Days of Our Lives

A heated argument between Chad, Dario and Abigail puts Chad in the path of an oncoming vehicle.

Hattie and Anjelica continue their scheme to have Hattie and Bonnie take over Marlena and Adrienne’s lives.

Brady grows suspicious of Nicole and Eric.

Steve also grows suspicious of Tripp as he continues his investigation into Kayla’s suspension.

General Hospital

Josslyn and Oscar unknowingly ride their bikes to the site where Sonny has been left abandoned by Sam and Garvey.

Garvey taunts Carly and Liz as Carly seeks answers to Sonny’s whereabouts.

Jason, Julian, Alexis, and Kristina sit vigil on Sam’s condition as she falls into a coma; yet celebrate that Scout seems to be unaffected.

The Bold and Beautiful

The fashion competition between Forrester and Spectra begins in Monte Carlo, despite Thomas’ growing concerns over Caroline’s health, thanks to Bill’s machinations.

Eric continues to hide with Sheila while Quinn wonders about the state of her marriage.

Katie and Wyatt flirt at the Spencer Summit in Monte Carlo.

The Young and the Restless

Cane fights the blackmail as Billy stumbles onto his secret that could change Cane’s life.

Lily struggles to keep her marriage and family together.

Tensions rise between Charlie and Reed concerning Reed’s intentions toward Mattie.

Sharon grows concerned over Crystal and works with Paul on a sex trafficking crime.


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