Weekly Soap Opera Spoilers for July 31 – August 4, 2017

Week of July 31 – August 4, 2017

The Young and the Restless

Monday: Nick and Chelsea meet a mysterious stranger; Cane refuses to be a victim of blackmail; Abby and Zack share a charged moment.

Tuesday: Billy and Victoria retaliate against Cane; Sharon’s attempt to help Crystal backfires; Hilary questions Jordan about his feelings for Lily.

Wednesday: Lily reaches her breaking point in her marriage; Lauren calls a truce with Sharon; Phyllis wants Billy to keep his distance from Victoria.

Thursday: Nikki defends her relationship with Jack; Victor worries about Victoria’s behavior; Mariah puts her heart on her sleeve with Tessa.

Friday: Phyllis schemes to get Victoria out of Billy’s orbit; Mariah opens up to Devon; Nick puts Scott in his place.

The Bold and the Beautiful

Monday: The course of Thomas’ life is changed by one call from Caroline and Douglas; Bill holds the results as everyone awaits word on who won the Forrester vs. Spectra fashion challenge.

Tuesday: Katie and Wyatt push the boundaries of their attraction to each other; Zende is hurt when Nicole decides to skip out on a party commerating Zende’s accomplishment.

Wednesday: Quinn is thrilled when she receives a call from Eric stating that he’s ready to return home; Katie fills Wyatt in on her suspicions regarding Zende and Maya.

Thursday: Quinn’s world is rocked when Eric makes a declaration about their marriage; Katie becomes uncomfortable when Wyatt broaches their flirtations in Monte Carlo.

Friday: Wyatt gets excited about a possible new relationship when he’s asked out on a date; Ridge becomes defensive when Steffy confronts him about his intentions toward Quinn.

General Hospital

Monday: Sonny begins to lose hope; Nina is on the defense; Nathan delivers a strong warning.

Tuesday: Carly lashes out at Jordan; Avery is inconsolable; Ava takes pains to hide her appearance.

Wednesday: Griffin is cautiously optimistic; Oscar offers his support; Nelle scrutinizes a gift.

Thursday: Valentin deals with an intruder; Julian tries to raise Ava’s spirits; Carly seeks out Michael.

Friday: Dante helps Carly; Sam struggles with reality; Ava gets a proposal that could change her fate.

Days of Our Lives

Monday: Abigail is seriously hurt when she saves Chad’s life; Marlena finds herself in deep trouble; John helps Paul develop a strategy to suss out Victor; Steve’s suspicions about Trip setting up Kayla begin to grow.

Tuesday: Chad, Jennifer and JJ hold vigil over Abigail; Hope and Rafe hunt for Dario; Roman wonders if Eric has developed feelings for Nicole again; Brady is upset by a conversation he overhears between Nicole and Maggie.

Wednesday: Jennifer and JJ await word on Abigail; Anjelica has trouble keeping her cohort in line; Gabi reveals to Chad that Abigail’s marriage to Dario was for green-card purposes; Marlena finds herself in a familiar place.

Thursday: Abigail makes it out of surgery, but Kayla warns everyone she’s not out of the woods yet; Chad informs Andre that he intends to turn himself into the police; Tripp is determined to make Kayla pay; Brady can’t shake his suspicions about Nicole and Eric.

Friday: Eric comforts Jennifer; Gabi overhears Chad declare his love for Abigail; Tripp confronts Kayla, accusing her of killing Ava; Brady is upset when Nicole lies to him.


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