General Hospital One Shots

Sonny’s Dilemma

Sonny stands on the train trestle contemplating his life after Morgan’s death. He wonders everyday if he was the one who killed him? Yes, he intended to put an end to Julian’s life, but a bomb in his car? He didn’t like bombs, not since his first wife, Lily was killed as a result of a car bomb? He was sure he told his henchmen not to use one? It was adamant that he didn’t want Julian’s life to end that way?

But. . .and the crazy things is he called to have the hit called off. Did it get called off in time, Sonny wonders? Now Morgan is dead! Was it because of him?

Then Sonny is ghosts from his past: Stone Cates and Lily Rivera. Lily reminds Sonny of the life they had as she is holding their child in her arms. And Stone tells Sonny of the good he has done despite his lifestyle.

But Sonny still has doubts as to whether he is a good person. He still can’t shake the feeling that he is somehow responsible for Morgan’s death, despite what everyone tells him. Sonny has to get to the bottom of whether or not he killed his son or if someone else did. He has to make it right!

Sonny Finds Out Who’s Behind Morgan’s Death

Sonny picked up his listening device he had on Julian and was shocked to learn that it was Julian’s sister, Olivia discussing her part in having the bomb planted on Julian’s car as well as her plot to buy General Hospital.

Well, Sonny was going to put an end the Jerome business once and for all! The Jerome’s were going to pay for what they have done. They killed his son and they were going to lose everything.

Sonny broke out of his electronic anklet bracelet that kept him in house arrest.
He headed for Derek Wells Art Gallery to have it out with Julian!

Nina’s Deception

Nina was hurt when she found the watch in Valentin’s possession. She wondered where he really got it? She wanted it out of the house. Now! So she makes a rash decision and takes the watch and throws it into the pier as Anna/Alex is watching.

“You bitch!” Alex says to herself. “You’re going to pay for this, Nina!”

And before Nina knows what is going on, Alex hits her over the head and drags her off to an undisclosed location.

Back at Wyndemere, Valentin has just arrived home and is in the mood for some lovin’. But Nina is nowhere in sight.

But Charlotte comes in and asks to go riding, so Valentin heads out to the pasture for a ride with his daughter instead, but wondering where Nina is?

Secrets Revealed

Sonny heads over to Carly’s to tell her the news about Ava and Morgan’s medication and tell her she was right along.

“Carly, I have news to tell you.” Sonny says when a tear-faced Carly answers the door. “You were right about Morgan’s medication.”

“What do you mean I was right along about Morgan’s medication?” Carly says.

“Ava tampered with Morgan’s meds and has been hiding it along.”

“That bitch! She’s going to pay!” Carly says enraged. But not before kissing Sonny as the two tear each other clothes off and have sex right there in the front room.

After the heated moment of passion, Carly tells Sonny to leave. She is on a mission and Ava is going to pay for what she did to Morgan. A high price too! Carly vows.
And Sonny will pay too, for what he did to Jax!

Dr. Obrecht Seeks Revenge Against Finn

Dr. Liesl Obrect was livid when she was fired from General Hospital and could not practice medicine after Monica and the crew found out about her plot to sabotage Finn’s drug test.

The only thing on her mind was getting even with Dr. Hamilton Finn. . .and what better way to get even than to take away what he loved. . .Hayden Barnes and their unborn child!

So that’s when Liesl came up with the plot to make Hayden think she was never pregnant with Finn’s baby. Her plot to steal Hayden’s embryo and implant it into her niece, Nina Reeves-Clay-Lansing-Valentin!

Finn and Hayden would lose their baby. . .and Nina. . .well, she would get the child she always wanted!

It was perfect! What could go wrong?!


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