Gabi Is Desperate: A Days of Our Lives’ One Shot

Gabi Is Desperate

AUTHOR’S NOTE: What if Gabi overhears Chad professing his love to a comatose Abigail and fears she will lose Chad to Abigail again? Would she resort to old behaviors and do something drastic like she did to Melanie Jonas?

“Abigail, I can’t lose you! Please come back to Thomas and me!” Chad cries to a comatose Abigail, just as Gabi has opened the door to Abigail’s hospital room, hearing every word Chad said to her.

“Oh, no! It can’t happen again?!” Gabi fears, as she quietly shuts Abigail’s hospital door so Chad won’t hear her. “I can’t lose Chad to Abigail! I won’t!”

Gabi ran off crying. All she could think about is. . .it was happening again—first, Melanie. . .now Abigail!

She couldn’t do it again, could she? Yes, she had Melanie stalked and abducted by that psycho, Andrew. She wanted Chad then. So she had Melanie stalked and abducted. She knew it didn’t turn out well. But she’s desperate to keep Chad in her life. She can’t lose him again now that he’s finally in her life!

Gabi silently prayed for Abigail to die so she could have Chad to herself.

After being alone for a while, Gabi went back to Salem University Hospital and peaked in Abigail’s hospital room to find that Abigail had woken to the sound of Chad’s professing his love for her.

“No!!!!!!!” Gabi cried out silently. “Why didn’t she just die!!!!!”

Chad heard Gabi trying to close the door and went to see who it was, “Gabi, I have great news!”

“Yeah, I see. Abigail’s awake!” Gabi said, trying to sound excited, but inside, she was hurting that now she would lose Chad all over again to Abigail.

“Isn’t it awesome!” Chad beamed, as he kissed Abigail on the lips.

“Yeah! Just peachy!” Gabi said.

She had to get Abigail out of Chad’s life!


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