Starrleena’s Soap Opera Spoilers for the Week of August 14 – 18, 2017

Spoilers for the Week of August 14 – 18, 2017

The Young and the Restless

Monday: Victor gets the upper hand in his feud with Nick; Sharon gives Scott a makeover; Vic toria and Billy clash about her personal life.

Tuesday: Chelsea faces a big decision; Cane and Lilly ask Mattie to keep her distance from Reed; Mariah presses Tessa for the truth.

Wednesday: Billy forms an unlikely alliance; Sharon enlists Scott’s help to find Crystal; Ashley and Ravi experience cabin fever.

Thursday: Jack retaliates against Billy; Cane offers up dirt on Brash & Sassy; Graham covers for Dina.

Friday: Hilary makes a new enemy; Jordan makes a move on Lily; Phyllis is forced to choose sides.

The Bold and the Beautiful

Monday: Steffy and Liam disagree on Bill’s deviant lie as well as how it should be handled; Eric advises Sheila regarding her future plans to live in Los Angeles.

Tuesday: Bill comes up with a backup plan to ensure that the Spectra building will be his; Quinn’s problems concerning Sheila escalate rapidly and are worse when she previously thought.

Wednesday: Sally makes a fighting plea to CJ to allow her one more collection to prove that Spectra will be a success; Eric and Quinn greatly differ about what to do regarding Sheila’s condition, which was brought on by Quinn.

Thursday: Steffy gets on board with Bill’s plan, but she warns him that Liam may be the one to push back; Eric’s ultimatum to Sheila forces her to go to extreme measures to get him to reconsider.

Friday: Eric enlists the assistance of his old pal James Warwick (Ian Buchanan) to help his current situation with Sheila; during an interview Sally appeals to Liam’s emotional side by explaining why she intends to carry on the Spectra business.

General Hospital

Monday: Finn gets horrible news; Dante sense he’s been duped; Monica’s day goes from bad to worse.

Tuesday: Dante questions Nelle; Joss has a date with Oscar; Griffin surprises Ava.

Wednesday: Liz puts her life on hold; Obrecht’s curiosity consumes her; Finn appreciates Curtis.

Thursday: Obrecht’s gloating backfires; Nathan catches Amy up on all things “Man Landers”; Felicia curiosity is piqued.

Friday: Kiki offers advice; Liz encourages Griffin; Nina has a list of demands.

Days of Our Lives

Monday: Marlena finally connects with John and pleads for help; Brady ransacks Eric’s room and makes a surprising discovery; Eric is thrown when he interrupts Hattie and Bonnie’s party; Sonny recalls a key memory from the night of Deimos was killed.

Tuesday: Tripp shocks Kayla by apologizing for all he’s done; Abe confronts Theo about breaking the law for the DiMeras; Steve talks to Roman about Joey’s need to atone for killing Ava; Hope, Rafe and Raines fret about their inability to ID Dario’s partner.

Wednesday: Rafe and Hope make a shocking arrest; Claire sees an upsetting photo on her tablet; Kayla urges Joey not to turn himself in for Ava’s murder; Lani tells JJ about her unexpected decision.

Thursday: Chloe confronts Brady about his drinking; Bonnie finds himself drawn to Lucas; Adrienne desperately tries to convince everyone at the prison she’s not Bonnie; Hattie, posing as Marlena, attempts to win over Roman.

Friday: Brady and Nicole have a huge confrontation; Chloe wonders if Eric still has feelings for Nicole; Chad and Sonny’s fate is decided; when John learns what “Marlena” has been up to, he punches Roman.


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