The Soul Series: Soul Revival (Book 1) A Buffy the Vampire Slayer Fanfiction Series

The Soul Series, first story title is called: Soul Revival. The SEQUEL: Soul Redemption. 100 chapters with a 100 chapter SEQUEL plus 50 chapter third story to end the series and the last of the story is titled: Soul Bargaining.


In Season 8, Ethan Rayne ploys against Buffy. He has a time travel machine and will retrieve Kralik and Blair from Season 3’s Helpless, bringing them to turn Buffy. He will also steal the Cruciamentum drug from Giles. He found out about the Watcher’s test by looking into Quentin Travers’s archives and the files of the Council. He also secretly overhears a conversation between Willow and the victim about Spike being her lover and that she found out he was alive, but never told her and she was heartbroken that he didn’t tell her or come to her. He gets an idea by seeking a resurrection spell. He only resurrects Spike and Angel, but not the L.A. crew (Gunn, Illyria, and Wesley) because he didn’t want them interfering or helping the Vampires. He’ll capture the 2 Champions and will torture Buffy, r*** her, and then turn her in front of them. A soulless Slayer Demon is on the loose and they have to stop her. Willow does the curse but how will her best friend handle being turned?

Chapter 1

Ethan Rayne sat the machine on the floor before unbounding the unconscious Slayer. He really worked too hard just to fight her until he slammed the needle into her arm. The girl had been tied up and brought to this cabin in the woods. It was a single house there- no neighbors, no dogs, or pets. Not even cars honking. There was not a single person that lived there, but him, Ethan Rayne. This way, no one would know he was alive.

It felt like a train wreck had happened and she was the center of it all. She was tied to a strong rope, leather cauls, and straps. Ethan was standing over her, examining someone. She turned and there he was smiling that vulture like grin.

The devil was on the top of her, licking up her neck. Ethan Rayne took some photos.

“To save for later,” he shrugged snapping the camera.

The pain was evading, but the anger was ever still present.

Chapter 2

“This is wrong on many levels!” He stared at her like he didn’t care.

“Wasn’t it wrong when you and Ripper ruined Band Candy…? Oh, Janus could have been so fun…!”

“But like true White Hats, you destroyed it!”

Kralik: You ruined many Apocalypses and killed many of our kind…

The restoration had been ruined because of you! His glory…!

“You’re going to torture me aren’t you?” “You’re a clever girl then!”

They took pleasure in watching her discomfort. Ethan came back with a brief case.

“Here is what you wanted, Kralik!” He pulled out a wicked knife. “Irish dagger,” he sighed dreamily. “In the medieval days, they would carve symbols on their preys…”

“This is the most delicious gift!”

Chapter 3

After Ethan Rayne was done with her, Buffy got up and looked into the mirror. She was shocked to find her reflection was not there.

“I’m one of them—a soulless demon I’ve been trained to slay?”

Buffy couldn’t believe that Ethan had turned her. What would her friends think? Giles? She had to hide. Hide until she make them believe that she wasn’t one of them?

Meanwhile, back in Sunnydale, Willow, Xander, and the rest of the Scoobies kept doing Buffy’s work until she could be found—hopefully alive.

Spike was at a loss not knowing where Buffy was or what happened to her. He had to find her and he would…alone…without anyone’s help—especially the Scoobies.

Then he ran into Angel…..

“Spike. Do you want to find Buffy together?” Angel asked him.

“Hell, no! It’s your fault Buffy’s missing!” Spike spat out at him.

“I’m sorry, Spike. I’m sorry I got there late.”

“Yeah, where were you that you could help Buffy in her time of need from Rayne?”

“I was dealing with Connor.”

“Rubbish!” Spike said as he took off to find Buffy on his own.

Chapter 4

Spike was on the hunt to find Buffy as well as Angel. Angel wished Spike would agree to work together, but Spike was to mad to do that. Spike hit pay dirt when he spotted Ethan Rayne out and about and made the decision to follow him.

When Ethan arrived at the secluded cabin in the woods, Spike hid until Ethan left an hour later. Then he climbed in through an open window and was surprised to find Buffy tied up.

“Buffy?” Spike said relieved.

“Go away, Spike!” Buffy spat out at him not wanting him to realize she had been turned.

“Buffy, what happened?”

“Don’t ask!” Buffy cried, but not wanting to tell Spike that she had been raped and turned by Ethan Rayne.

“I’m here to free you.”

“Don’t bother. It’s over!” Buffy spat out.

“What’s over? You’re free. You can come back and do what you’re destined to be.”

“No I can’t!” Buffy screamed at him causing her fangs to appear, which shocked Spike.

“Buffy? Rayne turned you?”

“Yes. I’m a soulless demon. Just like you.”

“Come back! I’ll keep your secret!” Spike promised her.

“You won’t tell the others?” Buffy asked unconvinced.

“I swear.” Spike reassured her.

As Spike reached over to free Buffy from her chains, Ethan arrived to find Spike trying to free Buffy. That’s when he hit Spike over the head with a lamp to Buffy’s horror.

“I won’t let you destroy my plan!” Ethan told Buffy as he dragged Spike off to an unknown location.

Meanwhile, Angel, having no luck finding Buffy, headed back to Giles’ store to see if the Scoobies had any luck.

“Any luck finding Buffy?” Angel asked Giles and the Scoobies.

“No, Buffy is still at large.” Xander replied.

“Hmmm, I wonder if Spike had any luck?” Angel mused, more to himself than to the others.

“I don’t know but he took off in a hurry and he hasn’t come back either?” Willow said growing concerned that Spike and Buffy were now missing.

Back at the cabin, Spike woke to find he had been shackled to a wall in another room separate from Buffy. As he struggled to free himself and get back to Buffy, Ethan Rayne was well on his way to steal the Cruciamentum drug that Giles managed to get his hands on.

Chapter 5

Angel found an unconscious Giles lying on the floor of his store. As he shook him to rouse him from unconsciousness, Willow happened upon them to see if her spell worked.

“Angel? Is he okay?” Willow said concerned.

“It looks like he was beaten up?” Angel told her.

Giles was waking up when he heard Angel and Willow’s voices.

“Giles!” Angel shouted at him. “Can you hear me?”

“What happened?” Giles said, trying to regain his memory of what hit him.

“You were knocked out.” Angel told him.

“Is it gone?” Giles asked.

“What? Is something missing?” Willow asked.

“Check behind the counter.” Giles instructed.

Willow went to look behind the counter as Giles told her, “There’s nothing here?”

“Oh no! It’s gone!” Giles said worrying.

“What’s gone?” Angel asked him.

“The Cruciamentum drug!”

“So Ethan Rayne was here?” Angel said.

“So, that’s who hit me?” Giles asked, as he went unconscious again.

Not able to bring Giles back to consciousness, Willow called for the paramedics as Angel covered Giles up.

As Giles was being transferred to the Sunnydale Hospital, Spike was trying to break free of the chains Ethan Rayne had him tied up with.

He had to break free and help Buffy, who was with Rayne. . .who knows what he was doing to her. . .or making her do.

Buffy managed to get away from Rayne and found herself in downtown Sunnydale preying upon some young girl. . .ravenous with hunger for human blood.

As Buffy drained the poor girl of her blood, she felt sorry for her and let her suck from her wrist. . .turning the girl into a vampire.

Meanwhile, Rayne, who figured out that Buffy got away from him was now on the lookout for Buffy. She couldn’t get back to her friends. He needed her for his scheme on Sunnydale. He didn’t turn her for nothing!


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