Valentin & Nina: Trapped–A General Hospital One Shot

Valentin & Nina: Trapped

AUTHOR’S NOTE: What if it wasn’t Sonny and Carly caught in the demolition? What if Valentin somehow got Nina to that site and it was Valentin and Nina that were trapped after the demolition? Would they renew their love for each other, or go their separate ways?

Valentin woke to find him and Nina covered in debris after the demolition. Nina wasn’t breathing or had a pulse. Performing CPR on her, he got her heart beating again and Nina began breathing again.

“Am I dead?” Nina asked when she saw the debris piled on top of her.

“No, Nina, you’re alive.” Valentin said gratefully.

“What happened?” Nina asked Valentin.

“There was a demolition.” Valentin explained.


“Yes, Sonny’s people were demolishing the store.”

“You called me to a place they were demolishing?”

“I didn’t know it would happen today. Not until they announced the demolition.” Valentin defended himself.

“So, now we’re trapped? And no one knows we’re here?” Nina cried, as Valentin tried to comfort her, but she pulled away.

“Nina, I wanted to be alone with you.”

“Why? I told you we’re through.”

“But it doesn’t have to be?”

“I can’t trust you, Valentin.” Nina told him.

“Please, let us be a family again—you, me and Charlotte?” Valentin continued to ask for a reunion.

“I can’t go back to you.” Nina kept insisting.

Just then, part of the debris was about to fall on them as Valentin covered Nina to protect her from injury. It was right then, that Nina saw the love in Valentin’s eyes. She kissed him.

In that rubble, Valentin reaffirmed their love for each other and made passionate love.


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