Love & Mate: A Buffy the Vampire Slayer Fanfiction

Chapter 1- The Demise
Buffy, Spike, and Angel are trapped together hands bound and mouths gagged.
“Tragic how your blood will be spilt!”
After that big fallout in L.A., they were left to pick up the pieces of the broken body parts of Illyria. Then, bury Gunn and Wesley. Sadly, both boys were taken by surprise. “I am Thorne, you see, your Slayer, here greatly offended me by staking my master and I am delivering the blow!”
He had a long line of torture devices, ranging from small knives to large knives. He picked the largest one with Celtic writings. “I am going to make you watch as I torment her,” he grinned.
Angel was testing his chains to see if he could break.
“You bloody pillock,” screamed Spike also thrashing around. “Don’t you fuckin touch my girl!”
“Please William, if I want her, I’ll have her! If I want to, I’ll break her…!”
Angelus was now struggling, I could tell. It won’t be long before she’s completely mine.
Like a dutiful childe, she came to stand by him. “Sire, when are you going to turn the Slayer…?” He smiled at her.
“Come Willow, we have things to do…” She grabbed his hand and allowed him to walk her into the night air.

Chapter 2- Feed
He swallowed a mouthful of her blood, the strongest Slayer drug was still in her system, he had ripped it out of the Council himself, a Cruciamentum drug.
William the Bloody cried out in protest as I fed from her. She was delicious and I beckoned Willow to try some. I backhanded the bitch. Boy she was tougher than she looked!
“Come on little girl, don’t pass out on me!” She gazed at me tiredly, the light gone out of her eyes. Bingo, she was about to give up. With her friend dead, she had no one on her side.
I am destroying her sanity.

Chapter 3- Awake
Buffy let a low growl-rumble through her chest to her head, the pain was growing and it was coming from her stomach. Spike/Angel almost tore through their bonds. She gazed at her sire curiously. “Hungry!”
“You are exquisite,” he said with lust, hungrily gauzing her.
“You turned her vertigo,” said one of his 6 female Vamps.
“What can I say, I practically ripped it off of Angelus- driving his victims insane, torturing them mentally and psychotically, then turning them!” He reached out. “Come here!”
The newborn obediently obliged. “Hungry,” she repeated.
“Willow, get her something to eat!”
She followed through the instructions and returned with a young girl. “Drink from her,” he commanded and her fangs elongated.
Watching Buffy kill had been tremendous torture, an act of violation to her nature, but watching her enjoy it was worse.
She was drinking greedily, taking her time, and actually moaning to the healing effect. It was returning her strengths and cleaning her body of the drug. “We will go hunting later…”

Chapter 4- Party On
‘Hunting and Buffy just did not go,’ thought Spike angrily.
Angel was distressed. She was dressed in a beautiful Red gown and her hair was curled making her Green eyes seem even more innocent, but this creature wasn’t innocent, not by human standards. She was lithe and powerful also evil.
“Who would you like to eat first? Kennedy, Rona, or Vi?” Asked her Vampire best friend.
“Kennedy,” she said with distaste. Even her soul hated her. It was because of her, she was kicked out. She was just a distraction. “I would like to break her, make her beg for mercy before her throat is ripped out!” They giggled, clutching onto their sire.
Chapter 5- Hunting Competition
“Thank you for turning me into a monster. I couldn’t have asked for anything more luxurious than this.”
As the Slayer, they always expected me to do my duty, everything had to be done right, I was handed a stake and just told to slay Vampires. Didn’t even have the proper training before Merrick was killed. I hated being used like a sacrificial lamb. I was only 15!”
Marie: It’s like they needed us at the altar or something. She was another Slayer turned, one of the former SITS.
They headed to the park, Willow and Buffy holding hands, swinging side- by- side. “Oh, the freedom is great, but there are other things about being a Vampire… Like chaos, mayhem, and destruction.”
They saw the human.

Chapter 6 – Destruction
Buffy and Willow preyed on the human in the park, waiting to pounce on him and devour him. . .then make him feed on them. . .turn him. . .
Buffy saw her chance and walked up to the man, began chatting with him, getting a feel for his friendliness. . .then. . .
The man was out cold when Buffy slit her wrist and put it to the man’s mouth to feed upon.
“You do that well.” Willow noticed.
“It’s easy. . .not to mention, a hell of a lot more fun than slaying vampires.” Buffy told her.
“Uh oh!” Willow warned Buffy. “Look who’s coming!”
Buffy turned to spy Cordy with Angel, walking hand in hand. Ever since Angel hooked up with Cordy, Buffy detested Cordy. She couldn’t believe that Cordy would turn to Angel when she knew how Buffy felt about Angel.
“So. Let the two be.” Buffy said. “I have no use for Angel anymore.”
But deep down, it hurt to see Angel with that spiteful girl. Cordy would pay and pay dearly for taking Angel from her. But for now, Buffy turned her attention to the man she had just turned as he got up with a strange hunger for raw meat and blood.
“You’re one of us now.” Buffy told the man. “I am your master for I sired you.”
The man went on his way looking for something to curb his growing hunger. . .until Buffy gave her call.

Chapter 7- Revenge
Now that Buffy had fulfilled her quest to her sire, it was time for revenge—on Cordy for taking Angel from her.
Buffy stalked Cordy and Angel as they walked hand in hand, kissing each other hungrily every few steps. It was sickening to watch, as if they couldn’t get enough.
Buffy waited.
Waited for just the right moment. . . .
Angel left poor Cordy alone. Buffy could now seek her revenge on Cordy. Buffy swooped in on a unsuspecting Cordy and bit her neck. As Cordy went limp in Buffy’s arms, Buffy thought of just letting Cordy die, but she knew it would be more fun if Cordy were a vamp, soulless, like her. So she let Cordy feed from her until Cordy was turned.
“What did you do to me!” Cordy screamed, as she looked into the mirror and saw no reflection. “It can’t be!”
“Yes, dear Cordy! You are my childe!” Buffy laughed.
“Angel?” Cordy cried. “What will he think now that I’m one too?”
But Cordy didn’t have to wait a second longer when Angel showed up looking for Cordy when she failed to meet him at the time they agreed.
“Cordy, I was getting worried?” Angel said, horrified at her new look.
“Angel, you can’t. . .” Cordy began before trailing off, not wanting to tell him she was a vamp, but the hunger was getting worse. She knew she needed some fresh blood soon.
“Cordy, you look sick?” Angel said with concern, as Buffy laughed at the two of them. It was even better than Buffy imagined.
“What did you do to her, Buffy?” Angel demanded.
“Whatever do you mean?” Buffy said innocently.
“You turned Cordy!”
“Yes, Angelus, I did!” Buffy retorted.

Chapter 8 – Angel’s Lament
As Angel tended to Cordy and helped her with her hunger, Spike met with Buffy. Gawd! She was even more desireable as a vamp! He wanted her now!
“See somethin’ you like?” Buffy asked Spike, noticing how he was looking at her.
“What the hell!” Buffy thought to herself. “What could be wrong with giving Spike what he wanted.”
And Buffy went in for the kill as she moved in to give Spike a kiss. He went for it as he kissed her fervently, hungry for whatever she gave him as the two of them made passionate love.
As Buffy and Spike made love to each other, they were unaware of the audience they had as Angel watched the two lovers. Angel was now seeking his revenge on Buffy for turning Cordy, and Spike, for taking his girl.
Back at Giles’ store, Willow was minding the store while Xander was making out with Anya. But Willow wouldn’t be alone for long, as Tara was on her way to see Willow.
“Tara?” Willow said surprised to see her.
“I needed to see you.” Tara said, looking outside.
“Tara, what’s wrong? Why do you keep looking out the window?”
“Someone tried to kill me!”
“What? Who?” Willow said as she pulled Tara from the window just as a gun sounded.
Willow placed her body over Tara’s, but when she got off Tara’s body after the gunfire, it was too late as she saw Tara had been shot.
“Tara!” Willow screamed, shaking Tara’s lifeless body, and sending Xander and Anya inside, the two lovers oblivious to the gunfire.
“What’s all the noise!” Xander yelled coming into the store.
“Tara’s been shot!” Willow yelled.
“What? How?” Anya said confused.
“You didn’t hear the gunshots?”
“No. I guess Xander and I were too busy.”
“We heard someone screaming and came inside.” Xander said.
“She’s not…..” Willow said, almost afraid to say it.
“No, she has a pulse.” Xander said, feeling Tara’s pulse on her inner arm.
As Willow breathed a sigh of relief, Xander covered Tara’s body with a blanket as Anya called an ambulance to take Tara to the hospital.

Chapter 9 – Angel’s Revenge
Tara lay in her hospital bed in a coma as Willow stayed vigil by her lover’s side. Angel waited in the closet of Tara’s hospital room so he wouldn’t be discovered, cursing Willow for coming in and delaying his revenge.
Angel had no choice but to wait for Willow to leave. He got an idea how to get Willow to leave Tara’s hospital room.
“Xander, can you take Willow to dinner?” Angel said quietly so Willow wouldn’t hear him.
“She’s with Tara. I don’t think she’ll want to leave her?”
“Find a reason to get her to come along!” Angel told Xander, quietly losing his patience.
“Okay. I’m on it.”
A few minutes later, Xander came into Tara’s room and sat next to Willow.
“Hey, Willow, you need to eat. How about you join Anya and me for dinner?” Xander said.
“I can’t.” Willow said, trembling under her breath.
“Tara will be okay. Staff is looking in on her.”
“You don’t think she’ll be mad if I leave?”
“You have to keep your strength….”
“Okay.” Willow agreed, as Xander helped her out of Tara’s room, to Angel’s glee.
As soon as Xander and Willow were gone, Angel came out of the closet and pulled the I.V. from his pocket and quickly injected Tara’s I.V. bag.
As Angel quickly left Tara’s hospital room, Tara flatlined as hospital staff came into the room to administer to tend to Tara.

Chapter 10 – Dark Revenge
Willow became frantic when she tried to see Tara as hospital staff forced her out so they could work to revive Tara.
After unsuccessful attempts, Tara was pronounced dead.
Willow went ballistic when the doctor told Willow about Tara’s demise. Thoughts of revenge went to Buffy as Willow morphed into Dark Willow.
Angelus gave a sly smile as he watched everything go down…now was the time to work on Buffy and Spike…soon, Buffy would be his…forever!
While Dark Willow was busy hunting Buffy down, Angelus found her…in bed with Spike. Angelus blood ran cold as rage seethed through his mind.
Spike and Buffy were shocked beyond belief when Angelus came through the bedroom window and grabbed Spike and threw him out the broken window.
Then, grabbing a horrified Buffy, Angelus kissed her hard on the lips. After he was done, Buffy gave Angelus a hard smack in the face.
“Get out of my room, Angel! I never want to see you again!”
Angelus knew he did wrong, but the rage inside him made him do it. Buffy was his…and Buffy would be his! Spike needed to know that! One way or another!


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