I’ll Always Love You: A Johnny Gage (Emergency) Fanfiction


Johnny Gage – Randolph Mantooth
Roy DeSoto – Kevin Tighe
Dr. Kelly Brackett – Robert Fuller
Dixie McCall, RN – Julie London
Dr. Joe Early – Bobby Troup
Chet Kelly – Tim Donnelly
Carrie Willis – Mila Kunis
Kylie Anderson – Laura Prepon
JoAnne DeSoto –

Chapter 1

Carrie Willis arrives at Los Angeles General for her interview as a paramedic twenty minutes early and nervous as hell. She is warmly greeted by the receptionist and told to wait while she calls back to let the administrator know his interview has arrived.

Carrie can feel the butterflies fluttering around inside her stomach while waiting. Finally, after what seems like forever, the receptionist says she can go back and speak with the administrator.

Ten minutes later, the administrator tells Carrie that she has the job and to report to Station 51 for tomorrow for her first day on the job.

Excited about getting the job, Carrie texts her best friend, Kylie Anderson, and the go out to dinner to celebrate Carrie’s new job.

After a couple hours, Carrie informs Kylie that she is tired and wants to go home and get some sleep for her first day on the job. Kylie agrees and takes her friend home. Kylie congratulates Carrie and wishes her good luck on her job the next day.

Carrie’s alarm clock wakes her up promptly at 6 a.m. Excited about starting her job, Carrie showers and puts on the uniform she was given for the job.

Satisifed with how she looks and having eaten a well-balanced breakfast, Carrie heads out to her car and heads for Station 51 in Los Angeles County.

Carrie is greeted by handsome and sexy paramedic Johnny Gage when she walks into the firehouse.

“Can I help you miss?” Johnny Gage asks her.

“Yes. I’m Carrie Willis and I was supposed to report her this morning.” Carrie says, showing John her papers.

“Ah, yes, follow me this way.”

Carrie does as she is told and follows the paramedic.

“So, you want to be a paramedic?” Johnny says, trying to break the ice.

“Yes. It’s always been my passion to help others.” Carrie says, not sure how to respond.

“Well, I think you’ll like it here.” John says. “Let me give you the guided tour.”

As John is showing Carrie around, she can’t help but notice how gorgeous John is. Secretly, she imagines his lips on hers, and is embarrassed when John interrupts her daydream.

“Carrie, so what do you think?” John says, as Carrie realizes she was fantasizing.

“What? Oh, I’m sorry, I wasn’t paying attention.” Carrie apologizes.

“That’s okay, Carrie, everyone always ignores me.” John says, joking, winking at her.

Carrie blushes as the alarm sounds alerting them to an emergency.

“Well, Carrie, welcome to your first outing.” John says, as he helps her into the firetruck with him and his partner, Roy DeSoto.

When they arrive at their emergency, they find an elderly lady unconscious laying on the floor of her home.

John is amazed how fast Carrie took to the job and even more so as she connected to the elderly woman when Carrie managed to revive her following CPR.

After they bring the elderly lady to the hospital, John can’t take his mind off Carrie, as Roy notices.

“You like the new worker, don’t you, John?”

“She seems good at the job.” John tries to deny his feelings for Carrie.

“C’mon, John, I can see it in your eyes.”

“Well, she is easy on the eyes.”

“That’s all you have to say?”

“For now I am.”

And John leave it at that.

Chapter 2

Roy and John are making their special 5-Alarm Chili for the squad as Carrie wakes from one of the cots in the firehouse.

“Well, good night!” John says, when Carrie comes into the kitchen.

“What are you two making?” Carrie asks, still a little tired.

“5-Alarm Chili.” Roy says.

“Oh, it’s that hot?” Carrie adds, jokingly. “Will I need to call the fire department?”

“Ha ha! That’s a good one, Carrie!” John tells her, laughing.

Just then, the other guys on Squadron 51 come into the kitchen hungry and ready to eat. As Roy turns the burner off, they all help themselves to some chili and then sit down where other toppings of shredded cheddar cheese, sour cream, and crackers are sitting in the middle of the table.

As Carrie helps herself to some chilli, she sits in the only seat available―next to John. Feeling nervous about sitting so close to John, Carrie’s attraction to John seems to go unnoticed by John, but Roy looks at the other guys, as if to say to them, “let’s hurry and eat and leave these two alone” look.

Suddenly alone, John and Carrie are face-to-face for the first time since Carrie arrived at the firehouse for her interview.

“So, you liking the job?” John says, as if to break the ice.

“Yes!” Carrie says, shyly. “I enjoy helping people.”

“So what made you want to be a paramedic, if I might ask?”

“I like being out in the field…not stuck in a hospital or office building.”

“Me too.” John agreed.

They both sat in silence, both not knowing what to say to each other. But as luck would have it, they were saved by the alarm alerting them to an emergency.

As the rest of the squad put on their gear, John and Carrie did the same. They both collided into each other when they both tried to get their jackets out of the lockers and when the two found themselves in a compromising position as Roy came in to see what was taking them so long.

Ignoring the obvious attraction to each other, John and Carrie scrambled to get their jackets on and rushed to the truck to head out to the announced emergency.

It was a bomb threat scare at a nursing facility and Carrie went into relief mode as she tried to calm down the terrified residents and staff of the nursing facility.

John accompanied Roy to search the building for any kind of bomb after they spoke with the administrator about the alleged bomb that someone had called in.

As Carrie continued to calm the fears of residents and staff who were evacuated from the building, John and Roy came out 20 minutes later to report that their was no bomb in the building and all was clear.

“I almost wish there had been.” a CNA said, angrily. “After the hard work to get these residents to safety, it seems a waste of time now.”

“I know what you mean.” another CNA agrees. “Why do people do such stupid things?”

“Now, girls, let’s not get too angry.” Carrie says, overhearing them. “Yes, it’s wrong for people to be so stupid, but we have to remember the safety of the residents and staff.”

“Yes, you’re right.” the first CNA agrees as the second one nods her head.

As the two aides go off to assist with the proper placement of the residents, John walks over to Carrie.

“That was some really good handiwork, Carrie.” John praises her. “I’m very impressed with how how you handled things today.”

“Thanks.” Carrie says, shyly, as she looks toward the ground, unable to look him in the eyes.

“Carrie, would you like to have dinner with me, tomorrow?” John asks her, as if for a date.

Carrie wasn’t ready for dating, after her ex-boyfriend left town with her best friend.

“I’m sorry, John, but I’m busy tomorrow night.” Carrie lies, rejecting his offer. “I promised my mother I’d come over for dinner.”

“Oh, that’s okay!” John said, looking crushed.

Carrie hated lying to John, but she wasn’t ready for dating and she was not about to let another man break her heart the way her ex-boyfriend broke hers. She intended to keep John Gage at arms length, despite her growing feelings for him.

Chapter 3

Carrie came into the Station 51 feeling guilty about lying to John about being too busy for dinner. He was sitting at the table when she walked into the station.

“Well, good morning, Carrie.” John greeted her with a smile. “How is your mother?”

“She is good.” Carrie replied back.

“So, do you still want to have dinner with me?” John asked, trying not to rush her.

“Ahh. . .ah. . .I-I-I don’t know.” Carrie stammered, unsure.

John puts his hand on Carrie’s, “It’s just one dinner. I promise. I won’t bite.” John tries to break the ice and put Carrie at ease.

“Okay, John.” Carrie reluctantly agrees.

“Great.” John says excited. “How about we meet here at the station around 6: 00?”

“That sounds good.”

The fire alarm rang again, giving directions for the next emergency, a young woman on the top of a high-rise building contemplating suicide, as Carrie, John, Roy, and the other guys scrambled to their trucks.

While driving to the high-rise, John whispered “Thank you” to Carrie, who only smiled.

The squad rushed into full gear when they arrived at the high-rise to get information on the young woman at the top of the building. Everyone agreed to have Carrie go up and try to talk the young woman down.

When Carrie got to the roof, the young woman was on the ledge, ready to jump. As Carrie eased her way outside, the young woman yelled, “Get back or I will jump!”

“Easy now. Calm down.” Carrie said, in a calm voice.

“I swear. I will jump!”

“Can we just talk about it first?” Carrie pleaded, trying to negotiate with the young woman.

“Why shouldn’t I jump?!” the young woman says. “Who would care if I did jump?”

“Why do you want to jump?” Carrie asks.

“Because, I’ve made a mess of my life.”

“Can I ask how?”

“I’ve made mistakes.”

“What kind of mistakes?”

“My family hates me.” the young woman begins. “My boyfriend left me. I lost my job.”

“That sounds awful.” Carrie sympathizes with her. “But ending your life isn’t the answer.”

“How would you know?!”

“I’m going to tell you my story.” Carrie says, hoping it helps.

“Why would I want to hear your story?!” the young woman says, nearly in tears.

“Look I know how you feel. My boyfriend cheated on me. At first I thought it was the end of the world.”

“So how did you overcome it?”

“I still haven’t overcome it, but I’m dealing with it one day at time.” Carrie tells her.

“One day at a time?!” the young woman spits out. “That’s all I have to do!”

“It’s a long process, but we have to allow ourselves time to heal from past hurts.”

“Look, I eventually found a new job, and I have a date for dinner.” Carrie tells her. “Give it time. Things will start looking up for you too. Don’t make this hasty decision and end your life!”

The young woman gives in and walks towards Carrie who puts her arm around her to lead her back down to the ground floor.

John and Roy are relieved when Carrie and the young woman walk out of the building.

“Thank goodness, Carrie.” John says, worried. “How did you get her to come down?”

“I just talked with her and sympathized with her situation.”

Another paramedic put a blanket around the young woman and got her into the ambulance to take her to Rampart Hospital for examination.

“I think you’re amazing!” John tells Carrie, giving her a kiss on the lips, without thinking.

Chapter 4

Carrie woke the next morning dreaming of John’s kiss; a kiss that invigorated Carrie, but as much as she wanted it, she still had a problem letting John Gage into her heart. Carrie wondered why she still kept hanging onto the hurt done by her ex-boyfriend.

Carrie got up and took a shower so she could get to work, as much as she dreaded to face John. John, however, was feeling secure about the kiss between him and Carrie.

Hey, Roy!�John said, in good spirits, as he came into Station 51.

Wow! How was your date with Carrie?�Roy asked.

It went pretty good. We kissed and it was wonderful.�John told Roy confidentially.

It went that well?�Roy said, congratulating John.

Why yes.�John said. 的 can’t wait to see Carrie this morning.

As John and Roy discuss his night with Carrie, Carrie has just arrived at Station 51. She overhears John speaking about their kiss and is upset about it.

You told Roy about our kiss?�Carrie asks John, hurt.

What’s wrong with that, Carrie?�John asks Carrie, confused. 的 thought it went great?!

Well, it didn’t!�Carrie flat out disagrees.

What do you mean, Carrie?�John asks her. 泥idn’t you like the kiss?

No, I didn’t!�Carrie lied. 的 felt nothing when you kissed me.

Carrie hated lying to John, but she couldn’t let what was happening between them continue. Carrie knew she had to stay away from John, because a relationship with him was out of the question.

C’mon, Carrie. I like you. I thought you liked me?�John asked.

Look, John, I’m sorry if I gave you the wrong impression, but we can’t have a relationship.

Carrie was saved from having to discuss it any further with John as the alarm sounded, alerting them to an emergency.

This isn’t over, Carrie! We will continue this conversation when we get back to the station.�John said, informing Carrie, as Roy, Carrie and John got into the truck and headed to the location the intercom gave directions to.

Chapter 5

When Roy, John and Carrie got back to the station after the station call, John wanted to continue his talk with Carrie, but Carrie just wanted to let it go.

“C’mon, Carrie, what gives?” John pleaded with her to talk to him.

“Just leave me alone.” Carrie said, as she threw herself down on the bed in the station house.

“No, I won’t!” John said, but Roy grabbed him by the shirt.

“John, let her be. She’ll come around in time.” Roy tried to reason with him.

“Okay.” John relented.

Roy and John head to the kitchen to fix the fire fighters/paramedics some grub.

“So, what shall we make, Roy?” John asked him, as he rummaged inside the fridge for ingredients, while Roy rummaged inside the cupboard.

“Why don’t we make a stew?” Roy said.

“Stew?” John said, puckering up his face.

“What? I like stew!” Roy defended himself.

Just then, Carrie came out to help them.

“I make a fabulous stew!” Carrie added.

John turned and looked over in Carrie’s direction.

“So, are you feeling better?” John asked her.

“Yes.” Carrie said. “I’m sorry, John. Can you forgive me.”

“Yes, sweetie.” John said, giving her a peck on the cheek.

“Do you want some help with your stew?” Carrie asked.

“Go right ahead, ma’am.” John said, handing over the reins.

As Carrie sliced and diced the vegetables and braised the meat for the stew, John couldn’t help but watch her. “God, she was hot!” John thought to himself, thinking up all kinds of fantasies.

“Guys, I have to run out and do an errand. Do you think you two can handle things all right?” Roy said.

“Yeah sure, Roy, no problem.” John said, finally glad to have a moment alone with Carrie.

As soon as Roy left, John tried to have a talk with Carrie.

“So, Carrie, do you want to talk?”

“About what?”

“About our kiss?”

“What’s to talk about?”

“Well, did you feel some spark between us?”

How could she tell John that she did without him wanting more from her. Carrie was afraid to to tell John the truth. If she did, he might want more from her.

“I’m afraid to tell you.” Carrie finally admitted.

“Afraid to tell me what?”

“That I liked the kiss.” Carrie started to tear up.

“Why would you be afraid to tell me that?”

“Because if you think I liked it, you might want more from me. . .and I don’t think I can give you want you want?” Carrie explained.

“Carrie, is that’s what’s bothering you?” John says with a grin.

“What’s so funny?!” Carrie says hotly.

“I don’t think it’s funny.” John explains. “Carrie, it’s okay. We can go as slow or as fast as you want. I don’t want to rush you into this. . .whatever it is between us.”

Carrie felt herself faint when she heard John’s words, but he caught her before she did.

As he was holding her, Carrie looked deep into John’s eyes and held him tight. Then John moved in for a kiss, as Carrie clung to his neck tightly, succumbing to his kiss.

Chapter 6

The passion ignited between John and Carrie as the two continued their kiss. When they finally came up for air after kissing for 5 minutes, the two took their passion to one of the beds in the firehouse. They were just about to undress and make love when they heard the fire alarm announce a fire downtown.

“Sorry, Carrie. But duty calls!” John said, slightly irritated, but trying not show it.

“Hey, I understand.” Carrie said, as she buttoned up her blouse.

As the Carrie and John rushed to the fire engines, John helped Carrie into the cab and climbed in himself, as Roy drove out of the firehouse garage to the burning building downtown.

As soon as Roy stopped the fire engine, John got out and got the hose ready to spray on the building as Carrie talked with the building’s supervisor.

“Is everyone out of the building?” Carrie asked the supervisor.

“No, my son and his wife are still inside!” the supervisor yelled at Carrie over the ruckus.

“So, there are still people in the building?” Carrie confimed.


“Don’t worry, we’ll check on the two.”

Carrie decided to go into the burning building to find the two people still stranded in the burning building. John noticed Carrie headed inside and wondered what she was doing. He headed over to the supervisor to see what was going on.

“Sir, why is she going into that building?” John asked the supervisor.

“My son and his wife are still inside!”

“And Carrie decided to go in alone?” John asked.

“I assumed she went to get help?”

“Well, she didn’t!” John yelled as he rushed inside the burning building to find Carrie as well as the two still inside.

While inside the burning building, John found the supervisor’s son and his wife immediately, but he still hadn’t found Carrie, who was still inside the building as he brought the supervisor’s son and wife outside.

As soon as the two were safe, John rushed back inside to find Carrie. After about 10 minutes of searching through the smoke, John found Carrie unconscious lying on the floor. He immediately picked her up in his arms and carried her outside where she could get some fresh air and get immediate attention.


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