The Hush Chronicles: Buffy the Vampire Slayer Fanfic

“The Gentlemen” are back to wreak more havoc on Sunnydale. But they want one thing—Buffy Summers. When Buffy turns up missing, the Scooby gang must find her—but there’s one catch: they must do it without voices as “The Gentlemen” have once again taken away their voices.

Buffy Summers – Sarah Michelle Gellar
Xander – Nicholas Brendan
Anya – Emma Caulfield
Riley – Marc Blucas
Willow Rosenberg – Alyson Hannigan
Dawn Summers – Michelle Trachtenberg
Spike – James Marsters
Angel/Angelus – David Boreanaz
Drusilla – Juliet Landau
Harmony – Mercedes McNabb

Chapter 1 – All’s Quiet in Sunnydale
Angel woke after a night of love making with Buffy to find that Buffy was missing. Assuming she got up to make some breakfast, he put on his pants and went to find her. He tried to call out, but he had no voice. Assuming it was laryngitis, he dismissed it.
But one thing was for certain…Buffy was nowhere to be found.
Anya and Xander also woke to a night of lovemaking and were shocked to learn they too had no voices…as they tried to speak of the wonderful night they had.
Unable to speak, they went at it again, but flusterated they couldn’t speak.
The other members of the Scooby gang, as well as Anya, Xander and Angel, also came to the realization that they had no voices too, as they headed over to Giles’ store.
Each had pen and paper in hand as they wrote notes to communicate with each other…but one thing was on each of their minds—where the hell was Buffy???????
Buffy woke in a dungeon, only to find she couldn’t speak. Assuming that Angel or Spike or even Kralik was behind her imprisonment, Buffy looked for a way out. But the technology used to imprison her was far too advanced.
After hours inside her cell, Buffy’s warden finally revealed themselves—it was The Gentlemen—and they wanted one thing: Buffy!

Chapter 2
Flusterated by her inability to speak to The Gentlemen, Buffy was given some paper and a pencil, she wrote a message to them:
“What do you want with me?”
But The Gentlemen only laughed and walked away, facing Buffy to be alone with just her thoughts, as she could not speak.
What did they want? She conquered them once but now they had her trapped in this cell. She did with the help of the Scoobies.
Before, they all came together to defeat The Gentlemen. But now, they were separated.
She needed to find a way out of this cell she was in. And get back to her friends.
But The Gentlemen would make it impossible for Buffy to get out. She was here to stay…at least, that’s the way The Gentlemen wanted it to be.
In Sunnydale, Anya and Xander were fighting with notepad and pencil as they had no way to speak their mind.
Giles’ was fighting with Willow over how this could happen and Spike and Angel were fighting over who was going to find.
It was a real power struggle over who would be Buffy’s hero.
Then, Dru came in and enticed Spike with her sexiness…and was instantly smitten with her…
…while Angel was left to find a way to Buffy…which was how he liked it…thanks to him sicking Dru on Spike….mindless twit! He knew Spike wouldn’t be able to resist Dru’s charms.
Angel was free to find Buffy….


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