The Family He Always Wanted: A Rex & Gigi Romance


Rex Balsom had always wanted a family and when Gigi Morasco came back into his life and revealed he had a son named Shane. But when Gigi’s sister, Stacy, came to Llanview with designs on getting back with Rex, even claiming to be pregnant with Rex’s child, Gigi pulled away from Rex and began dating Schuyler Joplin. After Stacy gave birth to a baby girl and mysteriously died out on the lake, and the baby girl was revealed to be Oliver Fish’s daughter, things are looking up for Rex and Gigi, who managed to set a wedding date. But a dark secret from Rex’s past looms as the wedding day fast approaches. Will Rex tell Gigi the truth about his secret or will he lose Gigi forever?


Rex Balsom – John Paul Laviosier
Gigi Morasco – Farah Fath
Shane Morasco-Balsom – Austin Williams
Roxy Balsom – Ilene Kristen
Bo Buchanan – Robert S. Woods
Nora Hanen-Gannon-Buchanan – Hilary B. Smith
Stacy Morasco – Crystal Hunt
Oliver Fish – Scott Evans
Kyle Lewis – Brett Claywell
Natalie Buchanan – Melissa Archer
Lt. John McBain – Michael Easton
Jessica Buchanan – Bree Williamson

Chapter 1

“Congratulations you two on your engagement.” Bo Buchanan says to Rex and Gigi at their engagement party.

“Thank you Bo. It’s been a long time coming.” Rex says, thanking Bo.

Rex and Gigi’s son, Shane, comes out on stage to announce his big surprise.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I wish to show my support for my parents, Rex and Gigi. I am about to show a little demonstration I created honoring my parents here at their engagement party.

Shane starts the PowerPoint presentation as he gives a thumbs up to Matthew Buchanan to dim the lights.

As family and friends gather to view Shane’s presentation honoring his parents, Gigi can’t help but cry as she views the trials and triumphs of the past year that show how Rex and Gigi finally got to this day.

When the presentation ends, everyone applauds Rex and Gigi on their engagement and Shane’s wonderful presentation. Gigi can’t stop crying as Shane calls both her and Rex to the stage for the special part of the presentation.

“Mom, Dad, I am proud to be your son and am happy you two finally got to this point in your relationship. It’s been a rough start growing up with mom, here, and when I found out I had a dad, it was the proudest moment of my life. To show my deepest gratefulness, Uncle Bo, and the Buchanan family and I all pitched in and bought you two an all-expense honeymoon trip to Paris, . . . . . France!”

“Omigosh, thank you Shane. And all you Buchanans.” Gigi said, with excitement. “This is truly amazing!”

Gigi gives Shane a hug, as does Rex, then Gigi gives a heartfelt thank you to everyone at the party.

While everyone returns back to enjoy the celebration, Natalie Buchanan steps out onto the balcony to get a breath of fresh air.

Twenty minutes later, John McBain comes up to Rex, “Hey, Rex, did Natalie happen to tell you where she was going?”

“No, but I thought I saw her go out onto the balcony about an half hour ago.” Rex said, pointing to the balcony.

“Thanks.” John said as he headed for the balcony.

When John gets out to the balcony, Natalie is nowhere to be seen. When he comes back in, Rex spots him.

“Did Natalie ever show up?” Rex asks John.

“No, she didn’t.” John said. “She’s nowhere to be found.”

A mysterious figure dumps an unconscious Natalie into the trunk of a car and drives off.

Chapter 2

As the mysterious figure gets into the driver’s side of the car, she pulls off her hood to reveal herself as Stacy, Gigi’s sister, and Sierra’s mother. She gives Rex a call.

“Hello.” Rex asks, answering his cell.

“Hey, Rexipoo.” the other voice said. “Recognize me?”

“Stacy?” Rex said, confused. “I thought you were dead?”

“Well, it appears I am very much alive.” Stacy informs him.

“Where are you?”

“Well, Rex, that’s why I called you.” Stacy said. “We need to talk!”

“Well, what do you want, Stacy?”

“Meet me at the lake where I ‘died.’ If not, a certain redhead may never see her family again.”

“You took Natalie?”

“Yes, I did, and if you and everyone wish to see her alive, you’ll do as I say!” Stacy threatened.

“Okay, Stacy. I’ll be there as soon as I can.” Rex said, hanging up.

“Well, Natalie, it looks like your life is spared. Rex is on his way.” Stacy told a bound-and-gagged-Natalie.

Rex went to find Gigi and tell her that he had some unfinished business with his P.I. Business and that he was sorry to rush off during their engagement party. Then he headed up to the lake where Stacy said to meet her.

Rex got out of his car as soon as he arrived at the lake and walked to the pond where Stacy “died.”

“Stacy, I’m here.” Rex called out.

“Well, well, well!” Stacy said. “I’m glad you got here so fast.”
“Where’s Natalie?”

“Well, here she is, Rex, just as I said she was.”

“I’m here just as I said.” Rex said. “Now let her go.”

“Not until we talk.”

“What do you want, Stacy?”

“I want my daughter back from Oliver.”

“Is that what you want.” Rex asked. “How am I supposed to do that?”

“Well, you will get Sierra Rose back in my arms or I will expose your secret?”

“What are you talking about?” Rex asked, pretending not to look worried.

“The secret you don’t want Gigi to know.”

“I have no secrets from Gigi.” Rex lied.

“Oh, Rex, but you do, and I know all about it?”

“Okay, Stacy, you win.” Rex said. “I will find Oliver and get your daughter back.”

“Thank you, Rex.” Stacy said. “I knew you would see things my way.”

Then she ordered both Rex and Natalie to get into his car, “Now take us back to Llanview so I can inform dear sister that I am very much alive.”

Chapter 3

Rex, forced to see Oliver, wondered how he would convince him to let him take Sierra Rose with him to see Stacey. But he had to! He couldn’t risk Gigi finding out what he did years ago!

It was a while ago. Just after Gigi broke his heart and moved to Hollywood to become a star. Rex had joined a rival gang who was responsible for a series of drive-bys on the neighborhood. While the gang, or Rex, were caught and no one solved the mystery of the drive-bys that took the life of Bo’s son’s, Drew, Rex couldn’t afford to let anyone know he was part of that gang that was responsible for the death of Bo’s son.

Rex had arrived at Oliver and Kyle’s apartment in New York, who were now raising Stacy’s daughter, Sierra Rose, now 2-years-old.

“Well, here goes?” Rex said to himself as he knocked on Oliver and Kyle’s door.

“Rex?” Oliver asked when he answered the front door. “What brings you by?”

“Oh, just to see how you two have been?” Rex said, as he saw 2-year-old Sierra Rose playing on the floor with her toys.

“The three of us are doing great!” Oliver said. “Do you want to come in?”

“Sure.” Rex said as he walked into the apartment, wondering how to spill the news that he wanted to take Sierra Rose for the day.

“Would you like a cup of coffee? Tea? Beer?” Kyle asked when he saw Rex sitting on the couch.

“Just a cup of coffee.” Rex replied.

“Just coffee?” Kyle asked him.

“Yes, thank you.” Rex replied back. “Sierra Rose sure has gotten big?”

“Yes, she has.” Oliver said proudly of the pretty blonde tyke happily playing with her dolls.

Rex marveled how much she looked just like her mother, Stacy Morasco.

“Say, Oliver, the folks back in Llanview have been wondering about Sierra Rose. Would it be alright if I took her for the day, so everyone in Llanview could see how much she’s grown?” Rex came out and asked Oliver, who for some reason, was cool with the idea.

“Funny you should ask?” Oliver asked him. “Kyle and I have been planning some vacation time and we were racking our brains to see who would watch Sierra Rose for the week we are gone.”

“Really?” Rex asked, not believing his luck.

“Would you like to watch her while we are gone?” Oliver asked him.

“Sure, I’d love to.” Rex said, thinking how happy Stacy would be and he could keep his secret safe from Gigi. “When would you like me to take her?”

“Today?” Oliver asked him.

“Today? That soon?”

“Yes, you see, you made good timing as I was about to call you when you knocked on the door.” Oliver said.

“How, perfect timing? Eh?”

“Well, I’ll go pack some of Sierra Rose’s things for you while you visit with him, Oliver.” Kyle said.

As Rex watched Sierra Rose play and visit with Oliver, he couldn’t wait to show the little girl to her mother, who wasn’t dead after all.


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