Doppelgangers Amuck in Salem!!!!!


After Anjelica’s crazy scheme to bring Hattie Adams and Bonnie Lockhart to Salem to impersonate Dr. Marlena Evans and Adrienne Johnson Kiriakis, the lives of John Black, Justin Kiriakis, and Lucas Horton are in turmoil. While the real Marlena is tucked away in a psychiatric facility and the real Adrienne is stuck in Statesville, Bonnie, as Adrienne, has broken Lucas’ heart, not to mention, Justin’s. John is shaken by Marlena’s breakup and her sudden interest in her ex, Roman Brady. Anne swoops in to heal Lucas’ heart. When the real Adrienne and Marlena’s lives are put in jeopardy in their current situation, and Paul stumbles onto Anjelica’s scheme, will he be able to save the real Marlena and Adrienne before or will Paul be tucked away too?


Anjelica Devereaux – Morgan Fairchild
Adrienne Johnson Kiriakis – Judi Evans
Bonnie Lockhart – Judi Evans
Dr. Marlena Evans – Diedre Hall
Hattie Adams – Diedre Hall
John Black – Drake Hogestyn
Roman Brady – Josh Taylor
Lucas Horton – Bryan Dattilo
Anne Millbauer – Meredith Scott Lynn
Paul Narita – Christopher Sean
Sonny Kiriakis – Freddie Smith


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