A CHiPs Groupie: An Erik Estrada Fanfiction


Melina Swenson hated cops! That is until ChiPs officer Frank Poncharello (Ponch) pulled Melina over for a routine traffic ticket. And ever since then, Melina couldn’t stop thinking about the hot, sexy cop who pulled her over. Having the need to get to know him, she joins the ChiPs force in order to get closer to him. But all they do is clash over department issues. Will Ponch and Melina hit it off or was it a bad move on Melina’s part?


Melina Swenson – Natalie Portman
Officer Frank Poncharello – Erik Estrada
Officer Jon Baker – Larry Wilcox

Chapter 1

Melina was on her way home after partying with her boyfriend, Max, and their friends. Melina wasn’t drunk. She didn’t drink. She didn’t feel the need to drink to have a good time. But Max was too drunk to leave and Melina had to get home and get some sleep for work in the morning. Max tried to convince Melina to stay at the beach house with him, but Melina was adamant to get back to her apartment, much to Stacy’s delight, who had her eye on Max ever since Max and Melina started dating. So Melina left Max at the beach house where Stacy tended to a drunk Max.

Melina was almost home when she saw flashing lights in her rearview mirror. Pulling over to the side of the road, Melina turned off her car and waited for the cop to come up to her window.

When the officer knocked on Melina’s window, she rolled it down and was awestruck by the officer’s hot, sexy looks. “Wow!” was all Melina could think, barely listening to the officer tell her why he stopped her.

“Ma’am?” Ponch interrupted Melina’s thoughts.

“What?” Melina says dreamily, snapping back into reality.” I’m sorry, officer.”

“I pulled you over for a broken taillight.” Ponch explained.

“Yes.” Melina said, handing over her I.D. Registration, and Insurance.

“Thank you, ma’am.” Ponch said, taking Melina’s papers from her.

As Ponch walked back to his bike, Melina had a passionate dream of her the officer.

“Okay, ma’am. You’re fee to go.” Ponch said, as he handed back her I.D. And papers to her.

“Yes.” Melina said.

“I’d get that taillight fixed as soon as possible.” Ponch explained to her.

“Yeah, officer.” Melina said, unable to follow what he told her.

As Melina pulled away to drive the rest of the way home, she couldn’t stop think about the hot sexy cop who pulled her over. She felt guilty having the thoughts when Max was lying drunk back at the beach house.

As Melina finally pulled into her driveway, she called Max at the beach house, but got no answer.

“He’s probably passed out from all the drinking.” Melina reasoned.

Back at the beach house:

Stacy had helped a drunken Max to bed. After she had gotten his clothing off, she began massaging him, getting Max hot and bothered to the point Max kissed her back as the two laid down in the bed as Stacy allowed Max to make love to her.

Chapter 2

Stacy text her friend Melina after her night with Max. She had to tell Melina that she spent the night with her boyfriend before Max, or someone else, told her. She couldn’t risk another friendship go down the drain because she made the bad mistake of sleeping with a friend’s boyfriend, even if Stacy did want to be with Max.

“Gud a.m., Mel!” Stacy text her friend.

Melina received her text from Stacy. Melina knew it was Stacey because Stacy was the only one who referred to her as Mel.

“Gud a.m. to you Stacy!” Melina text back.

“How R U?”


“Mel, can we talk?”

“What about?”

“Meet me @ the Java Hut-830?”


“Gr8! C ya there!”

Stacy was waiting at a table when Melina arrived at the Java Hut. Melina saw that Stacy looked distraught and hurried to see what was wrong with her friend.

“I’m here, Stacy.”

“Yeah. I hope you’re glad to see me after I tell you something?” Stacy said, regretting what she was about to tell her.

“What’s the matter?”

“I don’t know how to tell you this?”

“Tell me what?” Melina asked, beginning to get worried that something was wrong with her friend.

“Just get it over with.” Stacy said to herself, as she felt herself hesitating to tell her friend.

“Earth to Stacy?” Melina said, waving her hand in front of her friend’s face to rouse her.

“I slept with Max!” Stacy blurted out.

Melina was so dumbfounded she didn’t know what to say.

After 5 minutes of Melina just staring at her, Stacy finally asked, “Well?”

“I got to go!” Melina said before running out of the coffee shop and hopped into her car.

Melina pulled out of the coffee shop parking lot and sped down the road. She couldn’t believe what Stacy had just told her. Oblivious to the traffic around her and nearly causing a car crash, she noticed the flashing lights of a cop. Pulling over to the side of the road as soon as she could, Melina waited for her ticket.

A few minutes later, the cop knocked on her car window. Melina pushed the button to roll down the window to find it was Officer Poncherelli.

“You!” Melina said. “As if this day couldn’t get any better!”


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