Starrleena’s Weekly Soap Spoilers – May 28-June 1, 2018

Weekly Soap Spoilers – May 28 – June 1, 2018

The Young & the Restless
Victor rocks the boat; Jack calls Kyle out on his betrayal; not everyone is happy for Nick and Sharon.
Devon romances Hilary; Ashley comes home to a surprise; Victoria is blindsided at Newman.
Victor and Nick argue about a family secret; Traci gives Jack some tough love; Hilary sends mixed signals.
Jack confides in Sharon; Hilary gives Devon some unexpected news; Arturo comforts Abby.
Billy takes charge; Nikki confronts Abby about Arturo; Kyle makes waves.

The Bold & the Beautiful
Liam and Hope’s wedding guests wait and wonder; Ridge demands the truth from Katie; Hope is blindsided when Liam reveals the secret that Wyatt shared with him mid-wedding.
Feeling guilty, Justin takes a stand and refuses to do $Bill’s bidding; Liam and Hope reflect on the consequences of $Bill’s actions and make a life-changing decision.
Wyatt gives back as good as he gets when $Bill unleashes his anger and takes back everything he’s been offered; Steffy and Hope square off when Steffy states that Hope would never have been with Liam if not for $Bill’s lies and deception.
An angry and intense Liam confronts $Bill about his egregious misdeeds and delusion about Steffy; Steffy trips and falls after slamming the door shut on an uninvited and unwanted $Bill.
Brooke urges Hope to marry Liam as soon as possible, while Ridge pleads with Liam to reunite with Steffy; Steffy becomes frantic when her fall causes her to go into premature labor.

General Hospital
Sonny pushes too hard; Carly grows determined; Mike’s condition worsens; Stella is sympathetic; Jason balks at Anna’s idea.
Carly snaps; Andre is reluctant; Franco isn’t entirely supportive; Alexis runs into Kevin; Kiki gets infuriating information.
Peter has leverage; Jason is non-committal; Alexis wants to get to the root of the problem; Elizabeth offers her support; Julian is disappointed.
Obrecht places blame; Ava discourages Griffin; Valentin tries to defend himself; Sam is terrified; Andre shares his fears.
Carly looks on the bright side; Jason offers words of encouragement; Maxie feels foolish; Nina gets a mysterious text; Anna wants to make up for lost time.

Days of Our Lives
Happy Memorial Day!!!!!!!!!
Brady’s thrown a curveball before he can give an important answer; John and Paul are caught by Mateo; Victor is furious when Sonny tells him about Leo’s lawsuit; Gabi is set to be released from prison, but someone stands in her way.
Stefan offers Kayla a deal to help Steve regain his vision, but it comes with strings attached; Laura arrives to help Abigail integrate her personalities; Gabi is on the hot seat once again; Hope receives stunning news about Ben Weston.
Xander continues to be a thorn in Theresa’s side; Chloe and Eve compare notes about Theresa; Tripp presses Ciara for an explanation when she once again pulls away from him; back from Mexico, Paul and John reunite with Will and Marlena.
Chloe blows Theresa out of the water; Claire and Tripp find comfort with one another; Will and Paul debate whether Will should pursue a cure for his amnesia; Marlena evaluates Ben and tries to determine if he’s telling the truth.


Bedroom Secrets: A B&B Fanfiction

Schemes? Revenge? Lies? Coverups? Will relationships last in L.A.? Who will sleep with who?

Liam Spencer – Scott Clifton
Steffy Forrester-Spencer – Jacqueline MacInnes Wood
Sally Spectra – Courtney Hope
Wyatt Spencer – Darin Brooks
Katie Logan-Spencer – Heather Tom
$Bill Spencer – Don Diamont
Brooke Logan-Spencer – Katherine Kelly Lang
Ridge Forrester – Thorsten Kaye
Thomas Forrester – Pierson Fode
Caroline Spencer-Forrester – Linsey Godfrey
Maya Avant-Forrester – Karla Mosley
Eric “Rick” Forrester – Jacob Young
Zende Forrester – Rome Flynn
Nicole Avant-Forrester – Reign Edwards
Sasha Thompson-Avant – Felisha Cooper
Dr. Taylor Hayes – Hunter Tylo
Thorne Forrester – Winsor Harmon
Dominick “Nick” Marone – Jack Wagner

Chapter 1
“Brooke, I can’t lose you.” $Bill pleaded for another chance.
“I’m sorry, $Bill, but I can’t stand to be in your presence!” Brooke raged at him. “You disgust me with your heartlessness!”
Ridge was taking pleasure as he eavesdropped on Brooke’s conversation with $Bill. It gave him hope that he and Brooke would be a family with RJ again.
“Brooke, please! Don’t remove your wedding ring!” $Bill demanded.
“Get out, $Bill! Now!” Brooke said, as she did the unthinkable and tossed her wedding ring at him.
Ridge smiled as he watched a dejected Bill leave Brooke’s office at Forrester. But before $Bill left, he left a warning for Ridge.
“It’s not over, dressmaker!” $Bill threatened, convinced in time, Brooke would back. “Don’t think Brooke is yours! She will be back with me!”
Ridge just laughed as he shut Brooke’s door on him.
“Brooke, are you alright?” Ridge asked concerned.
“Just hold me, Ridge!” Brooke cried, as Ridge took her in her arms.
Elsewhere, at Spencer Publications, Liam was feeling like a hero after the changes he made at Spencer. Until Wyatt barged into his office.
“What is the meaning of this!” Wyatt demanded as he waved the new company policy in Liam’s face.
“I updated the policy so staff could have better benefits.” Liam said confidently.
“Dad is going to be pissed!” Wyatt exploded.
“Why? Don’t our employees deserve better benefits for their hard work?” Liam reasoned.
“I didn’t see anyone complaining!” Wyatt rebuked.
“Maybe they never did because they felt their jobs would be on the line if they did?”
“First, the $50 million gift to Spectra Fashions, now this!” Wyatt raged. “Dad is going to be so pissed!”
‘Well, Dad will have to deal! I’m in charge now!”
“I can’t deal with your leadership!” Wyatt said, leaving Liam’s office.
Wyatt pulled out his cell to call his father, but it went straight to voicemail. $Bill was feeling sorry for all he’s lost. He found himself at Bikini Bar, drowning his sorrows in some drinks, until he found a friend and supporter in Steffy, who showed up at the Bikini Bar.
“$Bill, what are you doing?” Steffy asked with concern.
“Go back to Liam, Steffy!” $Bill said depressed, as he took another sip of his drink.
“Stop it, $Bill!” Steffy said, as she tried to take his drink from him. “You’re better than this!”
“Leave me alone!” $Bill yelled, as he tried to get the drink from Steffy, but he was a little too drunk to do so.
“So, your drunk?” Steffy said. “You’re coming with me.”
Steffy helped an inebriated $Bill to his pad and laid him on the bed, undressed him and tucked into his bed.
As Steffy was about to leave, $Bill called out for her, “Don’t leave me?”
Steffy, feeling sorry for $Bill, decided it couldn’t hurt to just stay and comfort him. As she held $Bill’s hand until he fell asleep, $Bill pulled Steffy in for a kiss. Steffy tried to resist, but $Bill wouldn’t let her go.
As $Bill continued kissing Steffy, $Bill began to remove her blouse as he rubbed her down. Despite feeling guilty, Steffy couldn’t stop what was happening between her and $Bill.

Chapter 2
Steffy managed to get herself dressed after $Bill passed out mid-kiss. She was relieved that $Bill passed out before anything happened between them. $Bill had some strength despite being drunk. She couldn’t break free of $Bill’s embrace even though it did felt good to be in $Bill’s arms.
She headed home to Liam but found that Liam wasn’t home.
“He must still be at Spencer?” Steffy mused, as she readied their bedroom for a night of romance. She was happily relieved that she didn’t do anything with $Bill.
At Spectra Fashions, Liam was meeting with Sally to give her another gift, who overcome with emotion.
“Liam, I can’t begin to thank you enough for the help you have given me.” Sally said gratefully.
“I just want to give you an honest chance.” Liam told her.
“Well, I will repay your generosity.” Sally promised, as she touched his hand.
Liam felt some vibes when their hands touched, “Yeah! Just doing the right thing!”
“Well, thank you, Liam! You truly are my savior.” Sally told him.
“Yeah. I gotta go!” Liam said.
As he left Spectra, Liam wondered if his brother wasn’t right. Was he falling for Sally? But he tossed the thought away. No, I can’t be? I’m in love with my wife?
So Liam went home to his wife, who was lying in their bed in barely nothing.
Meanwhile, Wyatt needed some loving and went to Katie’s mansion.
“Wyatt, what’s wrong?” Katie said surprised to see him.
“Don’t ask! Just kiss me!” Wyatt told her as they kissed.
Wyatt threw Katie on the sofa and unbuttoned her blouse, feeling her up as he kissed her some more. As the two were getting into it, Will came downstairs crying.
“Mommy, I can’t sleep!” Will cried.
Katie and Wyatt composed themselves, but it was too late. While Katie tended to her son, the doorbell rang. Wyatt went to answer it, and found his father standing outside Katie’s doorstep.
Bill saw Katie and Wyatt’s disheveled appearance and fumed at the two of them.
“You’re screwing my ex-wife!” Bill raged. “And in front of my impressionable young son!”
Bill angrily grabbed Will from Katie’s arms, “You two make me sick! I’m taking my son out of here before the two of you corrupt him!”
Katie screamed at Bill, “Please bring my son back!”
“Never!” Bill yelled back, as he put his crying son into his car seat in his car. “After I found you screwing my son! I’m seeking full custody!”
“Noooooo!” Katie wailed, as Wyatt tried to console her.
“Get away from me, Wyatt!” Katie screamed at him. “This is all your fault! I should have never got involved with you!”
As bad as Wyatt felt for Katie, he couldn’t console her. So he left Katie’s mansion.
Wyatt found revenge on Liam and called some mysterious person on his cell to help in his plan to take the CEO position away from his brother.

Chapter 3
Hope was glad to come home to L.A. She had been keeping tabs on everyone and her plan was to get Liam back. Now that Wyatt had called her back, she found the perfect opportunity to hatch her plot.
Meanwhile, a guilt-ridden Liam decided to go back to Spencer and get some work done. But he got the shock of his life when he discovered Hope and Wyatt sitting in his office waiting for him.
“Wyatt? Hope? What are you two doing here?”
“I’m taking control of Spencer!” Wyatt told his brother.
“Excuse me?!”
“I didn’t care for the way you ran the business, so I called in reinforcements to have you run out!”
“You can’t do that!” Liam objected.
“I have a signed affidavit from the Board of Directors that says I can!” Wyatt said, holding up the document. “You’re out!”
“You’re in on this, Hope!” Liam accused.
“Unfortunately, yes. But—–“ Hope began, but an angry Liam cut her off.
“If the CEO position is what you want, Wyatt, it’s yours!” Liam said hotly as he grabbed his briefcase and walked out of Spencer.
Wyatt nodded and said, “Go after him!”
Hope ran after Liam before he got far, “Liam!”
Liam was just about to get into his car by the time Hope reached him.
“What do you want, Hope?!”
“You!” Hope confessed.
“I’m sorry? what?!” Liam asked surprised.
“I came back for you! I want you back!”
“I’m sorry but I’m with Steffy.” Liam said guiltily after his kiss with Sally.
“Hey, what’s wrong?” Hope said, concerned when she saw the look of disdain in Liam’s eyes.
“It’s nothing.” Liam lied.
“Liam, I know something’s wrong. Please tell me.”
Meanwhile, at the hospital, $Bill was speaking to the lab technician: “Do you have the results of Steffy’s paternity test?”
“Yes. A copy for you confirming you the father of Steffy’s baby, and a fake copy for Steffy confirming Liam is the father.”
“Good work. You will find a handsome chunk of money in your check the next payday.” $Bill told the lab technician.
$Bill drove home smiling slyly…waiting to spring the truth on Steffy…
Back at the cliff house, Steffy opened the envelope containing the paternity results, hoping it would reveal Liam as the father.
And to her glee, it did show that Liam was indeed the father.
Back at the Spencer parking lot, Liam got a call on his cell from $Bill: “Yeah dad! What do you want?”
“Steffy needs you at the cliff house.” $Bill told Liam, putting his plan into action.
“Ok dad I’m on my way.” Liam said.
Without any word to Hope, Liam sped out of the Spencer parking lot and sped all the way to the cliff house. But when he got there, Steffy wasn’t inside. Instead, he found the envelope in Steffy’s purse right where $Bill had planted there after Steffy read them when Steffy went out on the balcony to get some air.
As Liam opened the envelope, he saw the paternity test naming him as the father of Steffy’s baby, but what concerned him was why Steffy would need one in the first place?”
With $Bill watching the whole scene, Liam walked out onto the balcony when he saw Steffy out there.
“Why did you need a paternity test?” Liam accused.
“I’m so sorry, Liam.” Steffy sputtered.
“Why are you sorry?” Liam said confused.
“I was with someone else.”
“You were? Who was it?”
“It was $Bill!” Steffy cried out, not wanting to admit her indiscretion to a flabbergasted Liam, who ran out of the cliff house in shock leaving Steffy alone.
$Bill’s plan was working. Time to put the rest of the scheme into play.
$Bill found Steffy alone and in tears. Consoling her, he began to plot to break up Liam and Steffy’s marriage.
“Steffy, I’m here.” $Bill said tenderly, getting her to trust him.
“$Bill, it was awful. Liam found out about our one night.” Steffy cried in $Bill’s arms.
“Sh-h-h-h!” $Bill held Steffy in his arms. Her touch mesmerized him. He needed her in his life. He was sure his scheme would work and Steffy would be his.
“Forget about Liam. He’s an idiot. He doesn’t deserve you.” $Bill told her.
“But I love him.” Steffy told $Bill.
“Just forget about him.”
“No, $Bill, I’m going to make Liam understand how much I want this baby and our family.” Steffy said attempting to leave, but $Bill stopped him and pulled out an envelope of his own.
“I said, forget about Liam!” $Bill threatened. “I have the real paternity results and it’s not what you think it is!”
“What are you talking about?” Steffy asked worried.
“These, Steffy dear, are the real paternity results, and they do not say that Liam is the father!” $Bill revealed.
“Noooooooooo, you can’t be the father!!!!” Steffy wailed.
$Bill smiled. He had Steffy right he wanted her……

A Test Of Faith: Bold & the Beautiful Romances

Bold and the Beautiful romances on the rocks: will they persevere or fizzle out
Eric and Quinn are back together after the scandal with Quinn and Ridge’s flirtatious advances, but Sheila vows to be the next Forrester matriarch as Quinn and Sheila battle for Eric’s heart.
Katie and Wyatt are a hot new item, but someone from Wyatt’s past arrives in Los Angeles. Who will Wyatt choose?
Steffy and Liam are at odds over Bill’s deviant lie: will they recover or is it splitsville for couple?
Bill and Brooke seem to be only one who has a happy marriage. . .or do they?
Thomas and Sally see each other via the cyber world while Thomas is in New York, but is it enough for the lovers or does Thomas’ heart belong to Caroline?
Maya and Rick and Zende and Nicole: when Zende refuses to tell Nicole his secret involving her sister, Nicole assumes he’s having an affair with Maya. Will the secret ruin two marriages?
Ridge vows celibacy: but when someone from his past comes back into his life, will he keep the vow?
RJ and Coco relish in their young love, but will it last as RJ and Coco face important decisions in their young lives?

Eric Forrester – John McCook
Quinn Fuller Forrester – Rena Sofer
Sheila Carter – Kimberlin Brown
Katie Logan-Spencer – Heather Tom
Wyatt Fuller-Spencer – Darin Brooks
Steffy Forrester-Spencer – Jacqueline MacInnes Wood
Liam Spencer – Scott Clifton
$Bill Spencer – Don Diamont
Brooke Logan-Spencer – Katherine Kelly Lang
Thomas Forrester – Pierson Fode
Sally Spectra – Courtney Hope
Caroline Spencer-Forrester-Forrester – Linsey Godfrey
Rick Forrester – Jacob Young
Maya Avant-Forrester – Karla Mosley
Zende Forrester – Rome Flynn
Nicole Avant-Forrester – Reign Edwards
RJ Forrester – Anthony Turpel
Coco Spectra – Courtney Grosbeck
Sasha Thompson-Avant – Felisha Cooper
Ivy Forrester – Ashleigh Brewer
Dr. Taylor Hayes – Hunter Tylo

Chapter 1-Quinn and Sheila Battle for Eric’s Heart
“Eric, I am so happy you forgave me?” Quinn whispered in Eric’s ear after the two made love.
“I love you Quinn, despite the hurt you caused me.” Eric said as he kissed her some more.
Quinn smiled happily as she and Eric made love again. It felt so good to be back in Eric’s embrace. Quinn vowed to be the wife Eric deserved, no matter what. But she oblivious to the plot Sheila was devising to become the next Forrester matriarch.
Quinn was grateful that Eric forgave her and gave her another chance after her and Ridge’s flirtations. She knew it hurt Eric and she honestly felt bad for her behavior.
Outside Eric and Quinn’s door, Sheila looked angry as she watched Eric and Quinn make love.
“Enjoy it while you can, Quinn!” Shelia vowed. “Before long, you’ll be out of this mansion and Forrester…and I’ll be in that bed with Eric!”
And Sheila knew just how to do it!
“Charlie!” Sheila said when Charlie answered his cell.
“Yes Sheila.”
“I need to see you, now!” Sheila ordered.
“I’m sorry, Sheila, I’m busy having dinner with Pam.” Charlie told her.
“Well, then make an excuse to leave and meet me at the Bikini Bar.” Sheila continued her demands.
“Fine. I’ll be there. Give me 10 minutes.”
“Thank you, Charlie.” Sheila said.
Sheila waited at the Bikini Bar for Charlie. It was way past 10 minutes.
“Damn it, Charlie, where are you?” Sheila said impatiently to herself.
A half an hour later, Charlie showed up looking disheveled as he fixed himself, tucking in his shirt, when Pam refused to let him leave before heading to meet Sheila.
“I’m so glad you decided to grace yourself with your presence!” Sheila said sarcastically when Charlie finally showed up at the Bikini Bar.
“Sorry.” Charlie tried apologizing, but fell on Sheila’s deaf ears. “Pam wanted something from me.”
“Well, I told you to call off your dinner with Pam!” Sheila rebuked him. “You were needed here!”
“I said I was sorry.”
“Well, it doesn’t matter, you’re here now.”
“So what did you want?”
“I need you to be my eyes and ears at Forrester.” Sheila told him.
“You want me to spy on Quinn?” Charlie asked in disbelief.
“No. I want you to watch while I sneak into Quinn’s office at Forrester.”
“And if I don’t?”
“Then I go to Pammy and tell her everything you’ve been doing for me!” Sheila threatened.
“Fine. You win.” Charlie gave in, for he didn’t want Pam to know about his schemes Sheila made him do.
Sheila smiled as Charlie headed back to home but she didn’t expect the visitor back at the Forrester mansion.

Chapter 2 – Wyatt’s Past Comes Back to Haunt Him
“I love you, Katie!” Wyatt said after a make-out session alone in Katie’s home. They decided to hook up but keep their affair private from scandalous eyes that would question their relationship.
“You’re just saying that because you want sex.” Katie said, jokingly as she kissed him back.
“Yeah, but you do to.” Wyatt said, as he accepted her kiss and squeezed a breast.
“Well, c’mon!” Katie taunted. “If you’re going to do it, then do it!”
Already turned on, Wyatt took Katie up on her temptation and made love to her. It felt good to be with someone who didn’t judge him. He didn’t even feel guilty getting involved with his father’s ex-wife. It just felt nice.
A call came in on Wyatt’s cell from $Bill, to which Wyatt didn’t get in time and had to stop what he and Katie were doing to call back.
“I better get that.” Wyatt said, excusing himself from Katie’s embrace.
“Yeah, dad, what did you want?” Wyatt said apologetically.
“Where the hell are you!” Bill said irked.
“Omigosh! I totally forgot!” Wyatt said, as he jumped up from bed and got dressed.
“Yeah, Wyatt, I had a board meeting planned today.” $Bill said, still irked Wyatt was late.
“I’m on my way.” Wyatt said hanging up and shoving his cell into his pants pocket. “I’m sorry Katie, but obviously I gotta go!”
“No, problem.” Katie told him. “Our affair is supposed to be private.”
As Katie lie back in bed relishing the lovemaking she just had with Wyatt, she would not expect what came next for Wyatt.
Meanwhile, Wyatt arrived at Spencer Publications and went straight to $Bill’s office where he had a surprise for him.
“Dad, I’m here.” Wyatt said, but $Bill wasn’t in his office, but was surprised to find his high school sweetheart waiting for him in $Bill’s office.
“Charity?” Wyatt said, surprised to see her.
“Wyatt!” Charity said, getting up to kiss him immediately.
“Whoa!” Wyatt said, rejecting Charity’s kiss. “We haven’t seen each other since high school and you think you can just kiss me like that!”
“But Pooky, I’ve missed you terribly.” Charity said, pouting.
“Enough with the sugary names!” Wyatt told her. “How did you find me?”
“Well, you can imagine my surprise when a man named Bill Spencer said he was your father and invited to accept a position here at Spencer Publications.” Charity told her.
“My father hired you to work here?!”
“Yes, and I accepted immediately. Then Bill flew me here so I could start immediately.”
Just then, $Bill came back into his office to find Wyatt with Charity, “I see you’ve seen the surprise I had for you.”
“Yeah, dad, how did you find Charity?” Wyatt demanded an explanation.
“Oh, your mother mentioned her.” Bill explained.
“Well, I refuse to work with her!” Wyatt exclaimed.
“You will and like it. I am the boss and I’ve hired Charity specifically to work with you.”
“Fine! But don’t expect it to be more than a professional relationship!” Wyatt said, making himself clear to both $Bill and Charity. “I have my own private life!”
“Hey, I just hired Charity to work at Spencer. What the two of you do outside of work is your business.” $Bill said innocently, unbeknownst to Wyatt, but knew about his and Katie’s private affair—the reason he brought Charity to L.A.

Chapter 3 – Liam & Steffy at Odds
Liam felt alone. Yeah, he was CEO of Spencer after he forced his father to step down. But Steffy wasn’t by his side. She was supporting his father. $Bill Spencer commits arson just to get his skyscraper off the ground and Steffy sides with him—not her husband.
Liam found himself at Spectra to see Sally—Liam tells himself. But Sally sees it as a romantic interlude between them.
When Liam steps into Sally’s office, Sally has it set up for romance.
As Liam tries to make Sally understand that he isn’t interested in her that way, she kisses him.
Feeling lonely, Liam gives into her kiss……
At Spencer, $Bill leads Steffy to his secret room where he romances her. Steffy surprises herself as she too gives into his advances.
$Bill’s advances are nice—especially since things between her and Liam have been a bit icy since he forced $Bill to step down.
“Steffy, my son doesn’t deserve a woman like you.” $Bill says as he kisses her.
“Bill, I can’t.” Steffy says, as she does her best to resist his charms.
But $Bill won’t let Steffy ruin his plan. He takes her in his arms and carries her to the bed in his secret room at Spencer, where he manages to have Steffy.
After $Bill has made love to Steffy, she gets herself dressed and leaves Spencer feeling guilty that she just betrayed Liam, the man she’s loves.
But $Bill smiles, knowing he’s just ruined Liam’s life the way he has ruined his.
Back at Spectra, Liam and Sally have just had sex, Sally is happy, but Liam is feeling self-conscious of his betrayal.
“I’m sorry, Sally, but I need to go.” Liam says, as he gets dressed and heads back to Steffy to face his wife and his betrayal.

Chapter 4 – Happily Ever After?
Brooke and Bill were enjoying their vacation in Abu Dhabi, despite his secret that he slept with Steffy, their second honeymoon since being married. Bill hoped the secret wouldn’t come out. He couldn’t lose Brooke.
“I’m so glad we came here.” Brooke told an amorous Bill, who still couldn’t keep his hands off of Brooke’s luscious body.
“Bill, I thought we discussed seeing the sights?” Brooke said, but Bill was only interested in exploring Brooke.
“I changed my mind.” Bill said as he slid his hands down Brooke’s curvaceous body.
“Well, I think we need to go see the sights.” Brooke to persuade him, and not let him in on her surprise.
“Okay. You win.” Bill said, giving in, despite wanting to be alone with her.
Brooke led Bill to the car they were renting and Bill got into the driver’s seat after helping Brooke into the passenger’s seat. They drove for what seemed like hours just seeing the sights—very boring to Bill.
They finally arrived at the club in Abu Dhabi as Brooke subtly mentioned a party happening there. But Brooke was the one surprised when they walked into Bill’s birthday surprise party to find that Thorne Forrester (Ingo Rademacher) was among the guests.
“Thorne?” Brooke said, as Thorne was coming over to them.
“Brooke and Bill.” Thorne said, giving Brooke a kiss on the cheek, to Bill’s chagrin.
Back in L.A., Steffy was feeling guilty after sleeping with Bill, unaware that he just left with Brooke on vacation. Liam had entered the living room and was happy to see his wife back home.
“Steffy?” Liam said happily. “You came back!”
“Yes.” Steffy told him, feeling guilty about her own actions.
Steffy hugged Liam, glad to be back home, despite her guilt over what she did with her father-in-law.
Elsewhere in L.A., Wyatt was dealing with Charity being hired to work at Spencer and her constant advances toward him.
“Wyatt, I’m so glad you’re working here.” Charity said, giving him a peck on the cheek just as Katie came into his office.
“What’s going on here?” Katie asked as she handed Wyatt a file.
“Nothing.” Wyatt explained as soon as he noticed Katie.
“It looks like you were kissing the new girl?”
“No, she kissed me.” Wyatt corrected her.
“Oh, so it was just an innocent kiss?”
“Yes.” Wyatt reassured Katie with a kiss in front of Charity to show her he was unavailable.
Charity got the hint—for now. But she vowed to win Wyatt’s heart, no matter what.

Chapter 5 – Thomas & Sally’s Cyber Relationship
Thomas and Sally decided to have an online relationship using Skype but after several months of skyping, Sally was losing interest in Thomas. But the kicker that shook Sally to her core was when she witnessed a-not-so-innocent kiss between Thomas and Caroline when Caroline came up behind Thomas and kissed him passionately while he was talking to Sally.
Thomas swore there was nothing romantic between him and Caroline, but the kiss that she assumed she wasn’t supposed to see proved otherwise. Making an excuse to go offline, Sally signed off with a bewildered Thomas.
It had been days since Sally had signed onto her skype account….and Thomas was getting a little worried?
But, Sally was working at Spectra Fashions new building after $Bill had her building demolished to make room for his stupid skyscraper. The one that nearly cost her and Liam’s lives. And resulted in the kiss she couldn’t deny with Liam.
But Liam assured her that his heart was with Steffy and their unborn child.
But she was pleasantly surprised to see Liam had come to Spectra, but she didn’t like the mood he was in.
“Liam, what’s got you in such a mood?” Sally inquired.
“Steffy!” Liam spoke heatedly about his adulterous wife.
“What’s she done now?” Sally said with sympathy.
“She cheated on me!”
Sally was taken aback by Liam’s confession.
“And get this—she did it with my father!”
Now, Sally was freaked out. She couldn’t believe Saint Steffy would cheat on Liam, but to do it with her father-in-law? That just creeped her out!
“I’m sorry, Liam, did I hear you right?” Sally asked for confirmation. “Did you say Steffy slept with your father?”
But Liam didn’t reply after that, and feeling bad for Liam, Sally just held him in her arms. She didn’t know what to do or say.
The embrace led to a kiss, that started to become more passionate, but Liam pulled away and ran out of Spectra, leaving Sally confused, but feeling badly for what Liam was going through.
Sally turned on her laptop and noticed she had several messages from Thomas on Skype. Should she reveal all to Thomas? Or leave it be?
Meanwhile, Brooke was having a luncheon with Thorne at Il Gardino when $Bill showed up alone. Despite his growing romantic feelings for Steffy, seeing Brooke with Thorne still made $Bill’s blood curdle.

Chapter 6 – Two Marriages on the Rocks
“Maya you have to tell Rick.” Zende pleaded with her. Their secret was taking a toll on his marriage to Nicole, who beginning to suspect something.
“I can’t. Rick wouldn’t understand.”
“How do you know that? He understood about your change when the truth came out?”
“I just can’t tell Rick. Please keep our secret?” Maya pleaded.
Nicole came into Forrester at the tail end of Maya’s chat with Zende and assumed the worst. Maya was hugging Zende, which led Nicole to think that they were having an affair.
“Well, Maya, two can play your game.” Nicole said to herself and ran off to talk to Rick.
Nicole slammed Rick’s door, as Rick became worried for his sister-in-law.
“What’s wrong, Nicole?”
“Your wife and my husband! That’s who!”
“I don’t follow you?”
“Zende and Maya are having an affair!” Nicole said hotly.
“Come again?”
“They’re cheating on us!”
“You have to be mistaken. Maya and Zende wouldn’t do that to us?”
“And how do you know?”
“Maya loves me and Zende loves you.” Rick tried to reason with Nicole.
“I can’t take this!”
Nicole angrily left Rick’s office. She knew he would defend his precious Maya. Well, she was taking it. She went to the Forrester nursery to see her niece, Lizzie. As she was playing with Lizzie, she got an idea. Picking up Lizzie’s things, she grabbed the little girl and took off with her.
Maya needed to see Lizzie as was shocked to find that Lizzie wasn’t in the Forrester nursery.
“Rick, Lizzie is gone!” Maya desperately cried when she found Rick in his office.
Meanwhile, $Bill continued to manipulate to get the object of his desire as Steffy continued to fight for her marriage to Liam. But he was conflicted between Hope and his obligation to be a father to his little girl.
“Hope, you get anywhere with Liam?” $Bill demanded from her
“Liam and I are getting along great. Liam will be mine in no time. Now why don’t you go make Steffy yours and leave me alone!” Hope said irritated with $Bill’s demands.
Satisfied that Hope was keeping her end of their deal, $Bill moved on to his plan to seduce Steffy and make her his.

Chapter 7 – Ridge Vows to be Celibate
Ridge was tired of pleasing the women in his life and getting nowhere. Taylor, the mother of his three children, Phoebe, Steffy and Thomas; Brooke, the mother of his son, RJ, Caroline and her mother, Caroline. He was done.
The only problem: he made a promise to Brooke to reconnect their family.
That’s when Ridge made the decision to leave L.A. He would move to Paris and run the Forrester International. Let Rick and Steffy run Forrester Creations. They wanted the job. They could have it.
He didn’t want to but he knew he would have to tell everyone at Forrester his plans. So he called a family meeting to have everyone meet him in his office in 5 minutes.
Rick, Steffy, Maya, Eric and Quinn arrived punctual and were wondering why Ridge called a meeting.
“Dad, why the last-minute meeting?” Steffy asked.
“I’m glad you asked that, Steffy, and I’m sure you’re all wondering what’s going on?” Ridge began to tell everyone his plans. “I have decided to leave Forrester here in L.A. and move to run Forrester International.”
Steffy as well as everyone else in the room were shocked to hear of Ridge’s plans to leave Forrester.
“Dad, are you sure it’s what you want?” Steffy asked her father.
“I need a new lease on life and going to Paris will do that.”
“What about Brooke?” Rick asked his half-brother.
“Brooke is one of the reasons I’m leaving.”
“What? I thought you two were good?” Rick asked.
“I can’t answer your questions right now. I have a flight to catch.”
Ridge left everyone at Forrester confused as to what he was thinking. They were shocked that he would leave Forrester when he fought so hard to be CEO.
Ridge arrived at LAX just in time to board the plane that would take him to Paris—and his new life.
Meanwhile, at Spencer, Wyatt fought hard to forget Charity sitting outside $Bill’s office. She always looked gorgeous. But she looked exceptionally gorgeous today.
No! He wasn’t going there! He was committed to Katie. He just had to get Charity out of his mind! But working at Spencer was going to make it hard.
Charity came into Wyatt’s office looking sexy as ever. As she showed Wyatt the papers he was to go through, he lost it. Her scent was turning him on. And the low-cut blouse Charity was wearing wasn’t helping either.
When Charity bent down to retrieve the pen she purposely dropped, Wyatt instinctively knelt down to pick it up. Upon coming up the two grazed lips, which led to a longer kiss until the two were making out on top of Wyatt’s desk.
Wyatt threw caution to the wind and made love to Charity….

Chapter 8: Young Love—RJ & Coco Find Love at Forrester
“RJ, I need you to help out with the photo shoot!” Steffy said as she barged into the Forrester work room.
“Steffy, I’m kinda busy working on a design for dad.” RJ told his older sister.
“The new photo guy is losing it in the photo shoot. We need you there now.” Steffy ordered.
“Yes, master!” RJ said exaxperated as he threw his hands in the air.
“Please!” Steffy begged.
“I said I was going.” RJ said.
“Thank you.” Steffy said to herself. “Why did Zende have to leave?”
With Ridge gone, things were chaotic. She need to find a better photographer. But she was about to get some good news when Oliver Jones waltzed into her office.
“Oliver, what are you doing here?” Steffy asked surprised.
“Things didn’t go as planned in New York. I’m back to take my job. I hope it’s still available?”
“As a matter of fact, the job just became open.” Steffy said relieved now that she had a decent photographer back at Forrester.
As Oliver was signing the Forrester agreement, Steffy thought that Oliver might help with her little problem involving Hope and Liam. She would get Oliver and Hope to work together on the Hope for the Future line, hoping it might turn Hope’s head away from Liam.
Then, Liam would be hers…again!!!
Meanwhile, RJ was upset that Steffy had ordered him to help out with the photo shoot, but when he saw Coco helping the Neil, the photographer, he was glad Steffy asked him to do it.
“Coco, my sister asked me to come help out.” RJ asked.
“Oh, RJ, so glad you’re here.” Coco said.
“So, you called Ms. Forrester to have me replaced with a Forrester!” Neil accused Coco.
“I didn’t.” Coco defended herself.
“Coco’s right. My sister asked me to help.” RJ said, defending Coco.
“Well, Mr. Forrester! You want to help! Here! Take the camera! It’s yours!” Neil said as she stormed out of Forrester.
“Gee! What flew up his @$$!!” RJ shot out.
“Oh RJ, the man’s horrible!” Coco replied.
“Which is why Steffy asked me to help?”
“And I’m so glad you did.”
“Yea, me too.” RJ said as he smooched Coco, that led to a passionate kiss.
RJ and Coco were still kissing when Steffy entered the photo shoot with Oliver Jones.
“What’s going on here!” Steffy said irately, as an embarrassed RJ and Coco stopped what they were doing.
“Sorry, Steffy, but you have a problem.” RJ said.
“Yeah, it appears Neil walked off the job.” Coco told Steffy.
“Never fear. The job’s been filled…RJ, Coco, meet your new photographer—Oliver Jones!” Steffy announced.

Chapter 9: Ridge Settles in at Forrester International
A week in Paris and Ridge was adjusting well to being CEO at Forrester International. He felt a sense of relief being back in Paris. It felt good not to be around Brooke or the rest of the family. Yep it was going to be good being celibate. Yep, he was definitely taking a sabbatical when it came to his love life.
That is until Taylor walked into his office…
“Taylor, what a surprise?” Ridge said with a hug. A hug that brought back old feelings.
“I was in Paris and thought I’d say hi.” Taylor said, welcoming the hug. She hoped she would have another chance with Ridge now that he was in Paris and away from that Britch.
“How did you know I was here?”
“I called Steffy and she told me you were here in Paris.”
“Well, I’m glad to see you.”
“Yea. Me too.” Taylor said, playing with the strap on her purse.
“Hey, do you want to have some lunch?” Ridge asked, sensing Taylor’s distress as he laid a hand on hers.
To Taylor’s glee, she accepted and the two walked out of Ridge’s office and to a little sidewalk café he had found the yesterday.
Meanwhile, back in L.A., Wyatt felt guilty as he headed home to Katie. How could he tell her what just happened between him and Charity?
But he felt even more guilty when he walked into the apartment and Katie was clad in just a sheet as she waited for him to get home.
“Hey, lover!” Katie said seductively as she nibbled on his ear.
A guilt-ridden Wyatt kissed Katie and the two make love.

The Hush Chronicles: Buffy the Vampire Slayer Fanfic

“The Gentlemen” are back to wreak more havoc on Sunnydale. But they want one thing—Buffy Summers. When Buffy turns up missing, the Scooby gang must find her—but there’s one catch: they must do it without voices as “The Gentlemen” have once again taken away their voices.

Buffy Summers – Sarah Michelle Gellar
Xander – Nicholas Brendan
Anya – Emma Caulfield
Riley – Marc Blucas
Willow Rosenberg – Alyson Hannigan
Dawn Summers – Michelle Trachtenberg
Spike – James Marsters
Angel/Angelus – David Boreanaz
Drusilla – Juliet Landau
Harmony – Mercedes McNabb

Chapter 1 – All’s Quiet in Sunnydale
Angel woke after a night of love making with Buffy to find that Buffy was missing. Assuming she got up to make some breakfast, he put on his pants and went to find her. He tried to call out, but he had no voice. Assuming it was laryngitis, he dismissed it.
But one thing was for certain…Buffy was nowhere to be found.
Anya and Xander also woke to a night of lovemaking and were shocked to learn they too had no voices…as they tried to speak of the wonderful night they had.
Unable to speak, they went at it again, but flusterated they couldn’t speak.
The other members of the Scooby gang, as well as Anya, Xander and Angel, also came to the realization that they had no voices too, as they headed over to Giles’ store.
Each had pen and paper in hand as they wrote notes to communicate with each other…but one thing was on each of their minds—where the hell was Buffy???????
Buffy woke in a dungeon, only to find she couldn’t speak. Assuming that Angel or Spike or even Kralik was behind her imprisonment, Buffy looked for a way out. But the technology used to imprison her was far too advanced.
After hours inside her cell, Buffy’s warden finally revealed themselves—it was The Gentlemen—and they wanted one thing: Buffy!

Chapter 2
Flusterated by her inability to speak to The Gentlemen, Buffy was given some paper and a pencil, she wrote a message to them:
“What do you want with me?”
But The Gentlemen only laughed and walked away, facing Buffy to be alone with just her thoughts, as she could not speak.
What did they want? She conquered them once but now they had her trapped in this cell. She did with the help of the Scoobies.
Before, they all came together to defeat The Gentlemen. But now, they were separated.
She needed to find a way out of this cell she was in. And get back to her friends.
But The Gentlemen would make it impossible for Buffy to get out. She was here to stay…at least, that’s the way The Gentlemen wanted it to be.
In Sunnydale, Anya and Xander were fighting with notepad and pencil as they had no way to speak their mind.
Giles’ was fighting with Willow over how this could happen and Spike and Angel were fighting over who was going to find.
It was a real power struggle over who would be Buffy’s hero.
Then, Dru came in and enticed Spike with her sexiness…and was instantly smitten with her…
…while Angel was left to find a way to Buffy…which was how he liked it…thanks to him sicking Dru on Spike….mindless twit! He knew Spike wouldn’t be able to resist Dru’s charms.
Angel was free to find Buffy….

The Chosen: Buffy the Vampire Slayer Fanfic

Chapter 1
Somehow, Kralik was resurrected. Kralik was a bastard in life and even worse in his death. He was angrier. It was because of that Slayer bitch that got away from him before he could dish out his plan. He wanted a follower, someone with the same passion for torture like him, but she ruined it, stomped it out with Holy Water and then, getting her strength back before he could fully put his plan in place. “That disgusting little…!”
“Myron, I have you to thank for this!” His younger cousin gave him a box. “What’s your next step..?”
“We’re going to destroy the Slayer!”
Buffy Summers threw her coat on the couch and sat down to read. She picked up the Vampire Diaries and engrossed herself. Dawn entered from the foyer.
“Oh hey, how was the movie…?”
“Great Dawn!” She put her key on the counter and also dropped onto the couch. “You know, it’s so great having a normal life.”
“All thanks to Spike,” she added quietly. “Everyone treated him like I should use him,” Buffy hated using him that year and then beating him up when she needed to hide.
Now, she regretted every action she did.
“Was I a bitch?” Buffy wondered silently to herself.

Chapter 2
Spike was sulking, licking his wounds after Buffy beat him up. What did she have to prove by doing that to him?
But Spike didn’t know what hit him when fell unconscious as someone had hit him over the head with a boulder.
The next thing Spike knew, he was waking up in Kralik’s den to find Harmony all over him.
“Harmony? What the hell?!” Spike said, as he jumped up from her arms.
“You were promised to me!” Harmony explained trying to coax him back to bed.
“Promised?” Spike asked. “By who?”
“Why, Kralik, of course?” Harmony told him. “You’re mine now, baby.”
“I don’t want you, Harmony!” Spike spat out, just as Kralik sauntered into Harmony’s tiny quarters.
“I suggest you do as you’re told!” Kralik demanded.
“Like hell I will!” Spike spat back at him.
“If you do, I will make it worth your while!”
“And just what is that, pray tell!”
“The Slayer’s head on a stick!” Kralik said. “I know you want revenge on the Slayer!”
“Okay, I’ll bite!” Spike gave in. “What do I have to do!”
“Well, first, you have to make love to me.” Harmony chimed in.
“And then we’ll talk.” Kralik said.
“So, I give Harmony romance, and then . . .” Spike began.
“Take him away, Harmony.” Kralik said, as Harmony closed the door to her quarters on Kralik.
“C’mon, honey!” Harmony said, as she drug Spike long with her, to Spike’s dismay.
As Harmony kissed and caressed Spike, all he could think about was revenge on Buffy for her humiliating betrayal. It was the only thing that got him through Harmony’s disgusting kisses and touches…

Chapter 3
After he endured the disgusting torture of making love to Harmony, Spike couldn’t wait to get away from Harmony’s clutches and onto his plan to seek revenge on Buffy for her humiliating beating. Buffy wouldn’t know what hit her, and he owed it all to Kralik. Spike just hoped he wouldn’t have to endure more lovemaking with Harmony.
Buffy was walking in the Sunnydale cemetery looking for demons to vanquish when she was hit over the head with a sharp object.
“Well, Slayer bitch!” Spike said as he picked up an unconscious Buffy in his arms and carried her off.
As Spike left with Buffy, Cordy was watching him. When he was out of sight, Cordy went back to Giles’ store, contemplating whether or not she should tell the Scooby gang about Spike carrying off Buffy.
“Cordy, have you seen Buffy?” Xander asked her when he saw her come into the store.
After some hesitation, Cordy replied, “No, I haven’t seen her.”
“Well, when you do, will you tell her we need her.”
“Okay.” Cordy said, feeling guilty for lying.
“So, what brings you here?” Xander asked, put off by Cordy’s kiss.
Cordy grabbed Xander and kissed him on the lips, a kiss that lasted several seconds.
“Whoa! Where did that come from?” a shocked Xander asked, just as Anya came into the front of the store.
“What is going on?!” Anya raged, mostly at Cordy.
“Xander, I made a mistake.” Cordy began.
“What do you mean, you made a mistake?”
“I still love you.” Cordy confessed just so she wouldn’t have to tell him where Spike took Buffy.
“You still love me?” Xander said incredulously.
“Yes.” Cordy continued.
“Well, that’s tough, Cordy. You’re out of luck because Xander is with me!” Anya said, as she kissed Xander in front of Cordy to tell her to back off.
“Well, I’m sorry.” Cordy said. “I have to go, so I’ll leave you two lovebirds alone.”
Cordy left Giles’ store and walked home alone, but Harmony, bent of revenge because Spike shamed her after leaving her after making love to her, bit Cordy in the neck and let her feed from her blood.
Back at Spike’s cave, Buffy woke to find herself tied up in shackles as Spike glared at her.
“What do you want with me?” Buffy said, looking Spike in the eye.

Chapter 4
“Well, Slayer, are you scared?!” Spike asked her, a gleam of maliciousness in his eye.
As much as Buffy wanted to pulverize Spike, she couldn’t help but be attracted to him right now. There was something about him that turned her on. She couldn’t place her finger on it, but she wanted him now, she fought the urge to kiss him, but lost that battle as she found herself in a liplock with Spike’s lips.
As Spike let Buffy kiss him, he couldn’t help but be grateful. Kralik would be happy he was able to win over the Slayer. But he debated whether he should bring her to Kralik as the kiss had turned something on in him as well.
After one kiss, Spike was connected to Buffy. Then he got an idea? He would hide the real Buffy and bring the Buffybot he had made (for his pleasure) to Kralik. Kralik is stupid? He’ll never know the difference? Right? Spike hoped so?
“Hey, Bufs, come with me?” Spike told her in between kisses.
“Go with you where?” Buffy asked in between kissing him.
“To a secret hideout.”
“You want to be alone with me? That’s kinda kinky, don’t cha think?”
“Well, what can I say? I want cha all to myself!”
“Okay!” Buffy agreed, as he took her to a secret cave off the outskirt of town so Kralik wouldn’t find her.
“Stay here, Buffy. I’ll be back soon.” Spike said before Buffy could say anything.
Spike went back to his abode and retrieved the Buffybot and made sure she was in working order. Satisfied that the Buffybot was working, he brought her to Kralik.
“Spike, it’s about time you got here.” Kralik said,intrigued, when he noticed he had Buffy with him. “So how did you manage to get the Slayer here?”
“Oh, a few kisses and the Slayer was putty in my hands.” Spike replied, winking at the Buffybot, hoping Kralik wouldn’t notice the difference.
“Well, thank you Spike. I’ll take her for now.” Kralik said as he handed the Buffybot to his minions to hold in his cell, unbeknownst to him that the “Slayer” was just a robot.
Satisfied that Kralik fell for his scheme, Spike returned to the cave to find an amorous Buffy waiting for him.
“Spikey, I missed you!” Buffy said, as she pulled him next to her.

Chapter 5
Buffy felt weird in his arms…almost like plastic. He reached around, feeling Buffy’s back and found it—the door that hid the Buffybot’s battery…he’d been tricked somehow. But by who? Now the real Buffy was with Kralik and the Buffybot was here in his bed…he made love to…a robot? Whoever switched Buffy with the Buffybot…they were going to pay…and pay dearly for tricking him!
Cordy felt bad as she headed back to Giles’ store. She knew she shouldn’t have played with Spike’s head and switched a sleeping Buffy lying in Spike’s bed with the Buffybot. But she couldn’t help it. She wanted Spike. It was weird, but for some reason she wanted Spike? She couldn’t place her hand it—but she was somehow attracted to Spike.
It was all Kralik’s master plan…as he reveled in his trickery to get Spike to bring him The Slayer. He knew after Buffy beat up Spike, that he could get Spike to turn on The Slayer. And what an ingenious move to get Cordy to switch Buffy with the Buffybot…not to mention how he managed to get Willow to curse Sunnydale with a love spell that would make Sunnydale citizens fall for the wrong ones
….and Cordy wanting Spike was a delicious thought…..

Chapter 6
Kralik’s plan to torture Buffy was still in the works, but first he had other things to tend to…like check in with Dawn, Buffy’s loyal sister.
“Dawn, how are things in Sunnydale?” Kralik asked her.
“Your plan is going according to plan.” Dawn reported back to him. “Cordy is falling for Spike. And Spike can’t figure out how the Buffybot got in his bed when he was sure it was Buffy.”
“Good. You’ve done a great job, Dawn.” Kralik praised her. “You will be rewarded for your efforts.”
Meanwhile, Spike was looking for Buffy when he realized he was in bed with his Buffybot. But his efforts to find Buffy were thwarted when he saw an amorous Cordy.
“Spike, I found you.” Cordy told him, attempting to kiss him, but he pushed her away.
“What’s wrong, Spikey? Don’t you want me?” Cordy said crushed by Spike’s resistance.
“What do you take me for?” Spike told her.
“I want you! I want you now!”
“Get away from me woman!”
Spike managed to get away from a crazed Cordy when he accidentally knocked her out.
“What is wrong with people? Why is Cordy so hung up on me? I’ve never had an iota of interest in the snobby girl?”
While Cordy lay unconscious in the graveyard, Spike went on to find Buffy. Xander came along and found an unconscious Cordy, and revived her.
“What happened, Cordy?”
“I don’t know, but I don’t feel so good.” Cordy said as she rubbed her throbbing head.
“Why don’t we go to my place and I can help take care of you.”
“I wouldn’t go with you if you were the last guy on earth?” Cordy rejected Xander’s advances, even though they were involved.
“Cordy, what’s wrong?” Xander asked confused, by Cordy’s behavior.
“I need my Spikey.” Cordy said in a trance as she attempted to get up but her concussion prevented her from doing so.
Later, back at Kralik’s den, happy that all was going according to his wishes, Kralik brought some company for Buffy…as he placed Dawn in a cell next to her.

Soap Spoilers – May 21-25, 2018

Weekly Soap Spoilers – May 21-25, 2018

The Young & the Restless
Devon and Hilary reconnect with Shauna; Dina makes a startling revelation; Jack struggles to stay clean.
Nick receives an unexpected offer; the tables are turned on Jack; Sharon pushes Nikki too far.
Sharon’ s plan backfires; Abby takes on a new project with Arturo; Billy is in the driver’s seat.
Ashley reveals a secret agenda; Kyle suffers defeat; Nick turns to Phyllis for advice.
The power struggle between Jack and Billy gets ugly; Abby takes a risk; sparks fly between Hilary and Devon.

The Bold & the Beautiful
Katie feels an overwhelming sense of guilt for the advice she gave Wyatt regarding deception; $Bill manipulates Liam, and then he offers Wyatt the keys to the kingdom in return for his loyalty.
Brooke is forced to intervene when Ridge tells Hope that her upcoming wedding is based on a lie; Steffy shares with Liam the name she has chosen for their unborn daughter.
Wyatt struggles with his dilemma as Katie pushes for him to conceal the truth about Steffy and $Bill; Brooke and Ridge find themselves at an impasse as they both passionately defend their daughters.
The Logan sisters assist Hope as she gets dressed on her wedding day; Steffy faults $Bill for the situation she’s in, while Taylor continues to lay the blame on Brooke for railroading Liam into a quickie wedding with Hope.
Friends and family gather as Carter begins to officiate the wedding between Hope and Liam; Justin reminds an annoyed $Bill that Wyatt has the power to thwart his plans with the truth.

General Hospital
Valentin walks a fine line; Lucy is apologetic; Anna grows anxious, Peter stays by Maxie’s side; Kiki is misunderstood.
Peter feels deceived; Finn seeks answers; Sam tries to help; Nina isn’t interested; Kiki finds comfort in an old friend.
Valentin crosses Lulu; Dante has had enough; Drew pays his respect; Maxie is disheartened; Kiki acts impulsively.
Carly is upset; Nelle gets the support she craves; Alexis quickly regrets her actions; Griffin gets more than he bargained for; Oscar makes a pact with Josslyn.
Sonny is tormented; Nina pays Lulu a visit; Valentin tries his best; Anna is distraught; Peter has an ace up his sleeve.

Days of Our Lives
Stefan threatens Abigail with Chad’s freedom; Brady is shocked to find his past waiting for him at home; Eve shares the news of her engagement with Jennifer; Chloe’s crushed and fearful when Mateo tells her some unsettling news.
Eve is shocked to see her sister Theresa back in Salem and sharing a moment with her fiance; Will finds a new clue in Dr. Rolf’s diary; Ciara and Tripp’s romantic dinner takes an unexpected turn; Lani has a scare concerning her unborn baby.
Chad argues with Melinda to get a plea deal for Abigail; Jennifer supports Abigail, who is ready to accept responsibility for her actions; Kate learns her fate regarding her role in Vivian’s death; Sonny world is turned upside down.
Sonny realizes Leo has been conning him; Abigail faces the music regarding Andre’s murder; Ciara confides in Hope about pushing Tripp away; Xander taunts Jennifer about her relationship with Eric.
Theresa attempts to guilt Eve into leaving Brady; Brady confesses his conflicted feelings to Marlena; in Mexico, John and Paul attempt to rescue Chloe; Gabi learns a judge has overturned her conviction, but a new problem arises.

Desperate Passions: A Roger Howarth Fanfiction

Todd Manning woke up in a mental hospital in a strait jacket. The last thing he remembers is making love to Carly Jacks. He was headed to the Metro Court’s kitchen to find some food after their night of passion. He was just headed back up to his room with some leftover hot n spicy wings, mozzarella sticks, quesadillas, and some sodas, when he felt a sharp blow from a blunt object hit his head, before passing out. After coming to, and realizing that he is in a strait jacket, Todd struggles to free himself from the strait jacket when his captor comes in. It is none other, than his mother, Irene Manning! Now, Todd is extremely confused, because he thought he killed her and dumped her body in the river after she tried to kill him and his family with that bomb she had planted in his penthouse.
“Well, hello, Todd Dear.” Irene says.
“Yes, Todd, it’s mommy! Did you think you could get rid of me so easily?”
“How did you survive?”
“Mitch Laurence!”
“Mitch Laurence? But John and Natalie killed him?”
“Well, guess he survived too.”
“Geez, doesn’t anyone die in Llanview?” Todd questions. “So, what do you want?”
“I need you to help me get rid of Mitch and Alison Perkins.”
“What? Alison is involved?”
“Yes, she fished your brother out of the river after you shot him and kept him captive for months. Now Victor Jr. is alive and snuggling up to Blair.”
“Blair?” Todd almost chokes.
“Yes, Todd, your brother is in Blair’s bed. Are you going to help me with MItch and Alison?”
“What do you want me to do?”
“I’ll get back to you. I’m still working on the details.”
Irene leaves Todd in the secret room at the mental institution she had set up for Todd. Todd is worried about what his mother wants, and even more worried what Mitch and Alison want too. Even more disturbing is that his twin brother, Victor, Jr. is alive. . .after he shot him and threw his body in the river.
Episode 2
Todd wakes up in his secret room at the mental institution, but no longer in the strait jacket. There is a tray with breakfast of hot coffee, scrambled eggs, bacon, and toast. The sun is coming in the small window in his room; the only source of light in this dreary room. Todd is still wondering what his mother wants from him, as he gulps the breakfast down before the staff come in and grab the tray. Todd knows to eat what is brought in quick or some staff member will take the tray from you.
Back at Irene Manning’s penthouse suite at Llanview Hotel…
“Max, how did it go?” Irene asks, sounding worried.
“Relax, Ms. Manning. Everything is going to plan.” Max replies, reassuring her.
“This plan can’t backfire. It’s imperative that we get Victor, Jr. away from that pesky Alison Perkins. I need Victor, Jr. back here now to keep Carly Jacks out of Todd’s life.”
“Yes, Ms. Manning. Victor, Jr. will be back in Llanview later today. I have a meeting set with Alison to make the trade.”
“See to it that it doesn’t go awry, or I’ll have your head.”
Todd has found a way to escape the mental institution that his mother had him put in. He just has to wait until the right moment to make his escape. He has to get back to Port Charles. Carly must be going out of her mind wondering where he is. Todd remembers the night of lovemaking he and Carly had before his mother took him away and put him in this institution. What is it with his mother to keep everyone he loves from him? First, Blair and his children, now it’s Carly. Well, his mother won’t win this time. He won’t let her ruin his happiness with Carly like she did with Blair.
Episode 3
Victor Jr. has managed to free himself from the shackles that Allison Perkins tied him to the bed in, while Allison busied herself in the kitchenette preparing their dinner.
“Just where do you think you are going?” Allison asks Victor Jr. just as he is about to sneak out of Allison’s hotel room.
“I’m blowing this joint!” Victor Jr. blasts at her.
“Oh, no you’re not!”
Allison hits Victor Jr. over the head with a lamp, knocking him out cold and sending him to the floor. Allison ties Victor Jr. up and settles him in her car.
“You naughty boy, Victor. Now you’ll be sorry for trying to escape!” Allison tells an unconscious Victor Jr.
Todd has just escaped the mental institution where Irene Manning put him just as Irene decides to pay him another visit.
Unlocking the door to Todd’s room, “How the hell did he managed to escape?”
Irene is livid as Todd has made his way back to Port Charles and Carly’s room at the Metro Court.
“Hello beautiful!” Todd says as Carly answers her door.
“Todd, where have you been?” Carly asks him.
“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.”
“I was so worried when you disappeared after we made love.”
“My crazy mother had me locked away at a mental institution.”
“OMG! Why would she do that?”
“She wanted me to find my twin brother.”
“I thought he was dead?”
“Apparently he’s alive and Allison Perkins has him. Now I need to find my brother and warn him.”
“When will you go?”
“Right away.”
Todd kisses Carly before he leaves her hotel room.
Episode 4
Todd heads to Llanview in search of Alison Perkins. Todd is tired of playing these games with his mother. All he wants is to find his brother, and get back to Port Charles and to Carly. He stops by his sister, Viki’s house at Llanfair. He figures Viki may know something about Alison’s whereabouts. But when he arrives at Llanfair, he walks in on a crisis just as he is about to ring the doorbell.
“Hello? Viki? Anyone here?” Todd walks inside the open door at Llanfair.
Todd hears a man’s voice barking orders. It sounds much like Mitch Laurence’s voice. He hears the voice coming from the sitting area and walks in only to find Mitch holding his niece Jessica in his arms. Mitch is here to claim his daughter and her two children, Bree and Ryder.
“I’m taking what is mine. My daughter, Jessica, and her two children, Bree and Ryder, my grandchildren.” Mitch states.
Clint Buchanan adds, “But Jessica is my daughter. Viki and I had DNA tests re-run after Alison let it slip that I, not you, am Jessica’s father.”
“Alison let it slip out that you’re Jessica’s father?”
“Yes, Mitch. I am Jessica’s father. Not you.”
Todd chimes in, “So why don’t you just mosey on out of here before I throw your ass out of here.”
After all the commotion has died down, Todd asks to speak with Viki. They go out onto the patio to talk.
“So, Viki, have you seen Alison Perkins?” Todd asked her.
“No, I haven’t seen here since she let slip about Clint being Jessica’s father.” Viki replied back.
“Well, Irene is back. . .back from the dead.”
“What? But Todd, you shot her dead?”
“Yes, I know. . .Mitch saved her. Irene is on a mission to find my twin brother, Victor, Jr., and she wants me to find him.”
“Victor, Jr. is alive too?” Viki asks, bewildered.
“Yes, and Alison has him hidden somewhere. I need to find my brother and warn him about our mother.”
“I think she wants Victor to ruin my relationship with Carly Jax. They way she tried to ruin my relationship with Blair and the kids by having Victor, Jr. pose as me to get Victor’s inheritance. Victor, Jr. has always been Irene’s favorite son, the one ousted by the Great Victor Lord.”
“Oh, wait, I think I remember now. I saw Alison coming from the Llanview Hotel just a few days ago.” Viki added.
“Great sis! You’re a lifesaver!” He kisses his sister on the forehead and heads out.
Todd waits outside the Llanview Hotel waiting for Alison to come into the hotel. He didn’t have to wait long as she was coming back to the hotel within twenty minutes of arriving at the hotel.
Episode 5
Todd used his charm to get housekeeping to let him into Allison’s suite. He was waiting inside as he heard the key turn in the lock. Allison was surprised to see Todd waiting inside her suite.
“Well, it’s about time you returned.” Todd said as soon as Allison got inside her suite.
“What are you doing here? How did you get in?” Allison queried, surprised.
“I have my connections. That’s all you need to know.”
“So, Todd, what do you want?”
“So, where do you have my brother hidden?”
“What makes you think I know where Victor, Jr. is?”
“A little birdie told me. . . . Seriously, where are you hiding my brother?”
“I don’t have your brother, and I never did.”
“C’mon Allison. I have proof that you kept my brother hidden in this suite.”
“Well, your proof is wrong. Now get out of my suite before I call security.”
“Okay. But I’m watching you, Allison.”
Todd leaves Allison’s suite. He gives his henchman, Steve, the order, with a wink to take down Allison. Then calmly leaves and lets things go down as planned. Steve and his partners nab Allison and take her off to a out-of-the way mental institution.
Meanwhile, back in Llanview…..
Todd shows up at La Boulee, to see Blair. He is surprised by what he sees in the window. Blair is in a liplock with his own brother, Victor, Jr. He knocks on the door, interrupting the kiss.
Answering the door, “Todd?” Blair looks surprised.
“Hello, Blair. How did Victor get here?”
“He’s been in Llanview since you left.”
“You’ve been sleeping with my brother for weeks now?”
“Well, you took off and hooked up with Carly. So when Victor showed up, things just reignited for us.”
“I took off because John McBain had me arrested for Victor’s murder.”
“You jumped bail and took off to Port Charles to go after Cole for taking Starr and Hope away.”
“Well, I had to get Starr and Hope back and make her realize that Cole was wrong for her.”
“Well, you got your wish when Cole and Hope were killed in that car crash set by Johnny Zaccara.”
Victor chimes in, “Johnny Zaccara killed Cole and Hope?”
“Yes, after months of thinking it was Connie Falconeri, we all learned that it was Johnny that did it.”
“I got to go, Blair” he kisses her before leaving.
“What, no hug for your bro—-?” as Victor runs out of La Boulee.
As Todd and Blair finish their conversation, Victor got in his car and drove to the prison where Johnny Zaccara was serving his time. He had to have a talk with Johnny. He had to make sure that he wasn’t fingered as the mastermind behind the shooting that killed Cole and Hope. Victor had to make sure that everyone in Llanview never found out that he was behind Johnny shooting the car that killed Cole and Hope.
Episode 6
Allison gets a text from Mitch Laurence:
“My suite. N 30 minutes. It’s urgent.”
What was she going to tell Mitch? She couldn’t face Mitch knowing that Victor Jr. escaped from her suite. Mitch was going to be so mad. Allison decided to just go over to Mitch’s suite and face the music.
Allison knocked on Mitch’s door. Mitch answered the door.
“Get in here, now!”
“Gee, who got your knickers in a bunch?!”
“How the hell did you manage to let Victor get away?!”
“He somehow broke free of his handcuffs.”
“Plan A is ruined, Alison. Now we have to go to Plan B.”
“No, not Plan B!”
“Yes. You let Victor escape. Now you must pay. You need to get Todd to marry you.”
“Not Todd. He’ll never go for it.”
“Well, it’s the only way, Allison.”
“How am I suppose to get Todd Manning to marry me?”
“You’ll come up with something. You’re sly and crafty. Do it before Todd leaves Llanview for Port Charles and goes back to Carly Jacks.”
“Yes, Mitch.”
Mitch sees Allison out the door. When he closes it behind her, Allison wonders how she will convince Todd Manning to marry her? It was going to be a challenge to get Todd to the altar.
Todd makes a call to Carly to tell her how much he misses her.
“Hello, Todd.” Carly says, pushing the green button on her cell.
“Hi, Carly. I miss you so much.”
“How are things going?”
“Not good. I have been looking for my brother. He seems to be keeping his distance from me.”
“Well, you did shoot him thinking you killed him.”
“Well, apparently I need to find Allison Perkins. She had him hidden in her suite for months before anybody knew he was still alive.”
“Gee, she sounds like a psycho.”
“She is. She’s also working for that evil Mitch Laurence. Somehow he’s behind this mess.”
“Well, be careful Todd. I couldn’t take it if anything happened to you.”
“I will Carly. I love you.”
Each ends the call telling each other how much they love each other. Just as Todd has ended the call, he is grabbed from behind as someone places a rag doused in chloroform. The mysterious figure then places Todd’s body into the back of the van, then climbs into the driver’s seat and drives off.
Episode 7
Todd wakes up in Allison’s hotel suite dressed in a tuxedo and a ring on his left third finger and a little woozy. Allison is no where in her suite.
“Where the hell am I?” Todd asks, looking at the wedding band on his finger. “What the hell is this?”
Coming into her suite, Allison cheerfully gives Todd a kiss, “Hello, husband dear! How was your nap?”
“We’re married?” a shocked Todd shrieks. “How the hell did that happen?!”
“Well, you took me to Vegas in your jet, we drank a whole lot. . .and the next thing I knew, you had popped the question and placed this ring on my finger and we were at the Las Vegas chapel saying our ‘I do’s.’ “ Allison chides Todd.
“You’re joking?” Todd questions her.
“Well, yes, about those details.” Allison jokes. “Actually, . . .”
“Never mind.” Todd interrupts her. “I don’t want to know the details. I just want an annulment.”
“Well, husband dear, that’s not possible.” Allison informs him.
“And why is that?”
“Well, you see, Todd, we both signed statements saying we would be married for one year before ending this marriage.”
Todd jumps up from the bed. “One year?!”
“Yes, Todd dear, we have to show that we are a happy couple for one year.” Allison revels in telling Todd.
“I want to see these papers I signed. I don’t remember signing any papers.” Todd demands.
“Well, you were pretty drunk when you signed them. But I’ll give our attorney a call in the morning and ask him to give you a copy.”
“Yes, Allison, you do that.”
“Well, look at the time. I need to go see someone right now. I trust you’ll be here when I return?” Allison says, as she darts out the door.
Todd just gives Allison a look as she is leaving. How the hell did he get married to Allison Perkins? And what was he going to tell Carly? One thing was for certain, Todd was going to get out of this marriage, even if he had to kill Allison to do it.
Episode 8
Allison shows up at Mitch’s office flaunting the ring on her finger.
“Well, boss, it’s done!”
“You managed to get Todd Manning to marry you?! Mitch asks. “How did you manage to do it?”
“Never mind the details, boss! I am Todd Manning’s wife and that’s all that matters.”
“Well, congratulations, Allison. Now for your next assignment.”
“Yes, boss.”
“Kidnap Carly Jacks!” Mitch demanded. “I have a plan to snare Todd and I need Carly Jacks here as bait.”
“Yes, boss.” Allison agreed.
“I have rented you a car to drive to Port Charles and get the job done.” Mitch handed Allison the keys to the rental car. “Leave tonight.”
“So much for a honeymoon?!” Allison joked, not that she was looking forward to one. “Yes, boss, I’ll leave tonight.”
Allison left Mitch’s office and headed for the rental car. She dialed Todd’s cell but it went to voicemail:
“Hey, Todd, sorry to ruin our lovely wedding night, but duty calls and I need to make a sudden business trip. I’ll be out of town for a few days. Good-bye husband dear.”
But Todd was on his way to Port Charles to see Carly. But he doesn’t get there as he is his car is hit by another car and goes off the side of the road, leaving Todd unconscious.
Episode 9
As Allison realized that he had just hit Todd’s car, she headed straight to Port Charles and did as Mitch asked.
Todd woke up and realized he had just been hit and his car was on the side of the road in a ravine. He picked up his cell to see that he had a voicemail. He pushed the icon to listen to the voicemail and heard that Allison was going “out of town on business.”
He got out of his wrecked car and walked up the side of the ravine. He walked along the side of the road hoping to hitch a ride to Port Charles.
Within fifteen minutes, he managed to get a ride from someone also on their way to Port Charles. It was Franco. Todd discovered him and Franco had one thing in common: their dislike for Sonny Corinthos.
When Franco and Todd had arrived in Port Charles, Todd asked Franco to drop him off at The MetroCourt so he could talk to his girlfriend, Carly. But not before getting Franco’s cell just in case he needed an ally.
Todd went up to Carly’s room to talk to Carly, but to his surprise, Carly wasn’t there. Then he went to his room that Carly promised she would hold whenever he came back to Port Charles. But she wasn’t there either.
He dialed her son, Michael’s number: “Hello?” Michael answered his cell.
“Michael, it’s ‘Todd Manning.”
“Yes, Todd, what do you want?”
“Have you seen your mother?” Todd asked. “It’s imperative that I talk to her.”
“Sorry, Todd, but I haven’t spoken to my mother today.” Michael told him.
“Okay, thank you Michael.” Todd said and ended the call.
Todd thought it funny that Carly hadn’t checked in with Michael. She always checked in on her children. Something was up and he figured Sonny Corinthos had something to do with it.
Todd did the next thing he could think of: He dialed Franco’s cell.
Episode 10
Todd agreed to meet Franco at Kelly’s in Port Charles. As he waited, he saw Sonny Corinthos meeting with his henchman, Shawn. Todd assumed he was discussing where he took Carly and he fumed inside, his fists clenched.
Just then Franco arrived to meet Todd, who also saw Sonny with Shawn.
“Doesn’t that man ever quit?” Franco asked, sitting in the booth across from Todd.
“Apparently not!” Todd answered him.
“I’m glad you agreed to meet me, Todd. I feel we could become real good friends.”
“I just want to take Sonny down.” Todd told Franco. “It’s time Sonny was brought to his knees!”
“I agree. What better way than to take down Sonny’s territory?”
“Yes, Sonny needs to go!” Todd agreed with Franco.
“He can’t get away with what he did?”
“What did Sonny do?” Franco asked Todd, but Todd was vague in answering him.
“He took away my girlfriend! And he won’t get away with it!”
“You’re right. I want Sonny to pay for what he did to me too.”
“So why are you so hot to ruin Sonny?”
“He took away my girlfriend too?” Franco answered Todd vaguely as well.
“So we’re both agreed? We take down Sonny and his territory?”
“That’s the plan!” Franco told Todd, as they shook hands on the deal.
Meanwhile. . .
Carly had woke up in Llanview in Mitch’s secret room, Allison had brought her after she arrived back in Llanview.
Episode 11
“Oh my god! My head hurts!” Carly calls out.
Mitch holds Carly’s hand as she wakes up. His face is the first she sees.
“W-w-who are you?” Carly asked, confused.
“Well, nice of you to wake up, Gorgeous!” Mitch said.
“Where am I?” Carly asks.
“You’re in my care, Ms. Jacks.” Mitch explains.
“I’m sorry. I don’t seem to recognize you.” Carly says.
“Just relax Gorgeous.” Mitch tries to make Carly stay in bed.
“I can’t. I have to find Todd.”
“Todd? You aren’t talking about Todd Manning?” Mitch asks.
“Yes, he’s my boyfriend.” Carly tells him. “I was supposed to meet him.”
“Well, I think Todd will come looking for you.”
“How do you know that?”
“Because I had you kidnapped to trap Todd.” Mitch explains. “I’m sure he’s looking for you at this moment.”
Meanwhile. . .
Todd and Franco were headed to Sonny’s warehouse to plant some cocaine and frame Sonny for cocaine possession. But they hit a snag. Michael was there at the warehouse looking over some shipments that were delivered. Todd and Franco had to hide out until Michael left so they could plant the cocaine in the warehouse.
It seemed like hours waiting for Michael to leave, but after an hour, Michael was headed out. As soon as Michael left, Franco and Todd put the cocaine into one of the boxes that Michael had been inspecting.
Then they left the warehouse where Franco put in an anonymous call to the PCPD to report the ‘drug possession’ at Sonny’s warehouse.
Episode 12
“Oh my god, my head hurts!” Carly says, with Mitch standing over her.
Carly jumps up, her head pounding. “Who the hell are you?”
“No, wonder Todd adores you so much.” Mitch says, maniacally.
“Who are you and where the hell am I?” Carly asks, shaken up.
“I’m your worst nightmare. . .come true!” Mitch tells her, with a laugh.
“I asked who you are?” Carly shrieks.
“Don’t worry your pretty little head, Carly.” Mitch tells her, rubbing her back to soothe her.
“Don’t touch me!” Carly says, as she backs away from him.
“Relax, Carly!” Mitch orders her. “All in good time! All in good time, will you know what is going on! That is, if Todd does as he’s told!”
“Todd!” Carly shrieks again. “What have you done with Todd?”
“Nothing, Carly.” Mitch explains. “You’ll be free as soon as I get word that Todd has done as he is instructed.”
Mitch kisses Carly on the lips, but she resists, pulling away.
“You just rest here and wait.” Mitch orders. “I’ll let you know when the time is up.”
Mitch walks out of the room leaving Carly alone.
Meanwhile. . .
PCPD has been dispatched to Sonny’s warehouse after Todd’s 9-1-1 call to the PCPD. There are cops all over the warehouse when Sonny’s right hand man, Shawn, arrives on scene.
“Sonny, we have a problem at the warehouse.” Shawn says, when Sonny answers his cell.
“What kind of problem?” Sonny demands.
“Cops are all over the place.”
“What? What are the looking for?”
“Excuse me, Sonny, there’s a cop coming over to talk.” Shawn says, as he puts his hand over the phone. “Yes, officer, what can I do for you?”
“Sir, who are you and what are doing here?” the officer asks.
“I am reporting to work.” Shawn says, covering. “I am an employee here at the coffee house.”
“Well, you have to stay outside while we conduct a search.”
“Search? What are you looking for?”
“We got a report that there are drugs located inside.” the officer informs him. “We’ll let you know when you can go inside.”
As the officer walks away, Shawn continues his call with Sonny.
“Boss, the officer just told me they got a report that there are drugs in the warehouse.” Shawn informs Sonny.
“Drugs! How the hell can that be?!” Sonny rages. “Okay, Shawn, you can go. I’ll take care of this!”
“Okay, boss!” Shawn says, as the call ends.
Todd and Franco watch from a distance as Shawn heads out, shaking hands at their success.
“On to plan B!” Todd says.
“Agreed!” Franco adds.
Episode 13
Sonny Corinthos arrives at his warehouse, against Dante’s orders, Sonny starts towards the warehouse. But Shawn manages to pull him back.
A few minutes later, the warehouse blows up.
Sonny screams, “Michael!” and heads towards the burning building, just as Dante pulls him back.
“Are you crazy, Sonny?” Dante yells.
“Your brother was in there doing inventory.” Sonny informs him.
“Michael was in there?” Dante asks, confused.
“Yes, I asked him to go to the warehouse and do inventory on my supplies.”
“Omigosh, Michael!” Dante cries out.
As firefighters put out the flames from the explosion, and do an extensive search for any bodies, they come out emptyhanded.
“I’m sorry, sir.” the firefighter says to Sonny. “There was no indication of any bodies in that warehouse.”
“What do you mean? Where is my son?” Sonny grills the firefighter.
“I don’t know sir, but put in a report with the police.”
“Don’t worry, Sonny. I already put in an APB on Michael.” Dante told his father.
Todd and Franco are headed back to Llanview with an unconscious Michael in the back seat of their car.
Episode 14
Todd is watching over a comatose Michael as Franco is working on the ransom note for Sonny and Carly. Todd just hopes that Carly won’t be mad that he partook in this scheme to kidnap Michael.
Meanwhile, Franco is emailing Sonny with the ransom note for Michael in an undisclosed email that can’t be traced back to him but Todd. With a sly smile, Franco hits the “send” button and waits for the sparks to fly once Sonny reads the email.
Ten minutes later, Sonny is logging into his email and notices the email. He reads it then forwards it to Damien Spinelli so he can run a trace on the sender.
Within minutes, Spinelli is emailing Sonny with the news that Todd Manning is the sender.
Back in Llanview, Carly is busy fighting off the advances of Mitch when Allison walks in, just as Mitch is about to plant a kiss on Carly, Carly slaps him.
“Hey, hey, hey!” Allison says. “Why the hostility?”
“Keep this man away from me!” Carly shrieks.
“Why? Whatever did he do?”
“He tried to kiss me!”
Turning his attention to Allison, “So, what has your husband been up to?”
“Well, how should I know?” Allison said. “I haven’t seen him.”
“Because I had you marry Manning to keep an eye on him!”
“Well, we don’t see each other much!”
“Well, you had better start keeping a better eye on Manning or you’ll be back in St. Ann’s before you know it!” Mitch ordered. “Do I make myself clear?!”
“Yes, boss!”
As Mitch leaves Allison with Carly, Carly grills Allison, “You’re married to Todd? How can that be?”
“Easy.” Allison says. “We went before a judge and said our vows. Just like any couple in love.”
“Please. Todd’s in love with you?” Carly says, not taking Allison seriously. “Don’t make me laugh.”
“Well, it’s true. Todd and I are in love. That’s why we are married.”
“Yeah, right.”
“Well, believe it, Carly. Todd is mine now. You are out of luck.” Allison says, leaving Carly in the room and locking the door.
“Damn you, Mitch!” Allison says. “How could you let Carly know I was Todd’s wife?”
Allison is headed home to see Todd, but all she finds in his pad is Franco.
“Who the hell are you?” Allison asks the intruder in Todd’s penthouse.
“I’m Franco. Todd and I just met and are working together on a project.” Franco informs her.
“Project?” Allison inquires. “Todd never told me about any venture?”
“Well, it’s top-secret. No is to know.” Franco says. “And who the hell are you?”
“I’m Todd’s wife.” Allison informs him. “So you can include me in on all Todd’s business plans.”
“No he can’t, Allison.” Todd says, walking downstairs, where he just come from the secret room where he placed Michael. “You are only my wife because you got me drunk. So you have no part in this venture.”
Fuming, Allison heads upstairs to her room where she notices a lock on the room down from Todd’s room, wondering why there is suddenly a lock on that door. Allison vowed to find out just what Todd was up to with this Franco.
Episode 15
Allison was determined to find out why Todd locked the room down from their room. They only slept in the same room for appearances. Todd and Allison never consummated their marriage, and Todd had no intention on ever doing so.
When Todd left with Franco, Allison used her skills and picked the lock on the door that Todd had locked. She was about to enter when Franco came up behind her.
“What the hell do you think you’re doing?!” Franco yelled.
“The lock was unlocked, so I thought I would go in.” Allison lied.
“You’re lying.” Franco said, catching her in her lie. “I strictly remembering locking it before I left.”
“Please tell me what you are doing with Todd?” Allison said, cozingly sidling up to Franco.
“Never.” Franco said, resisting Allison’s seduction.
“I’ll make it worth your while.” Allison said, seductively, but to no avail.
Franco wasn’t budging with his plot between him and Todd. And Allison was mad.
“I have to find out what Todd and Franco are up to.” Allison said to herself. “If I don’t, Mitch will have my head.”
Just then, Allison’s cell began ringing. It was Mitch.
“Well, Allison, did you find out anything?” Mitch said, angrily.
“No, not yet.” Allison told him. “They’re not divulging any information as to what they are doing.”
“Well, you had better find out, and find out now!” Mitch ordered.
“Yes, boss.” Allison said obediently.
As Mitch hung up, Allison thought of the perfect plan to find out what Todd and Franco was up to.
Episode 16
Todd and Franco found themselves locked inside their secret room that they had locked. Todd couldn’t remember what happened or how they got here. He wondered what Allison did that got them locked inside their secret room?
Franco was coming to and nearly freaked out when he discovered where they were and that he and Todd were handcuffed together with their hands behind them.
As Todd struggled to free them from Allisons’ clutches once again, Franco was beginning to doubt helping Todd with his plan.

Meanwhile, Allison looked at the ring on her finger before heading into the secret room to let Todd know that they were now husband and wife. She smiled a sly smile as she recalled what happened that finally got her in front of the justice of peace to marry Todd Manning per Mitch’s orders.
Franco and Todd heard the door unlock and Allison come inside.
“Well, good morning gentlemen!” Allison greeted them with breakfast.
“Thanks for the breakfast, but how do you propose we eat when we’re handcuffed together?” Todd angrily yelled at her.
“Well, I can feed you and your friend, husband dear.” Allison told him.
“Husband?” Todd railed. “What the hell are you talking about?!”
“Oh, did I forget to mention, hubby dear?” Allison taunted him, flashing the ring on her third left finger. “We’re married!”
“Well, it’s obviously a hoax because I certainly agree to this sham of a marriage!” Todd yelled at her.
“Well, believe it husband dear, but we are legally married.”
“Well, enjoy it while it lasts because when I get out of here, I’m going to annul this marriage!”
As Allison was taunting Todd with stories of how they got married, Franco had managed to free himself of the handcuffs and quietly got up and picked up the lamp and knocked Allison over the head with it.
After Allison went down, Franco unlocked Todd’s handcuffs and the two bolted from the room and locked Allison inside after they had retrieved Michael.
Before Todd and Franco could get Michael back to Port Charles, they ran into Blair.
Episode 17
“Blair?” Todd asked his ex-wife. “What are you doing here?”
“Nice rock you have on your finger.” Blair said eyeing the ring on Todd’s third finger on his left hand.
“It’s nothing.” Todd told her.
“It’s nothing?” Blair laughed. “It says you’re married? So who’s the lucky woman?”
“I’m not married.” Todd told her.
“So, you just wear the thing to keep the crazy women away?” Blair laughed again.
“No, the woman in question was playing a game with me.” Todd said.
“So who is this woman playing games with you?”
“Allison Perkins” Todd said, coughing.
“I’m sorry, did you say, ‘Allison Perkins’?” Blair laughed in disbelief.
Just as Todd was about to continuing his explanation, someone had drug Allison from the room. Todd left Blair to see who it was. That was when he ran into Helena Cassadine.
“Who are you?” Todd asked the queen of the Cassadine castle.
“I’m sorry, you’re in my home and you’re asking me who I am?” Helena laughed.
Blair came in to see what was going on when she found Helena with Todd.
“What’s going on in here?” Blair asked, shocked to see Helena with Todd and Franco.
“Blair, I told you to wait in your room.” Helena told her.
“I was hungry. I came down for a snack and ran into my ex-husband and his friend.” Blair explained.
“Well, go back up and I’ll bring you something to eat later.” Helena told Blair.
As Blair did as she was told, Helena called on the intercom her boys to take Todd and Franco down to the dungeon.
Franco and Todd were tossed into a cell next to a drugged Michael. They were interrupted by the sound of a woman in the next cell. Todd looked into the cell to discover it was Irene Manning—his mother.
Episode 18
“Hello, mother!” Todd said irritated.
“Is that anyway to greet your loving mother.” Irene said sarcastically.
“Sorry, mommy.” Todd said, reverting back to a little boy. Irene had a way of making Todd feel inferior since she had him drugged for years, so his twin brother could steal his life. “I thought I was finally free of you!”
“Todd, dear, you should know that you’ll never be free of mother.”
“Yes, mommy.”
“So how have you been?”
“Fine, mommy.”
“Well, I have to go. Just checking in with my boy.” Irene told Todd before hanging up.
Irene tossed the cell on the bed next to Victor, Jr, “you stupid little…….”
“I’m sorry, you’re plan backfired.” Victor, Jr. apologized.
“Well, since you messed it up, you’re going to fix it!” Irene screamed at her son, she cherished.
Victor, Jr. was left alone when Irene stepped out of Victor’s tiny motel room. Now what was he going to do? Then there was a knock on the door.
“Mother, I’m….” Victor said, and was shocked to see a blonde woman at the door.
“Hi! I’m Carly Benson.”
“Well, Ms. Benson, what can I do for you?”
“I need to find Todd Manning.” Carly begged.
“Excuse me, how do you know my brother?”
“Todd Manning is your brother?”
“My identical twin brother, to be exact.”
“Identical? But you don’t look alike?”
“My mother had plastic surgery done on me.”
“That’s odd.”
“Well, you don’t know Irene Manning, do you?”
“So, you need to find my brother?”
“Yes, we had a falling out and I wanted to tell him something.”
“Are you dating my brother?”
Victor Jr. saw his chance to horn in on his brother’s life once again and fix what went wrong and make his mother happy.
“Well, Ms. Benson, today is your lucky day.” As Victor took her hostage and tied her up.
Episode 19
Carly was having a hard time with Victor Jr.’s claim that he was Todd Manning’s identical twin brother when they looked nothing alike.
Carly would get a chance to ask Victor for an explanation as he walked in the door where he had her chained.
“Victor, tell me, how is that you and Todd are identical twins?”
“It’s a long story!” Victor said agitated with Carly’s questioning. “One I don’t care to get in right now!”
“Okay?” Carly said as she buttoned her lips…for the time being. But she would get the truth out of Victor.
Meanwhile, Todd was looking for Carly and ran into Blair Cramer instead.
“What are you doing here?” Todd asked his ex.
“I had a meeting with Carly.” Blair said, making herself comfortable at Metro.
“Well, as you can plainly see, Ms. Corinthos isn’t here.”
“Well, then why would she schedule a meeting with me if she was going to run out on it?”
“I don’t know, but I have to be on my way.”
“Wait. Todd. Don’t go.” Blair pleaded.
“I don’t have time for games, Blair!”
“Can we talk?”
“About what?”
“Jack? What’s he done now?”
“He’s been expelled from the private school in Switzerland we put him in.”
“Expelled? How? What’d he do?”
“Some female student claims he raped her?” Blair explained.
Todd’s worse fears came to light as he thought to himself, “Not my son too?”
“That can’t be? Jack couldn’t have done this?” Todd said irately, sure Jack was innocent.
“Well, he’ll be home in Llanview tomorrow. I expect you to be there to discuss things with him.” Blair told him.
“Oh, you can bet I will.” Todd said as Blair picked up her handbag and walked out of the Metro Court.
Why did this have to happen? And when Carly was missing. As Todd headed up to his room at the Metro Court, Victor Jr intercepted him.
“Victor?” Todd said, flabbergasted. He thought Victor was dead when he killed him.
“No, brother dear, you’re not seeing a ghost.”
“How did you survive the drowning I gave you?”
“That’s not important. What is, is that I have your girlfriend, Carly Corinthos.”