Crucifixion: A Buffy the Vampire Slayer Fanfiction

In a pretend Season 8 of the tv show (NOT COMICS), Buffy is turned into a Vampire with a soul, but she chooses to lose her soul.

Chapter 1
Who knows how powerful a Slayer could be when she is turned. Or you could drive her insane. This was reality. And it was cruel. Buffy felt the heat of his stare. Bare essentials.
“Why,” she croaked.
The Vampire chuckled. “I am older than any Vampire you’ve ever known. The original one.” He carried on like he was bragging.
“It wasn’t desire,” she spat. Henry turned to slap her and the demon froze up. Was this what submission felt like…?
“You’re lucky I kept you the way you are due to the special power inside of you. Otherwise, my dream was to create a minion, a weakling, an obedient servant!”
Buffy turned her head away to look out the window at the sunlight blinking at the emptiness that she felt. This wasn’t her life. This was death.
He left her in the room with the chained up young man also looking at her. But he was frightened by the Yellow eyes and brow ridges that adorned her forehead or the way she wouldn’t look anywhere but at that window with an eerie quiet silence. She wasn’t trembling, just soaked it all in. She wasn’t human anymore. A living walking thing, the shadow spoke.
It spoke to her everyday and she was walking into a Drusilla-like coma.
“You might as well get used to death darling…” He kissed her temple and walked away laughing.

Chapter 2
His beating pulse was deflating fast. She just yanked his head and sucked harder. The breathing was stopping as the body went limp and she let go, crawling back to be chained up by a minion. She stared at the cauls of chains being locked to the wall and gazed up at her sire. Pretending to be insane was easier said than done. “Did I satisfy you daddy?”
He nodded and threw her the doll. She held onto it wearing her hair like Drusilla did from Halloween years ago and entangled its locks. “Pretty moon, all Red and naughty, what do you think Miss Lily…?”
The female servant’s eyes widened. The White dress now hung around her body like a canvas. It mirrored the raven beau’s. In fact, they pawned it from a shop. It was indeed Dru’s just like the other White dress from when Spike captured Angel and had his wicked plum torture her for hours. She liked torture and watched the humans as they lined up against the wall waiting for their punishments. Wicked knives, saws, stakes, whips, and fire pokers. She loved to hear screams and crying, the begging for mercy that wouldn’t come except for the wailings.
“Kill her,” whispered his new Queen having on her deep Red lipstick.
Henry growled, “No she is mine!” Beatrice snarled and went up, kicking her stomach.
Beatrice was vicious ripping into her skin with nails and scratching and punching.
Henry held up a hand. “That is enough!”
He tore her away from the laughing Vampiress.
“Let’s go, we have to prepare for the ceremony!” She grinned at the blond and purposely reached up to kiss him full on the lips, watching her with Yellow eyes. “Darling, why do you get all the fun!?!”
Days later, her insanity was no longer an act as the voices grew hostile and bickered loudly, screaming inside her mind.
Torture and more torture drove her to the shadows and the more she hid from the outside, the more she lost a part of herself.

Chapter 3
“She isn’t lucid,” she heard whispers. She knew it was the minions trying to stay far away from the psychotic creature.
She just giggled and talked to her doll, forcing tea of blood into her mouth.
Beatrice: Why do you keep the insane b*** around!?!
Henry: I am getting tired of you hurling insults at the poor child and the way you abuse her makes me regret turning you!
She backed away from him frightened as his face emerged, holding a stake.
Buffy fumbled around the room, looking at the other dolls and giving them each a piece of cake. She smiled. “Daddy is being cross with mommy…?”

Chapter 4
Buffy, in her Drusilla-like trance, looked at her dolls again and spoke to them in that Drusilla-like voice when Spike found her in Henry’s dungeon.
“Hey, Buffy.” Spike said grabbing her arm.
“Look! It’s a birdie!” Buffy spoke to Spike in her Drusilla voice. “Isn’t it lovely?”It broke Spike’s heart (whatever he had of it) to see Buffy that way. He had to bring her back. What Henry and Beatrice did to her wasn’t right.
“Come on, Buf!” Spike urged her to go with him. But it was too late. Henry arrived and grabbed at Spike.
“So, you tried to free the Slayer.” Henry warned him. “You’re going to regret your actions!”
“What you did to her is wrong!” Spike protested, trying to break free. But it was of no use. Henry was stronger than him at the moment due to Spike being weak from not drinking his allotment of blood.
Henry threw Spike into a cell in his dungeon across from where Buffy was.
“Psst!” Spike whispered as he tried to get Buffy’s attention. But she just kept talking to what was now a dead rat in her cell.
“Pretty baby!” Buffy singsonged in her Drusilla voice. “What happened to you?
“Buffy!” Spike yelled at her. “Snap out of it!”
Buffy looked up at him. “What Spiky Baby?”
“Listen to me!” Spike tried to get through to her. “We have to find a way out of here!”
“Oh, no!” Buffy warned. “The Master says I mustn’t!”
It was of no use. Spike had to find a way to get the both of them out of there . . . and fast.

Chapter 5
It was now or never as Spike grabbed Buffy as he pushed Buffy through the window and jumped out after her. Buffy was still dazed and talking like Drusilla in her singsong voice when he grabbed Buffy’s hand and ran far away from the dungeon that Henry had them both captive in. Spike could hear Henry’s voice in the distance as they were running away.
“Find them!” Henry demanded to his men.
15 minutes later, Spike and Buffy managed to get to safety when they came to the abandoned high school and went inside. They took cover until the coast was clear of Henry’s men looking for them.
Spike led Buffy to a secluded spot and told her to stay put while he went to look for something to start a fire to keep Buffy warm and find something to eat.
Spike came back a half an hour later to find Buffy singing to a dead rat that she had found lying on the ground.
“Buffy, c’mon, please. Snap out of it.” Spike pleaded.
“Looky Spiky, I found a baby!”Buffy said in that awful singsong voice that Spike hated.
“Here, I got some food for you, Buffy.” Spike said, handing her the food, but Buffy pushed it away.
“I’m not Buffy!” Buffy yelled at him.
“Okay, Dru.” Spike said, playing along, but secretly hoping Buffy would come out of her trance.
“That’s better.” She said to him, as she got up and began to kiss him.
Unable to resist her, Spike gave into Buffy’s kisses as the two began to make love. Buffy kissed Spike in all the right spots that caused Spike to make love to her the whole night through and since there was nothing better to do, Spike and Buffy laid in each other’s arms all night.
“Was it good for you?” Buffy said in her Drusilla-like singsong voice.
“Yes, pet, it was.”

Chapter 6
A storm was brewing over Sunnydale. As Buffy and Spike basked in their passion, minions were wreaking havoc. Xander and Anya did their best to fight off the minions with Angel’s help, but they needed the Slayer. Even Faith didn’t’ seem to be able to fight off the minions.
“Where the hell is the Buffy?!” Xander yelled as one of the minions sucker-punched him.
While Xander, Anya, Faith and the rest of the Scoobies did their best to fight off the minions, Spike and Buffy continued making love, unbeknownst to the hell that Sunnydale was going through.
When all looked like the minions were losing, Buffy appeared out of nowhere as Angel and the Scoobies hoped Buffy would crush the minions, but instead, Buffy did the unexpected.
As Buffy stood there watching the Scoobies fight the minions, one of the minions got the better of Angel as they knocked him unconscious.
Buffy ran over to Angel and as she picked up a stake to take Angel out, Xander stopped her.
“Why did you do that?!” Buffy shouted at him.

Chapter 7
Buffy wanted revenge! Xander ruined her plot to kill Angel. Those damn Scoobies always ruined her plan. They all thought she was about good, but now she was basking in the real Buffy’s body. She was Dru inside Buffy’s body. And she wanted Angel destroyed once and for all!
Xander was going to pay for ruining her chance to take Angel out!!!!
Xander, Anya, Willow and Giles met at Giles’ store to discuss Buffy’s sudden change of heart. Too bad they didn’t realize that Buffy was just outside Giles’ store listening to their rants about what was going on with Buffy.
“What are we going to do about Buffy?” Willow asked concerned for her friend.
“I know one thing, we need to find Buffy and detain her until we can figure out what is going on with her.” Giles suggested, unbeknownst to everyone that he was not Giles, but The Ripper.
The Ripper needed the blood of the “Chosen One” to gain the powers of Acathla. And he hoped the Scoobies would lead him to the Slayer.
“Well, I know where Buffy likes to go when she’s feeling stressed.” Willow chimed in.
“Thank you, Willow.” Giles/The Ripper said. “Show me where you think Buffy is.”
As Giles/The Ripper followed Willow, followed by Xander and Anya, they were surprised when they got to Buffy’s spot and found themselves held hostage in the grotto.
Buffy laughed menacingly when Giles/The Ripper and the Scoobies realized that Buffy had outsmarted them.
“Buffy, what are you doing?” Willow said, pleading with her friend to let them out.
“You think you were going to let this maniac take me?!” Buffy railed at them.
“Buffy what are talking about?” Willow asked her friend, confused by Buffy’s rant.
“That man inside the grotto is not Giles!” Buffy wailed at them.
“What do you mean? Of course it’s Giles!” Willow told her.
“No, he’s not! But you were always too trusting for your own good!” Buffy said, as she left her “friends” with The Ripper, who looked angry that he had been deceived by Buffy.

Chapter 8
The Ripper, with his menacing look, came at the Scoobies. They couldn’t believe that Buffy would leave them in their time of need.
Buffy was busy thwarting the demons that wreaked havoc on Sunnydale. She decided she could only count on herself. It was good because she getting of the Scoobies whining constantly. In fact, the only one she could stomach was Spike. God, he was hot. Give her some of that man sandwich any day. She couldn’t enough of Spike ever since their encounter the other day.
It was heaven on earth…that kiss that sparked between them.
Well, speak of the devil…Spike was in the cemetery. Buffy would stop her hunting. Suddenly she needed what Spike had to offer.
As she watched Spike smack a demon against the tree before staking it…oh my…….
Spike saw Buffy and went to her. She gave in as the two kissed again.
While Spike and Buffy were busy getting it on, the Scoobies were left to get themselves out of the jam they were in with The Ripper….

Chapter 9
After what seemed like hours, the Scoobies were finally able to outsmart The Ripper, with no help from Buffy. When they found Buffy in the cemetery with Spike…anger seethed in them as they sought revenge for leaving them with The Ripper.
“Ahem.” Willow coughed interrupting Buffy’s moment with Spike.
“Willow.” Buffy said surprised to see her and the rest of Scoobies. She thought they were goners after she left them to their defense with The Ripper.
“Yes, Buffy we got away from The Ripper…no thanks to you.” Willow said angrily, with nods from the other Scoobies.
“I knew you could do it.” Buffy said encouraging.
“I thought we were friends?” Anya asked.
“Sorry. I had better things to do.” Buffy defended herself.
“Make out with Spike?” Xander accused.
“What of it?” Buffy scoffed.
“Well, we don’t need you anymore.” Willow told Buffy. “We’re through!”
As Willow and the other Scoobies took off, Buffy continued what she and Spike were doing.
“Buffy, I want you now.” Spike said as they made out, oblivious to the demon that was wreaking in the cemetery.

Chapter 10
Buffy and Spike were too busy getting it on while demons and minions wreaked havoc in the cemetery and the rest of Sunnydale. The Scoobies did their best to diminish them, but they overpowered them and sent them to a prison.
They needed Buffy, but they didn’t want to admit it since they were angry with her.
After Buffy and Spike had finished their make-out session, they looked around to discover the mess that Sunnydale was in. Demons and minions were in control and the Scoobies were nowhere to be found.
“Spike, what have we done?” Buffy wailed.
“Guess we were busy thinking of ourselves.” Spike said guiltily.
“Well, we better remedy the situation.” Buffy told him.
“Yes. I think you two should.” Angel agreed.
With the Scoobies stuck inside their prison, Buffy, Spike and Angel worked to get rid of the demons and minions controlling Sunnydale. It was the least they could do….


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