Love & Danger in Salem: Days of Our Lives Romances

As the summer winds down, romances are still sizzling, but will they last?
After Nicole leaves Salem with Holly, Brady finds a new love, but someone from his past threatens his romance.
Andre finds love with someone unexpected, but his marriage to Kate puts a damper on the romance.
Chad and Abigail find happiness as they reunite their family, but danger looms for the reunited duo.
Gabi looks for love in all the wrong places as she denies her true desire; JJ moves on after Lani breaks his heart for Eli. Will Gabi and JJ admit their feelings for each other?
Claire moves to Hollywood when she lands a gig in show business. But is surprised when she discovers who her real boss is and is shaken by what he really wants. It’s Theo to the rescue when he gets wind of Claire’s trouble.
Steve tries to comfort Kayla after Joey confesses his role in Ava’s death and is sent to Statesville. But the inmates don’t take kindly to Joey when they find out why he’s there? Who is Joey’s shocking rescuer?
Brady Black – Eric Martsolf
Theresa Donovan – Jen Lilley
Andre DiMera – Thaao Penghlis
Kate Roberts-DiMera – Lauren Koslow
Anne Millbauer – Meredith Lynn Scott
Chad DiMera – Billy Flynn
Abigail Devereaux-DiMera – Marci Miller
Gabi Hernandez – Camilla Banus
JJ Devereaux – Casey Moss
Lani Price – Sal Stowers
Eli Grant – Lamon Archey
Claire Brady – Olivia Rose Keegan
Deimos Kiriakis – Vincent Irrizarry
Theo Carver – Kyle Pettis
Steve Johnson – Stephen Nichols
Dr. Kayla Brady-Johnson – Mary Beth Evans
Joey Johnson – James Lastovic
Tripp Dalton – Lucas Adams
Ben Weston – Robert Scott Wilson
Will Horton – Chandler Massey
Jackson “Sonny” Kiriakis – Freddie Smith
Paul Narita – Christopher Sean
Leo Stark/Matthew Cooper – Greg Rikaart
Chapter 1- A New Love For Brady
“Nicole, I’m going to miss you and Holly.” Brady said tearfully as Nicole bid farewell to Salem.
“I’m going to miss you too!” Nicole said, also tearfully. “I’ve has so many memories—good and bad. But it’s time for me and Holly to write our own story.”
“I’m going to miss you too!” Tate chimed in.
“Well, I’m going to miss you too, Tate.” Nicole said as she bent down to give Tate a kiss good bye.
Brady and Tate watched as Nicole and Holly boarded the plane for her flight to Paris as Brady wondered what his life would be like now that Nicole was gone. Tate didn’t have a mother—Theresa left Salem for some other guy…and now, Nicole was gone too.
“C’mon champ!” Brady said to Tate. “How about a father-son ice cream sundae.”
“Yay!” Tate exclaimed.
Brady led the way to the ice cream parlor in Horton Square. Brady escorted Tate to his seat and went up to the counter to order an ice cream sundae for him and Tate.
“May I help you?” a young girl asked him.
“Yes…” Brady started to order, but he didn’t get to order as a clumsy lady next to him knocked her ice cream cone into Brady’s jacket.
“What the….” Brady exclaimed, sensoring himself, as he didn’t want the lady and the young girl to hear him cursing.
“I’m so sorry!” the woman , disguised so Brady wouldn’t recognize her until she was ready to reveal herself, apologized.
“Yeah. It’s okay.” Brady said irritated, but trying his best not to show it. “Just try to be more careful.”
The woman walked away from Brady with a smile on her face.
“Yes, boss, I did it!” the woman said into her phone before hanging up.
Brady Black would soon get the surprise of his life.
Brady tried to ignore what just happened and took the ice cream sundaes over to Tate. At least Tate like ice cream sundaes—his favorite. It reminded him of when Theresa used to take Tate to the ice cream parlor.
“Here you go.” Brady set the ice cream sundae in front of Tate as Tate dug into his sundae happily.
The woman, on the other hand, watched Brady with Tate from across the ice cream parlor, anticipating her next move.
Chapter 2 – Andre Finds Love
Andre found himself at a place he rarely visited—The Club, now ran by Chloe and Julie. He couldn’t take Kate and her demands. Their marriage was in name only. The bitch was acting like it was a real marriage.
“What can I get you, Andre.” Julie said, her distaste of the man showing in her voice.
“Just pour me a double.” Andre demanded. “And keep ‘em coming.”
While Andre drowned his troubles with liquor, Anne was drowning her sorrows after failing to get Lucas’ interest in her. She didn’t understand it. She was just trying to make Lucas feel happy after Adrienne’s sudden break-up with him. She felt sorry for him. She just wanted to make him happy. But Lucas rejected her like the plague.
Something drew Andre to Anne as he watched her from his bar stool across the room. He had a drink sent to her table. As she accepted the free drink, Andre toasted her. He got a gleam in his eye as he smiled—thinking he could use Anne to make Kate jealous.
Walking over to Anne’s table, he joined her as the two drank their worries away.
While commiserating their woes, Kate walked into The Club and found her “loving” husband with Anne Millbauer.
“What the hell do you think you are doing with that woman?!” Kate demanded, making her ire known to the other patrons, and Chloe, who witnessed the scene.
“Why, Kate! I didn’t know you cared?!” Andre said, calling her out on her demands.
“You’re cheating on me! With. . .this?!” Kate said, pointing her finger at Anne.
Andre just smiled at Kate, knowing his plan to make Kate jealous with Anne seemed to be working. Soon Kate would be putty in his hands and he’d have DiMera Enterprises back in his hands.
Chapter 3 – Chad & Abigail Are Stalked on Their Honeymoon
Happily married newlyweds get ready to leave for their honeymoon in Sydney, Australia as Chad and Abigail bid everyone in Salem farewell. But someone isn’t too keen on the couple’s wedded bliss as they watch from afar.
“Soon, young lovers.” The mysterious intruder says.
Chad and Abigail arrive in Sydney as Chad carries his bride over the threshold to their honeymoon suite at the Sydney Hotel.
Chad kisses Abigail as he lays her on the heart-shaped bed. The couple begin to make love but is soon interrupted by the bellhop with room service.
“Yes.” Chad says irritated but polite as he opens the door to their suite.
“I have the room service you orderd.” The bellhop says to Chad.
“There’s been some mistake. We didn’t order room service.”
“Well, we have the Lovers’ Delight tea that came from your room.” The bellhop told Chad.
“Well, okay.” Chad agreed not wanting to argue with the bellhop as he let the bellhop inside the room. “Thank you, sir.”
Chad tipped the bellhop as he made his way out of the suite, but eyed Abigail, laying seductively on the heart-shaped bed. The bellhop’s pants grew a bulge inside his pants as he quickly exited Chad and Abigail’s suite.
“Now, where were we before we were so rudely interrupted?” Chad said to Abigail.
“I believe you right here.” Abigail said as she led his lips to hers.
The couple made passionate love as they enjoyed their romantic bliss.
Outside the couple’s suite, the bellhop removed his scarf from around his face to reveal himself as Dario, who had followed the couple to Sydney.
Back in Salem, Andre was having dinner—a rather romantic dinner with Anne—when Kate spied them sitting alone together.
As Kate watched the two sitting together, jealously creeped in Kate’s mind, “You won’t steal my man, Anne!”
Andre watched Kate out of the corner of his eye,” my plan is working. Kate is green with envy. Just a little while longer!”
But Anne had a secret of her own, as she thought of her date with Lucas. Anne was using Andre to make Lucas jealous so he would notice her.
Chapter 4 – Gabi and JJ’s Second Chance
Gabi needed to find Eli. She wanted to apologize for being so angry over their fight about JJ and Theo. But she got the shock of her life when she witnessed Lani and Eli in a liplock in Horton Square.
“Moving on so fast?” Gabi said bitterly, interrupting their kiss.
“Gabi, I thought we were through?” Eli said.
“It was just a fight, Eli. And you assume it’s over and end up kissing her!” Gabi yelled as she gave Lani the evil eye.
“Don’t blame Eli, Gabi. You walked away!” Lani pointed out.
“You’re just a slut waiting to slither your way into any man’s life.” Gabi told her. “First, you charmed your way into JJ’s life, and now you steal Eli from me!”
“Hey, you walked away from JJ too.” Lani told her.
“What? Do you think every man is fair game!” Gabi yelled at her.
“Hey, stop it now you two!” Eli told the two women.
“I can’t take it anymore. I’m done.”
Gabi ran out of Horton Square and right into JJ’s arms, who was coming to make up with Lani after her broke her heart.
“Hey, what’s wrong?” JJ asked Gabi when he noticed she was crying.
“Why don’t you ask that bitch!” Gabi wailed as she pointed over to where Lani and Eli were consoling each other.
JJ looked over to where Gabi was pointing and assumed Lani was with Eli after their breakup. Knowing it was his fault Lani was probably with Eli, he decided he would tell Gabi why they were consoling each other.
“Gabi, I need to tell you something.”
But Gabi didn’t want to hear anything from JJ.
“Hey, have dinner with me?” Gabi told JJ not taking no for an answer, as she grabbed his hand and led him to a table at their favorite restaurant in Horton Square, while Lani and Eli dismissed them and started kissing.
Gabi and JJ were enjoying dinner when Gabi asked him a question, “Did you ever love me?”
“What?” JJ asked, taken aback by her question.
“Did you ever love me?” she repeated again.
“I’m sorry I didn’t give you more of a chance after your tryst with Lani came out.”
“That’s okay.”
“The truth is…I still wanted you.”
“You did?”
“Yes. I never stopped loving you.”
JJ leaned over the table and planted a kiss on Gabi’s lips. It was interrupted when Chad and Abigail came by with Thomas and Ari.
“Hey you two.” Abigail said, surprised to find JJ with Gabi, as Ari ran into her mother’s arms.
“I didn’t know you two were back together?” Chad questioned them.
“It’s just as much a shock to us.” JJ told Chad and Abigail.
“You’re back from your honeymoon?” Gabi asked them, taking the subject of her and JJ.
“Yeah, we got stalked and we decided to come back.” Abigail said.
“OMG! Stalked? By who?” JJ asked, concerned.
“We don’t know.” Chad told them, the four of them unaware that Dario was back in Salem watching them.
Dario was back to get revenge on Chad for taking Abigail from him.
In another part of Horton Square, Andre was having dinner with Anne, his plot to make Kate jealous, unaware that Anne was using Andre to make Lucas jealous.
“Good dinner?” Andre asked Anne to break the ice between them.
“Yeah.” Anne said, then went back to eating her steak and lobster.
“I hope it’s good. It cost a lot.” Andre told her.
“It is.” Anne replied, wanting Lucas to come by so she could kiss Andre.
She got her chance when Lucas arrived with Kate for a business dinner to discuss business.
She pulled out all she had and planted a wet one on Andre’s lips. Andre and Anne’s separate schemes worked as Kate and Lucas each got annoyed and jealous with their liplocked.
Chapter 5 – Claire’s Move to Hollywood
Claire couldn’t wait to get to Hollywood. She was stoked to have received a movie role. It was her dream to be famous and it looked like her dream was coming true. She just hated leaving Theo behind in Salem to do this movie role.
She arrived on set of the movie studio when she called the producer, Mr. Kentwood, who told her to come to the set immediately. Surprised she couldn’t get a good night’s sleep before starting, Claire agreed to show up.
The set was not what Claire expected. It looked like a set for a porn movie and thought she had come to the wrong studio. But Mr. Kentwood came out when he saw Claire arrive.
“Aw, Ms. Brady, I’m so glad you were able to come out on such short notice.”
“Thank you.” Claire said politely.
“Are you ready to get started?”
“Yes. What will I be wearing?”
“Why your birthday suit is all you’ll be wearing.”
“Excuse me?”
“Yes, this is erotic movie. You’ll be fliming nude scenes.”
“I’m sorry but I wasn’t aware of that fact.” Claire said, trying to back out. “I think I’ll be leaving.”
“I’m sorry, Ms. Brady, but I’m afraid you signed a contract.”
“Well, rip it up!” Claire demanded.
“Sorry, Ms. Brady, but a deal’s a deal.” Mr. Kentwood told her. “You will be in this movie.”
Claire didn’t know what to do. She text Theo in Salem telling him what the movie part was. Theo was on the first flight to Hollywood to help Claire out of the jam she got herself into.
Back in Salem, Brady was enjoying an ice cream sundae with Tate and had the feeling that they were being watched. He looked over at the next table and noticed a strange-looking woman staring at them.
Creeped out by the woman, Brady picked up Tate and started to leave. The woman, who was really Theresa, got worried that Brady would leave, knew she had to come up with a reason to keep Brady at the café—at least until she had the courage to reveal herself.
Tate cried that he wanted a hamburger so Brady stayed and ordered a burger and fries for the two of them. Theresa was happy.
As the server brought them their meal, Theresa decided to show herself to Brady and Tate.
“Brady?” Theresa said, as she took off the wig.
“Theresa?” Brady said, not sure if he should be happy or angry with her.
“I’m back.”
“Yeah. So what of it?!” Brady raged.
“I had to do what I did.” Theresa tried to explain.
“Yeah. You just had to break my heart?” Brady raged as Tate cried.
“Please, Brady, let me explain.” Theresa begged him.
“Explain what? How you left me and our son for someone else?”
“It couldn’t be helped.”
“Yeah! You broke my heart to be with someone else!”
“He was blackmailing me!”
“Blackmailing you? How the hell does anyone blackmail you into leaving your fiance and son?”
“If you’ll just give me a chance to explain…..” Theresa tried to explain, but her cries fell on deaf ears, as Eve walked in to join Brady and Tate for lunch.
It was Theresa’s turn to balk when she saw how cozy Eve got with Brady and Tate.
“You moved on with my sister?”
Chapter 6 – Forbidden Desires
Ciara’s horror came true when Claire came back from Hollywood after Theo had saved her from her jam in Hollywood. But she couldn’t imagine that Theo would break up with her when he caught her in a liplock with Tripp.
Ciara always knew Claire wanted Tripp. But since she was in a relationship with Theo. She couldn’t have him. Now, there was nothing standing in Claire’s way. She blatantly stole Tripp from her just like she stole Theo from her.
Well, if Claire and Tripp wanted each other so badly, they could have each other. Ciara decided to leave Salem behind. There was nothing here for her anymore.
Hopping on her motorcycle, Ciara sped out of Salem. Riding her dad’s bike gave her freedom. The wind through her hair as she sped through the streets.
“Good-bye Salem!” Ciara said as she saw the sign telling her she was leaving Salem.
Ben Weston was having problems of his own when he came back to Salem hoping to make amends for his crimes. His first stop was Will Horton to see if Will would grant him forgiveness for “choking him to death.” But Will’s angry outburst made Ben see that forgiveness wasn’t possible. His crime of being the Necktie Killer would be hard to forget for many Salem residents.
So Ben sadly left Salem and tried to thumb a ride to anywhere, but he couldn’t even get that. So he came to a cabin in the woods outside of Salem. When he got inside, flashes of memory came to him as he realized it was the same cabin where he held a pregnant Abigail, who Ben thought was carrying his son, but turned out to be Chad’s.
Hearing footsteps, Ben hid in the burned-out cabin thinking it was police looking for him. A few minutes later, Ciara Brady walked into the cabin, tired and looking for a place to sleep for the night.
Ben hid when he saw Ciara, not wanting scare her, but he was given away when Ciara began to undress to get some sleep.
“Ben Weston?!” Ciara said, panicking because she was afraid Ben would hurt her.
“Take it easy. I’m not here to hurt you.” Ben tried to ease her fears.
“How did you get out of Shady Hills?”
“I’ve been cleared of my insanity.”
“No longer insane? How can that be?”
“I’ve proven myself to my doctors. Followed the treatments to the letter and it paid off.”
“And you’re here in my cabin?”
“Excuse me, it’s my cabin. I was here first.”
“Well, maybe we can find a way to coexist?”
“Sure. You take the bed. I’ll take this chair.”
“Will you be comfortable?’
“Oh sure. I used to sleep in a chair at Shady Hills.” Ben lied to make Ciara feel better.
So Ben and Ciara went to bed, Ciara in the bed and Ben in the chair next to the bed.
Chapter7 – The Four Musketeers
Though Sonny still wanted Will, he was willing to go out on a date with the guy he met on the dating app, Leo Stark.
Will wasn’t happy about Sonny dating someone he barely knew, so he made Sonny agree to a foursome date with this Leo Stark, for cautionary purposes.
As Sonny was preparing for his double date with Leo, Will and Paul, Will was preparing Paul that they had a double date with Sonny and some guy named Leo he met on a dating app.
“So, does Sonny know anything about this Leo Stark?” Paul asked.
“That’s why I suggested a double date with us.”
“Good call, Will.” Paul agreed, but wondered about Will’s true intentions.
“Well, I just wanted to make sure Sonny knew he was going out with.” Will said as he gave Paul reassurance with a kiss.
Sonny was already at Horton Square where he agreed to meet Leo Stark when Will and Paul showed up.
“So where is this Leo Stark?” Paul asked Sonny.
“He text me saying he’d be a few minutes late.” Sonny informed them.
At an undisclosed location, Leo was meeting with his partner-in-crime, Xander Cook.
“So, you have a date with Sonny?” Xander asked.
“Yes. But he only agreed to a double date with a Will Horton and Paul Narita.”
“A double date with his two exes? How interesting? Can’t wait to see how this one plays out.”
“I’m sure Sonny is just taking precautionary measures since we haven’t met yet.” Leo reassured him.
“Well, you better make sure Sonny doesn’t catch on to our plan.” Xander threatened him. “I want that CEO position at Titan!”
“Don’t worry, Xander, everything is going according to plan.” Leo said, looking at his watch and seeing he was already late. “Oh, geez! I’m really late for my date! Gotta go!”
Leo left Xander as he hurried to Horton Square for his double date with Sonny, Will and Paul.
Chapter 8 – Romance Is in the Air in Salem
After Kate ripped into Andre for dating Anne, who had a secret agenda of her own, Andre wanted to make amends with Kate. So he planned a romantic dinner to ask her forgiveness and start anew in their marriage.
Ann wanted Lucas, who had his eyes on Chloe and when her plot to seduce Andre flopped, she had to come up with another plan to win Lucas’ heart. She couldn’t lose Lucas to that tramp, Chloe! How she wished Theresa were here?
And that’s when Theresa popped up…
“Anne?” Theresa asked, nearly knocking Anne on her @$$.
“Theresa, I thought you were long gone from Salem?”
“I’m back! To reclaim what’s mine!” Theresa said.
“You mean Brady and Tate?”
“Yes, I mean Brady and Tate! I can’t believe my sister managed to worm her way into Brady’s heart!”
“Yeah, the skank!” Anne agreed. “First, she sleeps with her daughter’s boyfriend, JJ. Now she’s sleeping with Brady!”
“Well, she won’t win! That’s for sure!” Theresa ranted. “Well, enough about me. What’s going on in your neck of the woods?”
“I have problems with a little skank of my own!”
“Oh? And who do you have problems with?”
“Chloe Lane!”
“What did Chloe do?” Theresa inquired.
“She’s taking my man from me!”
“Your man? You have a man in your life?”
“Yes. Lucas Horton.”
“Ahem!” Theresa coughed. “You and Lucas are an item?”
“Well, not exactly. But we would be if Chloe didn’t interfere.”
“Well, good luck with Lucas.” Theresa said about to leave but Anne stopped her.
“Any ideas on how I can land Lucas?
“Make him jealous.”
“Did that. It failed miserably.”
“How about a romantic dinner?”
“Now why didn’t I think of that?” Anne said. “Thanks Theresa.”
“You’re welcome.” Theresa said as she headed off to win back her man.
Meanwhile, Kate agreed to meet Andre at Doug’s Place for dinner, but she was taken by surprise to find it was a romantic dinner.


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