Love & Games: General Hospital Romances

Relationships are back on track after a sizzling summer, but who will last and who will break up?
Sonny and Carly are back together after everything that has happened the last year, but more surprises come in the form of teen drama as Josslyn begins dating Oscar.
Jason and Sam take a much needed vacation with the kids, but find danger while on vacation.
Julian and Alexis are back together, despite angst from family. Will they survive or end it?
Kristina moves to L.A. for love until she gets the news that Parker is back with her ex.
Nathan and Maxie’s marriage is tested when she gets wind that he is “Ask Man Landers”. Will their marriage last or will he find comfort in Amy?
Dante and Lulu rejoice in their love and their family as Lulu wins custody of Charlotte, Valentin pulls out all the cards to bring Charlotte home to him.
Griffin comforts Ava in her grief. Will it turn to love, or is Ava using him to further her agenda?
Molly and TJ get a unwelcome shock when she discovers she is pregnant.
After a long separation, Liz and Franco are sizzling as they renew their love and find adventure along the way.

Sonny Corinthos – Maurice Benard
Carly Corinthos – Laura Wright
Josslyn Jacks – Eden McCoy
Oscar Nero – Garren Stitt
Jason Morgan – Billy Miller
Sam Morgan – Kelly Monaco
Danny Morgan – T. K. Weaver
Scout Morgan – Lori and Sevan Adonian
Julian Jerome – William Devry
Alexis Davis – Nancy Lee Grahn
Nathan West – Ryan Paevey
Maxie Jones-West – Kirsten Storms
Amy Driscoll – Risa Dorken
Dante Falconeri – Dominic Zaprogna
Lulu Spencer-Falconeri – Emme Rylan
Rocco Falconeri – O’Neill Monahan
Charlotte Cassadine – Scarlett Fernandez
Valentin Cassadine – James Patrick Stuart
Nina Reeves-Clay-Lansing-CAssadine – Michelle Stafford
Griffin Munro – Matt Cohen
Ava Jerome – Maura West
Molly Davis-Lansing – Haley Pullos
TJ Ashford – Tequan Richmond
Franco Baldwin – Roger Howarth
Elizabeth “Liz” Webber – Rebecca Herbst
Cameron “Cam” Webber – Michael Leone
Jake Morgan – Hudson West
Ayden Spencer – Jason David

Chapter 1-Josslyn Dates Oscar
“Mom, you’ll never guess!” Josslyn comes into the living room with a huge smile on her face.
“What is it, dear?” Carly says, wondering what her teenage daughter is so happy about.
“I have a date!” Josslyn beams. “With Oscar!”
“Oh, hell no!” Carly says, enraged, but her ire fells on deaf ears as Josslyn went to her room to fix herself up.
“Carly, I’m home!” Sonny says coming into the living room.
“You have to have a talk with her!” Carly tells Sonny.
“What’s Joss done now?”
“She’s getting ready for a date with Oscar!”
“What’s the problem with Joss dating?” Sonny inquires. “Oscar sound likes a nice boy?”
“She can’t date?! She too young!” Carly tries to plead to Sonny’s parental side, since he was always the more rigid one.
“Carly, I had a talk with Oscar. He understands where we’re coming from.” Sonny tried to get through to Carly.
“I’ll talk to Josslyn.” Sonny told Carly.
“Well, now’s the time.” Carly says as Josslyn bounces down the stairs to head out the front door as to meet Oscar at Ruby’s Diner.
“Josslyn, you can’t go out!” Sonny tells her, making Carly happy.
“But——-“ Josslyn whines.
“Not until I have a talk with this Oscar.” Sonny says adamantly.
“Well, then you can do it now.” Josslyn tells him as Oscar is at their front door.
“Oscar, my step-father would like to talk with you.” Josslyn says, answering the doorbell.
“Come in, Oscar.” Sonny tells him.
While Sonny and Oscar sit on the sofa in the living room, Carly takes Josslyn into the kitchen for her own little talk.
With the understanding that Josslyn and Oscar would be accompanied by friends their talk with Carly and Sonny, Carly and Sonny relented and allowed Josslyn to go out with Oscar.
As soon as they were out from under Sonny and Carly’s thumb, Josslyn and Oscar went to the high school party they were really going to.
“I can’t believe my parents actually fell for it.” Josslyn smiled.
Chapter 2 – Jason and Sam Take a Much Needed Vacation
After Sam and Scout’s health scare, Jason and Sam took Danny and Scout home. They decided that they needed a vacation and after getting word from Dr. Bensch that Sam and Scout were out of danger, Jason and Sam said good byes to Monica and the Q’s, as well as Alexis and Sam’s sisters, Molly and Kristina, for a spell and hopped into their new RV that Jason and Sam had bought and took off for parts unknown for a family vacation.
“I’m glad we’re doing this.” Sam told Jason as she gave him a peck on the cheek because he was driving the RV.
“Me too.” Jason happily replied. “After the Julian and Olivia issues, not to mention your pregnancy and health scare, we need this vacation.”
Sam looked back at Scout, who was sleeping peacefully in her car seat and Danny, buckled in next to his sister, was reading his favorite book that Sam read often to him, “Green Eggs and Ham (actually, Sam read it to Danny so many times, Danny had the story memorized).
“Good book?” Sam asked her son.
“Mom, you know this is my favorite book.” Danny happily berated her.
“I know, Danny.” Sam replied, laughing with her son. It felt good to finally be with family. The last year had been hell.
Jason was getting tired and decided to pull off into an RV trailer park for the night. They were so tired from traveling; they were oblivious to the trouble that was going down as they laid down for the night.
As they were drifting off to sleep, there was a barrage of gunfire. Jason jumped out of bed and put his pants on and ran outside to see what was going on.
One of the bullets grazed him in the shoulder as the hit man was firing away at the innocent campers. As the gunfire ended, Jason tackled the hit man and got him into a hold and drug him into his RV to interrogate him.
“Who are you and who’s your boss?” Jason questioned the man.
“That’s confidential information.” The man replied to Jason’s question.
“Listen here, man! I’m tired and pist off right now!” Jason threatened the man. “Either you tell me who you’re boss is, or face the consequences!”
“No comment!” the man spit in Jason’s face.
Outraged by the man’s outright disrespect, Jason took the duct tape and taped the man’s mouth shut and tied him up with rope.
Then he went back to bed as the man tried to free himself, thinking to himself, “Damn! The boss won’t like the mess I got myself into!”
Chapter 3 – Alexis Risks It All For Julian
Alexis couldn’t take it anymore. Dating other men just to appease her daughters to get Julian out of her life and mind. Yeah. Julian was in Pentonville. But that still didn’t erase Julian from her mind and heart. Alexis could no longer deny it any longer.
Alexis left the blind date her 3 loving daughters set her up on. She was appreciative of their help, but Julian was on her mind all through the date. So after politely apologizing to the gentleman—Alexis couldn’t remember the man’s name, that’s how into Julian she was—she made a hasty exit from the restaurant and hopped into her car and drove off………
…….In the direction of Pentonville. Alexis needed to see Julian!!!!
Josslyn was searching the web looking for Oscar’s father when Carly came to check on her late at night.
“Hey, what are you doing still up?”
“Couldn’t sleep.” Josslyn said as she closed her laptop so Carly wouldn’t see what she was doing.
“Well, it’s time to get to bed. It’s 1:00 a.m.”
“Yes, mom.”
Josslyn headed to bed just long enough for Carly to leave before she was back up searching the web to look for Oscar’s father.
Alexis pulled into the visitor’s parking lot and parked her car at Pentonville Correctional Institute and headed inside. She needed to see Julian.
“Yes, I need to see Julian Jerome.” Alexis asked the guard on duty.
“I’m sorry, ma’am, but Mr. Jerome is no longer here.”
“No longer here?”
“Yes. He’s been released.”
“Released? What do you mean?”
“Mr. Jerome has been released on good behavior.” The guard informed her.
Alexis headed out to her car and drove back to Port Charles. She couldn’t believe Julian was released from Pentonville. And more importantly, that Julian would ditch her after his release?
Alexis found herself at The Haunted Star as she ordered a drink. She needed one right now. She was about to pledge her love as she found out Julian was released and left Port Charles—and her.
As she downed her drink and put down the drink, Alexis got the surprise of her life as Julian stood before her.
Chapter 4 – Kristina Moves to L.A. for Love
Fed up with her mother’s hypocritical ideas on love, Kristina moved to L.A. to be with her love, Parker. After a heartbreaking breakup with Aaron, she boarded a flight bound for L.A. to surprise Parker and tell her it was her she wanted to be with.
Parker left Port Charles hoping to be with Kristina, but when Alexis disapproved of her daughter’s involvement with her, Parker went back to L.A. and got a shocking surprise when her wife told her she wanted her back.
Knowing she could never be with Kristina, Parker agreed to go back to Karrie, and the two tied the knot in a civil ceremony.
Kristina arrived in L.A. and immediately calls Parker to tell her she’s in L.A. but Parker’s cell goes straight to voicemail, as Kristina is unaware of Parker remarrying her ex-wife.
Kristina knocked on Parker’s door, but no one answered as Parker and Karrie were out having an impromptu wedding lunch.
Kristina left to go to her hotel and waited until she could see Parker to tell her she was in L.A. On her way, she spotted Parker sitting alone at a outside table.
“Kristina? What are you doing here?” Parker questioned as she waited for Karrie to come back.
“I love you!” Kristina blurted out.
“I’m sorry, what did you say?” Karrie asked as she arrived at her and Parker’s table with their order.
Kristina turned around to see Parker’s ex-wife and was shocked to see rings on their fingers.
“You’re back together?” Kristina said bitterly.
“Karrie and I recommitted to each other yesterday.” Parker informed her.
Kristina was heartbroken to find that Parker was back with her ex. She had risked her family’s trust and found her way to L.A. for love and it was gone.
Meanwhile, back in Port Charles, Alexis took another sip of her drink after seeing Julian, but David Bensch took the drink from her hand.
“You don’ t need this!”
“David?” Alexis said when he grabbed her drink.
“Who the hell are you?!” Julian demanded to know.
“I’m the new surgical doctor at General Hospital, Dr. David Bensch.”
“And he’s my boyfriend.” Alexis told a shocked Julian.
“I thought you wanted me back?”
“I was wrong.” Alexis said, denying her feelings for her daughters’ sake, who wanted Julian out of their mother’s life. “If you’ll excuse me, David and I have a date!”
Alexis walked away with David Bensch to Julian’s chagrin. He wasn’t worried. He knew, soon, he’d b back in Alexis’ bed.
Chapter 5 – Maxie Finds Out Nathan Is Man Landers
Maxie had wondered why Amy was so chummy with her husband while she was away. So she thought she’d do some spying on the two and was shocked to discover he was Man Landers.
Maxie waited for Nathan to come home from work and got into an argument about her discovery.
“I know your secret, Nathan!” Maxie told him as soon as he walked into their apartment.
“What secret is that?”
“That you’re Ask Man Landers!”
“Oh, that.”
“Question is why you couldn’t tell me?”
“Maxie, I tried several times, but things always came up.” Nathan defended himself.
“That’s no excuse.”
“I’m sorry Maxie, I tried to tell you, in fact I was coming home tonight to tell you.”
“So that’s why you’ve become so chummy with Amy?” Maxie accused. “Or are you two close?”
“Maxie, you know I love you.” Nathan tried to reassure her.
“Well, I have been gone a long time?”
“I’ve been true to you and only you.” Nathan said. “It’s just business between Amy and me.”
‘Hope so, because I don’t know what I’d do if I lost you.”
Nathan and Maxie kissed. It had been a long time since they’ve been together since her abrupt departure shortly after their wedding.
“Let’s make up for lost time.” Maxie said affectionately as the two lovers kissed as Nathan carried Maxie to their room to make long need love.
Meanwhile, Josslyn was enjoying her time with Oscar, but he was unusually vague about certain details of his life. Josslyn wanted to know more so she decided to quiz Oscar about his life. What she found out surprised her.
“Oscar, why don’t you talk about your life?” Josslyn asked him while taking a break at Perks after their date.
“It’s hard to explain.” Oscar told her, not wanting to get into his past.
“You can tell me anything.” Josslyn pressed.
“You promise not to tell anyone?”
“Cross my heart.”
“I don’t know who my father is and I sorta want to know.”
“Why don’t you know?”
“My mother is very vague about her time with my dad.” Oscar confessed. “Every time I ask she abruptly changes the subject.”
“Well, I think I can help you with that.” Josslyn said, getting a smile on her face.
“How can you do that? I know nothing about him?” Oscar said hopelessly.
“Well, tell me what you do know and I’ll do an online search.”
“They met in San Diego but it ended soon after they met.” Oscar told her.
“That’s all you know? That could be anyone?”
“I do know he’s a Navy Seal.”
“Great, Oscar. Can you ask your mother for more details about your father?” Josslyn asked.
“I can try.”
“Great. Oh look, it’s getting late. I better get home or my mother will freak.” Josslyn said as Oscar gave her a peck on the cheek.
As Oscar walked Josslyn home, for the first time in his life, he had some hope of finding his father. He was glad he met Josslyn.
Chapter 6 – Dante & Lulu’s Family
Dante and Lulu decided it was best if they celebrated winning the custody hearing by taking Charlotte and Rocco on a cruise for vacation. But just before leaving, Lulu began feeling nauseous.
“Dante, I gotta head out to grab a few things before he head off on the cruise.” Lulu said not wanting to worry Dante or the children.
“Okay.” Dante said as he kissed Lulu on the lips as she headed out the door.
Lulu hopped into the car and headed for General Hospital. Pulling out her cell as she drove, she dialed Lucas’ number to see if he could squeeze her in for a quick appointment.
Getting the ok, Lulu pulled into General Hospital parking lot and headed inside where Lucas met her at the nurses’ desk.
“I hope everything’s ok.” Lucas told her as they headed to ER examining room.
“I’m sure it’s nothing. Just want to make sure before Dante, the children and I head off on our cruise.”
“Well, let’s get that exam done.”
After examining Lulu, Lucas went to the lab to have the results done and to tell Brad to have it done ASAP as the patient was heading out and wanted to know STAT.
Brad jumped on the spot and got the test done and headed to Lucas’ office to give him the results. Lucas took Lulu’s test results from Brad and opened them up. He smiled at the results, “Lulu will be surprised by this!”
After kissing Brad good bye and promising a special night for his quick response, Lucas headed to the ER waiting room to give Lulu the news.
“I have your results.” Lucas told her.
“That was quick? So is it…good?”
“You could say that?”
“You’re pregnant!”
Lulu was taken aback by Lucas’ news of her pregnancy. She thought she couldn’t get pregnant. She cherished Rocco and Charlotte. This news was going to surprise Dante.
“I can’t believe it! How?!”
“You don’t know how it happened?”
“I know how, I just….” Lulu began. “Never mind. Why think about it. I should just be grateful.”
“That’s right!”
Ecstatic at the joy of being pregnant, Lulu headed home to tell Dante the news.
But on the way home, Nelle, who was speeding home to tell Michael about her baby shower, didn’t see Lulu and ended up in a collision.
Nelle got out alive, but Lulu didn’t fair so well. Nelle went to check on the other driver and found Lulu unconscious at the wheel. Dialing an EMT from her cell, she waited by an unconscious Lulu as EMT’s rushed to her side.
As EMT’s rushed Lulu to General Hospital, Nelle called Dante to alert her to Lulu’s accident. Then headed the Q mansion to put her plan in motion.
Dante arrived at General Hospital where he was informed by Liz that Lulu was in ER as a result of a car accident an Lucas was examining her.
“Lucas, the baby?!”
After careful examination, Lucas sadly told her the news, “I’m sorry, Lulu. The baby didn’t make it.”
“But I just found out today.”
“Dante is here. Should I send him in?”
“Yes.” Lulu told Lucas. She was debating telling him about the pregnancy and now the miscarriage.
When Dante entered the ER exam room, his worried look told Lulu not to tell him about the baby and the loss. She couldn’t believe the baby was here—and gone—like that?
“Are you okay?”
“I’m fine.”
“I can’t wait to get out of here so we can go on our cruise with our children.”
“Yeah.: Dante said as he kissed her forehead.
Back at the Q mansion, Nelle was putting her plot to drive Carly crazy when Nelle fell down the Q stairs. Alice the cook found her unconscious and called an ambulance, who took Nelle to the hospital.
Chapter 7 – Nelle’s Fate
Nelle had been in a coma for 2 weeks with no chance of recovery. The baby was had survived the fall and thriving well with Nelle still in a coma.
Michael, who was onto Nelle and her plot to drive his mother crazy knew he wasn’t the father of the baby. He secretly had a paternity test done behind Nelle’s back by telling her she was having “a test done on the baby for the good of the baby.” Nelle believed the story and was willing to have the “test” done.
After receiving the results, that’s when Michael knew Nelle was plotting to drive his mother crazy. And put his own plan in place to bring Nelle down. He just didn’t think Nelle would end up in a coma. But at least he could get his mother out of Ferncliff with the proof of Nelle’s plot.
Michael needed to find a home for the baby, who due to be induced because Nelle would not be able to go through childbirth now that she was in a coma.
That’s when he thought of Dante and Lulu. So, heading over to Dante and Lulu’s flat, he barely missed them as they were on their way to meet their flight to board their family cruise.
“Dante? Lulu?” Michael said as Dante answered the front door. “Can we talk?”
“Sure, Michael, but make it quick.”
“You going somewhere?”
“Yes, Lulu, the kids and I are going on a family cruise to celebrate winning custody of Charlotte.”
“Well, I have a proposition for you two?”
“Well, as you know, Nelle’s in a coma and she probably won’t make it.”
“Michael, that’s terrible.” Lulu said concerned. “Is the baby okay?”
“The baby’s okay and due to be induced any day now.”
“What a relief.” Lulu said, as she thought of her baby she had just lost.
“That’s why I’m here.”
“What do you need. Just name it.” Dante told him.
“I was wondering if you and Lulu would adopt Nelle’s baby.”
“But aren’t you the father?”
“No. I went behind Nelle’s back and had a paternity test done. Turns out, I’m not the father.”
“I don’t know if I can do that.” Dante told him, but Lulu, stepped in, thinking how it would help her with her own loss.
“Dante, I think we should take Michael up on his offer.”
“You want to adopt Nelle’s baby?”
“It would be our baby. And according to Michael, Nelle probably won’t make it. Someone will have to take care of the baby.”
“But it’s Nelle’s baby?”
“The baby is an innocent victim. He or she can’t be blamed for his mother’s actions.”
“Thanks you two.”
As Michael headed back to the hospital, Lucas informed him that the baby was born and Nelle had died shortly after the birth.


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