Phyllis’ Plot to Keep Billy Away from Victoria: A Young and the Restless’ One Shot

Phyllis’ Plot to Keep Billy Away from Victoria

Victoria came home exhausted from all the dating she had been doing. Little did she know, Phyllis was setting her up on these dates. It was her scheme to keep her away from Billy.

Victoria just didn’t expect to see Billy sitting on her sofa when she came home from one of her dates.

“Where have you been?” Billy chided her.

“On a date.” Victoria told him.

“A date?” Billy said hurt. “How can you be on a date when you have kids upstairs who need you!”

“The children are at their grandmother’s, for your FYI!” Victoria defended herself.

“You shouldn’t be dating?!” Billy told her.

“Why not? I’m single and available!” Victoria reminded him.

Victoria knew where Billy was going. He just couldn’t admit it.

“Fine! Have it your way!” Billy said as he stormed out of Victoria’s home and back to his pad, where an amorous Phyllis was waiting.

“Billy!” Phyllis said seductively dressed in nothing but the bed sheet.

Billy just looked at her and went to the kitchen to fix him something to eat. Hurt, Phyllis followed him into the kitchen.

“I’m dressed in nothing but a sheet waiting to love you, and you come into the kitchen to eat?” Phyllis berated him.

“I’m not in the mood, Phyllis!” Billy said coldly.

“Fine!” Phyllis said, as she covered herself up with the sheet and ran to their room and flung herself on the bed.

What was going on? She set Victoria up on the dates so Billy wouldn’t be around her. And now Billy won’t even look at her?

Back in the kitchen, Billy sat at the table munching on his sandwich, “I can’t be with Phyllis. I need to convince Victoria I love her. But how do I do that and not look like a jealous fool!”


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