Daniel’s Choice: A Dr. Daniel Jonas Story


After months of vascillating between Nicole Walker and Jennifer Devereaux, Daniel finally chooses Jennifer. But is too late when Nicole is kidnapped by Xander Cook aka Alexandros Kiriakis, Daniel’s cousin, when he assumes that Nicole and Daniel has gotten back together. To save Nicole’s life from Xander, Daniel is forced to leave Jennifer once again. Will Daniel and Jennifer ever be happy or will Daniel be forced to flee with Nicole and Xander?


Dr. Daniel Jonas – Shawn Christian
Jennifer Horton – Melissa Reeves
Nicole Walker – Arianne Zuker
Xander Cook (Alexandros Kiriakis) – Paul Telfer
Serena Mason – Melissa Archer
Victor Kiriakis – John Aniston
Maggie Horton-Kiriakis – Suzanne Rogers

Chapter 1

Nicole couldn’t believe that Daniel chose her over Jennifer Devereaux. And after she proved herself to him over and over again. Well, if Daniel wanted Jennifer that badly, then he could have her.

Just then, Nicole received an anonymous text, “How about meeting me at Victor’s Club?”

“Hmmmm…a blind date!” Nicole thought to herself. “What better way to move on than a drink at the club?”

“How will I know who you are?’ Nicole text back.

“Don’t worry babe. I’ll know you when I see you.” the anonymous texter said.

“Kk. C U n a few.” Nicole text back, grabbed her purse, and high-tailed it out of her apartment to meet her mystery date.

Meanwhile, Daniel and Jennifer are out on the town, celebrating their reunion. First with a romantic dinner by candlelight and then a walk through the Salem Park under a moonlit night. It is as if the night was meant for the two of them.

“Daniel, I love you so much.” Jennifer told him. “These past few months without you in it have been a blur.”

“I’m sorry for my behavior, Jen.” Daniel apologized.

Just as Jennifer was about to forgive Daniel, he goes down on one knee as Jennifer cries tears of happiness.

“Jennifer Rose Horton-Devereaux.” Daniel begins his proposal after he pops out a ring. “Would you do me the honor of becoming my wife?”
A tearful Jennifer can hardly speak as she chokes on her sobs.

“Yes. Yes, Daniel. I will marry you!” Jennifer says, as she kisses him on the lips.

Daniel takes the ring and places it on her third, left finger. As they walk through the park, Jennifer can’t take her eyes off the beautiful stone in her engagement ring. The moonlit night shines down on the two star-crossed lovers as Daniel takes Jennifer in his arms and kisses her passionately.

Later, Nicole arrives at Victor’s Club to meet her mystery date, who turns out to be none other than Xander Cook.

“Xander?” a shocked Nicole asks. “What are you doing here?”

“I’m your date.” Xander reveals.

“No.” Nicole says, backing away from him.

But Xander is too quick for her as he grabs her and holds a chloroformed rag over her nose, she goes limp in his arms.

After putting an unconscious Nicole in the trunk, Xander drives off to an undisclosed location.

Chapter 2

Later, back at Daniel’s apartment, Daniel makes love to Jennifer when a text comes in on Daniel’s cell.

“Daniel, aren’t you going to get that?” Jennifer asks him, as Daniel continues kissing Jennifer.

“Just let it go, Jen.” Daniel says. “Whoever it is can wait.”

As Jennifer enjoys the attention from Daniel, several texts keep coming on Daniel’s cell. Unable to ignore it any longer, Daniel impatiently pulls himself off Jennifer to see who it is that keeps trying to interrupt their night.

All Daniel sees is a text from an unknown caller: “If you want to see Nicole again, text me back or I will kill her!”

“Who the hell are you?” Daniel texts back.

“Never mind who I am? If you want to see your girlfriend again, meet me in Salem Park in 30 minutes or Nicole is dead!” the unknown caller texts back.

“Jennifer, I’m sorry for ruining our perfect evening, but I have an emergency to tend to.” Daniel says to Jennifer.

“The hospital?” Jennifer asks. “It’s okay. I’ll wait for you to get back.”

As Daniel kisses Jennifer good-bye, he heads out to the park where the unknown caller said to meet, leaving Jennifer to herself in Daniel’s apartment.

When Daniel arrives at the pond in Salem Park, he is surprised to find Xander waiting for him.

“Xander, what are you doing here?”

“Glad you could tear yourself away from whatever it was you were doing, Cuz?” Xander says, taunting him.

“What do you want?” Daniel asks, looking around the park to see who he is supposed to meet.

“Who are you looking for, Cuz?”

“No one.” Daniel lies, unbeknownst to Daniel that Xander is the one he is supposed to meet.

“Are you looking for Nicole?”

“Why do you ask?”

“Because I am the one who text you to meet?”

“Where is Nicole?”

“That depends on you?”

“What do you want, Xander?”

“10 million dollars if you wish to see Nicole again!” Xander demanded.

“Where am I going to get that kind of money?”

“Duh! From our Uncle Victor!”

“And how do I convince him to give me 10 million dollars?”

“Figure it out!” Xander continued to demand. “And don’t tell him who I am or Nicole is dead!”

“And one more thing!” Xander added.

“When I hand over Nicole, I want you to marry her as soon as possible!”


“You heard me!”

“But. . . .” Daniel started to explain but Xander interrupted him.

“You love Nicole so much, marry her when I return her to you or I will kill her!”

“Alright, Xander, I agree!”

“Now get going and get my money!”

Daniel went on his way to retrieve the 10 million dollars from Victor. Along the way, he contemplated how he was going to break it off with Jennifer now that Xander demanded that he marry Nicole.

Chapter 3

“Uncle Victor, I need $10 million dollars.” Daniel came out and asked his godfather, Victor.

“What do you need it for?” Victor asked.

“Research at the hospital I am working on?” Daniel lied, because he knew if he confessed the truth, Victor wouldn’t help.

“What kind of research?” Victor quizzed.

“That’s classified right now.” Daniel lied.

“Well, okay.” Victor said, writing out a check. “I trust you, Daniel. I know you won’t let me down.”

“Thanks, Uncle Vic, you won’t regret this.” Daniel said taking the check that Victor had just written him.

“Just let me know how the research is going.” Victor requested.

“I will, Uncle Vic.” Daniel said as Henderson saw Daniel out.

Daniel had got to the spot in the park where Xander agreed to meet Daniel with the funds and exchange for Nicole.

“Xander, I’m at the spot where we agreed to meet. I have the funds. Bring Nicole.” Daniel said on Xander’s voicemail.

A half an hour later, Xander showed up with Nicole.

“You have the funds?” Xander asked, holding Nicole at gunpoint in case Daniel was pulling a fast one on him.

“Here it is.” Daniel said, holding up the check. “Now release Nicole before I hand over the check.”

As Xander released Nicole, Roman and Rafe appeared from out of hiding.

“Xander Cook, you’re under arrest for the kidnapping of Nicole Walker. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to talk to an attorney; if you can’t afford an attorney, one will be appointed to you.” Roman said, reading Xander his Miranda rights, and led him to the squad car to be taken to SPD and booked.

“Damn, that was way to easy.” Daniel said, holding Nicole in his arms.

“Daniel, you saved me.” Nicole said, crying, as he held her.

“I had to save you, Nicole, but I’m still chose Jennifer.” Daniel stated.

As Xander watched from the Roman’s car, he vowed to get out and make Daniel pay for double-crossing him.

Chapter 4

As luck would have it, Xander was out of the Salem Jail, released on bond by Victor Kiriakis.

“Thank you, Uncle Vic.” Xander said gratefully.

“Just don’t make me regret this.” Victor told his nephew.

“You won’t Uncle Vic.” Xander said as Victor had Henderson drive him back home where he wouldn’t be seen cavorting with Xander.

Xander was free again and able to get his much needed revenge on Daniel Jonas for siccing the Salem PD on him and having him arrested. He got lucky when he found Daniel having lunch with Jennifer in the courtyard at Horton Square.

Daniel was busy with Jennifer at the moment so Xander plotted his scheme to get back at Daniel. Lucky for him, Xander had pilfered Nicole’s cell and dialed Eric’s cell.

Eric answered his cell and heard what sounded like Nicole scream, “Help me!”

That was all it took to get Eric running to save Nicole, as he laughed thinking how smart he was to trap Eric by letting him think Nicole was in danger.

That is, until Nicole showed up in Horton Square to thank Daniel for saving her from Xander.

As Daniel, Jennifer and Nicole got chummy at the table, Eric happened along and got riled up when he saw Nicole chatting happily with Daniel and Jennifer.

“So, you think it’s funny to call me screaming to help you while you’re safe here with Daniel and Jennifer!” Eric angrily yelled at Nicole.

“What are you talking about, Eric?” Nicole said, confused by his accusation.

“You called me a few minutes ago begging me to help you?!”

“That’s funny, because I lost my cell when Xander had me kidnapped and Daniel here saved me. I haven’t had my cell since.” Nicole explained to him.

“Then who called me?” Eric said confused.

Xander watched the four of them as Nicole saw Xander from the corner of her eye, “I think I know who called you, Eric.”

Nicole ran over to Xander and began beating on him as Eric tried to pull her off him.

“Get a grip, Nicole, he’s just trying to get you riled up.” Eric tried to reason with her.

“I’m going to sue you, Nicole.” Xander told her when he recovered from his beating.

As Xander walked out of Horton Square, he called Justin Kiriakis to get representation to have Nicole brought up on charges of aggravated assault.


Baby Lies Exposed: JJ’s World Falls Apart

JJ is looking forward to being a father after he tragically shot Theo and almost committed suicide. But then someone exposes Lani’s baby lies, as JJ’s world spins out of control. Elsewhere, Abigail’s alters create havoc in Salem for Gabi and Eli and other Salemites.

Jack Devereaux, Jr “JJ” – Casey Moss
Lani Price – Sal Stowers
Eli Grant – Lamon Archey
Gabi Hernandez – Camila Banus
Abigail Devereaux-DiMera – Marci Miller
Abigail as Gabby – Marci Miller
Chad DiMera – Billy Flynn
Stefan O. DiMera – Tyler Christopher
Vivian Alamain – Louise Sorel

Chapter 1
JJ was looking forward to becoming a father now that Lani was pregnant. It was the first best thing since he accidentally shot Theo Carver, the mayor, Abe’s, son and Lani’s brother. JJ felt bad—so bad, in fact, he attempted to take his own life and probably had if it had not been for Gabi Hernandez.
JJ’s thoughts were interrupted when he got a text from Gabi, “JJ, we need to talk. Meet me in Horton Square.”
“On my way.” JJ text back, as he slid his cell into his pocket and left his studio.
Gabi was waiting in Horton Square when she spied Stefan and Kate in a clandestine meeting. Opening up her purse, she put on earbuds and listened in on Stefan and Kate’s meeting:
“I have a proposition for you, Kate.”
“And why would I accept any kind of deal from you?!”
“Because I can ruin you, Kate!” Stefan said as he showed her the flash drive containing damaging information.” “See this! It has what I need to make sure you pay!”
“Am I supposed to be threatened by some flash drive?!”
“Well, you don’t have to…you can work with me?”
“Work with you? On what?”
“On getting Chad out of Titan as CEO?”
“You took his company! Why should I help you take this job from Chad?”
“C’mon, Kate, we both know you wanted the Titan CEO position for your gain?”
“I’m happy where I am?” Kate lied.
“Yeah, and if I bought that, I’d sell you the Golden Gate Bridge.”
“I don’t care if you buy it!”
“The point is Kate, I’m onto you and you’re only option is to work with me or lose your freedom!”
“Okay. What do you want me to do?” Kate said in a whisper so no one could hear her make a deal with Stefan DiMera, unbeknownst that Gabi was listening in from across the courtyard.
“I will give the details later. Just be waiting.”
And with that, Stefan walked off leaving Kate flabbergasted by his arrogance.
By now, JJ had met Gabi per her request.
“Gabi, what did you want?”
“I wanted to let you know that I know Lani is lying to you about the baby.”
“What are you talking about?”
“Lani and Eli slept together on Christmas Eve…the same night I spent the night in your studio when you attempted to commit suicide.”
“Lani claims she’s six weeks pregnant?”
“No, I learned from a trusted source that she’s only 2 weeks pregnant.”
“So, Eli’s the father? She lied to me?”
“I’m sorry, JJ.”
“I gotta go.”
JJ walked off alone to think about Gabi’s revelation. He couldn’t believe he fell for Lani’s lies all over again.

Weekly Soap Spoilers – July 2-6, 2018

Weekly Soap Spoilers – July 2-6, 2018

The Young & the Restless
Kyle offers to help Jack sue Jill, while Nick calls Brittany; Summer comes clean to her mother; Hilary and Devon’s baby is in danger, and screams ring outl Billy takes a risk; Summer’s buttons are pushed by Kyle; Nick attempts to compromise Victor.
Nikki and Victor agree to work together; Hilary discovers a secret; Phyllis seeks to make a new alliance; Neil welcomes his nephew back to Genoa City (Brooks Darnell joins Y&R as Dr. Nate Hastings, Jr., who will treat Victor.)
Cane stands up for Chancellor; Tessa gets an unsettling message; Abby and Arturo have sex; sudden departure as Eileen Davidson leaves Y&R as Ashley Abbott; Jess Walton returns to Genoa City as Jill Fenmore soon.
Jack goes to the extreme; Billy gambles; there’s new information regarding JT.
Victor becomes defensive; Ashley makes a bold move; Nikki and Sharon are in danger; upcoming exit as Mishael Morgan leaves Y&R.
More Y&R spoilers:
Devon asks, “Is there a problem?” Hilary’s OBGYN replies: “Just a little trouble locating the heartbeat.” Billy runs into a past rival; Kyle is wary of Jack’s plan to stage a mock trial with Dina as a witness but participates.
When Dina’s initial clarity devolves into fear and confusion, Kyle takes matters into his own hands with a new plan.
After viewing the security footage, Phyllis remains skeptical that it’s JT, however, she, Nikki, Sharon, and Victoria decide to dig up JT’s grave.
Nikki has Chancellor Park closed down for construction reasons.
The women encounter a significant roadblock at the park and Phyllis comes up with a back-up plan.
Later on Y&R:
A shocking message is sent to Victor; Nikki loses control; Billy goes to his dark side; Ashley’s life gets a little romance in it.

The Bold & the Beautiful
Hope doesn’t know how to handle her situation.
Liam and Thorne are shocked to discover a threat directed at Hope; Hope discovers she is pregnant and it could change Liam and Steffy’s recommitment to each other; Hope tells Brooke that her situation with Liam has become more complicated; Brooke encourages Hope to fight for a future with Liam; Liam is shaken emotionally when Hope confides in Liam about her pregnancy.
Hope tells Liam that she is prepared to raise her child alone; Thorne, Liam and Ridge compile a list of suspects that could be threatening Hope; $Bill provides Steffy with something to be thankful for when he pays her a surprise visit; Sally moves in with Wyatt; Wyatt and Sally grow closer; Wyatt and Sally discuss her future at Forrester.
During a visit with Steffy and Kelly, Quinn and Eric learn about Steffy’s wedding plans; Brooke and Ridge have a major disagreement over Hope, Liam and Steffy’s complex situation; an excited Steffy tells Liam she is ready to get married.
Casting scoops:
Kiara Barnes joins the cast a Zoe, a mystery woman who has a secret past with a core character; America’s Next Top Model winner Keith Carlos appears as a bartender in several episodes; Marissa Jaret Winokur, winner of Celebrity Big Brother, will appear in one episode—airdate not determined.
Sneak Peak:
Thorne hires an IT specialist to delve into the threat against Hope; Xander shares a secret with Emma that he has been hiding.
Summer preview:
Steffy wonders if her vision of motherhood will ultimately be fulfilled with a complete family; despite Steffy’s rejection of $Bill, he continues to pursue her and continues with his manipulation to get what he wants; Brooke and Ridge love Steffy and Hope but that will cause friction when Brooke supports Hope and Ridge supports Steffy; Quinn will be involved in Wyatt’s situation and it will put Quinn and Eric’s relationship to the test; Quinn’s dark side might rear its ugly head; at Forrester Creations, Emma and Alexander will find love.

General Hospital
Maxie searches for answers.
Chase makes a confession; Franco is troubled; Scott and Franco have a heartfelt father/son talk; Julian hopes to branch out; Kim and Oscar have a heart-to-heart talk; Sam closes a chapter in her life; someone from Sonny’s past reaches out to him; Sonny’s spirits are lifted.
Sonny offers Carly words of encouragement; Jason makes a promise to Sonny; Maxie feels torn; Maxie has an unexpected visitor; Peter cautions Liesl; Nelle feels as if all her dreams have come true; Nelle puts her best foot forward; Michael saves the day.
Kiki breathes a sigh of relief; Josslyn is determined to make things right.
July 4th episode will be an encore episode from January 17, 2018 where Ava’s surgery became something of a nightmare.
Sneak Peek:
Franco’s curiosity is piqued; Nelle is rattled; Liesl lets her guard down; Jordan turns to Stella for help; Oscar reminds Ava of someone.
Down the Road Previews:
Nelle’s carefully laid plans unravel; will a blast from the past save the day?; Ava embraces her dark side; love is in the air as summer kicks into high gear; could Kevin be hiding a deadly secret?

Days of Our Lives
Death, deception and despair descend on Salem!
Having lost his allies and with nothing left to lose, Leo offers Sonny an end to the lawsuit madness; Leo laments if Sonny will marry him that will stop everything, but Will further blows Leo’s desperate act out of the water; Will reveals that “Leo Stark” is an alias the conman (and prostitute) was using as he attempted to extort Sonny; Sonny seizes the opportunity to decline Leo’s proposition/proposal and that doesn’t sit well with Leo who snaps.
A crazed Leo lunges at Will and begins to choke him, which is especially traumatic for Will considering his “death” at the hands of Ben; Sonny saves the day by wrenching Leo off Will, but Sonny may not know his own strength as he accidentally sends Leo soaring headfirst into the fireplace mantel; Leo dies instantly leaving a stunned Sonny and Will to wonder what to do next as the harassment lawsuit is set to begin the next day; believing it would look worse to have a dead man who’s suing him found in his home, Sonny convinces an uncertain Will to get rid of the body; Sonny and Will roll Leo’s body into the carpet with plans to make his death look like an accident, but trouble finds them again?; both Paul and Maggie end up in the living room as Sonny and Will attempt to do away with Leo’s body; Sonny and Will act fast to cover their tracks with Paul and, later, Maggie, but suspicions may already have been risen; an overwhelmed Will arrives home to Paul, but feels guilty over the happenings of the evening as well as keeping secrets from Paul.
Kayla finds keeping the secret she shares with Stefan overwhelming and professes her unpleasant pact to Marlena; the question of whether Stefan or Chad is the father of her baby continues to overwhelm Abigail, who’s determined to answer that question with a DNA test.
Things get more tense for Abigail when she and Stefan have an intense encounter, just as she’s attempting to collect samples; Gabi assists Abigail in her quest to determine the baby’s paternity, but Gabi’s interest is also piqued when she spots Kate and Stefan; a heartbroken Lani continues to mourn the loss of her baby boy and is touched when JJ visits to lend his support; Hope and Rafe visit Clyde Weston in the clink to (hopefully) attain new information on Ben and his whereabouts.
Ben may have been just visiting sanity because, without his medication, he begins to lose it again, which concerns Ciara; the combination of news that the police are looking for him and having no meds makes Ben extremely paranoid; as Ben begins to hallucinate, a scared Ciara attempts to calm Ben down and make him think more rational; though still concerned for Ciara, Tripp and Claire find themselves in a familiar place where they kiss once more.
Tripp again stops his kiss with Claire from going too far, but she believes there’s something still brewing between them (at least for her); though Jennifer’s kisses keep his lips warm nowadays, Eric can’t help reflecting on past love, Nicole, while talking with Chloe; Brady must reflect on his past when a courtroom bombshell paints him as the person who murdered Deimos; that isn’t the only bomb that goes off during Tate’s custody hearing as Eve surprises the court with a witness.
Theresa’s confidence might take a hit when Maggie testifies at the trial, but, then again, Theresa has her own bombs to drop; Eve takes a major hit when she’s questioned at Tate’s custody hearing and things begin to look worse for Team Brady and Eve.
Casting Scoops:
AMC/Y&R alum Stacy Haiduk hired to take over Eileen Davidison role; Matthew Ashford reportedly making a DAYS return; Stephen Nichols celebrates 33 years with DAYS while exit rumors circulate; DAYS Judi Evans lands gritty film about the horrors of human trafficking; is Bryan Dattilo out at Days of Our Lives?; Christopher Sean issues statement: it was my decision to depart from Days of Our Lives; Arianne Zucker set for a fall return on Days of Our Lives; Marci Miller wraps up her time as Days of Our Lives’ Abigail; Brandon Beemer and Martha Madison are once again Salem bound; Kyle Lowder returns to DAYS; after being “on the fence,” Billy Flynn has decided to stay put at DAYS; Farah Fath returns to DAYS; Camila Banus staying put at DAYS; Alison Sweeney back to DAYS for roller coaster storyline.
Sneak Peek:
Paul ponders several possibilities as Will and Sonny’s closeness becomes apparent, but Paul doesn’t know their deadly secret; though they started anew with seemingly no secrets between them, Eve is rocked when Brady makes a reveal; Kate and Ted’s secret alliance takes a passionate turn when they move from cohorts to lovers; as Ciara’s ordeal with Ben intensifies, Rafe arrives at the cabin in the woods?
Down the Road Previews:
While some Salemites will be leaving town soon, other old faces will appear again (and some aren’t as dead as once believed); one can’t count a DiMera down for too long, and one return will rock Salem to it’s core and leave enemies quaking; it may not be such a happy homecoming for one worldly couple as they are faced with more drama than imagined; a certain Salemite might have some explaining to do when his jilted ex returns to town; later this year, Hurricane Sami blows back into Salem, and it promises to be a wild ride!

Weekly Soap Spoilers – June 25-29, 2018

Weekly Spoilers – June 25-29, 2018

The Young & the Restless
A Y&R recap shows Philip Chancellor is Jack’s father according to Dina, and Nick teams with Victor.
Victoria is shocked by news about JT and Jack questions Dina about his father.
Monday, June 25, 2018
Jack works out his next move as he searches for the truth.
Arturo is questioned by Abby.
A pact is made by the Newmans.
A news reporter is on the case as KCBS’ Pat Harvey joins Y&R.
Tuesday, June 26, 2018
Nikki and Victor work to preserve their image.
Kyle lets down his defenses where Summer is concerned.
Wednesday, June 27, 2018
Jack’s headed for a showdown with Cane.
Devon talks candidly with Hilary.
Victoria and Ashley team up.
Back to Genoa City…Jess Walton returns to Y&R as Jill this summer.
Upcoming departure…Mishael Morgan is leaving Y&R and has delivered a very special message to her co-workers and fans.
Thursday, June 28, 2018
Victor takes an issue public.
Neil works on damage control.
Summer toys with Billy.
Victor has need of a bodyguard as Super Bowl XII champ, Drew Pearson guests on Y&R.
Friday, June 29, 2018
Victoria’s world is turned upside-down.
Sharon and Nick must fight for Christian.
More Y&R Spoilers
Phyllis says to Billy, “What about the neighbors?” He replies, “Let’s give them a show,” and they kiss.
Jack hands Dina the old photograph and asks, “Is that the man you were having an affair with? Is that my father?”
Ashley tells Victoria they have eyewitnesses and the descriptions match – she should brace herself: JT is back and he could walk through those doors at any minute.
Summer interrupts Billy’s tryst with Phyllis for an emergency.
Billy arrives at a GCAC suite to find Summer’s gambled away her inheritance and he needs to win it back.
Nick’s detective learns JT’s credit card is being used and he fills in Sharon, who must pretend to be surprised since Victoria already told her.
Convinced that JT’s making his way back to Genoa City and Victoria, Nick agrees to set aside his differences and work with Victor on the matter.
Coming up on The Young & the Restless
Kyle helps Jack.
Billy runs into a past rival.
Ashley makes a bold move.
Things heat up between Arturo and Abby.
Summer Y&R Preview (SID).
A major twist throws Victoria, Sharon, Phyllis, Nikki and their alliance into a tailspin that has them questioning their bond, motivations, and even reality.
Kyle’s love life picks up.

The Bold & the Beautiful
Spoiler previews Sally sets boundaries with Wyatt and speaks about another victim of $Bill’s.
Monday, June 25, 2018
Brooke lashes out at $Bill.
Steffy’s forced to make excuses to Liam about why they shouldn’t get married.
Casting alert…B&B has put out a casting call for extras, which will play into an upcoming fashion storyline, and hired for a new short-term role.
Tuesday, June 26, 2018
$Bill’s claim that everything he does is for Steffy, leaves her stunned.
Wyatt makes love with Sally.
Wednesday, June 27, 2018
Hope’s displeased when Eric wants to add Sally to the Hope for the Future line.
Katie learns Wyatt’s with Sally.
Thursday, June 28, 2018
Eric and Ridge argue about hiring Sally, and Ridge tells the redhead how he feels.
Friday, June 29, 2018
Wyatt gets involved in the tension between Sally and Hope, and Sally hears him defending her.
Xander stands up for Emma after Charlie makes accusations.
More B&B Spoilers
Sally and Wyatt from a friendship after they rebound together and have sex.
Sally becomes determined to make the most of the opportunity Eric Forrester gives her.
Flusterated, Steffy pleads with $Bill to let her go once and for all.
Coming up on The Bold & the Beautiful
Thorne and Liam find a threatening note directed at someone they care about.
Hope opens up to her other about the complicated situation with Liam.
B&B’s summer preview (SID)
Eric and Quinn are tested.
A female joins the cast this summer that may raise eyebrows.

General Hospital
Even though something has Nina up in arms, Valentin continues on his quest to make things right. As one person tells a little white lie, another learns the truth. Plus Lucy has plenty to worry about in Port Charles……..
Spoilers reveal Nelle’s downfall looked imminent, and hopefully she’ll be sent to Ferncliff with that awful Nurse Mary Pat.
Monday, June 25, 2018
Jason is unnerved.
Nina is livid.
Valentin continues his efforts.
Tuesday, June 26, 2018
Carly is surprised.
Josslyn tells a white lie.
Michael gets a stern warning.
Wednesday, June 27, 2018
Sonny is interrupted.
Carly’s curiosity is piqued.
Ava considers the alternative.
Thursday, June 28, 2018
Chase makes a promise.
Jordan learns the truth.
Scott gets an offer he can’t refuse.
Friday, June 29, 2018
Sam helps Jason.
Lucy worries about Kevin.
Jason and Spinelli catch a break.
Coming up on General Hospital
Dante may be leaving Port Charles behind since Dominic Zamprogna confirmed he GH exit.
Get ready to see Milo Giambetti back in Port Charles since Drew Cheetwood is returning to General Hospital and shared a script containing his first tape date.
Even though the actress has been dropped from recurring status, Genie Francis is being eyed for a GH return with hopes of a new storyline for Laura.

Days of Our Lives
Abigail returns to Salem and surprises Chad with some good news. However, the news could mean something more to Stefan after Abby makes a huge baby confession to Gabi. Speaking of Stefan…he continues playing hardball with Kayla – and Hope finally realizes where Ciara could be. Plus, Deimos’ murder comes back to haunt one Salem resident in a very big way……..
Spoilers reveal Abby returns to Salem pregnant, but doesn’t know who the father of her unborn child is.

Monday, June 25, 2018
Chad is happily surprised when Abigail returns home and shares good news with him.
The Internet is buzzing…Days of Our Lives rumors debate Jack’s return; Sami’s baby shocker; EJ’s return.
Tuesday, June 26, 2018
Kayla tells Stefan her theory about Kate, but he wants proof.
Wednesday, June 27, 2018
Ben and Ciara grow closer.
Thursday, June 28, 2018
Abigail confides in Gabi that she’s pregnant and unsure of the paternity.
Hope tells Rafe she believes Ciara is with Ben Weston.
Friday, June 29, 2018
Tensions arise between Theresa, Eve, and Brady as Tate’s custody hearing begins.
Monday, July 2, 2018
Will and Leo have a physical altercation.
Tuesday, July 3, 2018
Kayla opens up to Marlena about her deal with Stefan.
Wednesday, July 4, 2018
Eve brings a surprise witness to Tate’s custody hearing.
Thursday, July 5, 2018
Ciara is concerned as Ben becomes increasingly unglued without his medication.
Friday, July 6, 2018
Rafe and Hope question Clyde about Ben.
Brady is on the hot seat when he’s implicated in Deimos’ murder.
Summer previews from Ron Carlivati (SOD)
Leo has an alternative plan of his own against Kate.
Gabi’s going down a darker path of revenge against Abby and Stefan.
Returns coming up on Days in June and onward
Keep an eye out for appearances in Salem following various Days casting calls, auditions and dayplayer roles.
Lucas Horton won’t be sticking around Salem since Bryan Dattilo’s leaving Days of Our Lives.
A possible contract dispute could mean less air time for Steve Johnson in Salem. Sources say Stephen Nichols is no longer taping at Days of Our Lives.
In case you missed it…Arianne Zucker returns to Days, which means Nicole Walker will be making her way back to Salem…..
Casting…Marci Miller has left Days as Abigail DiMera the recast was announced with Kate Mansi returning to Days to resume the role she once played.
Mimi Lockhart will be making her way back to Salem since Farah Fath is returning to Days of Our Lives and currently tapng scenes for her big daytime return.
In case you missed the news…Alison Sweeney returns to Days as Sami Brady. We’ll find out if the speculation is true – whether she’s pregnant with Rafe’s baby!
We’ll get to see Sheila turn up again in the coming months with Tionne (T-Boz) Watkins back taping at Days.
It looks as though Shawn and Belle will be back in Salem when Brandon Beemer and Martha Madison returns to Days again.
Kyle Lowder returns to Days after a decade. The actor used to play Brady Black, though he won’t be returning as that character.
Home and Away alum Andrew Steele has been cast on Days and posted a note to fans on when to expect his character’s first appearance in Salem.

Weekly Soap Spoilers – June 18-22, 2018

Weekly Soap Spoilers – June 18-22, 2018

The Young & the Restless

Jack finds out Philip Chancellor could be his father.

Nick pops the question; Victoria faces some questions of her own; Brittany wants answers about JT from Victoria; Nick shocks Sharon; Summer works to get closer to Billy.

Jack works his charm; Phyllis takes things into her own hands; Hilary is comforted by Devon.

Cane is on the receiving end of an unexpected guest; Victor gets surprising news.

Jess Walton returns as Jill this summer.

Billy succumbs to temptation; Abby slows things down with Arturo; Ashley looks into a threat.

JT’s ex-wife (Kelly Kruger) arrives back in Genoa City as MacKenzie visits Victoria.

Later…..Summer says to Billy: “Looks like someone is a naughty boy”; Jack uses the key he found in Dina’s belongings, and finds a photo in a safety deposit box. He then tells Kyle that Philip Chancellor could be his father; Nick asks Sharon to marry him on bended knee; Mariah snarks at Summer and Kyle at the Dive Bar; Victoria receives a computerized threat warning that her secrets are no longer safe, followed by printouts of emails and confidential files from the time JT was with Newman Enterprises that could compromise the company. Victoria worries JT is somehow behind it all.

Guest role: KCBS’ Pat Harvey joins Y&R as a new reporter, and is a big fan of the soap.

Coming up later……Ashley and Victoria team up; a surprising announcement comes from Victor; Nick continues to fight; Billy acts boldly; Summer and Kyle make amends.

Summer Preview……a major twist throws Victoria, Sharon, Phyllis, Nikki and their alliance into a tailspin that has them questioning their bond, motivations, and even reality; Kyle’s love life picks up.

The Bold & the Beautiful

$Bill refuses to let Steffy marry Liam, and things heat up between Wyatt and Sally!

Sally blames $Bill for everything, as Emma confides in Xander; Sally rants about $Bill, leading to her and Wyatt commiserating over their similar circumstances; Hope’s impressed by Emma’s dance choreography of the new dancers—Chapman University dance students appear on B&B; Maya learns Emma is a Barber; Simon turns back up as a Forrester Creations intern—Achileas Andreas of Greece returns to B&B

Justin visits Forrester Creations to intervene with Emma, as Maya fires her, and Hope steps in; Sally decides to stick around at Wyatt’s urging; $Bill’s assistant Alison (Theodora Greece) appears on B&B.

Liam and Steffy plan the next step in their future; Brooke admits to Ridge that it’s difficult for her to feel happy given the way things went for Liam, Hope and Steffy.

New British character, a young woman named Clara, perhaps connected to Xander.

Julius and Vivienne are taken aback by Xander’s intentions regarding Forrester Creations and Emma; $Bill, who still wants Steffy, meddles in her relationship with Liam.

Wyatt encounters Sally getting drunk and learns Thomas returned to Caroline; Sally’s invited back to Wyatt’s place to sleep it off and they kiss.

Coming up next week……Brooke wants answers from $Bill about the harm he’s done to his family; Quinn and Eric catch Wyatt and Sally in a clinch.

Summer preview……Eric and Quinn are teste; a female joins the cast this summer that may raise eyebrows.

General Hospital

Nina mentions the flash drive to Drew!

Mike is cut off before he can reveal what he knows; Sonny’s worries are eased; Carly switches tactics to buy herself time; Carly realizes that everything is irrevocably changed; Curtis and Sam try to regroup when they hit a wall; Nelle’s mind is on her past; Nelle comforts Josslyn.

Oscar feels let down; Chase lands in hot water with Dante then Michael; Liesl takes steps to arouse suspicion; Peter makes an appeal; Nina has an encounter with Drew; Nina wants an explanation; Valentin’s hopes are dashed; Sam supports Alexis’ choices.

Alexis blasts Julian; Kiki fears that she risked everything for nothing; Franco tells Kevin about the wedding plans; Liz makes it clear that she doesn’t want an extravagant wedding; Anna doesn’t want to cast blame.

Sneak peek at next week……..Jason is rattled; Josslyn is deceptive; Ava weighs her options; Scott considers an offer; Lucy is concerned about her ex.

Down the road previews…….Dante’s life takes a surprising turn; Will a blast from the past save the day?

Summer previews…..Ava embraces her dark side; love is in the air as summer kicks into high gear.

Days of Our Lives

Lani and the baby are in danger when she goes into pre-mature labor.

Bryan Dattilo is leaving Days of Our Lives as Lucas Horton.

Will has a flash of memory!

Eric, Jennifer, Lucas and Chloe have a celebratory dinner.

Ben confides to Ciara a disturbing moment from his childhood.

Kayla is caught while snooping around in Kate’s room; Hope is relieved when Ciara calls her, but is upset by her daughter’s news.

Kate makes a huge confession to chad.

Later, next week….Chad is happily surprised when Abigail returns home and shares good news with him; Kayla tells Stefan her theory about Kate, but he wants proof; Ben and Ciara grow closer; Abigail confides in Gabi that she’s pregnant and unsure of the paternity; Hope tells Rafe she believes Ciara is with Ben Weston; tensions arise between Theresa, Eve and Brady as Tate’s custody hearing begins.

Coming up…….Theresa is confronted by Brady and Eve; Kate makes a request of Ted; Sonny’s busted by Leo.

Summer previews…..the possibility for Chad to run Titan arise, which turns Kate’s plan on its ear; Leo has an alternative plan of his own against Kate; Gabi’s going down a darker path of revenge against Abby and Stefan; Lani goes into pre-mature labor as her family rallies around her; Lani is rushed into emergency surgery; a hug from Sonny triggers a memory for Will.

Comings and goings….a possible contract dispute could mean less air time for Steve Johnson in Salem. Sources say Stephen Nichols is no longer taping at Days of Our Lives.

In case you missed it…..Arianne Zucker returns to Days when Nicole Walker makes her way back to Salem….

Other Casting News…..Marci Miller has left Days of Our Lives as Abigail DiMera. The recast was announced that Kate Mansi is returning to Days to resume the role she once played.

Mimi Lockhart will be making her way back to Salem since Farah Fath is returning to Days of Our Lives and is taping scenes for her big daytime return.

Alison Sweeney returns to Days as Sami Brady—tune in to find out if the speculation is true whether she’s pregnant with Rafe’s baby?

And Sheila will turn up in Salem as Tionne (T-Boz) Watkins is back taping at Days.

Brooke in Barcelona: A Bold & the Beautiful Fanfiction

Brooke leaves L.A. after Ridge goes back to Taylor, but someone from Taylor’s past threatens to destroy her happiness with Ridge—that Thomas, Steffy and Phoebe (yes, Phoebe is alive!) are really Thorne’s after she slept with Thorne during Ridge’s back-and-forth between her and Brooke. At a Forrester Christmas party, secrets come out and lives are destroyed. Will Ridge forgive Taylor or will he discover his true feelings for Brooke before it’s too late?
Brooke Logan – Katherine Kelly Lang
Dr. Taylor Hayes Forrester – Hunter Tylo
Ridge Forrester – Ronn Moss
Thomas Forrester – Pierson Fode
Steffy Forrester – Jacqueline MacInnes Wood
Phoebe Forrester – MacKenzie Mauzy
Rick Forrester – Jacob Young
Caroline Spencer – Linsey Godfrey
Eric Forrester – John McCook
Stephanie Douglas Forrester – Susan Flannery
Garcia/Det. Dave Reed – Stephen Shortridge
Chapter 1
Brooke sat on the plane, taking her away to Spain and away from the Forresters. She closed her eyes and could see Ridge pinning her down against the mattress. No, she won’t go through this again. Pining after a man that’s married. She won’t jeopardize her life and those around her again. She thought of the pain she caused.
First, there was Bridget and Rick. When Rick had been with Amber, she had purposely tried to sabotage it, claiming that Amber was a dirty whore that’s using Rick to get Forrester’s money.
When Ridge found out that the kids were Eric’s. How devastated they were especially Eric knowing that he sired them. Not Ridge.
Then, she slept with Bridget’s husband getting pregnant with Hope. She also slept with Hope’s lover and her own beloved sister’s. She had a tumulus past. Brooke sighed.
It was time to make a life of her own. And Stephanie was proud of her. She had seen the remarkable change, the willingness to let go of Ridge.
There’s a Forrester Creations in Barcelona where she was heading.
*** Back in his office***
“Mother, you can’t be serious!” Ridge asked his mother.
Stephanie smiled. “You know, once, I thought Brooke’s obsession with you, but it’s the other way around.”
He rubbed his tired forehead and glossed over at the stack of unfinished files. “What about the kids, the business? Is she just going to take off without them!?!”
“ Don’t worry about the business. There’s a Forrester’s in Spain. And as for the kids, me and Eric will handle them.” Stephanie reassured Ridge. “You worry too much…go and spend time with YOUR family!”
As Ridge went home to Taylor, Thomas, Steffy and Phoebe…
Taylor listened on the other side. She had tears running down her cheek, burning with vile bitterness.
‘Oh God Brooke, why can’t you stay away…!?!”
Chapter 2
Brooke made up her mind that once she arrived in Barcelona, she would get in better shape. She used to exercise when she was younger, but she had been slacking off—not that it she really needed the exercise—Brooke was still as gorgeous as ever when she was younger and with Ridge and before Eric and in college majoring in fashion.
Brooke would do her best to get her younger body back.
But Ridge was still the same—riding his bike and jogging early in the mornings—damn him and his gorgeous body!
“Ms. Logan, would you like some refreshment?” the flight attendant asked her.
Brooke smiled and shook her head. “No thanks!”
She just wanted the plane to land.
A few hours later, the pilot announced its arrival in Barcelona, Spain. Brooke was more than a little relieved, but feeling a little jet-lagged. As she got off the plane and retrieved her luggage, she headed for the hotel that Stephanie had made a reservation for her, Brooke climbed into bed and slept all night long, not even waking for dinner.
The next morning, Brooke woke feeling refreshed and ready to start her new job at Forrester-Barcelona. She met with the CEO, who turned out to be Ivy, Eric’s niece from Australia.
“Ivy, I thought you were in Sydney?” Brooke greeted her.
“I was, but Uncle Eric gave me this promotion here in Barcelona and I hopped a flight to take the job.” Ivy explained.
“Well, it’ll be nice to work with you.” Brooke told her.
“Yes, I think it will.” Ivy said, glad she was not in L.A. with Steffy’s drama.
“So how have you been doing?”
“I’m doing great.”
“We should hang out after work.” Brooke offered. “You need to show me some great spots here in Barcelona.”
“Yes, I can do that.” Ivy agreed. “When do you want to do that?”
“How about tonight?” Brooke suggested. “I need a night out on the town.”
“Okay, it’s a date!”
Brooke settled down at her desk and went through the designs Ivy had given her to review. She was glad she came her to Barcelona. Brooke felt like she was going to like it here.
Chapter 3
Brooke showed up early at the café where Ivy told her to meet her for their dinner date. Worried that she was the one late, she was surprised to find Ivy hadn’t made it yet, despite Ivy always making a priority to be early.
Brooke felt her cell vibrate in her pocket and took it out to find that Ivy had left a text: “Sorry! Sumthing came up! Won’t B able 2 make R dinner date! Njoy dinner on me! Just talk to Felix! Everything taken care of!”
Just as Ivy had said, Felix came out when he saw Brooke just as Ivy had described her.
“Aw, Ms. Brooke Logan!” Felix greeted her.
“Felix?” Brooke asked with confusion. “How did you know me?”
“Ms. Forrester described you to a T.” Felix explained. “She did not do you justice though. You’re even more beautiful than she described.”
“Aw thank you Felix.” Brooke said gratefully.
“Just let me know when you’ve decided on you’re order and it will be ready for you.” Felix encouraged her.
“Thanks, but for now, could you just bring me a martini dry?” Brooke asked him.
“Will do.” Felix said as he went to get Brooke her drink as she sat down at table for two and took out some more designs to review.
After Felix brought her her martini, Brooke was so wrapped up in the designs she didn’t notice the handsome stranger who spoke to her.
“This seat taken, ma’am?” the handsome gentleman asked Brooke.
“Uh, no sir.” Brooke said after glancing up from the designs at the gorgeous body of the stranger.
“Thank you.” the handsome stranger said when he took the seat across from Brooke. “The name’s Garcia.”
“Nice to meet you, Mr. Garcia.”
“It’s just Garcia.” Garcia corrected.
“Oh, I’m sorry.” Brooke apologized.
“That’s alright.” Garcia told her. “So, you’re new here in Barcelona?”
“Yes.” Brooke began. “I moved here from L.A.”
“Oh? What brought you to Barcelona?”
“My job.”
“Really? What do you do?”
“I’m a fashion designer for Forrester Creations in L.A. I accepted the job here when I offered the position here at Forrester-Barcelona.”
As Brooke and Garcia got to know each other, she did not know that Ivy had set her up with the Forrester model, Garcia Jimenez.
Chapter 4
Brooke had been dating Garcia for a week, even calling off work at Forrester-Barcelona to spend her days at the beach to be with him. Finally, Brooke told Garcia that she had neglected her duties at Forrester long enough. Although Garcia gave a pained look, he seemed to understand, although Brooke didn’t know why? Not until she arrived at Forrester, after feeling well rested after her week-long vacation, only to be surprised to find Garcia also at Forrester.
“Garcia, I know you must miss me, but you didn’t have to come see me here where I work?” Brooke said thanking him.
“Sorry to burst your bubble, Brooke, but I’m not here to see you.”
“Huh? I don’t understand?”
“I also work here.”
“You do?
“Yes, as a model.” Garcia explained.
“You’re a model? I’ve been hanging out with a Forrester model?” Brooke asked confused just as Ivy entered the foyer.
“Yes, Brooke.” Ivy said upon entrance. “I thought you need a break from Forrester, so I asked Garcia to accompany you to dinner.”
“You arranged this?”
“Nothing came up.” Ivy confessed. “I arranged to have Garcia have dinner in my place.”
“I see.” Brooke asked. “Well, thank you.”
“Yes. Thank you Ivy.” Garcia nodded. “Ms. Logan and I had a very interesting week.”
“Well, it’s been nice spending time with you Garcia, but I really must get back to work.” Brooke apologized. “I’m sure I’m way behind as it is.”
“Dinner. After?” Garcia asked before Brooke could rush off.
“Yes. Dinner. After.” Brooke agreed before jetting off to her office to get some work done.
Meanwhile, back in L.A., word about Brooke’s week-long dalliance with the Forrester model Garcia had reached L.A. and Ridge (remember, this Ridge is being played by the original Ronn Moss) was not happy about it. He knew he should be happy with Taylor and the kids, but Brooke’s romance in Barcelona was bothering him. He didn’t love Taylor. . .not the way he loved Brooke. As much as his children (Thomas, Steffy, and Phoebe) met the world to him, his heart still belong with Brooke.
After dialing the airport and arranging for the Forrester jet to take him to Barcelona, Ridge left the office with no explanation to Taylor or his children.
Chapter 5
Brooke answered the door when she heard the doorbell ring, “Gar— er, Ridge? I didn’t expect to see you?”
“I don’t like it, Logan!” Ridge said bitterly, as he made his way into her hotel suite.
“I’m sorry, Ridge!” Brooke said, appalled by his behavior. “What is it exactly you don’t like?!”
“You dating. . .this. . .Garcia!” Ridge raged.
“I’m sorry, but I don’t see where you have any say in who I date, let alone see?!” Brooke reminded him.
“Logan, please.” Ridge pleaded. “I need you. It’s you I want. Not Taylor.”
“Ridge, go back to L.A.!” Brooke demanded, irately.
“Come back with me.” Ridge protested. “We can start fresh again.”
“Sorry, Ridge, I like it here in Barcelona.” Brooke said.
“I absolutely forbid you to date this Garcia. Really Brooke, a Forrester model?” Ridge demanded. “Remember our policy about dating the models?”
“Since when does company policy bother you?” Brooke complained, as she reminded her about all the romances within Forrester.
“Please stop seeing Garcia!” Ridge demanded.
“Sorry, Ridge, but I—“ Brooke started to say, but was interrupted when Garcia showed up at her front door for their date.
“Am I interrupting something?” Garcia asked, bothered by another man’s presence in Brooke’s suite.
“Garcia, I’m so glad to see you!” Brooke greeted him with a kiss on the lips in front of Ridge, who was seething with envy.
“Who is this guy?” Garcia asked.
“Garcia, this is Ridge Forrester, our CEO, Eric’s, oldest son, from the L.A. office.” Brooke said, introducing Garcia to Ridge. “Ridge was just leaving. Weren’t you, Ridge?”
“This isn’t over, Logan!” Ridge said, as he left Brooke’s suite.
“Now, where were we?” Brooke said, after Ridge left. “Right, we had a date, didn’t we, Garcia.”
“Did you two have something?” Garcia asked.
“Yes, but it’s clearly over!” Brooke reassured him.
“Then, shall we?” Garcia said, as he and Brooke went out for a night on the town.
Chapter 6
Ridge was adamant that he would get Brooke back. This Garcia guy would soon be history. Ridge was sure of that. Brooke would never be able to forget everything they had together. They were destined to be together.
“Jackson Law Office.” Sally the paralegal answered the office phone.
“This is Ridge Forrester.” Ridge told the paralegal. “I need to have Mr. Jackson start proceedings for a dissolution of marriage from Taylor Hayes.”
“Okay, Mr. Forrester, I will have the attorney get started on that.” Sally told Ridge.
“Thank you.” Ridge said then hung up so he could get back to his plan to get Garcia out of Brooke’s life.
And he knew just the way to do it.
Meanwhile, Brooke and Garcia were enjoying dinner at an exclusive restaurant in Barcelona that Garcia had taken Brooke to. When he heard his cell ringing.
“Darn!” Garcia said irritated. “I’m sorry, Brooke, but I must take of this.”
Brooke took a sip of her champagne while she waited for Garcia to come back. When he did he had bad news for her.
“Brooke, I’m sorry, but I must end our date.” Garcia said sadly.
“Why? I thought we were having a great time?” Brooke said with surprise.
“I need to get a flight to the States.” Garcia told her.
“Tonight?” Brooke inquired.
“It is the opportunity I’ve been waiting for.” Garcia told her. “I got a modeling gig in L.A.”
“You’re leaving Barcelona? Forrester-Barcelona?” Brooke asked, sadly as she was just starting to like him. “I thought you loved being a model for us?”
“I’m sorry.” was all Garcia could say, before he walked out on Brooke and boarded his flight.
Ridge smiled when he saw his plan worked. Spying Brooke, Ridge waited for the right time before he made his move.
“Brooke?” Ridge said, to a depressed Brooke, who had drank a little too much champagne.
“He left?” Brooke said sadly. “Why did he do that?”
“I don’t know.” Ridge said.
“I was starting to like Garcia.” Brooke said in wonder. “I thought we had something and he bails for L.A. for some modeling gig?”
“Forget him.” Ridge told her as he sat down at the table and held her hand.
Ridge helped a slightly inebrieated Brooke to the car and helped her get inside. He drove her to her suite where he helped her into bed. As Ridge was about to leave, he heard Brooke call out.
“Don’t leave!”
Back in L.A., Taylor went to answer the door to find a courier hand her an envelope and repeat to her: “You’ve been served!” and left.
As Taylor opened up the envelope, she was in shock to find that Ridge was suing her for divorce.
“Damn you, Brooke!” Taylor said loudly.
Chapter 7
Sheila Carter arrived in Barcelona with news for Ridge that she knew he would want to hear. But it would come at a price—and Sheila knew that Ridge would do anything to get his precious Logan back!
After getting off the plane and grabbing her baggage at the baggage claim, Sheila hailed a cab and headed for Ridge’s hotel suite. She couldn’t wait to tell him her news!
Meanwhile, Brooke was having the time of her life with Garcia on the beaches of Barcelona frolicking in the sand and surf.
Garcia planned a romantic picnic on the beach with all of Brooke’s favorites: shrimp, crabcakes, wine and the tastiest cheesecake ever.
Brooke loved every minute of it. Garcia certainly knew how to treat a lady!
Back at Ridge’s hotel suite, Sheila had arrived and knocked on Ridge’s door.
“Sheila?” Ridge said, surprised to see her.
“I have some news I know you won’t be able to resist.”
“Save it, Sheila! I doubt you can deliver anything good!”
“Why don’t you just hear me out first before you decide?”
“Fine! You have 5 minutes to spin your web of lies!” Ridge said, raising his arm to show her that her precious minutes were ticking away.
After Sheila shared proof that his girls, Steffy and Phoebe, were not his children, but his own brother’s, Thorne, Ridge was livid. He couldn’t believe that Taylor would lied about the paternity of their daughters, let alone sleep with his brother.
Ridge intended to make Taylor pay and she would! At the Forrester Christmas party next week. It would be perfect because Eric announced that he was flying Forrester employees to Barcelona, Spain for the company Christmas party! Taylor wouldn’t know what hit her, besides the divorce Ridge had her served her with.
Thanks to Sheila Carter, Ridge had even more grounds to sue Taylor for divorce!
Chapter 8
As Ridge waited for Brooke to come back from frolicking in the surf with whoever that guy was, he dialed his attorney back in L.A. to have divorce papers drawn up for Taylor. He couldn’t believe Taylor would cheat on him with his own brother, Thorne.
At a phone booth on a corner in Barcelona…”Garcia?’
“Who is this?” Garcia asks, when he is alone after Brooke goes for some drinks and food.
“Have you told Brooke who you really are?” Sheila asks.
“No, I haven’t.” Garcia told her.
“Well, please hurry. I can’t hold off Ridge any longer.” Shelia said.
“I will. As soon as Brooke comes back.”
“Back? Back from where?” Sheila demanded.
“She left to get refreshments.”
“You let her go off alone?! You numbskull!” Sheila reprimanded him. “What if Ridge finds her!”
“He won’t!” Garcia said, sounding sure of himself.
“You better hope he doesn’t find Brooke!” Sheila warned him before hanging up.
Garcia closed the phone and waited for Brooke to come back. But she never showed up. Garcia knew he needed to tell her who he really was…that he was Det. Dave Reed…the guy she was engaged to and turned down because of Ridge Forrester, who at the time was set to marry Caroline Spencer.
Meanwhile, Brooke had the drinks and snacks and was set to head back to Garcia, when Ridge pulled up and offered her a ride.
“Going somewhere, lovely lady?” Ridge said from his car.
Brooke nearly dropped her drinks and snacks when she noticed who was calling out to her, “Ridge!”
“Brooke, get in.”
“What are doing here in Barcelona?”
“I came to find you.”
“Well, as you can see, I was doing just fine without you.” Brooke said, wanting to get back to Garcia.
“Brooke, I want you.” Ridge came out and said it. “I’m divorcing Taylor.”
“Divorcing her? Why?”
“I found out some ugly information about her and my brother, Thorne.”
“And just what is this info, Ridge?”
“Thomas, Steffy and Phoebe aren’t mine…they’re Thorne’s!” Ridge told her.
Brooke’s jaw dropped at Ridge’s news! Taylor cheated on Ridge? No way! Not perfect Dr. Taylor Hayes!
“You’re telling me Taylor cheating on you with your own brother, not once, but twice, making him the father of Thomas, Steffy and Phoebe?”
“That’s right!” Ridge said. “I called my attorney and had divorce papers drawn up.”
“So, I’m supposed to run back into your arms?” Brooke said in disbelief.
“You love me. I know you do.”
“You’re unbelievable.” Brooke said as she opened the car door and ran off to find Garcia.
Ridge didn’t have time to go after Brooke as Sheila jumped in instead.
“If you’re waiting for Brooke to come back, that won’t happen any time soon?” Sheila taunted him.
“And how do you know?”
But Sheila just laughed as Ridge wondered what she meant.
Chapter 9
Brooke was about to get the shock of her life when she met up with Garcia where he was worried and waiting for her to come back.
“What took you so long?” Garcia asked her.
“I ran into an old friend from L.A.” Brooke lied, not wanting to bring him into her troubles back home.
“Look, Brooke, I have to confess something to you.” Garcia began.
“You’re a serial killer?” Brooke joked.
“No, but you do know me from your past.”
Brooke at him again and there was something strangely familiar about him, but she couldn’t place what he meant.
“I’m really Det. Dave Reed.” Garcia revealed to a surprised Brooke.
It all came back to Brooke when Garcia revealed who he really was.
“Dave, the guy who proposed marriage years ago?” Brooke said, surprised. “I never thought I would ever see you again?”
“Yeah, that was the plan.”
“I’m sorry…the plan?”
“I didn’t want to get involved with you again…until the lady with long brown hair persuaded me to play a game on you.”
“Lady with long brown hair?” Brooke said.
“Yeah, I think she said her name was Sheila.”
“Sheila Carter?” Brooke said in disbelief. “You hooked up with Sheila Carter?”
Before Garcia/Dave could say another word, Brooke had run off back to her hotel room. She was packing and heading back to L.A. She couldn’t believe it? First, Ridge? Now Garcia, er—Dave?
Her life was unraveling before her eyes….
Meanwhile, Garcia/Dave called Sheila, “Well, I did it?!”
“And? What did Brooke say?”
“Say?! She walked out on me!” Garcia/Dave said. “I think she’s headed back home!”
“You better hope she didn’t!” Sheila warned him. Then hung up.
That’s all Sheila needed was for Brooke and Ridge to find each other at the airport and head back to L.A. ……….

The War at Spencer

$Bill is livid now that he has been forced to hand Spencer over to his son, Liam. And Liam is letting his power over his father to his head as he goes ahead with his changes at Spencer. With employees at Spencer heralding Liam for his business tactics, $Bill vows to gain control of Spencer, not to mention, Liam’s marriage is threatened as he becomes closer to Sally when they do business together. Who will win the war at Spencer? And in other news, Wyatt and Katie’s relationship is exposed in a big way; Quinn and Sheila go head-to-head in a fight for the Forrester matriarch; Ridge sees new hope for a future with Brooke; and Maya is threatened by Nicole’s closeness with Lizzy.
Liam Spencer – Scott Clifton
$Bill Spencer – Don Diamont
Steffy Forrester-Spencer – Jacqueline MacInnes Wood
Wyatt Spencer – Darin Brooks
Katie Logan-Spencer – Heather Tom
Eric Forrester – John McCook
Quinn Fuller-Forrester – Rena Sofer
Sheila Carter – Kimberlin Brown
Ridge Forrester – Thorsten Kaye
Brooke Logan-Spencer – Katherine Kelly Lang
Rick Forrester – Jacob Young
Maya Avant-Forrester – Karla Mosley
Zende Forrester – Rome Flynn
Nicole Avant-Forrester – Reign Edwards
Sally Spectra – Courtney Hope
Margo Lynley – Lauren Koslow
Chapter 1
“Mr. Spencer?” Connie $Bill’s trusted receptionist said to Liam. “You’re meeting with the board of directors will begin in the conference room in 10 minutes.”
“Thank you, Connie.” Liam said.
Liam wasted no time in getting his vision before the Spencer Publications board of directors now that he was CEO of Spencer Publications. His father was going down for his underhanded business tactics at Spencer. Liam had a new vision at Spencer—Spencer was changing its practices.
Liam headed into the conference room where the board of directors were waiting for what Liam had waiting for them.
Meanwhile, Quinn was relishing her victory over Sheila in her war for Eric’s heart—but she didn’t know the tactics that Sheila was willing to go to be the next Forrester matriarch.
Sheila was down for now, but she dug deep in Quinn’s history and she became privy to a secret that Quinn was hiding and she intended to expose Quinn and her secret. Quinn was finally going down. Sheila may be down for the moment, but she was still in the game! Sheila’s prize was queen of the Forrester mansion—and she wasn’t going to lose! She would be Eric’s queen! Quinn beware!
Back at Katie’s mansion, she was feeding Will when Wyatt came in expecting some lovin:
“Hey, babe!” Wyatt said. “You won’t believe the day I had!”
Wyatt kissed Katie as she was just putting Will down for a nap.
“Let me put Will down and you can have my undivided attention.” Katie said to an obviously amorous Wyatt.
By the time Katie came back into her living room, Wyatt was stripped down to his shorts, as Katie eyed the sexy hunk sitting on her sofa.
“Hmmmmmm, look at the gorgeous guy sitting there in my living room.”
“And he’s all yours.” Wyatt said as Katie started unbuttoning her blouse and kissed Wyatt full on the lips.
“How about we take this to a much private location.” Wyatt said, seductively to Katie, who followed him to her room, where they didn’t wait to get busy in the bedroom—but they didn’t see the intruder that was watching their every move.
(Coming: Shelia exposes Quinn’s secret; Wyatt and Katie’s relationship comes out in a big way; and Liam is heralded a hero at Spencer as $Bill vows to come back.)
Chapter 2
$Bill needed to see Wyatt. He was upset over Liam’s control at Spencer. That bitch, Sally, was taking advantage of Liam now that he was CEO. He just knew it. He had to see Wyatt.
$Bill got into his limo and ordered his driver to take him to Wyatt’s. the limo tried to object because he knew Wyatt had a visitor–$Bill’s ex-wife, Katie. But $Bill wouldn’t listen to the driver’s objections and demanded he take him straight to Wyatt’s.
The limo driver did as he was told and drove $Bill over to Wyatt’s. He felt sorry for Wyatt when $Bill got to Wyatt’s.
15 minutes later, the limo driver dropped $Bill off at Wyatt’s and drove off immediately. He didn’t want to be around for the fireworks when Wyatt answered the door to his father.
$Bill walked up to Wyatt’s door and—instead of knocking—just walked into Wyatt’s apartment. He figured since he owned the place, he didn’t need to knock. $Bill got the shock of his life when he walked into Wyatt’s bedroom and discovered his son in bed with his ex-wife.
“Wyatt?! Katie?!” $Bill yelled.
“Dad!” Wyatt said, surprised as he grabbed his pants and put them on.l
“In bed with my ex-wife!” $Bill shouted at both of them. “What the hell are you thinking!”
“Dad.” Wyatt pleaded with his father. “We never wanted you to find out this way.”
“Get out of my house!” $Bill rage at Wyatt.
Wyatt grabbed his clothes and left with Katie right behind him, but $Bill grabbed her arm and stopped her from leaving.
“Where the hell do you think you’re going?!” $Bill demanded.
“With Wyatt.” Katie told her ex-husband.
“You think I’m just going to let you be with my son?!”
“We’re in love.” Wyatt defended Katie.
“Well, not if I have anything to say about it!”
“What are saying, Bill?” Katie asked, as $Bill confirmed her fears.
“You continue with her sick relationship with my son, I will take sole custody of our son, Will!”
“You wouldn’t!” Katie said angrily.
“Watch me!” $Bill threatened. “End this farce of a relationship or I will take Will away from you.”
“C’mon, Katie, don’t let him get you riled up.” Wyatt pleaded with Katie.
Katie did as Wyatt suggested and left with him as $Bill yelled threats at them, “This isn’t over! I mean it Katie!”
Katie and Wyatt found themselves at her place as Wyatt tried to console her over $Bill’s threats to take Will away.
But they got the ammunition they would need when Wyatt checked his voicemail from Liam, “Wyatt, I need to see you. it’s about our father. Come over when you get this.”
“I had better call Liam and see what he wants.” Wyatt said as he called his brother.
“Yeah, bro, what did you want?” Wyatt asked when he heard Liam’s voice.
“Steffy and I are split up.” Liam told him. “And it’s all because of dad!”
“Dad! What’s he got to do with your split?” Wyatt asked confused.
“Since he slept with my wife?!” Liam blurted out.
Wyatt dropped the phone as Liam asked, “Wyatt? You there?”
(Coming: Wyatt and Liam are in for a big shock.”
Chapter 3
$Bill went back to his place angry than a hornet. First Liam, now Wyatt! Well, they were going to pay! He was disinheriting them from his will. He was going to take everything away from them for their disloyalty. Their jobs! Their homes! Their cars! He gave them a good life and this is how they repay him! Liam takes his company! And Wyatt, sleeping with his ex-wife—his brother’s mother!
Wyatt and Katie were not surprised when a server showed up at her home with custody papers for Will. But after Liam’s news about $Bill’s affair with Steffy, they weren’t worried. They had something on $Bill to use against him. Sick relationship? What was his affair with Steffy Forrester-Spencer, his daughter-in-law.
Meanwhile, Liam found himself at odds with $Bill when he arrived at his office to tell Liam that he was taking over. $Bill was glad because he used Liam’s absence to put his next plan in motion—demolish the Spectra building so he could have his skyscraper erected.
Little did $Bill know, but Liam was meeting Sally at Spectra to discuss their deal. But they get the shock of their lives when the building crumbles around them as $Bill sets his plan in motion to demolish the Spectra building.
(Coming: the fallout from Spectra being demolished.)
Chapter 4
Liam thought he was meeting with Sally Spectra to discuss their deal, but he was shocked to find someone else in the Sally’s office.
“You aren’t Sally?” Liam asked as he demanded to know who she was.
“No, I’m not.” The strange lady said. “I’m Margo Lynley (played by Lauren Koslow). I’m an old friend of your grandfather, the Sr. Bill Spencer.”
“So what do you want with Sally?” Liam said, stumped as to why she was in Sally’s office.
“I want to strike up deal with you.”
“A deal? How can I help you?”
“I’ve been watching you Liam.”
“Excuse me, how do you know me?”
“You want your father to pay. And pay big!”
“So, where do you fit in?”
“I know what your father is planning—with that ugly skyscraper and trying to oust Sally from her building so he can erect it?”
“So you’re appalled by the whole thing too.”
“Appalled isn’t the word—disgust is more like it!”
“Yeah, well there is nothing I can do about it. That’s why I had my father ousted from Spencer.”
“But you can! And I can help.”
“Well, I know what $Bill plans to do to get his skyscraper erected.”
“Yeah, and he hasn’t succeeded yet.”
“But he will. $Bill intends to demolish the Spectra building so he can erect his skyscraper.” Margo revealed.
“And how do you know that?!” Liam asked.
“That’s not important, but you can stop him.”
Liam’s curiosity was piqued as Margo told Liam the details of $Bill’s plot to demolish the Spectra building. Liam went back to Spencer knowing he had his father where he wanted him, thanks to Margo Lynley.
And Margo smiled slyly knowing this was going to be taking the helm at Spencer…the first plot in her plan to get even with the Spencers and Forresters………
Chapter 5
$Bill was not going to allow Liam to take over his position as CEO at Spencer. That’s why he was going to have the Spectra building demolished and have his skyscraper erected.
But $Bill would get more than he bargained for as he grabbed the remote that would demolish the Spectra building for good…but just as he was about to hit the red button…Liam walked in to stop him.
“Liam, what are you doing here!”
“You aren’t going to demolish the Spectra building!” Liam told his father.
“And you think you’re going to stop me!” $Bill laughed in Liam’s face, just as Margo appeared in $Bill’s office.
“Who the hell are you!” $Bill demanded from the brunette woman.
“I’m Margo Lynley, a friend of your father’s.”
“Margo!” $Bill said. “I remember you. My father often mentioned you.”
“Yeah, and you aren’t going to demolish that building!”
“And you’re going to stop me?!” $Bill laughed at her.
Margo and $Bill struggled to gain control of the remote as Liam grabbed the remote from his father. $Bill’s dream of erecting went up in smoke, but both father and son were taken aback when Margo revealed she was the new CEO of Spencer.
As Margo sat in the CEO chair, she smiled, “Just part of my plan to bring down Ridge Forrester!”