Quinn & Sheila Battle for Eric’s Heart: A Bold and the Beautiful One Shot

Sheila and Quinn Battle for Eric’s Heart

Quinn was devastated when Eric announced their marriage was over and he wanted a divorce. But the one thing that made it worse was that Eric had been dallying with Sheila Carter. How could Eric hang around that woman?!

She had no husband and no job. Eric ousted her from Forrester Creations after the divorce.

When Quinn went to the Forrester mansion to pick up her belongings, she was stunned to find Eric had removed her portrait that was hanging over the mantle…but even more shocking was…it wasn’t Stephanie’s portrait…it was Sheila’s!!

Looking at the portrait made Quinn’s blood boil! She had to find a way to make Eric believe in her again!

Eric was waiting in his office as he had assembled his family and staff to announce some big changes in his life and at Forrester.

“Thank you for coming to this meeting.” Eric told his family and staff. “I have some news that’s going to change.”

Everybody waited to hear Eric’s news about Forrester.

“I have announced a new CEO here at Forrester.” Eric announced as Steffy and Ridge looked worried. “The new CEO is my grandson, Thomas Forrester.”

“Dad, you can’t do that!” Ridge said outraged by Eric’s obviously irrational behavior.

“I can and I will. You see, I have denounced you as my son. You are now Massimo’s son.” Eric said bitterly.

“Then why did you make Thomas’ CEO? If you denounce me as your son, then Thomas is Massimo’s grandson?” Ridge reminded him.

“I have made my decision and that’s final!” Eric said, then walked out of the office where Sheila was happily waiting in the hall.


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