Wedded Amiss: A Zack & Kelly (Zelly) Romance


After 10 years of wedded bliss, Zack and Kelly Morris are on the verge of divorce, as old classmates, A.C. Slater and Jessie Spano (who divorced after only 2 years), Samuel “Screech” Powers and Lisa Turtle head back to California for their 25th high school reunion. They are shocked to discover the pending divorce of the high school sweethearts. As the foursome try to convince the couple how happy they are, unlikely sparks fly for two of the foursome. As Zack and Kelly reconsider their feelings for each other, someone from Zack’s past also arrives for the reunion asking for a chance. Can Zack and Kelly find true love or will it be doomed forever?


Zack Morris – Mark Paul Gosselaar
Kelly Kapowski-Morris – Tiffani Thiesen
A.C. Slater – Mario Lopez
Jessie Spano – Elizabeth Berkeley
Samuel “Screech” Powers – Dustin Diamond
Lisa Turtle – Lark Voorhees
Tori Scott – Monica Creel
Richard Belding – Dennis Haskins

Chapter 1

Kelly had just gotten dinner ready for Zack and their 5-year-old twins, Zachary and Alisha. It had been the fifth night Zack was late this week and Kelly was beginning to suspect he was having an affair. Lately, it seems that Zack has been too busy at the office to be home with her and their children.

“Well, c’mon, Zach and Lisha!” Kelly calls out to her twins, where Zach was showing moves he learned from karate class to his sister in the living room.

At five years of age, Zach was already a yellow belt, as Zach was a quick study in karate.

Lisha however, didn’t care for Zach’s karate moves. She was still interested in her dolls—her favorite being Lollie, a red-hair rag doll that old friend Jessie Spano had given to Lisha when the twins were born.

Kelly and the twins ate in silence when Zack managed to finally walk in the house, exhausted from a long, tiring day at work.

As Zack walked over to give his wife a kiss, Kelly turned away, giving Zack a glaring look.

“What’s wrong, Kelly?” Zack asked, confused.

“Zack, this is the fifth time this week you’ve been late for dinner!” Kelly spat out angrily.

“I’m sorry, honey.” Zack pleaded.

“You’re having an affair at the office, aren’t you, Zack!” Kelly accused.

“No, baby, I’m not!” Zack told her.

“Then why have you been so late?!” Kelly demanded to do know.

“I can’t tell you that, Kelly. At least not at this time!”

“Well, since you won’t tell me the truth, this marriage is over!” Kelly told him, as she ran upstairs to pack her a bag and one for the twins.

“Zach, Lisha, stay there and eat your dinner, while I go talk to mommy.”

The twins looked at each other while Zack went up stairs to the bedroom to try to talk some sense into Kelly.

“Kelly, please, don’t leave!” Zack pleaded.

“You can’t tell me what you have been doing this week! Why you’ve been so late! So I’m leaving!” Kelly said.

“Kelly, please!”

“No, Zack, it’s final. I’m leaving and I’m taking the twins with me!”

Kelly finished packing her and the twins things and went down stairs.

“Zach, Lisha! Get your coats on!” Kelly said, bitterly. “We’re going over to grampa’s for the night!”

Zack stood there in the living room dumbfounded, unable to contemplate what just happened. If only Kelly trusted him on the real reason he was late. He wasn’t having an affair. He was working on a surprise for their 10th wedding anniversary. That’s why he couldn’t tell her anything. Zack prayed that Kelly would come to her senses.

Chapter 2

So sure that Zack was having an affair, Kelly drove over to her father’s home with twins Zachary and Alisha.

“Daddy, Zack is cheating on me!” Kelly cries out when her father comes out of his house when he sees her pull up into his driveway.

Mr. Kapowski just hugs his daughter, as the twins head inside their grampa’s home.

“Don’t be so quick to assume.” Mr. Kapowski tells her, not trying to ruin Zack’s surprise.

“Why else would Zack stay late at work?” Kelly continues, still crying.

“Hun, Zack could just be legitimately working.” Mr. Kapowski tries to reassure his daughter of Zack’s love. “Just because someone is late working at the office doesn’t always mean an affair.”

“So, you think I’m just jumping to conclusions?” Kelly replies back.

“Why don’t’ you and the twins stay here for the night and think about before making any rash decision.” Mr. Kapowski says to his daughter in encouragement.

“Okay, daddy.” Kelly says, giving him a hug, before heading inside to check on the twins.

After Kelly heads inside the house, Mr. Kapowski gives Zack a call.

“Mr. Kapowski.” Zack says, when he sees Mr. Kapowski’s name come up on his cell.

“I just wanted to let you know that Kelly and the twins are here and just fine.”

“Whew!” Zack says, relief, as Zack as been out of his mind with worry after Kelly left.

“I think Kelly will be fine and be home tomorrow.”

“You didn’t tell her about the surprise?” Zack says, worried.

“No, it’s still a secret, but I don’t know for how long I can keep it secret?”

“Well, our anniversary is in a couple days, so it shouldn’t be a problem.”

“I’m just glad to be of help.”

“Thanks, Mr. Kapowski.” Zack says gratefully, before ending their call.

Zack is about to head upstairs to bed when the doorbell rings.

“Oh who is it now?” Zack says to himself.

Zack is surprised when he opens the door to find Tori Scott standing on his doorstep.

Chapter 3

The next morning, after a restful sleep, Kelly took her father’s advice and decided to go back home to Zack.

“I’m glad you’re going back to Zack, dear.” Mr. Kapowski said to Kelly.

“I’m glad you talked some sense into me, dad.” Kelly said, giving her dad a hug before getting into her car.

Mr. Kapowski waved good-bye as Kelly pulled out of his driveway.

Kelly couldn’t believe that she had jumped to conclusions about Zack coming home late. She couldn’t wait to get back home to Zack. She missed him so much.

But when she walked into their home with Zachary and Alisha, Zack was busy with his associate from work.

Surprised by Kelly’s sudden appearance and not wanting to spoil Kelly’s surprise he was working on, Zack quickly shoved his work under their sofa so Kelly wouldn’t see the surprise.

“Zack, I’m home!” Kelly announced when she came in with the twins.

“Kelly?” Zack said, surprised by her return.

“Did you miss me?!” Kelly asked, suspiciously.

“You know I did.” Zack exclaimed, as he gave her a kiss on the lips.

“Well, I thought about things and decided that I jumped to conclusions last night so I came home.” Kelly confessed.

“I’m so glad you did, babe.” Kelly said, getting a little frisky.

“Zack, I love you too, but the children are in the room.”

Meanwhile, elsewhere. . .

“Jessie, when is Zack and Kelly’s anniversary party?” Slater asks Jessie.

“It’s two weeks from Friday, dear.” Jessie replied.

“Oh dear. I messed up bad.” Slater confesses.

“How did you do that, dear?”

“I agreed to go on a fishing trip with the guys that weekend.”

“Well, you’ll just have to cancel it, dear. Simple as that.” Jessie stated.

“C’mon, Jess. Zack and Kelly will understand.”

“Slater, we had plans that weekend. And we already R.S.V.P.’ed.”

“But I promised the guys!”

“I’m sorry, Slater, but we promised Zack and Kelly.” Jessie reminded him. “Besides, it’ll be great getting reacquainted with the gang.”

“Well, you and the kids can go without me.” Slater said firmly. “Tell Zack and Kelly I had other plans and couldn’t get out of it.”

“If you don’t go with me to the anniversary party, we’re through!” Jessie yelled at him.

“Fine! Have it your way!” Slater fumed as he stormed upstairs to their room.

After Slater stormed upstairs, two-year-old Ashley hugged her mommy.

“Mommy, are you and daddy getting divorced?’

“Oh, Ashley dear. Of course not.” Jessie tried to reassure her daughter. “Mommy just had a spat is all, honey.”

Chapter 4

Jessie wondered what had gone wrong with her and Slater? They had lived together for most of their adult lives and only been married for two of them. But after 2 years of marriage, her and Slater were divorced and co-parenting Ashley together. Why couldn’t they make it work like Zack and Kelly? What was wrong them? Zack and Kelly were the perfect couple. So in love? They would never divorce? Jessie reminisced about their wedding after they had all graduated from college. The two were so in love, especially when Kelly announced to their guests at their wedding party that she was pregnant with twins. Zack was taken aback and surprised. It was Kelly’s surprise to Zack after they were married.

Jessie packed her and Ashley’s things as she and her daughter headed for the airport for L.A. for their 25th high school reunion.

While fishing with his buddies, Slater felt guilty about not going to the reunion. The truth was, he really wanted to go, but didn’t want to disappoint his buds. Slater wanted desperately to see Zack and the gang, and to see if Zack and Kelly really lasted after all this time. So he made the sad decision and told his buddies that he was cutting their fishing trip early and heading to L.A. to his 25th high school reunion.

In L.A., Jessie and her daughter, Ashley, arrived and gave Kelly a call.

“Jessie, is that you?” Kelly said, surprised.

“Hey, girl! I just arrived in L.A. for the 25th reunion.” Jessie told her bestie.

“We need to catch up.” Kelly told her.

“Yes, we do!” Jessie agreed.

“Well, where should we meet?” Kelly asked.

“Should I come over to your place?” Jessie asked.

“Yes. Do that. Right now.” Kelly told her.

“Really? But aren’t you and Zack busy?”

“Zack? He’s busy. Just not with me.” Kelly said, trying not to sound disappointed, but Jessie could tell it in her voice.

“Kelly, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” Kelly told her friend.

“I’ll be there in a few. Ashley and I have just got a cab.”

Meanwhile, Tori Scott had just boarded her flight for L.A. to come to their 25th high school reunion, per Zack’s request. Tori had high hopes of reuniting with Zack, her one-time true love.

Chapter 5

Tori arrived in L.A. and checked into her suite at the Hilton, where Zack was also staying, thanks to Kelly kicking him out.

“Zack, fancy seeing you here?” Tori said, as she was unlocking the door to her suite.

“Tori, I’m glad you could make it to the reunion.” Zack said.

Tori was still hung up on Zack after their short-lived romance as high school seniors at Bay City High. She was crushed beyond belief when Zack admitted he was still in love with Kelly Kapowski. She wondered if he ever married her?

“Well, Tori, are you ready for the surprise I intend to throw on the class of ’96?” Zack asked her.

“That’s why you asked me here?” Tori sounded hurt.

“Yes. Why else would I ask you to come?” Zack said.

“Oh, nothing.” Tori said. “Say, what ever happened to you and Kelly Kapowski?”

“Oh, her.” Zack said, looking disappointed.

“Yes, the girl you broke my heart with?”

“Oh, yes, Kelly Kapowski.”

“Well, are you going to tell me?”

“I married her.” Zack said, before going inside his suite.

“If you married her, then why are you in a hotel suite?” Tori wondered, as she went inside her own suite adjacent from Zack’s.

An hour later, Zack knocked on Tori’s suite door. Tori had been prepping for her “date” with Zack.

“Tori, you look awesome.” Zack told her, when she answered her door.

“Am I too overdressed?”

“For a high school reunion? No way.”

Zack opened the door to his chevy for Tori as she hopped inside. When Zack was inside the car, he started the engine and they were off for Bay City High for the reunion lunch.

Zack was sure the gang would be happy to see Tori and congratulate him for getting her to come to L.A. for the reunion. But Tori had other plans in mind for her and Zack while she was here.


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