Forbidden Desires: A Ciara & Ben (Cin) Romance

Ciara had to tell Tripp that their kiss didn’t really do anything for her when they had dinner the previous night. Ciara really was pumped up for her date with Tripp and looking forward to what Tripp had in store for their evening together. She really wanted things to work out for them. But when Tripp kissed her, sparks didn’t fly for her.
She got her chance to tell Tripp, who was saddened when Ciara told him that it wasn’t working for her. Too bad that Tripp encountered Claire in Horton Square after Ciara told him the truth, and after telling Claire what Ciara told him, decided she would give Ciara a piece of her mind.
“How could you hurt Tripp like you did!” Claire blasted her aunt.
“What are you so angry at me?! I only told Tripp the truth!” Ciara defended herself.
“You really hurt Tripp with your confession!”
“Yeah, well, you want him so badly! You can have him!” Ciara told her.
Stung by Claire’s words that she hurt Tripp, she jumped on her motorcycle and sped off into the night, leaving a stunned Claire watching after her.
“Yeah, that’s right Ciara! Think of yourself! It’s all about you!” Claire yelled after her.
As Ciara drove through the Salem streets, Ben was happy he was finally out of the mental institution and able to proof to people he was free from insanity. But when he went to Will Horton’s to make amends, he was met with anger instead.
Unable to make the amends he desperately needed, Ben ran off into the woods where he came to a familiar sight: the cabin where he held a pregnant Abigail Devereaux and where she gave birth to what he believed was his son.
As the memories of that night came back to him, Ben wondered if he really was still insane. Now wonder Will couldn’t forgive him for “choking him to death?”
Ben found the knife he used to scare Abigail with and was about to take his own life…
…he heard footsteps coming…..
It was Ciara Brady, who had stopped off at the cabin to get a good night’s sleep…..


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