The Chosen: Buffy the Vampire Slayer Fanfic

Chapter 1
Somehow, Kralik was resurrected. Kralik was a bastard in life and even worse in his death. He was angrier. It was because of that Slayer bitch that got away from him before he could dish out his plan. He wanted a follower, someone with the same passion for torture like him, but she ruined it, stomped it out with Holy Water and then, getting her strength back before he could fully put his plan in place. “That disgusting little…!”
“Myron, I have you to thank for this!” His younger cousin gave him a box. “What’s your next step..?”
“We’re going to destroy the Slayer!”
Buffy Summers threw her coat on the couch and sat down to read. She picked up the Vampire Diaries and engrossed herself. Dawn entered from the foyer.
“Oh hey, how was the movie…?”
“Great Dawn!” She put her key on the counter and also dropped onto the couch. “You know, it’s so great having a normal life.”
“All thanks to Spike,” she added quietly. “Everyone treated him like I should use him,” Buffy hated using him that year and then beating him up when she needed to hide.
Now, she regretted every action she did.
“Was I a bitch?” Buffy wondered silently to herself.

Chapter 2
Spike was sulking, licking his wounds after Buffy beat him up. What did she have to prove by doing that to him?
But Spike didn’t know what hit him when fell unconscious as someone had hit him over the head with a boulder.
The next thing Spike knew, he was waking up in Kralik’s den to find Harmony all over him.
“Harmony? What the hell?!” Spike said, as he jumped up from her arms.
“You were promised to me!” Harmony explained trying to coax him back to bed.
“Promised?” Spike asked. “By who?”
“Why, Kralik, of course?” Harmony told him. “You’re mine now, baby.”
“I don’t want you, Harmony!” Spike spat out, just as Kralik sauntered into Harmony’s tiny quarters.
“I suggest you do as you’re told!” Kralik demanded.
“Like hell I will!” Spike spat back at him.
“If you do, I will make it worth your while!”
“And just what is that, pray tell!”
“The Slayer’s head on a stick!” Kralik said. “I know you want revenge on the Slayer!”
“Okay, I’ll bite!” Spike gave in. “What do I have to do!”
“Well, first, you have to make love to me.” Harmony chimed in.
“And then we’ll talk.” Kralik said.
“So, I give Harmony romance, and then . . .” Spike began.
“Take him away, Harmony.” Kralik said, as Harmony closed the door to her quarters on Kralik.
“C’mon, honey!” Harmony said, as she drug Spike long with her, to Spike’s dismay.
As Harmony kissed and caressed Spike, all he could think about was revenge on Buffy for her humiliating betrayal. It was the only thing that got him through Harmony’s disgusting kisses and touches…

Chapter 3
After he endured the disgusting torture of making love to Harmony, Spike couldn’t wait to get away from Harmony’s clutches and onto his plan to seek revenge on Buffy for her humiliating beating. Buffy wouldn’t know what hit her, and he owed it all to Kralik. Spike just hoped he wouldn’t have to endure more lovemaking with Harmony.
Buffy was walking in the Sunnydale cemetery looking for demons to vanquish when she was hit over the head with a sharp object.
“Well, Slayer bitch!” Spike said as he picked up an unconscious Buffy in his arms and carried her off.
As Spike left with Buffy, Cordy was watching him. When he was out of sight, Cordy went back to Giles’ store, contemplating whether or not she should tell the Scooby gang about Spike carrying off Buffy.
“Cordy, have you seen Buffy?” Xander asked her when he saw her come into the store.
After some hesitation, Cordy replied, “No, I haven’t seen her.”
“Well, when you do, will you tell her we need her.”
“Okay.” Cordy said, feeling guilty for lying.
“So, what brings you here?” Xander asked, put off by Cordy’s kiss.
Cordy grabbed Xander and kissed him on the lips, a kiss that lasted several seconds.
“Whoa! Where did that come from?” a shocked Xander asked, just as Anya came into the front of the store.
“What is going on?!” Anya raged, mostly at Cordy.
“Xander, I made a mistake.” Cordy began.
“What do you mean, you made a mistake?”
“I still love you.” Cordy confessed just so she wouldn’t have to tell him where Spike took Buffy.
“You still love me?” Xander said incredulously.
“Yes.” Cordy continued.
“Well, that’s tough, Cordy. You’re out of luck because Xander is with me!” Anya said, as she kissed Xander in front of Cordy to tell her to back off.
“Well, I’m sorry.” Cordy said. “I have to go, so I’ll leave you two lovebirds alone.”
Cordy left Giles’ store and walked home alone, but Harmony, bent of revenge because Spike shamed her after leaving her after making love to her, bit Cordy in the neck and let her feed from her blood.
Back at Spike’s cave, Buffy woke to find herself tied up in shackles as Spike glared at her.
“What do you want with me?” Buffy said, looking Spike in the eye.

Chapter 4
“Well, Slayer, are you scared?!” Spike asked her, a gleam of maliciousness in his eye.
As much as Buffy wanted to pulverize Spike, she couldn’t help but be attracted to him right now. There was something about him that turned her on. She couldn’t place her finger on it, but she wanted him now, she fought the urge to kiss him, but lost that battle as she found herself in a liplock with Spike’s lips.
As Spike let Buffy kiss him, he couldn’t help but be grateful. Kralik would be happy he was able to win over the Slayer. But he debated whether he should bring her to Kralik as the kiss had turned something on in him as well.
After one kiss, Spike was connected to Buffy. Then he got an idea? He would hide the real Buffy and bring the Buffybot he had made (for his pleasure) to Kralik. Kralik is stupid? He’ll never know the difference? Right? Spike hoped so?
“Hey, Bufs, come with me?” Spike told her in between kisses.
“Go with you where?” Buffy asked in between kissing him.
“To a secret hideout.”
“You want to be alone with me? That’s kinda kinky, don’t cha think?”
“Well, what can I say? I want cha all to myself!”
“Okay!” Buffy agreed, as he took her to a secret cave off the outskirt of town so Kralik wouldn’t find her.
“Stay here, Buffy. I’ll be back soon.” Spike said before Buffy could say anything.
Spike went back to his abode and retrieved the Buffybot and made sure she was in working order. Satisfied that the Buffybot was working, he brought her to Kralik.
“Spike, it’s about time you got here.” Kralik said,intrigued, when he noticed he had Buffy with him. “So how did you manage to get the Slayer here?”
“Oh, a few kisses and the Slayer was putty in my hands.” Spike replied, winking at the Buffybot, hoping Kralik wouldn’t notice the difference.
“Well, thank you Spike. I’ll take her for now.” Kralik said as he handed the Buffybot to his minions to hold in his cell, unbeknownst to him that the “Slayer” was just a robot.
Satisfied that Kralik fell for his scheme, Spike returned to the cave to find an amorous Buffy waiting for him.
“Spikey, I missed you!” Buffy said, as she pulled him next to her.

Chapter 5
Buffy felt weird in his arms…almost like plastic. He reached around, feeling Buffy’s back and found it—the door that hid the Buffybot’s battery…he’d been tricked somehow. But by who? Now the real Buffy was with Kralik and the Buffybot was here in his bed…he made love to…a robot? Whoever switched Buffy with the Buffybot…they were going to pay…and pay dearly for tricking him!
Cordy felt bad as she headed back to Giles’ store. She knew she shouldn’t have played with Spike’s head and switched a sleeping Buffy lying in Spike’s bed with the Buffybot. But she couldn’t help it. She wanted Spike. It was weird, but for some reason she wanted Spike? She couldn’t place her hand it—but she was somehow attracted to Spike.
It was all Kralik’s master plan…as he reveled in his trickery to get Spike to bring him The Slayer. He knew after Buffy beat up Spike, that he could get Spike to turn on The Slayer. And what an ingenious move to get Cordy to switch Buffy with the Buffybot…not to mention how he managed to get Willow to curse Sunnydale with a love spell that would make Sunnydale citizens fall for the wrong ones
….and Cordy wanting Spike was a delicious thought…..

Chapter 6
Kralik’s plan to torture Buffy was still in the works, but first he had other things to tend to…like check in with Dawn, Buffy’s loyal sister.
“Dawn, how are things in Sunnydale?” Kralik asked her.
“Your plan is going according to plan.” Dawn reported back to him. “Cordy is falling for Spike. And Spike can’t figure out how the Buffybot got in his bed when he was sure it was Buffy.”
“Good. You’ve done a great job, Dawn.” Kralik praised her. “You will be rewarded for your efforts.”
Meanwhile, Spike was looking for Buffy when he realized he was in bed with his Buffybot. But his efforts to find Buffy were thwarted when he saw an amorous Cordy.
“Spike, I found you.” Cordy told him, attempting to kiss him, but he pushed her away.
“What’s wrong, Spikey? Don’t you want me?” Cordy said crushed by Spike’s resistance.
“What do you take me for?” Spike told her.
“I want you! I want you now!”
“Get away from me woman!”
Spike managed to get away from a crazed Cordy when he accidentally knocked her out.
“What is wrong with people? Why is Cordy so hung up on me? I’ve never had an iota of interest in the snobby girl?”
While Cordy lay unconscious in the graveyard, Spike went on to find Buffy. Xander came along and found an unconscious Cordy, and revived her.
“What happened, Cordy?”
“I don’t know, but I don’t feel so good.” Cordy said as she rubbed her throbbing head.
“Why don’t we go to my place and I can help take care of you.”
“I wouldn’t go with you if you were the last guy on earth?” Cordy rejected Xander’s advances, even though they were involved.
“Cordy, what’s wrong?” Xander asked confused, by Cordy’s behavior.
“I need my Spikey.” Cordy said in a trance as she attempted to get up but her concussion prevented her from doing so.
Later, back at Kralik’s den, happy that all was going according to his wishes, Kralik brought some company for Buffy…as he placed Dawn in a cell next to her.


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