To the Past: A Buffy the Vampire slayer Fanfiction


Buffy wishes to be Angel’s sire and the wish is granted, she is whirled back in time where the Master finds her, is attracted to her more than Darla, and picks a new childe.

Chapter 1

Buffy, the sick girl was lying on her bed.

“Miss Beth,” said her chamber maid sitting down the China and tea. “Where am I…,” she asked with her eyes closed.

She was in her own body but from a different era and dimension. This Beth had gotten aids for being a whore. She was in prostitute in this life, also a former Slayer objecting the Council. She objected their sick ways of using Slayers as toys.

Someone came into the room, a robed figure hidden under a hood. He had watched her through her bedroom window a few nights ago, immediately forgetting about Darla. No, this is the one, a unique Chosen one whom had rebelled against her calling and piqued his interest. She dared to rise against the Council test. She would not let them use it on her. She had seen horrors done to the girls, younger ones would be subjected to different tests such as the Cruciamentum where a demon would rise to fight them without their powers, powers ripped without their consent. Beth would not let them, she stood up and demanded that they release the girls and send them back to their parents. They tried to have her killed and humiliated to the public claiming she was crazy.

“Who are you…,” she could hear him walking around the room, but couldn’t see him because she was blind.

“My name is not of the importance dear childe however it is Heinrich Nest.”

Nest, Nest, Nest, why did it sound familiar like coming home after a long adventure?

“What do you want!?!”

“To give you the gift of eternal life…”


“God’s not here dearie!” He pulled off the hood and she gasped.

“I am the Devil!”

Chapter 2

“I am alive.” ‘I am dead!’

“The last Vamp that turned a Slayer had been older than me. A failed experiment.”

Alive. Dead. Alive. Dead. It was overwhelming.

“W- what did you do, what happened!?!”

“I told you, you are a creature of the night.”

“You’re the Master!”

He frowned.

“Do you know me…?” She made up a lie. “I saw you in my dream. We Slayers, we have these dreams, they’re prophetic.”

“Care to define…?”

“A Chosen One is supposed to have these dreams and they develop as the Slayer reaches that age.”

“Oh, I see,” and sat down. He grabbed her hand. “What do you feel right now…?”

“Hunger. Painful hunger. That and seeing different colors. And I can smell things… Things like mice and blood.”

“Glinda, go bring her someone to eat, make it tasty…”

Chapter 3

Buffy ate. Ate whatever it was that Glinda brought her. She didn’t care. She just wanted to eat. Needed to eat. The smell. The blood. It was all she could taste. Was she? No. She couldn’t be. A vampire? But the meat. It tasted so good.

As she slurped the last morsel of the meat and blood, Buffy licked her lips as the Master came in to see how Buffy was doing.

“Did you enjoy your meal?” the Master asked her.

“No.” Buffy lied. She couldn’t admit that she enjoyed it, could she?

“Well, that’s okay. You will. In time.” The Master told her.

“No I won’t!” Buffy shot back, not wanting to admit that she did, or would. She enjoyed being a vampire. “So, did you sire me?”

“No, it was Angelus.” The Master told her.

“Angel?” Buffy said, secretly happy inside, not wanting the Master to know how happy she was.

The master left Buffy alone and she plotted her escape. She had to find Angel and let him know how glad she was to be his sire.

Chapter 4

Buffy made her escape after she had conned the Master she would be with him. Really? How stupid could he be?

Now that Buffy was out in the night air—she couldn’t believe she was a creature of the night, not to mention, Angel’s sire/childe—she had to find Angel and thank him.
As Buffy was searching for Angel, she felt hunger pangs. She desired meat—fresh blood! A poor lonely guy had the tenacity to be outside. It was as if he was put there for her to devour.

Buffy sank her teeth into the poor victim and drank his blood until the guy went limp in her hands. Then she tossed him away like trash.

She didn’t get far when she heard a familiarvoice calling her.

“Buffy!” the voice called out.

It sounded like Willow. Buffy turned around and sure enough, it was.

“Buffy!” Willow called out.

“Willow!” Buffy said as she hugged her friend.

“I’m so glad I found you.”

“Why? What’s been going on in my absence?”

“You won’t believe it?” Willow said, filling her in on the day-to-day activities of Sunnydale.

“What won’t I believe?”

“Angel is with Cordelia.” Willow began. “And Spike is with Harmony.”

“No? Really?” Buffy asked with disbelief. “Angel and Cordy? Spike and Harmony?”
“Who’d a thunk it, huh?”

“What about Xander? Is he with Anya?”

“Yah? That was a no-brainer.”

“And you and Tara? Are you two together?”

“Huh? You knew I was into women?”

“Hell yeah, girlfriend?” Buffy told her.

“Yeah, we’re a couple, but we’re taking it slow.” Willow confessed.

“So, who you been with?” Willow asked Buffy.

“Uh, no one.” Buffy lied not wanting to admit to Willow she was a vampire.

Just then, Spike had spotted them.

“Buff!” Spike said cheerily. “I’m so glad you’re back.”

“Thanks. I heard you’re dating Harmony?”

“Oh, you did?”

“Yeah.” Buffy said, when Harmony sidled up to them and grabbed Spike’s arm.

“That’s right, Buffy, so stay away from my man!” Harmony told Buffy.

“Hey, I’m not here to take Spike from you, Harms.”


Buffy let the others go off on their way as she went in search of Angel. She had to find him. Warn him. He was in danger. From the Master.

Chapter 5

By the time Buffy found Angel, it was too late. The Master had found him. The Master had him in chokehold and was about to stake him. Buffy, grabbed the nearby object, a tree branch that she managed to break off a tree and slammed it down on The Master’s head, sending him to the ground, unconscious.

Angel got up and hugged Buffy to show his thanks for saving his life.

Things got hot and heavy between them and they gave into desire. . .

After ten minutes of passionate kissing. . .Spike happened by. . .became jealous and broke up the two’s lovemaking.

“Hey, what’s up?” Spike asked, as Buffy and Angel stopped kissing and tried to contain themselves.

“Nothing.” Angel said.

“It looks as if you two were kissing?” Spike hinted.

“I was. . .just. . .thanking Buffy for saving my life.” Angel covered.

“Buffy saved your life?” Spike questioned.

“Yes, The Master had me in a chokehold. . .and Buffy hit him knocking him unconscious.”

“So, she didn’t kill him?” Spike asked.

“There wasn’t time?” Buffy joined in.

Their conversation was interrupted when Cordy found them.

“You have to come!”

“What’s wrong, Cordy?” Buffy asked.

“Gile’s store is on fire!” Cordy told them.

The four of them rushed to Giles’ store to see what could be done.


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