The Bold & the Beautiful One Shots: $Bill Gets Even

$Bill Gets Even

$Bill was not having a good day. Ever since Liam ousted him from his life after the revelation that he slept with Steffy, $Bill’s life went from bad to worse.

Sally Spectra stormed into my office and nearly took his head off firing a shot that narrowly missed him and hit his precious Sky (the skyscraper he has been trying to get built).

Now, my son, Wyatt, boldly walks into my office and announces he’s happily engaged—to my ex-wife, Katie, who apparently have been seeing each other since the Spencer Summit in Monte Carlo.

There is no way I will put up with Wyatt marrying my ex-wife, the mother of my son, Will.

And if they don’t heed my warning—I will take my son from Katie.

As for Sally Spectra, she will never get her company off the ground! I will make sure of that!!


The Young and Restless One Shots: Nick Learns the Truth about Christian

Nick Learns the Truth about Christian

After reading Chelsea’s letter explaining why she left, he is left with a mystery about his son, Christian. Wondering what Chelsea meant, he seeks Phyllis for answers, but Phyllis decides it’s best not to tell Nick what she knows.

So Nick goes to the one person he can count on—Sharon—who decides that Nick deserves to know the truth about Christian, and tells him that she found out Christian is Adam’s son, not his.

Not wanting to believe Sharon, Nick inevitably orders a paternity test and the results confirm what Sharon told him—Christian is indeed Adam’s son!
After Nick tells Victor and Nikki that he knows Christian is Adam’s son, Victor reveals to his son that he knew all along and so did Phyllis.

Feeling betrayed by family and friends, Nick does a search for his brother, Dylan McAvoy. Despite Dylan being in the witness protection program, he never thought he’d actually find him.

Knowing finding Dylan could pose a risk, Nick needed to see his brother.
So Nick booked a flight for the middle east to see Dylan.

After Nick arrived in the middle east, and found Dylan’s hotel, Dylan was shocked to see his brother.

“Dylan, I know how you feel.” Nick sobbed in his brothers arms.

After Nick relayed the whole Christian paternity issue, the two bonded over the fact that they were both victims of a twisted paternity scheme.

Days of Our Lives One Shots: Abigail/Gabi (Gabigail)


What is wrong with me? I’ve been having some dreams about Gabi murdering Andre. Then I get these piercing headaches and I black out. I have moments I can’t remember before waking up in my bed next to my loving husband, Chad.

Poor Abby! She doesn’t know what’s hit her, but it’s fun to come out and play. Messing with Stefan is pure joy. He thinks I’m Abigail. That honorable twit. She’s fun and all, it’s time for Salem to experience Gabby.

General Hospital One Shots: Who Did Laura Really Marry?

Franco continues counseling with Dr. Kevin Collins, unbeknownst to Franco and everyone else in Port Charles, including Laura, Kevin’s wife, that he’s really Kevin’s twin brother, Ryan Collins.

Turns out, Ryan didn’t die after all. He has been masquerading as his brother, Kevin for years. Ryan has kept the real Kevin imprisoned on Cassadine Island in Greece.

Laura never made it to Spencer’s school. Ryan intercepted Laura before she made it to her flight and kidnapped her. After revealing who he really is, Ryan then flew Laura to Cassadine Island where she is now in the same cell with the real Kevin.

What is Ryan hiding and why has he been living Kevin’s life with the real Kevin being imprisoned for so many years? And will Laura and the real Kevin fall in love, make their escape and confront Ryan in Port Charles?

For Eternity: A Buffy the Vampire Slayer Fanfiction

Let’s say that Angelus doesn’t get his soul returned and stays alive, but Drusilla pushes Buffy into Acathla. Soon, Angelus, Dru and Spike will rule Sunnydale while Buffy’s in Hell facing her Vampire double, the one from Season 1’s ‘Nightmares.’ She says something that will make Buffy want to become a Vampire by showing her that she could go to Heaven and leave her Demon on the Earth and will show her all of Giles’ betrayals/what could happen to her. She gets to see her future through a looking glass of Hell.
That leaves her questioning her friends until she decides to become a full Vampire and sadly she doesn’t go anywhere but in this Demonic body forever and she’s even happy. She is glad to get rid of her calling and even though with a soul, becomes bad. The other Vampire disappears, spitting her out of Acathla and into Angel’s apartment which he now abandoned to live at the factory.

Buffy Summers – Sarah Michelle Gellar
Angel – David Boreanaz
Spike – James Marsten
Drusilla – Juliet Landau
Rupert Giles – Anthony Head
Willow – Alyson Hannigan

Chapter 1
Let’s say that Angelus doesn’t get his soul returned and stays alive, but Drusilla pushes Buffy into Acathla. Soon, Angelus Dru and Spike will rule Sunny Dale while Buffy’s in Hell facing her Vampire double, the one from Billy Palmer’s little dream reality.
She says something that will make Buffy want to become a Vampire by showing her that she could go to Heaven and leave her Demon on the Earth and will show her all of Giles’ betrayals/what could happen to her. She gets to see her future through a looking glass of Hell.
That leaves her questioning her friends until she decides to become a full Vampire and sadly she doesn’t go anywhere but in this Demonic body forever and she’s even happy. She is glad to get rid of her calling and even though with a soul, becomes bad. The other Vampire disappears, spitting her out of Acathla and into Angel’s apartment which he abandoned to live at the factory. So now, she reads a book, one of his about romance and passion. She smirks. Angelus was ‘GREAT’ at giving ‘passion.’
‘Yeah, great at losing his soul,’ she got all dark at the memory.
But then, she loves being dark these days, her little escape from the real world.
A get away from duty. Boy, Giles would have a cow! G- man, she corrected with a twist to her lips.
‘Cool it, they’ll all be evil soon,’ she berated herself.
She knew Angelus would turn one of her friends, maybe 2 if she was lucky, but not Xander because he had a hand in Acathla. Well, his plan to send Angel to Hell failed and sent his best friend.
The jacka** was going to be killed, slowly and painfully.

Chapter 2
“Jenny’s dead, what more do I have to live for,” he asked the King and Queen sitting on their throne with Spike growling next to them. The urge to punch the bride and take her was stronger. If you see close up, he was crying. And Dru was laughing with her daddy.
The more he sat around, the more he wanted to down his slosh and bake in the sun.
“Willy my boy, aren’t you having fun…?” No, not what you call ‘fun’, being someone’s reject.
His jaw clenched. ‘Just you wait, Angelus, my boy’ was his wicked grinning thought.
Giles sat perfectly still, he felt emotionless since Angel’s soul went away. He was just fine, emotions dried out, no tears to cry.
He was content to just wallow in his misery.

Chapter 3
Buffy watched as Angel tortured Giles, or G-man. It served Giles right, the way he pushed her too far. Boy would they all be surprised when they saw what she had become, Buffy thought, as she continued to watch Angel torture Giles. But his attention wavered when he saw Xander approaching.
“No!” Buffy said silently to herself. “Don’t touch him! Xander’s mine for the taking!”
Buffy wanted a hand in Xander’s demise for his role in sending her to Acathla and into this soulless body, which she actually loved, but did not want them to know the truth.
As Angel left Giles to his misery, he headed for Xander, but Buffy beat him to it and held Xander in her grasp, baring her fangs.
“Buffy!” Angel exclaimed, smiling at the sight of seeing the fangs. “The look looks great on you!”
“Go!” Buffy ordered. “He’s mine!”
“Okay!” Angel said, and went back to Giles.
“Buffy, what’s got into you?” Giles cried out to her.
“You!” Buffy wailed. “I’m tired of being your protégé!”
“But you were such a promising student.” Giles protested.
“This is the new Buffy! New and improved!” Buffy informed Giles, Angel and Xander. “And you’re all going to be sorry you crossed me!”
As Buffy let Xander go, she ordered Angel not to harm him, and gave dire instructions to her new minions if Angel did try to harm Xander.

Chapter 4
Buffy remembered what was shown to her in Acathla as she reviewed images of past events of Giles’ betrayals, as well as those of the Scooby gang. Now that she was here on earth as a Vampire, she was going to get revenge on everyone who betrayed her.
It was just odd that she found herself in Angelus’ apartment as he was making love to Drusilla. That’s when it came to her. How to get back at Angelus (that’s what Buffy now intended to call Angel from now on due to his betrayal). She would find Spike and let Angelus find her in the same position she found Angelus and Drusilla in. And just her luck, Spike was happening along now.
“Spike!” Buffy called out to him.
Spike turned around to find Buffy waiting for him near some trees.
“You want a piece of me?” Buffy taunted him. “Now’s your chance to have it!”
Being in love with the slayer for as long as he could remember, Spike took Buffy up on her offer.
“Okay.” Spike agreed. “Here I am.”
“Shhh. Just one moment.” Buffy seductively said as she sent Angelus a hypnotizing message that immediately made Angelus leave Drusilla’s side and towards Buffy’s signal.
As soon as Buffy knew Angelus was at the scene, she went full steam on and gave Spike what he wanted as she passionately kissed him full on the lips, giving Angelus a show that made him seethe with anger and jealousy.
Moments later, Spike and Buffy finally came up for air. Buffy smiled slyly knowing that Angelus got what he deserved. Poor Spike. He didn’t know what hit him.

Chapter 5
Buffy was on the prowl for fresh meat when Spike found her. He couldn’t get their kiss off his mind and wanted more. Buffy, hot and bothered, ravaging him. He was hooked.
“Buffy?” Spike said, hoping Buffy wanted him.
“What do you want, Spike?” Buffy said irritated he was ruining the prey she had just found.
Spike couldn’t wait for Buffy’s answer as he kissed her hard on the lips, to which Buffy resisted by pulling away and shoving him away from her.
“What was that for?” Spike said surprised at her reaction to his kiss.
“For kissing me!” Buffy said, irritated.
“But…” Spike said confused. “…you liked it last night?”
“What are you talking about?” Buffy said, not wanting him to know she was a vampire.
“You came on to me and we kissed.”
“What are you on, Spike?” Buffy replied. “We did not!”
“Okay, but whatever it was between us, you liked it, and you had me hot.”
Spike moved in to kiss her hoping for more action, but Buffy just threw across the cemetery and went looking for more prey. But Angelus coming at Spike stopped Buffy as she hid in the bushes and watched the fight that was about to ensue between Spike and Angelus.
The two vampires threw punches as Angel’s aggression came out, to Buffy’s glee. She loved the two vampires fighting over her. Not that either of them was going to win her heart.
No, she had plans for Angelus and Spike, as well as Xander and the rest of the Scoobies. And she couldn’t wait to show them her revenge.

Chapter 6
Buffy summoned Giles—or G-man–Angel, Spike and the Scooby gang to Giles’ store where she would exact her revenge on them for their betrayal.
Buffy showed up and stood outside Giles’ store where she could view everything from an undisclosed location and not be seen by any of them.
Angel and Spike were arguing over Buffy and Giles and the Scoobies were engrossed in heavy conversation about her.
It was perfect! None of them would know what hit them when she exacted her revenge!
As G-man, Spike, Angel, and the Scoobies continued their heated conversations, they were shocked when the roof to the store came crashing down on top of them.
Buffy watched the whole scenario take down all of them. G-man and everyone were pinned under the rubble. Buffy waited for everyone to wake from the rubble———-
Cordy was the first to wake and was shocked to see Buffy standing on the counter. A few minutes later, Angel and Spike came to. G-man and the other Scoobies were the last to wake.
“Buffy!” Cordy said, surprised to see her.
“Welcome to my world!” Buffy announced to them all. “Now you are all prisoners in my world!”
Cordy and the rest of them tried to move but couldn’t. It was as if they were frozen to their spots!
“Buffy, what have you done to us?!” Angel asked.
“I told you…I am your Queen. Your ruler.” Buffy said. “Now, rise before me!”
Angel and everyone miraculously stood before Buffy and bowed before you. Buffy laughed maniacally…….

Chapter 7
Angel, Spike, Dru and the Scooby gang didn’t like the way Buffy was controlling them. They all agreed to revolt against Buffy and her tyranny.
But Buffy would make it hard for them to turn against her. They would all be sorry for turning against her!
Angel finally found a way to gain control and take Buffy down—but it would come at a price! Would Angel be willing to pay that price for control?
Glory was sure Angel would—he just need a little push.
Using a little feminine wiles on the hunky vampire, Glory convinced the vampire to go along with her plan.
It would be too late for Angel, Glory laughed. Angel was a stupid fool. He thought he was taking Buffy down—when in truth…he was allowing her to take over as Queen!

Dying Wish: A Buffy the Vampire Slayer Fanfiction

Kralik turns Buffy in Season 3 and she runs into Spike.
A futuristic Spike from Season 6. How she came to be in Season 6 instead of Season 3, through a wish that Halfrek grants and suddenly, the turned Vampire Slayer is switched with ‘our’ Slayer from the ‘Bargaining’ which stays in Heaven. This one is soulless.

Chapter 1
“What is your wish before you die…?”
“I- I- wish I got to see it all before…” Someone grinned noxiously.
And suddenly, this alternate universe one is switched with our older one. Willow’s spell had gone wrong too the urn was destroyed, the blood of the foul stained the ground, and all of the incents left unburned/untouched on the floor.
The soulless Demon shoved the dirt up with no fear.

Chapter 2
Cordy ran into Buffy, unbeknownst to her, that Buffy wasn’t herself.
“Buffy? I’m glad I found you.”
“Yes, Cordy. What do you want?” the new soulless Buffy asked.
“Everything is gone weird around Sunnydale.” Cordy informed her.
“Like, how do you mean?” the soulless Buffy asked, wanting Cordy to leave so she could hunt for victims.
“Willow’s spell. . .it’s gone wrong.” Cordy said with fear. “And Willow’s not the same.”
“Willow. . .not the same?” Buffy contemplated, knowing she too wasn’t herself.
“Yes, she’s been turned. . .evil?”
Just then, Willow came barreling towards Cordy, who tried to back away from Willow’s evil glance.
“There you are, Cordy.” Willow said with her yellow eyes glowing. “You thought you could escape me!”
“Willow, please, calm down!” Cordy said trying to get away from Willow, but Willow’s grip on her arm was too strong. “Buffy, help!”
As Willow dragged Cordy back to Giles’ store, Buffy sat and watched Willow take Cordy away, glad that she could now hunt some victims for some fresh blood. She needed blood—badly, now that she was a soulless vampire.

Chapter 3
The nerve of Cordy to bother her. Buffy didn’t care. She wasn’t the soulless one. It was Cordy who was soulless. Ever since high school. Going after Xander—no, more like stalking—like she did. Cordy knew Buffy had a thing for Xander. But Buffy stepped aside and let Cordy have him. That’s when she allowed herself to become enticed by Angel. Even losing her virginity to him. And now, she’s the soulless one. Funny how things work out. She needed some fresh blood.
As Buffy went on the prowl for some fresh blood, Evil Willow had brought Cordy back to Giles’ store and began torturing her.
“Willow, please!” Cordy whined in her schoolgirl voice.
“Shut up, Cordy!” Evil Willow barked at her.
“Why are you torturing me?” Cordy continued her whining. “It’s Buffy you want!”
Evil Willow mulled over the concept of torturing Buffy, despite the fact that neither knew Buffy was now a soulless vampire.
“Naw, I think I’ll take my chances with you!” Evil Willow said to a horrified Cordy, who tried to escape the ropes that she was tied up in.
But Cordy was spared further torture when Giles walked into the store.

Chapter 4
“Willow, untie her!” Giles demanded.
“Yes, sir.” Willow said as she obeyed Giles’ command. She had better things to do anyway—like finding Buffy.
As soon as Cordy was free of the ropes, Willow tried to make an escape, but Giles prevented it.
“Girls, I want you to hug and make peace.” Giles offered.
“Hug?” Cordy and Dark Willow said simultaneously, turning their noses at each other and Giles for mentioning the thought.
But Giles could see the disdain in the girls’ actions. “Now!”
“Yes sir.” Cordy and Dark Willow both said together as they hugged each other, both not liking it.
“Now, can I go?” Dark Willow said in Willow’s irritating whine.
“Yes, you can.” Giles said as he left the two of them. “I need to get back to my store.”
Cordy was on her way to meet Xander after her ordeal with Willow, and Dark Willow left to find Buffy. But she only encountered Angel instead.
“Willow?” Angel said, surprising Dark Willow, who knew about Willow’s transformation into Dark Willow.
“What happened to you to your promise to torture Cordy?”
“Giles walked in and stopped it.” Dark Willow said.
“And you let him do it!” Angel raged.
“Yes, Angelus. It wasn’t Cordy I wanted!” Dark Willow spat back.
“Buffy!” Angel said. “What the hell is it with this Buffy bitch!”
“Oh, it’s not Buffy I want! It’s revenge!”
“What do you have revenge against Buffy for?”
“For the death of Tara!”
Angel laughed, “You’re blaming Buffy for your girlfriend’s death?”
“It was because of Buffy that Glory allowed Tara to die!” Dark Willow raged. “She just had to save Dawn! And at Tara’s expense, too!”
“Well, you promised to torture Cordy, and you failed!” Angel reminded Dark Willow of her promise. “Now you’re the one who’s going to pay!”
Dark Willow started to run, but Angel outran her and caught up to her and knocked her out.
Fifteen minutes later, Dark Willow woke up inside Angel’s dungeon cell, only to discover a shrine made in Buffy’s honor.

Chapter 5
Dark Willow was appalled at the shrine Angel had made in Buffy’s honor. It was like he was obsessed with her. Why did he want Cordy tortured? Dark Willow wondered.
Then it happened…her keen hearing was hearing Angel’s conversation upstairs with Halfrek.
“You promised that this Dark Willow would succeed at torturing Cordy!”
“Giles’ interrupted it!”
“So you failed to follow on our deal?!”
“She’ll do it. I guarantee it!”
“Too late!”
Halfrek grabbed Angel and brought him downstairs to the dungeon and threw him in the cell with Dark Willow.
“So, you were working with Halfrek?”
“What can I say…he made me an offer I couldn’t refuse?” Angel said not wanting to reveal the real reason.
“What’s really going on?”
Halfrek motioned to Dark Willow to come to the bars.
“If you promise to work for me, I’ll let you out of this prison.”
“What do I have to do?” Dark Willow asked him.
“Bring the Slayer to me.” Halfrek told her.
“That’s all?”
“Angel failed. Will you?”
Halfrek let Dark Willow out on her promise to bring back Buffy.
“What did you do that for?” Angel asked.
“You reneged on your promise.” Halfrek said. “I found someone else to do your work.”
Halfrek left Angel inside the cell to stare at the shrine he made to Buffy.
“Damn you Halfrek! You’ll pay for turning against me!” Angel vowed as he looked for a way out of the prison he made.

Chapter 6
Angel plotted revenge as he looked for a way out of the cell Halfrek left him in. He didn’t expect Willow to show up to help him escape. After Willow found the shrine he made in Buffy’s honor, he half expected revenge. So he taken aback by Willow’s request to find Buffy, unaware that she wanted to bring Buffy back to Halfrek.
But Dark Willow didn’t know that Angel planned to renege on his agreement. He wanted Buffy for himself, hence the shrine in her honor. Angel believed Buffy belonged with him and planned on making her his. Kralik, or Halfrek couldn’t have Buffy. Buffy was his!
But Buffy would make them all sorry they wanted her!
Meanwhile, Buffy was on the run far from Sunnydale. With Spike. They ran off together when they discovered their attraction to one another.
They found themselves in Cleveland in a tiny, ramshackled shack deep in the woods cold and hungry as they held each other tight in each other’s arms.
Both unaware that Angel and Dark Willow were looking for them.

Chapter 7
As Angel and Dark Willow continued looking for Buffy, Halfrek was getting irritated that Buffy had yet to be found.
He pushed the red button that gave a shock to Willow. It was Halfrek’s way of making Willow remember her promise.
Dark Willow felt the shock given to her by Halfrek, and promptly remembered her promise and what would happen if she reneged on that promise.
“Angel, we need to find Buffy!” she urged Angel.
Angel just nodded in agreement knowing his plan to renege on the agreement.
Meanwhile, in Cleveland, Buffy and Spike continued to be holed up in the shack clinging to each other for warmth.
Growing hungry for blood, Spike tore himself away so he could go hunt for some leaving Buffy alone to wait.

Bloodlines: A Buffy the Vampire Slayer Fanfiction

Someone used magic, deep dark magic in order to resurrect Sunnydale and past demons that were defeated such as the Master, the Anointed, Billy Palmer’s Lucky Nineteen, the Order of Taraka Glory, Warren, Caleb, the First, all of Buffy’s worst enemies that she had slain.
Now, everyone’s fighting but Lucky Nineteen brought Billy to make their nightmares come true and Buffy’s back to being a Vampire from the first season of Btvs (Episode: Nightmares Season 1). Only this time, she’s a Vampire forever because Rack will use his powerful spell to keep her a demon.

Buffy just recently found out that Giles betrayed her: Having her think that Spike’s still dead and not helping Angel in L.A. plus lying to Spike about her not wanting to help them with Fred not helping them save Fred from becoming Illyria the God.
Now, Spike and Angel are mad at her thinking that she didn’t want to help but that’s not true. She would have helped if it wasn’t for Giles lying and saying that she didn’t.
It’s too late Sunnydale’s back and all of the Scoobies are fighting. One day, Giles will have to suck up courage and call in reinforcements like Wesley, Angel, Lorne, and Spike. He’ll have to tell Spike and Angel the truth about Buffy. They will be angry at Giles for making them think that she didn’t want to help when she could have. Plus once they get there, they will be shocked to see Buffy as a Vampire.
Also, Buffy will kill some innocent people BEFORE she gets the soul and she’ll feel really horrible about it afterwards. Plus later, something happens with Dawn’s Key powers that will send her, Buffy, Angel, Spike, and Wesley to Buffy’s past in Season 5 right when Glory shows up. Buffy can’t stop the OTHER PAST her from dying and can’t stop the other PAST Willow from resurrecting the PAST HER. Future Spike and future Buffy are going to be together. They are going to date and YES, Wesley will be involved. He’ll show up later in the story. Gunn and Illyria died though in the L.A. battle so they won’t appear in this story.

Quentin Travers used a powerful spell to bring Kralik back the Vampire in Season 3’s episode, ‘Helpless’ from Btvs.
Kralik is the Key.
After they capture Buffy, they rally a group of minions to capture Angel and Spike. They are going to make them watch Buffy’s rape, torture, and turning.
When they find Buffy, the show starts and Kralik rapes her tortures her before turning her into a Vampire.
Buffy doesn’t have a soul when she wakes up a Demon. Spike and Angel will escape with her. They won’t let her kill only drink animal’s blood.
Then, later on, they get her soul back with the Orb of Thesulah.

Chapter 1
The underground lair had to be isolated from everything else.

It was a secret tunnel. A table held torture devices.

Kralik was enjoying the picture he drew.

Last time, he didn’t get to finish what he started.

Quentin took notes and examined the way she struggled even with the venom in her system. She twisted with screams while needles were being pressed forcefully into her chest.

She was covered in blood, sweat, and tears was naked and had burn and scratch marks. She was whipped and flogged repeatedly.

As Buffy hung from the ceiling, she thought about Heaven. How it was so warm compared to the coldness of this room.

Quentin: Well Ms. Summers, are you willing to cooperate?

(Coming: Buffy’s answer.)

Chapter 2
Buffy hung from the ceiling and glared at Quentin with icy stares. She was going to make Quentin pay for this. Sure she was going to agree, but Quentin wouldn’t know what hit him now that he raped, tortured her and turned her into a vampire. And worse, Kralik was watching! Kralik would get his due too! When he least expect it.
After agree to Kralik’s demands, Quentin took Buffy down from her dungeon swing and placed in a rotty, smelly cell, Buffy plotted her escape and Kralik’s demise. Then fell asleep.
While asleep, she had a dream of getting her soul back. An angel came to her and told her she could get her soul back with the Orb of Thesulah. But there was just one catch: she had to forgive those who hurt her.
Then Buffy woke up….
Meanwhile, Angel and Spike were thrown into their own cell in Kralik’s dungeon after they were made to watch Buffy’s rape, torture and turning. Despite their current hatred for the other, they came to agreement: find Buffy and escape from Kralik’s dungeon.
Back at Giles’ store, Giles felt the guilt of his betrayal against Buffy. His heart hung hard knowing what he did. What Buffy didn’t know was that he was forced to lie to her about Spike and Angel being dead by Kralik’s orders.
Unbeknownst to Giles and the Scoobies, Sunnydale was being taken over by the demons of the past: Master, the Anointed, Billy Palmer’s Lucky Nineteen, the Order of Taraka Glory, Warren, and Caleb, the First—demons Buffy defeated.
It seemed someone had put a spell on Sunnydale using a deep, dark spell….

(Coming: Buffy, Spike and Angel escape Kralik’s dungeon.)