A Little Less Conversation: An Elvis Presley Fanfiction


Charity Sullivan loves long talks in the night. So when she gets the chance to meet her idol, Elvis Presley, she has the most amazing conversations with her idol. As the two become closer through these talks, the two fall in love. But an unexpected secret from Charity’s past threatens to destroy her new-found friendship with her idol and friend. Will love win out, or will Charity’s friendship be over?

Chapter 1

“C’mon, Steve.” Charity pleaded. “I don’t want to do this.”

“Baby, I need you so bad right now.” Steve continued kissing Charity hard on the lips as he pressed his hand harder on her breasts.

“Please, Steve, I just want to talk.” Charity persisted.

“That’s all you seem to want to do these days!” Steve said angrily. “Get out of my car!”

Charity did as Steve said as she was afraid of his anger and what he might do. As soon Charity got out, Steve pulled away from the side of the curb where had parked his Chevy ’56 to make out, leaving Charity standing there bewildered. Not knowing where to turn, Charity began walking, but it was only 10 minutes when she got a ride from a kind stranger who took her home.

Charity got home and went to the kitchen hungry after her ordeal with her so-called boyfriend. She didn’t understand why he always wanted to have sex. All she wanted was to talk. Why couldn’t they just talk, Charity wondered. Isn’t there a guy out there who just wants to talk?

Charity finished pigging out from being depressed and went up to her room to listen to her favorite idol of all time, Elvis Presley. Listening to him croon on her record player always made her feel better. As she listened to Elvis sing, Charity opened up her favorite magazine and saw an advertisement for a contest that would allow the winner one night with Elvis. Shelby immediately tore out the contest form and sent it in. She just had to win that contest.

2 weeks later, Charity came home from her job as a waitress at Hughie’s Diner to find a letter lying on her pink bedspread. Charity immediately tore open the letter when she saw it was from the contest she entered.

“Congratulations, Miss Sullivan! You have been selected as the winner! You will be spending one fabulous night with the King himself! You can meet Mr. Presley on Monday, July 14, 1961!

Charity was excited! She would get to meet and spend the night with Elvis Presley! Her 25th birthday!

Then she noticed the date and suddenly realized she would be working. She would asked her boss if she could have the day off. She just couldn’t miss this night!

Chapter 2

“C’mon, Mr. Standish!” Charity pleaded with her boss to have her birthday off.

“This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I get to spend the evening with the King himself!”

“No, Charity! Absolutely not!” Mr. Standish affirmed. “I can’t afford to have you take off work that night!”

“Mr. Standish, I can work instead!” Tina, another waitress offered.

“No way, Tina.” Mr. Standish flat out said. “I don’t want you working. I want my best waitress there and Charity is that person!”

“Well, if you won’t give me the night off, then I’ll just call off!” Charity threatened. “Because I’m going no matter what!”

“If you do, you’re fired!” Mr. Standish threatened back.

“Fine!” Charity angrily said. “I quit!”

And she walked out of Hughie’s Diner for the last time.

Charity was so excited to be one of Elvis Presley’s guest, it didn’t sink in the ramifications of quitting her job. She couldn’t wait! Two days and she would be onstage with Elvis Presley!

Two days later, Charity was getting ready for her night with Elvis Presley, when there was a knock on the front door.

“I’m here for Charity Sullivan.” Elvis’ chauffeur, Reid, said when Charity’s mother answered the door.

“Just one moment.”

“I’ll be waiting in the car, ma’am.” Reid told her.

“Charity, there is a chauffeur waiting outside for you!” Charity’s mother called up after her.

“What? A chauffeur!” Charity said with excitement as she ran down the stairs.
“Yes, darling. He’s waiting out in the car for you.”

On the ride to the studio, Charity couldn’t stop thinking about this night. A night with Elvis Presley. And on her 25th birthday! When Reid pulled up to the studio doors, Elvis himself was at the front doors to escort her to the studio. Imagine a big star like Elvis was waiting for her. Charity Sullivan: nobody!

Elvis led Charity to the room where she waited for Elvis to announce her arrival onstage.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I have a surprise for you!” Elvis began.

Applause came from the audience as Elvis patiently tried to make his announcement.

“Thank you.” Elvis began when the audience calmed down. “Now that I have your attention.”

Charity waited impatiently while Elvis made his announcement as Elvis’ manager led her to the stage.

“I have the winner backstage and they will be making their debut here tonight.”

Elvis said as the audience waited in anticipation. “Ladies and gentlemen, please give a warm welcome to the winner of the contest, Charity Sullivan!”

As Charity walked onstage, but she was clueless as to why she was there. She didn’t realize she was going to sing. She thought it was just an interview. When the audience cheered for her to sing, Charity stood frozen. Then suddenly ran from the stage.

Chapter 3

“Ladies and gentlemen.” Elvis announced. “Please calm down.”

Recordings played in the background as Elvis ran to find Charity to see what was happening. He finally found Charity in the dressing room crying.

“Miss Sullivan!” Elvis pleaded with Charity to open the door. “I’m here to help.”

“Go away!” Charity yelled back. “I won’t do it!”

“Do what?” Elvis asked.


“Ah, come on. It’ll be alright.” Elvis said, trying to encourage her.

“I didn’t know I would have to sing!” Charity quizzed. “I thought it was just an interview and an evening with the King.”

“It’s okay, Charity. Please come out.”

Charity opened the door as Elvis came in to see her.

“My what a pretty woman.” Elvis said when he got inside the dressing room and shut the door. “Now, what’s wrong?”

“Sing something.” Elvis encouraged her.


“Sing with me.” Elvis told her as he began to sing, “Love Me Tender.”

“Love me tender. . . .” Elvis began crooning.

A few minutes later, Charity joined in singing with him, finishing the song with Elvis.

“See, I told you you could do it!” Elvis encouraged Charity when they finished singing.

“B-b-b-ut, I’m scared!” Charity stammered.

“What are you scared of?”

“That everyone will laugh at me?!”

“Here’s what you do.” Elvis began. “Just pretend I’m the only one in the audience.”
“How will that help?”

“Just pretend it’s only us in the auditorium.” Elvis advised.

“Okay, I’ll try it.” Charity said, feeling a bit more confident thanks to Elvis.

Elvis escorted Charity back on stage and announced Charity’s debut. Although Charity still felt butterflies in her stomach, she walked onto the stage frightened but confident and began to sing “I Can’t Help Falling in Love” as the crowd cheered her performance.

“Thank you for this moment!” Charity said gratefully when she finished singing.

As Charity walked offstage, Elvis gave her a congratulatory kiss on the cheek, “See, I knew you could do it.”

The rest of the evening was spent having dinner at Elvis’ favorite restaurant where he presented Charity with a surprise.

Chapter 4

Charity hungrily ate her dinner that Elvis had ordered for her. Normally, she detested having her dinner ordered for her, but this was The King, Elvis Presley. Somehow, it didn’t matter. She was having dinner with Elvis Presley. And Charity didn’t want to ruin this night by bickering with her idol.

“My you have a hearty appetite!” Elvis exclaimed.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Presley. Am I being rude?” Charity apologized.

“No, no, not at all.” Elvis encouraged. “I love a woman with a healthy appetite.”

Charity had finished her plate of tacos, her favorite meal—how did Elvis know it was her favorite meal—as the server was bringing a chocolate fudge sundae by. As good as it was, Charity just couldn’t eat one, could she? And before she knew it, Elvis was ordering two chocolate fudge sundaes.

“I hope you don’t mind me ordering a sundae for you?” Elvis asked.

“No, not al all.” Charity said, despite how much she really wanted one.

As they were waiting for their sundaes to arrive, Elvis sprang his surprise on her.

“Charity, I have something to ask you.” Elvis said, as Charity wondered what it could be.

“Yes, Mr. Presley?”

“As you know, you won the contest and it was nice to spend the evening with you. . .”Elvis began.

“I really enjoyed this night with you. it was an honor to spend this night with you.”

“That’s not all.” Elvis said.

“What isn’t all?”

“Charity, the real prize was to come on tour with me.” Elvis revealed. “That’s why you had to sing.”

Charity’s mouth dropped as Elvis’ confession sank in with her. She couldn’t believe that Elvis Presley was asking her to sing with him, let alone go on tour with him.

“I don’t know what to say?” Charity said surprised.

“You have a really nice voice.” Elvis told her. “The audience loved you.”

“How do you know?”

“You didn’t hear the applause you got?!”

“I thought the applause was for you.”

“No, they were applauding you.” Elvis told her.

“I don’t understand?” Charity said, confused. “You’re the big star. You’re the one they were listening to?”

“Charity, my fans want more of you. That is why I want you to come on tour with me.”

“Okay. I accept.” Charity said, not wanting to disappoint the King.

“What do you say we finish these sundaes and go pack your things so we can head for my bus.” Elvis told her. “We leave in the morning.”

Charity gulped as she finished the last of her sundae. Leaving tomorrow? What was she going to say to her family?

Chapter 5

Charity walked home after eating dinner with Elvis. She had to now had to tell her family that she was going on tour with Elvis Presley. She just knew her mother and father were going to flip out at her news. But she didn’t expect what was coming next as a car stopped just ahead of her.

It was her boyfriend, Steve…….and he looked mad as hell. Charity didn’t want to get in his car when Steve was in a mood.

When Charity walked on by Steve’s car, Steve got out and grabbed Charity’s arm and drug her inside his car.

“Just who the hell were you having dinner with tonight?” Steve raged at her.

“A-A-A f-f-f-riend.” Charity stammered, afraid of facing Steve’s wrath.

“Yeah! You screwing him too!” Steve said loudly, getting in her face.

“No, Steve, he’s just a friend.” Charity pleaded with him to believe her.

“I’m warning you, Char, I’m watching you!” Steve warned her, shaking his fist in her face. “If you so much…..”

Steve started up his car and drove to a secluded spot at Lover’s Lane. Turning off the ignition, Steve grabbed Charity and began stroking her breast rough and kissing her lips.

Charity tried to resist his advances, but he only squeezed her tighter.

“Steve, please. . .stop!” Charity pleaded with him, not in the mood for what was coming next.

But Charity’s cries fell on deaf ears as Steve groped her between the legs and after several minutes of groping her roughly, Charity felt pain in her groin as Steve pleasured himself inside of her.

When Steve was finished, Charity, hurt and humiliated by Steve’s violent act on her, pulled her torn blouse around her and sat in his car while he drove her home.

Once home, Charity was getting out of Steve’s car, and in what seemed a “tender” moment, Steve said, “I do love you, Charity.”

Charity just ignored Steve’s apology and slammed his car door and went inside her house. Not wanting to see her parents after Steve’s attack, she ran upstairs and shut herself in her room, and cried.

She cheered up when her phone rang and it was Elvis telling her how happy he was that she was coming on tour with him.

After hanging up with Elvis, the night’s event haunted her: how was she going to tell Elvis what had just happened to her?


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