Love & Betrayal: Young & the Restless Romances

Romance is alive in Genoa City: but will they last?
Billy has moved on with Phyllis, but he is torn between Phyllis and Victoria. Who will win Billy’s heart?
Nick has moved on with Chelsea, but Nick’s feud with Victor puts a damper in his romance with Chelsea when Victor pulls out his latest maneuver yet. Will Nick and Chelsea survive?
As Sharon and Scott’s romance heats up, Abby realizes it’s Scott she wants, and Victor is more than willing to help Abby win.
If Nikki thought Victor would be a problem concerning her new romance with Jack, she has more than she bargained for when Dina comes between the two lovers. Will Nikki stay with Jack, go back to Victor, or fall off the wagon?
Reed and Mattie are torn by family loyalties and their blossoming new romance. Can the two young lovers stay true to family and stay away from each other?
Lily and Hilary are at it again as Hilary realizes it’s Lily he wants. Will Lily and Jordan give into temptation?
Mariah and Tessa devotes themselves to their men, Devon and Noah, respectively, as they try to squash their feelings for one another?
And Ashley and Ravi can no longer deny their feeling for each other?
Juliet’s secret is out: Cane is not the father of her baby, but who is?
Billy Abbott – Jason Thompson
Phyllis Summers-Newman-Abbott – Gina Tognoni
Victoria Newman – Amelia Heinle
Nick Newman – Joshua Morrow
Chelsea Lawson-Newman – Melissa Claire Egan
Victor Newman – Eric Braden
Nikki Reed Newman – Melody Thomas Scott
Jack Abbott – Peter Bergman
Dina Mergeron – Marla Adams
Reed Hellstrom – Tristan Lake Leabu
Matilda “Mattie” Ashby – Lexie Stevenson
Charles “Charlie” Ethan Ashby – Noah Alexander Gerry
Lily Winters-Ashby – Christel Khalil
Hilary Curtis-Winters-Hamilton – Mishael Morgan
Jordan Wilde – Darnell Kirkwood
Mariah Copeland – Camryn Grimes
Tessa Porter – Cait Fairbanks
Devon Hamilton – Bryton McClure
Noah Newman – Robert Adamson
Ashley Abbott – Eileen Davidson
Ravi Shapur – Abhi Sinha
Ethan “Cane” Ashby – Daniel Goddard
Juliet Helton – Laur Allen
Chapter 1-Phyllis Schemes to Keep Billy Away from Victoria
Phyllis couldn’t believe that her plot to bring Benjamin Hockman in to sweep Victoria off her feet backfired in a major way. Now Billy was working day and night closely with Victoria at Brash & Sassy, now that Neil Winters saved Brash & Sassy. She and Billy rarely had time together anymore because he was too busy working late with Victoria. She had to find a way to keep Billy away from Victoria? But how?
Phyllis opened up her laptop and to view “The Hilary Hour” and was impressed with Hilary to dig the dirt on Victoria. She had a plan to use Hilary to her advantage.
“Mariah, GC Buzz?” Mariah answered the phone at GC Buzz. “How can I help you?”
“Mariah, this is Phyllis. Can I speak with Hilary?”
“Just one moment.” Mariah said as she handed the phone to Hilary, who was just passing by. “Hilary, the phone is for you.”
“Thank you, Mariah,” Hilary said as she took the phone from her. “Yes. This is Hilary.”
“Hilary, this is Phyllis.”
“Phyllis, what do you want?”Hilary said. “You want a piece of me too?”
“On the contrary…I have a proposition for you.”
“Really?” Hilary said surprised.
“Yes. Can we meet at GCAC for cocktails?”
“Yes. I’ll be there. What time?” Hilary asked her.
“1:00 pm?”
“I’ll be there.”
Meanwhile, Billy and Victoria were having an argument over the company she’s been keeping.
“I can’t believe you slept with Benjamin Hockman?!” Billy said irately.
“Why does it matter, Billy? You’re with Phyllis, so who does it matter who I’m with?!” Victoria said hotly in her defense.
“The guy’s bad news!” Billy pointed out, not wanting to admit he was jealous and that he wanted her back.
“You sound jealous!”
“Well…well, I’m not!”
“Fine. Then can we get back to work?” Victoria said, as she logged onto her laptop to view the days tasks.
“Fine with me!” Billy said to her as he logged onto his laptop.
Billy watched Victoria as she worked. He couldn’t believe she slept with Benjamin Hockman! She should be with him!
“Billy, would you quit looking at me?” Victoria told him. “It’s very distracting!”
“I can’t help it.” Billy said quietly.
“Why not?”
Billy got up from his seat and pulled Victoria into his arms and kissed her. Victoria, wanting Billy to kiss her for so long, gave into his kiss and kissed him back.
At GCAC, Hilary arrived to find Phyllis waiting for her.
“Phyllis, I have to admit, your phone call caught me off guard.”
“Well, I have a job for you to do.”
“Oh, and what would that be?” Hilary asked her, her curiosity piqued.
“I need you to help me keep Billy and Victoria away from each other.”
“You don’t like Billy working with his ex?”
“No I don’t.” Phyllis confessed.
“What do you want me to do?”
“Find Travis Crawford and have him brought to Genoa City.”
“You think I can convince Victoria’s ex to come back to Genoa City?” Hilary asked her.
“Tell Travis that Victoria is ill for all I care. Just get Travis back here!” Phyllis threatened. “Or I will reveal your secret!”
“I have nothing to hide!” Hilary told her confidently.
Phyllis opened up her phone and showed her the video of hiding at GCAC to get the footage of Victoria and Benjamin Hockman.
“Where did you get that?” Hilary accused.
“It doesn’t matter where or how I got it! Do what I say or this will be posted online!”
“Fine. I will get Travis here.” Hilary told her.
“Thank you.” Phyllis said. “I knew you would see things my way.”
Phyllis picked up her things and walked away, confident that Victoria’s Billy would be all hers soon.
Hilary checked her phone and found a number for Travis, and dialed the number.
“Travis, you need to come to Genoa City. Victoria is real sick and needs you.” Hilary said to Travis as soon as she heard his voice.
Chapter 2 – Victor and Nick’s Feud Reaches New Heights
Victor couldn’t believe that Nick was turning his granddaughter Faith against him. That sweet little girl and he was taking her away from him. Well Nick was going to pay for his actions.
“Yes, I need you to come to town pronto!” Victor said via his cell to a mystery person.
“Yes, I will be there.” The mystery person said. “Does tomorrow sound too early?”
“That’ll be perfect.” Victor said before hanging up.
Victor sat at his chair at Newman Enterprises. He poured himself a drink from his wetbar in his office.
“Soon, Nick. Soon. All will fall into place.” Victor said as he took a swig of his drink.
At Chelsea’s condo, Nick and Chelsea were having a romantic night. Their love was falling into place for the first time since Adam’s death. It really seemed right between the two of them.
“I love you Nick.” Chelsea said after making love to him.
“I love you too, Chelsea.” Nick replied. “It seems right. The five of us as a family: you, me, Connor, Christian and Faith.”
Nick and Chelsea clung to each other, unaware of the intruder that was coming to wreck their future.
Meanwhile, at Brash & Sassy, Phyllis decided to surprise Billy with a lunch and hopefully some romance, but Victoria’s presence as she hung all over Billy while working together of B & S business was a little too unnerving for Phyllis. The thought made her sick to see Victoria play games with Billy. Why couldn’t Billy see Victoria for the tramp she was? Phyllis thought.
“Gawd, you at it again, Victoria!” Phyllis said outraged when she opened the door to Brash & Sassy.
“What are you talking about, Phyllis? Billy and I are working on business.” Victoria defended herself.
“You always hang all over your co-workers?” Phyllis questioned her. “Or is Billy the lucky one?”
“What do you want, Phyllis?” Victoria said irritated with Phyllis’ presence in her company.
“Well, I thought ‘my boyfriend’ could use some lunch.” Phyllis said, emphasizing Billy’s role in her life, hoping it unnerved Victoria.
“Well, Billy, if you need to eat something, don’t let me stop you.” Victoria said, to Phyllis’ glee.
“Thanks, Victoria, I am a little famished.”
“Well, don’t let me stop you.” Victoria said. “I need to go and do some unfinished business for Brash & Sassy.”
Victoria walked out of Brash & Sassy leaving Phyllis and Billy to their lunch. Little did Phyllis know, she was playing right into Victoria’s hands.
Chapter 3 – Abby Schemes to Take Scott from Sharon
The dating app to lure Scott away from Sharon was working. Scott was jealous of Zack. Abby knew she wanted Scott and was sickened by Sharon as she made her advances to lure him into her bed…the nasty slut…Abby detested Sharon and couldn’t stand the fact that Scott was with her. That’s when she came up with the dating app idea. And Victor was all too happy to help her win the war over Scott.
She wanted Scott but couldn’t come out and tell him so. Sharon had already squirmed her way into Scott’s heart. But the success of the dating app was doing wonders. She was successful and soon, Scott would be all hers…and Sharon would be a nasty history. But she didn’t know the regret she would have letting Zack go after she and Scott declared their love for each other.
Meanwhile, Zack was working on the finishing touches as he plotted to make Abby his bride. He couldn’t wait to show her his surprise soon. Once he was married to Abby Newman, Victor would have to help him out of the sex-scandal mess he got himself in. Abby was his ticket to a better life…and no one was going to get in his way!!
Abby put her plan in motion as she text Scott to meet her at Crimson Lights…the perfect spot as Sharon now owned the coffee bar after Dylan’s absence. It worked like a charm…maybe too much.
Not only Sharon witnessed the kiss between Abby and Scott. Zack became more than jealous as he too witnessed the kiss.
Chaos erupted at Crimson Lights as Zack took out his gun and held Sharon at gunpoint. Scott was forced to bargain with Zack to get Sharon out of harm’s way, but he didn’t see Zack’s next move as he kidnapped Abby and forced her into his car. By the time Scott got to Zack’s car, Zack was long gun. And Scott had no idea where Zack took Abby.
Meanwhile, Nick’s life was in shambles as the intruder revealed himself as Adam Newman.
“Chelsea, I’m alive!” Adam said to a shocked Chelsea, who was in bed with his brother.
“Screwing my brother!” Adam chastised her and Nick. “Guess the next surprise is the perfect payback for my brother and his whore!”
“What payback!” Nick demanded.
“Christian isn’t your son!” Adam revealed. “And your whore of a girlfriend, my loving wife, knew all about it!”
Adam left Nick and Chelsea and went to pick up his son, Christian, who was crying in his crib.
“Just what do you mean, Christian is your son?!” Nick demanded, with Chelsea right behind him.
“Yes, brother dear. Christian is mine. And our father knew all along. Not to mention your new girlfriend.”
Nick was crushed. Christian was Adam’s. And Victor and Chelsea knew all along. Nick couldn’t take it. He ran out of Chelsea’s and got into his car. He ended up at Crimson Lights where he spied a sobbing Sharon.
“Sharon, why are you crying?”
“Scott ran after Zack who took Abby?”
“Well, I got news of my own.”
“What can be so bad as Scott being in love with your sister?”
“Try Adam being back and being the father of Christian?”
“What the…..”
“Yeah, the son you raised as Sully with my brother, Dylan, is Adam’s son.”
Nick and Sharon commiserated their loss in each other’s arms as the two made love at Crimson Lights.
Chapter 4 – Jack & Nikki Heat Up Their Romance
Passion was in the air for Jack and Nikki as they took their romance to the next level. As they finished their fiery lovemaking, a knock on the door interrupted their fireworks. It was Dina.
“Jacky?” Dina said, before barging through Jack’s bedroom door, shocked to see Nikki in Jack’s bed.
Nikki covered herself as Jack grabbed his pants and escorted Dina out of his bedroom.
“Mother, what did you want?”
Dina took a few moments to come up with a reason because she didn’t have one. She hated Nikki being with Jack. She wanted Nikki out of her son’s life.
“Mother, what did you want?” Jack repeated again, becoming irate.
“You’re needed at Jabot.” Dina lied. “There’s trouble brewing.”
“Alright. Thanks for telling me.” Jack said as he left her alone and went to get ready and tell Nikki.
“I’m sorry for mother barging in, but I need to head to the office.” Jack said as Nikki’s heart was secretly crushed.
“It’s okay. I’ll just wait here for you until you get back.” She told him with a kiss, which Dina spied.
As Nikki laid back in Jack’s bed, Dina waited for Jack to leave the mansion before confronting Nikki, who was still in Jack’s bed.
“What do you want?’ Nikki said annoyed.
“You out of my son’s life!” Dina demanded.
“Don’t you think Jack should have a say who he’s with?” Nikki pointed out to a disagreeable Dina.
“You’re just a gold-digging tramp!” Dina shot out at her.
“I love Jack!” Nikki defended herself.
“I want you out of Jack’s life or I will tell him your secret!”
“What secret?! I have no secrets?!” Nikki said, knowing she did.
“I know you’re working with Victor to destroy Jabot.” Dina accused.
“You wouldn’t!”
“Watch me!”
Nikki got up out of Jack’s bed, got dressed and grabbed her things and left the Abbott mansion. No one could know why she was romancing Jack. She had to silence Dina before she blabbed everything to Jack.
Meanwhile, Nick and Sharon woke up to find them in bed after Adam found Nick with Chelsea. He couldn’t believe that Christian was Adam’s and he couldn’t believe that Chelsea kept that secret along with his own father.
“Nick, I’m sorry about Christian.” Sharon told him after their tryst.
“I can’t believe I was lied to by my own father and Chelsea.”
“I know I lied to you about Christian being Sully, but it’s funny how you weren’t even Christian’s father—Adam was. And Sage knew the truth?” Sharon tried to reason.
“I know how Dylan felt when I found out Christian was my son.” Nick said, trying to make sense of it. “He couldn’t handle Sully being Christian and not his son. Now I learn that Christian isn’t mine either.”
Nick and Sharon just held each other at Crimson Lights unaware that Dylan had made his way back to Genoa City after he received word from a mysterious source about Christian.
Chapter 5 – Reed & Mattie: Torn Between Family and Love
Mattie was miserable at Walnut Grove as she walked the hallways. She was barely able to concentrate on her studies. She just couldn’t get Reed out of her head.
Reed also was torn at the public school where he was separated from Mattie. Their families were making it difficult to see each other. Reed couldn’t take it anymore. So he sent Mattie at text at school:
“Meet me later?”
Mattie took out her cell during English class despite the teacher’s objections to having cell phones on during class and was pleasantly surprised to see it was from Reed. Without hesitation, Mattie sent a quick “Yes!” before the teacher saw her texting in class.
“Great! Meet me at Chancellor Park in an hour!” Reed text back.
“Okay.” Mattie replied back just in time before her teacher confiscated her phone.
Mattie couldn’t wait for class to be over to meet Reed.
Nikki was getting ready for her date with Jack. It was going to be a promising night as Nikki looked forward to spending time with Jack. But Jack’s mother, Dina, had other plans in store for Ms. Newman.
Nikki arrived at the Abbott mansion where Jack was planning a romantic night for him and Nikki, but Dina had managed to ruin the dinner when she had a health crisis just minutes before Nikki was to arrive.
Nikki let herself in as no one came to the door and found tending to a sick Dina. Seeing Jack’s devotion to his mother, Nikki became jealous, despite her concern for the woman. She couldn’t help but wonder if Dina was faking it all.
As Nikki quietly walked out of the Abbott mansion, Dina smiled to herself for faking a health crisis. It appeared she had won this round. She hoped her health held so she could get Nikki out of Jack’s life.
Nikki found herself at GCAC ordering a drink when Victor saw her and came over.
“Nikki, what are you doing?”
“I’m having a drink.” Nikki said snidely to her ex-husband.
“Come home, tonight!” Victor pleaded, something he rarely did, but deep down, he missed her. “End this farce of a divorce now!”
After the night Nikki had, she thought it over for a split second and thought…what the hell…why not!! Nikki allowed Victor lead her out of GCAC before she took one gulp of her alcoholic drink.
Back at Newman Ranch, old feelings resurfaced as Nikki allowed herself to be seduced by Victor, despite the issues they had currently between them. Sparks of romance ignited for the star-crossed lovers as they made love through the night.
Back at the Abbott mansion, Jack learned that Dina staged her health crisis and scolded her for trying to ruin him and Nikki.
To Dina’s dismay, Jack ran out to find Nikki, only to find her at Newman Ranch in Victor’s bed.


Buffy vs. The Buffybot

When Spike created the Buffybot, it was meant only for him. The Buffybot has been botnapped by Glory in another attempt to rid the world of Buffy and open the portal to her world. Will Buffy find the Buffybot and destroy it before Glory can use it to open the portal to bring her world back?
Buffy Summers – Sarah Michelle Gellar
Angel – David Boreanaz
Spike – James Marsters
Willow – Alyson Hannigan
Xander – Nicholas Brendan
Rupert Giles – Anthony Head
Wesley – Alexis Denisof
Cordelia Chase – Charisma Carpenter
Anya – Emma Caulfield
Dawn Summers – Michelle Trachtenberg
Glory – Clare Kramer
Chapter 1
“You love me, right, Buffy?” Spike said to his invention the Buffybot.
Spike has been down since Buffy called it quits between them. He can remember the conversation between them:
“I’m in love with Angel.” Spike recalled Buffy’s words breaking off their relationship.
Spike couldn’t believe that Buffy could just let it end because of Angel. Angel for all people, or vampires. He was a helluva lot good looking than that twit? What did she see in him anyway?
Spike went to the refrigerator to pull out a fresh pint of blood to sustain him and found that the refrigerator was empty. “Well, time to go hunting!” Spike said to the Buffybot. “Be back later.”

Spike went to hunt for fresh blood to curb his hunger. Along the way he ran into Buffy.
“So, Buffy, how is Angel?” Spike asked with hurt in his voice.
“Angel is fine, thanks!” Buffy replied.
“Well, you two must have had some laugh at my expense?” Spike continued obviously still hurt that Buffy ended things between them.
“Spike, go back home!” Buffy told him.
“Gee, I’d love to, but I seem to be out of fresh blood.”
“Well, go find some fresh warm body to suck the blood from.” Buffy responded. “I am busy right now.”
Buffy took her dagger and jammed it through the demon that was about to take Spike out.
“What the hell was that?” Spike asked.
“I don’t know but something is happening. I just don’t know what?!”

Meanwhile, Glory’s minions had paid her a visit.
“I have what you asked me to retrieve.”
“It’s about time!” Glory spat out as she grabbed the Buffybot from the minion’s hands.
“What the hell do you want with this thing?” the minion asked Glory.
“You’ll find out all in due time!” Glory replied to her minion with a gleam in her eye. “And soon, so will all of Sunnydale!”
Chapter 2
Spike returned home to find that his Buffybot was missing from his cave. Spike ran out of the cave looking for the Buffybot, thinking she must have gone out scouting about.
After about an hour with no luck, Spike high-tailed it over to Buffy’s house to see if she could help him find the Buffybot.
“Spike, I thought I told you it was over?!” Buffy spat out at him.
“I’m here on another matter.” Spike said to her.
“What could that be?” Buffy said clearly uninterested in what Spike wanted and just wanted him gone.
“Buffy, please?” Spike pleaded with her. “The Buffybot is missing!”
“The Buffybot is missing?” Buffy said, confused. “You still have that thing?”
“It’s a long story. . .one I don’t care to rehash with you right now.” Spike replied back.
“Well, how do you know it’s been botnapped?” Buffy asked Spike.
“I looked everywhere and she’s nowhere to be found.” Spike explained.
“You call it a she. . .as if it’s human?” Buffy quizzed Spike.
“She’s a companion.” Spike told her.
“You want a robot for a companion?”
“She’s the next best thing to the real thing.”
“You can’t have me, so you made a robotic copy?” Buffy said incredulousy. “I knew there was something off with you?”
“Please, Buffy, can you stop with the questions and just find her?” Spike pleaded again.
“Fine. I had nothing planned anyway!” Buffy said, as she grabbed her jacket and locked the front door to her home, as Spike followed along.
“So where or who do you think has this . . . Buffybot?” Buffy asked.
“I don’t know? That’s why I came to you.”
“Well, let’s head over to Giles’ store and check in the him and the others and see if they can figure out some ideas where the Buffybot could be.” Buffy said as they headed over to Giles’ store.
While Buffy, Spike and gang were trying to come up with ideas where Buffybot could be, Glory was reprogramming the Buffybot to turn it against Buffy and Spike and the Scoobies.
Chapter 3
Cordy was walking downtown Sunnydale on her way to meet Xander when she encountered Buffy.
“Buffy, what are you doing here?” Cordy asked her.
The Buffybot, which had been reprogrammed by Glory, played along with Cordy, making her think she was Buffy.
“I was supposed to meet Spike here.” The Buffybot said in Buffy’s voice. “Isn’t Spike sexy?”
“Yeah, sure! If you like that sort of thing!” Cordy said, surprised that Buffy was ogling Spike.
“”Well, have you seen him?” the buffybot asked her.
“No, I thought you were with him?” Cordy asked.
“I’ve been looking for him and Bu- er, Angel.” The buffy said, hoping Cordy didn’t notice her near-slip of the tongue.
“What do you want with both Spike and Angel?”
“It’s private.” The buffybot said.
“Well, Buffy, I hope you find them.” Cordy said heading on her way to find Xander.
“Yeah. Thanks for nothing!” the buffybot said.
The buffybot hid from view when she spotted Spike with Buffy. She had to get Buffy away from Spike so Glory to kidnap Buffy like she was programmed by Glory to do.
The buffybot saw her chance when Spike left Buffy’s side to fight off a demon. When Buffy was busy fighting the demon, the buffybot tossed Spike into the bushes just as Glory came out from behind the bush and knocked Buffy on the head. Then Glory nodded to her minions to take Buffy away, as she motioned to the buffybot to do what she was supposed to do before heading off before Spike woke up.
10 minutes later, Spike woke up to find, unbeknownst to him, his buffybot, disguised as Buffy, nursing him back to health.
Chapter 4
“Buffy?” Spike said. “What happened?”
“Glory kidnapped the buffybot.” The buffybot told Spike in Buffy’s voice so Spike would think she was Buffy.
“What?” Spike said as he quickly got up from the buffybot’s embrace.
“Spike. It’s okay.” The buffybot told Spike. “I have everything under control.”
“Buffy, you don’t understand. The buffybot was for me, not for Glory to do as she pleased.”
“Spike, calm down. I have a plan to get your buffybot back.” The buffybot assured him, unbeknownst to Spike, was doing things according to Glory’s plan.
“I hope so, Buffy.” Spike warned her. “If the buffybot got into the wrong hands…..”
“The wrong hands…..” the buffybot started to quiz Spike but was reluctant to finish as she knew what Spike was talking about.
And the buffybot and Spike didn’t know the danger that Buffy was in now that Glory had the Slayer in her control.
Meanwhile, at Glory’s hideout, Glory was waiting for an unconscious Buffy to wake up so she put her plan in motion.
“Well, it’s about time, Sleeping Beauty!” Glory said, smiling when Buffy finally came to.
“Where am I?” Buffy said groggily.
“Why you’re at my hideout.” Glory told her.
“What do you want with me?”
“Why I am going to use to get that damn portal open that you foiled upon your “death.” Glory said bitterly.
“You mean when I foiled your plan to use Dawn to open the portal?”
“Yes, Buffy.” Glory said ired. “But this time, I tricked Spike into thinking that buffybot was you so I could kidnap you to use to get the portal open.”
“Spike thinks the buffybot is me?”
“You got it, sister!”
“So unless Spike catches on that the buffybot is not me, your plan will go through without a hitch?” Buffy questioned.
“Yep! This time I win!” Glory said proudly.
But Glory underestimated Buffy who had managed to untie the ropes Glory used to restrain Buffy until the time of the portal opening.
Just when Glory went to grab Buffy to take her to what she needed for the portal opening, Buffy hit Glory in the back of the head, sending her to her knees as she went limp to the floor.
Sure that Glory was out cold, Buffy raced off to find Spike and warn him of the buffybot that Glory had reprogrammed for evil.
Chapter 5
As Buffy raced to find Spike and warn him of Glory’s intentions with the Buffybot, Willow was appalled when she saw Buffy torch Giles’ store, unaware it was really the Buffybot Glory had programmed to do her evil deeds.
“Buffy!” Willow yelled out to stop Buffy, but she only scared the Buffybot who ran off instead.
Willow chased the Buffybot when she came face to face with Buffy and Spike.
“Buffy?” Willow said, confused as she thought she had seen Buffy. “ I thought I was chasing you?”
“That was the Buffybot.” Buffy cleared up Willow’s confusion. “Glory is using her to do her evilness.”
“Oh, thank goodness!” Willow said relieved.
“Why is that?” Spike and Buffy said simultaneously.
“Because she was about to torch Giles’ store when I scared her off.” Willow informed them.
“Damn! Glory is at it again!” Buffy said.
“Well, we have to stop her!” Willow told them.
“First, we need to find her…and the Buffybot!” Buffy said.
As Buffy, Spike, and Willow, who was also joined by Xander looked for Glory and the Buffybot, Glory was watching them from afar, “You won’t be able to find me or that Buffybot!”

Buffy & Spike (Spuffy) The Passion Continues


After denying their feelings for years, Buffy and Spike finally give into and have a night of passion. But when Angel returns to help solve a mystery, old feelings resurface between the slayer and her first love. As Buffy works to solve the mystery with Angel, will it drive a wedge between Buffy and Spike, or bring them closer?


Buffy Summers – Sarah Michelle Gellar
Dawn Summers– Michelle Trachtenberg
Spike – James Marsters
Willow Rosenberg– Alyson Hannigan
Xander Harris– Nicholas Brendan
Anthony Head – Rupert Giles
Anya – Emma Caulfield
Angel – David Boreanaz
Cordelia Chase – Charisma Carpenter
Tara Maclay – Amber Benson
Glory – Clare Kramer
Faith – Elisha Dushku
Wesley – Alexis Denisof

Chapter 1

“Buffy, you don’t know how long I’ve longed for this.” Spike confesses to Buffy as he kisses her after the two finally give into passion.

For years, Buffy detested Spike. She believed that Spike was out for himself. When hate turned to friendship, and Spike’s feelings for Buffy grew stronger, Buffy hated to admit that her feelings for Spike were growing stronger too. So instead of admitting these feelings for Spike, Buffy continued her “loathing” for Spike.

Now after their first passionate embrace, entwined in each others bodies, Buffy kissed Spike back, enticing him to enter her again, as Spike gave in and made love to Buffy again.

But the lovemaking was short-lived when Buffy’s cell rang.

“Ignore it, Buf.” Spike said, kissing her more deeply to make Buffy forget her slayer duties.

“I can’t Spike.” Buffy said, as she picked up her cell and answered it.

Spike groaned as he rolled off of Buffy and laid back in bed, while Buffy took the call.

“Hey, Willow, what’s up?”

“Buffy, we have a problem!” Willow cried.

“What’s wrong, Willow?”

“Giles is missing!”

“What?” Buffy exclaims, as she gets up to get dressed. “I’m on my way!”

Buffy ends the call and demands Spike to leave before Dawn got home.

“Hey, Buf.” Spike says, giving her one last kiss before they go their separate ways. “Remember. I love you.”

“Thanks Spike, but I don’t have time right now. Giles is missing and I need to be going.” Buffy says, feeling guilty about her time with Spike.

Buffy leaves her home and is on her way to Giles’ store when Xander meets her along the way.

“Hey, Buffy, where have you been? Enjoying a moment with Spike?” Xander asks, half joking, half serious, sensing the special bond between Buffy and Spike.

“Ha ha! Very funny, Xander!” Buffy exclaims, feeling guilty that she actually was with Spike.

“No, seriously, where you headed to?”

“Willow called me and said Giles is missing!” Buffy informs Xander. “I’m on my way to meet Willow at Giles’ store.”

Xander and Buffy rush to meet Willow at Giles’s store, as Spike does some sleuthing on his own.

Chapter 2

At Giles’ store, Willow and the rest of the gang were waiting for Buffy to arrive. Buffy took charge as soon as she arrived with Xander, who had met her on the way to the store.

Buffy and gang discussed the plan to find Giles’ and then left the room when she got a call from Spike.

“Spike? What’s up?” Buffy asked as soon as she was out of earshot of the others.

“You need to meet me!” Spike ordered.

“I love you too, Spike, but we need to find Giles.” Buffy said, resisting his charms.

“This has to do with Giles.”

“What? You found Giles?”

“No, but I think I may know where he is?”

“I’m on my way. . . “ Buffy said hanging up her cell.

15 minutes later Buffy met Spike in the graveyard where he told Buffy he was waiting.

“Ooh, Spike…..a graveyard. How romantic?!” Buffy said sarcastically.

“I’m not trying to be amorous, Buf.” Spike explained. “I think this is where Giles is buried?”

“Giles is dead?” Buffy questioned in disbelief.

“No, not dead. Buried alive!”

“Buried alive!” Buffy shouted as she started to dig to save Giles.

“Relax, Buf!” Spike tried to calm her down. “There’s a tube coming out of the ground which means he can breathe.”

“Who would play a cruel joke like this?” Buffy said irately.

“Me!” Glory said as she stepped from beyond the shadows.

Buffy turned around to see Glory.


“What’s wrong, Buffy? Cat got your tongue?” Glory said sarcastically.

“Why would you bury Giles alive?!” Buffy demanded from her.

“Because you foiled my plan to unlock the portal that would grant me unlimited access!”

“So, you buried Giles alive as payback!”

“What do they say? Payback’s a bitch!” Glory said as she disappeared, leaving Buffy and Spike to get Giles out of the grave.

“Well, Buffy, start digging.” Spike suggested, as Xander and the gang showed up per Buffy’s call to help.

Chapter 3

Buffy, Spike and Xander managed to dig Giles out of his grave alive but unconscious from lack of air. As Buffy performed CPR on Giles, she got his heart beating again and oxygen to his brain while Xander called the paramedics to have Giles transported to Sunnydale General Health.

Glory had to come up with another way to gain access to the portal that Buffy ruined. She couldn’t believe that Buffy survived after she jumped to her “death” that closed the portal access. And she was even more upset that Giles had survived his prison in the grave. What did she have to do to get what she wanted. She had to get the key to that portal. But now that Dawn was revealed to be the key and the plan was foiled, Dawn couldn’t be used to gain access to the portal. A new key had to be made—and Glory was going to be the one make that key!

Meanwhile, Buffy, Spike and the Scoobies visited Giles at the Sunnydale General Health to make sure Giles was doing alright.

“Giles, we wanted to see how you were doing?” Buffy said as she entered Giles hospital room.
“I’m alright.” Giles told her. “I can’t believe I was buried alive by Glory?”

“Well, Glory said it was payback for ruining access to the portal.” Buffy explained.

“You risked your life and Glory had to seek revenge for that by burying me alive?” Giles wondered more to himself than to Buffy and gang.

“Well, I don’t think Glory is done trying to get through the portal.” Buffy advised.
“Oh?” Giles asked her.

“No. I think Glory is going to look for another way into that portal.”

“Well, we’re going to make sure she doesn’t succeed at it again.” Giles told Buffy and gang.
“Right.” Spike agreed.

“Well, Giles, get some rest so we can get back to work on the Glory issue.” Buffy told him as she and Spike departed Giles hospital room.

Buffy and Spike got back to his cave and celebrated saving Giles’ life by getting passionate. They couldn’t take their hands off each other once they had gotten to Spike’s cave.

After making love amongst the rocks and sea, Buffy and Spike were hard at work trying to figure out a way to diffuse Glory’s plan to gain access to the portal.

Chapter 4

Buffy and Spike were in the midst of getting passionate as the two lovers found renewed hope and had a hard time keeping their hands off each other…that is, until they were interrupted by a surprising visitor.
“Hey, guys!” Angel exclaimed interrupting Buffy and Spike’s lovemaking.
“Angel?” Buffy said, surprised to see him as she grabbed Spike’s shirt to put over her to cover herself up.
“Angel!” Spike said a little irked as he pulled up his pants.
“I didn’t mean to interrupt your… er, night!” Angel apologized. “But I heard about Glory’s plan and thought I would stop by and see if I could help?”
“Yeah, whatever you say.” Spike said jealously.
“Well, let’s go!” Buffy said not wanting to see the fight that would escalate between Spike and Angel over her.

Buffy, Spike and Angel went out looking for Glory and encountered Glory’s minions instead. As Buffy, with the help of Spike and Angel, fought off the minions, Glory was watching via her crystal ball.

“Just wait for our encounter, Buffy.” Glory laughed maniacally. “You’ll wish you were fighting my minions instead!”

Chapter 5

Angel was pleased he stopped Spike from making love to Buffy. He couldn’t allow Spike to be with Buffy. Not when he desired to be with her. He had to find a way to make it up to Buffy. And Spike was not going to ruin that!

As Angel was looking for Spike and Buffy, he happened along the duo in a passionate love play and his jealousy raged deep inside of him, causing Angel to grab Spike and toss him to the ground.
“Hey, what was that for?” Spike asked a heated Angel.
“Buffy is mine!” Angel raged.
“I belong to no one!” Buffy told Angel heatedly.
“C’mon, Buffs!” Angel softened toward her.
“Sorry, Angel, but I don’t like your attitude right now.”
“Buffy, I love you.”
“I think Buffy made her choice.” Spike told Angel.
“Butt out, Spike! This doesn’t concern you!”

But the feud between Angel and Spike would have to wait as the Hellmouth’s minions came out to attack Sunnydale as Buffy whips into slayer mode and vanquishes the demons while Glory looks on astonished.
“Just wait, Slayer! I’ve got plans for your demise!’ Glory says to herself.

Starrleena’s Weekly Soap Critiques – December 25-29, 2017

As 2017 comes to a close, it appears several couples are in crisis as stunning revelations are revealed and surprising couples kiss at midnight! What will 2018 hold in store for these couples?

Weekly Soap Critiques – December 25-29, 2017

The Young & the Restless
An explosive kiss is revealed when Nick witnesses Scott and Abby kiss as 2018 is rung in in Genoa City. And it looks like sparks will fly between Cane and Lily again! Will the couple-on-the-verge-of-divorce reconcile?

The Bold & the Beautiful
Steffy hopes for a good new year after paternity test results reveal Liam as the father of her unborn child, unaware that Liam has found the results in Steffy’s purse. Will Thorne pursue Katie after seeing her in her lingerie meant for Wyatt? And if so, how will it affect Brooke, who is engaged to Ridge?

General Hospital
As Carly tampers with Drew’s car to prevent him from meeting Sam on New Year’s Eve, Jason and Sam kiss on New Year’s Eve. And is Finn falling for Anna? Valentin hangs in as a worried Nina wonders where her husband is?

Days of Our Lives
Salemites gather at Doug’s Place to ring in the New Year when a mystery couple crash the party. Several surprising couples kiss at midnight—among them are Chad & Abigail, Kate & Andre, Eric & Jennifer, Eve & Brady, and Will & Paul!!! How will Will’s kiss with Paul affect Sonny, and is Brady falling for Eve, or is he using her?

Starrleena’s Weekly Soap Spoilers – January 1-5, 2018

Another year is upon us as we ring in 2018! Here is the first week of soap spoilers for 2018. Looks like an explosive week for the first week of 2018!

Weekly Soap Spoilers –January 1-5, 2018

The Young & the Restless
Tuesday: Nick confronts Abby; Jill calls the shots; J.T. worries about Billy’s influence over Reed.
Wednesday: Sharon retaliates against Scott and Abby; Jack’s efforts to help Dina backfire; trouble returns to Genoa City.
Thursday: A crisis divides Chelsea and Nick; Scott asks Sharon for forgiveness; Jack and Ashley reach an understanding.
Friday: Sparks fly between Cane and Lily; Traci is blindsided; Abby stands her ground.

The Bold & the Beautiful
(REPEAT) 03-13-2017 Katie becomes surprised and hurt at Brooke’s reaction to her suspicions concerning Quinn and Ridge; Eric, Ridge and Brooke relish in the fact that things are on the upswing for the Forrester family.
Tuesday: Carter delivers a surprising amends and admission to a startled Maya; Liam demands answers from Steffy about why she had a paternity test.
Wednesday: Wyatt queries $Bill regarding exactly how much he knows about Steffy’s pregnancy; Steffy and Liam teeter on the brink of no return as the details of Steffy’s and $Bill’s betrayal are revealed.
Thursday: Overwrought with pain at losing Liam, Steffy allows herself to be comforted by Katie; angry and confrontational, Liam becomes the aggressor when he comes face-to-face with $Bill.
Friday: Steffy confesses to an incredulous Katie about her affair with $Bill, and then begs for her silence; appalled by the behavior of his father and his wife, Liam makes it clear to $Bill that there are severe consequences for his actions.

General Hospital
Tuesday: Anna is in a bind; Nina grows anxious; Sam is interrupted.
Wednesday: Jordan tracks Anna down; Franco’s confusion grows; Michael and Ned meet.
Thursday: Anna pays a visit to the ICU; Amy hopes to have good news for Nathan; Lulu’s attempts fall flat.
Friday: Nathan jumps to conclusions; Carly is forced to face the music; Nelle is nervous about her first day.

Days of Our Lives
Tuesday: Eve demands to know if Brady is playing her; Will admits to Marlena that he kissed Paul again; Vivian has shocking news for everyone at the party; a drunken Ciara is determined to expose Rafe’s secret.
Wednesday: Vivian and Kate face off; Stefan has more surprising news for Chad and Abigail; Will decides to end things with Sonny; Chloe questions Brady about his true feelings for Eve.
Thursday: Chad accuses Stefan of sabotaging his company; Ciara makes a big confession; Rafe realizes Ciara must know about his dalliance with Sami; Abe and Theo get unexpected news about Theo’s medical situation.
Friday: Chad and Abigail plot to thwart Stefan; Andre confesses to Kate he has feelings for her; Rafe gets Ciara to confirm she knows the truth about him and Sami; Eric is stunned to learn the identity of Roman’s New Year’s Eve date.

The Bold and the Beautiful One Shots: Liam Discovers Steffy’s Secret

Liam was so happy that Steffy was pregnant again after the miscarriage that nearly destroyed them both. He wanted to surprise Steffy with an impromptu baby shower and got Katie to agree to help.
When Liam had everything ready for Steffy, he noticed that he received a text from his father:
$Bill: I need you here at Spencer.
Liam: I’m busy at the moment.
$Bill: I don’t care how busy you are! I need you here stat!
Liam: Okay! Be there as soon as possible.
Liam was hurt that he had to postpone the baby shower for the moment. He just hoped that Steffy wouldn’t be too busy at Forrester when he came to get her for the shower.
Liam arrived at Spencer and went directly to $Bill’s office to find out what his father needed so badly, but he wasn’t prepared for the shock when he heard his wife and father arguing inside $Bill’s office. Steffy had arrived at $Bill’s office to talk about that night and to make it perfectly clear that any chance of them being together was out of the question.
“Steffy, I wish you would reconsider my proposal?” $Bill pleaded with Steffy.
“Bill, I’m pregnant with Liam’s baby. There’s no chance for us. I want my marriage.” Steffy cried to get $Bill to understand how much she wanted his son.
“But Liam doesn’t deserve you.”
“I disagree with you. I’m the one who doesn’t deserve Liam.”
“It wasn’t cheating. You thought your marriage was over after Liam confessed to kissing Sally in the Spectra demolition.”
“Yeah, and I went to the my family’s guest house where you showed up and we made love.”
After Liam heard Steffy discuss with his father the details of that night, Liam couldn’t listen anymore. He ran out of Spencer Publications. He couldn’t believe his wife and his father. And the baby…was it really his father’s?
Liam got into his car and drove all night. Steffy had gotten home to discover Liam wasn’t home. She was getting worried not knowing where he was. She called $Bill to see if he’d seen Liam.
“No, Steffy, I haven’t.” $Bill told her. “He never showed up here after I text him to come to work today.”
“It’s not like Liam not to let me know where he went?” Steffy said, worried.
“Maybe he had some errand to run?” $Bill suggested, more so Steffy wouldn’t worry.
“Okay, Bill, let me know if you hear from him.” Steffy told $Bill before hanging up.
Liam’s car was found abandoned on the outskirts of L.A. with no sign of Liam anywhere…….

Days of Our Lives One Shot: Ciara Schemes to Make Theo Hers

Ciara couldn’t stand Theo and Claire’s public displays of affection. She wanted Theo and Claire certainly didn’t deserve him.
And to top it off, it was sad to watch Tripp mooning over Claire. Seriously! How could Claire do that to Tripp! He was such a hot looking man!
Then it hit her! The perfect way to push Claire into Tripp’s arms! She would “make a play for Tripp. Make Claire jealous! Ciara needed to see just how devoted to Theo Claire was.
Ciara made her way over to Tripp’s table in a seductive walk and planted a juicy kiss on Tripp’s lips that left Tripp speechless.
Ciara’s scheme worked as Claire took her eyes off Theo long enough to see Ciara and Tripp kissing. As much as it hurt to see Ciara kissing Tripp, the man she secretly loved, Claire didn’t want to hurt Theo. She was staying with Theo out of guilt—Tripp was the one she desired.
Claire found a way to get a few moments away from Theo and found Ciara alone—to Ciara’s glee.
“Just what do you think you are doing?!” Claire accused her aunt.
“I’m sorry, whatever are you talking about?” Ciara feigned innocence.
“You! Kissing Tripp!” Claire yelled at Ciara.
“Why does it matter to you who I kiss?” Ciara said innocently to her niece, knowing she was right about her.
“I don’t care who you kiss, Ciara!” Claire lied. “Just leave Tripp out of this! He’s a nice guy! And he doesn’t need your games!”
“Why, Claire, you care about Tripp’s feelings?”
“Just stop playing with Tripp’s heart!” Claire said, before walking away and back to Theo. She had to prove that Ciara kissing Tripp didn’t get to her, so she in turn planted a wet on Theo’s lips, despite how jealous it made her.
Ciara was happy her scheme worked. Claire was jealous! Soon, Theo would be all hers…..
… Belle and Shawn said good bye to Salem, Belle was having second thoughts on accepting her new job…she placed a call to her new employer…
“Yes, this is Belle Brady. I’m afraid I won’t be able to accept your position after all.” Belle said, before abruptly hanging up.