Brady & Nicole’s Happy Day: A Days of Our Lives’ One Shot

Brady and Nicole’s Happy Day

AUTHOR’S NOTE: What if Brady and Nicole finally make it down the aisle to marry and join their family–Brady, Nicole, Tate, and Holly after Eric realizes his place is being a priest? The big arrives and at the last minute, Theresa Donovan, Brady’s ex and Tate’s mother, finally manages to escape the clutches of her ex-boyfriend, Mateo, and shows up on Brady and Nicole’s wedding day?

The day was here: Brady and Nicole’s wedding day. After dealing with Nicole’s complex feelings for Eric, Brady and Nicole were finally getting married. The four of them—Brady, Nicole, Tate, and Holly—would finally be a family.

Nicole was in her room getting ready for the nuptials while Brady nervously paced the floor downstairs.

“What is something goes wrong?” Brady says to Sonny.

“Relax, Cuz.” Sonny tries to encourage him. “It’s just the wedding day jitters.”

“I guess you’re right. I’m worried for nothing.”

“Yes. Just calm down and take deep, relaxing breaths.”

Meanwhile, in another part of the world, Theresa Donovan had finally gotten away from her ex-boyfriend, Mateo, who forced her to leave Brady and Tate.

She hoped Brady would forgive her for leaving the way she did. Oh how she missed Tate. She wondered how much he had grown.

Well, all that would be over when she finally returned to Brady and her little boy!
Back in Salem, Nicole was preparing to walk down the aisle to start her life with Brady. She still couldn’t imagine it was happening. After all that had happened: Daniel’s death, Chloe giving birth to their daughter, Holly, and everything that happened just to get custody of Holly. It was as if life was finally right.

Nicole stood at the top of the Kiriakis stairs to make her grand entrance to marry Brady. Everyone stood up as Nicole walked down the aisle to join Brady’s hand in marriage.

“You look stunning, as always.” Brady complimented Nicole.

Nicole just cried as the Father Eric Brady took his place to join Nicole and Brady in marriage.

(After Nicole and Eric dealt with their feelings for each other, Eric was reinstated as priest and assumed his role at St. John’s Cathedral.)

“Is there anyone who can show just cause that these two people shall not be joined in marriage?” Father Eric asked the wedding guests.

A few minutes of waiting and just as Father Eric was about to announce Nicole and Brady husband and wife—Theresa shows up at the Kiriakis mansion.

“Yes, I do!” Theresa called out, stopping the wedding.

The wedding guests turned around to see Theresa standing at the entrance to the Kiriakis living room as Brady and Nicole both had horrified looks on their faces.


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