Starrleena’s Weekly Soap Critiques – April 23-27, 2018

Outstanding Performances

The Young & the Restless
Amelia Heinle: for severa weeks, Victoria has been thrown into a domestic violence relationship with her ex-husband, J.T. Hellstrom (Thad Luckinbill) after they renewed their romance and subsequently became engaged. After J.T.’s untimely death after he came after Victoria when he confessed to what he did to her father, Victor Newman (Eric Braden), Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) came at J.T. with a poker, which killed him instantly. When Sharon (Sharon Case), Phyllis (Gina Tognoni), Nikki and Victoria made the decision to dispose of J.T.’s body in the garden at Chancellor Park. Victoria was faced with Reed’s (Tristan Lake Lebeau) to leave Genoa City for a music school after learning of J.T.’s “disappearance.” Heinle is holding her own and showing her acting range in this tragic storyline.

The Bold & the Beautiful
Don Diamont: yes we love to hate him, but $Bill Spencer is a force to be reckoned with. Diamont is doing a good job with playing a despicable character as $Bill does whatever he can to claim Steffy Forrester-Spencer (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) as his own, despite the fact that she is pregnant with his son, Liam’s (Scott Clifton) baby.

Jacqueline MacInnes Wood: Wood was sensational when she was pressured by $Bill (Don Diamont) to sign Liam’s (Scott Clifton) annulment papers so he wouldn’t send her mother, Taylor (Hunter Tylo) to prison for shooting him. Steffy clearly wants to salvage her marriage to Liam if he can come to terms with her indiscretion with his father, but $Bill’s plan to make Steffy his and Hope’s (Annika Noelle) desire to renew a relationship with Liam have gotten in the way.

Scott Clifton: Clifton is remarkable as Liam, torn between his love for Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) and their unborn daughter, and trying to come to terms with learning of her indiscretion with his father, $Bill Spencer (Don Diamont). Now Liam is faced with Hope’s (Annika Noelle) confession to move on from his marriage and renew what they had when she tells him she still loves him.

General Hospital
Maurice Benard: Benard was remarkable this week when he was forced to choose between his father, Mike (Max Gail) and daughter, Avery, after Ava (Maura West) threatened to have Mike brought up on kidnapping charges after Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) found Mike and Avery in a stable after Mike (who is suffering from Alzheimer’s) walked off alone. Benard is phenomenal in dealing with his father’s Alzheimer’s diagnosis as he deals with Mike’s gradual decline in memory.

Maura West: we hate what she is doing, but West is doing a wonderful job as she goes after Sonny (Maurice Benard) for custody of their daughter, Avery—a fight that has been brewing since Ava gave birth to the little girl. Ava has done some despicable things claiming her love for Avery. As much as we hate what Ava is doing, we commend West for her portrayal.

Days of Our Lives
Marci Miller: playing a recasted character isn’t easy, but Miller has made the role of Abigail Devereaux DiMera her own when Miller was thrust into a Dissociative Identity Disorder story when Abigail turns into alters Gabby (after the character of Gabi Hernandez (Camila Banus) and Dr. Laura (after her grandmother, Laura (Jamie Lyn Bauer)) when it looks like Abigail killed Andre DiMera (Thaao Penghlis) as Gabby dressed in a Gabi Chic coat and dark wig. When Abigail’s husband, Chad (Billy Flynn) discovers his brother, Stefan (Tyler Christopher), with Abigail/Gabby, Gabby is on the run after Chad severely beat up Stefan. As Abigail sits in her own private jail in her mind trying to come to terms with what is happening to her, Miller holding her own with this story, as Abigail comes to terms with learning she killed Andre. Who will save Abigail from herself?


Baby Fever: Hilary Has Devon’s Baby

Hilary is pregnant with Devon’s child. Devon is wondering if he made a mistake agreeing to have a baby with Hilary. Hilary and Lily are at each other’s throats as Neil tries to quiet the two ladies. But once Hilary gives birth to a girl, Devon is drawn to his daughter, and surprisingly, to Hilary. Will they be a family in the end? Or will it just be co-parenting? And also, Sharon is back with Nick once again, but Scott Grainger is back to resume where he and Sharon left off, but Abby has news for Scott? But when she reveals the truth to Scott, someone is eavesdropping on their chat? What will they do with the new-found relevation?

Hilary Curtis-Winters-Hamilton – Mishael Morgan
Devon Hamilton – Bryton James
Neil Winter – Kristoff St. John
Lily Winters-Ashby – Christel Khalil
Ethan Atkinson aka Cane Ashby – Daniel Goddard
Sharon Collins-Newman-McAvoy – Sharon Case
Nicholas “Nick” Newman – Joshua Morrow
Scott Grainger – Daniel Hall
Abigail “Abby” Abbott-Newman – Melissa Ordway
Phyllis Summers-Newman-Abbott – Gina Tognoni
Billy Abbott – Jason Thompson

Chapter 1
Devon thought having a baby with Hilary would be a good idea. Hilary was getting the child she wanted and he got to be a daddy. They even went to an attorney to draw up a plan of action since it was a business arrangement.
But when Hilary announced on “The Hilary Hour” that she was pregnant and that he was the father, that’s when all hell broke loose. Hilary and Lily have been at each other’s throats ever since. And Neil, while he has been trying to keep the peace, has made himself clear he isn’t happy with the fact that his grandson’s mother is Hilary.
Now, Hilary is about to give birth and Devon is wondering if it was such a great idea to father Hilary’s child.
But Devon’s thoughts have to be put on the back burner as Hilary just sent a text telling him their baby girl is on her way.
Devon arrived at Genoa City Memoria Hospital as Hilary was being checked into her room. Contractions were 3 minutes apart. Devon sent a text informing Neil and Lily that the baby was coming.
Devon stood by as Hilary’s coach helping her through the labor pains as the contractions were coming quicker. Then Hilary’s water broke and Hilary was finally 10 centimeters dilated. Stitch announced the baby’s head was crowning. Devon began to get excited as his daughter was about to enter the world.
The moment arrived and Devon and Hilary saw their daughter for a quick moment as Hilary held her daughter for the first time before the nurses took her to make the usual examination upon birth.
“Okay, mommy, it’s time to examine the newborn.” The nurse told Hilary and Devon who were still in awe at seeing their daughter.
“Oh, I can’t let her go.” Hilary interjected.
“I’ll make it as quick as possible.” The nurse promised, as she took the newborn from Hilary’s arms.
Hilary cried tears of joy as Devon comforted her.
“I never thought I could so in love with a human being!” Hilary blubbered.
“She is amazing!” Devon agreed. “So perfect, yet so little.”
“She’s a miracle.”
While Devon and Hilary reveled in the birth of their daughter, Sharon was celebrating with Nick their reunion at being a couple again. That is, until she received an unexpected visitor…
“Scott?” Sharon said answering her cell, surprised to hear from Scott after all this time.
“Sharon, I want you back!”
Sharon was stunned by Scott’s revelation now that she was back with Nick.
“Can we meet at Crimson Lights?” Scott pleaded.
“Um, yeah.” Sharon said. “Meet me in 10 minutes. She had to let Scott down gently, in person that she was back with Nick.
Sharon met Scott at Crimson Lights, but she was surprised to see Abby there too…and she wasn’t happy to see Sharon with Scott.
“Abby, I didn’t expect to see you here?”
“Sharon, you little trollop…I didn’t expect you to be cheating on my brother so early in her renews relationship?” Abby said tartly.
“You’re back with Nick?” Scott said, surprisingly.
“Well, I intended to tell you, but I guess Abby had other plans!” Sharon glared at Abby.
“So I guess getting back together is out of the question?” Scott looked glum, to Abby’s glee. “Well, I won’t keep you from getting back with Nick.”
Abby watched Sharon leave so she could tell Scott her news.
“Well, I’m so glad Sharon’s gone!”
“That’s a cold thing to say, Abby!” Scott told her.
“Well, I couldn’t let her in on my news!” Abby revealed. “Especially since no one in Genoa City knows about it, not even my family!”
“And what is your news?” Scott said irritated.
“We have a daughter!” Abby said as she came out with it, unaware that Phyllis was quietly eavesdropping on their meeting.
“Well, I took an extended vacation while I was pregnant. That’s why no one here in Genoa City knows. “ Abby continued her revelation to a shocked Scott.
“So, where is our little girl?” as Phyllis continued her eavesdropping.
“Well, I’ll take you to her, whenever you’re ready.”
“Any reason why you couldn’t share your news with your family?”
“Yes. I didn’t want Sharon know I had your child! After the way she reacted after our one-night stand!” Abby lied about the real reason.

Starrleena’s Saop Critiques – Days of Our Lives Explosive Episode – April 23, 2018

On Monday, April 23, 2018, Days of Our Lives exploded when Chad (Billy Flynn) discovered his wife, Abigail ([Marci Miller] who’s been suffering from Dissociative Identity Disorder [DID] after the death of Andre DiMera [Thaao Penghlis]), in bed with his brother, Stephan (Tyler Christopher). Abigail’s alter, Gabby (a lookalike from Gabi (Camila Banus)—Abigail’s friend, who has been convicted of Andre’s murder).

After Chad gets a text from Kate (Lauren Koslow) about seeing Abigail, complete with dark wig, in Stephan’s bedroom, Chad rushes home. That’s when he gets the shock of his life! Filled with rage thinking Stephan somehow brainwashed Abigail, yet not realizing his wife’s mental illness, unleashes his rage on Stephan and literally beats Stephan within an inch of his life while a horrid Abigail/Gabby looks on. After Gabby/Abigail leaves Chad decides to finish the job and continue beating Stephan until Hope and Rafe (Kristian Alfonso and Galen Gering, respectively), who have just found evidence it was Abigail who masqueraded as Gabi, find Chad beating Stephan.
While the scene was disturbing to watch, kudos goes out to Flynn for excellent portrayal of a man driven to rage at the discovery of seeing his wife in bed with his brother. Christopher and Miller also are due praise for their performances as well, especially Miller for a great job tacking DID with 2 alters.

That is not the only violence that happened that day…Gabi, in prison for the murder (although innocent) or Andre DiMera, received a beating from an inmate with an ax to grind—she turned out to be the girlfriend of Com. Raines, who was seeking revenge.

Tune in weekdays on NBC to see what happens next!!!!

Starrleena’s Soap Spoilers – April 23-27, 2018

Weekly Soap Spoilers – April 23-27, 2018

The Young & the Restless
Jack reclaims his place at Jabot.
Reed confronts Victoria about J.T.
A secret gets into the wrong hands.
Nick calls a truce with Victor.
Phyllis does damage control.
Billy takes the reins at Jabot.
Kyle learns a dangerous secret.
Mac returns to town.
Sharon is consumed with guilt.

The Bold & the Beautiful
Under duress from $Bill, Steffy grants Liam his request regarding their marriage.
Hope makes a bold move in hopes of furthering her relationship with Liam.
Trouble brews in paradise when Ridge and Brooke argue about Steffy and Hope.
Wyatt plays devil’s advocate with Liam regarding his new living arrangement.
Ridge hopes to gain advantage for Steffy and asks Liam to think of him as a father.
Hope and Steffy square off with one another regarding their intent to make Liam their own.
Liam and Steffy bond after receiving a scare at their second ultrasound appointment.
Hope holds her own when Ridge lays into her about meddling in Steffy’s marriage to Liam.
Wyatt makes a drastic move to prove his loyalty to $Bill.
Using Wyatt, $Bill hatches a new plan to make the object of his desire his own.

General Hospital
Ava is her own worst enemy
Jordan is backed into a corner.
Anna makes a confession.
Jason knows better.
Nina plays hostess.
Nelle uses the situation to her advantage.
Ava meets with Scott.
Diana doesn’t’ have the best news.
Carly sits down with Kevin to discuss recent events.
Curtis surprises Jordan.
Drew is skeptical.
Finn worries about Alexis’ well-being.
Julian runs into Lucas.
Oscar makes plans with Drew.
Jordan questions Curtis’ intentions.
Anna pays Alexis a visit.
Sam comes through for an old friend.
Lulu has an awkward run-in with Maxie.
Nina and Curtis plan their next steps.
Valentin gets an unexpected visit.
Anna comes clean.
Sam questions Curtis.
Franco struggles between two evils.
Sonny, Dante, and Diane consider their options.
Nelle offers Ava her advice.

Days of Our Lives
Chad’s discovery sends him into a rage.
Trapped in the secret room, Vivian and Kate lash out at each other.
In prison, Gabi finds herself in danger when she encounters someone with an ax to grind.
Will and Sonny come together for Arianna’s sake.
Rafe and Hope are forced to arrest Chad.
Steve runs into “Gabby,” who is on the run.
Ciara and Wyatt put the past behind the.
Claire has a heart-to-heart with Julie and makes a confession
Ciara and Tripp work together to trap an unwitting Claire.
Miguel makes a move against Lucas.
Eli seeks help and advice from Julie.
Concerned about Brady’s commitment to win back Eve, Victor makes an inquiry into his grandson’s past.
Eve is furious when she mistakenly believes Brady rigged the Bella contest.
Steve is flusterated when he realizes he let Abigail slip through his fingers.
Ciara and Tripp confront Claire and Wyatt.
Jennifer and Eric share a romantic evening.
Despite Stefan’s urging, Gabby refuses to leave his side.
Jennifer gets the lowdown about Abigail.
Lucas rushes Brady to the hospital
Miguel abducts Chloe.

A Test of Faith: Bold & the Beautiful Romances

Bold and the Beautiful romances on the rocks: will they persevere or fizzle out
Eric and Quinn are back together after the scandal with Quinn and Ridge’s flirtatious advances, but Sheila vows to be the next Forrester matriarch as Quinn and Sheila battle for Eric’s heart.
Katie and Wyatt are a hot new item, but someone from Wyatt’s past arrives in Los Angeles. Who will Wyatt choose?
Steffy and Liam are at odds over Bill’s deviant lie: will they recover or is it splitsville for couple?
Bill and Brooke seem to be only one who has a happy marriage. . .or do they?
Thomas and Sally see each other via the cyber world while Thomas is in New York, but is it enough for the lovers or does Thomas’ heart belong to Caroline?
Maya and Rick and Zende and Nicole: when Zende refuses to tell Nicole his secret involving her sister, Nicole assumes he’s having an affair with Maya. Will the secret ruin two marriages?
Ridge vows celibacy: but when someone from his past comes back into his life, will he keep the vow?
RJ and Coco relish in their young love, but will it last as RJ and Coco face important decisions in their young lives?

Eric Forrester – John McCook
Quinn Fuller Forrester – Rena Sofer
Sheila Carter – Kimberlin Brown
Katie Logan-Spencer – Heather Tom
Wyatt Fuller-Spencer – Darin Brooks
Steffy Forrester-Spencer – Jacqueline MacInnes Wood
Liam Spencer – Scott Clifton
$Bill Spencer – Don Diamont
Brooke Logan-Spencer – Katherine Kelly Lang
Thomas Forrester – Pierson Fode
Sally Spectra – Courtney Hope
Caroline Spencer-Forrester-Forrester – Linsey Godfrey
Rick Forrester – Jacob Young
Maya Avant-Forrester – Karla Mosley
Zende Forrester – Rome Flynn
Nicole Avant-Forrester – Reign Edwards
RJ Forrester – Anthony Turpel
Coco Spectra – Courtney Grosbeck
Sasha Thompson-Avant – Felisha Cooper
Ivy Forrester – Ashleigh Brewer
Dr. Taylor Hayes – Hunter Tylo

Chapter 1-Quinn and Sheila Battle for Eric’s Heart
“Eric, I am so happy you forgave me?” Quinn whispered in Eric’s ear after the two made love.
“I love you Quinn, despite the hurt you caused me.” Eric said as he kissed her some more.
Quinn smiled happily as she and Eric made love again. It felt so good to be back in Eric’s embrace. Quinn vowed to be the wife Eric deserved, no matter what. But she oblivious to the plot Sheila was devising to become the next Forrester matriarch.
Quinn was grateful that Eric forgave her and gave her another chance after her and Ridge’s flirtations. She knew it hurt Eric and she honestly felt bad for her behavior.
Outside Eric and Quinn’s door, Sheila looked angry as she watched Eric and Quinn make love.
“Enjoy it while you can, Quinn!” Shelia vowed. “Before long, you’ll be out of this mansion and Forrester…and I’ll be in that bed with Eric!”
And Sheila knew just how to do it!
“Charlie!” Sheila said when Charlie answered his cell.
“Yes Sheila.”
“I need to see you, now!” Sheila ordered.
“I’m sorry, Sheila, I’m busy having dinner with Pam.” Charlie told her.
“Well, then make an excuse to leave and meet me at the Bikini Bar.” Sheila continued her demands.
“Fine. I’ll be there. Give me 10 minutes.”
“Thank you, Charlie.” Sheila said.
Sheila waited at the Bikini Bar for Charlie. It was way past 10 minutes.
“Damn it, Charlie, where are you?” Sheila said impatiently to herself.
A half an hour later, Charlie showed up looking disheveled as he fixed himself, tucking in his shirt, when Pam refused to let him leave before heading to meet Sheila.
“I’m so glad you decided to grace yourself with your presence!” Sheila said sarcastically when Charlie finally showed up at the Bikini Bar.
“Sorry.” Charlie tried apologizing, but fell on Sheila’s deaf ears. “Pam wanted something from me.”
“Well, I told you to call off your dinner with Pam!” Sheila rebuked him. “You were needed here!”
“I said I was sorry.”
“Well, it doesn’t matter, you’re here now.”
“So what did you want?”
“I need you to be my eyes and ears at Forrester.” Sheila told him.
“You want me to spy on Quinn?” Charlie asked in disbelief.
“No. I want you to watch while I sneak into Quinn’s office at Forrester.”
“And if I don’t?”
“Then I go to Pammy and tell her everything you’ve been doing for me!” Sheila threatened.
“Fine. You win.” Charlie gave in, for he didn’t want Pam to know about his schemes Sheila made him do.
Sheila smiled as Charlie headed back to home but she didn’t expect the visitor back at the Forrester mansion.

Chapter 2 – Wyatt’s Past Comes Back to Haunt Him
“I love you, Katie!” Wyatt said after a make-out session alone in Katie’s home. They decided to hook up but keep their affair private from scandalous eyes that would question their relationship.
“You’re just saying that because you want sex.” Katie said, jokingly as she kissed him back.
“Yeah, but you do to.” Wyatt said, as he accepted her kiss and squeezed a breast.
“Well, c’mon!” Katie taunted. “If you’re going to do it, then do it!”
Already turned on, Wyatt took Katie up on her temptation and made love to her. It felt good to be with someone who didn’t judge him. He didn’t even feel guilty getting involved with his father’s ex-wife. It just felt nice.
A call came in on Wyatt’s cell from $Bill, to which Wyatt didn’t get in time and had to stop what he and Katie were doing to call back.
“I better get that.” Wyatt said, excusing himself from Katie’s embrace.
“Yeah, dad, what did you want?” Wyatt said apologetically.
“Where the hell are you!” Bill said irked.
“Omigosh! I totally forgot!” Wyatt said, as he jumped up from bed and got dressed.
“Yeah, Wyatt, I had a board meeting planned today.” $Bill said, still irked Wyatt was late.
“I’m on my way.” Wyatt said hanging up and shoving his cell into his pants pocket. “I’m sorry Katie, but obviously I gotta go!”
“No, problem.” Katie told him. “Our affair is supposed to be private.”
As Katie lie back in bed relishing the lovemaking she just had with Wyatt, she would not expect what came next for Wyatt.
Meanwhile, Wyatt arrived at Spencer Publications and went straight to $Bill’s office where he had a surprise for him.
“Dad, I’m here.” Wyatt said, but $Bill wasn’t in his office, but was surprised to find his high school sweetheart waiting for him in $Bill’s office.
“Charity?” Wyatt said, surprised to see her.
“Wyatt!” Charity said, getting up to kiss him immediately.
“Whoa!” Wyatt said, rejecting Charity’s kiss. “We haven’t seen each other since high school and you think you can just kiss me like that!”
“But Pooky, I’ve missed you terribly.” Charity said, pouting.
“Enough with the sugary names!” Wyatt told her. “How did you find me?”
“Well, you can imagine my surprise when a man named Bill Spencer said he was your father and invited to accept a position here at Spencer Publications.” Charity told her.
“My father hired you to work here?!”
“Yes, and I accepted immediately. Then Bill flew me here so I could start immediately.”
Just then, $Bill came back into his office to find Wyatt with Charity, “I see you’ve seen the surprise I had for you.”
“Yeah, dad, how did you find Charity?” Wyatt demanded an explanation.
“Oh, your mother mentioned her.” Bill explained.
“Well, I refuse to work with her!” Wyatt exclaimed.
“You will and like it. I am the boss and I’ve hired Charity specifically to work with you.”
“Fine! But don’t expect it to be more than a professional relationship!” Wyatt said, making himself clear to both $Bill and Charity. “I have my own private life!”
“Hey, I just hired Charity to work at Spencer. What the two of you do outside of work is your business.” $Bill said innocently, unbeknownst to Wyatt, but knew about his and Katie’s private affair—the reason he brought Charity to L.A.

Chapter 3 – Liam & Steffy at Odds
Liam felt alone. Yeah, he was CEO of Spencer after he forced his father to step down. But Steffy wasn’t by his side. She was supporting his father. $Bill Spencer commits arson just to get his skyscraper off the ground and Steffy sides with him—not her husband.
Liam found himself at Spectra to see Sally—Liam tells himself. But Sally sees it as a romantic interlude between them.
When Liam steps into Sally’s office, Sally has it set up for romance.
As Liam tries to make Sally understand that he isn’t interested in her that way, she kisses him.
Feeling lonely, Liam gives into her kiss……
At Spencer, $Bill leads Steffy to his secret room where he romances her. Steffy surprises herself as she too gives into his advances.
$Bill’s advances are nice—especially since things between her and Liam have been a bit icy since he forced $Bill to step down.
“Steffy, my son doesn’t deserve a woman like you.” $Bill says as he kisses her.
“Bill, I can’t.” Steffy says, as she does her best to resist his charms.
But $Bill won’t let Steffy ruin his plan. He takes her in his arms and carries her to the bed in his secret room at Spencer, where he manages to have Steffy.
After $Bill has made love to Steffy, she gets herself dressed and leaves Spencer feeling guilty that she just betrayed Liam, the man she’s loves.
But $Bill smiles, knowing he’s just ruined Liam’s life the way he has ruined his.
Back at Spectra, Liam and Sally have just had sex, Sally is happy, but Liam is feeling self-conscious of his betrayal.
“I’m sorry, Sally, but I need to go.” Liam says, as he gets dressed and heads back to Steffy to face his wife and his betrayal.

Chapter 4 – Happily Ever After?
Brooke and Bill were enjoying their vacation in Abu Dhabi, despite his secret that he slept with Steffy, their second honeymoon since being married. Bill hoped the secret wouldn’t come out. He couldn’t lose Brooke.
“I’m so glad we came here.” Brooke told an amorous Bill, who still couldn’t keep his hands off of Brooke’s luscious body.
“Bill, I thought we discussed seeing the sights?” Brooke said, but Bill was only interested in exploring Brooke.
“I changed my mind.” Bill said as he slid his hands down Brooke’s curvaceous body.
“Well, I think we need to go see the sights.” Brooke to persuade him, and not let him in on her surprise.
“Okay. You win.” Bill said, giving in, despite wanting to be alone with her.
Brooke led Bill to the car they were renting and Bill got into the driver’s seat after helping Brooke into the passenger’s seat. They drove for what seemed like hours just seeing the sights—very boring to Bill.
They finally arrived at the club in Abu Dhabi as Brooke subtly mentioned a party happening there. But Brooke was the one surprised when they walked into Bill’s birthday surprise party to find that Thorne Forrester (Ingo Rademacher) was among the guests.
“Thorne?” Brooke said, as Thorne was coming over to them.
“Brooke and Bill.” Thorne said, giving Brooke a kiss on the cheek, to Bill’s chagrin.
Back in L.A., Steffy was feeling guilty after sleeping with Bill, unaware that he just left with Brooke on vacation. Liam had entered the living room and was happy to see his wife back home.
“Steffy?” Liam said happily. “You came back!”
“Yes.” Steffy told him, feeling guilty about her own actions.
Steffy hugged Liam, glad to be back home, despite her guilt over what she did with her father-in-law.
Elsewhere in L.A., Wyatt was dealing with Charity being hired to work at Spencer and her constant advances toward him.
“Wyatt, I’m so glad you’re working here.” Charity said, giving him a peck on the cheek just as Katie came into his office.
“What’s going on here?” Katie asked as she handed Wyatt a file.
“Nothing.” Wyatt explained as soon as he noticed Katie.
“It looks like you were kissing the new girl?”
“No, she kissed me.” Wyatt corrected her.
“Oh, so it was just an innocent kiss?”
“Yes.” Wyatt reassured Katie with a kiss in front of Charity to show her he was unavailable.
Charity got the hint—for now. But she vowed to win Wyatt’s heart, no matter what.

Chapter 5 – Thomas & Sally’s Cyber Relationship
Thomas and Sally decided to have an online relationship using Skype but after several months of skyping, Sally was losing interest in Thomas. But the kicker that shook Sally to her core was when she witnessed a-not-so-innocent kiss between Thomas and Caroline when Caroline came up behind Thomas and kissed him passionately while he was talking to Sally.
Thomas swore there was nothing romantic between him and Caroline, but the kiss that she assumed she wasn’t supposed to see proved otherwise. Making an excuse to go offline, Sally signed off with a bewildered Thomas.
It had been days since Sally had signed onto her skype account….and Thomas was getting a little worried?
But, Sally was working at Spectra Fashions new building after $Bill had her building demolished to make room for his stupid skyscraper. The one that nearly cost her and Liam’s lives. And resulted in the kiss she couldn’t deny with Liam.
But Liam assured her that his heart was with Steffy and their unborn child.
But she was pleasantly surprised to see Liam had come to Spectra, but she didn’t like the mood he was in.
“Liam, what’s got you in such a mood?” Sally inquired.
“Steffy!” Liam spoke heatedly about his adulterous wife.
“What’s she done now?” Sally said with sympathy.
“She cheated on me!”
Sally was taken aback by Liam’s confession.
“And get this—she did it with my father!”
Now, Sally was freaked out. She couldn’t believe Saint Steffy would cheat on Liam, but to do it with her father-in-law? That just creeped her out!
“I’m sorry, Liam, did I hear you right?” Sally asked for confirmation. “Did you say Steffy slept with your father?”
But Liam didn’t reply after that, and feeling bad for Liam, Sally just held him in her arms. She didn’t know what to do or say.
The embrace led to a kiss, that started to become more passionate, but Liam pulled away and ran out of Spectra, leaving Sally confused, but feeling badly for what Liam was going through.
Sally turned on her laptop and noticed she had several messages from Thomas on Skype. Should she reveal all to Thomas? Or leave it be?
Meanwhile, Brooke was having a luncheon with Thorne at Il Gardino when $Bill showed up alone. Despite his growing romantic feelings for Steffy, seeing Brooke with Thorne still made $Bill’s blood curdle.

Chapter 6 – Two Marriages on the Rocks
“Maya you have to tell Rick.” Zende pleaded with her. Their secret was taking a toll on his marriage to Nicole, who beginning to suspect something.
“I can’t. Rick wouldn’t understand.”
“How do you know that? He understood about your change when the truth came out?”
“I just can’t tell Rick. Please keep our secret?” Maya pleaded.
Nicole came into Forrester at the tail end of Maya’s chat with Zende and assumed the worst. Maya was hugging Zende, which led Nicole to think that they were having an affair.
“Well, Maya, two can play your game.” Nicole said to herself and ran off to talk to Rick.
Nicole slammed Rick’s door, as Rick became worried for his sister-in-law.
“What’s wrong, Nicole?”
“Your wife and my husband! That’s who!”
“I don’t follow you?”
“Zende and Maya are having an affair!” Nicole said hotly.
“Come again?”
“They’re cheating on us!”
“You have to be mistaken. Maya and Zende wouldn’t do that to us?”
“And how do you know?”
“Maya loves me and Zende loves you.” Rick tried to reason with Nicole.
“I can’t take this!”
Nicole angrily left Rick’s office. She knew he would defend his precious Maya. Well, she was taking it. She went to the Forrester nursery to see her niece, Lizzie. As she was playing with Lizzie, she got an idea. Picking up Lizzie’s things, she grabbed the little girl and took off with her.
Maya needed to see Lizzie as was shocked to find that Lizzie wasn’t in the Forrester nursery.
“Rick, Lizzie is gone!” Maya desperately cried when she found Rick in his office.
Meanwhile, $Bill continued to manipulate to get the object of his desire as Steffy continued to fight for her marriage to Liam. But he was conflicted between Hope and his obligation to be a father to his little girl.
“Hope, you get anywhere with Liam?” $Bill demanded from her
“Liam and I are getting along great. Liam will be mine in no time. Now why don’t you go make Steffy yours and leave me alone!” Hope said irritated with $Bill’s demands.
Satisfied that Hope was keeping her end of their deal, $Bill moved on to his plan to seduce Steffy and make her his.

The Bold and the Beautiful One Shots: $Bill & Hope’s Secret Meeting

A/N: What if $Bill & Hope really were in cahoots to break up Liam & Steffy…..

$Bill waited at the Bikini Bar for Hope to meet there for their secret meeting.
“Hope, where are you?” $Bill left a message on Hope’s voicemail. “I need to know how you’re doing on the Liam Project.”
$Bill was getting ansy wondering where Hope was. He needed to know that she was holding up her end of the bargain to get Liam to fall back in love with her again so he could have Steffy to himself.
It was the perfect plan: make everyone think it was Ridge’s idea to bring Hope and Taylor back to L.A. when in fact, it his bright idea. That ditz Taylor actually thinks she’s the one who shot him! Truth is $Bill had hired someone to shoot him: Sheila Carter! It was fun playing the victim when he was still in charge the whole time!
Back at Liam’s hotel room, Hope getting physical with Liam when she heard her phone ‘s notification bell.
“Liam, I really need to check my messages.” Hope said to a grateful Liam as he kissed her neck in just the right spot, while Hope listened to her voicemail from $Bill.
“Ah, Liam, I really need to go. My mother needs to see me.” Hope lied as she headed out of Liam’s hotel room to meet with $Bill.
10 minutes later, Hope arrived at the Bikini Bar to find a furious $Bill.
“You better have some news to make up for your late arrival!” $Bill seethed.
“Sorry, I was with Liam.” Hope apologized.
“I hope you got somewhere with my son?!”
“Yes. Liam is definitely falling back in love with me.”
“Well, good, Hope. I’m so glad you kept your end of this deal.”
“So, have you got anywhere with Steffy and Taylor?”
“Taylor believes that she shot me and Steffy is about to give Liam the annulment papers.”
“Cheers.” Hope said holding up a glass. “Looks like we got everything we wanted.”
For once, $Bill agreed with Hope as he clinked his glass to Hope’s.

Love & Mate: A Buffy the Vampire Slayer Fanfiction

Chapter 1- The Demise
Buffy, Spike, and Angel are trapped together hands bound and mouths gagged.
“Tragic how your blood will be spilt!”
After that big fallout in L.A., they were left to pick up the pieces of the broken body parts of Illyria. Then, bury Gunn and Wesley. Sadly, both boys were taken by surprise. “I am Thorne, you see, your Slayer, here greatly offended me by staking my master and I am delivering the blow!”
He had a long line of torture devices, ranging from small knives to large knives. He picked the largest one with Celtic writings. “I am going to make you watch as I torment her,” he grinned.
Angel was testing his chains to see if he could break.
“You bloody pillock,” screamed Spike also thrashing around. “Don’t you fuckin touch my girl!”
“Please William, if I want her, I’ll have her! If I want to, I’ll break her…!”
Angelus was now struggling, I could tell. It won’t be long before she’s completely mine.
Like a dutiful childe, she came to stand by him. “Sire, when are you going to turn the Slayer…?” He smiled at her.
“Come Willow, we have things to do…” She grabbed his hand and allowed him to walk her into the night air.

Chapter 2- Feed
He swallowed a mouthful of her blood, the strongest Slayer drug was still in her system, he had ripped it out of the Council himself, a Cruciamentum drug.
William the Bloody cried out in protest as I fed from her. She was delicious and I beckoned Willow to try some. I backhanded the bitch. Boy she was tougher than she looked!
“Come on little girl, don’t pass out on me!” She gazed at me tiredly, the light gone out of her eyes. Bingo, she was about to give up. With her friend dead, she had no one on her side.
I am destroying her sanity.

Chapter 3- Awake
Buffy let a low growl-rumble through her chest to her head, the pain was growing and it was coming from her stomach. Spike/Angel almost tore through their bonds. She gazed at her sire curiously. “Hungry!”
“You are exquisite,” he said with lust, hungrily gauzing her.
“You turned her vertigo,” said one of his 6 female Vamps.
“What can I say, I practically ripped it off of Angelus- driving his victims insane, torturing them mentally and psychotically, then turning them!” He reached out. “Come here!”
The newborn obediently obliged. “Hungry,” she repeated.
“Willow, get her something to eat!”
She followed through the instructions and returned with a young girl. “Drink from her,” he commanded and her fangs elongated.
Watching Buffy kill had been tremendous torture, an act of violation to her nature, but watching her enjoy it was worse.
She was drinking greedily, taking her time, and actually moaning to the healing effect. It was returning her strengths and cleaning her body of the drug. “We will go hunting later…”

Chapter 4- Party On
‘Hunting and Buffy just did not go,’ thought Spike angrily.
Angel was distressed. She was dressed in a beautiful Red gown and her hair was curled making her Green eyes seem even more innocent, but this creature wasn’t innocent, not by human standards. She was lithe and powerful also evil.
“Who would you like to eat first? Kennedy, Rona, or Vi?” Asked her Vampire best friend.
“Kennedy,” she said with distaste. Even her soul hated her. It was because of her, she was kicked out. She was just a distraction. “I would like to break her, make her beg for mercy before her throat is ripped out!” They giggled, clutching onto their sire.
Chapter 5- Hunting Competition
“Thank you for turning me into a monster. I couldn’t have asked for anything more luxurious than this.”
As the Slayer, they always expected me to do my duty, everything had to be done right, I was handed a stake and just told to slay Vampires. Didn’t even have the proper training before Merrick was killed. I hated being used like a sacrificial lamb. I was only 15!”
Marie: It’s like they needed us at the altar or something. She was another Slayer turned, one of the former SITS.
They headed to the park, Willow and Buffy holding hands, swinging side- by- side. “Oh, the freedom is great, but there are other things about being a Vampire… Like chaos, mayhem, and destruction.”
They saw the human.

Chapter 6 – Destruction
Buffy and Willow preyed on the human in the park, waiting to pounce on him and devour him. . .then make him feed on them. . .turn him. . .
Buffy saw her chance and walked up to the man, began chatting with him, getting a feel for his friendliness. . .then. . .
The man was out cold when Buffy slit her wrist and put it to the man’s mouth to feed upon.
“You do that well.” Willow noticed.
“It’s easy. . .not to mention, a hell of a lot more fun than slaying vampires.” Buffy told her.
“Uh oh!” Willow warned Buffy. “Look who’s coming!”
Buffy turned to spy Cordy with Angel, walking hand in hand. Ever since Angel hooked up with Cordy, Buffy detested Cordy. She couldn’t believe that Cordy would turn to Angel when she knew how Buffy felt about Angel.
“So. Let the two be.” Buffy said. “I have no use for Angel anymore.”
But deep down, it hurt to see Angel with that spiteful girl. Cordy would pay and pay dearly for taking Angel from her. But for now, Buffy turned her attention to the man she had just turned as he got up with a strange hunger for raw meat and blood.
“You’re one of us now.” Buffy told the man. “I am your master for I sired you.”
The man went on his way looking for something to curb his growing hunger. . .until Buffy gave her call.

Chapter 7- Revenge
Now that Buffy had fulfilled her quest to her sire, it was time for revenge—on Cordy for taking Angel from her.
Buffy stalked Cordy and Angel as they walked hand in hand, kissing each other hungrily every few steps. It was sickening to watch, as if they couldn’t get enough.
Buffy waited.
Waited for just the right moment. . . .
Angel left poor Cordy alone. Buffy could now seek her revenge on Cordy. Buffy swooped in on a unsuspecting Cordy and bit her neck. As Cordy went limp in Buffy’s arms, Buffy thought of just letting Cordy die, but she knew it would be more fun if Cordy were a vamp, soulless, like her. So she let Cordy feed from her until Cordy was turned.
“What did you do to me!” Cordy screamed, as she looked into the mirror and saw no reflection. “It can’t be!”
“Yes, dear Cordy! You are my childe!” Buffy laughed.
“Angel?” Cordy cried. “What will he think now that I’m one too?”
But Cordy didn’t have to wait a second longer when Angel showed up looking for Cordy when she failed to meet him at the time they agreed.
“Cordy, I was getting worried?” Angel said, horrified at her new look.
“Angel, you can’t. . .” Cordy began before trailing off, not wanting to tell him she was a vamp, but the hunger was getting worse. She knew she needed some fresh blood soon.
“Cordy, you look sick?” Angel said with concern, as Buffy laughed at the two of them. It was even better than Buffy imagined.
“What did you do to her, Buffy?” Angel demanded.
“Whatever do you mean?” Buffy said innocently.
“You turned Cordy!”
“Yes, Angelus, I did!” Buffy retorted.

Chapter 8 – Angel’s Lament
As Angel tended to Cordy and helped her with her hunger, Spike met with Buffy. Gawd! She was even more desireable as a vamp! He wanted her now!
“See somethin’ you like?” Buffy asked Spike, noticing how he was looking at her.
“What the hell!” Buffy thought to herself. “What could be wrong with giving Spike what he wanted.”
And Buffy went in for the kill as she moved in to give Spike a kiss. He went for it as he kissed her fervently, hungry for whatever she gave him as the two of them made passionate love.
As Buffy and Spike made love to each other, they were unaware of the audience they had as Angel watched the two lovers. Angel was now seeking his revenge on Buffy for turning Cordy, and Spike, for taking his girl.
Back at Giles’ store, Willow was minding the store while Xander was making out with Anya. But Willow wouldn’t be alone for long, as Tara was on her way to see Willow.
“Tara?” Willow said surprised to see her.
“I needed to see you.” Tara said, looking outside.
“Tara, what’s wrong? Why do you keep looking out the window?”
“Someone tried to kill me!”
“What? Who?” Willow said as she pulled Tara from the window just as a gun sounded.
Willow placed her body over Tara’s, but when she got off Tara’s body after the gunfire, it was too late as she saw Tara had been shot.
“Tara!” Willow screamed, shaking Tara’s lifeless body, and sending Xander and Anya inside, the two lovers oblivious to the gunfire.
“What’s all the noise!” Xander yelled coming into the store.
“Tara’s been shot!” Willow yelled.
“What? How?” Anya said confused.
“You didn’t hear the gunshots?”
“No. I guess Xander and I were too busy.”
“We heard someone screaming and came inside.” Xander said.
“She’s not…..” Willow said, almost afraid to say it.
“No, she has a pulse.” Xander said, feeling Tara’s pulse on her inner arm.
As Willow breathed a sigh of relief, Xander covered Tara’s body with a blanket as Anya called an ambulance to take Tara to the hospital.

Chapter 9 – Angel’s Revenge
Tara lay in her hospital bed in a coma as Willow stayed vigil by her lover’s side. Angel waited in the closet of Tara’s hospital room so he wouldn’t be discovered, cursing Willow for coming in and delaying his revenge.
Angel had no choice but to wait for Willow to leave. He got an idea how to get Willow to leave Tara’s hospital room.
“Xander, can you take Willow to dinner?” Angel said quietly so Willow wouldn’t hear him.
“She’s with Tara. I don’t think she’ll want to leave her?”
“Find a reason to get her to come along!” Angel told Xander, quietly losing his patience.
“Okay. I’m on it.”
A few minutes later, Xander came into Tara’s room and sat next to Willow.
“Hey, Willow, you need to eat. How about you join Anya and me for dinner?” Xander said.
“I can’t.” Willow said, trembling under her breath.
“Tara will be okay. Staff is looking in on her.”
“You don’t think she’ll be mad if I leave?”
“You have to keep your strength….”
“Okay.” Willow agreed, as Xander helped her out of Tara’s room, to Angel’s glee.
As soon as Xander and Willow were gone, Angel came out of the closet and pulled the I.V. from his pocket and quickly injected Tara’s I.V. bag.
As Angel quickly left Tara’s hospital room, Tara flatlined as hospital staff came into the room to administer to tend to Tara.

Chapter 10 – Dark Revenge
Willow became frantic when she tried to see Tara as hospital staff forced her out so they could work to revive Tara.
After unsuccessful attempts, Tara was pronounced dead.
Willow went ballistic when the doctor told Willow about Tara’s demise. Thoughts of revenge went to Buffy as Willow morphed into Dark Willow.
Angelus gave a sly smile as he watched everything go down…now was the time to work on Buffy and Spike…soon, Buffy would be his…forever!
While Dark Willow was busy hunting Buffy down, Angelus found her…in bed with Spike. Angelus blood ran cold as rage seethed through his mind.
Spike and Buffy were shocked beyond belief when Angelus came through the bedroom window and grabbed Spike and threw him out the broken window.
Then, grabbing a horrified Buffy, Angelus kissed her hard on the lips. After he was done, Buffy gave Angelus a hard smack in the face.
“Get out of my room, Angel! I never want to see you again!”
Angelus knew he did wrong, but the rage inside him made him do it. Buffy was his…and Buffy would be his! Spike needed to know that! One way or another!