Steffy’s One Night Stand: A Bold & the Beautiful One Shot

What if Steffy’s one night stand wasn’t with $Bill Spencer, but Marcus (Texas Battle) and Liam wasn’t Kelly’s father, but Marcus after that one night stand? And $Bill, obsessed with Steffy, he played with Steffy’s mind to make her believe she slept with him to ruin her marriage to Liam and make her his?

Steffy was enjoying family time with Liam and Kelly. It had been a great day and she was exhausted by the time she had put Kelly to bed for the night.
Liam was in the mood for romance, but being a new mother, Steffy drifted off to sleep when Liam was in the shower. Despite wanting to make love to his wife, Liam covered up a sleeping Steffy and went to look in on Kelly.
That’s when he heard Steffy call out to him from their bedroom, “Liam?”
Steffy was jolted awake by her disturbing dream about her one night stand with $Bill Spencer. But it wasn’t $Bill in the dream, but none other than Marcus Forrester, her trusted friend and confidant. She wondered where he was?
“Steffy? I heard you from Kelly’s nursery? What is it, darling?” Liam asked concerned.
“Nothing. I just had a disturbing dream about your father is all?”
“Are you still afraid I haven’t forgiven you for your one night with my father?”
“Yes.” Steffy lied about Marcus’ part in her dream.
“Well, I’m committed to you and Kelly.” Liam hugged her to reassure her of his commitment.
“Yes. And we had such a beautiful family moment yesterday.” Steffy told him with a kiss.
With Kelly still sleeping, the new parents decided to get some much needed sleep themselves as Liam held Steffy in his arms. But the dream about Marcus really bothered her? What did it all mean?
Meanwhile, $Bill had met with Marcus in San Diego….
“Marcus, I came by to warn you…stay away from L.A.!”
“Is that a threat, $Bill?”
“If you know what’s good for you, you’ll stay away from Steffy and L.A.”
“And what if I don’t?!”
“I kept your secret about your one night stand with Steffy that night. I have the paternity results saying your Kelly’s father.”
“Yeah, and I heard how you made Steffy believe she actually slept with you that night while you ran me out of town.”
“Don’t think about exposing me, Marcus!”
“Don’t worry, $Bill, I’m happy here in San Diego…with Amber.”
Amber came up, as if on cue, and kissed Marcus on the cheek.
“Well, it’s good to see you’ve moved on.” $Bill told him, before heading back to L.A.
After $Bill as out of earshot, Marcus paid Amber the $10,000 he promised her to make $Bill think they were an item. Now it was time to head back to L.A. to give $Bill a run for his money…and hopefully, be a family with Steffy and Kelly….


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