Critiques for the Week of August 7 – 11, 2017

Critiques for the Week of August 7 – 11, 2017

Days of Our Lives

Confusion runs amuck for friends and family due to “Marlena” and “Adrienne”’s behavior, while Bonnie and Hattie party over their success.

Chad and Sonny discuss the happenings on the night of Deimos’ murder after Chad turns himself in as for possibly killing Deimos.

Brady’s jealousy over Eric and Nicole gets out of control after he and Lucas commiserate over drinks about their current love life.

Steve and Kayla at odds over Joey’s guilt in Ava’s murder.

General Hospital

More cover ups as Sonny and Jason keep the culprit of who shot him secret from Port Charles citizens.

Alexis testifies in Julian’s trial.

Valentin berates Charlotte for her actions after pointing her finger at Ava.

The Bold and the Beautiful

Bill threatens Liam into not sabotaging his efforts in reuniting Thomas and Caroline after Liam learns of Bill’s devious lie.

Steffy gloats in Sally’s face about her current situation with Thomas in New York with Caroline and Douglas.

The Young and the Restless

Victor is at it again! His latest plot—evicts Nick from the tack house.

Dina makes herself right at home on her first day at Jabot.

Ashley and Ravi get ready for a weekend at the Abbott cabin.


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