Starrleena’s Weekly Soap Opera Spoilers for August 7 – 11, 2017

Weekly Soap Opera Spoilers for August 7 – 11, 2017

The Young and the Restless:

Monday: Victoria has a rude awakening; Cane makes a confession to Juliet; Jack conspires with Hilary.

Tuesday: Mariah is torn between Tessa and Devon; Billy questions Victoria’s judgment; Ashley reaches out to Neil for help.

Wednesday: Sharon finds herself in serious danger; Graham keeps a secret from Dina; Cane makes a sacrifice for his family.

Thursday: Jack enlists a new partner in crime; Nick asserts his independence; Victoria turns to Chelsea for advice.

Friday: Victor makes big changes at the Newman Ranch; Tessa turns to Zack for help; Dina clashes with Nikki over her relationship with Jack.

The Bold and the Beautiful:

Monday: Sheila hears the news about Eric and Quinn and vows to be the next Forrester matriarch; Wyatt and Katie discuss the pros and cons of embarking on a romantic relationship together.

Tuesday: Carter reveals the secret Eric’s been keeping about Quinn; Liam learns interesting information about his own family from Sally.

Wednesday: Justin thinks Bill’s latest scheme has gone way too far; Wyatt and Katie come to an agreement about what to do regarding their attraction to one another.

Thursday: Bill warns Liam not to sabotage a reunion plan involving Caroline and Thomas; Steffy gloats to Sally about Spectra Fashion’s current predicament.

Friday: Steffy and Liam disagree on Bill’s deviant lie, as well as how it should be handled; Eric advises Sheila regarding her future plans to live in Los Angeles.

General Hospital:

Monday: Jason questions Griffin; Kiki steps up; Hayden looks to a kindred spirit for advice.

Tuesday: Monica gives Finn her blessing; Carly swallows her pride; Olivia runs afoul.

Wednesday: Kiki makes an impression; Felicia feels like a teenage again; Valerie is happy for Dillon.

Thursday: Finn feels deceived; Scott has his doubts; Ava is a mess.

Friday: Finn suspects he isn’t getting the whole story; Scotty pushes his luck; Dante looks for resolution.

Days of Our Lives:

Monday: Joey puts himself in harm’s way to save Kayla; Brady interrogates Victor, who finally comes clean; Gabi makes a difficult decision regarding Chad; Sonny is stunned by Paul’s news.

Tuesday: “Marlena” breaks up with John; Anjelica lures Adrienne into a trap; Brady’s jealousy threatens to push him over the edge; Nicole makes a risky move to be near Holly.

Wednesday: Steve and Kayla clash over the situation with Tripp and Joey; Brady gets the wrong idea about Nicole and Eric; Justin makes a confession to Sonny; Hattie breaks Bonnie out of Statesville.

Thursday: Chad and Abigail’s reunion takes a surprising turn; Tripp secretly decides to skip town; Anjelica meets with Bonnie for the first time and explains her first order of business; Lani is put in a tough position at work.

Friday: Bonnie breaks Lucas heart; Marlena wakes to find herself trapped; Brady breaks into Eric’s room and makes a shocking discovery; Chad and Sonny compare notes about the night of Deimos’ murder.


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