Sugar & Spice: The Next Generation


A/N: Have you ever wondered what would happen if the former high school cheerleaders’ secret bank robbery got out? I will explore this idea in this fanfiction based on the movie “Sugar & Spice.”

Things get crazy when a leak gets out about the ex-cheerleaders secret back in high school. As the secret comes to light, relationships are threatened when the girls are brought to trial for their crime. Jack and Diane’s marriage is tested when it adversely affects Jack’s campaign for President of the United States. Will lives crumble or will the women find peace after the secret is out?


Diane Weston – Marley Shelton (The Mastermind)
Jack Bartlett – James Marsden
Kansas Hill – Mena Suvari (The Rebel)
Lisa Janusch – Marla Sokoloff (The Informer)
Hannah Wald – Rachel Blanchard (The Virgin)
Cleo Miller – Melissa George (The Stalker)
Lucy Whitman – Sara Marsh (The Brain)
Fern Rogers – Alexandra Holden (The Terminator)


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