Starrleena’s Soap Opera Spoilers for the Week of July 24 – 28, 2017

The Young and the Restless

Monday: Victor and Nick’s feud is made public; Sharon receives a distress call; Gloria questions Jack about Nikki.

Tuesday: Nick defends his family; Victoria is pushed to the limit; Cane scrambles to repair his reputation.

Wednesday: Jack plays games with Phyllis; Charlie meets Juliet; Hilary undermines Lily.

Thursday: Devon and Mariah’s romantic getaway is derailed; Jordan and Hilary discuss the state of their relationship; Chelsea is reminded of her past.

Friday: Billy discovers a secret that could change everything for Cane; Sharon worries about Noah; Tessa opens up to Mariah.

The Bold and the Beautiful

Monday: Coming later!

General Hospital

Monday: Jason will stop at nothing to learn the truth; Dante gets a break; Nathan’s column hits close to home.

Tuesday: Sam confronts Sonny; Anna arrives with big news; Nathan gets a welcome surprise.

Wednesday: Finn and Griffin make strides; Laura has her hands full; Obrecht seeks revenge.

Thursday: Garvey covers his tracks; Griffin grows concerned about Scout’s health; Liz is held captive.

Friday: Alexis rushes to the hospital; Olivia Jerome’s actions continue to haunt Port Charles; Garvey is pleased with himself.

Days of Our Lives

Monday: A pair of mischief-makers devise plans for revenge; John and Paul interrogate Xander further; Eric alerts Jennifer to Brady’s ulterior motive; Nicole discovers Eric’s secret.

Tuesday: Abigail and Theo race against the clock to protect Chad; Chad admits he lied to Gabi about Abigail; Nicole comes to a decision about Eric; Jennifer confronts Brady about using her to try to keep Nicole and Eric apart.

Wednesday: More later!




About Soap Opera Fanfics n More

I am a 51-year-old divorced mother to a 21-year-old boy, who is engaged to a 52-year-old man from Canada who also has a 17-year-old boy. I am an avid soap opera watcher who loves to write soap opera fanfiction as well as my own stories. I am currently in progress writing and trying to get published my own creations.
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