texting in class.
“Great! Meet me at Chancellor Park in an hour!” Reed text back.
“Okay.” Mattie replied back just in time before her teacher confiscated her phone.
Mattie couldn’t wait for class to be over to meet Reed.
Nikki was getting ready for her date with Jack. It was going to be a promising night as Nikki looked forward to spending time with Jack. But Jack’s mother, Dina, had other plans in store for Ms. Newman.
Nikki arrived at the Abbott mansion where Jack was planning a romantic night for him and Nikki, but Dina had managed to ruin the dinner when she had a health crisis just minutes before Nikki was to arrive.
Nikki let herself in as no one came to the door and found tending to a sick Dina. Seeing Jack’s devotion to his mother, Nikki became jealous, despite her concern for the woman. She couldn’t help but wonder if Dina was faking it all.
As Nikki quietly walked out of the Abbott mansion, Dina smiled to herself for faking a health crisis. It appeared she had won this round. She hoped her health held so she could get Nikki out of Jack’s life.
Nikki found herself at GCAC ordering a drink when Victor saw her and came over.
“Nikki, what are you doing?”
“I’m having a drink.” Nikki said snidely to her ex-husband.
“Come home, tonight!” Victor pleaded, something he rarely did, but deep down, he missed her. “End this farce of a divorce now!”
After the night Nikki had, she thought it over for a split second and thought…what the hell…why not!! Nikki allowed Victor lead her out of GCAC before she took one gulp of her alcoholic drink.
Back at Newman Ranch, old feelings resurfaced as Nikki allowed herself to be seduced by Victor, despite the issues they had currently between them. Sparks of romance ignited for the star-crossed lovers as they made love through the night.
Back at the Abbott mansion, Jack learned that Dina staged her health crisis and scolded her for trying to ruin him and Nikki.
To Dina’s dismay, Jack ran out to find Nikki, only to find her at Newman Ranch in Victor’s bed.
Chapter 6 – Lily Dashes Jordan’s Hopes
“Lily, it’s you I want.” Jordan came out and confessed his love for her.
“Jordan, I’m touched that you think we should be together…” Lily said, trying to find the right words to gently let him down.
“I was only with Hilary to make you jealous.” Jordan continued his confession.
“Wow! And you thought making me jealous would make me run into your arms?” Lily said in disbelief.
“What can you say, people do stupid things when you’re in love?” Jordan said in his defense.
“I’m sorry, Jordan, but I’m still in love with Cane.” Lily just came out and told Jordan, as she was sick of his games.
“After the heartache he caused you…you’re going back to him?!”
“I can’t help how I feel?”
“But you can flirt with me and make me believe we had something going?” Jordan accused.
“I never led you on?!” Lily said hurt by his accusation.
“Yeah, that’s right! Deny it!” Jordan said as he walked out on her.
Lily couldn’t believe Jordan would accuse her of coming on to him…let alone, think she was leading him on. But she had more troubles to come when Hilary confronted her after a talk with Jordan when she found him at GCAC drowning his sorrows.
“Who do you think you are?” Hilary yelled as threw hurled accusations at Lily at Brash & Sassy.
“So you talked with Jordan?!” Lily asked.
“Yeah! And he told me you told him you were still in love with Cane!”
“I tried to let him down gently, but he threw accusations at me!”
“You’re nothing but a slut, Lily.” Hilary threw out at her. “You come onto men then break their hearts.”
“I don’t need to take your insults, Hilary!” Lily told her. “Now get out of my office!”
“I hope Cane dumps your @$$! You never deserve him!” Hilary said heatedly before storming out of Lily’s office at Newman.
Lily couldn’t believe the gall of Hilary to come to Newman and yell at her. After everything she put her father and brother threw. Well, Hilary was going to get her due…when she least expect it.
Meanwhile, Reed and Mattie continued to meet secretly after school as their families didn’t approve of their dating. Everything went well, until Charlie caught them in sharing a smoothie at a hideway beach café on the beach. Charlie was there with a date as well.
“Mattie, what are you doing here with Hellstrom?” Charlie asked his twin sister.
“Reed asked me to meet him for a smoothie and I agreed.” Mattie told her brother.
“Mom and dad are going to be so pissed.”
“That’s why you aren’t going to tell him, are you brother dear.”
“You expect me to lie for you?”
“Please, Charlie.” Mattie begged him with a pout.
Charlie could never refuse his sister when she pouted, “Fine, Mattie, I won’t say a word to mom and dad.”
“Thank you, Charlie. You won’t regret it.”
“I better not.” Charlie said, as he went off with his date, while Reed and Mattie continued theirs.
Chapter 7 – Tessa and Mariah’s Secret Is Exposed
Devon was waiting at the top of Newman Tower when Mariah showed up late for their dinner date.
“Devon, I’m so sorry.” Mariah apologized. “I had a situation come up with my mother.”
Mariah felt bad for lying to Devon about why she was late for their dinner date, but she knew she couldn’t tell him about the kiss between her and Tessa. Tessa, feeling guilty for hurting Noah, back off and told Mariah it could never happen again. Hiding her hurt, Mariah understood Tessa didn’t want to hurt her step-brother, Noah.
“That’s okay.” Devon told her. “I took the liberty to order drinks and dinner.”
“I’m sure whatever you order will be delicious.”
Mariah decided to make the best of her romance with Devon, but Hilary decided to have dinner alone and made herself known when she spied Devon with Mariah.
“Why, hello you two!” Hilary said cheerfully despite being hurt that Jordan dissed her for Lily, unbeknownst to her, Lily dissed Jordan.
“Well, I got a business dinner waiting.” Hilary told them as she sashayed away from their table.
Hilary didn’t expect to see Jordan waiting at her table.
“I have some news to tell you?”
“Lily left Cane and you two are a couple?”
“No. She dissed me. She’s committed to Cane and her family.”
“Well, well, well.” Hilary tsked.
“I learned something about Mariah and Tessa I thought you might want to know.”
“And you’re telling me…out of the goodness of your heart?”
“I’m telling you so you get the scoop first.”
“Well, what is the secret?”
“Tessa and Mariah kissed.”
“And how did you come across this bit of news?”
“I don’t disclose my sources.”
“Well, thank you Jordan. You can go.”
As Jordan walked out the Newman Tower, Hilary wondered what she do with Tessa and Mariah’s secret.
Meanwhile, Reed was planning a surprise date for Mattie, but when he called her up to join him, she had to decline his invitation.
“Mattie, can you meet me at the country club?” Reed said excitedly.
“I’m sorry, Reed, but I’m swamped with work her at HWG.”
“Yeah. Maybe some other time.” Reed said disappointedly .
Reed bumped into Charlie when he sat down in a lounge by the pool.
“Why so bummed? Did my sister dump you?”
“I don’t want to get into it.”
“She did. My sister dumped you. Must be the new guy at HWG.”
“What’s that supposed to mean?”
But Charlie left before he could explain, leaving Reed fuming that Mattie found someone else. He decided to pay Mattie a visit at HWG just to see how swamped she really was.
But when Reed got there, he saw with his own eyes when he caught Mattie in what looked like an embrace with Nate Hastings, and left HWG without one word to Mattie.
Chapter 8 – Ashley’s Night Out
Ravi was a real gentleman when Ashley arrived at the opera house for their date. Ravi was taken aback by Ashley’s beauty as he took her hand and led her to their seat.
The opera was lovely and Ravi looked handsome in his tux. Ashley couldn’t take his eyes off him.
After the opera, Ravi asked Ashley out for coffee afterwards. Ashley accepted and they went to a quaint coffee shop where no one they knew frequented the shop, which left Ravi to wonder if Ashley didn’t want anyone to know about their date.
“Ashley, are you ashamed of dating me?” Ravi came out and asked.
“Of course not, Ravi. I genuinely like you.”
“So, why the quaint coffee shop your family and friends know nothing about?”
“I wanted to get to know you better without the drama.”
“Well, since you put it that way.”
Ashley and Ravi enjoyed their time alone. it was nice to be with someone without family interference.


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