Rumors: A JJ & Paige Romance

JJ Devereaux and Lani Price are set to marry before Lani’s baby is born,when JJ’s not-so-dead girlfriend suddenly pops up in Salem to expose Lani’s secret. Will the secret bring JJ and Paige closer together? And Theo is back in Salem after rehabilitation, only to discover his girlfriend, Claire has moved on with Tripp Dalton-Johnson. Will Theo turn to Ciara?

JJ Devereaux – Casey Moss
Lani Price – Sal Stowers
Eli Grant – Lamon Archey
Dr. Valerie Grant – Vanessa Williams
Mayor Abe Carver – James Reynolds
Jennifer Devereaux – Melissa Reeves
Paige Larson – True O’brien
Theo Carver – Kyler Pettis
Claire Brady – Olivia Rose Keegan
Tripp Dalton-Johnson – Lucas Adams
Eve Donovan – Kassie DePaiva
Steve “Patch” Johnson – Stephen Nichols
Dr. Kayla Brady-Johnson – Mary Beth Evans

Chapter 1
JJ hadn’t been so happy since his suicide attempt after he accidentally shot Theo Carver. But he and Lani Price, who was pregnant, were getting married. JJ, while happy that he was going to be a father, found it to be a total shock. But proposed to Lani, who despite the secret she was withholding, accepted JJ’s proposal—the secret was safe, Lani thought.
Lani and JJ were spending their last night as single people with their prospective families, JJ’s mother, Jennifier, and Lani’s father, Abe.
Eve, on the other hand, was despondent over the death of her daughter, Paige Larson, at the hands of Ben Weston, who turned out to be the Necktie Killer. She was sad wondering why she couldn’t come back after Will Horton, another victim of Ben’s, came back.
But no one could anticipate the next day’s surprise as Paige Larson board a bus bound for Salem. She had been keeping up on Salem news and thought JJ and Lani’s wedding day would be the perfect day to come back to Salem.
Paige knew she’d have to explain her “death” to friends and family, but she decided that would be nothing when she exposed Lani’s secret that JJ wasn’t the father of her baby.
Meanwhile, passion ignited for Tripp and Claire, who could no longer deny each other any longer. As the two made love, Theo was also on a flight back to Salem to surprise his girlfriend, Claire.


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