Charles in Charge: The New Career


10 years later, Charles has graduated from Copeland College as a securities broker on Wall Street for a Fortune 500 company. The Powell Children, Jamie, Sarah and Adam, are grown up, leading lives of their own. Sarah is a hair and makeup stylist for the stars out in Hollywood, Sarah is a married mother of twin girls, Gwendolyn (after Charles college girlfriend, Gwendolyn) and Jamie (after her sister), and Adam is starting his freshman year at Copeland College. Charles’ college pal, Buddy Lembeck, is engaged to Charles’ ex-girlfriend from college, but sparks fly when Charles, Buddy and Gwendolyn reunite after going in different directions after college. When Charles is accused of embezzling funds from his new Wall Street employer, Sarah takes his defense. But is Charles guilty, and will it affect his renewed blossoming romance with Gwendolyn?


Charles – Scott Baio
Buddy Lembeck – Willie Aames
Gwendolyn Pearce – Jennifer Runyon
Walter Powell – James T. Callahan
Ellen Powell – Sandra Kern
Jamie Powell – Nicole Eggert
Sarah Powell – Josie Davis
Adam Powell – Alexander Polinsky
Anthony – Justin Whalin

Chapter 1

Charles took one last look at himself in the mirror before heading off for his new job with Scheffer & Sons Investments. It was his first job after just graduating from Copeland College.

Charles reminisced about his time with the Powell family, taking care of their three children, Jamie, Sarah, and Adam—now grown and leading lives of their own.

Jamie was in Hollywood working as a hair and makeup artist to the stars. She always told Charles who she had been working with—stars like Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Matt Damon…she seemed really happy in her job.

Then there was Sarah. Sweet, precocious Sarah. An attorney and mother to twin girls.

And Adam—Adam was a lot like him—mischievous—now in his freshman year of college at Copeland College. Charles was choked up when Adam told him he was going to his alma mater.

But the main reason Charles was glad to be working was his college pal, Buddy Lembeck. It broke Charles’ heart to learn of Buddy’s engagement to his college sweetheart, Gwendolyn Pearce. He always thought he and Gwen would marry. Even had the ring picked out to propose. But now it was dead in the water. She was Buddy’s girl now.

Charles pulled into the parking lot of Scheffer’s and dried his eyes, as he tearing up from the memories.

Now composed, Charles headed inside for his first day on the job.


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